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Making The Squad

A unpopular girl is desperate to make the cheerleading squad.
The evil head cheerleader sees how desperate she is and makes her
a offer that will change everything. For the worse


*This story is 100% fiction, and all characters are over the age of 18*

-" You again? What can possibly be different this time Mariah?" The head cheerleader Melanie giggled as i entered the room.
Truth is everything would be different this time around. Obviously i didnt know at the time but this audition would change my life
for a long time.

I guess i should start by explaining a bit about my situation at the time. This was my last year of college, and my last chance to be someone,
even if just for a year. I had seen first hand what being a cheerleader in this town meant, and how much it could change your life to the better.
Not just the idea of being a part of something, but also how people saw you.

During that point of my life i was 100% convinced that making the cheerleading squad would be the answer for everything! I was one of those girls
who dissapeared in a crowd. Just about no one at school even knew who i was. I wasnt picked on much or anything, meaning it happened, but not
so much that i couldnt deal with it.

I remember when we were about to start college. I was super exited. Not just to meet new people and laying the foundation to get a good job in the future,
but i was going with my bestfriend Michelle. We had been best friends since we were kids. But alot of things can change over a summer. Me and my mom
spent most of that summer out of the country, and when i returned everything had changed between me and Michelle. She had changed alot psysically but
had also met the "It" girls of our new school and without any warning she had moved on. At first it really hurt, but at the same time i didnt blame her. Infact
i wanted nothing more then to be in her shoes. I was desperate for the attention of being in the "It" crowd. And as most of the popular girls was there, it seemed
most logical to try the whole cheerleading thing.

Another factor was that i made the huge mistake of telling my mom about my plans last year (before my first of five rejections.). My mom was the complete
oposite of me. Back when she went to school she was the most popular girl, homecoming queen and captain of the cheerleading squad. So since then she
been pushing me to make it happen. Obviously i didnt tell her about the rejections, but i was running out of excuses and i really wanted her to see me preform
with the girls. So as you may get from my explanation i was pretty desperate. And they knew it too. Ever since the first rejection i had also been sort of sucking
up to the girls. Sad but true.

To make things a bit worse i had several things working against me when it came down to actual cheerleading to. I wasnt in great shape. I was never fat, but
maybe some would catagorize me as chubby. I had bad rythme and bad stamina.

Which brings me back to my final audition. Melanie and Chelsea had shown me the routine twice, and it came down to me. They turned on the music and i
gave it my best shot. Not suprisingly i messed it up. At one point i even noticed Melanie and Michelle whisper to eachother and giggle. It made me do worse.
The music stopped and Chelsea stood up and said

-" Well..i guess i dont have to tell you, but you didnt make it. You got the routine all wrong, and i dont think we can trust someone with your figure to do any of
the actually tricky stuff. But thanks for trying i guess."

I walked out. Defeated. i heard laughter as i closed the door, and it felt like the world crashed around me. I had blown my last chance at becoming someone.
I was about to cry.

After lunch that day i knew that the head cheerleader Melanie was in the schools gym.
Melanie was a complete bitch. She was the kind of girl who would invite girls to a party when tons of girls were around but only invite the 2 or 3 worthy
(meaning hot and cool enough to be seen with) and make a point about why they were invited and why the rest werent. She was the kind of girl that we
all loved to hate. All the guys wanted her, and all the girls wanted to be her or to be her friend. Sadly i realized during math with Henderson that she was
my only shot. If i could convince her to take me in on the squad the rest of the girls would follow without a doubt.

I went down stairs and entered the gym where she was running on the threadmill. She was wearing her headphones and didnt see me come in.
I remember just standing there for a while just looking at her trying to figure out how to approach this.

After a few minutes she stopped, got off and saw me standing there. I said "hi"
And just looked at me appearently wondering what i wanted.

I pleaded my case( i was actually 100% honest, hoping to score some sympathy points) and asked her for another chance.

She started by flat out rejecting me saying that i had my chances and blew it, there was nothing she could do. I continued to plead announcing
that i would do ANYTHING for another chance.

-" Look..i hate to be a bitch about it but when people see the squad, they see the hottest, coolest chicks at campus, the best fuckin cheerleaders in
the state. Obviously you dont really fit that picture. We cant really afford to look bad, we have a reputation you know." Melanie said while wiping sweat
of her neck.

I found myself pretty much begging now
-" All i need is another chance. I will work super hard, i do anything, ANYTHING for another chance. I need this so bad."

She cut me off

-" As do the other 20 girls we rejected. Point is even if we give you another chance, chances are you would either fail, or fuck up something later and
in the end making us look bad. So im gonna have to give you a big fat NO. Again."

She turned around as i continued to pretty much beg her for another chance, and just when i was about to give up she sat down on the floor and looked
at me with a grin on her face and said

-" You know..i have it all. The only thing i miss about highshool is having a dork to boss around ya know?"

