View Full Version : NANCY pays a young girl to smell her feet! OLD TRUE STORY

24-09-2011, 03:18 PM
Sara, is 19 years old and a student who works part time in a shoe store that my sexy friends wife Nancy visits a lot. Sara is a short pretty girl 5'2 105 pounds, curly short brown hair with brown eyes. Nancy and the young girl became friendly. The girl was complaining how she really needed money. Nancy spoke to her in private. She said that it might sound very weird, but she loves to have her feet smelled. She will pay Sara to smell them in front of her husband. The girl was unsure at first, but then said yes! The girl doesn't know it but Nancy will walk around all day in the heat in leather bass shoes without socks. Her feet really sweat in them, and will have a very potent stink! Poor kid! Well she will get paid well. She works for $8.50/hr at the store, Nancy's gonna give her $100 dollars for 45 minutes under her smelly sweaty feet! They are working out the details for this to really happen! After a few days..........

Nancy, 5'8 135 pounds, short blonde hair, blue eyes, toned legs, sexy size 8 feet painted bright red, paid young 19 year old Sara $100 and she made the cute young sales girl smell her really stinky vinegary feet yesterday! She called me last night and told me all about it. It was hot yesterday, she ran around and did errands in her closed toe brown mules with bare feet to get them sweaty and smelly. Sara came over at 5 pm after her early shift at the store. Nancy gave her the money up front, and warned the girl that her feet were going to really smell. She placed a firm pillow under her head, had her lie down on the living room floor which has soft carpeting. Nancy, said she wore a brown cotton shirt, tan crop pants, with the stinky brown mules. She stood over the poor young girl. Slipped her mules off her feet, and said the whole room was filled with pure sweaty foot stink! The girl coughed before the sexy smelly size 8 red toed feet went on her face! Nancy's husband sat right there watching, really turned on! Nancy placed her right bare foot on her face, smiled and posed, and the girl screamed right away! Mostly yelling, begging for Nancy to let her breathe clean air! Nancy slowly rubbed the foot on her face smiling. The girl grabbed her ankle, shook, bucked, and tried to get the sweaty stinky really smelly foot out of her face, but couldn't! Nancy paid her, she wanted her to suffer! She left it in her face for a solid 10 minutes before removing it for a few! The girls face was so red, so sweaty with foot stinky wetness! Then placed the other foot in her face flush for a solid 10 minutes! The girl started crying! Nancy got so hot, so turned on as did her husband! Then she sat on the girl and foot smothered her one foot at a time, slowly, deliberately, feeling her crying face under her smelly bare soles! The whole thing lasted 50 minutes! The girl washed up after, but said Nancy's feet smelled so stinky, worse than she could have imagined!!!!!

24-04-2013, 02:37 PM
I have to wonder if MISS KEY, SHAHNA, ALEXIA, SWEETPETITEFEET, KEL KEL, MELANIE, or ANY of the sexy ladies on this board would ever do something like this? For themselves and their enjoyment, or for their husbands, boyfriends, or girlfriends? IF SO, do you have someone in mind? Does it excite you at all, to think about? Is this possibly a secret fantasy at all? Of course for me....it is a HUGE TURN-ON!!! I would love to hear your thoughts! Do any guys on this board, have a wife or girlfriend who would do this kind of thing? I would really be interested to hear about that! THANKS!!!!

25-04-2013, 06:31 PM
wouldn't have to pay me :D

25-04-2013, 07:59 PM
I would totally do something like that, if that's what my boyfriend was into, but it isn't. I would not pay though. For me there is absolutely no appeal in the idea of making some teenage girl cry, unless she has pissed me off royally, and if that were the case, she wouldn't be smelling my feet, she would be tasting my knuckles.

25-04-2013, 09:37 PM
Nancy's husband and I are so into it, that's a main reason she loves it. This girl earns less than $80 after taxes for a 10 hour day. NANCY paid her $100 for 45 minutes. She did cry, but it was mostly because the smell made her eyes water. She didn't like the smell, but, it wasn't outrageous suffering. For the money she made, she could be uncomfortable for less than 1 hour, and it was agreed to beforehand. So, it was a little mean, but not crazy. The girl washed up after, and was also fed a really nice dinner too. She did OK. I think unless you force someone against their will, to really have something like this happen, you have to pay or give them something. It is like paying for a few lap dances. It doesn't have to be that much money either. NANCY has gotten other girls to do this for $50 and even a little less, too! Everything is negotiable.

20-05-2013, 04:34 AM
Nancy is so damn sexy. I wish that my girlfriend was as into feet as she is, there's no way she would be confident enough to do anything like what nancy does. And, unfortunately, her feet don't get very sweaty or smelly :(

20-05-2013, 04:49 PM
AZRYEL, see if your girl, to make you happy, and to turn you on, would have some silly fun in private, with just you, and a girl friend of hers there. You have some drinks, laugh, and then have them start a tickle fight, pillow fight, kind of thing! They pull off each others socks, and tickle the feet of each other. If they are a little drunk and buzzed, and are laughing and having fun, forcing feet into the other girls face can and will happen! It will be worth it! This can be done! TRUST ME! See what you can do! NANCY would LOVE to force your girlfriend to SMELL HER FEET!!!!