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Hey. I been writing footfetish stories on boards under different names since 2007.
Kinda dissapeared from the web a while back, and stopped writing for a long time.
Started writing again about a month ago, and figured id share some of my work here.
Im mostly into forced f/f stories, and a part from one single story thats f/m
(and was started upon request) all my work is F/F. Feel free to say a few words if ya like it.


A girl gets into a incident with the schools biggest bully Becca,
And her "new life" is a life consisting of domination,fear,humilation.


* This story is 100% fictional.
All charracters are above the age of 18*

The story im about to tell you started senior year.
I guess i should start by telling you a bit about myself.
My name is Kathy. im short and skinny, with long red curly hair and used to wear glasses and braces.
Now despite that i was very little picked on untill i ran into Becca. At our school like most schools the students was
definately devided into clicks. I wasnt really part of any click, didnt have many friends or people i talked too, but was
mostly ignored. Others had it much worse then me.

At the start of Senior year we had a student who was starting at our school named Becca. Big boned girl with short
coloured hair who was into the whole punk-rock look, with leather jacket, band branded t-shirts, jeans and doc martins.
We wasnt told much about her but rumor had it that we were the 5th school she was inrolled to after being kicked out
of the others for bad behavior.
It didnt take long for her to make a impression though..
On her second day after school she beat up 2 girls who appearently looked at her funny on the way out of class.
After that it seemed like every other day someone had a story to tell about someone Becca had beat up or made do
something to avvoid being beated up. So naturally she quickly became a girl everyone did their best to avvoid.
Which leads me to my firt encounter with Becca.

It was pretty late and i had been in the library reading up on a subject. I had alot to carry and i was preforming a
ballancing act on my way to the stairs going to the main hall of the school. I had my books, some notes and a half
cup of juice in my arms as i headed down the stairs.
When i was closing in on the final steps i misplaced my foot and tripped and rolled down the remaining steps of the
stairs. i hurt my shoulder a bit but other then that i was fine. When i came back to myself i started locating and picking
up all i had dropped when i noticed Becca was sitting on the third step of the stairs. As my eyes met hers i was met with
a look of pure evil. It took me a few seconds to understand what she was mad about. Then i saw that in the process of falling
i had dropped my juice cup and spilled it all over her left boot.

Based on what i knew about her i was pretty sure she was gonna beat me up right then and there, so i tried to appologize and
was about to grab some of my notes to wipe of her boot when she reached her arm towards me and grabbed my hair and litterally
dragged me towards her boot while saying

-"Yeah. your gonna clean that shit up alright!"
She released her grip when my face was just above her wet boot. I didnt really understand what she wanted from me but she
explained in short command

-" Get your tongue out and clean my fuckin boot you dumb fuckin bitch!" She barked.

I was so scared she didnt have to say it twice as i reluctantly started licking of the juice on her boot.

-" Stretch your tongue out more, and lick and suck faster! I dont have all day, and i dont need a reason to beat your
ass into a coma. got it?"

She barked again sounding quite mad. So i starte licking and sucking like my life depended on it. She kept me doing that
for about 5-6 minutes before she kicked me back with the boot i wasnt licking, looked at the boot i had licked and got up and
left. I was comfused, scared, humiliated..even a little sick.

As i picked up my books and papers and went home i cried a bit and prayed that this would be the last i saw of Becca. I was
I spent the walk home and what was left of the day and night to focus on other things. Mainly homework and stuff. I had trouble
sleeping that night, but i tried to convince myself that based on what could have happened i got off easy. Meaning atleast i
wasnt psysically hurt.

The next day at school i did my very best to avvoid Becca. Allthough she didnt have any reason to still be after me, it seemed like the
smartest thing to do. And for most of the day it worked fine. On my way to the last class of the day i had to go and pick up some books
in my locker when i saw a shaddow behind me and realized it was Becca.

-" Meet me by the green bench outside the park right after school."