I didnt know what she was talking about but she continued

_" Back in highschool me and my friend Ash (a girl named Ashley) had this loser named Josh or somethin, who would do anything for us just to be
in the same room as us. We treated him like shit for 3 years, and no matter what we did to him or made him do he was there the next day with a smile
on his face. He was doin our homework, rubbin our feet, we were slapping him around when we were bored. Shit like that. It was hillarious!"

I just stood there with a comfused look on my face when she said

-" Im gonna let that sink in for a bit."
She got a wicked smile on her face when she continued

-" My offer is this. IF i can convince the other girls, we can have you like the jocks have toddy."

I didnt even know about Toddy but officially he was the waterboy for the football jocks, but behind closed door he was doing all kinds of humilating
things, like handwashing jockstraps and setting up dates and stuff like that.

-" You can do the shit we dont feel like doing ourself, or do shit to amuse us or whatever, and in exchange for what we make you do i can work you
superhard in the gym here 2-3 times a week after school and before the finals you can have one last audition and if your any better then you are now
you can preform with us after that."

I was trying my best to absorbe what she just said as she got up and was about to leave when she said

-" Thats my final and only offer. If you think you can handle it, then show up after rehearsels tomorrow. Keep in mind though..
We will treat you like SHIT! But it might be fun. For us anyways." And she left.

Obviously this wasnt exacly what i was hoping for. And allthough i knew Melanie was a bitch, this was more then i could imagine in my wildest dreams.
I had to really think hard about this. And that i did. The point was, i could either forget it, and continue being no one, not having my mom see me as a cheerleader,
OR i could walk into a new situation knowing id be treated like crap but MAYBE be a cheerleader in a few months. There was no real winner here.
Like i said..i was desperate!

I spent the rest of the day debating with myself what to do with Melanie`s "offer". I knew in my heart that i had made the decision when i approached Melanie
in the gym after lunch but naturally my head didnt really agree. I knew i was desperate, BUT to actually Volunteer for abuse and humiliation was a new low.
Anyways..i decided to suck it up and take Melanie`s offer. Reluctantly off course.

The next day i tried my best to avvoid Melanie and her friends during school. And it worked. I saw them twice, but dont think they saw me.
The day came and went, i went back to my dorm and did some homework and then i put the books down and went back to campus about 10-15 minutes
before they would most likely end rehearsels.

As i approached the door of the place they were practicing i could hear the bass-line of the music they were using and shouting. Obviously they wernt done
yet. I stood outside the door for a few seconds. I had a terrible feeling in my stomach and Had a change of heart, and started to walk away. A few foot steps
later i changed my mind again. I did this several times,most seriously when i heard the music stopping. Somehow it got really "real" at that second. I knew
i would regret entering, but i knew i would regret if i didnt too. A damned if i do, damned if i dont kind of moment.

After a long 10-15 seconds i took a deep breath and opened the door and entered. I saw Melanie standing and the rest of the girls sitting down.
Melanie turned her head towards me and laughed as she said

-" I cant believe you actually showed up!"
followed by a laughter and whispering amongst eachother from most of the girls. Kelly looked really suprised and asked Melanie what "that cow" was
doing there. Yeah..that was her name for me appearently. Melanie giggled while saying
to Kelly

-" Well, if SOMEONE hadnt been 10 minutes late today you would have learned that we are takin in Mariah here as the cheer squads dork for the
next few months!" the girls laughed again as Melanie continued talking to a real confused looking Kelly

-" You know like the jocks have Toddy? We have this bitch!"

Kelly appearently knew just what Melanie meant as i saw her suprised look turn into a grin before she started laughing too.

One of the girls said

-" So what does she do?"

Melanie smiled as she briefly looked at me while replying

-" Thats the coolest part! Whatever we fuckin want! Isnt that right Mariah?"

I reluctantly nodded. The girls broke out in laughter again before they started talking amongst themselves about me as if i wasnt even there.
I couldnt make out what they were saying but i heard more laughter.

Melanie then calmed down the girls while saying

-" I know it might be weird at first. But the thing is we now have a loser who will do anything we want. It doesnt matter how humiliating or
weird it is. If we want it done, she does it. And we are a very creative group of cool chicks, so we should be able to have alot of fun with
this one!"

The girls started clapping and laughing and i knew for a fact this was going to be a loooong few months.

The talk slowed down a bit, and Melanie said that someone needed to break the ice and get "this party" started. After a few seconds the
only black girls on the squad Keesha said

-"Okay, fuck it! ill go first." she pointed at me and told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl over to her. slowly. the girls looked at
me with anticapation as i imidiatly dropped to my knees and reluctantly crawled slowly towards her. I could her whispers and gigles as i did.
it was really humiliating. i stopped as i reached her shoes.

-" Look at me!" she barked as i turned my face towards hers.

She looked at some of the girls before she got a grin on her face as she turned her focus back to me and said.

-" Now. Im gonna spit in your face and then your gonna kiss my shoes twenty times each while thanking me for my great spit between
each kiss. Got it?"
I just looked at her.

