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This was/is the first story ive ever written with M/F concept. It was written on request by a dude who called himself
vulgus88 back when i started on it. I have no clue if im ever gonna finish on continue this one, but figured id post what
ive written in case anyone might enjoy it.

My Ex Girlfriend

*This story is 100% fictional. All characters are over the age of 18.*


My name is Tommy. About 3 years ago i got dumped by my girlfriend of 2 years, Brooke. My ex is great looking. Way Way out of my league. She stands at probably 5'9"
and has a somewhat thick build. By this I just mean she is not some stick figure, she is a full girl. Throughout our entire relationship I was always treated like shit and "forced" to do humiliating things. I wish i could explain why i have always let her treat me like that, or why i did all i did for her, but some things are what they are i guess..

To give a quick description our relationship. We met and started dating our last year in college. we would kiss and cuddle but thats pretty much it, as far as sexual contact goes. She told me she wanted to make sure i was the one before we started having sex. A typical night of action would be her masturbating and me watching, she didnt have any intrest in seeing my penis before we got sexual so when i was in need i was to finish myself off in the bathroom with a closed door. For some reason that didnt bother me to much. I guess i was just happy i had landed such a girl and was willing to wait.

And allthough our relationship started out quite friendly and i felt we were on somewhat equal terms, it quickly changed. It would start with me being asked to help her with things, and i was happy to make her happy so i always did. At first she would make an effort to thank me, but after a few months the thanks would stop and she would be more demanding.

Before i could grasp it i was pretty much a maid of sorts. She expected me to do her loundry, dishes and clean up around the house. Some times we would go out with her friends and she would expect me to be the designated driver aswell as pay for most of the drinks.
Most of her friends if not all hated me. Dont know why,
but they wernt suttle about it either. they would call me "looser" and acting like i did them a favor by paying for them etc..

On more then one occation Krista (who for some reason hated me the most) tried to set her up with other guys while i was there. Appart from turning them down Brooke did nothing to make me feel secure about our relationship.

She also knew how much i hated feet. Always have, always will..So she took great joy in putting me in foot oriented situations. Saying that it made her really happy to know i loved her so much i would even do things i hated to put a smile on her face. She demanded foot rubs all the time. Usually whenever she got home she would kick off her shoes and lay down on the couch and demand a footrub. They usually lasted for anything from 35 minutes to 2-3 hours. And she had a real strong foot odor. The first times i rubbed her feet i gagged several times due to the pungent stench. She always laughed and said it was "cute".

She refused to meet my family as we werent THAT serious (her words) but we visited her family about 5-6 times during our relationship. She has 2 older sisters, one of them live in the big house with her mother, her father passed away when she was little. Her family is rich, and all act like her. Above all the rest.

Her family didnt like me either (story of my life)
and usually just ignored me whenever i was there. The only exeptions was when they would say that they wished she found herself a "real man" instead of me..And when Brooke offered my help to do the dishes or changing her olders sisters kid when she was there. She would also several times during the visits brag about my footrubbing skills, and on 3-4 occations she had me sitting on the floor rubbing her mothers feet while they talked like i wasnt even there.

Anyways..regardless of all of this. She was/Is the love of my life.

One day after being out with her friends she came home and said she wanted to break up. She said that she found me very handy to have around but that she was tired of pretending like she cared about me. Naturally this broke my heart and we discussed for over an hour. Or the truth is i tried my best to convince her that i needed her, loved her but she didnt care. At all! She kicked me out and that was that.

For the next 2 month i went through hell. I was depressed, i called her and left her messages several times a day begging her to take me back. Argued that i would do anything to be a part of her life again (which i thought i already did). I didnt work, i moved back to my parrents house.

One night out of the blue Brooke called me, drunk. And without anything else she told me to come to her appartment.

I had never been that happy in my life and pretty much ran to her house. I rang the doorbell and was let in.

She was sitting on the couch and looked just as drunk as she sounded on the phone. For a few minutes i was actually thinking she wanted me back or something. Well, that wasnt really the case.

She told me that a few of her friends had asked where i was and that she had told them she decided to get rid of the "loser". They had started talking about me and what part of her life i used to be..

"And Michelle was like " i wish i had a dork waiting on me hand and foot. a litte bitch who was around only to make my life more fun and easy" " she stopped and looked at me most likely to see my reaction before she continued

"And i started thinking..you were kind of handy to have around..and i definatly liked having a bitch i could boss around..i kind of miss that.."

I didnt really know what to think..Granted i realize i pretty much was her bitch, i didnt really like the word..

