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25-12-2012, 12:07 AM
Part 1:

As Angela walked down the campus path, her smooth tanned toes titillatingly tapping her flip flops, all she could think about was how good it had felt.


Earlier in the day, after being subjected to the usual monotone, unbearable lecture, she broke free of the stresses of day-to-day college life by treating herself to a pedicure. This was not a rare occasion, seeing as how she did enjoy taking care of her feet. However, it was a tad bit different this time; walking into the salon she did not expect to see Kristin washing hair and filing nails.

"Krissy! What are you doing here?"

"Oh... hey Angela, I'm here working."

Kristen, a self-proclaimed genius and outright prodigy in the field of biology, often times excelled way beyond Angela in the classes which they shared, which as it seems would be many, since they both shared the same major.

"You don't mean you work here all the time, do you?"

"Well, my mom owns the place, so sometimes I just work here to make some extra cash--"

"Eww! So you have to rub peoples feet and stuff? That's so gross!"


"Oh, I'm just messing around girl! Don't worry, today you get to take care of MY feet! You should feel honored!"

Kristen half-heartedly forced a chuckle at the girl's seeming joke. They were never on the best of terms, Kristen wouldn't consider her a friend, and the most talking they'd ever done was Angela asking for her notes or whining about how she had done worse on the previous exam. To make things worse, Angela was nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. Her silky hair, amazing body, and great fashion sense all but completely trumped Kristen's cute, nerdy self. Angela knew it, too, and didn't fail to rub it in. She would constantly laugh at what Kristen was wearing, or subtly insult her nerdy frame and tendencies. Kristen was not too fond of her.

"So I'm thinking you just rub some lotion into my feet for a bit, they're so sore from walking around all day. Next, you can paint my nails. I'm thinking sky blue. Make my toesies all cute!" She wiggled her toes enthusiastically.


A few minutes later, all other customers having left. Angela took a seat one of the chairs.

"Come on now girl, my feet don't have all day!"

Biting the bullet, Kristen bent down onto her knees and began the humiliating activity. She put some lotion into her hands and took one of Angela's soft, tan peds in hand. She rubbed up and down the arch, each of Angela's stifled moans adding to the degradation. After about a minute, too engrossed in her work to be paying attention, Kristen felt something brush against her face. It was one of Angela's toes. She looked up to see a grin plastered across her face.

"Oh, sorry hun! Didn't mean to do that!"

Brushing it off as an accident, Kristen looked back down to her work and began to work on the sole. It was much more rough and calloused, and so she pressed harder into the foot.

"Mmmhh, you're really good at this aren't you! We should do this more often, haha!"

Kristen became red, wishing more than anything to be out of this. After another minute or so, she was caught off guard when suddenly her face was barraged by 5 furiously wiggling toes.

"Smell my feeeeet! Hahaha!"

Kristen began wildly turning her head in an effort to get away, but Angela's toes were persistent, following her nose around and constantly subjecting Kristen to a personal brand of degredation and odor.


Kristen swatted at the feet, successfully pushing them away.

"Whoa girl, sorry, I was just joking around! Didn't mean to push any of your buttons."

"Can you just... stay still while I do this."

"Whatever you say girl!"

Kristen once again returned to her work, this time rubbing the balls of Angela's feet. Out of her peripherals she noticed the wide grin on Angela's face, a grin which said it all: I just rubbed my foot in your face, and there's nothing you can do. Kristen's face was flush at this point, and as if to salt the wound, Angela began wiggling her toes as she massaged the ball.

"Don't forget to rub inbetween the toes, that's most important!"

As if submitting to the situation, Kristen failed to respond and instead just placed a finger inbetween each toe. She rubbed and squeezed and dirtied her hands with the filth between this bratty girls toes.

"Mmmhh, I could do this for hours! And the best part is, there's still another foot to go! Hehe!"


After some time, Angela hopped out of the chair, her feet and toes having been properly tended to. After paying, Angela made her way towards the door, but before she left, she turned around and left the nerdy, pseudo-tortured with a bit more degredation:

"Thanks a lot hun, I'll see you next time! And I'll make sure to have my feet nice and ripe! Haha!"

Kristen bowed her head in shame, speechless and powerless, and with this Angela left, the sound of her sole slapping her flip flops reminding her of the humiliation she'd just forced her nerdy classmate to endure. All she could think about was how good it felt, and all she could think about is how she'd humiliate her next.

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Great story! Just the right amount of evil. ;)
Really looking forward to the next part.

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looking forward to part 2 :cool:

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Awesome story. Looking forward to part 2.

Adam X
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Wow...a fem/fem story rivaling Rickhung's classics. Please do go on.

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This has a really promising start. I can't wait to see more!

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Great start, can't wait for part 2 :)

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Part 2:

Angela wiggled her petite toes atop her rubber flip flop soles. It had been 3 weeks, and Angela had been working towards a plan which would allow her acquired interest to flourish.

As she sat in the middle of class, her lecturer lulling on and on about some meaningless topic, she looked to her left at Kristen, sitting next to her, innocently and quietly. The two had become friends since the incident, Angela had gained back her trust since then by speaking of misunderstandings, and "getting off on the wrong foot," and Kristen, being as meek and gullible as she was, couldn't help but accept the tomboy's apology. She could not see coming the demon inside Angela, thinking only of having her feet pampered and humiliating the poor girl.

