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Hey guys im looking for a story wich i think is called michelle and hannah its about two girls who play soccer and the end of forceing eachother to smell their feet. Thank you!

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i remember this. and was one i frequented.

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Does anyone have this story?? Or atleast knows where it can be found?

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It was called Michelle and Heather and I am the author. Unfortunately I do not have a saved copy on my computer :/ I did not think it would be removed from here.

However, to anyone that does have a copy of this story, if you could post it onto the den I would gladly continue the storyline.

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Hey guys,

I saved a copy of Michelle and Heather a while back. I haven't altered the story at all, however I may have fixed spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. I sometimes do that as I'm reading through stories. Lastly, I did change the names of the characters a few times as I never had any intention of re-posting it. I changed the girls names back, but I cannot remember the mother's name for the life of me. It's as good as I got though. Do enjoy.

Michelle and Heather
By Incendie,

Michelle and her twin sister Heather were both very attractive girls. Both were tall brunettes with great looking bodies and both girls were very athletic, with their favorite sport being soccer. The girls played for the same soccer team in a very competitive division and they took all of their games extremely seriously. Both girls also had quite smelly feet after they played soccer and they often teased each other about this; Michelle received the majority of the teasing because her feet always seemed to smell worse.

The two girls lived in a warm area where the heat was almost unbearable every day and this made playing sports a struggle on their bodies that caused them to sweat immensely. Michelle and Heather had their finals for soccer and they knew it would be a tough game and they lost in a shootout. The drive home was full of tension as both girls were very mad about the loss and nobody spoke until a strong odor began to float through the car. “Jesus Christ Michelle put your shoes back on! Your feet reek!” Heather exclaimed when she saw that Michelle had taken off her shoes. Michelle simply gave her a death stare and tied her shoes back up and stared out the window until they got home. Heather went straight to her room and collapsed on her bed, passing out immediately because she was so tired from the game. Michelle sat in the living room in her soccer equipment as she listened to her mother rattle on about how she hoped her pantyhose wouldn’t make her feet sweat too much while she was out shopping. Their mother, Mary Jones, then blew Michelle a kiss and left for the night, leaving Michelle alone with her thoughts.

“How dare Heather make fun of my feet after a loss like that… She probably doesn’t even care about the team” Michelle thought to herself as she stared down at her cleats covering her sweaty feet. “Somebody needs to teach her what losing really feels like… “. Then the thought clicked inside Michelle’s mind. Michelle ran out the back door and into their backyard, crossing over to the shed and yanking open the door. Searching through the shed, she found a large roll of duct tape and quickly ran back out. Sneaking up their large staircase, she made her way to Heather’s room where Heather was still sound asleep. Michelle moved Heather’s arms to the corners of the bed and quickly peeled off strips of duct tape and taped her wrists to the bed’s corner posts, followed quickly by both her ankles to the other end of the bed’s corner posts. Michelle then had a brilliant idea and ran to her mother’s room and searched through her laundry basket until she found what she was looking for. Clenching the pair of dirty workout socks, she made her way back into Heather’s room just as Heather was starting to wake. Michelle peeled off a strip of tape and straddled Heather’s stomach, the tape in one hand and her mother’s smelly workout socks in the other.

As Heather’s eyes blinked open, her face immediately became filled with confusion as she saw Michelle sitting on her and as she tried to move her arms and legs to push her off she realized that she couldn’t. “Michelle! What the fuck are you doing?” Heather yelled as she quickly became angry and Michelle laughed at her and adjusted herself. “You’re about to get tortured Heather. For all the times you teased me, and for the way you acted after our loss earlier today you are going to go through hell. To start, why don’t you give our mother’s stinky, dirty workout socks a sniff?” Michelle asked and then placed her hand over Heather’s mouth and forced the toe end of the socks over Heather’s nose. Heather breathed in instinctively and then began shaking her head, trying to move the socks away from her nose. Michelle simply moved her hand so that the socks followed Heather’s nose everywhere it went. The smell of old sweat and their mother’s famous workout shoes filled Heather’s nostrils with each breath. “Awe you don’t like smelling mommy’s stinky socks? Okay you can taste them!” Michelle said and then shoved both of her mother’s socks into Heather’s mouth, quickly placing a strip of tape over her mouth so that she was unable to spit them out.