-" Well, nodd you dumb bitch" i nodded as i saw her collect spit in her mouth before spitting full force all over my face! i
reluctantly got down and started kissing her shoes and thanking her while i could her high-fives and laughter around me.

When i was done i heard Melanie Say out loud
that she was next. She expected me to crawl to her too. As i crawled to her i noticed she was taking off her sneakers and as i stopped
infront of her she was pulling of the sock on her left foot. The stench almost sent me to the ground. I actually gagged a bit even being close
to her feet. As if she saw this she laughed while saying

-" You dont like feet huh? Then i guess its gonna suck to be you right now" the room got quite as if the girls was waiting to see what
Melanie had in mind.

She caughed and got comfertable as she held the foot up close to my face while saying

-" I havnt had a good shower in 2 days. Had psysics and three cheerleading practices. My feet are rank as hell! And guess what bitch?"

I swear you could hear a pin drop on the floor before she announced

_" Your gonna get them nice and clean for me..With your fuckin tongue!!"

The room broke out in laughter and another round of high-fives and comments as Melanie had actually told me that i was about to wash
her feet with my tongue. The very idea had me gagging. And i stalled for a few seconds before
she actually screamed for me to get my tongue out and wash her nasty feet.

As my tongue touched her feet i wanted to die! The taste was even worse then the smell. And the idea that i was now reduced to a
cleaning tool for dirty sweaty feet was beyond terrible.

They didnt make it easy for me either. They all blurted out comments telling me i was disgusting, that it was nasty, some even said that watching
me lick feet was "awsome"..

Melanie kept barking out where she wanted my tongue, making sure i got all the crap build between her toes, her soles, she even made me suck
on her heel. The rest of the girls was loving it as much as her.

-" This is so fuckin great! You should definatly have the bitch lick your feet girls!"

Melanie announced as i was litterally cleaning her feet with my mouth. I knew this was going to suck, but my imagination wasnt this
good. or bad i guess..


_" Dont you dare slow down bitch! I want that tongue working hard got it?" Melanie barked after atleast five minutes of constantly
licking sweat of her feet.

She approached the laughing girls with enthusiasm

_" How fuckin unreal is this! i have a chick litterally cleaning the sweat n crap from my feet with her fuckin tongue!!" They all laughed and
some high-fived again..I had never felt this low.

After another few minutes the other girls got inpatient and tried to call next. After a little debate it was Rosie`s turn. She made me crawl to her
too. She started out by telling me that she thought the idea of another humanbeing licking her feet was pretty gross to her so that wouldnt
happen. For a second i thought she was being conciderate towards me. No such luck. As she continued

_" But if you really wanna do some nasty shit, i guess you can clean my pits or somethin?"

For some reason it didnt really sound any better then licking feet. I didnt get a chance to say anything before Melanie got up and grabbed my hair
from behind and pushed me towards Rosi`s right arm as she lifted it it up and pushed me face first into Rosie`s pits.
They kept yelling for me to get to "work" and after a few seconds i actually found myself licking Rosie`s sweaty armpits. The smell was alot better
then Melanie`s feet, and the taste wasnt half as strong, but obviously the idea of what i was doing had me ready to puke every second. I didnt though.

For the next 40 minutes or so i was ordered from girl to girl followed by disturbing demands and tasks.
Jen and Abby had me lick their feet as well, inspired by Melanie. Out of the three Abbys was the worst. Melanie`s tasted worse, but Abby had HUGE feet,
so it was more disgusting work then Melanie`s. Tracy and Monica took turns spitting in my face and had me lick the bottom of their shoes clean as they
humilated me by telling me how long they had owned them, where they had stepped etc.. It was awful, but by far the easiest thing i had been "forced"
to do. Then came the absolute lowest part of my day. It was Michelle`s turn.

At first she said that she passed. She explained that she had known me forever, so allthough she didnt mind what the other girls made me do, it would be to
weird for her to have me do anything on her. For a few seconds i thought Michelle was going to let me off the hook. And if it wernt for the other girls she might
have. I felt so stupid standing on my hands and knees infront of Michelle as the other girls pretty much ganged up on her convincing my former best friend to
take advantage of me.

-" If this is gonna work out we all have to be part of it you know?"

-" Trust me, its fuckin awsome!"

-" So fuckin what if you knew her before, how much respect can you actually have for a loser who licks sweat of feet and armpits n shit like that?"

-" Your one of the hottest,coolest chicks around here. You deserve at bitch like her in your life. We all do!"

After another 5-10 minutes of debate Michelle gave in and announced that for the team she would try me out.
I felt like shit as the girls convinced her to let me lick her feet clean.

As she took of her shoes and peeled of her socks she gave me a little nervous looking smile while saying

_"Im really sorry Mariah. I been so busy running from place to place this week i dont think my feet has seen soap or water in atleast 3-4 days.."
a comment that really got some laughter from the girls.