"That will be all today, class."

Papers rustled as the class packed up ready to leave.

"Hey Krissy, let's go get some lunch kay?"

"Yeah, sure."

As they walked to the mess hall, Angela couldn't help but stare down at her pretty little feet, imagining a shrunken down Kristen trapped under her toes, forced to funnel what little air she could muster up through the crevice of her most filthy appendages, forced to squirm between her toes and the ball of her foot to avoid being crushed, forced to taste her foot sweat. Her trance was quickly broken, however, by the sound of her soon-to-be foot rest's voice:

"Uh... so Angela, do you remember how I was having some issues with money?"

"Yeah Krissy, of course!"

"Well, I found an apartment off campus. It's pretty nice and if I get someone to move in with me it'll be much cheaper than dorming. I was wondering if you wanted to come with."

A smile widened on the silky haired vixen's face. What must have seemed to Kristen like a joyful smile of thoughts of rooming with a buddy turned out to be a plotting smile of thoughts of humiliation.


This was it, this was what Angela had been waiting for, an opportunity to concretely place Kristen in her power, to show her her rightful place at the sole of her feet.


A few weeks and discussions later, they were already moving their things in. It was all too good to be true, and Angela couldn't believe her plan had come together so effortlessly.

"So Angela, just as discussed I'm gonna need you to pay for the next two months since I payed security, and then we can alternate from there. Sound good?" Kristen said, hoisting a heavy box through the door.

Sprawled out on the couch with her bare feet on the coffee table, Angela began to smile.

"Hmmm, well Krissy, maybe if you're EXTRA nice to me I'll help you pay the rent."

"Haha, very funny. Seriously though, when can I expect the check?"

Angela hopped up out of her comfy seat and made her way to her soon to be subordinate.

"Well Krissy, here's how I see it. You've got money problems, and I don't. Say I fail to pay the rent for a month, that just means I've gotta find a new place for a bit, but that leaves YOU homeless. You don't wanna be homeless, do you? And don't pretend you can move back in with your parents, we both know you've got way too much pride for that. So that really means that I've got you in a position where I can make you're cute little self do anything I want, or I'll just refuse to pay the rent!"

Angela rubbed Kristen's hair roughly, successfully messying it.

"You just don't get it do you? You're mine now. You've got no choice but to do EXACTLY as I say, or you'll be homeless!"

"Angela... I thought we were--"

"Thought we were what? FRIENDS? Did you seriously think I'd befriend such a loser?"

Angela pushed the poor girl to the ground, and whapped her smooth face with her rough, dirty sole. On the verge of tears, Kristen held her face where the cruel tomboy had smacked her with her ped.

"Now, since we've established where I stand," she emphasized her point by pressing a foot down on Kristen's face, "and where YOU stand," she roughly rubbed her sweaty foot across, "how about you give me a nice, long foot rub. My feet are killing me from moving all these boxes."

Kristen was crushed. She saw now, saw that she was taken advantage of, made to believe that this bitchy, spoiled diva was actually her friend. She was bamboozled.


"Okay? Great! Now get rubbing."

Kristen took a foot in hand, accepting her new role, trying to drown out her current situation by thinking of a time in the future when maybe she'd be able to live free of Angela's torment but failing to keep concentration due to the rank foot odor entering her nostrils.

"What's wrong, my toes a bit stinky for you? HAHA, too bad! You'd better get used to it now, because boy do I love a good foot rub after a long, hard run! And at the pace you're going now, you're probably gonna end up licking them too! AHAHA!"

As Kristen massaged her stinky peds, Angela slowly inched her other foot closer and closer to her face, taking her sweet time and building up the suspense.

"Gotcher' nose!"

Angela clamped Kristen's nose roughly between her dirty toes, jostling her helpless face with her dominating toes, smearing dirt and toe sweat on her face along the way. All the while Kristen failed to let go of her captor's sweaty foot, rubbing obediently.

"Now, deep breathe! I wanna feel some cool air running through my toes! And for fuck sake, put your fingers between my toes."

Kristen slowly laced her fingers between the tiny sweat covered appendages, making sure to take her time so as to delay the inconceivably humiliating experience at hand. Finally, she could wait no longer. She slowly drew breath through her nose, experiencing a smell which could only be described as feet.

"Breathe harder, you dumb bimbo! You do want me to pay rent, don't you?"

Kristen was trapped, both mentally and physically. She foresaw the countless bouts of appeasement she would have to perform, she foresaw the humiliating tasks she would endure for her captor's amusement, she foresaw her future at Angela's sweaty feet. She breathed in such a breath of helplessness she became lightheaded, and as the odor of a musky athelete's foot filled her lungs, the last thing she heard before she fell unconscious was the giggling of a cruel girl.

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Awesome, awesome, awesome. Now lets get some revenge, via Kristen. That stinky footed witch has it coming!

Adam X
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Excellent continuation!

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Very excited for the next installment!

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Hope you come back to continue this story. Love the whole f/f bullying and humiliation concept,lol
Hope to read about her footlicking, and i hope you keep it in this pace. Meaning focus on the humiliation aspect.


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Love this story :)
love the humiliation part so please keep including that and lots more foot worship details :D
hope to see a new update soon