Heather was yelling through the sock gag as Michelle admired her work then simply reached behind her, ripped off one of her cleats and held it over Heather’s nose. Heather’s head began shaking and she screamed through her gag at Michelle and was desperately trying to avoid the horrible smell that was invading her. All the hours of running and kicking had accumulated sweat, dirt and grime inside Michelle’s cleats and Heather was quickly being introduced into just how much her twin sister’s feet sweated during soccer. “Mm isn’t that just a lovely smell?” Michelle asked with a giggle as she pushed her sister’s nose deeper into the cleat, making sure she got to the odor lodged in the toe section. Heather had begun to shake less and less, and Michelle assumed this meant she was getting used to the smell so she ripped off her other cleat and forced it over Heather’s nose. Immediately the squirming started again and Michelle laughed at her sister’s efforts.

After another 10 minutes of sniffing the rotten cleats, Michelle watched as Heather’s energy drained away from struggling and then knew it was time for part two. Michelle removed the cleats from her face and swung her legs around in front of her, neatly placing her sweaty, smelly feet onto her sister’s face without warning; the toes focused right on her nose. Heather’s eyes bulged immediately from the stench focused on her nose and she began screaming and squirming harder than she had the entire time. Michelle simply pushed down on her forehead with one foot to keep her head still while she slowly wiped the other one over Heather’s nose from heel to toe. Michelle then cupped all of her toes over Heather’s nose and wiggled them as she said “Breathe”. Heather inhaled deeply and then moaned and this was it for her. She began crying as she realized she was nothing more than her sister’s foot slave, and Michelle cemented this understanding by lifting her feet a little bit, but enough that Heather would have to lean forward to smell them and said “Sniff my feet.” Heather leaned forward and with tears flowing down her cheeks took a willing sniff of Michelle’s feet and instantly coughed into her gag from the smell.

Michelle pushed Heather’s face back down and proceeded to use her face as a foot wipe, rubbing her sweaty feet all over her face and focusing on rubbing her nose between her sweaty socked toes. Heather had been sniffing Michelle’s socked feet for an hour at this point, and Michelle decided to peel off her socks that were still drenched with sweat and dangle them over Heather’s face, the toe end hanging right over Heather’s nose. Heather had to endure the smell of her sister’s sweaty socks and then was forced to inhale all of it as Michelle held them in a bunch over her nose. “I know my socks smell so great… Don’t they? Don’t they?” Michelle asked and forced Heather’s head to nod. Michelle peeled off the tape covering her mouth and allowed her to spit out their mother’s now fairly clean socks. “Oh look at that, you cleaned mom’s socks for her. Now you can do the same for me.” Michelle finished speaking as she forced her socks into Heather’s mouth toe ends first and taped over her mouth again. Another evil idea popped into Michelle’s mind and she reached back to Heather’s feet and slowly untied both of her cleats, pulling them off individually and then peeling off Heather’s sweaty soccer socks. Holding a shoe up to her nose, Michelle breathed in and immediately moved the shoe away. “Damn Heather, looks like I’m not the only one with stinky feet huh?” Michelle said and then sniffed Heather’s sweaty sock and had the same reaction. “Here Heather, you can see what I mean” Michelle said and then tied Heather’s shoe to her face, so that no matter where she moved the smell would stay with her.

Michelle then reached forward and dug her fingers into Heather’s armpits and listened as Heather laughed through the sweaty sock gag. “Tickle tickle” Michelle said and continued tickling Heather, alternating between digging into her armpits and slowly trailing her fingers across the skin, causing Heather to inhale deeply from the laughter and smell more of her own foot odor. Michelle even decided to lean down and use her tongue to tickle Heather’s armpits, flicking it lightly against the skin and trying to ignore the taste of sweat on her tongue and the smell of her pits. Removing the shoe from Heather’s face, she held one of Heather’s own sweaty socks over her face and let her sniff for a bit, and then shoved the sock inside the second shoe and tied it over her face like the first one. Michelle then turned her attention to Heather’s sweaty feet and began tickling them mercilessly. Dragging her fingers up the sweaty skin allowed her to tickle all over Heather’s feet lightly and efficiently, tickling the balls of her feet and in between her toes. There was no way Michelle was going to use her tongue to tickle Heather’s feet, she could smell them from where she was sitting. Spinning around, Michelle untied the shoe and tossed the socks to the side of her head.

It had been two and a half hours of torture at this point, and there was still more to come. Michelle plopped both of her bare feet onto Heather’s face and laughed at how easily they slid across her face because of her foot sweat. Focusing on getting Heather’s nose in the smelliest places, mainly in between her toes and the balls of her feet, Michelle watched Heather’s reactions until she had pinned down the exact stinkiest spots of each foot and forced Heather to smell them often. Michelle used Heather’s nose to massage her feet as well, and then used it to play with when she began grabbing it with her toes. Heather had long since stopped struggling at this point and just laid there allowing Michelle to do whatever she pleased; the only sign of how much she hated the torture was the occasional tear rolling down her face, only to become mixed with Michelle’s foot sweat.

