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24-09-2012, 03:47 PM
Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone still remembers a story about 2 sisters, one is called Sarah if I remember correctly, who are making each other smell their feet untill eventually Sarah takes it too far.
One sister then becomes the slave of the other, and it also involves a girl who they have to babysit who then gets her feet smelled by one of the sisters.

I'm sorry if this is kind of vague but it's been a while since I've read it ^^

Thanks in advance.

25-09-2012, 04:24 AM
Pretty sure it was called: A sister's domineering tendencies and it was on the incest forum here. I was looking for it too.

Adam X
25-09-2012, 10:09 AM
I believe it was deleted by the author shortly before the site switched over the story sections.

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Hey guys,

I got this one too. Again, I changed the names from what they were originally, but the story is otherwise unaltered. Enjoy.


(I take no credit for this work or any works resembling it. I cannot find an author credit, but will gladly add one should the original author contact me and request it.)

A Sister's Domineering Tendencies
Pt. 1

Kayley and Danielle never really got along all that well. At a young age, the two would frequently get into fights just for the sake of fighting, not because they hated each other, but only to establish who was on top. The fact that Kayley was 3 years olde3r fueled her desire to be on top, while Danielle's confident, win-at-all-costs attitude fueled hers.

The two grew up competing, whether it be as petty as wrestling match over the remote control, or a fight for who gets the shower in the morning, and for awhile all as what it should have been, the older sibling ending up victorious, but as time went on it became apparent that Danielle was outgrowing Kayley in both the size of her curves, and her height, and this not only got Kayley a bit worrisome, but it filled her with fear of what her sister was now able to do. While Kayley stood at an attractive, petite 5'5 95lbs, her sister stood at 5'7, 110 lbs.

Opening her eyes for the first time in 8 hours, Kayley stretched out her arms, refreshed and refueled to spend her Saturday in pure relaxation. Kayley had finally reached 18 a few weeks ago, the age of adulthood, and the age at which she would only have to deal with living as a child under the custody of her parents for another few months before moving off to college. She really couldn't complain about life, what with a pretty outstanding social life, captain of the track team, and grades which got her to all the schools she wanted. All was well, and as she strolled down the hall towards the bathroom, all she could think about was how great the day ahead would be.

Lost in the bliss of thought, she failed to notice the cd player laid out so carelessly in the middle of the hall by her younger sister, and as her toes pressed down on it her body went flying into the doorway of her sister's room. Thankfully, the door was open, but, unfortunately for Kayley, Danielle had a tendency to leave her dirty laundry splayed out in her room.

Kayley' reflex hadn't been quick enough, and though she meant to use her arms to break her fall, her petite nose could not avoid the pair of dirty socks below. Danielle was the captain of JV Basketball, and, though practices would leave her encrusted by dried sweat and stink, nothing compared to the smell of her long socks, cradling her toes throughout rough basketball drills and absorbing all the sweat and nauseating smell as if to store it for later.

The shock of the fall forced Kayley to inhale deeply through her nose, and the dirty socks served only as a filter, carrying the funk of her little sisters feet into her nose. She gagged, hopped up quickly, and displayed her outrage:
"You bitch!! How about you pick up your stuff instead of leaving it in the middle of the hallway?"

Unfortunately in her rage, Kayley failed to notice one of Danielle's socks still glued to her face. Danielle, still half asleep laying in bed, simply looked up at her sister, laughed, and went back to bed.

Kayley shrugged off the unpleasant experience and continued on with her day.

It was not until around noon that Danielle dragged herself down the stairs, still unwashed. She went into the living room where she found her sister watching television while painting her nails. She plopped herself down casually on the opposite side of the couch and swung her still filthy feet upon her sister's lap.

"Hey sis, how about you do my toes?"

Danielle wiggled her toes in anticipation, and in response, Kayley shot her a glare.

"Eww! Get your disgusting feet off my lap!"

"Oh, come on little sissy, just give them a quick coat and I'll be out of your way!"

Kayley hated when Danielle called her that; it enraged her to know that her younger sister trumped her in size. She grabbed her sister's legs and swung them off the couch, accidentally knocking the bottle of nail polish all over the ground.

"Wow, clumsy clumsy! Better clean that up little sissy!" Danielle stated, grinning.

Kayley had had enough. The start of what was supposed to be the perfect day of relaxation had already been ruined by her sister, and she wanted to let her know that enough was enough.

She lunged at her sister, and, as if she had seen it coming, Danielle quickly began grappling her older sister, using her size advantage to put her in one of the most humiliating positions she could think of-- Danielle sat atop Kayley' back gripping both of her bent legs under her armpits. Each of Danielle's filthy feet laid directly below Kayley' unfortunate face, and as Kayley felt the warmth emanating from her disgusting peds, she let out a groan of discomfort.

"Get off of me, you psycho!"

"Now now, little sissy, let's not get too feisty. I asked you nicely to paint my toes and you had to be mean about it. Now, since we've settled who's bigger, I think you're gonna paint my toesies a nice color!"

Danielle wiggled her toes in her big sisters face, sitting on her back, gripping both of her legs in an uncomfortable fashion and grinning from ear to ear. Kayley attempted to flail her arms back at her sister, but this only caused Danielle to pull her legs forward in a painful fashion.

"Whoa there, little sissy! The nail polish you spilled is over there!" Danielle used a foot to point at the small puddle of blue nail polish a few inches away. "Now, you can either paint my toes, or we can stay like this for a little while and you can smell my feet, which I know you'd love!" Saying this, she turned her feet so that the unwashed soles were pointed directly at her sisters face. She rubbed the dirt and grime into her sisters cheeks, making sure to rub the stench of her feet deep into her nose.

"What the fuck do you expect me to paint your toes with, genius? The brush is way over there!"