Was all she said before she walked away. My stomach turned and i got scared again. I knew that i didnt really have a choice. She was
the kind of person i wouldnt want to piss off, so naturally i just had to convince myself of that. Naturally the last class went by really slow,
and i had some real issues with keeping up with what was being talked about. Not knowing what the hell Becca had instore for me was hard.
Then the bell rang, i picked up my backpack and walked towards the park. The walk was probably not more then 2 minutes away from school
but it felt alot longer. As i turned the corner i could see Becca sitting on the green bench. I walked towards her and she barked at me to get on
my knees infront of her.As if i had no will of my own i dropped my bag and got on my knees within seconds. She looked at me for a while before
she said

-" I was really feelin like wearin my yellow combat-boots today, and came to find that they were quite fuckin nasty. See how dirty they are?"

I looked down at them and yes. They were dirty. They had a layer of dried muck all around the sides and some random brown spots on the tops.
Even the shoelaces had dirt in them.

-" I wore them on a festival a few weeks ago.."

she said before she continued

-" I figured as you didnt to too fuckin bad yesterday..maybe you just need some practice? who knows you might be worth keepin around."

I truly had no idea where she was going with this, but didnt have a good feeling about it.

-" Its not rocket science..I tell you to do shit, you do it and in exchange i wont make you my personal punchinbag for the rest of the year...
And what i want now is that you put that mouth of yours to good use and clean the mudd of my fuckin boots."

I was shocked! And froze for a few seconds untill she barked

-" Now you dumb bitch!i hate wasting my time!"

Out of fear i did. I lowered myself, stuck out my tongue and actually started to lick the dirt of her boots. It was hell!

-" You need to keep your tongue wet bitch, if not that shit will take you forever to get off!"

After about 30 sec some of the dirt started to absorbe in my mouth and i turned my head and spat what i had out.

Becca kicked me in the ribs while barking

_" my bitches always swallow! If i catch you spitting again we are gonna have a serious problem!"

So now i found myself licking off dirt and actually eating it. It was to disgusting to even try to explain.
After about 5 minutes of barking out orders like where to lick, where to suck, how to get the stubborn dirt off she let
me work without orders and casually started talking about different things in her past.

Amongst other things she told me about a girl named Kendra, who reminded her of me. A girl who she got into a fight
with and ended up making her personal footbitch for the next 3-4 months. At the time i had no idea what the term "footbitch"
meant or was, but i hated the sound of it. She told me with a smug smile of pride on her face that Kendra was so cool to have
around that Becca stopped washing her feet, socks and footwear herself all together..

After over 20 minutes of constant licking and swallowing i had to stop..she got mad that i stopped and i tried to explain that my
jaw hurt and that my mouth was too dry, while i was in the middle of my sentence she said

-" No problem"

And leaned up and spat in my face. Not once but 3 times.Most of her spit ended up in my mouth.
She leaned back and told me to get back to work.
I must have spent atleast an hour licking her boots before she was satisfied. And to my suprise they actually started to look almost
new by the time she decided i was done for now and started to inspect them.

-" well..they actually look pretty good now.
i have a feelin you might come in handy."

I just looked at her with a blank look in my eyes.
I had a million thoughts spinning around in my head, and none of them were making any sense.

-" You got a cellphone?"
she asked me. I did.

-" Cool! Give me your number. That way i can text you whenever your needed and i dont have to walk around lookin for ya."

I felt so defeated as i told her my number and saved hers on my phone. And as you may get the feeling off, this was just the
beginning of my relation with Becca.

Bullied By Becca#2

After the exchange of numbers she told me we were done for now, and left. i sat there on my knees for several minutes just thinking
before i broke down and cried for a while. I realized that i had no choice when it came to Becca. I was to scared of her to even think about
questioning her. So i broke down knowing that most likely the limit would end up being set by Becca, and i just pretty much had to pray that
she wouldnt go to far, but based on the fact that she had just made me EAT mudd made the idea horrible!

I wiped away my tears and started to walk to the bus-station (i didnt have my own car). With each step i felt worse. With each stop the bus made
i felt more and more sick. The second i got inside i actually had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Off course it didnt really come as a suprise..
i mean how healthy can eating dirt be?
After i had finished throwing up i went to bed. This was a Friday so before i fell asleep i remember thinking that i really really hoped Becca wouldnt
text me during the weekend. Give me some time to heal or something..

I woke up late that Saturday. First thing i did when i woke up was to check my phone to see if Becca had texted me. She hadnt. Thank god! My
plans for the weekend was to clean the appartment, go grocery shopping and read up on a subject i had a test in the next week. That day went
on so smoothly it was almost as if the day before didnt happen. I even ordered pizza and watched a movie before i went to bed.

