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--- Foreword ---
Trying something new for the den, I put some of the story's fetish-content into the thread title. I'm hoping that doing this will draw more people to read it. I mean, I know that I personally only generally check out threads that I know have something I know I'll like. So I'm thinking that maybe putting the actual story's title just isn't enough to make people wanna take the chance and spend a little of their time reading it. I'd enjoy if maybe there were a way to actually attach "tags" of specific fetish content to the stories so that they're easier to navigate. I mean, I know it's all foot fetish, but what about differences like Domination versus Romance or Shrinking and Siblings? Anyways, here's a full "tag list" of the specific fetishes in the story.

[Shrinking, F-on-F Domination, F-on-M Domination, Insertion, Smelling, Sock Play, Sisters, Age Variation, and Anal. Yep, Anal.]

Lemme know in the comments if these fetish tags are what made you click to read the story. Maybe it'll catch on.

------Part Three: Devil Marion------
Five hours later that night, Uwe, Ädien, and little Katherine were all sitting around the television as the parents were in the next room, preparing for their night out. It was their anniversary dinner, and they had arranged a babysitter for Katherine. "Momma!!" Katherine groaned as her mother passed by on her way to the mirror, "Why do I need a sitter?" Her mother simply waved her hand dismissively. "Uwe and Ädien aren't available. Their boss Mr. Kriesel called earlier, they have to go to work in an hour" she said, as if the matter had already been gone over a million times. In truth, Karoüzi Kriesel had called the house earlier, and Mrs. Dämmerung had answered and received word about the couple working that evening; however the whole thing was a lie. Uwe didn't want to be stuck watching her after she had blackmailed him and done the whole escapade earlier that day, and called in a favor to his boss. "OK" their father said, walking over, "We'll be back tomorrow morning. Ms Kurtler will be here any minute to sit for you, okay Katty?" The young girl's eyes grew in excitement. "Mari's coming?!" she squealed, "You got Mari to be my sitter? That's very different!" Her mother laughed and walked to the door with their father. "Yes, so calm down" she said before stepping out the door, "Have fun, you." With that, the three were once again alone. Katherine was relieved about the sitter. Marion Kurtler was a long time friend of hers. At a summer camp program a few years ago, Marion had been a counselor and made close friends with Katherine. All summer, the duo was inseparable, even meeting up and coming over to Katherine's house on weekends. In fact, the friend that got Katherine into mild anal pleasure had been none other than Marion.

Alas, Katherine would never see her friend until much later that night if at all, because as soon as she heard the car engine fade into the distance, Ädien pounced on her and grinned. "Punishment time!" she laughed. "What?!" Katherine shrieked, "Don't hurt me." Her brother laughed and sat up. "She's not. But we agreed. A punishment to fit the crime. Go for it, my Goddess. I'll join in with you a little later, Känner wants me to hang out for like half an hour" Uwe said and strode off to his own room to call his friend. "So what're you gonna do to me?" Katherine asked, slightly afraid of what the witch might have in mind. The lovely blonde just giggled before chanting an eerily familiar chant, and soon enough it was Katherine who was shrinking down the same as Uwe did before. "NO!" she screamed in a newly teeny voice. "You stole my lover to be your feet-toy for a whole day when he belongs to me. It's only fair that I steal you to be mine for the whole evening" she stated as if it were a solid fact. She scooped the struggling and screaming girl up and undressed her like a barbie doll. "Oooh, lover's sis is so sexy" she teased. "Bite me" Katherine swore at her. Ädien pulled a hurt face before regaining her wicked grin. "Now, now. Don't insult your temporary Goddess" she said and pulled her very well worn sock open at the ankle with one hand. "New home!" she squealed and deposited Katherine inside, firmly wedging the girl's head between her sexy soft, but moist toes. Ädien giggled and blushed. She had never done this with any previous boyfriend, let alone any girl; but it felt just as incredible as when she did it with Uwe. It even turned her on, because it felt naughty, even if it wasn't playfully erotic like it was with Uwe. Still, she took great pleasure in feeling a person getting squished under her orgasmic feet as she walked to Uwe's bedroom and lay down on his bed. "Well, Känner's coming over as soon as Marion gets here. I'll just say Katty's asleep or something" Uwe said, getting up from his desk and smiling at her. "She feel good, Goddess?" he asked. Ädien giggled and nodded. "Very. But not quite the same as you" she said and pressed her foot against the wall, so as to squish her captive to her sole. Uwe just laughed and plucked the sock from Ädien's other foot and walked to the door, "Something for fun while I wait" he said and left. Pouting, Ädien playfully wiggled her toes on Katherine's head and squeezed her. "Silly lover, I could have still sucked him off if he wanted fun while he waited for the sitter..." she said and took her pouty mock-anger out on Katherine by grinding her foot on the wall.