"I don't know, sis, I thought you were supposed to be smart? Use your hair or something. Yeah, actually, that's a great idea. Paint my toes blue with your hair."

At this Kayley wrenched her body, wanting more than anything to break free from under her little sister's ass. Danielle merely laughed at the attempt and rubbed her toes all over her sister's face.

"Hahaha! Smell my feet!"

After a few minutes, Kayley gave up. She was about to cry from the humiliation that her sister was putting her through, not to mention the pain in her legs from being grappled in such an uncomfortable position.

She knew what she had to do, and slowly but surely she gripped a lock of her hair and dipped it into the blue nail polish. Her sister stared in anticipation, grinning with eyes wide open. Just wanting to get out of the situation, Kayley began brushing the lock of recently washed hair upon her sister's pedicured toenails. Danielle remained silent, watching almost fasinatedly and as happy as ever. When finally all of her toes were painted blue, she spoke:
"AAAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, I can't believe you actually did that! You're such a weirdo, little sissy! You must really love my toesies!"

She wiggled her toes one final time and released her grip on her sisters legs. Danielle hopped up off of her sister's back.

"Well, I'll see you later little sissy, I'm gonna go wash up!"

She pressed the bottom of her toes against her sisters face one final time, pressing the odorous foot flesh slightly dampened by her foot sweat against her formerly washed older sisters face, soiling it with her filth, before walking away, swaying her sexy hips side to side and humming a tune in satisfaction of her victory.

Kayley laid on the ground absent of movement for a few minutes. Her breasts were sore from being pressed against the ground, her legs were sore from being held in such an uncomfortable position, and her hair covered in nail polish and foot sweat. Worst of all, however, she had been humiliated. As she inhaled through her nose she could still smell the former foot sweat of her younger sister all over her face, taunting her with every breath of air she tried to draw in. She felt like she was about to cry.

Finally, she got up and ran into her room. She sat with the stench of her sister's feet upon her face until her sister finally finished her shower, at which point she stood up and walked to the door.

Her little sister stood in the frame, pressing the towel into her ass in an attempt to dry it. As she looked up at Kayley, she grinned and spoke:
"Wow, little sissy, you're a mess! Better clean yourself up!"

Danielle threw the towel at her sister and it hit her in the face. She walked away, laughing cheekily.

Kayley wanted revenge.

Pt. 2

A few minutes later, Kayley emerged from the shower with a grin on her face. She had an idea for revenge, and was ready to show her little sister that she couldn't be pushed around, that she was indeed the big sister.

It was no mystery to Kayley that Danielle had taken up the disgusting habit of smoking the occasional cigarette in the backyard with a few of her friends, and it being a saturday night she knew that Danielle's friends would probably be coming over tonight for such an occasion.

After getting dressed she walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Her bare feet pressed against the cold tile of the floor, and she looked around to find that her sister was nowhere in sight. She recalled that her sister frequently went jogging on saturdays, and she figured it would be awhile before she returned.

Kayley went into her parents room and rustled through their things until she found their camera. Unfortunately, it was an old one with no picture display on the front, but it would have to do, seeing as how she had no camera of her own. Giddy with excitement, she grabbed the camera and went into her room where she sat by her desk, tapping away on her laptop and imagining the humiliating tasks she would put her little runt of a sister through after she had successfully blackmailed her.

A few hours later, Danielle arrived home. Soaked in perspiration, hurried into her room to change. Hearing her sister had finally arrived home, Kayley began to prepare herself. After changing and chatting for a few minutes on the phone, Danielle walked downstairs and casually stepped out the back door. Waiting for her were her few friends, getting ready to smoke.

Kayley carefully walked downstairs, hoping to evade any detection from her sister and her friends, and gripping the camera in hand, she was ready for some payback. She snuck into the kitchen and crouched by the back door, and she quickly snapped a photo of her sister with lighter in hand. Grinning, she snuck back upstairs into her room, awaiting her sister's return.

After half an hour, Danielle said goodbye to her friends as they walked around the house and left. She walked back into the house and sighed. Today had been a good day for her, and she had a feeling it was about to get better.

Just then, Kayley rushed down the stairs, grinning and gripping camera in hand.

"Hey there, Danielle, guess what I got!"

"Uhmm... what's that?"

"See this camera right here? It's got a picture of you SMOKING! And guess who I'm gonna show if you don't do exactly what I say? Now, how about you start by kneeling down and begging me not to show mom."

At first Kayley witnesses the unmistakable look of fear in Danielle's eyes, but a moments later, her fearful look changes into a grin of deviance and satisfaction.

"You know, little sissy, the lens on that camera is broken, don't you?"

Kayley looks down at the camera in disbelief before noticing the unmistakable crack on the front of the lens.

"I... uh..."

She turned around and attempted to sprint up to her bedroom, but, slipping on the carpet, she plummeted downwards into the abyss of inevitable torture at the hands of her little sister.

"Not so fast there, little sissy!" Danielle says, as she steps to her sister and grabs her by the legs.

Danielle pulls down her older sisters pants and takes them from her before quickly wrapping them around her arms and legs, securing her older sister in a hogtie.

"And now, for the final touch. WEDGIE!" She grips her older sisters thong by the sides and pulls it up with a force which rips at her crotch. Kayley groans in pain, fully aware of the torture to come.

"Please Danielle, just let me out and I'll forget all of this."

"Not so fast, little sissy, you were gonna make me kiss your feet. I think it's only fair you kiss mine. Oh, and don't mind the smell, I didn't wanna change my socks after jogging and waste the clean laundry."

Danielle raises a sock clad foot to her older sister's face and almost instantly Kayley is hit with an odor which makes her gag and want to puke. She wiggles her toes, and Kayley views the darkened bottoms of her little sisters damp, stinky socks.

"Kissy kissy!"

