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True Events.

The Intro

This experience happened years ago right after high school so even though it is a true event - some material may be added in - remembering to the best of my knowledge.

Infact this may have been posted a long while back on the old den before the site crashed and whatnot. So this event is bringing dug up from the dead. But those who have not yet seen this, hang onto your seats.

The idea to re-post this was brought back to life after seeing a amateur feet video clip that looked nearly identical to my experience (at least the feet shape, size and color and even was in a hotel room) so I will try and post a few screen caps of the vid and you will see what I mean.

This is going to be broken down into 3 parts.

Part-1 is going to be the entire background story of the event, the characters and their personalities etc ... This will help develop a picture for the readers

Part-2 is the actual road trip, the build-up and drama all leading up to the actual climax.

Part-3 is where the action begins. Itl be intense and very descriptive to the point of "in your face material" that you will think you were actually in the story yourself - at least thats the goal.

So sit back, relax and take a trip with me back to memory lane - of the single hottest, smelliest feet experience that I have had the opportunity to unbark on.

Let me end this opener by saying I have had many foot smelling adventures in my time (mainly throughout high school) ... None could compare with the experience I am about to share with you. This experience was all about patience, torture and awaiting the unknown, which finally paid off in the end.

Greatest Road Trip Part-1

My best friend Ryan and I had always wanted to plan something exciting after we graduated HS. After pondering for months we had both agreed to a long east coast roadtrip; starting in our home state South Carolina and ending up in Florida.

After months of prepartion and careful planning of many of our stops along our journey - Ryan threw me a curveball nearly at the last second of our trip.

He invited his girlfriend Gabby at the last possible second. Although I was furious, I knew I couldnt cancel the trip now on such short notice; so I chose to grin and bare it. In what was supposed to be a "best-friend" after HS road trip had turned into the makings of a long-awkward trip down South.

I wasn't only upset that he was inviting his girlfriend, but it was the fact that Gabby and I had a history with one another back in HS.

Gabby and I had hit it off at a party back in HS. When i first saw her i was automatcally attracted. She was tall, mocha skin, long legs, short black hair and was quite curvy. I was tired of the scrawny preppy type of girls, she wasnt big but defiently had some killer curves and a cute face. I later found out she was a mix o Filipino, Hispanic and Italian. We flirted for most of the party and really hit it off she was so down to earth and a breath of fresh air from the style of drama girls I was used to in HS; however my best friend Ryan who was coming off a long-term breakup was still depressed over it so I backed away from the "flirty" Gabby that night at the party and gave Ryan the greenlight to puruse her instead. I thought I was being the "good friend" at the time, but turns out he made his move with her a lot faster than I thought and ended up with her instead as a couple. I regreted my decesion to let him pursue her instead at first but quickly began hating him for a long stretch of time.

The reason why I began hating my best friend was when I found out the real back story on Gabby.

Since at first we all were friends, she would tell me about her darkest secrets and would open up with me a lot more as time went on. She trusted me as a friend and apparently she didnt need to try and impress me
so she told me a secret of hers that she was mortified about. It was something about her body.

At first she wouldnt tell me what it was but of course I had to know, so I kept prying and prying until finally she came out with it.

She has what "she claimed" to be a chronic foot-odor; and not just any odor - a foul, super-smelly odor that apparently was so bad her family wouldnt even let her take her shoes off at family events! Or if she did she would have to wear double layers of socks for extra smell protection!

She kept a straight face while telling me this so I knew it wasnt just a joke or even an exaggeration. I could not believe my ears! Upon her opening up and telling me about her mortifying childhood growing up where her parents would actually make her wear "somekind of special" socks to mask the smell of her raunchy feet. The more she elaborated the more I was dieing inside from sheer torture.

Yes obviously I have a foot-fetish, espeially for stinky feet. Most guys while in HS make it a goal to sleep or "get with" as many girls as they can. I made it my personal goal in HS to smell as many feet from as many different girls as I could.

I did just that. Smelt many times from non-smelly to average to surprisngly smelly but it was ironic that the "smelliest feet" that possibly anyone could image was right "under my nose" so-to-speak and I blew it!

Of course I tried constantly to joke with her about her smelly feet to get me to see them for myself but sadly she never took the bait. She would always laugh me off and quickly change tr subject when I teased her about her smelly feet.

