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27-12-2012, 02:17 PM
Nancy foot smothers young black girl!
I love to see Nancy, my friends wife, fight and wrestle. This is something Nancy loves to do as well. She hasn't had a match in a while, but over the last 12 years she has had over 30 of these encounters. She doesn't look that tough, and that is why so many different females are so willing to take her on. She is in her mid 40's, feminine looking and toned 5'8 and now about 140 pounds. She has short blonde hair, blue eyes, and long legs and sexy size 8 feet- that I've written so much about. She gets her sexy peds pedicured weekly, and more than ever she is wearing strappy sandals, jeweled flip flops, open toed mules, to show them off. As always, what drives me wild about her is that she loves her feet, loves how they look, loves teasing men and women with them, and enjoys the fact that her toes really sweat and can smell very vinegary strong. She has really gotten turned on by forcing various females to smell her smelly cheesey feet. She knows her husband and I have huge foot fetishes, and she plays on this, and enjoys tormenting us with her feet, and dominating females in front of us. Her husband and I ACTIVELY TRY TO FIND OPPONENTS OR VICTIMS FOR HER. People ask me on this board and others, how does this happen, how does she get these matches? That is easy, we try to get them, and she is into it. We have advertised in local papers, put up ads at her gym, or it can be just conversations that lead to these scenarios. This past July one of these conversations led to a match. Nancy had a barbecue at her house. Nancy's husband had a childhood friend who recently got married to a sexy black woman, Sandra, who had two older girls from her previous marriage. Tiffany or Tiff as she is called is her older daughter, just turned 19. Tiff is in a Community college, and in talking to her at this outing, I found out that she started in the martial arts. Long story short, I mentioned that Nancy has dabbled with the martial arts, they should spar sometime, practice techniques, etc. She took the bait hook, line, and sinker. Tiff is a tall, lanky, pretty teen. She is about 5'9 115 pounds, straight black hair, large brown eyes, slightly wide nose, but gorgeous pouty pink lips and perfect white teeth. Her smile is amazing, it shines, and is her best feature. It is funny because Nancy's admitted best feature is her feet, and Nancy's best feature met up with Tiff's best feature quite a bit, and way more than Tiff wanted! Tiff came over two weeks after this meeting to train with Nancy. Tiff thought it would be good practice, Nancy thought it was going to be a black girl smelling and kissing her feet! A few of us guys came to watch this little show, Tiff had no idea what was to come. The ladies both wore white gi's and were barefoot. Nancy's size 8's were painted bright red, Tiff's size 10 feet had clear polish on her long straight toes. The ladies stretched, warmed up, and then traded hits and kicks, all slow and non competitive. They did a few throws, got to their feet, did a few more. After about 20 minutes, Nancy threw Tiff to the mat, but this time surprised her with a KI-YAAA, and a smelly and very sweaty bare right foot into her face flush! Tiff was shocked, and Nancy pressed her stinky sole into her face, smothering her, in front of us. Tiff rocked her head, and grabbed at Nancy's foot, what the f#$#@ are you doing!!! Nancy stood over her, and followed her face with her foot- rubbing it into her face, all over, over her mouth, nose, and eyes. She lifted the foot, and then pressed the saliva coated sole into her face again, and then again, and again. Nancy was much stronger, with trained toned legs and feet, Tiff couldn't get it off her face! Nancy was determined and forceful, she really wanted this young girl under her soles and toes. Nancy then switched feet, rubbing her left sexy stinky foot into her face. That foot must have smelled worse, because Tiff started really screaming and yelling, cursing, kicking, twisting, bucking, anything to make this assault stop! Tiff was getting tired, and weak under the deadly trampling, and Nancy placed her right foot on her neck with strong force. She looked into her eyes while choking her, and Tiff grabbed at her strong leg. If you agree to smelling and kissing my foot, I will stop choking you, Nancy said. It took a good 5 more minutes, but Tiff then agreed, after knowing she couldn't resist any longer. Nancy pressed her sole over the black girls face lightly, then did the same with her other foot. She then posed for us with her right foot stretched over her face completely, and Tiff laid there smelling it! Sniff deeper and louder, I want to hear you, I want to feel your wet tongue and hot breath on my foot! Come on breathe my foot in, get my foot scent in that big nose, taste my foot sole, that's it, smell my sweaty foot bitch! Nancy was turning herself on with her words, and driving us crazy as well. Watching this poor young black girl, flat on her back, smelling this older blonde woman's sweaty bare foot flush in her face, watching her lick it, was so so hot! Nancy sneared and smiled, rubbing her toes all over her pretty lips and nose. Nancy was like a gladiator who just vanquished an enemy, the way she stood over her. I think that you may have to change your dumb name from TIFF to SNIFF, Nancy said, and then laughed out loud, looking at the poor girl dominated under her really smelly but very beautiful and sexy foot!

The Man
30-12-2012, 06:00 PM
Nice Story. But whats does 'NF' mean?

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I would love to read about another woman dominating someone with her sexy, smelly feet, some true stories if possible. Anybody see anything like this, ever? I would really like to hear about it!

14-01-2013, 11:31 PM
Great NF story. I particularly liked when Nancy rubbed her saliva coated smelly feet all over Tiff´s face.

15-01-2013, 04:56 PM
Thanks Buddy52! Nancy loves to feel a females face under her feet. She loves the power and humiliation of it so much. It turns her on that this other woman is powerless, and realizes that her face is being stepped on! The fact that she feels her hot desperate breath on her foot soles, gasping, while smelling her foot stink, makes her quiver with excitement. That she gets their saliva on her soles, from them desperately trying to breathe, and then she can rub that back into their face, gets her juices really flowing!

16-01-2013, 07:37 PM
You know what Royal, a fight Nancy vs. Pia would be great. Maybe we could write the story together. I write one part, you follow up with the other and so on till the smelly conclusion...hehe. What do you think?

17-01-2013, 12:45 AM
Hi Buddy, to be honest I don't write any fiction anymore. I had written over a hundred stories, and it just doesn't do it for me any longer. I will write a TRUE experience every now and then. Nancy, doesn't do much of this stuff anymore either, which takes most of the fun out of it for me. I would love to see what you would write though. I am sure I would enjoy that! I rather read stuff, than write it, at this point! THANKS for thinking of me. Please stay in touch!