Out in the living room, Uwe sat down on the couch and sighed. It felt good to just have a little quiet after all the "excitement" that had been inflicted on him that day. He stretched out and lay back, holding Ädien's sock up to look at. It was a ankle-high with pink trace lines all over it and at the toe and heel. He could smell the familiar scent of his love's feet if he held it close enough to his nose, and the thin fabric was soft in his grip, although slightly crusty at the toe. Uwe smiled as he took deep whiffs of the sock and slipped his dick from his pants. At once, he felt it grow as his mind swelled with thoughts of her and her superb feet. His pride grew to a nice ten of its eleven possible inches as he switched and took to rubbing Ädien's dirty sock along its length. Sadly his bliss was destroyed be a loud squeal from a much older blonde haired girl than the one he was thinking of. Uwe whipped his head over to see the sitter, Marion Kurtler, and two friends standing in the doorway to the living room, looking in disbelief at him. "Are you jacking off with a sock, Uwe?" Marion demanded, walking over before he could do anything. Uwe stammered and tried to think of something, anything, to say in his defense. "That's a little weird" one of her friends, a red head named Lilly, said as she too walked over and kneeled in front of him. The other friend, another blonde named Allison came over too, "That's an impressive cock, though." All three friends laughed together, not a single one taking their eyes off Uwe's sock clad dick. Although her face was blushing red, Marion held herself together. "So... Uhm... Where's Katty?" she asked. Uwe sighed in relief at even a slight distraction. "She went to bed already" he answered, "About a hour or so ago. She was wasted after school today." Marion nodded and unintentionally licked her lips. Uwe laughed uncomfortably and slipped his erection back into his pants and sat up. "Anyways, my folks are paying you anyways. So I guess we can just hang out. I got a friend coming in half an hour anyway" he suggested and smiled weakly. The girls giggled back and sat down around the room. There was a moment of silence before Marion found a crumpled piece of paper stuck between the cushions of the couch she was sitting on. It looked like Katherine's hand writing and it was written as if it were addressed to Marion herself. It read something like "Mari! Guess what! I found this magic spell we can use to have a lot of fun tonight. You'll never guess what it does! It makes people shrink! I used it all today on my brother, oh my god it was so fun! You have to try having him smushed under your foot. It rocks! I'm writing this in case brother and his girl are in the room with us, cause I couldn't tell you about it out loud if they were." Below the paragraph, there was a string of words scribbled down that looked like a weird language Marion had never seen before. As he sat there, in the uncomfortable silence of the room, Uwe noticed Marion reading a paper and was about to ask about it when her friend Lilly went into fits of giggles and couldn't stop herself from blurting out "That was a fantastic penis!"

In her white sock prison, Katherine was swearing loudly as her face was smushed between the witch's toes. Her mouth was getting a prime taste of Ädien's sweaty foot while feeling the soaking wet fabric of the girl's sock plastered all over her naked body. It felt dirty and disgusting. For a moment she thought whether it was like this for Uwe when she had him under foot earlier that day. All the same, she decided it was different since she and Ädien were both girls, and Uwe probably enjoyed it. The smell was nearly unimaginable. Something like musky pizza mixed with a slight whiff of honey; which was more noticeable in the way her flesh tasted. "This is so gross!" she tried to scream before her mouth was once again filled with blonde foot. Just the same, though, as Katherine felt her young breasts being smushed and rubbing against the sole, she couldn't shake off slowly getting aroused. Outside, Ädien was giggled in severe fits. This was feeling more amazing than she had thought it would. She would obviously need to have both siblings under each foot some time soon; what a good school day that could be. She wiggled her toes and flexed her foot just enough to make sure Katherine would be dislodged from her sole and float freely in her sock, before she violently shook her foot madly. Inside, Katherine was thrown maniacally and smashed repeatedly into Ädien's sole and get caught between the toes. Ädien laughed as she felt Katherine now being wedged between her toes in a straddling position, which gave the witch the perfect opportunity to get her toes rubbing and pressing again the tiny young girl's pussy. "Love your Goddess' feet, babe. Life'll get a lot better" she teased, knowing it was loud enough for her to hear. She couldn't hear her captive's reply, but she giggled all the same and kept masturbating the poor girl.

