16-09-2012, 09:29 AM
One sexy woman that Nancy, 5'8 135 pounds, short blonde hair, blue eyes, pouty pink lips, beat with her feet did get real revenge on her. Donna was also in her mid 40's at the time, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, a small perky chest, but long sexy legs for her 5'7 inches. Donna was and is about 140 pounds, and she has very pretty size 8.5 feet. Donna's feet are slim and pale, her big toes and her second toes are the same size and her other toes descend evenly. Donna's feet also really sweat a lot and they have a sharp tangy smell to them, something that I got to experience first hand a few times myself. Donna is good friends with my wife, and she met Nancy through her. I had given Donna foot massages a couple of times, and I goofed about how stinky her feet were, and she would stick them right in my face flush, and liked doing it. Donna never had a foot in her face till Nancy pinned her down and smothered her under her bare smelly feet for at least 15 full minutes, in a previous wrestling match. Donna was never so humiliated. I can't believe that that bitch stepped on my face, she rubbed her freak'n feet on me, in my nose, and it was so horrible! Donna asked for a re-match and got one about 3 weeks later. Donna wore sexy blue silk strappy sandals to the fight with jeans and a red blouse. Her toes were a gorgeous candy apple red. Nancy had on black sandals and jeans and a black cotton top. Donna wanted the match to be fought in sandals and jeans, unlike the other match which was in bathing suits. Donna was better at fighting in 3 inch heels. The women traded slaps and kicks, Donna was able to kick Nancy in the left knee with her right sandaled foot, and she followed with a kick flush into Nancy's stomache. That was where the fight turned all in Donna's favor. She grabbed Nancy's short blonde hair and yanked and pulled and threw her down on the carpeted floor. She kicked Nancy with both sandaled feet, and Nancy curled into a ball. Nancy was not use to losing, but Donna wanted revenge! Donna kicked her in her breasts and her face!Donna then dove on her, then straddled her sitting on her neck and grabbing her arms. Donna then turned around and sat on her face with her jeans still on, rubbing Nancy's face red! Nancy was wiped out under the jean butt assault. Donna bounced on her face hard. Donna stood up and posed a sexy sandal on her neck. She then kicked the right sandal off, and slowly stepped flush on Nancy's face with her wet with sweat, tangy, smelly foot! How do you like my foot? Does it smell good? Donna rubbed her bare red toed foot all over her beaten face, pressing it on her red nose, loving humiliating Nancy beneath her sexy really smelly sweaty foot. Donna kicked her other shoe off and posed that foot all over Nancy's face! Nancy got a taste of her own medicine and she did not like it one bit! Nancy cried under Donna's stinky feet, and pounded the floor, begging her to stop! You love stepping on opponents, so you must like smelling feet too- Donna laughed, tossed her hair, and watched Nancy sniff her feet! Deeper sniffs bitch, between my sexy toes, I don't want you to ever forget their smell, just like I can't forget your stupid feet and what they did to me! Suck on my toes bitch, really taste my feet! Nancy licked every toe and up and down her sweaty soles for at least 30 minutes, until Donna was satisfied! She had to deeply suck her toes too. I couldn't believe Nancy got to taste de-feet! Nancy and Donna still see each other, they won't fight again, I think they both got enough of the others feet, the smell, the taste, to last for a long while!!!

17-09-2012, 11:10 PM
:o i like it

12-02-2013, 04:32 PM
A new member asked me if Nancy ever lost a foot fight battle. I am bumping this up as an answer to that question. I hope others enjoy this TRUE story as well!

08-06-2013, 08:09 AM
One more BUMP for another NEW member, who asked, if NANCY ever lost and was dominated by sexy feet....YES...and here it is!