I tried literally everything "in the I want to smell your feet handbook"
- but nothing worked and I mean nothing!"

My best attempt was "oh come on they cant be that smelly .. Prove it ..."
But once again she would laugh it off nervously and walk away.

For months and months it ate at me . I wanted so despertly to even catch a glimpse of her big feet and yes -'they looked huge in her shoes. She told me she wore size 9 shoes.

The thought of her chronically stinky feet ate at me -'i wanted to know i needed to know! But I couldnt work my magic as good as i normally did in HS because she was my best friends girl - I knew I relunctantly had to let my fantasy go - or at least I thought I did ...

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Greatest Road Trip Part-2

Since now that Ryans girlfriend Gabby was making the trip with us, we barely had enough room to fit everyones bags of clothes. Ryans car was already small enough; Gabby was by no means a light packer, thus some of her suitcases were stuffed in the small backseat along with myself - while mainly Ryan drove and Gabby enjoyed the front passenger seat.

It was safe to say this road trip had gotten off to the worst possible start for myself. Needless to say there was some awkward tense moments to begin the trip. I barely spoke a word to either of them from the backseat - and as for the two of them, they were constanstly bickering at one another which I had to listen to basically the whole way down to Florida.

But I am getting ahead of myself. So the trip then takes another ugly turn as about 3 hours in, Ryans coolant from his AC starts to go out. We already have to blast it as is because in case you havent been to the South - its HOT and MUGGY!

It was the worst possible time for the cold air to start to go out as the heat during the middle of the day was relentless.

After a few more hours of driving to find a car shop - we finally pulled over for our first pit stop.

We found some small restaraunt on the side of the road as Ryan parked the car. The sun still backing on us from above. We all needed out for any kind of fresh air we could find but mainly to stretch our legs.

Gabby asked me to toss up he bag from the back ...
And then it happened ...

It took me a minute to process it but Gabby had taken off her sneakers and was putting on a new pair of sneakers. I thought in my head "oh shit! Heres my chance to see what her big size 9's look like once and for all!!"

I couldnt get a clear view from the backseat so i quickly opened my back door and squirried out. But alas it was too late. She had quickly changed her shoes and socks. She now had on a clean pair of black sneakers with matching black socks.

She threw her previously worn white and gray sneakers along with her pink socks back into her duffle bag - then proceeded to throw a towel over them before zipping up the bag and tossing it into the back.

"Holy shit." Went through my mind. Her dirty sneakers and pink socks that she wore for the first part of the roadtrip had to be bakeing from all the humidity.

A knot grew in my stomach, I suddenly was no longer hungry. The three of us went inside to use the restroom and order food. But i couldnt eat, I had to know what those shoes and socks smelt like. My heart-beat started to quicken, my hands became clammy and I could barely stand on my own two legs.

As Gabby went into the restroom I made my way towards Ryan.

"Hey man toss me your keys I forgot my wallet in the car." It was my only excuse and it had to work.

"Its all good - I got you this time -
Just get me on the next stop." Ryan replied.

In my head I was saying "noooooo!" I waited too damn long for this not to happen and I was going to take those keys from him if it was the last thing I do!

"No really - let me have your keys I meed my wallet - I like to always have it on me." I came off a little pushy only because of how eager I was.

Ryan shot me a weird look and tossed me his keys.

I couldnt get out and to the parking lot fast enough. It felt like the longest walk of my life. I walked as fast as I could and stumbled to get the key in the lock.

Finally the door popped open. My heart still beating a mile a minute.

I looked around my sorroundings to make sure the coast was clear. Aside from a few people in their cars the coast was clear.

I lunged into the backseat, quickly unzipped the duffle bag. Tossed the towel to the side to find 2 large sneakers and 2 crumpled up pink socks staring me in the face.

Upon opening the bag I already knew the stench would be strong - a lot stronger than I knew what I was up against.

I went for her socks first. I leaned down in my seat so noone had a clear view of me just incase. With my head bent down nearly in her duffle bag - I brang those soft, warm pink socks up to my nose and inhaled as hard as I could! I didnt even take a practice sniff just to test the waters - this was years of torment and waiting and wondering that I smashed those pink socks in my face and inhaled like ive never inhaled before.

The smell although very strong and pungent was also intoxicating.

Although the socks themselves were soft, the bottom soles of the socks were warn down and crusty. I could tell these socks were either very old and worn-down or that they werent washed recently, due to the stiffness ofthe socks on the bottom.