She continued

" So..Since you been begging me to take you back, bragging that you would do ANYTHING to be a part of my life again..Would you like that? To be a part of my life again?"

I tried to wrap my head around what was happening..

sadly i loved her. I loved her more than life itself.
She knew it and i knew it..

She looked at me and i could tell she saw that i had pretty much already made my decision allthough not to happy about the concequenses it might have.
She wasnt gonna make it easy for me though..

" Just to make things perfectly clear..we will never be romantic again..i will never be your girlfriend..i wont even be your friend.."
She giggled before she continued

" But i might be willing to make you my bitch..what do you say..bitch?"

I felt happy and sad at the same time and said
" You know i love you Brook..and i would take any offer to be a part of your life again..but im.."

She cut me off

"Not good enough..i want you to beg! Beg me to take you in as my little bitch! Prove that my friends and family was right..Prove that your a loser and only fit to be my bitch!" She was laughing now..

I coulnt tell if she was joking or serious..
She slapped me and set the record straight by suggesting with her index finger that i bow to her feet. I did..

"Beg bitch!" She barked.

"Brooke, i guess i`ll be your bitch.."
She grabbed my hair and said

" Start begging or get lost. I told Michelle that you still loved me and would love to be my bitch..Dont make me look stupid!"

I dont know what got into me..but i did..I actually begged Brooke to let me be her bitch..
I actually found myself kissing her shoes and begging!
This was a new low..even for me..
And what happened after 3 minutes of begging made it official.

She told me she accepted my begging and that since i hated her feet more than anything, my first job as her bitch would be to clean her feet.

"This should be fuckin hillarious!" she laughed as she took of her shoes.

Stupid me actually looked around for something to clean them with

" No,no,no bitch..Your gonna wash my nasty feet with your fucking tongue!" She laughed again..

Another 5 seconds passed before she barked
"Get licking bitch!"
I took my first lick, from her heel to toe and as whatever i licked of started to absorbe on my tongue i gagged and coughed and had hold my hand over my mouth to keep from throwing up.
She got furious(!)

" What the fuck? My footgrime is too good for you?"
She kicked me in the head while cursing

" You should feel privilliged i let you eat the crap from my feet!"

Another 3 seconds passed before she said calmly but very detirmined

"If i dont feel your tongue licking away at my feet in the next 5 seconds you will never see me again. "

I was broken..defeated..I resumed licking her feet.
She leaned back with a smirk on her face, and mostly just watched me with a smile on face exept talking to me once making sure i swallowed whatever i licked and sucked off.

She kept me licking her foot for maybe 5 minutes before she replaced it with the other foot

"Back to work." was all she said and my tongue went back to work..So there i was..actually cleaning my ex`s feet with my tongue..Actually eating toejam and other grime of a pair of feet..

After about 10 minutes she got up and said as she walked towards her bedroom

"You can sleep on the couch, but i expect the appartment to be be nice and tidy when i wake up tomorrow."
She went inside her bedroom and closed the door.

And i was now a broken man..I actually went right ahead to start cleaning up around her appartment with the taste of her feet in my mouth constantly reminding me what i had done..what i now most likey was..

I barely slept that night..I was worried what my life would now be like..And as you are about to find out..
Brooke was just getting started..

My Ex Girlfriend


After maybe a few hours of sleep TOPS, i was roughly awaken by Brooke slapping me straight in the face! Not once, not twice but three times..

As i spent a few seconds adjusting i was met by her actually laughing still in her robe. I had naturally thought alot about my new situation while sleeping and the combination of my worry as well as the evil look in her eyes made me decide to try and talk my way out of it.
First off all i decided that i had licked feet for the very last time and that slapping me and stuff like that was to much to handle even for me. I was about to speak when Brooke cut me off by barking "Bitch, coffee!" while nudging me not so gently towards the kitchen. She started talking to me while walking behind me towards the kitchen area.

She must have realized or anticapated that the changes would be hard for me to deal with as she casually told me that if i one day decided to grow a spine (her words) she would strongly suggest i walk it off. While i was licking her feet the night before she had taken the liberty to video-tape it on her cellphone, and while i was sleeping she had "barrowed" my phone and copied all my contacts and e-mail adresses.

-"I wonder how mommy and daddy would react to seeing you cleaning the dirty ass feet of your ex..Or how the 3-4 friends i found would react..think they ever wanna play again knowing your such a fucking looser?"

As she told me this i found myself boiling with the biggest ammount of frustration,humiliation and anger ive ever felt before, sadly she saw it to.