"Uhh... Thanks" Uwe said, embarrassed a girl who isn't Ädien had even seen his dick. Lilly and Allison just kept giggling in fits as Marion was still sat on the couch, trying to get her head around the note. "So you like feet?" Lilly asked, while making an obvious show of removing her sandals and flexing her gorgeous orange painted feet in front of him. Uwe's face lit up bright red, "Well... I ..." Allison laughed out loud and stripped off her own shoes and socks, sticking her bare feet out before her. "Massage them, please!" Lilly giggled like an idiot as she declared it, "We just had an über long plane flight and they're just killing us after that line to get our bags." Allison smirked and pushed her right foot brazenly into his lap, directly on his still present erection. "Yeah, it's not often you get two American beauties in your house, is it?" she teased. Squirming a little, Uwe couldn't think of a good reason to deny them. Still, he didn't overly want to do anything with the girls in front of him. It had been a miracle Ädien hadn't gotten mad due to Katherine, and he didn't wanna push his luck. Even so, Lilly and Allison had other plans. One girl winked at another and both had a crystal idea of their plan. The blonde rushed forward and tugged Uwe's erection back out as the red head gripped it tightly with her feet. "Oooh" Lilly cooed and began rubbing the stiffy with her orange toes while Allison climbed onto his belly to hold him down, thrusting her own feet forward into his face to shut him up. Uwe's objections were muffled by the insertion of Allison's amazing toes and his cock was as rigid as ever while Lilly's pale soft feet stroked it with a grip Uwe could hardly believe. Allison giggled and wiggled her toes in his mouth, occasionally catching and holding his tongue between them. "It feels really good" she said, "I'm surprised." Lilly laughed and gripped him with one foot as she furiously rubbed the tip of his dick underneath her other sole. Finally snapping out of her wonder, Marion looked at her friends and burst into laughter. "You horny American sluts" she teased them, "Just couldn't wait till we got to a bar, could you?" The girls just shook their heads and giggled. "You know he's taken, right? And lemme tell you, his girl is quite a piece of work" Marion warned. Her blonde friend just shrugged and slapped the side of Uwe's face with one foot. "So? We can't pass up a dick that amazing. Besides, he doesn't look like he's resisting too hard" she reasoned and resumed cramming her feet in his mouth. Marion shook her head and sighed, as she watched the girls change places so Uwe got a mouthful of tasty ginger feet. As the girls worked, his large pride soon erupted and flowed all over Allison's feet and shins. To everyone enormous amazement, Lilly spun around and began licking her friend's lovely feet clean of Uwe's sperm.

As the girls cleaned up, Marion climbed on top of Uwe and smiled. "My turn, I guess" she said and wasted no time in leaning over to give him a very deep and passionate kiss. When she broke off, a wicked grin flashed over her face as she grabbed Ädien's sock from where it lay beside the boy and quickly stuffed it into his mouth like a gag. "Hehe Hush now" Marion teased and reached down, stroking his dick in her hands. Uwe struggled under her weight, but couldn't fight free. To his slight horror, Marion had a huge smile and moved down, shoving his erection up her asshole and then thrusting herself up and down on him. A blush broke across her face and she began to pant while on him. She hadn't had sex in a while, and this was absolutely amazing. Uwe himself moaned loudly even with the sock stuffed in his mouth. Marion's anus was tighter than he would have thought, given what Katherine had told him about her anal fetish. The heat and friction was really getting him harder and harder; even after having been jerked off a few minutes before. As Marion fucked on him, her friends came back in the room and giggled. "Oh, and you have a go at us for not waiting?" Lilly said. Marion just blushed and batted her eyes innocently at them. "I have a good idea, though" she said. Her friends wondered what the idea was for a moment and heard Marion speaking some strange words. "Mari? What're you doing?" Lilly said. "Look" Marion said, pointing at Allison as she bounced on the cock in her ass. Right before their eyes, Allison Prescott was shrinking down to a mere five inches tall. "What the fuck is happening?!" the tiny blonde swore. Lilly just stood in awe before laughing insanely. "How?" she asked. "Like I said, his girl is a piece of work. She's a witch, and that was a spell someone left written on paper" Marion explained with a grin. Uwe heard that and panicked. He couldn't have outsiders like them knowing about Ädien's magic, let alone using it. It was bad enough his sister knew that spell. "That's sooo neaat!!!" Lilly screamed and grinned evilly at her friend. "Why don't you put on a show for him? Play with little Ally with your feeties" Marion suggested while continuing to ride him. She moved his head, so he could easily see Allison getting stepped on and all around molested by her friend Lilly's feet. Uwe had to admit, Lilly's feet were amazing. Easily as good as his sisters, and possibly gave Ädien's a run for their money. They were pale and slightly freckled to complete the sexy look of the typical Irish-American red head, painted orange for her toenails. As he watched the poor girl get absolutely tortured by the flawless ginger feet, Uwe felt his cock positively erupt in Marion's asshole, filling it nicely.