Still leaning over her duffle bag from the backseat all I could see was a cloud of pink. Both pink socks jammed in my face while I snorted aloud, letting the rush of her dirty, worn down socks intoxicate my senses.

Even though I knew she was recently wearing them, it was easy to tell if I hadnt known; as her socks were still warm as if they were literally just peeled fresh off her feet.

Her feet must be bigger than I had imagined them to be because her pink ankle socks were totally stretched out. I dont know how she even got these small ankle socks to even fit over her big size 9's.

From the years of torment and anxiety, I must have lost track of the time. My cell went off. It was a text from Ryan asking "where the hell I was ...".

As I looked up I saw him from a distance walking towards the car. I panicked and dropped Gabbys smelly, stiff, dirty, pink ankle socks to the floor. I had run out of time - I didnt even get a chance to smell those warm smelly-ass sneakers of hers.

He was walking closer and closer to the car, I had to hurry! In a mad panic I buried her shoes back in the bag and placed the towel over them. I barely had the bag zipped when I saw a shadow next to the car window.

I looked up to see Ryan standing outside the car. I had the duffle bag zipped up just in-time.

"Are you coming into eat or what?!" Ryan sounded rather annoyed.

"Yeah coming! My wallet fell under the seat but I found it now." I somehow managed to say still trying to catch my breath.

Ryan however still stood there waiting for me to come out of the car. Just before I went to stand up in the corner of my eyes I see Gabbys pink ankle socks laying just to the side of my feet on the floorboard.

I had to act fast and had no error to spare. I quickly bent down and swooped up those socks of hers. Without hesitation I stuffed them both in my pocket, it was my only option to hide them.

Did he catch me sniffing her dirty-used socks? He never said but I had a bad feeling he did.

We both walked back into the restaraunt to order some grub before heading back out on the road.

Just seeing Gabby in those black sneakers and black socks made me go crazy inside. Now that I knew what her socks smelt like, I needed more. It became an addiction. Just imageing how the hot sun and muggy sticky air was being attracted down onto her black sneakers and black socks as her big stinky feet marinate from inside had my body feeling tingly from anticipation.

What if she opened her duffle bag and her pink socks were not inside? I started to panic once again as a cold sweat came over me.

I was just hoping I wasnt in the car when she did find out, to save myself from embarassment.

The road trip pressed on as the warm, blazing sun began to fade. We all rolled down our windows as now it was dark but still extremely stuffy and musty from the humidity.

Sitting in the backseat just pondering about how smelly her barefeet must be from marinating in those black shoes and socks made me go crazy. I had to try and stop fantasizing about her feet before I lost my load in his backseat.
I tried everything to distract myself from the thought and smell of her feet but nothing helped! I then started fanasizing about the shape and look and feel off her big size 9 feet and soles. This really got my blood flowing and tried everything in my will power to think of something else, but this long, boring drive out in the hot humid air made me nothing but exhausted and horny.

The night grew later, we all were exhausted beyond belief. The hot weather combined with Ryans cramped and stuffy car was all too much by this point. We had to stop eventually and find a cheap motel to shack in for the night.

Luckily, Gabby noticed a motel on the side of the road. It looked like somewhere a serial killer would stay at. Here we are in the middle of nowhere and no civilization in sight. We were low on gas and out of options. Not wanting to drive deeper into the night, Ryan pulls off the road and follows a long narrow dirt trail of dirt leading up onto thos creepy, run down motel.

Across the street from the motel happens to be a biker type of bar.

"Ok everyone rest up. Grab a quick a nap and we will all meet up at 10pm and grab some beers across the street. Celebrate that we all made it this long so far, without killing one another."' Ryan annouced to us all.

Gabby smirked as we all agreed.

Ryan and Gabby offered me to share a room with them to save money and I could sleep on the couch since all the rooms were 1 bed.

I needed my personal space for the first time on this roadtrip and respectfully denied his offer.

I grabbed my own room.

With Gabbys smelly pink socks still stuffed in my pockets as I couldnt help but think I will have some real fun in my room tonight.

Little did I know - exactly how much fun I was in store for.

Last Part-3
Conclussion coming soon!

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Part-3 : The Conclusion

As we drove up to the run-down motel, I felt my side pockets one last time to make sure Gabbys socks were still inside and indeed they were. I wasnt sure how much actual sleep and rest Id get tonight with her smelly socks in my pocket but that really was the only thing on my mind.