She punched me full force in the stomach knocking the air out of me forcing me down on my knees while she actually screamed:

-" That fuckin look right there will NOT be tollerated! You got that?"
I didnt have time to respond before she grabbed my hair and looked into my eyes and barked

-" I said..Got that?"
i was actually scared now. I nodded in fear as she stood up and said casually
-"Kiss my feet and appologize bitch." I did.

She ignored me sitting on the floor in pain while she finished her cup of coffee standing gazing out the window.
After a while she took a quick walk around the appartment before she said that as i didnt have a job to go to as normal people whenever she wasnt home the appartment would be my number one priority unless she had given me anything else to focus on.

-" it actually looks pretty nice and tidy. However..."
She looked at me with a arrogance in her eyes

_"Nice and tidy aint gonna cut it anymore. I want this place spotless! If i come home after a hard day and find somewhere that isnt done to my liking..well..your dont want to find out what i will do to you..Understand?"

i just nodded.

She went into the bedroom and when she came out she was about to go take a shower but not before barking
-" Well..What the fuck are you waiting for? Get to work!...Bitch!"

Then she took a shower and got ready and left. All this while completly ignoring me.

As you may have gotten the impression of, i was now not only Brookes servant..or bitch as she would call me..i actually feared her now. I had never seen that violent side of her before, and it freaked me out.
But i guess it worked..For her that is.

I spent the next 6-7 HOURS tidying, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the appartment. I even organized her bookshelf and her footwear. I was completely beaten and my arm was so tired they were shaking..i decided to sit down for a little break before seeing if i had forgotten anything.
Just as i sat down on the floor i heard the door being unlocked and Brooke coming in. She kicked off her flats and laid back on the couch and just barked

-" my nasty feet need a nice long licking bitch! now get to work"
(as if i hadnt been working ALL DAY for HER already!)
i was already broken now as you know, so i reluctantly crawled to her feet and started licking. And not suprisingly they were just as disgusting as the night before..

She looked at me and said

-" Right now i find that disgusted face of yours quite funny..BUT i have a strong feeling thats gonna get boring very soon. So starting tomorrow i wanna see you eat the sweat and crap from my feet like its the best fucking thing on earth!"

I naturally didnt like her idea at all..Not only had i been reduced to a foot cleaning device..For someone who hates feet thats not to great to be honest..But now she wanted me to be "into" it..Just the idea added to my already humiliated feelings.

After about 15 minutes into the disgusting foot cleaning session she said with a annoyed tone in her voice

-" Your tongue is starting to feel like sandpaper..it was much more comfortable when it was wet.."

I didnt really know what she wanted so i asked her if she wanted me to get some water (hoping for a break)
She just lifter her head slightly up and spat in my face.
I got some in my right eye, some on my forhead but most in my mouth..

-" That should keep you going for a few minutes"
She said while leaning back down.

Every fiber in my body wanted to throw up, but the fear of what Brooke might do quickly stopped that feeling,
and i went back to licking while looking at her laying back with a smug smile on her face.

My Ex Girlfriend

Part 3

For the next hour atleast she had me licking away at her nasty feet while mostly ignoring me. The exception was
saying very entustiasticly

-" Nothing like coming home after a long day and putting my douche right to work cleaning up my feet from todays sweat and dirt with his tongue."

I just looked at her as she continued talking while looking at the ceiling rather than at me

-" My feet will never again touch a rag. Your mouth is the official footcleaner around here. Thats pretty fuckin funny concidering how much you hate those.."

She laughed sounding very happy. She kept me licking for what seemed like forever before she announced that she was getting bored with my slobbering tongue, she removed her feet from my face and told me to flip over. I did and she proceeded to wipe her feet dry using the backside of my t-shirt. After a while she got up and started looking around the appartment. Obviously she was checking up on my cleaning that she had ordered me to do while she was out.

As she got started i was quite suprised of how seriously she took it. I probably shouldnt have been, but i was.

She was flipping pillows, lifting up magazines, checking all edges of picture frames, luckily for me (i thought) i had taken it very seriously and i almost felt proud when she couldnt find areas i had neglected. (how pathetic is that). Then she entered the kitchen. I couldnt think of anything there that i hadnt cleaned out so for the first time since she left that morning i actually relaxed my shoulders. Then i heard a scream from the kitchen

-" Bitch! Get the fuck in here! NOW!" i almost ran to the kitchen where she was pointing at a open drawer on the kitchen counter

-"What the fuck is that?" i was about to look when she grabbed the back of my hair and yanked me so i ended up on my knees in same hight as the open drawer.