Danielle presses her wet socked foot against her older sisters face, and, grunting in discomfort, Kayley' lips are forced against the nauseating fabric and flesh of her little sister's foot.

After a few minutes of humiliation and Danielle's laughter filling Kayley' ears, she finally withdraws her foot.

"Can you untie me now?"

"Nope. I'm sorry little sissy but I think I gotta show you who's boss around here." Danielle replies, peeling a sock off of her foot.

As Kayley opens her mouth to reply, Danielle shoves a sock so deep into her mouth she almost swallows it. Instantly Danielle's foot sweat and sock filth begins to flow down her sisters throat as if it's a sewer pipe. Tears begin streaming down her face both from her gag reflex and the humiliation, and in a sarcastic tone Danielle replies:
"Awww! Poor little baby! Let me dry up those tears!"

She peels the sock off of her other foot and smears it across Kayley' face, laughing in satisfaction. She shoves the sock into her mouth to accompany the other, and grinning, she runs to the drawer, grabs some tape, and tapes her sisters mouth shut. Kayley' shouts of protest are muffled by her sisters dirty, sweaty socks, and Danielle sits directly in front of her.

"Well, little sissy, now that I've proved that I can punish you, I think it's time to prove I can take care of you too, and since you love smelling my cute little feet so much, I think I've got the perfect reward for you!"

She splays out her long, toned legs and wiggles her little toes. The odor is unbearable, and almost instantly Kayley begins trying to scream louder. This only causes Danielle to laugh, and slowly she inches her toes closer to her poor older sister's face.

"Better sniff my stinky little toes good! And don't stop sucking on those socks, I want them to be clean when you're done!"

With this having been said, she presses her toes against her older sister's forehead and drags them downwards across her face. The sticky, disgusting footsweat is spread across her face, and finally her toes press against her older sister's nose, wiggling tauntingly as Danielle giggles.

Danielle clenches her nose shut, causing her sister to begin jerking around in panic, until finally, as she is on the verge of passing out, Danielle's toes release their grip. She inhales deeply, and the smell of her little sister's toes combined with the lack of oxygen almost causes her to pass out.

"HAHAHA! Ohhh all that cool air feels good between my toes! Let's do that again!"

Danielle continues the same treatment over the next few minutes, and then a few more with the other foot. Each time, Kayley is forced to smell her disgusting, cheesy toe odor, and her desire to puke is only surpassed by the desire to pass out. To make matters worse, the socks have caused her throat to become massively dry, and while her protesting is muffled by said socks, the laughter of her sister is fully audible.

After some time, Danielle finally withdraws her feet. "Well, sissy, I think that's enough playtime for today. I'm pretty tired, so I think I'm gonna go get some shut eye. I'll just leave you here for now. Make sure my socks are clean by morning, little sissy, if you do a good job, maybe I'll let you clean my toes tomorrow with that tongue of yours! Nighty night!"

Danielle hops up, and begins to walk away. Kayley begins to cry for help through her sisters socks, and at this Danielle turns around.

"Oh, sorry about that! I almost forgot!"

Danielle picks up one of her running shoes and brings it over. She places it directly underneath her sisters face and presses down on her head with a foot. Kayley’s nose is almost instantly forced into the soaking wet-with-foot-sweat insole of her tormentor’s shoe. While Kayley inhaled the putrid stink, gagging and slowly beginning to lose consciousness as it tortured her nose, Danielle tied the laces tightly around her head, ensuring the shoe would stay in place all night. Danielle then once again grips both sides of Kayley’s thong and pulls it up high at her sister's sides, causing her to cry out in pain. She keeps both up there for a minute or so, grinding the cloth into her sister's crotch in a fashion which makes her begin tearing again.

"There! Nighty night, little sis."

Danielle walks off and up the stairs. Kayley is left alone, and, after a few minutes of attempting to break free of her pants-bondage, she gives up and, after a few minutes of being forced to inhale her sister's stinky running shoe, suck on her dirty socks, and submit to the agonizing pain of such an uncomfortable position, she finally loses consciousness.
Pt. 3

Danielle wakes up, refreshed and ready to start her Sunday. She hops up out of her bed with a smile on her face, reminiscing about the previous day’s events. It felt good to be the big sister, and knowing that she held control over her older sister sent a feeling of bliss through her body. After yesterday, she realized her position and was truly ready to start taking advantage of it.

She got dressed and skipped down the stairs. She was greeted by her sister, tears on her face, still tied up in the same position, moaning so that her little sister may finally have mercy and let her out of her bondage.

"HAHAHA! Oh my gosh! Wow, little sis, were you like this the whole night? Jeez, I thought you'd at least be able to get out or something! You must really love being humiliated by my feet to stay like this the whole night. I'm flattered, really. Don't worry, little sis, I'll make sure you have lots of fun today!"

With this, Danielle walked over to her bound sister and placed a foot on her head. She rubbed her foot atop her sister's frizzed up hair, snickering to herself before walking right past her into the kitchen.

Kayley lay facing the other way, unable to see her sister, silently praying that she may have mercy and let her out soon. She heard steps behind her and expecting the worst she hoped for the best.

"Well, little sissy, since it's kind of obvious I've gotta take care of you now, I guess I can start by feeding you."

Danielle untied the shoe from Kayley' nose and then dragged her into the kitchen, tightening her bondage along the way. Danielle faced Kayley towards her before she walked back up to the counter and grabbed some food. She held two pieces of bread, a jar of jam, and a glass of milk. She pretended to stumble and dropped the pieces of bread on the ground.

"Aww, damn! It's probably okay though. Five second rule, right? And seeing as how you love my feet so much, I think I know how I can make this meal special!"

She stepped atop each piece of bread with both of her feet and stood there. While standing on the bread, she picked up the glass of milk.

"Well, I wouldn't want my special little sissy drinking spoiled milk, would I?