This motel was nothing to be excited about but all I cared about was the four walls of privacy that had alluded me the entire trip and a warm bed to finally lay on, instead of Ryans uncomfortably cramped back car seat.

Only three other cars were parked in the motel driveway so we knew they're would be at least two rooms for us. As mentioned earlier I declined to save money and stay in Ryan and Gabbys room because I needed my privacy a this point. It was a long roadtrip and I wanted my own bathroom and bed.

As we got out of the car the humidity was still going strong even in the dark of the night. Sweat poured off our foreheads as we stretched our legs out in the dark of the night. Luckily there was a bright blue full moon giving us the only light to see through the night - the motel it self had only one or two dim lights outside.

The three of us checked in and Ryan gave us one last reminder to shower up and grab at least a hour nap in before the three of us head across the street to the local bar.

I went my seperate way from Ryan and Gabby as I found my room in the back corner of a dimly-lit walkway. At this point it didnt matter how run-down this place was in the middle of nowhere I just needed to lay flat on my back ontop of a bed for awhile.

I kicked off my shoes and fell backfirst onto the bed. I didnt feel like moving at all from being cramped up in the backseat the entire roadtrip. I flipped through a handful of fuzzy channels before realizing I still had Gabbys socks in my pocket!

How could I forget? I was exhausted but with the little energy I had left I yanked out her two pink ankle socks. Next thing I knew both were drapped over my face as I continued laying on my back barely moving.

The smell of those crusty pink socks were still as strong as before.

I began to think how lucky Ryan was. Even if he wasnt into feet before, I bet he was now since being with her. It made me angry just thinking about how that could have been me with her and getting to see her big smelly feet everynight! I assumed the two of them were having sex while I was left to a dark quiet room with nothing but my hand and her smelly socks.

After a good thirty-minutes or so of sniffing on her dirty, sweat-stained pink socks I was as hard as ever. I thought about letting my big load go at any point.

However, just when I was really getting into the smell of her socks a series of loud knocks pounded my bedroom door from the outside. Startled, I lifted up off the bed and quickly threw her pink socks under my pillow.

Still weary and hesitant at who was outside at this time of night in a strange motel in the middle of nowhere, I crept over slowly to the door - until I heard Gabbys voice ring out.

"Hey open the door! Its me Gabby!"

Upon hearing her voice I ran to the door and flung it open. There she was - all by herself. I peered outside behind her to see if I could see Ryan but I couldnt it was too dark.

"Its just me." Gabby said sounding very irritated.

"Well are you going to offer me in? Or do I have to stand outside in the dark all night?" Gabby still sounding upset.

"No please come in!" I stood clear of the doorway and watched her walk in.

I couldnt help but notice she was still wearing the same clothes from earlier in the day only now she had on a different pair of sneakers. They were white but stained in gray dirt, the white had faded to a musty color they looked filthy and old. She also was no longer wearing those black socks from before. I couldnt tell if she had no socks on or ankle socks because her tennis shoes were rather large and went up just past her ankles.

She wore some kind of a white tank top with khaki type of shorts. A lot of her long brown legs were showing which really caught my eye.

I was still in confused on what she was doing in my room and why she seemed so upset.

"So whats going on Gabby? Is everything ok?" I managed to say trying to focus too much of my attention on her legs and dirty tennis shoes.

"No! Everything is not alright ... Ryan is an asshole!" She barked out while crossing her arms.

We both were standing near the foot of the bed and the tv.

For the sake of the conclusion of this experience I will skip ahead a bit to the good parts ... However basically to sum up why she was upset; her and Ryan got in a big fight over something I dont even remember anymore, it was probably small at the time, but for whatever reason she was pretty upset and distraught and wanted to cool off away from him for awhile.

I asked her if Ryan knew she was here in my room? She told me no because he left first and stormed off over towards the bar so she assumed he was over there drinking his ass off.

"Im sorry to bother you like this in the middle of the night." Gabby said with a pouty face.

"Oh no its totally ok! In fact why dont you just rest on my bed and you can watch a movie on tv ... We dont get many channels but will find you something." I reassured her.

But now a light bulb was going off in my head. If there was ever a chance to get her to kick off her shoes near me it would be now or never! This was a golden opportunity I would not let go to waste - at least not without a fight.