Back in Ädien's sock, beneath her creamy sweaty blonde foot, Katherine was close to orgasming for the fifth time in the past hour. The blonde's toes hadn't let up since they started rubbing her tiny pussy and even now continued to do their work. She let out a moan and yet again tasted feet. Her pleasure was steadily building and she had to admit, she was starting to get very turned on, even accepting her situation. However, suddenly, she felt the world grow cold light engulfed her. The sock had been removed and Ädien's face was looking down at her. "Aww... Is lover's sis having fun?" she teased and kept masturbating her. Katherine only nodded dully as her cheeks were apple red and her pussy drooled on the giant blonde's toes. Laughing, Ädien smiled brightly and brought her other foot over, making Katherine tumble down between her soles, making a sandwich like they had to Uwe earlier. "Double your pleasure" Ädien laughed and smushed her between her lovely soles, grinding them together firmly. Her soles held Katherine tight, and she could immensely taste the sweet and salty tang of the blonde's soles more than ever before. "G... Goddess..." she mumbled and orgasmed violently between Ädien's feet. The huge soles withdrew, and the tiny girl collapsed on the bed below. The amazing witch leaned over and smiled at her. "I heard that" she said, grinning, "Goddess am I? Glad you learned it. Hehe." Katherine blushed and looked away, while feeling her body cool down a little after all the excitement. "Don't get too rested, love" Ädien said, "I have something else in mind. Let's do that footjob, but not like I said before."

After getting Uwe's milky seed in her butt, Marion felt nicely satisfied. Her friend Lilly on the other hand was a different story. The red head was still lovingly stomping her poor friend with her feet and pumping fingers into herself the whole while. "Fuck me!!" she moaned as she masturbated. "He could" Marion answered, cuddling Uwe after he had come in her just a short bit earlier. Lilly's eyes bulged and she smiled ear to ear. "Really?" she asked, "Please!" The older girl giggled and nodded, "Sure. I got an idea, though." Marion got up, and fished poor Allison out from beneath Lilly's feet. "Fancy a swim?" she asked in a tease as she sat back next to their captive boy and began pumping his dick to get it hard for a third time. As soon as it stood tall in the air, Marion pressed her tiny friend to his stiff and used a hair band to tie the girl around his wood like a living ring. The tiny girl struggled madly. "NO!" she tried to bellow, but it was barely audible as a giant Lilly loomed over her. The red head beamed brightly and licked her lips. "Needs lube" she said and bent over to passionately lick and slurp the combination of penis and friend until it was soaking wet. Giggling at the itsy bitsy swearing girl bound to a huge cock, Lilly stood up and grinned. She spread her butt cheeks and slowly, torturously fed the whole length into her anus. Her eyes shut and her mouth went slack in pure pleasure. It was incredible to have this boy's dick inside of her, not to mention the huge power trip having her best friend in her ass too. The ginger writhed and moaned in ecstasy as she rotated and grinded herself on Uwe, getting the whole length of his shaft and Allison in and out of her butthole, before back in again. Marion just sat back and watched, delighted to see her friend having this much fun. She leaned over to Uwe and smiled, while she pulled the sock out of his mouth. "Time to eat some spicy ginger feet, babe" she said and pulled Lilly's soles over to his face, planting them in his mouth before he could yell for help. The stimulation was intense as Uwe tasted Lilly Carter's outstanding feet and felt his cock pounding in her suffocating tight ass. He couldn't hold back as he orgasmed for the third time and promptly blacked out due to exhaustion. Screaming in love as her young anus was filled whole with his spunk, Lilly felt herself buck and jump as she too orgasmed and thought of the lovely hell Allison must be going through right now. As the world blurred black, the last thing she saw was a very pissed off looking girl walking into the room, and Marion vanishing from sight.