She poured most of the glass' contents into her mouth and began swishing in back and forth between her cheeks. She gargled the milk, spit it back into the glass, and started laughing.

"Tastes good to me! Now, to finish that sandwich."

She wiggled her toes atop the bread tauntingly, and picked up the flattened pieces off the floor. Her footprints were fully imprinted atop the bread, and seeing this Kayley again began to scream through her sock gag. Danielle casually spread the jam onto the bottom of her bare feet and then scraped it off and placed it atop the bread, humming a tune, and finally, brought the milk and sandwich to her sister. She cut the sandwich in two, and then ripped the tape off of her sisters mouth. Kayley tried to spit out the socks, but they were jammed too far in her mouth, and her jaw was too tired. Danielle laughed hard at this, and after a few seconds of taunting, she pulled the socks out.

"Dang Kayley, you make a good washing machine! Okay, little sissy, open wide for the yummy sandwich now!"

"NO! You bitch, I'm not gonna eat that! Just let me ou--"

Danielle shoved an entire half of the sandwich into Kayley' mouth, giggling as she gagged on the foot flavored bread and jam. Kayley was humiliated and could taste her sister's disgusting foot residue inside her mouth, but the cool jam was refreshing for her dry throat. She swallowed, and, embarassed from the entire endeavor, was silent. Danielle grinned from ear to ear.

"Well, little sissy, nothing to say? I guess you've finally learned your place. Now, open up for some yummy milk!"

Hesitantly, Kayley opened her mouth, and Danielle tipped the glass to her lips, allowing the cool milk-saliva mixture to enter her sister's mouth. Kayley gagged at the taste, but was thankful her mouth was no longer dry. When the cup was finished, Danielle quickly stuffed the remaining half of the sandwich into her mouth. She raised a foot to her sisters face and pinched her nose shut, so that the only way she could breathe was to swallow the sandwich quickly. Kayley almost choked, but eventually got the sandwich down with tears streaming down her face. At this Danielle laughed, and finally released her nose.

"Okay, little sissy, enough playtime with my toes. Lets get you out of there."

Finally, Danielle undid Kayley' bondage, allowing her to stretch out her sore limbs and finally stand up. Kayley scowled at Danielle and turned her back to her to walk to her room, but as she was walking away, Danielle grabbed the back of her thong and pulled it upwards as high as her arms could reach. Kayley screamed in pain and fell to the ground, grabbing her crotch in agony. Her sister giggled, stepped on her face, making sure to smear her toes all over, and walked away.
Pt 4.

Danielle ran up the stairs to her room, giddy with joy. She hopped up onto her bed and spread out her legs, wiggling her toes and imagining her sister's nose trapped between those lowest, stinkiest parts of her body. The image in her mind sent a rush of excitement through her body, and it truly was a feeling like no other. Danielle's desire to be on top, to show her big sister that she was below her, was now a tenet of her life. However, after the euphoric rush faded, Danielle came to a realization: what she wanted more than anything was not to merely force abuse and humiliation upon sister; rather to mentally break her so that Kayley herself would come to understand her true role in life—to be under her little sister's foot. Danielle hopped off the bed and made her way into Kayley' room, shuffling around through her stuff until she found what she had come for. A grin stretched across Danielle's face.

Kayley lay sprawled out on the carpeted floor for a few minutes. The pain in her groin from the previous wedgie was only trumped by the horrid smell of her little sister's toes still lingering in her nostrils. She got up with a groan and dragged herself up the stairs and into the bathroom, so that she may wash herself clean of recent humiliation. While the warm water massaged her naked body she pondered life, questioning what she would do if her sister continued to torture her like this. She came to the conclusion that she had to set her little sister straight, to let her know that she couldn't just humiliate her like this, that she was her big sister. She stepped out of the relaxing safety of the shower, wrapped her towel around her soft skin, and walked into her room, running through her thoughts in an attempt to corroborate some sort of an ultimate statement to make to her little sister.

Stepping into her room, Kayley was shocked to find Danielle sitting atop her bed, a grin plastered across her deviant little face.

"Danielle... we need to talk."

"Oh yeah, little sissy? What about?" Danielle's grin widened.

"Well... this whole thing needs to stop. I'm your big sister, you can't treat me like a little kid. You may be bigger than me, but I'm still the adult."

"I don't think so, little sissy. I think from now on I'm gonna be the big sister. And you're gonna do whatever I say. You can start by getting your fat butt over here and giving me a foot massage." Danielle stated, defiantly.

"Seriously, this isn't funny anymore. You took things too far these past two nights, and I'm willing to put this whole thing behind us if you just stop acting like you have been to me." Kayley replied, an audible crack in her voice.

"Hmm, I don't think I went too far; in fact, I don’t think I went far enough! Little sissy, I think from today on things are gonna change. You're gonna start being my little sister, and you're gonna like it. No, actually, you're gonna be like my sister but you're gonna do everything I say, sort of like my little slave. Yeah, I like that better. You're gonna be my little slave, and you're gonna like it, and here's why!" Danielle reached behind her back and displayed Kayley' diary. Kayley merely stared in disbelief.

"Y-you didn't read... uhm..."

"Oh yes, yes I did! I read that part of it, and now I know something very secret about my little sissy! Now, unless you want your little secret to be a lot less of a secret, I recommend you kneel down before your big sister and BEG me to let you rub my cute little feet!"

Kayley' heart dropped. She was trapped, Danielle knew it and Kayley had no doubt in her mind she would use such knowledge to her full advantage. There was nothing she could do but obey.

Staring only at the ground, Kayley stepped in front of her sister and fell to her knees. She reached out, hoping to quickly rub her little sister's feet and be done with it, but Danielle quickly retracted her foot.

"Whoa there, little sissy, I know you love my feet and all, but they don't know that! You gotta beg to rub them, let them know how cute and sexy they are!"