Gabby thanked me and made her way over to my bed. She plopped down on her stomach so that her legs and shoes were up in the air behind her (in the pose style). She grabbed a few pillows and put them under her chest and face to prop her head up so that she could watch tv from her belly.

I gulped at the sight in front of me. My heart racing once again - I thought of any excuse I could think of to get her barefoot in my room once and for all.

"So Im just going to freshin' up a bit you make yourself comfortable ... Kick off your shoes stay awhile." I said aloud trying to remain calm and not too eager. My first attempt was a miss.

"Oh its ok I an comfortable just like this. But thanks again for letting me kick it over here it means a lot!" Gabby said with a smile turning her head from the tv to over towards me.

I stood near the bathroom door thinking "shit - this girl is just never going to take off her shoes around me is she?!"

Then the next thing Gabby said almost sent me to my knees ...

"Your lucky you get to wash up and get clean ... I still havent washed up yet! In fact these are all still my clothes from earlier today - so sorry if I smell!" She said in a little uneasy tone.

In my head I went "wow!" Did she just say that? Shes been wearing the same clothes all day and still has yet to take a shower or wash her feet off? Oh the smell must be deadly!!

I had to keep the attention soley on her feet - as I said this was my biggest chance to finally lay eyes on them. I was growing sick and tired of only seeing her in shoes for over a year! It was my time now - I had to pursue this and act fast before Ryan had time to figure out where she was!

"Oh its ok Gabby you dont smell at all. In fact didnt you have different shoes on earlier? So u must have washed your feet at least, right?" Even after saying this sentence I couldnt believe it came out of my mouth. I didnt want to startle her and think I was some foot pervert - even though all the signs were there and by now she had to have taken a hint or two!

Gabby replied, "Nope. I changed my shoes and out of my socks but thats only because Ryan makes me. Other than that I still have not been able to clean up. We got in a fight right away and I came straight here afterwards."

I couldnt believe my luck. This was turning into the best night of my life at least it was starting to look that way. Only if I could get her out of those shoes somehow! She hadnt washed and those feet had been cooking inside three different pairs of sneakers all day out in the hot sun and humid air!

Short of me jumping on her and prying off her big dirt-stained shoes myself with my own two hands, it was starting to look like my only option at this point! This girl just would not take a hint!
Then it hit me. Her pink socks were still under my pillow which lay only a foot or so away from her! She grabbed the other pillow fortunetly for me otherwise she would have seen her sweaty pink socks hidden under my pillow! I gasped and had to think quickly!
I motioned for Gabby to scoot over a bit and I slid on over to the bed with her.
“I thought you were going to wash up?” She questioned with a puzzled look on her face.
“I will in a bit. I thought I would watch a movie with you or something.” I said trying not to sound to obvious or nervous.
I sat up on the bed with my back resting against the headboard of the bed. Gabby still lay on her stomach in front and a little to the side of me. Her head was nearly hanging off the foot of the bed as she cocked it back to view the t.v. Her legs still dangle in the air behind her in plain sight of me only a arms length away.
Her dirty white sneakers had my mouth watering as I watched them sway in the air ever-so slowly.
She wasn’t paying any attention as I quickly reached under my pillow for her socks. I grabbed them and quickly tossed them under the bed. I couldn’t take any chances if she had moved my pillow I would have been caught red-handed.
I sat there behind her for a good ten minutes or so thinking over ways to get her to take off her shoes. Like I said I didn’t want to sound too eager but at the same time, time was not on my side. The night was growing long and I knew this was my moment to shine.
Another attempt at an idea hit me. This one could be my best one yet. Get her drunk!

Well not wasted of course but enough to get her flirty. I brough up the idea of alcohol which we I had leftovers in my bag. To my surprise she agreed right away. She actually seemed eager to drink.