At that second it dawned on me that this was really going to happen. My former best friend was actually going to make me lick her feet
to the squads amusement. She crossed her feet and the ankles infront of me and looked around the room for reactions. It was clear to
everyone (myself included) that they wanted her to be mean. She gave me a quick "Im sorry" glance before she said out loud

-" You know the drill Mariah! Lick my nasty ass feet clean bitch!"

I was about to lick them when the stench hit me. Those things smelled like something had died. I actually threw up a bit in my
mouth and froze.

I guess it took a few seconds for me to recover as i saw Melanies palm coming towards me.


While Melanie slapped me she screamed

-" Your friend here told you to lick her fuckin feet clean, not sit there and look dumb! We better see that tongue
working in 2 sec or the deal is of you fuckin loser!"

In a split second i thought to myself that i had already done disturbing stuff, even if i stopped now they would have known and
probably treat me like shit forever anyways. I took a deep breath and started to lick Michelle`s feet with fake enthusiasm.
The room once again broke out in laughter and appearently Michelle was high-fiving the other girls while i was cleaning her nasty feet!

The taste was beyond disgusting, and i could clearly feel that i was licking of a layer of dried sweat and filth. As with the other girls they
didnt make it easy for me either by constantly commenting and laughing

-"What the fuck does toejam taste like anyways? Im so glad i never have to find out!"

-" thats so fuckin nasty! Licking off someone elses footgrime..Eeew!"

But the most disturbing was the fact that after a few minutes of licking Michelle got more and more comfortable with the situation, and before
i knew it she was barking out orders too.

_" I still see some crap between my toes. Your supposed to clean it off."

-"Now suck on my toes for a while."

-"The soles dont feel clean enough, they need some more of that licking."

I had never felt so low as during the 15+ minutes i spent licking my childhood friends disgusting feet.
And the fact that she now got off on treating my like crap like the other girls made a bad situation if possible worse.

After a while she announced that she was tired of my tongue. Another low blow.

Then i was ordered towards the last of the squad girls Joan. Before she even uttered a word to me she spat right in my
face and slapped me twice. Then she started to remove her shoes, i noticed right away that she wasnt even wearing socks! I assumed she
was going to make me lick her feet too and thought to myself that the only upside was that my tongue was really numb now after all the
licking so i hoped that that would help me out a bit. She told me to crawl over to Melanie and pick up her socks. As i did it was clear that
the entire room was wondering what Joan had in mind.

I picked up both of Melanie`s socks and crawled back to Joan. As i stopped she grabbed them from me folded them and shoved them in my mouth.
More laughter was heard as she planted both her warm feet on my face and casually said

-" Suck on those while you smell my stanky feet for a bit."
After less then 2 minutes of this i felt like i was about to pass out. I guess maybe she noticed as she removed her feet, looked at me and cracked up
laughing while announcing that i looked like a "fuckin chipmunk". When the girls had calmed down Joan said

-" I should have been home now, so as soon as you clean the crap from between my toes we can get out of here." I wanted nothing more then to get
out of her so i dove right in licking out between her toes while hearing laughter, caughing and "Eeew"

After i was done licking between Joans toes the girls actually applauded. Whether they were aplauding themselves or me im not sure. probably themselves.

Then they got up, picked up the bags and waterbottles and we went for the door. For the first time in a long time i was actually standing up. My legs almost
gave in at first. I just followed them around as they ignored me while turning of lights and locking doors and stuff. As we got outside and they were about to
leave Melanie turned to me and said

-" After school i expect to see you in the gym for your workout." before they started to walk away.
I heard Kelly ask what she meant with workout to which Melanie replied

-" The cow wants to loose some weight, so im gonna help her out. Dont worry though, im gonna work her harder then ive worked anyone."

they laughed a bit and continued to walk away. They kept talking and joking but i couldnt make out what they said.

On my way back to my dorm i was trying my best not to think about what had just happened. If today was any indication of how the next
few months was going to be like i had nothing to look forward to. Obivously at this point i was really regretting that i had taken Melanie`s offer.
But there was conflicting thoughts. There was a reason why i decided to do it. I needed this. And no matter what they would make me do, how
bad they would treat me, i knew going in that this would suck. At the end of the day i had to convince myself that it would all be worth it if in a
few months i would be a member of the cheerleading squad.
I smiled as i thought about how it would be (best case scenario off course.) New friends, respect, recognision, maybe even some guys would show
some intrest. I decided as expected that at this point i didnt really have any choice, and that i just had to convince myself it would all be worth it in
the end.

The next day i did my best to avvoid the girls during school. I saw them several times but i dont think they saw me. Atleast they didnt look at me or
say anything to me. Which was perfect! I already dreaded seeing Melanie in the gym for my workout, so having to deal with them prior to that would

After school i stopped by my dorm, changed to sweats and went to the gym. As i opened the door i saw Melanie sitting down on the floor reading
a magazine.