Kayley gulped hard, swallowing down what little pride remained.

"D-Danielle's feet, you're so cute. I, uh, love you and stuff... please let me r-rub you..."

"HAHAHA! Oh my gosh, little sissy, you're such a cute little pervert! Here you go, rub away!"

Danielle extended her foot flesh into Kayley' ready hands, and Kayley began kneading her sole. She felt the damp, smelly foot wiggling around in pleasure, each wrinkle taunting her existence. Unlike every other instance, this form of humiliation was truly the worst. Rather than be subjected to physical torment, Kayley had mentally been forced to submit herself to such a humiliating task. She felt the dirt and grime beneath her little sister's foot, smoothing out the wrinkles of the lowest part of her younger sister's body, the cherry on top being the foot odor that was stockpiling inside her nostrils.

"Don't forget the toesies!"

Kayley rubbed her little sister's toes hard, and as Danielle giggled, she pondered all the different types of torture she would subject her sister to in the days to come.
Pt 5.

Danielle stared attentively at her nude older sister, fascinated at the hard work she was putting into her soles. With each rub, she felt more and more of Kayley' sense of self-worth crumble under her cute little feet. This went on for what seemed to Kayley to be hours, but it turns out she had only rubbed her little sisters feet for a few minutes when suddenly she jerked her feet away.

Kayley looked up with glassy eyes, hoping that Danielle would find some empathy deep in her dark, sadist heart. Rather than address her sister's pleas, Danielle's grin merely widened, and she hopped up off the bed in front of her formerly big sister.

Without saying a word, Danielle gripped a majority of Kayley's hair and began walking out of the room, dragging her nude big sister behind. Kayley painfully reached for her scalp, surprised that her sister would take such violent, abusive action against her, and tried crawling speedily enough so that she may relieve herself from such agony. Her bare knees scraped painfully against the ground, and it seemed as though each corner and kink in the wall had been placed there purposely to collide with Kayley' bare tits and ass, effectively bruising them with every slam. Danielle dragged her down the stairs, through the kitchen, and finally into the living room. She released her grip on her Kayley’s hair and instead held both arms behind her back before grasping a nearby extension cord and fastening her arms behind her back. Danielle tossed Kayley atop one side of the couch and sprawled out on the other, her feet merely inches away from her formerly big sister's face. She wiggled her toes tauntingly before she addressed her toy:
"You know, little sissy, I think it's time we take things a bit further, I mean you've smelled my feet, and you've rubbed them, oh and sure, you've sucked on my socks a little bit, but have you really tasted my little feet? You know, cleaned the stink off of my toesies with that gross tongue of yours? I think you've proved yourself, and, well, since I'm so nice, I think I'll let you get intimate with these toes of mine, you know, since I'm such a good sister and all."

Kayley gulped. She gulped because of her realization of the humiliation to come, she gulped because of the inevitability that she would have to lick her sister's rank, nasty toes, and she gulped to swallow her pride. She wished that she could just go back in time, that she could be the bigger sister again, that she could have made sure that she hid her diary better, or that she never wrote that in the first place.

Slowly but surely, as if stalking it's prey, Danielle's toes made their way towards Kayley' lips. She made sure to play around with her sister's face first, pinching her cheeks and nose between her toes, smearing some foot sweat all over her face and hair, and, finally, tapping on her poor sister's lips, as if her toes were knocking on a door, asking to come in.

"Give it kisses first, sissy."

Kayley closed her eyes and begin kissing the foul flesh of her little sister's lowest, most nasty area. The smell of a sour, earthy musk permeated her nostrils, and even worse, the taste lingered on top of her lips-- a preview of the torturous cuisine to come. Finally, as if to signal her sister that it was time, Danielle withdrew her foot a few inches and began wiggling her toes in anticipation.

Against every fiber of her own will, Kayley forced her mouth to slowly creak open, and Danielle, grinning as cheekily as you could imagine, began inching her toes forward. Her toes slowly crept up on Kayley' ajar mouth, as if hunting her vulnerable tongue; Kayley could feel the heat emanating from her little sister's toes as her toenails lightly graced the top of her teeth. Her toes came closer and closer to Kayley' tongue until...

The doorbell rang.

Quickly Danielle retracted her foot. As if she had been holding in her breath for years, Kayley let out the greatest sigh of relief she has ever let out.
"Ohh... shit. I almost forgot, we're supposed to babysit Lisette tonight. Ahh well, I guess you're gonna have to wait to suck on my juicy little toes, little sissy."

Danielle casually hoped up, leaving her sister vulnerable in her bondage, and skipped to the door. Kayley, confused that she had not been freed from such a humiliating position, spoke out in protest.

"Hey! Aren't you gonna let me out now?"

Danielle turned around and stared at her sister for a moment in thought.

"Hmmm.... nope!"

Quickly, she ran up the stairs and returned with a dirty, greasy sock which had obviously been sitting on the floor of her room for quite some time.

"Sorry, little sissy, I know how much you love my socks fresh off my cute little feet but I had to settle for an old one. Now open wide you little foot slut!"

Kayley attempted to quickly protest, to try and reason with her sister to at least stop this nonsense until Lisette left, but all she was able to get out was a yelp before Danielle crammed the sock deep into her mouth and sealed the rank piece of odorous filth in there with tape. She continued to skip towards the doorway, giggling to herself.

Kayley remained trapped atop the couch with hands bound behind her back, sock trapped in mouth, and body completely nude; she listened as she heard the door open, the gleeful voice of her 12 year old cousin, and the all too familiar responding voice of her power-hungry little sister.

She heard footsteps of the two as they approached the living room, and her face grew red in embarrassment, understanding her sister's intent to humiliate her in front of Lisette.