Michelle reached down and peeled off the tape and pulled out her socks, and decided to have a little more fun with Heather. “Alright Heather, you are going to lick my feet. .. But first, I’m going to make you lick your own stinky socks” Michelle then put on both of Heather’s socks, ignoring how sweaty they were and placed them in front of Heather’s face. “Go on Heather, lick your socks” Heather began to silently cry even more, knowing that all that she was about to taste was her own filthy socks on her sister’s feet. Heather extended her tongue and slowly dragged it up Michelle’s sock covered sole and inhaled when she got to the toes, then slowly licked back down. Heather repeated this process for both of Michelle’s soles, going very slowly so that she wouldn’t miss any spots. “Suck on the toe” Michelle said and pointed her sock covered big toe out, and Heather leaned forward and wrapped her cute little lips around it and began sucking; swirling her tongue around it and making sure to get rid of all the sweat. “That’s a good little girl” Michelle said and peeled off her sister’s socks, then dangled them over Heather’s mouth so that Heather had to lean forward in order to suck on the toe ends. “Alright Heather, time for the real thing” Michelle said and held her bare foot over Heather’s mouth.

Heather closed her eyes and let the tears come as she dragged her tongue up her twin sister’s sweaty sole, catching as much sweat and grime with her tongue as possible before swallowing. She lapped away from the heel all the way to the toes, and then repeated the same process for Michelle’s other foot. “Suck” was all Michelle said as she placed her toes in front of Heather, and Heather sucked each toe individually, sucking on them for five minutes each before licking in between and removing all the sock lint and dirt that built up between Michelle’s toes. Swirling her tongue over and around each toe, then licking her soles again and again until they were spotless, Heather was finally done licking. Michelle had one more trick, however, and quickly ran out and returned with their mother’s work out shoes; a pair of old, tattered and well-worn tennis shoes from when their mother did track practice in college. Heather’s mouth was taped over again and Michelle held the rotten shoe over her nose and Heather’s began to fight once more. Michelle’s feet were horrible, and her own feet were also pretty bad but neither of their feet could match the odor their mother’s feet could unleash and Heather was getting a pretty good whiff of it inside of her shoes. “That’s right Heather, sniff mommy’s stinky shoes” Michelle said as she laughed and laughed.

“What’s going on here?” The voice made Michelle freeze, and both of the girls whipped their heads to see their mother standing in the door way sweating and looking at her daughters. Mary Jones walked over to the bed and stared at Heather and Michelle equally and then placed her shopping bags on the ground.

THE END… For now.
Part Two

Mary Jones placed all of her shopping bags on the ground beside the bed and stood there with her hands on her hips staring at her daughters. Michelle still held the running shoe over Heather’s nose but was staring directly at her mother, a look of shock on her face. Heather began moaning into the shoe, trying to get her mother’s attention and stop this torture, but Mary Jones did not react. Her eyes went from a look of shock, to anger and then finally to determination. “Well Heather… How do mommy’s shoes smell?” Mary Jones asked and Heather began to scream into her gag at her mother with Michelle still straddling her and staring at her mom in confusion. Mary Jones climbed onto the bed and sat beside Heather’s head, watching as she inhaled from her tattered work out shoes. Reaching down, she pulled off one of her pumps and held it in her hand, then moved aside the workout shoe and placed the freshly removed pump over her nose. “Does this smell better?” Mary Jones asked as she moved Heather’s nose down to the toe part of the shoe.

Heather screamed and began thrashing around violently as soon as she had her first breath. The swampy inside of her mother’s pump smelled horrible from the leather, sweat and foot odor all trapped inside. “Aw come on, sniff mommy’s stinky shoe” Mary Jones cooed down to her daughter while Michelle sat there stunned and watched. Heather whimpered and her whole body shook with each sniff she took in and Mary Jones smiled as she watched. “Michelle, go grab my nylons that I wore to work last week from my hamper.” Mary Jones said without breaking eye contact with Heather and Michelle quickly left the room. Kat then stared down into Heather’s eyes and said, “Don’t worry sweetie she’s gonna be punished too. You both are”.

