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18-09-2012, 12:49 AM
*THIS STORY IS COMPLETELY FICTIONAL, NO DESCRIPTION IS GIVEN ONLY A NAME SO THAT YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN FANTASY GIRLI was on the ground, with a dog collar on my neck with a big tag that said: PROPERTY OF RAVEN. I was completely naked other than that. I do not wear any chastity, but I know if I have any release without her approval I would be thrown out.. My body was completely shaved, as commanded by her. My leash was in my mistress' hand as she watched T.V with me only allowed to look at her feet. She has never washed her feet since she made me her slave almost 6 months ago. Now that I think of it, she doesnt wash at all, I am her onlyy means of bathing, her shower having no use. She never uses her traditional toilet either, I am her toilet. My mistress is to have everything done for her, which means eerything; at night I have to put her blankets on, fluff her pillow, and move her body into a comfortable position any time she asks. When she has an itch, I must scratch it. I feed her food I cook, I put her clothes on, I brush her teeth, drink her spit from the toothpaste. I shop for her, I clean the entire house, and wash the floors and dust with my tongue or my toothbrush, I'm her chair if she wants, which she uses me as one frequently. Right now, Ive been staring at mistress Raven's feet for three hours. She was wearing those converse that make her feet smell so bad, and she has never wore a single sock in them, and now is no exception. She finally looked down at me with a smile on her face. She said she had to pee, but she didnt want to move, so she said I had to get a wine glass. I crawled to the kitchen, making sure not to make a single sound, and grabbed the wine glass that was labeled "SLAVE". I brought it back to her and held it to her vagina waiting for the stream to begin filling the glass. She didnt have to tell me not to let any drip onto the chair because I alread knew what would happen. The glass was almost full before she finally stopped, and I was relieved none spilled. She told me I had to lick her clean before I drank her piss. As I inched her vagina the smell of piss instantly hit me, making me wince a little. I stuck my tongue out as as far as I could, and ony the tip could reach. It took a bit of effort but I finally got her clean. She then told me to drink it all at once, but to hold it in my mouth until she told me to swallow. I had to puff out my cheeks to get it all in, but I had just enough room. Her piss tasted very salty and burned my tongue. I waited for an entire minute before I was finally allowed to swallow. Myy mouth and throat burned, but I never thought to complain, because I knew I made my mistress happy.