Lisette had always been like a little sister to Kayley, more of a little sister in fact than Danielle had been. Lisette had always acted kindly towards Kayley, and she had always been submissive; rather than fight when she didn't get her way, Lisette was willing to admit defeat and, aside from the occasional outbreaks, to realize her position under Kayley. The embarrassment of being seen as a toy to your little sister by someone who had looked up to you so highly in life made Kayley nauseous.

Lisette stepped into the den, still coated in perspiration and wearing her soccer uniform. Almost instinctively, as if her mind had been so used to observing that which may end up dominating her, Kayley looked down at her feet. Her kneehigh socks began white at the top, but as they came closer to the floor they were effectively greyed by all the dirt, grime, and foot sweat built up from an obviously intense soccer game. Kayley sighed a breath of relief when she realized that these feet did not belong to her little sister.

Lisette stared in awe, not sure what to think. The girl who had immensely contributed to raising her, who had always acted as an authoritative figure to her, was now bound and lying nude on the couch, an obviously dirty sock gagging her and an obviously fearful look covering her. Kayley began to pray that Lisette would protest this immensely inappropriate treatment, and for a moment it seemed as though her prayers would be answered, but all hope was lost when Lisette's awestruck look changed into a look of amazement and wonder.

"Wow... is this what you wanted to show me Danielle? HAHAHA! Why is Kayley all naked?"

"Well, Lisette, we're playing a little game. Kayley is gonna be our slave tonight, and we're gonna get to make her do all sorts of fun stuff."

"Hmmm... is she okay with it though?"

"Well, why don't you ask her yourself?"

Lisette stared at Kayley, awaiting a response, and Kayley wanted more than anything to shake her head no, to hopefully be saved from this torture, but as she glanced at the smiling face of her sister she came to the realization of her situation: she was trapped, unless she wanted it to be revealed, she would have to do whatever her sister wanted, and she knew for a fact that Danielle wanted her to play along, to be Lisette’s bitch, the 12 year old little cousin she had looked after for so many years.

Hesitantly, Kayley nodded her head up and down, signing away her body to be used however her abusive little sister and curious little cousin pleased. Danielle's face became giddy, understanding that she had just successfully broken her sister in another aspect, and she wasted no time in assuring Kayley' humiliation.

"Well, that settles it Lisette. And hey, I know the perfect job for a slave to do right now! I bet your feet are really sore from that soccer game, right?"

Kayley' heart dropped.

"Uh.. yeah they are pretty sore. They're really sweaty too. And smelly. HAHA are we gonna make her smell my feet?"

"Hmm, well I had a better idea. How about she gives them a nice long massage?"

"That sounds nice I guess. Not as fun as smelling my feet, but that's fine too. How is she gonna do that though with her hands all tied up?"

"Ohhh Lisette. Don't you know anything about slaves? Little sissy over here can't use her hands to clean your feet, she has to use something else. You're gonna put your toesies in her mouth, and she's gonna make your feet feel nice and relaxed with that icky tongue of hers."

"HAHAHA! Are you serious? Wow, that's so gross!"

"Yeah, don't feel bad about it either. The thing is, Kayley loves feet. She loves looking at them, she loves rubbing them, and most of all, she loves tasting them! The more gross the better!"

"Wow... that's so weird! I guess it's alright though. I don't mind as long as she gets all the dirt off my stinky little toes. HAHA!"

Danielle grabbed Kayley by the hips, lifted her off the couch, turned around while still holding her in her arms. Danielle sat down with her older sister bent over her knees, just as a mother might to punish her kid.

"Okay, Lisette, take a seat and make yourself comfy! I'm just gonna have little sissy like this so I can give her a nice spanking if she doesn't do a good job on your toes!"

Saying this, Danielle cracks her hand against one of Kayley' asscheeks. Kayley clenches down hard on her sock gag, a sharp pain having been inflicted upon one of her most sensitive of areas.

Lisette giggles hard at the embarrassing pose Danielle has forced Kayley into and sits on the opposite end of the couch. She turns and brings her feet up on the couch, where she slowly begins peeling her sweaty socks off her feet. Almost instantly Kayley is hit with a deadly odor, only comparable to her sister after basketball practice. The smell of gross, unwashed sweaty feet overtook her and she felt woozy after just a moment. Lisette laughed as she saw Kayley' disgusted face, and after the length of the gross, damp socks had been peeled off, she rubbed them against Kayley' nose. Meanwhile, Danielle viewed the whole thing in a position of supreme authority, smiling at Lisette's ability to humiliate her formerly big sister. She clenched one of Kayley' asscheeks in her smooth yet rough palm and began kneading it as if it were pizza dough.

After a few minutes of playing around with her socks, Lisette became bored with this meager form of torture and decided it was time for the main course. She peeled the tape off of Kayley' mouth, took out the socks, and Kayley began breathing heavily through her mouth.

"Pee-yoo slave! Your breath stinks!"

Danielle smiles at Lisette's reference to her sister as slave and replies with a sharp smack to her sister's ass.

Kayley replies with a "GUUUH!" having been pained into sound, and then returns to silence.

Lisette picks up both feet, and, similarly to Danielle, slowly creeps her toes towards Kayley' awaiting face. She clenches Kayley' nose between her musky, disgusting toes, rubs her sweaty damp soles all over her face, and, finally, rests her toes upon her lips, rippling them in anticipation.

Kayley cracks her mouth open a bit, and Lisette takes this as a sign to shove the length of her sweaty, pre-teen foot down as deep into her mouth as she can. Instantly Lisette begins laughing hard as ever. Kayley' taste buds are assaulted with one of the most foul tasting thing's she's ever encountered as Lisette's toes clamp down on her tongue, wiggling and infecting every inch of her mouth with pure filth. Kayley begins to gag, and at this Danielle cracks at her ass again and again, laughing each time at her sister's predicament. After a few minutes of the unbearable torturous smell, taste, and pain, Lisette retracts her foot, only to say "one to go, foot lover!" and shove the opposite foot into her mouth in the same fashion. Toe jam, foot sweat, and dry skin flows down Kayley' throat as if flowing down the sewer, and the fact that it's coming from her 12 year old cousin makes humiliation one of the worst aspects of the entire torture.