After i woke up on Sunday i was sitting and eating breakfast while watching the news when my weekend went to hell. a text came in. From Becca
where she told me to be outside her appartment in 30 minutes. And to not be a second late.

She lived about 30 minutes away from me if walking. So to make it i just splashed some water in my face, changed and started walking. I first checked
the time when i was about halfway there. I quickly realized that if i didnt speed it up a bit i would be a bit late. And off course i couldnt give Becca any
reason to be mad, so i actually started jogging. I felt like such a looser pretty much running towards what i knew would be hell of some kind.

I got there about 2 minutes early and stopped and catched my breath for a minute before i rang the doorbell. i waited for a few seconds before Becca
opened the door and invited me in. Or rather just telling me to get my ass inside.

I stopped in the hallway as i didnt really know what she wanted me to do, but after a sec i figured she probably wanted me to follow her into the actual
appartment. I kicked off my sneakers and placed them nicely with the rest of the footwear. I imidiately noticed she didnt live alone, as there was atleast
one other shoe size there. I also saw some shinguards and soccer shoes. Off course i couldnt tell if they were hers or someone elses. Becca barked
from inside the actual appartment for me to come.

As i entered around the corner i found Becca lounging on a couch eating snacks and watching TV. Before i could question what she wanted she pointed
to a empty spot on the floor next to the couch (almost behind where she was sitting.) I didnt have much fight in me so i walked over to where she pointed
and sat down on the floor.

She placed her bowl on the table infront of her and wiped of her hands on her sweatpants and turned her head over towards me and said

-" So..I guess we pretty much broke you in on Friday huh?
You did pretty good for a rookie, so shit should be much easier now ya know?"

I didnt know if she was giving me a compliment in her own screwed up way or where she was going..

-" And no you wont be cleaning my feet today. I dont think your ready for that shit yet."

For a split second i was fighting so hard not to put the biggest smile on my face, but as she continued i lost the urge to smile..

-" But i found some shit for ya to do though, we only have like 3 matches left and then the season is over, but my lucky socks
are really fighting me to survive out the season.."

She continued as she turned around and picked something out of a bag. I didnt really understand much but as she turned back
i noticed she had a pair of kneelenght soccer socks in her hand. As she dropped them on the armrest of the couch near me my jaw
dropped and i was nearly knocked out from the stench. They were the most disgusting looking socks i had ever seen in my life. Based on
the top part of them the original colour was white, BUT they were for the most part a combination of brown and yellow, and they were so stiff
with what i could only assume was stale footsweat build during god knows how many hours of soccer playing that they were laying down pointing
to the ceiling. When she continued i actually threw up a little in my mouth.

-" So your gonna soak em up a bit, get the worst shit out of em, and then i can wash them in the machine on the most sensitive program."

I just glanced at her as she said

-" Yeah. Put em in your mouth, and soak em up for me.
suck, chew whatever ya need to do."

I had no fight in me so i reached out and picked up one of the socks and was about to put the disgusting thing in my mouth, but i just
couldnt bring myself to do it.
After about 5-10 seconds of stalling i saw a shaddow and then "SMACK!" Becca slapped me..HARD! Then she grabbed me by the back
of my hair, pulled me close and said in a low but detirmed voice

-" You dumb fuckin bitch! This is the last time im ever gonna repeat myself. When i tell you to do shit, you do it. No stallin, no dumb
faces, no nothin. Thats the relationship we have. So i suggest you change that fuckin attitude before we wake C.J up. Im tellin you, if she
wakes up its gonna suck so hard to be you. Now get that fuckin sock in your mouth and get to work or i swear.."

I didnt even let her finish before the disgusting stiff sock was in my mouth. Well, the part i could fit and i found myself sucking like my life depended
on it. the smell, taste and texture was without a doubt the most disgusting i had ever had in my mouth! I was constantly fighting not to throw up, and
Becca did nothing to help for the first 5 minutes constantly reminding me what i was doing when she barked out how. She told me to build up alot of spit
in my mouth, then suck and bite on the fabric, then to swallow and repeat the process until the part i was working on felt a regular wet sock before i was
to take that part out and replace it with the next part of the sock. She told me to be really thorough as she didnt want to have me do it all over again, but
she would if i messed up! (i didnt want that either so i was doing the best i could at this disturbing task.