I looked inside and noticed that in the corner on the left side was a trail of what i can only assume was dust and stale breadcrumbs or something similar. I immidiatly appologized but she (as usual) cut me off.

-" Nope. Appologies aint gonna clean up anything. You know how when a dog fucks up and does it on the carpet or something? and you rub his nose in it for it to realize that was a mistake? Well..Obviously im not gonna make you smell it..BUT you are however gonna eat it."

She said sounding almost casual..i just sat there with a blank look on my face. She raised her hand and barked

-" Get that tongue out and eat that crap! Then you can lick that fuckin drawer clean!" I almost didnt even let her finish before i dove in. The idea of what i was doing was worse then the actual task. It didnt taste much, but it had a really weird texture which caused me to gag several times while she kept talking casually behind my back

_" I swear to god if you puke im gonna make you slurp that shit up too. I hope this will teach you to take your jobs a bit more seriously. "

When i had cleaned the drawer to her liking she decided that i needed a punishment for my fuckup..(as if what i did wasnt enough). She then told me she was gonna slap me 30 times in the face and between each slap i was going to kiss the hand that slapped me. So thats what we did.
She didnt slap me really hard (thank god) but hard enough for it to really starting to burn after 6-7 slaps. I actually got teary in the process. She didnt care though.

When she was done she ordered me to lay down face up under the table in the livingroom. Once i was there she laid down on the couch, planted both feet on my face and watched TV for a good 2-3 hours while ignoring me.

Then she told me i had lost my couch "priviliges" and she wanted me to sleep at the same spot i been laying for the last hours. That was the last thing she said to me before she walked into her bedroom and slammed the door.

I tried my best to fall a sleep to, but the fear of what tomorrow might bring didnt make it easy..

My Ex Girlfriend

Part 4

The combination of laying on the floor the entire night and all the thoughts and experiences i needed to let sink in made it pretty much impossible to sleep. Which only had one up side. I wasnt roughly woken up by slaps or anything as i heard her waking up even before she got out of the bedroom. Unlike the day before she completely ignored me throughout her morning ritual. She made her own coffee, ate breakfast while reading a magazine and went to get ready for her day. I dont know why but for some reason it bothered me that she ignored me too. Not that abuse was better, but it did bother me a bit.

After she was done in the shower she gave me a paper with a long detailed list of things, a few hundred dollar bills and her spare key to the appartment while she said

-" Since the appartment looks pretty good right now, heres a list of shit that needs to be done by the time i get home. And the second you get home you lay the key on the dresser in the hall. " i nodded

-" I just dont want you to feel at home here you know." she smiled arrogantly before she left and i took on my shoes then i left too.

As i walked down the stairs i took my first glance on her list. At first sight it wasnt too bad. Mostly small things to buy (and so detailed described that i couldnt mess it up.), BUT as i didnt have a car or any spending money of my own this would take hours as most stuff was miles away from next items on list. I got started right away and as i assumed it took forever and i got tired pretty fast. I went to several different stores, the drycleaners etc.. After i checked the last item of Brooke`s list I had 3 bags in each arm. Nothing in them was to heavy, but as everyone knows carrying things for a long time, no matter how heavy makes your arms weak. I litterally spent over 2 hours back to Brooke`s appartment. As i got inside i placed the key on her dresser and unpacked for her. I had a feeling she would be mad if i didnt. The things i was unsure about i left in the hallway. When i had gotten rid of the bags i felt like i was going to pass out. Brooke wasnt home yet so i decided to take a quick powernap on the couch and just hoped i would get up before she came home.
As suspected i fell asleep the second my head hit the corner pillow. I have no clue how long i slept but doubt it was much at all. I woke up by my cell-phone buzzing as i recieved a text. I wiped the worst sleep out of my eyes and saw it was from Brook.

"Hands and knees infront of the door in 3 minutes. greet us with 2 kisses on each shoe. Brooke"

i didnt really have a choice anymore, so i stumbled towards the hall infront of the door and got on my hands and knees. As i had just woken up when i read the text i didnt catch the "us" part at all. So as the door opened up and Brooke came in i leaned down and kissed her shoes when i heard another girl behind her laughing while saying

-"Oh my fuckin god!"

i felt so humiliated when i realized there was another person there to view my current situation. I didnt recognize the shoes or the voice at first but it couldnt get much worse then this anyways.
Just as i had planted the second kiss on the other girls shoe Brooke grabbed me by my left ear and pulled me so i was crawling after her while saying

-" i hope that stupid mouth of yours is ready to work bitch. My feet feel nasty as hell."

didnt sound good at all. The laughter continued in the hall but i still hadnt seen who it was. As Brooke sat down and kicked off her flats a stench hit me that almost sent me to the floor. She gave me a mean look while casually saying

"I hope that you remember the talk we had yesterday? No halfassed efforts anymore."