After both feet were clean, and Lisette was satisfied, she took her feet out.

"Okay, I think my toesies are clean. Thanks slave!" She pats Kayley on the head with a foot. "Now, can we watch some tv Danielle?"

"Why, sure Lisette. Just make sure you gag the slave. She needs a sock to suck on at all times."

Lisette grabs a damp, sweaty kneehigh sock and with a smile on her face shoves the entire length of it into Kayley' mouth. Though her jaw is sore and her mouth is full, Lisette grabs the other one as well and shoves it deep into her mouth. Kayley begins to gag, and rather than spank her ass Danielle instead shoves a finger into her exposed asshole. At this Kayley begins to moan in pain, but she quickly submits when Danielle spanks hard with the other hand, reddening her cheek with an imprint of her hand.

"Hey little sissy, you ever shove anything in your butt before?" Danielle asks, a deviant grin stretching across her face.

Unable to reply due to an inability to spit out the socks having been shoved so deeply into her mouth, Kayley moans in agony and Lisette, giggling, replies:
"We should stick a barbie doll up there or something!"

Lisette places her feet atop Kayley' face and turns her attention to the television. For the next few hours, Kayley' ass is painfully kneaded and spanked by her little sister, while her 12 year old cousin rests her gross dirty feet atop her vulnerable nose and soccer-sock-sucking mouth.

After 3 hours, a honk is heard outside.

"That's my mom. I gotta go guys, see ya! You can keep the socks by the way, Kayley, you little weirdo! Bye!" Lisette says.

"It's been fun Lisette! Come back soon and we can do this again." States Danielle, already looking forward to their next torture session.


Lisette walks out the door and Danielle remains in the same position, torturing her sister's ass while she is forced to suck on her cousin's filthy socks.

• Pt. 6

Kayley sat on the sofa nervously awaiting the imminent arrival of her newly appointed dominatrix of a little sister. It was now the following friday, 5pm, and the past week had consisted of an endless flurry of torture and abuse at the hand-- or foot for that matter-- of Danielle's humiliation bent mind. Kayley shuddered at the thought of all the funk and demeaning smells she had been forced to smell, taste, and make a part of her being.

Though their parents had limited Kayley' humiliation to an extent, Danielle had still succeeded in forcing Kayley to undergo some of the most humiliating tasks humanly possible. The smell of her petite ass, disgustingly sweaty pits, and, of course, her disturbingly odorous feet were all too familiar with Kayley now, and the fact that most of the torture followed practice made it all the more horrible.

Kayley could do nothing, however, knowing that Danielle held one of her most valuable pieces of information, and so she waited, nervously attempting to mentally prepare herself for the torture to come.

The door swung open, and Kayley gulped hard, knowing her doom only moments to come.

"She should be somewhere around here, girls, lemme go get her. Just one sec!"

Kayley' heart sank. As she heard the footsteps of multiple girls, her mind flooded with thoughts of just what was going on. Had her sister told all of her cheerleading friends of her predicament? Was she really going to subject her to the torture, not only at the hands of her little sister, but all of her friends as well? Just at that moment, her sister walked into the living room, a grin spread across her face.

"Well, hey there little sissy! I brought some friends so we could all play together today! I hope you don't mind. Not that I care though. HAHA."

Still in their uniforms, 3 girls followed Danielle into the room, each with socks greyed at the bottom from hours of practice and each giddier than the other.

As if by instinct, Kayley, clenching her jaw and holding back her tears, hopped off the couch, crouched by her sister, and planted a kiss atop each of her sock clad, sweaty feet.

Instantly, all the girls burst into laughter.

"HAHAHA! Oh my gosh, Danielle, I can't believe she actually did that! That's so gross!"

"Yeahh, I know angie! She just loves feet though. She can't help it, really, like some kind of freak. That's why she got really excited when I told her we'd all be coming over for some foot fun!"

All 4 of the girls took a seat on the couch, grinning, before raising their feet up, as if calling Kayley over to tend to their stinky demands.

"Okay, little sissy, you can remove our socks now."

Silently, Kayley accepted her fate, but as she reached towards the stained fabric atop one of the girls' stinky, wiggling toes, her face was met with a light slap from one of the foot.

"Uh uh uh! Not so fast. I know you're excited, but you gotta use your teeth!"

Her face was slightly moistened by the sweat and dirt of the foot which had just contacted her, and so she cringed at the thought of willingly clenching one of those disgusting things inbetween her teeth. She stretched out her face, and opened her mouth, and as the grossness of the piece of fabric that had been clinging to the disgusting toes of the cheerleader began to slide off, dirt and raunchy flavor flooding Kayley' mouth, her ears too were flooded with the laughter of the 4 girls.

After the disgusting, humiliating experience, Kayley kneeled before 40 of the stinkiest smelling toes she could ever have imagined. Not only had she been forced to submit herself daily to the stench of her sister's feet, but now 4 different, disturbingly musty stenches permeated her nostrils and put her on the verge of passing out, even from a foot away.

"Okay, little sissy, now kiss each one of our toes!"

Kayley slowly inched towards the sweaty, stinky pieces of foot flesh, and one at a time she pressed her soft lips against the bulbous stench of each girls toes, and as she made a puckering noise as she drew away, each of the girls could not help but laugh, wiggling their toes hoping they were next to subject her to such humiliation.

40 kisses later, Kayley' mouth tasted sweat and funk. She was finally finished, and hoped she could just leave and be done with it.