For the next 35 minutes (yes, thats how long it took for me to get them to a state i wasnt affraid to show Becca at) Becca mostly ignored me
while watching TV and eating snacks except for one comment about 10 minutes in

-" Most people puke the first time they suck down my footsweat.."

I didnt know how Becca wanted it done but when i was done with them i left them on the armrest where she left them for me in the first place.

She picked up one by one and took her time inspecting them. It was so sureal it was almost facinating. Looking closely at each part, stretching it
a bit. When she put down the first one and picked up the second one she laughed and said

-" Looks like you even sucked out some of the colour in the fabric of this one!"

I cant even explain how that made me feel.

After a litte inspection i assume i did alright as she told me that she was going to put them in the washing machine and that she hoped my work
was enough to make them work for her final matches. I just sat there on the floor for a few minutes before she came back and stopped infront of
the TV, looked at me and said

-" Well, i think ive seen enough of your face for one day, my cleats needs a quick spitshine. You can do that in the hallway and then get the
fuck out of here. I hope i dont have to montitor ya?
When they look good and shiny your done."

before she dismissed me to the hall. It was so humiliating that even though she made me do all this things, SHE was tired of seeing my face.
I felt like such a loser. As i picked up her soccer shoes i was glad to see they looked pretty good compared to her boots and the socks i had scene.
A part from some grass and stuff between the knots under them, and a few brown spots on the top they looked pretty new. So i did what she had told
me to do. And regardless of her subhuman i felt, how disgusting it was, it was by far the easiest thing i had done since i met Becca after school that
I was almost done with the second one when i heard a door open, followed by a "mornin" and footsteps leading towards what i assumed was the bathroom.
I realized that that was probably Becca`s roommate C.J. I froze hoping that she wouldnt see me and that Becca wouldnt introduce me. I did NOT need my
situation seen by anyone!
Thankfully she didnt. She almost rushed towards me took away her shoe from me, looked at it real quick, before she opened the door behind me and
pushed me out with her leg while saying

_" See ya tomorrow" and closed the door with me pretty much falling out of her appartment.

After what i had already been through with Becca, the word tomorrow sent a chill down my spine, and i was already dreading going to school the
next day.

Bullied By Becca#3

The next day started as most other days. I got up, ate breakfast and got ready for school. As i got ready i thought about what today might include.
Obviously i had no clue, no way of telling, but aslong as Becca was at school and even if she wasnt she had my number, i knew she was going to
make me do something i didnt want to. I had during the days since i met Becca decided to focus on the fact that no matter what she would potentially
make me do it couldnt be worse then getting a beating from her. I dont know if it actually helped,but i tried to convince myself that my situation would
be easier to live with with that in the back of my head.

When i was about halfway on my way to school i saw Becca with 2 other girls on the oposite side of the street. The things Becca had made me do
came back in flashbacks as i found myself hiding behind a tree untill they were out of site. Granted i had a feeling i wasnt going to be so lucky i knew
my plan/goal for the day was to avvoid Becca at school.

Once i got to school i was about 5 minutes early and i decided to sit down and re-read some of my notes before the bell rang. I had just gotten my notes
out of my bag when i saw a shaddow and a pair of boots next to where i was sitting. It was Becca off course. As i looked up she smiled down at me and
asked me if i planned on buying lunch or if i had some with me. I replied that i had made lunch before school. She kept looking down at me for a few more
seconds before she barked impatiently

-" Well..Give it to me"

i reached for my lunch and handed it to her. I had made myself a sandwich. she took it out of the container and gigled as i saw her pull off her right boot with
her left foot and cram my sandwich into her boot before she put the boot back on and left. Naturally this took me by suprise and i just sat there for a while trying
to wrap my head around what had just happened. Eventually the bell rang and i went to class. About an hour into the 2.period there was a knock on the door and
as the teacher opened up i could see it was Becca with a plastic bag. Her and the teacher talked for a few seconds before the teacher came over to my desk and
gave me the plastic bag and said that Becca had explained that i forgot my lunch. I reluctantly accepted the bag having a feeling what was in there off course.