The darkness cleared and Uwe's throat felt dry as he woke up on his bed. He couldn't account for how he had gotten in here, or even what had happened after he came in Lilly's ass. "What?" he spoke aloud, "Hello?" A familiar voice rang clear next to him, as Ädien Zauberei propped herself up on an elbow. "Heya love" she said, smiling, "Glad you're awake." That was a relief. At least Ädien seemed ok, and she was thankfully the only person in the room. Looking around, he was still fully clothed and there was no tiny girl strapped to his penis. Ädien was also in her clothes, and looking back at him very lovingly. "What happened?" he asked, "It's all kinda blurry in my head. Like my brain doesn't wanna remember it." His blonde Goddess cracked a wicked grin and stuck out her feet. She was wearing a new pair of socks, and somehow they were moving. Rippling like waves of movement under the fabric. Uwe looked at her shocked. "You didn't" he said. "Oh, I did" Ädien answered, "They corrupted you. They had to be punished." As he looked at the squirming figures in his lover's socks, he wondered who it was anyway. "There's a red haired girl glued to my right and a blonde on my left. Both face down. Marion is taking a dip in my ass" she stated. Laughing, Uwe kissed her and held her tight. "And my sis?" he asked. She kissed back and snuggled to his neck. "I let her go. Punishment was over for her. Although I get the suspicion she started to like it" Ädien said. A few hours later, when Uwe's batteries were recharged. Ädien sat barefoot in front of him with Lilly and Allison still glued to her soles, both facing with outward. The witch grinned as she wickedly rubbed her lover's rock hard cock with her feet, making sure the bad girls were smushed to against his shaft; getting facefulls of dick as they were moved up and down its length. "Lick it and help me rub it by using her tiny arms and feet, kay?" she commanded, "Stupid girls." This was their punishment for taking advantage of her boy; the eventual flood of sperm that would drench them was just a bonus.

Part Four uses alot of Japanese, since the character involved is, well, Japanese. Back when this story was originally posted to the Den, I had included translations of what she was saying. Now, 4 years later, I can't for the life of me remember. Most of it should be obvious via context, but incase it's not just try and make something up. I'll see about posting a copy with translations later on.

------Part Four: Angel Erika------
Wednesday afternoon had a bright and crisp sunny day, with Uwe Dämmerung and his best bud Känner Valkyrine sitting across from one another on the school's rooftop. Classes were out for the day and the guys were sort of bored. Ädien Zauberei, Uwe's girlfriend, was engaged in a school production and it was a staff-only thing, so he couldn't be there; as much as he'd love to be. The bore down on them, making Uwe rest his forearm over his eyes. Känner yawned as he propped himself against the railing. His eyes lazily scanned the distance and his mind seemed even further away. "Ahhh..." he sighed, his long auburn hair swaying in the breeze. "Hm? What's up, man?" Uwe asked, peeking up at his friend. Känner shook his head. "It's nothing" he said, looking away. Getting up to stand beside him, Uwe clasped a hand on his shoulder. "No, it's something. You're practically screaming it, man" Uwe said. The boy took an awkward breath and turned to face him. "It's just... You've been with Ädien since forever, Katherine's too young, and Mari's a lesbian. Who's there for me?" he said, a sense of dismay obvious in his tone. Uwe thought for a moment, and when he couldn't come up with a good answer, he just sighed and sat down. There was an uncomfortable silence between them until Uwe burst up from where he sat with the brightest grin on his face Känner had ever seen. "I've got it!" he yelled. "Eh? What exactly's in that head of yours?" Känner asked in confusion. The first grabbed the second's arm and rushed from the rooftop, down the stairs, and into his car. "I know just the girl, bud!" Uwe said, happy as could be, "She's new to the area. Well, scratch that, the country. Otherwise, I'd've suggested her to you long before now." Shrugging, Känner sat in wonder the entire drive and watched the houses blur by. Before long, they pulled into Marion's driveway and were walking to the door. Känner was about to ask what he was even gonna say to this new girl, when a rather breath taking red head answered the door; clad only in a bikini and was dripping wet. His eyes raced to take in every detail of the beauty and came to focus between her amazing eyes and gorgeous feet, which looked as if they made any man drool on sight. "Uwe!" the girl squealed happily. "Hey Lilly, this is my buddy Känner. He's single, looking for a sexy thing to hold, an amazing dude, and from what my sis has told me, has a great dick" Uwe introduced before Känner could even open his mouth. He stood there highly embarrassed for a moment until he noticed Uwe vanish beside him. The two watched as he hopped back in the car and was backing out of the driveway. "Uhmm... Anything else?" Lilly asked, almost laughing. "He likes feet too!....." Uwe yelled as the car got too far away for them to hear anything more. Nervous beyond comprehension, Känner looked back to the red goddess, who to his surprise was looking hungrily back at him. "So... Hey..." he stammered, trying to think of something good and suave to say. Lilly Carter just smiled devilishly at him and said as erotically as possible and in perfect English, "Hello, Känner Valkyrine, friend of Uwe Dämmerung. You know you're going to spend the rest of the day kissing these feet and lips, right?" He got red as a fire engine and chuckled weakly. "Oh, I'm serious, babes" she continued, "Now that you're here, I'm not going back into the pool. I'm gonna have some fun with you. Probably a good, proper date tonight after we have our fun, though."