"Okay girls, ready for round two? Now she's gonna clean all our stinky toes and feet. Not with a sponge either, she's gonna lick them!"

The girls burst into laughter, and Kayley' face turned tomato red knowing that in a few moments her tongue would be scraping all the dirt and filth off the feet of her sister's friends.

As if in a rush to get it over with, Kayley stuck her tongue out and began lapping at the first foot.

"Wow, she really does enjoy this! HAHA!"

Sweat and smell poured down her throat, but all that she could think about was finishing the task. As she finished each foot, each girl would rub their spit covered, still odorous foot atop her head, as if using it as a foot towel. After roughtly half an hour of some of the most nauseating smell ever encountered, Kayley had finally finished each foot.

"Now, lay down sissy!"

Having given up hope, Kayley lay on the floor, and as the first girl of the four stood up, she confusedly wondered exactly what was going on.

"Okay, tiff, you can go ahead!"

The girl roughly planted a foot atop Kayley' stomach, and without any time to catch her breath, Kayley' breasts were painfully crushed by the weight of the girls second foot. Wiggling as if pretending to surf, the girl began laughing as she was cheered on by the sounds of her friends, and as Kayley suffered beneath her feet, the grin of her little sister remained imprinted in her mind.

After 40 seconds, the girl finally stepped off.

"Not bad, tiff, but i can definitely go longer. Watch and learn, girl!"

The second girl stood and grabbed a sock lying on the ground.

"Open up, little slave!"

Kayley hesitantly opened her mouth, and the girl shoved the sock in, shut her mouth, and patted her on the head. The taste of stale toes and sweat once again flooded her, and Kayley gagged on the sock.

Almost instantly, Kayley' face was smashed by a foot of the girl, and then soonafter the other foot as she stood atop only Kayley' head. The pressure was immense, and Kayley felt as if she could pass out at any moment.

After a minute of suffering under the full weight of the girl, as well as the stench and taste of her dirty toes, Kayley' pain was finally relieved when she got off.

The thirst stood up, and, without removing the sock, decided to take a different approach. Giggling, she placed both feet atop her breasts, but, rather than standing up atop Kayley, vulnerable body, the girl instead sat down atop her face, wiggling her butt back and forth as if playing ping pong with her face between her cheeks. Kayley' nose was asasaulted by the musty odor of her crack, and she couldn't tell which was worse, foot torture or ass torture. She was merely thankful she didn't have to taste this girls smelly crevice.

And just like that, as if fortune had a grudge against her, the hand of the girl violently flung back, and as she lifted her ass a bit, she shoved her hand deep into Kayley' mouth and took the sock out. She pulled down her shorts, revealing only her panties, and wiggled her butt playfully beforeonly saying "Kissy kissy!"

Kayley puckered up and pressed her lips against hte foul hole of this cheerleader, degrading herself in the worst way possible. After almost a minute straight of planting kisses against this girls filthy butt, she was relieved of the torture when she stood off. Now, only her sister remained.

Danielle walked over without saying a word, and hovered her foot over her sister's face. Kayley knew what this meant, and she stretched her neck so she would be able to plant a kiss on the bottom of her sole without sitting up. As her lips met her sister's filthy foot, Kayley' face was painfully slammed back no the ground as Danielle smushed it and smeared her foot all over her face. All the girls burst out in laughter, as Danielle relentlessly pressed her sister's face beneath her foot.

Now, Danielle straddled Kayley' neck with her ass painfully perched atop her breasts, and staring directly at her she smilled and spoke.

"Well, little sissy, since you've used sooo much of your spit cleaning out stinky toes and all, I think it's only fair I give you some of mine. Now, open wide!"

Kayley cracked her mouth open a bit, and with impressive precision, Danielle drew mucous into the back of her throat and spit a glob of disgusting goop down into Kayley' mouth.

"Swallow. Now."

Kayley swallowed the gross flavorful spit, and immediately after Danielle began spitting again, not only into her mouth, but all over her face. Finally, after a few minutes, Danielle rose her feet, planted them on top of her sister's spit covered face, and began rubbing hard, as if to stain her sister's face with the spit forever. After a few minutes, Kayley' face was red and in pain, and Danielle stopped rubbing and simply rippled her toes atop her sister's lips.

Kayley opened her mouth submissively, and Danielle dipped her toes in, clenching Kayley' tongue in between her second and third toe, scraping off some of her toejam in the process. Laughter once again flooded Kayley' ears as she was being used as a personal foot cleaner for her sister. Finally, Danielle decided to stand up.

"Okay, girls, time for the last part!"

All the girls stood grinning, and each grabbed one of Kayley' limbs. Within minutes, all of her clothes was removed, she was gagged with sweaty socks, and she was completely tied up and immobile, placed in the bathroom floor.

"Now, you can be our personal footrest when we need to pee! See you soon, little sissy!"

All the girls walked out the door, laughing, and as they shut off the light and closed the door, Kayley was left alone, breasts pressed against the cold tile, body abused and sore, and mouth flooded with spit and stench.
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Pt. 7- epilogue

Kayley remained her sister's slave for the next few months. Each day she was forced to submit to humiliation and torment, but for some reason, though the tortures increased in grossness and demean, Kayley began not only to accept them as an inevitability, but to some extent to even enjoy them. She began to enjoy being abused by her little sister, to enjoy her toes being smushed against her nose, and having to kiss the foulest parts of her body, and most importantly, to enjoy being a slave.

Finally, after seemingly endless abuse at the feet of her sister, she was free months later, off to live at a college dorm without any humiliation. Each family visit, however, was made "unpleasant" by the stench of Danielle's toes, but Kayley didn't seem to care, in fact, she seemed to take any excuse to come home, and sooner than later her calender was marked in red on each day she would have the ability to give her family a visit.

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