I did. I remembered now how she told me to lick her feet like i was actually into it from now on. I had serious concerns whether or not i could actually pull it off to her satisfaction but being what i had already been through and how she treated me now i honestly didnt have the spine to test her. So i reached out my tongue and i started licking, sucking and swallowing as if my life depended on it. The laughter of the girl in the hallway got closer as she came towards the couch and appearently sat down next to Brooke. I had my eyes closed and i was actually not looking forward to seeing who it was.

-" Didnt you say that Tommy hated feet more than anything,Brooke?" The girl said while gigling.

-" Yeah. He sure as hell does. First time he cleaned my nasty feet he almost puked. But we had a talk last night,
and we came to the agreement that as he is such a fuckin loser, being my personal footcleaner should be a fuckin priviledge to him, you know?"

As i continued the disgusting task at hand Brooke and the girl kept talking about me as if i wernt even there.
This probably went on for a good 5-10 minutes before i heard the other girl say

-" As sure as i was Tommy was totally gonna be your bitch, actually seeing him lick your fuckin feet is too fuckin insane."

Brooke answered

-" I know. It was a great idea, so THANK YOU."
I froze..well almost..The other girl was actually the one who told Brooke to do this to me! I stopped licking for a sec while i opened my eyes and it was..Krista!
The girl who had actually said straight to my face that she hated me. That i was a loser. She had even tried to hook Brooke up with other guys while i was sitting right there. I had never felt more humiliated or defeated in my life.

She(Krista) looked me straight in the eyes as she noticed i had stopped licking Brooke`s feet (she could probably tell by the lack of slurping sounds) and said

-" If the feet arent clean yet i suggest you get that tongue back to work loser!" before she turned back to Brooke and they started talking again as i went back to work licking clean the feet of my ex in presence of the girl who had always hated me the most...

My Ex Girlfriend

Part 5

I continued licking Brooke`s feet for about 10-15 minutes more while her and Krista talked amongst themselves as if i wasnt even there. I had never felt smaller. One thing was being treated like shit by Brooke. I had in a weird way gotten used to our ranking system (Allthough obviously not ready at all for all her new tasks and ideas) BUT to have Krista there, killed me. I had known her just about as long as id known Brooke. Never treated her with anything but common respect, but yet she had ALWAYS treated me like shit. Told me straight to my face that she hated me, that i was a loser etc..So her added to the mix with Brooke screamed "bad news" to me.

Brooke casually told me to put my tongue back in my mouth before proceeding to roughly wipe off her spit covered feet all over my face, hair and neck. This made Krista laugh. Then Brooke said casually to Krista

-" Want the loser to clean your feet?" I froze! She had got to be kidding me. Not only was she trying to have me lick the bitch Krista`s feet, but she asked her in a way that sounded like she offered her a glass of water or something. As i saw Krista shake her head "no" i actually think i got a smile on my face..Granted it lasted for about a fraction of a second as Krista replied

-" Nope..I just showered right before i met you, so my feet should be pretty clean. I think the first time i make your bitch lick my feet they should be nasty as hell ya know?"

she said while throwing a quick smile my way. And based on Brooke`s laughter and facial expression it seemed that she liked Krista`s approach. I was off the hook, but not forever obviously. What got me worried next was Brookes next face. I had known her for a while now, and i could recognize her "thinking" face a mile away. It was clearly that she was looking for some way for Krista to have some fun with me. I was worried.

Allthough this lasted for maybe a few minutes, it felt like an hour. I knew something was going to happen. I Knew i was going to hate it. Now i was just waiting to see how creative Brooke was.

-"How about your sneakers? they look pretty beaten?"

Brooke asked Krista. Krista replied that she had had them for about 2-3 weeks and that she was gonna take a look.
Before she got up and walked by me and to the hall.
She picked up both her shoes and looked at them while saying loudly to Brooke

-" Well..This one looks pretty good, but this one has some weird grey shit caked on it?"

"Awsome!" followed by giggle was Brooke`s response as she told Krista to bring it to the couch.

Krista sat back down next to Brooke infront of me and they both looked at the bottom of the shoe.

-" What the fuck is that?" Brooke asked, Krista had no idea and Brooke said to me

-" Before you eat it, i think we need to figure out what it is.."

I got a knot in my stomach as Krista took the shoe back and held it up infront of my face.