Michelle and Heather had been horrible to their mother of the past few years. Ever since becoming teenagers they had become rude, disrespectful and un-obedient towards her and she feared it was only going to get worse. Mary Jones had always been trying to think up ways to punish them, but groundings and threats only seemed to make matters worse. That was why as soon as she saw Michelle torturing Heather with her rotten workout shoes she got an idea. Michelle then came back into the room with her mom’s dirty nylons in her hand and sat on the bed beside her. “Thank you dear, grab me the tape please” Mary Jones said as she looked down at Heather. As soon as the tape was in Mary Jones’s hand she tackled Michelle onto the ground and easily rolled her onto her stomach, forcing both her arms behind her back. Michelle had not been expecting this at all and could not fight off her mother as she taped both her hands together behind her back. Mary Jones then rolled her over and put a hand over her mouth, using the other hand to force the old nylons over Michelle’s nose. “Do they stink Michelle? Do they? I should thank you for giving me this idea! I really should, I know you and Heather must love it.” Mary Jones spoke to Michelle as she attempted to move away from the nylons. “Okay time to clean them” and Mary Jones quickly shoved both pairs of nylons into her daughter’s mouth and taped over them.

Mary Jones watched Michelle shaking her head from the crusty taste in her mouth and then began un-taping Heather from the bed. As soon as she un-taped her hands however, she re-taped them behind her back like she had taped Michelle’s. “Alright Heather, here’s the deal. I’m going to keep your hands taped and your mouth taped over but I’m going to let you get some payback against your sister. You are going to sit on the edge of the bed and rub your smelly feet in her face while I go for a run on the treadmill, alright?” Mary Jones asked Heather and Heather nodded in agreement. Mary Jones leaned down and whispered, “Payback’s a bitch” into Michelle’s ear and then walked off towards the treadmill. She planned on wearing the sweaty nylons she still had on inside of her workout shoes while she ran.

Heather stared down at her sister from the edge of the bed and slowly moved her still sweaty feet onto Michelle’s face. Michelle flinched and began to squirm while Heather rubbed her smelly toes all over her face, especially focusing on getting her nose in between the toes like Michelle had forced Heather to do. Using her face as a foot-wipe, Heather dragged her feet up and down Michelle’s face so that she was forced to breathe in every inch. Michelle had stopped shaking at this point and laid there allowing her face to be manipulated by Heather’s smelly feet, tears rolling down her cheeks every now and then and causing Heather to laugh inside her gag. Heather grabbed her sweaty sock with her toes and used her feet to rub it all over Michelle’s face and made sure it focused right on her nose. It had been an hour of foot smelling so far and Mary Jones then walked back into the room. “Well Michelle how does it feel?” Mary Jones asked as she watched Heather’s toes cup over her nose.

Mary Jones grabbed onto Michelle and forced her to her knees in front of where Heather was sitting on the bed and peeled the tape off of her mouth. “Heather, did you lick Michelle’s feet?” Mary Jones asked and as Heather nodded she forced Michelle’s head closer to her feet. “Start licking Michelle” Michelle stuck out her tongue and slowly licked up and down Heather’s soles as her mom directed her head. Mary Jones especially made Michelle focus on the balls of Heather’s feet with her tongue, and then brought her mouth up to the toes and made Michelle suck on each one of her toes individually, starting with the big toe. “Look your sister in the eye while you suck her toes” Mary Jones whispered and Michelle’s tear filled eyes locked onto Heather’s while she sucked her big toe. “That’s a good girl” Mary Jones spoke as Michelle finished sucking on all of Heather’s toes.

Mary Jones pulled Michelle to her feet and grabbed Heather by the arm and marched both of them into her room and pushed them both onto her bed. She put Michelle on one side of the bed and taped her hands to the rungs that were built into the bottom of her headboard, and did the same with Heather on the opposite side of the bed. Tying their legs to the other end of the bed, Mary Jones now had both of them taped on her bed with room for her to sit in between them. She slowly extended her legs between them and rested her feet, still covered in her workout sneakers, between each of their heads. “Oh you girls are going to enjoy this.” Mary Jones whispered and reached forward, slowly untying her shoe laces.

The END… For Now.

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looking forward to the next installment!!!!!!!!!!

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ditto to that!

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The mother's name was Jennifer, and does anyone have the other additions to the story? I'd like to continue my story but I can't remember everything in the parts after this first part.

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Does anyone have part 2? I'm dying to hear it!!!

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Did you post it anywhere else but on here? Maybe it's still somewhere on the Internet Wayback Machine.

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I thought about halfway through the story that this must be one of yours, then scrolled up and found out it was!