Back at the school, Uwe strolled into the hall and peeked into the band room. Everyone was still going at it. He smiled and waved at Ädien as she played on her flute. She was beautiful, not only physically, but her playing was magnificent. Smirking to himself, Uwe walked through the school and peered into the empty classroom. It felt weird to be in here after hours. Like it was illegal and a totally different planet. There was a rush of movement as Uwe was tackled to the floor. Looking at his attacker, he saw it was a very cute Asian girl. No more than twelve years old. "Ohayo gozaimasu Uba-kun!" she squealed happily and clung to him in a hug. Uwe blinked and shook his head clear of the ringing his ears had picked up on his fall. "Ow! Mach's nicht!" he half yelled at her. Sighing, he looked at her. The sweet almond-eyed girl before him was Erika Zauberei, his girlfriend's younger half-sister. Her mother had been a Japanese woman and a previous business partner of their father's, but the marriage hadn't lasted and Ädien's dad won custody of her. Since then, the family had been reunited, meaning Ädien's biological father was re-married to her biological mother; not Ms Koiyama. All the same, little Erika felt deeply connected to her Asian heritage and primarily only spoke Japanese, even when in Gymnasium classes. "Eh? Tut mir Leid, kann dir gar nicht kapieren, Kleine" he said, mocking her. Erika just clung to him and tried repeatedly to kiss his cheek. "Eiiya! Kisu kudasai!" she protested and managed to plant her young lips on his lower lip. With a heavy sigh, Uwe picked her up and set her down on the floor. "You shouldn't do that, you know. After all, Ädien's kinda touchy when I'm involved" he said, continuing his walk. "Soo desu ka..." she grumbled, "Anone, aishiteru Uba-kun!" Ignoring her, Uwe retraced his route and trudged up the stairs to the rooftop and reclaimed his perch, lying down. "Naja... You gotta speak normally, you know. Can't understand you if you don't" he said, shutting his eyes, "Wakarimasu ka? Verstanden?" The small girl groaned and lay beside him, kicking her legs in the air. "Iie! Dame doitsu ka!" she said in a mock tantrum. She rolled to her side and smiled. "Oh, alright" she said, "But I still like you, Uba-kun." He rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. "Look, Erika. I'm dating Ädien. In two years, it's likely I'll be marrying her." he said. The girl moved and straddled him, looking into his eyes. "Why my sister over me?" she demanded. Thinking for a moment, Uwe burst into laughter and hugged her close. "Because you're like, twelve years old. It's illegal. Even in your precious Japan" he laughed, "Besides, Ädien got here first." Erika grumbled to herself but still immensely enjoyed the feeling of being cuddled to Uwe. She got the feeling that a lot of the time, she was only a kid in his eyes. Naturally, she hated it. Erika wanted desperately to be loved by him or someone much like him. She wanted to be seen as an amazing sexy woman, not some dumb kid. A devious grin swept on her face as she got an idea. Just like her older sister, Erika had the ability and knowledge to use magic. While she couldn't affect Uwe's free will directly, she could tweak his biochemistry to make him extremely suggestible, and better, extremely horny. She knew it wouldn't be love, but she hoped if she could just show him how fantastic she could be at satisfying him sexually, he'd come to see that dating her instead of her sister was the right thing.