-" Smell it. Maybe you can figure out what it is.."
Krista barked and i didnt have the balls not to do as i was told anymore. I smelled it. It didnt smell much at all.. It looked nasty though..It was a mixture of grey and black with grit in it. A layer of whatever. I announced that i couldnt recognize the smell..
Brooke barked

_" Well, throw out a few suggestions. What does it look like?"

I ended up saying that if i were to guess i would think that it was a big piece of gum, or maybe some paste of some kind.

Appearently that was a good enough guess.
Brooke then said

-" Before you eat it i want you to close your eyes and give it the most passionate kiss you can." Krista laughed

-" Yeah..Kiss it like you kissed Brooke before she realized what a piece of shit you are."

i did my best, and as my lips touched whatever it was i heard the girls burst into laughter.

I was waiting for what to do next (allthough i knew what was coming).

-" Enough stalling. Now eat it bitch!" Krista said and i took a deep breath and started to actually chew the unknown substance of Krista`s shoe. it was stubborn and i actually had to pull it off with my teeth bit by bit while Krista and Brooke laughed in my face.

When i was almost done biting the last bit off, Brooke announced that she wanted me to chew on it for 60 seconds while i moaned before i was to swallow it.

I did. And it was hell! It didnt taste much more then it smelled, but it was the most disgusting thing i had ever done. And it didnt help that i saw and heard Krista and Brooke laughing and gagging while i was doing it.

When i had swallowed (after 3-4 tries) the burst into laughter and Krista got up and actually slapped me in the face while announcing

-" Oh my god! You are one disgusting fuck Tommy!"

Why? maybe it was a natural reaction for her.
while they recovered Brooke insisted i lick Krista`s shoe clean too. So i did. And honestly after what they had just made me do it was a walk in the park. Even sucking on Kristas Shoe-laces wasnt too bad. Which is what i was doing when Krista returned from a quick run to the bathroom. As she saw me she laughed

_" You have any idea how fuckin retarded you look right now?"

My Ex Girlfriend

The rest of that day/night was pretty easy compared to what i had already been through. Krista and Brooke talked and watched TV While ignoring me while i either licked Brooke`s feet, sucked her toes or just massaged her feet depending on what she wanted. Apart from stepping directly on me when she had to get up Krista didnt make me do anything to her. Thank god!

When it got late Krista and Brooke said their goodbye in the hallway with Brooke standing on my chest with both feet. Why? no clue..most likely just to humilate me further. Krista left and Brooke watched one more TV Show with her feet on my face before going to bed with me forced to sleep on the floor.

For the next week or so my days went on to include pretty much the same things. A list of errands to run and things to do while Brook was out and footlicking sessions for most of what was left of the day. She would come home and without saying another word she would kick off her shoes lay back on the couch and say something like

" My sweaty feet needs a good licking bitch, get your tongue out."

She usually had me licking her feet for atleast an hour before she would make sure i had done what was on her list tp perfection before ending the night with more footlicking or massages. By now you would think that licking feet wernt to bad for me, but truth is if your not into feet, than licking feet doesnt get easier. No matter how often you do it. And Brookes feet always tasted awfull. Always! And as much as she loved the feeling of my tongue and mouth on her feet, she also got a equally big kick out of the fact that she knew how much i hated it. She also had fun demanding that i look and sound like i loved it. I dont concider myself a great actor.

Luckily for me apart from talking on the phone Brooke and Krista hadnt had to much contact during that week, which was just fine with me. Allthough i knew Brooke wouldnt leave Krista out of my new life, and Krista had warned me that she would see me again, i had tried my best to convince myself that it would either never happen or that it would be a long time a head. Well, i wasnt so lucky. One day while i was finishing washing the floor in the kitchen Brooke called me and told me she was on her way home and she wanted me on my hands and knees infront of the door with my tongue out.

I was on my hands and knees infront of the door for a good 10 minutes when the door opened and i was met by 2 sets of shoes. I got a chill down my spine as i heard Krista`s laugh. My luck had just ran out and i was sick to my stomach thinking about what might be instore for me.
Brooke barked ordering me to follow them on my hands and knees. They sat down on the couch and i caught my first glimse of Krista since last time she was here.

I got a terrible feeling when i noticed she was wearing a outfit suggesting she came straight from the gym. she was actually dripping of sweat, and the smell which started to fill the room was unmistakeble.