I noticed that several of the other people in my class started wispering. Naturally they were suprised Becca was "nice" to me, and maybe some
wondered what the deal was. I certantly wasnt going to explain or tell anyone.

After another hour of listening to the teacher and taking notes and stuff the bell rang and lunch was starting. I got a knot in my stomach as i for the
first time really had to think about the plastic bag and my lunch. I knew what was in it, and i felt i had a pretty good idea about what to expect, so every
fiber in my body told me to throw it directly into the bin and rather go hungry then to eat it. BUT
then i thought that maybe this was some kind of test from Becca. And as we have already covered i had NO intention of pissing her off anymore then
i had to, so after a quick debate with myself i decided to sit at my regular spot by the window in the caffeteria and to eat as normal. I just hoped i was
able to force it down.

I sat down, and opened up the bag. First thing that caught my eye was that my sandwich looked really different. A large piece of it actually looked soggy.
As i picked it up it actually broke in half. I had made it with toasted bread so that shouldnt happen. It didnt smell to bad. Slightly different but i tried to convince
myself that it was just the fact that i knew it had been stepped on by Becca in her warm boots that made me think twice about the smell. As i took the first of
many bites it was hard to convince myself that it was all in my head. It didnt taste as it was supposed to at all. At this point i had never tasted feet, but it was
impossible to imagine the funky added taste came from anything else. I struggled so hard to keep a straight face, and i dont think ive ever spent that long on
finishing a sandwich before. After i had finished i spent a good 10-15 minutes keeping it down.

As i headed upstairs for class after my horrible lunch i felt my pocket vibrate. A text..I picked up my phone and as i feared, from Becca. She told me to skip
the next class and meet her at the green bench. I hated the fact that she made my skip class. I pretty much had a perfect record. But as always when Becca
said something, i didnt have a fight in me. I left school and walked towards the park. As i turned the corner i could see Becca sitting there. I approached her
and without her even having to tell me i automatically dropped to my hands and knees. She smiled and said

-" Enjoy lunch bitch?" Before i could answer (no clue what i would have said) She continued

_"Im goin to a concert tonight, so i figure tonight will be the night to determine how you n i are gonna work out. I figured we could squeeze in a
bitch training lesson so you dont piss me off later."

I had no idea what she was talking about but i knew i wasnt gonna ask.She then told me that she was gonna train me in how to untie her boots.
For a second i thought to myself "Why would i need help in how to untie some shoelaces?" but then i realized she meant for me to untie them with
my mouth! She showed my how she tied her shoelaces, very slowly then said

_" So you just do the opposite, then loosen the laces a bit n then pull on this thing, then i can just slide my foot out ya know."

Then Becca picked up her phone and told me to get to work. At this point the humiliation wasnt even in my mind. I knew better then to piss her off.
I tried my best but it was really hard. Obviously untying boots with my mouth wasnt anything i had ever tried before.
It took me a while to figure out where to pull etc..
When i finally got it right she informed me that i had spent 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

-" Your gonna have to make it happen in 10 seconds flat starting tonight, so lets keep this shit going untill you get that shit right."

She barked as she re-tied her boots. She had me doing this over and over again as she timed me on her phone. After about 40 tries i was down to 38 seconds
so i got a feeling we were going to be here for a while. All the while doing this i was getting worried about the fact that someone would walk by at some point.
That made me work a bit faster too. After about 55 tries or so i finally made it in 10 seconds. Sadly enough Becca didnt seem happy at all.

-" I say we do it another 5-10 times to make sure ya can get it right in 10 seconds all the time now. Last thing we want is to piss me off tonight right?"

At that point i didnt know what she meant by "tonight", but she was right. Last thing i wanted to do was to piss her off. So we did it
another 10 times atleast. I was pretty much on 10 seconds all those times so she decided i was done.

She got up and then she said

-"im gonna need to have your ugly face outside my appartment at midnight. If your late ill kick your ass!" I almost argued about the fact that midnight
was a bit late as we both had school the next day but i knew better then to argue and im so glad i didnt say anything.