Känner smirked as he got Lilly to let out a low moan of pleasure. His tongue danced and swirled between her toes, which tasted lovably of marshmallow and cherry. The red head was absolutely just melting before him while he got to taste and give his love to her sexy feet. He gave a long and wet lick to her sole as she orgasmed very notably. "Wow... You're very good at that, babes" she said and switched her feet in his hands. Känner laughed and resumed kissing her new foot. "Well, Uwe's better than I am. He's had years to practice on Ädien" he said humbly. Lilly shook her head, "Nah. He didn't lick mine half this well." Placing her foot on his cheek, Känner blew a kiss at her. "It's cause he loves Ädien. You made him do it by force, I'm doing it cause I think I can love you" he explained, "Well, more like I am loving you. More every tasty second." Blushing madly, she slipped her foot back to his mouth and cuddled a pillow in her arms. To be honest, she really was falling for Känner. He was skinny, but as built up as Uwe, not to mention much cuter in her opinion; although that may just be because he wasn't 'forbidden fruit' of a witch, who'd do terrible things to her if she ever laid a hand on him again. It was just that she was dying to get some foot worship again that she was having him do what he was. Otherwise, she'd have jumped in Marion's car and gone on a date with him the second she had been alone with him. Still, it didn't seem like he minded in the slightest. He was really licking down her feet like lollipops. On a whim she caught his tongue between her toes and smiled at him. When he smiled back, she reached and pulled him close to her and cuddled. "Give those yummy things a rest and taste something better" she teased and began to kiss him passionately, and deeply.

Quivering lips closed around Erika's pale toes and a slightly hypnotized Uwe licked between them while his erect dick was stroked lovingly beneath her other foot. The Asian cooed softly as she smiled at him. "Kekeke... Uba-kun suki Ashi ka? Jiman desu" she giggled and looked at him, guessing he didn't understand. "I'm glad you like my feet, love" she said, clarifying as he began kissing her right sole like a yearning lover. Her young pussy was drooling madly and it was all she could to keep from shoving her fingers inside right now. "Oh Uba-kun~" she giggled, "Chitsu nameru kudasai~!" Although Uwe didn't understand Japanese, the meaning was all too clear and he leaned forward away from her luscious feet and into her waiting pussy. Erika moaned and wrapped her legs around his neck as he began to eat her out; his tongue probing and exploring every tasty crevice of her young twat. Her taste was incredible, but oddly familiar. It was like honey mixed with rum, reminiscent of Ädien's honey and wine. Wait a moment. Ädien? Ädien! Uwe's eyes blinked and his mind cleared slightly when he thought of his love. At once he tried to back away from Erika, to find her legs firmly around him. "Iie! Nameru!" she breathed as she forced her pussy further against his lips. Redoubling her energies, she reinforced the spell, making his hormones go out of whack again. His licking resumed and her juices flooded his mouth, causing him to swallow and drink her in. Something hot and fleshy touched her leg and she noticed his cock as hard as ever standing out, untouched. With a frown, she pouted and brought her lovely feet up and began to stroke it, smiling as she did so. "Gomen nasai, Inkei-san" Erika giggled, embarrassed that she went through all the effort of getting him like this and not jerking him off sooner. Her small soft toes gripped his length and traced down to his balls and back up to his tip. "Suki Ashikoki ka, Inkei-san?" she teased and kept her pace up. Her breathing got rapid as she climaxed on his lips and lay back, pulling him up to lay beside her. "Arigato Uba-kun" Erika smiled and cuddled to his chest again, kissing him deeply. His cock poked her belly, and she remembered that he hadn't orgasmed himself yet. "Ahh! Gomen nasai!" she squealed and wiggled away a little before replacing her feet on his crotch and resuming her footjob. Her cute Asian feet were amazing on his throbbing cock. They were soft, plush, and gripped him so well. It wasn't long until he erupted all over them, causing her to squeal in excitement and hastily lick them clean.