“Sure why not! It’l help get my mind off that asshole boyfriend of mine!” Gabby said still with an irratated tone.
“Yeah they’re ya go! This will help take the egde off a little.” I replied.
About 20 minutes in it was starting to hit her pretty hard. It didn’t take all but a few shots as she was getting extra flirty and extremly open with me.
I tried not to drink as much as her so I could stay coherint enough to pull off my master plan – to see her barefoot!
We chated for awhile as I could tell she was starting to feel the alcohol pretty good.
“So Gabby how about you take off those shoes and relax.” Clearing my throat seemingly after almost every word.
She just giggled and went back into complaining about Ryan.
I was determined.
“No seriously Gabby. You’ve never taken your shoes off around me, cmon. I won’t bite. Relax.” I said in a more focused tone.
Then it came. Gabby came clean!
“Alright here’s the deal. I told you about my smelly foot problem growing up as a kid and you said you understood. Now being stuck in a car on a long road trip out in this muggy ass warm weather and not being able to take my shoes off the entire trip – TRUST ME the last thing you want is for me to take my shoes off!” Gabby’s eyes widened with emphasis as she said that last statement.
I didn’t give up.
“Wait why haven’t you taken off your shoes the entire trip yet?” I asked.
“Ryan won’t let me!” She hissed back rolling her eyes.
She went onto tell me how Ryan makes fun of her stinky feet and hates when she takes her shoes off. He can’t stand the smell and makes her wash them in the shower with soap as soon as she gets home from work. She has to scrub her feet clean before getting into bed with him or whenever he is around her!

I couldn’t believe my ears. Was I wrong for wanting to see and smell her feet? I began to think how the hell has Ryan not taken advantange of this?! Well it was my time now and I would take full advantage of this moment.

“You know what? Screw Ryan! You should air out those feet tonight without washing them in spite of that prick! Don’t feel like a prisoner in your own shoes! Let’s show him whose really in charge around here! Tonight you get your freedom back – Be proud of your smell! Kick off those shoes girl!” I said almost like a war general giving a speech to his bergade. And for whatever reason – IT WORKED!

Gabby’s eyes lightened up and for the first time I knew it in the her eyes that those dirty sneakers were coming off – and so they did!
“You know what?! YOUR RIGHT! No more being scared of him and my smelly feet!” Gabby proudly annouced.
She still lay in the same position on the bed in front of me on her belly her shoes in the air within arms length of me. I sat their frozen was this finally it?!
She kicked off the first sneaker as it came crashing down onto the bed nearly grazing my leg.
The sight was even better than I could image. She infact wasn’t wearing any socks this time. It was straight bare sole. Staring me in the face was a long, plump, tan sole. It was covered in black sock lint (from when she had her black socks on earlier that day).
My eyes nearly bulged out of my head as I watched her from close range. I had not noticed the smell right away from sheer disbelief that I was even face to face with her bare sole for the first time ever!
Next was the other shoe. It popped off and now two bare soles rested in the air behind her, just a short distance away from my face.
I didn’t have much time to enjoy the sight. The smell hit me hard – and I mean HARD.
By far the foulest, sweatiest, pungent aroma I have ever come across before.
At first the smell had me worried. What was I up against? A girl who has a chronic foot smelling problem and who hasn’t showered all day being couped up in various sneakers and socks while in the humidity and warm air. This was the perfect storm.
The smell was so strong and at the time I thought it would be unbareable but I managed to keep my composure and stare direclty at them.

I then noticed her toes looked freshly painted black. Jet black toes, perfectly painted toes without any chips or anything funky like that. Her feet were absouletly mouth-watering. Her giant soles waving slowly in the air, wafting the smell towards me.
She even started moaning lightly as she gently rubbed her giant soles together.
“Does it feel good to finally air out your feet?” I said still stuck in a trance.
After moaning some more she replied, “Mmmm you have no idea how good this feels!”
I just sat there inches away from her legs and feet watching them sway gently in the air.
She began rubbing her soles together a little harder and little faster which only made her moan louder. Bits of her black sock lint began to fall off her soles like snow, onto my bed.
I don’t know if it was the alochol making her do this or what but I enjoyed every possible second. It seemed as if time stood still the more she swayed her feet in the air and rubbed her two size 9 brown soles together.
Was she teasing me on purpose? Did she know how much I enjoyed this foot show? How much this foot show of her’s was driving me crazy? These questions ran through my mind. I didn’t want to scare her though so I remained still and quiet and just took in the sights and the smells.
Her soles looked so creamy and soft I wanted to dive right in so bad.
I wanted and needed more so I decided to get more out of her.
“Why don’t you practice spreading and wiggling your toes around? It will feel good trust me.” I said ready to lose my load at any point.
She began spreading her long toes as far as she could – and they were pretty long. I could see bits of black toe jam stuck inbetween seemingly every toe. She moaned aloud as she began scrunching her toes up and down while spreading them off and on.
Everytime she scunched them I got to see all the wrinkles on her soles as well as her freshly painted jet black toe nails.
Without being caught by her I leaned forward just a bit. Waiting for her toes to spread again I swiftly made my move. I saw those long toes of her spread as wide as ever, I leaned in and lightly sniffed the air. As much as her feet were swaying and toes moving I thought I felt my nose brush past her toes but it didn’t. I quickly sat back in a panic incase she felt me sniffing the air between her toes.
And then it happened.