As she walked away what had just happened started to sink in and my worry for tonight got real. I had no idea what to expect, but i had a feeling i would
hate it. I also realized that as i would meet her late and had no idea how long she would abuse me i didnt know how much sleep i would get before school
tomorrow so i decided to go home and try to sleep a few hours. I dont think i actually fell asleep. But i sure tried.
My alarm went off and i got ready, left and started walking towards Becca`s appartment.
I got a bad feeling in my stomach as i got closer and closer to her appartment. Just as i was about to walk up the stairs i heard her behind me, i turned
around and i saw her pointing at me. I automatically dropped on my hands and knees in the middle of the street. I felt so stupid. As i looked at her in the
distance i noticed something was different about her. She was dressed as usual boots, jeans and a t-shirt. But for some reason she looked different. As
she stopped infront of my i realized why.

She had told me she was going to a concert. Thats why she looked different. She was sweaty from jumping around i assume. She walked by me and sat
down on the third step of the stairs as i turned around to face her. She looked at me for a few seconds as i soaked in the image of sweat rings on her t-shirt
and wet hair and somewhat messed up make-up.

-" Now its time to earn your fuckin keep!" She barked before just saying the words "Boots off! NOW!"
I hated when her mood was like this, i was actually scared as i jumped forward and did my best and fastest to untie and loosen up her boots.
As i finished the last one i took a small step back out of fear of doing something wrong. As i did she slipped her barefeet
(yes, barefoot in boots, late summer at a concert!!)
As i caught my first glimse of them i nearly threw up.
They were shining of sweat, was dirty and discolored, had several spots of dry and loose skin and when the the heat and stench hit me i
almost passed out.

Becca got a wicked smile on her face as she sort of leaned back supporting with her elbows as she said
casually but detirmed

_" So now is the moment we been working for. Now i decide if im gonna take ya in as my footbitch."

She paused giving me a second to let it sink in

-" I havnt washed my fuckin feet since i met you.
Most of the time i been wearing boots with no socks.
Ive squeezed in a few soccer-practises and just came back from a 3 hour concert.So heres where you come in."

She threw in a short wicked laugh as she continued

-" I hope for your sake that you get this shit right!
I been hopin to find a worthless piece of shit like yourself to make my footbitch since i moved here. Now your gonna put that mouth
of yours to good use and give my nasty ass feet a thorough tonguebath. Your gonna lick suck and swallow untill my feet are fresh
and clean. "

I was about reluctantly lean in when she continued

-" Every speck of dirt, dead skin, toejam an dried sweat will if you get it right end up in your belly!
I expect you to wash my fuckin feet as if your life was depending on it. And it pretty much does. If you fuck this up...Well, i guess we
both now whats gonna happen dont we?" She paused

-"DON`T WE?" She yelled as i nodded fearing for my life.

She looked at me with what i can only describe as pure evil before she said calmly

-" Get your worthless tongue out and get to work you fuckin pig!!"

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What a cruel place to stop the story. :(

Anyway, it's been awesome. I love the idea of one girl bullying another into becoming her 'footbitch'. I hope to see an update soon! :)

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Oh you work on 7 different stories? thats a lot. take your time the better they become. ... what kind of 7 other you are workin on?

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Oh you work on 7 different stories? thats a lot. take your time the better they become. ... what kind of 7 other you are workin on?

Yeah, its alot,lol. And i have a real life to live too, so sometimes i write almost every day and sometimes i dont write for a bit,
As far as what kind of stories, their all F/F and all in the forced/manipulated genre. Its what i like to read myself, so its what i end up being more
exited and creative about when writing. In my head they have good plots and alot of potential, so hopefully i can do them justice and ya will enjoy them when im ready to launch:)

Thanks for showin some interest fusslecker2000


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Off course she didnt have to tell me twice. I jumped in out of pure fear. The second my tongue hit Becca`s feet i had to really fight not to throw up all over her. The taste was beyond anything horrible i had ever been subjected to, the stench was so overwhelming, and the fact that i could feel whatever she had caked up on her disgusting feet actually collecting on my tongue and ending up in my stomach had me sicker then i had ever been.
Its hard to explain but i managed to get myself in a trance like state and i was 100% focused on the task at hand. I had to be. My stomach and taste buds was fighting with me every second.