The young Asian sprang up once her feeties were sperm free and handed her zombified lover her panties and a sock. "Watashi ha watashi no ashi wokireini iku. Kokonigo taizai, watashi no kutsushita nonioi" she ordered and sighed since she had to repeat, "Stay here. I'm gonna wash my feet. Jerk off with these." Erika strode off, leaving Uwe to take deep whiffs of her panties while he had his still erect cock buried in her sock. She returned not a moment later, carrying a pair of thick white Japanese school girl socks; which she'd been wearing for a week prior and left to rest in her locker until now. The smirking girl sat next to him and kissed him while she helped him rub her sock on his dick. "These are for later" she explained, "This, however, is for right now." She had his cock firmly in her hand and a wicked smile. "Ready for the best anal you're ever gonna have?" she said as she lowered her lips to his cock, lubing it before the fun began. Her young mouth was more than enough as it as for Uwe to twinge with excitement and arousal as she gave him an amazing blowjob, even bobbing her head on his tip and fitting his ball sack in her mouth and sucking as hard as she could. Without thinking, he reached to grab hold of her thighs and turned her around to face away from him. His slippery cock made a horrible squelching noise as six of his inches slid into her fantastically tight asshole. In pure pleasure, Erika's cute mouth made a lovely "O" like Katherine's as Uwe pumped and pounded her butt. The feeling was intense, since she was tighter than any girl he'd ever been with in his life. Just the same, he continued to grind and prod his dick in her, even as the spit from her blowjob dried up. Erika moaned loudly and muttered a spell to add a mystery fluid as lube to his cock. It was either that, or she'd end up screaming from how much it'd hurt, not that she wasn't close to screaming anyway from the sheer size of his cock. "Ohkii desu!!" she screamed as she felt him withdraw all of his length and suddenly cram it all back up her butthole. Even with her mind blurred with ecstasy, Erika made sure to fold her legs under herself so that as he fucked her ass, his balls would rub against her soles. Uwe panted and thrust deeply into the young asian's butt, stirring his meat inside. He leaned forward and hugged her tightly to his chest and turned her head so he could kiss her lovingly while he nailed her. When their lips parted, she bit softly onto his lower lip and muttered "Aishiteru..." before she slumped forward and moaned loudly. Her small breasts swung in the air as his cock plunged so deep into her, that his balls slapped audibly against her pussy. "Tsu tsu tsu" she panted in her cute little Japanese way and her back arched. "Oh! Kantsuu!! Watashi kantsuu!! Koumon kantsuu no watashi, Uba-kun!!" she moaned and nearly screamed as she climaxed again, "Fick mich!!" Her face glowed red as she felt Uwe's cock burst inside her anus, flooding it to the brim with sperm. Spinning around, she pulled him into another deep kiss until his cock ran dry. Erika closed her eyes and grinned from ear to ear as she loved feeling her tight ass waterlogged with cum. "I wanna keep that stuff inside me" she mumbled and cast a spell to create a barrier at her anus, to prevent any of Uwe's seed from leaking out. Her body would just have to absorb every last drop.

Moaning happily, Erika kissed Uwe again and held up one of her school girl socks. "Fun time, Uba-kun" she giggled and muttered a familiar spell. At once Uwe shrunk to a mere five inches and was scooped into her hands, while she quickly packed up his clothes into her bag. The spell to impair Uwe's mind lifted due to shrinking and he almost swore as she realized what he had just done and where he was now. "Erika! Stop this!" he yelled, "You know Ädien is more powerful than you. Think of what she'll do!" His Asian captor smiled and tipped him into her waiting sock. "Oh, I'm counting on that. Let her try" Erika smirked, "Say hello to your new Goddess' kirei, no, mote, Ashi." With that, her humongous, but sexy foot lowered into the already pungent sock and Uwe found himself plastered beneath her sole. As his whole body was smushed under her silky sole, he felt his cock once again harden. Smirking all the while, Erika strolled to the band room just as her sister had finished packing her things up. The blonde smiled and walked over to greet her. "Sis!" she grinned, "I didn't think you were staying late today." The evil little girl grinned and wiggled her right foot, making sure Ädien saw it and felt the aura emanating from it. "Watashi anatanitotteha takaramono wo nusun da, Aneki-chan~! Hehe" she giggled manically and stuck her tongue out, "Seikou desu!" Ädien's face went from happy to absolutely furious in all of three seconds. "Give him back" she said threateningly. "Iie!" Erika giggled and began to run, "Hear that sis? Your boy fucked my cute little butthole!" As anyone would assume, this made Ädien shoot figurative lightning bolts from her eyes and chase the girl when she ran hard and fast down the hall. "Erika Asuka Zauberei gib er mir gleich zurück! I'll punish you till you're old enough to drink!" Ädien screamed as she ran. "Oh what incentive is that?" Erika teased, "Give him back and you'll punish me anyway? C'mon!" The blonde just snarled and thought up a mess of nasty things to inflict on her little sister when she caught up with her.

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