Brooke laughed as she told me that Krista came straight from a advanced spinning-class. Krista smiled with a evil grin when she said

-"Remember when i said the first time you be cleaning my feet they should be nasty as hell? Well, today is your lucky day you disgusting fuck!" I got sick as she continued

-" I havnt bothered to wash my feet since i was here. Ive worn the same fuckin socks and the same old sneakers every day. Ive worked out every other day.Hard! I swear my feet has never been this fuckin nasty! This is gonna be fuckin hillarious!"

I watched in horror as she took of her sneakers and presented her socked feet, which was actually wet from sweat. She planted them both on my face and pushed so i fell back. She laughed and told me to get back on my hands and knees before she did it again.
Then she crossed her legs and started to remove her socks. I could tell they actually stuck to her feet.
Then she placed her feet soles facing me on the floor and said

-" Now..your gonna bury your face between my toes and take a deeep fuckin breath, then your gonna blow on my feet untill that fresh sweat is nice and dry."

I felt sick as she confirmed

-" Yeah, im not gonna make this easy on you asshole."

Brooke looked at her and smiled. She actually looked happy seeing her friend treat me like this.

I placed my face between Krista`s toes, closed my eyes and took a deep breath which nearly sent me to the floor. Brooke and Krista laughed as i started blowing on Kristas sweat soaked feet. She had me blowing on them for about 2 minutes before she said

-" Enough. Now im gonna kick back and your gonna wash the sweat and dirt from my fuckin feet. I want a real thorough tonguebath. your done when you think im happy. If im not, im gonna beat your ass then we start all over. Now get to work sweat sucker!"

As earlier mentioned i had no fight left in me. I took a deep breath and began the horrible task of cleaning the feet of the girl who hated me the most. The taste was to horrible to even attempt to describe, as Brooke demanded i tried my best to look like i was having the time of my life, truth was i wanted to die. Not only was the task at hand completely disgusting and humiliating but the fact that the dirty,sweaty feet belonged to Krista made it hell. And it didnt help that whenever she looked at me she looked like she wanted to puke herself. I have never seen a look like it. She looked at me with pure disgust, and SHE was the one wanting me to do this!

I kept licking and sucking on her feet for a good hour atleast while Brooke and Krista alternated between ignoring me and making jokes on my expense. I didnt stop untill my tongue was numb and my jaw was so sore i was ready to pass out. I struggled to stand up (on my knees) when i stopped licking and saw Krista take a quick look at her left foot, then her right then she leaned forward and spat right in my face before she leaned back and her and Brooke continued to talk. Apppearently she was happy i guess. Brooke saw that i could barely stand up and allowed me to lay down on my back before she planted her socked feet on my chest and demanded a footrub.

For the next 2 hours they both ignored me while i mostly rubbed Brooke`s feet. Krista then announced that she had one more task for me to do as my first time being abused by her feet. She explained (mostly to Brooke) that she had to invest in some new sneakers as the ones she used now was literally falling apart after 2+years of use. She told me enthustiastically as she pulled out the insole of one of them that she wanted me to eat it before she went home. Thats right..Krista actually wanted to watch me EAT the insole of some beaten sneakers!

As she threw it infront of me i saw that it was discoloured and even had a few holes in it. Brooke insisted that i try to bite of chunks and eat it as a sandwich. My jaw-muscles and teeth wouldnt let me. It wouldnt break. Krista then announced that maybe it would work if they soaked it. Brooke appearently liked the idea and proceeded to put it in hot water for 15 minutes then forced me to eat it. Psysically it worked. It did disolve into chunks and allthough i contantly gagged and almost threw up countless times i managed to do it, and keep the disgusting thing down.
I was then forced to wash it down with the water left in the bowl. Krista and Brooke couldnt stop laughing while i was eating it, or after. I felt 100% worthless.

Krista left us after she had slapped me around for a few minutes. Just because she felt like it.
Brooke had me on the floor kissing her feet for a while as she watched the news and a sit-com then she went to bed. I tried my best to fall asleep too, but after that night, there was no way of telling what would happen to me next.

My Ex Girlfriend
Part 7

After a few days even though its sad to admit it, i had gotten used to my new life as Brooke`s "bitch". And apart from being extremly hungry all the time, the next few days wasnt too bad.
I started my days making her coffee and breakfast and laid under the kitchen table rubbing and kissing her feet while she enjoyed her breakfast. Then she gave me a list of chores to do while she was at work, which usually consisted of going around all over town buying specific items. When i got home i usually got maybe 5-10 minutes to "relax" before Brooke came home and had me licking and kissing the stink of her feet for the rest of the day with exeption when i was making dinner and cleaning something.