It was late and apart from us i doubt anyone was outside. The only sounds came from me. Slobbering and slurping on Becca`s beyond nasty feet. 90% of the time i had my eyes closed. The few times i did glimpse up at Becca she was either looking down at me with a smug smile on her face or leaning back on her elbows with her eyes closed.

After a while i started to get tired. My tongue was numb and my body was starting to cave in. Sadly for me Becca noticed that i had slowed down i heard her cough and as i looked up i saw her lifting up the foot i wasnt licking at the time and barking

-" No slackin off bitch! When your cleaning my fuckin feet i expect enthusiasm. I dont wanna kick your fuckin teeth out right now, but trust me i will!"

As expected that made me forget my tiredness. I was now licking and cleaning her feet again with new born entusiasm.

-"DOnt forget the shit under my toenails pig!"

I have no idea how long it took, but it felt like hours.
At some point she kicked me back with her foot and actually checked her feet one by one to make sure i had done a "good" job.
Appearently i had as she smiled and said

-" Well fuckin done piggy! Your not completly usesless after all.
I knew ya had it in ya."

I didnt know whether to be happy or sad. On the plus side i would live to see another day, on the other hand it was safe to say i hadnt seen the last of Becca`s feet.

She placed her clean feet back in her boots and got up. She turned around and spat (aiming at my face i think, but she hit me mostly in my forehead and hair) on me before she signaled with her right hand close to her ear and said

-" Ill call ya bitch. Now fuck off!"

Before she went inside and slammed the door shut leaving me on my hands and knees on the stairs infront of her appartment.

I had a few minutes right there trying to process what i had just been involved with. As with anything involving that sick bitch Becca, it wasnt easy making sense of anything. At one point i snapped back to reality remembering it was a schoolnight and i couldnt really afford to skip any classes regardless of what i had been forced to do. On my way home i just prayed that i wouldnt hear from Becca in a while..

Bullied By Becca #4,2

I didnt hear from Becca in a few days. The best days of my life!
Well, atleast since i ran into that evil girl. And believe it or not it felt like my life was back to normal. Off course all i had been through and forced to do stayed in the back of my head, but after a day or two it was almost as if it was all just a bad dream. I was able to focus on school work and even relaxed a bit after school.

One day when i was walking back to class after lunch, the world stopped again as i felt my pocked vibrate. Becca!
I knew it was her as no one else i knew texted me when they made contact. A lump shaped in my stomach as i picked up the phone.

" Mickey`s sportsbar, downstairs in 2 Hours"

Was all it read.
As whenever i heard from Becca it was easier not to think about what was instore for me later. I tried my best to finish my last class of the day without thinking about it.
After class i put my books in my locker, checked the time i saw i had to leave right away. I knew what street it was on, but thats about it, so i figured i had to expect to look for a bit.

It took me about 10 minutes to find it when i arrived at the street i knew it was located. I had never been to a sports bar before so i didnt really know what to expect. As i entered i saw a big room with a bar, a few TV`s over the bar and about 15-20 people talking and having drinks and smokes. I remembered Becca had said downstairs so i walked around for a bit trying to find a way down. I really felt out of place. Most people here was alot older then me. Or atleast thats the impression i got.

Finally i found a set of stairs leading downstairs. When i got downstairs i was met with a big room without much light. Smokefilled and dark. There was a wide-screen TV showing a game and the volume was so high it actually hurt to be in there for the first few seconds until i could adjust.
Because it was so dark it took me a while to find her. I figure it was about 10+ people in there. Both men and female, some around our age and a few older. Finally i saw her back (i recognized her t-shirt). She was sitting next to three other people but on the end of her table. I reluctantly walked over to her. When she saw me she grabbed my hair and said
-" Theres my bitch! Just in time."
As she almost playfully slapped my face a few times while at the same time using her hand to push me down on my knees.

As i got down she said (well, more like shouted because of the game being on so loud.)

-" The game has just started and i got 50 bucks on this one."

I could clearly smell that she had been drinking. As she continued i just prayed that the rest of the room wouldnt hear her!
She grabbed my hair and leaned in towards me and pretty much screamed in my ear

-" While i enjoy the game i want you to give my fuckin feet a nice long lickin! Get your face down there and get to work pig!"