“Do they stink good enough for yah back there?” Gabby remarked in a playful tone while leaning her head around and winking.
Did she catch me?! My heart-raced. My hands began to sweat as a nervous feeling came over me.
I didn’t know what to say I was at a loss of words.
“It’s ok. I’ll let you smell them if you give me a nice long foot rub!” Gabby said with a smirk.
“Mmm you want a foot rub? I can do that.”
“No one has ever touched my feet before. Ryan won’t come anywhere near them. I have always wondered what a foot rub would feel like.” Gabby remarked in a seductive manner.
I didn’t waste no time. I grabbed both her silky smooth legs by the ankles and brought her feet back closer to me.
The smell was intense and incredibly ripe. As dug my fingers into the balls of her soles. Her soles were crazy soft! My fingers just glidded with ease as I made my way down to her heel and rubbed that for awhile.
She couldn’t stop moaning and telling me how good it felt.
I just kept going with it and at the same time began sniffing her feet. While rubbing with one hand I buried my nose direclty into her toes – touching her feet with my face for the first time ever.
I inhaled the pungent aroma like never before. I felt several hundred brain cells die from the rush of pungent, sweaty, damp feet running up my nostril.
I even began rubbing her feet lower so that I was masaging those long silky smooth brown legs. This really got her attention as she began pressing her feet harder against my chest as I rubbed her legs.
The smell of her feet was so strong and so pungent it was making me hard as a rock. My senses never experienced a smell like this before it was all new to me.
I continued rubbing her legs as I now buried my face into both her soles and began sniffing crazily.
Her soles were as a soft as pillows. The more I sniffed the more black sock lint that was still stuck on her sweaty feet filled my nostrils to the point I had to wipe off her sock lint from my nose every so often.
Then my phone went off! It was Ryan!

“Mmmm don’t answer that.” Gabby said still moaning and enjoying her foot and leg massage.
I had to answer it before he thought something was up.
I abrupetly stopped rubbing her siilky smooth legs and answered the phone, sitting back as far away from her feet as possible. I motioned for her to not make a sound.
“Hey man whats up?” I questioned.
Gabby decided to have a little fun however and began teasing me some more while I was on the phone with her own boyfriend!
She began spreading her toes directly in my face. Her toes nearly touching my cell phone as I talked to Ryan, trying to regain my composure.
He was telling me to get ready and come straight over to the bar to meet him. He had something to tell me and he wanted me there. He told me not to invite Gabby.
“I don’t know if that is possible man … I mean uhhh … I am pretty tired.” I managed to say with her big size 9 feet still direclty in front of my face.
Her wiggling toes coming within an inch of grazing my cheeks.
I remember Ryan becoming upset and told me if I don’t come over he was coming here and hung up the phone.
OH SHIT! Ryan was on his way here I told her.
She giggled as if this was a game but I was totally freaking out.
“Here take one big last whiff!” Gabby said with a smile.
She stuck both her feet over my face and told me to take a big whiff.
I grabbed her ankles as her soles covered my face and I inhaled.
I was ready to explode at any point but I needed her out of my room before the shit would hit the fan!
With one last big breath I told her to run back to her room.
She gave me a hug which by then she must have felt mu huge erection. She thanked me for the foot rub as she scooped up her shoes and went sprinting out.
As I fell back on my bed trying to catch my breath and make sense of what just happened!

04-01-2013, 06:02 AM
Awesome story.

04-01-2013, 06:39 PM
Excellent story. Instant classic.

04-01-2013, 06:51 PM
the screen-caps that resemble this experience

04-01-2013, 08:05 PM
Thanks for posting! For some reason this story is giving me a vague sensation of deja-vu... Oh, well... It'll pass. ;)

11-01-2013, 07:56 AM
Damn nice!!! Have you ever meet her again to smell her feet???

Very awesome experience!