-" I was wondering if i had to go out and find you."
was the first thing she said to me as she put down her magazine and got up. She walked towards the step-master and said that i was going to warm
up on that. I stepped up on it as she adjusted the settings. She set the settings so that i was going up a hill and set the speed to what i can only assume
was almost twice as fast as i had ever jogged in my life. She gave me a wicked smile as she said

-" Im setting it on 15 minutes. Its gonna be hard as fuck for you, but i expect you to run the entire 15 minutes. If you stop im gonna piss right
in your face before we leave. And im not kidding. i will do that." She laughed as she turned it on and i started running.

She wasnt kidding. It was hard! A minute or 2 in i was running on willpower alone. I was ready to collapse after 10. Somehow i made it. When she turned
it off and i got off my legs caved in and i actually fell on my ass. She told me to get right up and give her 20 jumping jacks. She counted me, and whenever
i didnt do it good enough she didnt count it.

-" No half assed efforts bitch! You work hard for me got it!" She yelled!

After the 20 jumping jacks (which probably was closer to 35) i collapsed. I may have passed out, because i was light headed when i heard
Melanie say

-" I guess thats okay for the warm ups. Now lets get to work!"

The fact that this was warm up to her made me sick. I was so beat when she told me to go to the end of the room and get on my hands and knees.
I almost fell several times on my way to the end of the room.
As i dropped to my hands and knees Melanie announced that i was to crawl as fast as i could 50 times back and forth.

-" Starting NOW!!! Move your fat as bitch!!"

I started and she walked behind me calling me names and screaming at me when i wasnt moving fast enough.
It was pure hell! And in addition to working out harder then i had ever done before having Melanie motivating me in her own special way made
this one of the worst moments of my life.

After that we did another few crawling excercises before she announced that we was going to finish with some push-ups. She told me to hold
myself up using my feet on the end of a bench and told me that as soon as i had done 10 real push-ups i was done for the day.

-" That means all day way up and all the way down okay?"

I struggled so hard. After the second one i felt like i got the tecnique down, but as i was on my way down i saw that Melanie had put a shoe
underneath me, and for her amusement this meant that i had my face inside the bottom of her shoe everytime i went down. The heat and stench
was overwhelming and i almost gave up several times. But i actually managed to get 10 push-ups done. My arms was jelly and hurting, sweat was
running but i made it.

As we were about to go Melanie said with a wicked smile on her face

-" Oh, before i forget. The girls suggested that you hang out on todays practice. So i guess i see you again in 3 hours or so."

Then she left. The thought of seeing the girls for more abuse was just too much right now. I broke down. I had a little panic attack and
cried for a while then i went back to the dorm. I realized that i needed to relax for a while if i was going to survive the cheerleading practice later.

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now i have to clean the keyboard :)

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very good story i mostly like her old friend michelle became very comfortable and made mariah clean her feet with barking orders maybe after schools mariah could be michelles and michelles moms footslave , it could be very exciting , because michelle was her best friend and michelle's mother was probably very kind to mariah before. But its only an idea , you are very good writer and could very good ideas. Please continue.

20-09-2012, 10:54 PM
Great story, both of them, you have real talent!

22-09-2012, 02:56 PM
Her or their piss to drink or even just over her head into her face is a nice idea you had too :). Good was the sock chewing and the little shoe sniffing.

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I was dreading going to the cheerleading practice to see the girls. I doubted anything could be worse then what i had already been through but even if it was more of the same it would be hell. Off course having already been through what i had been through it wasnt really an option to leave the deal i had made with Melanie, and as a "carrott" i still believed that i had to make the squad if i just survived the next few months. Off course only a day in made that thought unbeareble but still..

I tried my best to relax untill i had to go again. And based on how sore and tired i was i thought i would collapse right away. Sadly that wasnt the case. All i could think about was the cruel cheerleaders. Everything i had been through was being replayed in the back of my head. All the humiliating things i had been forced to do. And the worst..Well, the thing that hurted the most, having my former best friend help out abusing me.

Before i knew it it was time to go. Cheerleading practice was just 20 minutes away, so i started to get ready.

As i entered the gym they had cheerleading practice i could hear that they had started. I could hear them talk, and music. I looked at my watch just to make sure i wasnt late. I wasnt. The actual time wasnt for another 5 minutes. I had to stop and take a few deep breaths before i entered. I told myself to just suck it up and do whatever they wanted, and that in the end it would be worth it.

I opened up the door, walked in and closed it behind me. They were clearly in the middle of practicing a routine. After a few seconds Keesha noticed i had arrived and pointed towards me for Melanie to see. Melanie walked over to the stereo and turned the music a bit down. Then she turned towards me and yelled

-" You can start by licking those clean while we run through this routine a few more times!"

I followed her index finger to see what she was talking about a spotted a pile of footwear. 1 pair of sneakers, 2 pair of flats and several pairs of flip-flops. I got that terrible feeling in my stomach again.

Joan barked

-" Make sure you do the insides of my flats. They really stink up the place these days!"

The girls laughed as i heard Tracy yell as Melanie put the volume back on

-" I want the toe-print on my flip-flops to be gone when we`re done bitch!"