Before she pushed me down.
Off course as any other time Becca had told me to do anything i just did it rather then risking pissing her off. My instinct told me to hold my breath as i proceeded to start licking her nasty feet. Off course that lasted for 30 seconds tops and as i took my first breath i threw up a little in my mouth. I wondered how any girl at her age would willingly let her feet become that state. Clearly hygine wasnt one of her priorities. Then again, what can you expect from someone who sees it as a perfectly natural thing to reduce another human being to nothing more then a foot cleaning device?

Her feet was horrible, and the fact that she was resting her feet on her open boots constantly hitting my nostrils with that warm old foot sweat scent didnt make it easier. As i was licking her feet i thought to myself that the last thing i needed was to give her a reason to talk to me again while the game was on. So i kept focusing on letting every inch of her feet being covered by my tongue to avvoid her finding a spot not licked and maybe treat me like shit so loud that the others in the room would find out what i was being put through.

i licked all over her soles, between her toes, the tops,all over, then repeating the disgusting process but changing orders every once in a while. I absolutely hated what she had turned me into.
I hated how my brain worked when i was presented with anything involving Becca`s feet. I truly felt trapped in my own life.
I felt so stupid whenever i caught myself planning where to lick next. The game lasted almost 2 hours i think. Luckilly for me Becca ignored me the entire game, and the only thing that changed every now and then was how she placed her feet. She moved them around awhile when she got exited. Once she even kicked with the foot i had in my mouth. Luckilly it wasnt a hard kick, if it was i could have lost some teeth..

After a long time of constant licking (based on the reactions in the room) the game ended. However Becca didnt do anything, so i figured it was best to keep licking. I kept on doing that for the next 5-10 minutes, i was so tired and my tongue was dryer then ever when out of nowhere she removed her feet and stuck them back in her boots. Then she got up and grabbed my hair signaling for me to get up too.

She started walking upstairs and i followed. She went to the bar and ordered a beer and asked them to bring it to her table downstairs, then she walked outside and i followed. As we got outside she picked out a pack of cigarettes and lit a smoke.
She smoked about half of it before she said anything. I felt silly just standing there awaiting what would happen next.

-" We won by the way. "
She said. I felt so stupid but i actually smiled and said that that was nice. She saw i was uncomfertable and giggled with a arrogant grin on her face.

Then she dropped the cigarette butt on the ground and spat on it where it landed. She looked at me for a few seconds before she took her right foot out of her boot and stepped on the spit puddle and grabbed the cigarette butt between her toes. She lifted it slightly up and said

-" I think you should get that shit."

She looked straight in my eyes as she placed her heel on the ground and pointed her sole at me. She couldnt be serious?
I guess i shouldnt have been suprised but i was. She couldnt actually expect me to do such a thing..Not in public?
For the first time since i met Becca it was hard to separate my anger from my fear. For a second or 2 i didnt know whether to do what she told me to or whether to jump her and hope for the best.

I could tell she saw i was questioning her for the first time since she met me. But to my suprise she had a smirk on her face and said in a calm but detirmined manner

_" Your ass belong to me know. And right now, what i want is for you to get down on your knees and eat that shit like a good piggy."

She paused for a second before she said

-" I dont repeat myself. You got 2 seconds."

As if i had lost all controll over myself, i dropped to my knees in the middle of the street and reached out and sucked the spit,dust and cigarette butt off Becca`s foot. As soon as i had the disgusting texture in my mouth i was on my way up to avvoid making a scene, but Becca used her foot to hold me down while smiling and saying

-" You swallow that shit and show me your tongue and THEN you get up, jeez.."

I swallowed what i had in my mouth as soon as i heard that. It fought on the way down, but i managed to keep from throwing up and showed Becca my tongue. I felt absolutely worthless when i showed her my tongue. She actually laughed as she removed her foot and let me stand up. I looked around to see if anyone saw me but couldnt tell for sure. Becca put her foot back in her boot and was about to turn around when she looked at me and said

-" Just so you know. That was the last fuckin time you question fuck off."

With that she left inside the sports bar again and i was allowed to go home. I was once again left in a thunderstorm of thoughts. Once again she had proved that there was no way to predict what she had in mind. She had also proven without a doubt that i didnt have it in my to actually question her. I had (in my own head atleast) reached a new low, and was already having nightmares of what she would make me do next..

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