View Full Version : Her dominating nature and smelly feet Nf.

23-09-2012, 07:47 PM
Hello I'm new here and I've been lurking for quite some time. I thought I'd star with a story that happened about a year ago. There was a girl Megan she was about 5'5 having an athlethic build she played varsity volleyball and love to torture people with the smell of her feet. Being a decently smart kid I picked up on this and use that to my advantage it wasn't hard to get her to put her feet on my face all I had to do was Challenge her so at a church function arguing sure enough her toes are clenching at my nose she just got off of volley ball practice and her size 9 feet were as smelly as can be so acting like I hated it I sadly had to push them away seeing as all my friends where there.

Another time she had supposedly played vb on the beach and when she came to church she popped her sneakers off and the whole youth group could smell her rank feet and I picked to sit infront of her and had to move her feet off my seat;) gripping those socked size nines was like grabbing a wet cat they were this soaked with sweat.I had the chance of smelling her sneakers but I pussied out saddly. Too bad she moved away... :(