And just like that the girls started their routine, and appearently i was expected to start licking footwear. I had heard rumors about how the jocks treated Toddy, but i dont think even he had to do anything even remotely close to this. But thats what they wanted so thats what i did. I picked up a pair of flip-flops and started the humiliating task of actually trying to lick it clean. Off course this was horrible. They all smelled pretty bad and beat up, and the stains on most of the footwear was really hard to get off. As i did this i decided to take a look at my prize so to speak. Meaning i studied the girls and invisioned myself a part of the group. In just a few months, that would be the case. I did notice something that i had a feeling would mean something for me. None of them wore shoes. Keesha, Monica and Kelly was barefoot. (Kelly had some kind of tape looking thing on her foot) and the rest of the girls wore socks.

After about 30+ Minutes the music stopped and the girls was glistening with sweat. Some of the girls went to the other end of the room and grabbed each their own water bottle while the rest with Melanie infront came towards me before they were joined by the girls who needed a drink.

Some of the girls went to pick up and look over their footwear. I didnt hear much except

"Thats not fuckin bad. Maybe shes not totally useless."
i had no idea who said it, but it hurt just the same.

Then Melanie grabbed my hair and actually dragged me a bit forward, the girls sat down more or less around me like a circle.
Joan was the first to speak directly to me.
Unlike yesterday her command was short and direct (and degrading)

She pilled of her socks and threw them at me while saying with a arrogant smile on her face

-" My feet, your tongue. Make it happen bitch!"

the first few seconds was met with "Eeeew!"
and other rude remarks and some laughter before most of the girls around me started talking quite casually amongst themselves.

-" Oh yeah. That feels fuckin great. Make sure you get between my toes too you stupid bitch!"

Joan said without even looking at the person actually LICKING her feet clean after practice. It really bothered me how casually the girls was right now.

After atleast 10-15 minutes Joan pushed me away and said

-" Who`s next?"

Abby was first to call "next". I turned around to face her and she looked at me and said

_" My toe nails are starting to dig a hole in my socks. You can take care of that before you lick em."

Keesha looked at her and said

-" You gonna make the bitch do your nails? what the fuck.."

Abby smiled and said sounding proud

_" No, im gonna have the bitch chew my toe nails down to size, eat whatever she bites off, and then she can give my feet a good lickin."

This caught the girls attention. As i leaned in and did my best to actually cut another human beings toe nails with my teeth i felt 100% worthless. It didnt help that there was gigles and rude comments all around me.

-" That is fuckin insane! Shes so fuckin pathetic!"
-" This is too fuckin crazy! Holy shit we are awsome!"

After i managed to "cut" Abby`s toe nails and actually eating what i chewed off she said quite casually

_" Now, we need to put that tongue of yours back to work. Start licking!"

I did. And just like last time they were horrible! I struggled so hard not to throw up and i gave her huge sweaty feet long licks,
i licked between her toes, she even made me chew on her heel with my teeth at the same time as i used my tongue in circular motions. After what felt like forever i was done. Kelly was next, she (thank god!) didnt need me to lick her feet, but she made me eat the tape thing she had on her foot. She made sure to tell me how long she had it on before i ate it which was a big success on the other girls.

Next was Rosie.She still didnt want me to lick her feet. First she folded her socks and showed them in my mouth. Then she had me rub her feet for about 5 minutes while i had to try to suck out the fresh sweat from her socks. After the 5 minutes she told me to spit out her socks and lick my hands clean.

The girls laughed when she shrugged and said

-" I know its not the same, but its the closest to foot lickin i can give ya."

Next up was Keesha who was appearently to inpatient to make a big deal about what i had to do. She just told me to stick my tongue out and hold it there. With that she grabbed the back of my head for support while she proceeded to drag her feet back and forth on my outstretched tongue for a good 4-5 painfull minutes.

When she released her grip i collapsed. I was exhausted and my mouth was dry like sandpaper. I heard Melanie get upset

-" No fuckin breaks! Who`s next?"

I cried. I said that my mouth was to dry to continue. She smiled and said
_" No problem. We can help you with that."

Than she took a sip of her water and said

-" Open up!"
Then she started to spit in my face and when i opened my mouth into my mouth. It was disgusting and humiliating but sadly it was helpfull for the tasks ahead.

She looked around in the room and said with a smile on her face

_"So who`s next?"

08-01-2013, 06:52 PM
LOL! i wont post more of this story on this board

08-01-2013, 11:32 PM

"WAH WAH WAH why are there not twenty billion posts of obsessive sycophantic gratitude???! It's been 36 hours since I posted my story on this forum! Never mind that it was shut down for four months and has been open again for only a couple of weeks and is still missing 80% of its core membership!!!! WORSHIP ME!"

Getting warm, am I?

Seriously... there's nothing more annoying than somebody who posts something and a couple of days later storms off in high dudgeon because their effort didn't receive the quantity and standard of arse-licking they expected. You must surely understand that this is the way things are online. It's not the praise you don't get that's important - it's the praise you do get.

