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06-09-2012, 05:34 PM
Just had a recent experience here about 2 nights ago. I put up a generic ad on CL about wanting a fantasy of sorts fulfilled, meaning truly a foot fetish experience and that I was willing to "compensate" (pay) if needed. Started talking to this local girl through e-mail once I weeded out the fakes, and she seemed okay but also very simple, willing and almost impatient about meeting for it. When we finally did meet the other night we went to a dimly lit park with some small hills and a playground, man-made pond and such. Well she told me she was going to be by the playground but as I approached it I saw someone else sitting there, some guy in dark clothes just creepily there like he was waiting for someone, I don't know. I said a nervous "hi" and kinda walked past him checking over my shoulder. Just as I thought maybe it was some set up, she appears out of some trees nearby and realized it was me. She at first thought I was the other guy on the side of the playground and told me she asked if he was me (by first name) and almost called him "foot boy" by mistake.

She was not that good looking either, dark haired and skinny. We walked through the few trees to a dark area on the side of a little hill. She seemed to forget what I wanted to do with the foot stuff like she was never paying attention from our e-mails. I paid her up front as she requested and we sat down. Right away she started rubbing her bare feet on my clothed body which I thought was a bit odd, she removed her shoes immediately which I noticed were just some kind of sandals. I got into "position" to lay on my back and she kinda continued the same way and I had to direct her to use them on my face. Her feet barely had any stink to them at all and I told her so... she just made the excuse of wearing sandals. The point was, half the reason to frickin' meet was to be dominated by STINKY feet in my face. I had to tell her to just hold her feet still on my face and cover it, she didn't have to keep rubbing them around and such. After only a few minutes she was asking "So what else do you wanna do? Do you like sex?" And saying how it was too cold out there for that anyway and repeating about what I wanted to do. All I wanted was the smelly feet smothering my face and I didn't even get that... at best she kinda pinched my nose shut with her non-stinky toes. After like 15 minutes (which was supposed to be an hour) she tells me we have to get going, she saw some people and was worried. She started to get up and put her shoes back on and walk away towards her car. As we left the hill I saw some guy start walking around the side of it but he didn't see us doing anything other than walking away.

So yeah all-in-all it was a bad experience, drove across town pretty much, paid her an hour's worth of foot stuff for like 15 actual minutes and even that was terrible. Her feet weren't even that good looking. (let alone smelly/sweaty) Just another lesson learned, guess I'll need to be more picky and sure about the person from now on. *sigh*

08-09-2012, 08:08 AM
Just go to a strip club

Sol 44
08-09-2012, 02:29 PM
I've met up with quite a few girls from CL and never once have I ever paid upfront. I also make sure to ask all the appropriate questions via email/phone to make sure they will have really smelly feet. There's been once or twice where the girls' feet barely smelt so I just gave them a bit of money to cover their travel cost and say that this wasn't what we agreed to, then I walk away.

Never ever pay upfront, and don't be shy not to pay the full amount if her feet don't smell. Remember that you agreed on a sum of money in return for smelly feet. If she doesn't uphold her part of the deal you don't need to either.

Don't give up on CL because you can have genuinely satisfying experiences, but just be a bit more strict and thourough with it to cut out any BS.