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A bit rough, but a story nonetheless.
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John was miserable. Ever since Tiffany moved in, she'd been making his life a living hell, but a terrible financial situation and a need to split the rent prevented him from kicking this vixen out.

She was definitely attractive, that wasn't the issue; standing at 5'6'' with one of the most gorgeous physiques you could imagine, this pseudo-joke 22 year old had the manners of a dog-- a german shephard specifically. Soon after she moved in, dirty laundry was scattered amongst the house, as well as the dishes she refused to do, and garbage she refused to take out. Soon, John's unfortunate polite tendencies caused him to begin cleaning up after her, a trait she took full advantage of.

Regret filled his mind, if only he'd heeded his friends' warnings about a female roommate, or perhaps was less submissive of a person, but the most he could do was shrug and go along with whatever she subjected him to.

She did not hesitate to get physical in even the most fragile of situations, once smacking John with a fierce open palm for accidentally stepping on her foot. Blaming it on "growing up with two older bros," Tiffany refused to change her ways, and as a result John was becoming more and more subservient.

Worst of all however was her tendency to skip out on showers. John didn't mind athletic women, in fact, he thought it was quite attractive, but the fact that Tiffany refused to shower after she worked out grossed him out, not to mention the strong odor which emanated from her sneakers and socked feet after a run.


Tiffany had just gotten back from her morning jog. As she opened the door and carelessly threw her sneakers off, one just happened to move into John's path. With glass of water in hand, John tripped over the sneaker, and a small splash of water struck Tiffany's already soaked-with-sweat frame.

"John... what the fuck?"

"Oh... I'm sorry--"

"Sorry doesn't cut it. You're gonna have to make it up to me."

"Uh... what do you mean?"

"Hmm... how about you give me a foot massage?"

"Uh... weren't you just running?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well... you didn't... shower... and-"

"What are you trying to say? Are you saying I smell bad or something? You know John, you've got a lot of nerve!"

"No no, I didn't mean it that way I just--"

"Just what? Just want to get out of doing me this favor? Just think I stink? Just want to insult me and get away with it? John, this is the last straw, you'd better massage my feet RIGHT NOW, and you'd better act like you enjoy it!"


"I don't wanna here it! Get over here and get on your knees."

John meekly bent over, not even daring to look this intimidating diva in the eyes. He reached towards her socked foot, already getting a whiff of their ripe odor, when suddenly he was struck in the head by her other foot.

"Idiot, you have to ask permission before you touch a girl."

"Oh, can I... uh... give you a foot massage?"

"Not like that, you have to ask like you really mean it."

"Oh... can I please give you a foot massage Tiffany?" He asked, attempting to sound as sincere as possible. He truly was at a low point.

"Hmmm... why do you want to give me a foot massage? Do you like my feet or something."

"Uh... they're... pretty."

"What else?"

"They're... petite?"

"What about the smell. Tell me how you love the smell."

"They smell good... like a field of flowers."

"HAHAHA! That's better! Such a loser you are. How about you prove how much you love their smell."


Another whap to the head by her foot, this time harder than the last. John was dazed and terrified by the force this woman was exerting on her.

"Idiot, smell my foot! Get your nose right up under my toes and take a DEEP breath!"

John was all but about to puke, but he would do anything at this point to keep her calm. He slowly edged his nose towards her sordid socks, and as he made contact with her moist, musty sock, she wiggled her toes as if anticipating the cold air which would filter through her unwashed toes and into John's poor nose. He slowly breathed in, and a smile widened on Tiffany's face.

"Deeper. Now."

John breathed in even deeper this time almost passing out from the smell of female foot sweat and odor.

"HAHA! Okay Johnny boy, thats enough smelling my stinky foot, now peel off my sock and get to work."

Grateful to be finished with this degrading task, John got started on the next. He anchored a finger under the sock and, quite literally, peeled the sock off of her still-moist-with-cold-sweat foot. It was as if they had been sealing most of the disgusting odor in, and as John's senses were assaulted with the ripe, concentrated foot odor of her petite-yet-deadly peds, he couldn't help but cringe. Noticing this, Tiffany's smile changed into a frown:

"Are you fucking kidding me John, do you have a fucking problem or something? Seriously, we go through this whole thing, and you still haven't learned a fucking thing. Well I guess it's time for a real lesson in manners then. You're going to lick my foot."

John couldn't believe his ears. Before he could speak out in protest, the stinky, moist foot came smashing against his nose. The pain left him on the ground, crippled and with a hint of foot odor stuck in his nostril.

"That's right, don't even talk. Sit right there and I'll be right back to teach you your lesson."

Tiffany got up and walked into her room, and not less than 20 seconds later she returned with duct tape, john still in his original spot, holding his nose in pain. Tiffany stepped on his face with her unsocked foot before sitting back down in her seat.

"Now," Tiffany spoke as she peeled off her other sock, "you learn why you should never treat a lady like you did!"

Unraveling the duct tape, Tiffany planted both feet on Johns face, pushing his hands away. As he attempted to move the sources of smell, she saw to it that his hands had another area to tend to with a punch to the crotch.

As John's hands were tending to his newly inflicted bruise, Tiffany wrapped ducttape around his arms and around his legs, leaving him incapable of movement.

"Now, the best part! Open wide loser!"

Unable to protest further, John opened a mouth, allowing Tiffany's anxious toes to enter in and unleash their sewer like flavor. Her toes wiggled atop John's tongue, scratching the roof of his mouth with her toenails whilst subjecting him to their salty unwashed flavor. She pushed down hard, shutting him up with her foot and ensuring that every second he would have to taste her toes.

With her other foot, she placed John's nose directly under her toes atop the ball of her foot. Each breath was of air funneled through her musty toes, personally flavored by Tiffany's ripe workout feet.

And to make matters worse, she began ducttaping around Johns head, around her feet placed in such a way, and around again until she felt he was secured.

"Now, Johnny boy, you learning your lesson?"

She shook her feet up and down, forcing John to nod with them.

"HAHA! That's great. I'm just gonna watch some tv. You enjoy my cute little feet down there. And make sure you work that tongue inbetween my toes, that's where all the gunk is. They better be spotless when you're done, or maybe your next lesson will be under my butt!"

Every movement of John's tongue was impeded by the wriggling, musky toes of his captor, and as he tasted Tiffany's foul toe sweat, his discomfort was made even more unbearable by the fact that the tape was making Tiffany's feet re-heat and re-sweat. His trance of pain and odor was broken by Tiffany's sharp sniggering.

"Hehe! I just got a good idea!"

She grabbed the folded up blanket adjacent to her on the couch (John's blanket), and unfolded it.

"I think I'm gonna take a quick nap for awhile. I know you have work, but I'm sure your boss won't mind if you're a bit late. It is for a good cause, you know!"

John's groans were muffled by Tiffany's sweaty foot, and his restricted vision was soon completely blocked by a descending blanket. The temperature instantly rose, and his heart sank.

"Nighty night, Johnny boy!"

It was going to be a long afternoon.

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i wanna be johnny

Adam X
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Wow, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.