One night i was licking her feet and she had actually dozed of watching TV. I was so hungry i could barely hear my own thoughts over my stomach growling. Allthough i had a feeling i would regret it i woke her up and asked as politly as i could if i could have anything to eat. She looked at me clearly frustrated for a few seconds before she leaned back and said to herself

-" I should probably give the bitch some real food. Wouldnt look to good if it died on me."

Before she got up and told me to follow her into the kitchen on my hands and knees. When we got there she got a big bowl from the kitchen cabinet and left it next to the sink before she started looking into the fridge.

She began picking up items, smelling them before the put it in the bowl. I can honestly say i didnt know what the hell she had in mind. A dry piece of bread, 3 soft carrots, a chunk of meatloaf, left over chinese food, a stale piece of cheese.
Then she went into another cabinet and emptied 3 almost empty bottles of different sauces into the bowl. Then she looked into the bowl for a second and laughed. Then she leaned over it and blew her nose into the bowl before she picked it up and left it on the floor beneath me.

-" Bon appetit bitch!" She laughed as she walked back into the living room. I stared at the content in the bowl for a few seconds trying to wrap my head around what was happening.

-" Well, dig in bitch! You said you were hungry, theres shit to eat. "

Based on what i had already been through, the video footage and Brooke`s mean streak i once again knew i had no choice. I took my first bite of the nasty content in the bowl and as soon as it got in my mouth it was on its way out again. I heard Brooke yell from the living room

-" You will eat whatever i fuckin give you. If you puke..tough shit, you eat that too. Infact your gonna lick the fuckin bowl clean you worthless piece of shit. Now get goin!"

A sense of pure fear hit me as i found myself eating what was in the bowl as fast as i could, trying my absolute best not to think about the texture or taste. I struggled, but after 5-10 minutes i was finished. I tried so hard not to throw up as i actually licked the bowl clean due to Brooke`s request.

I could hear her laughing and without stopping i opened my eyes and saw that Brooke holding her cellphone towards me once again recording my humiliation with laughter and a happy expression on her face.

i wanted to die. I hated the fact that her evilness still somewhat took me by suprise, and that i never knew what she would force me to do next. I absolutely hated it. At that time i realized that the kind of love i had for her before was long gone, and would never come back. Which i guess is just what Brooke wanted. She had addapted the ideas from her family and friends and was now enjoying every second of proving them right.
She knew now that there was no limit in sight. She could do whatever she wanted when she wanted. Or in this case have ME do whatever she wanted when she wanted.

As a man who has been unpopular and treated like crap in most social settings for the better part of my life the idea of being exposed for what Brooke had made me infront of my family and as Brooke put it "the few friends i have" was more then i could handle. So the way i saw it i had no other choice but to do whatever Brooke wanted untill she got bored and moved on with her life. With my luck thats not any day soon.

I was snapped back to reality by Brooke actually kicking me right in the head before demanding that i go to HER store to pick up some more imported coffee beans. By HER store she meant the one 35 minutes away. Allthough i couldnt imagine they being the only ones who carried her brand i didnt have it in me to argue. I put on my jacket and left.

I felt like an idiot being sent halfway across town for coffee beans imidiately after being treated like that. But that was life with Brooke now.

When i returned she was laying on the couch while talking on the phone. The second she saw i was back she took the phone away from her ear and barked

-" Well, dont just stand there, but the coffee beans in the cabinet and get your mouth back on my feet bitch! NOW!"

I rushed to the kitchen and placed the coffee beans in the cabinet before almost running back to the livingroom to resume the all too familiar role of foot licking.
The taste was just as incredibly disgusting as always. I couldnt help but wonder how it was humanly possible to stink up a pair of feet like Brooke did.

As i started to lick and suck on her feet again i realized that she was talking about me on the phone. She was laughing and joking about what she had made me do,what Krista had made me do. I felt sick to my stomach again. Who the hell was she talking to?
What kind of person does this to someone and then tells other people? She had me licking sweat and filth of her feet as she casually told someone about it.. a new low?

Every once in a while she removed her phone and barked stuff like

-" Make sure you get the shit between my toes"
-" Long licks, More tongue idiot!"

This disturbing phone conversation and foot licking session lasted for atleast 25 minutes if not longer. And allthough i was hoping to i wasnt any smarter when she was about to hang up

-" Aight. Well, im gonna get of now Em. If i dont catch you sooner than i guess i will see you in about a week or so?
Okay. later."

She didnt see the need to tell me who she was talking to either.
She had me continue to lick her feet through 1 episode of CSI and the news, before she headed to bed.

I was off course just told to sleep on my spot on the floor.

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