This is not a high volume forum and we've only been back up and running after an extended period of downtime. People are trickling back in but a significant percentage of the community haven't found their way back, yet. It's also only the eighth day of January. What do you expect?

09-01-2013, 04:06 PM
No need to worship me at all,lol! Glad to see you havnt changed much.
Truth is i had 3 messages on another site telling me that you guys were back in action and to share my latest updates here.
Maybe i was caught on a bad day, but seems silly to me to ask someone to do somethin then ignore when he fills the request.
(and yes, saw atleast one of them online, the others may have another name on your site.)
Seems to me that the facination for the genre i play around in have been loosing intrest for awhile now, meaning the people who used to
love and read similar work has moved on to other things or dissapeared all together, which also means that when the few left choose not
to be active at all its a loose loose sitation imho. So again, my goal was never and has never been worship or ass licking as you call it,
but simply that the few people who enjoy my work takes 2 sec to say a few words. Even if they hate where its going.
In the end i write what i enjoy to read myself, and when i share, my goal is to share with the people who feels the genre too.
When/if they are either gone or dont give a fuck, it does frustrate me a bit. And its not a few hours since i posted story, but the update, per request,lol
Either way..i dont think you and i are ever gonna see things even remotely the same way, so im gonna leave it at that.


09-01-2013, 09:39 PM
My english not very good and i hope i could tell what i want say. First your stories exating and fantastic , in websites you write ( the mousepad,mistressdestiny and this website ) only has a few relly good writer and you are one of them . Second never think your stories not popular becouse people dont write any comment , you have a lot of fan. To me i dont write a lot of comment to stories i like because it could be boring to writer and if i write but no answer i dont want write again , because it means my comments not important to writer. Anyway like i said your stories fantastic and please continue , especially serving the moore's and making the squad .

09-01-2013, 11:09 PM
Either way..i dont think you and i are ever gonna see things even remotely the same way, so im gonna leave it at that.


Well, we may've done if you were willing to talk to me like a grown up; alas you have decided to trudge down the futile and worn-out path of insulting me for no reason and making pointless references to unconnected events in an attempt to bolster yourself.

I explained why you haven't got many responses - and even offered you some good advice. I could've merely said "Stop moaning and fuck off!" - but I didn't.

Now. Are you and I going to have a problem - in which case, please leave now, of your own volition? Or are you going to turn off the attitude and we can get on with bringing DOSF back up to strength?

10-01-2013, 06:55 AM
well, i wont write a book here (in the comment that is, i tend to go for long stories,lol)
But i will say this. You and i have talked before, (granted a few years back ) and it wasnt a friendly talk at all.
And even if you think my reasons was silly, refferrring to me as a crybaby wanting worship is an insult too.
I get that you and i dont see all the same way, but in my head i had my reasons for being annoyed,
even if you didnt see them or agreed with them. But No..from where i stand you and i dont have a problem.
You do your thing, and i do mine and hopefully it can benefit the forum.


10-01-2013, 06:58 AM
My english not very good and i hope i could tell what i want say. First your stories exating and fantastic , in websites you write ( the mousepad,mistressdestiny and this website ) only has a few relly good writer and you are one of them . Second never think your stories not popular becouse people dont write any comment , you have a lot of fan. To me i dont write a lot of comment to stories i like because it could be boring to writer and if i write but no answer i dont want write again , because it means my comments not important to writer. Anyway like i said your stories fantastic and please continue , especially serving the moore's and making the squad .

Apreciate the feedback man. Glad you like my work, and took a few sec to say somethin.


10-01-2013, 09:55 AM
If I've offended you in the past, I apologise - if you want to grouse at me about anything feel free to send a PM. :)

Apologies also for the crybaby remark - I know what you mean. Going to a lot of trouble doing something and then nobody giving a toss... is bloody annoying. I just think you have to be a bit more mindful of the way things are here. It's a slow forum, and it's even slower than usual right now for a variety of reasons.

Throwing your toys out of the pram (just an expression; not an extension of the crybaby metaphor!) doesn't help. It divides people into two groups: a) Folk who would've commented now deciding they won't on a matter of principle because you've gone down that road... and b) Folk who wouldn't have said anything now feeling obligated to make some sort of one-dimensional response to make you feel better. IN other words, it doesn't contribute anything to your intended goal which is getting people who read your story to make themselves known.

As I said... if you write a story and 10,000 people read it, and two people say they liked it... you are doing yourself a disservice if you take that to mean the other 9,998 didn't like it. All that matters is that two people liked it enough to go to the trouble of saying so. :)

10-01-2013, 06:30 PM
Well if it means anything. This story along with you others are awesome.

11-01-2013, 05:13 PM
@ ergleburgle: I hear what your saying, i do. glad we`re somewhat on the same page.

@ theoutlawz4life: Off course it means something. Appreciate the kind words!


13-01-2013, 10:36 PM
hey awesome story as are all of yours
I do hope you continue to update here as I'd love to continue reading them

I've been here on this site for awhile, longer than I had this account
but I don't comment much, infact hardly ever since I can only use my mobile
and every 5 minutes or so it logs me out. very annoying lol

but I understand the frustration from not getting any comments and feedback from your hard work

14-01-2013, 05:38 AM
its all good. thanks for takin the time to say a few words. i hope to have some updates soon, to many stories, to little time,lol


16-01-2013, 03:12 PM

After a few seconds Monica called "next".
While i took the first humiliating steps towards her on my hands and knees she was leaning back with her ankles crossed soles facing me. She smiled and said

-" You know what to do, lick em nice and clean for me."

And i did. i went back to work licking a another girls feet clean. It didnt matter how many times i had done it now, it was still hell. Only positive thing i can say about Monica is that out of the group She had the least nasty feet. I mean, feet are feet, and sweaty feet are sweaty feet, but after the feet i had the misfortune of licking, Monica`s feet was the ones that made me want to throw up the least. She had me licking her feet for the next 5-10 minutes before she actually kicked me away with the wet sole of her right foot.

Tracy was next, then Jen. Both expected the same foot licking experience, so thats what they got. Thank god they mostly ignored me though. Sure, they made some comments and laughed, but it wasnt too bad.

When Jen got tired of my tongue, appearently Michelle was heading out of the gym, Melanie said something towards her that i couldnt make out, and Michelle answered

-" Im sorry guys, i dont mean to ditch you or anything like that,but i have to go. Something came up. sorry guys."

As she blew a kiss and left the gym.
For a split second i was so grateful that she had left. Melanie snapped me back to reality pretty fast though, by grabbing my hair and dragging me backwords as she sat down. She looked at me for a few seconds before she barked

-" Well, those nasty ass feet aint gonna clean themselves Mariah. Get lickin!"

SO i did. Melanie`s feet was just as nasty as the last time i had been forced to lick them. The stench was insane, and every lick felt like licking a battery. Appearently i wasnt doing it the way she wanted as out of no where i recieved a slap in the face that actually silenced the room as she yelled

-" Im doin you a fuckin favor by lettin you wash my fuckin feet.
Show some enthusiasm huh? Just lick those sweaty feet like crazy!"

And in a second later i was licking the sweat and dust of her feet with new found enthusiasm. I was infact licking like "crazy". I didnt know who i hated most at that point, Melanie or myself.

But regardless of how much i hated it, the girls loved it. Thats based on loud laughter and comments, and the sound of evil girls actually high-fiving each other.

Melanie had me licking her feet for the next 10 minutes atleast, before removing them and actually spitting right in my face.

The next 5 minutes or so was spent just sitting there as the girls made jokes on my expence and laughed. Then Keesha said that she had to get going, and the rest of the girls got ready too.
I didnt know what to do, so i just sat there with tears in my eyes and they got their stuff and put on shoes.

Before they all left the gym Melanie said
-" So, i guess i`ll see ya on Thursday? For your workout i mean."
before she flipped me off and left.

i found myself broken down as soon as they had left. I cried,
i cursed, i punched the floor. I knew that i had put myself in the situation i was in, but nothing could prepare me mentally for this. Nothing.

Untill Thursday i did my very best to avvoid Melanie and the rest of the girls. I saw them a few times, or walked by them would be more accurate, and they left at me. Not that i didnt expect them too, but still stung a bit.

Thursday came and after school i quickly read up on a upcoming test before reluctantly heading down to the gym to meet Melanie.
As i entered it was clear that she had been there a while. She was glistening with sweat as she got off the thing she was sitting on.

As she approached me she was holding a green elastic band.
She told me with a smile on her face that she was going to use it to "whip" me back in shape. For the first time i stood up to Melanie. I looked at her with a comfused and angry look and said

-" You are seriously thinking about whipping me? What the hell is wrong with you? Despite what you might think im actually a human being! Sure, i can lick your nasty feet or other nasty shit like that, but theres no way in hell im going to let you psysically harm me!"

Melanie got a arrogant smile on her face as she said

-" In case you missed the memo, you dont get to say shit!
What i say goes. And its not like i wanna whip you, i just thought it might be fun if you slacked off. But i can tell ya one thing right now..Questioning me is not gonna happen! Just for that im gonna whip ya right now and then we can start the fuckin workout!"

She got a furious look on her face as she actually tried to whip me with the elastic band, i moved out of the way, and i dont know what got into me put i actually pushed her as hard as i could into the ground. I knew then and there that the deal was over.
I said something about life`s to short, and nothing was worth this as i left the gym.

I had a lot of mixed feelings as i ran home. I felt proud for standing up for myself, scared of what Melanie would do next time she got her hands on me, and sadly a little sad that i had kissed my only chance of becoming a cheeleader goodbye.

As Thurday slowly became Friday i was trying my best to come to terms with everything i had been through, but i also had a feeling in the back of my head that i wasnt done with Melanie or the other girls. And sadly i was right..

18-01-2013, 09:23 PM
Story getting exciting and i am waiting to more serving the moore's impatiently . Your stories awesome.