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Hi all,

Now I don't really like to post partially completed stories on the board as I like to get the full story down in one go. But seen as I'm off work for the next week finishing this shouldn't be a problem so here's the first part to my new story Power Game. Hope you enjoy.

Power Game

She sat above him. He lay below, his hands and feet expertly bound. This was how it always ended and in some way the inevitability bored her. Still it could be worse; it could be her lying prone on the floor instead of this sap. Stifling a yawn she slapped his face with the sole of her foot, completely unsatisfied with her victims moan. Where was the terror, the shrieks of fear and cries for mercy? The revenge game just wasn’t what it used to be, yet that was all she knew and she was too old for a career change.
Half-heartedly she swung her whip, the crack of leather against his skin dull and unexciting. He moaned again as he struggled, twisting his body in a futile attempt for freedom.
“Stop it,” she shouted, suddenly bringing down the whip with much more gusto. The man’s moan transformed into a scream, his cry pain filled and delectable. That was more like it she mused, a hint of a smile reaching her soft lips. Standing slowly she moved away from her chair, beginning to enjoy the power she held over him. She wasn’t ready for retirement yet, maybe in a few more years but not just now.
“Phlee please,” he managed to mumble through her black socks. Shaking her head she moved towards him, coming to a halt at the side of his head.
“Now Michael didn’t your mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full?”
He mumbled again, but this time she cut him off. Her leg moved like a piston as the ball of her foot crashed into his head. Grunting Michael rolled helplessly on her carpet, moaning and begging for mercy. Cerise yawned again; she really was going to have to get an early night. Walking round him she watched him closely, enjoying the little twitches and jerks her footsteps caused. He was scared now; any illusions of kinky games or sex had gone out of his head.
This was what it was about, there was nothing more enjoyable than seeing a man grovel before her.
“Michael,” she crooned as she circled. I think it’s time you learnt why you’re here.” She paused listening, it was almost as if she could hear his frantic thoughts. “There are things that you’ve done Michael, things you may not have given a second thought to at the time but.” She paused again as she stroked the back of his head with her foot. “Well I think it’s time you did, don’t you?”
“I donf donth No kNow whaf-.” Thud; her foot struck with deadly force. Even against her luxury carpet his head made a satisfying thump.
“Michael, please understand this is not a conversation. Think of this as a lecture, a lecture in which I will teach you some home truths. Now if you learn your lesson then that will be the end of it, but if you don’t then.” She trailed off, happy to let him draw his own conclusion. He didn’t disappoint, with eyes wide with terror he began to cry. Cerise stared down at him without a shred of compassion, feeling nothing but disgust for the bully that lay before her. Deftly she used her toes to remove her socks, laughing as she forced her foot into his mouth. With a little moan of her own she wiggled her toes, enjoying the soft warmness they had found. There was nothing like a tongue bath after a gym session, her sticky toes appreciating the cleansing wetness.
“Hey Michael, it looks like you’ve found your calling in life.” He didn’t respond, his mouth too full of her foot. Arching her back she stretched out, maybe she’d overdone it with the weights today. Well at least she wouldn’t have to lift a finger for the next two days, she could get fuck face to do everything for her. Samantha had wanted the two day deluxe package and that was exactly what she’d get. By the time Mike went home he’d be as obedient as a neutered pup. She smiled to herself at the thought, maybe that was another service she should start to offer. The next two days passed without hiccup, but then they always did. Her regime of torture and humiliation had the desired effect and on Monday morning a very different man returned home. Michael Grey had once been known for being handy with his fists, the only thing he was handy with now was his tongue.
Leaving behind another satisfied customer, Cerise made her way home. She felt rather down hearted as she drove, another down side to her business. There was always a sense of emptiness when she returned a mark, the loss of power leaving a void inside her. Still she didn’t have time to dwell; her day job was calling and she needed to get ready. Unfortunately her services hadn’t been as popular of late, the lack of business meaning she’d had to source some other income.
She quickly changed out of her casual clothes and into something more appropriate, slipping on a smart blouse, black pants and black high heeled boots. She hated the work, but she didn’t have much choice in the matter. Sitting at her desk she politely booked in visitors and arranged all of Sophie’s appointments. She’d been a secretory at the software firm for over six months now, it wasn’t the best pay but at least it was local. It wouldn’t be so bad; but Sophie her boss could be really demanding, and well if truth be told sometimes just downright nasty. She’d never say that of course, no, Cerise could present a façade with the best of them.
Wearing a fake smile Cerise watched the door, any moment now Sophie would come out for her 10 o’clock. It wasn’t going to be pleasant, there was no doubt of that. Sophie’s nine o clock with Stigmand and Freid had been a disastrous. Not more than a few minutes after arriving old Stigmand had left, shouting and gesticulating at Sophie as he went. Cerise didn’t know the ins and outs but it didn’t bode well. Stigmand and Freid were an old firm with a lot of clout; if they left others were bound to follow. Oh well she couldn’t allow herself to brood, Sophie would soon be out and then it would be done with.
Right on time the oak door swung open, a thoroughly disgruntled woman standing on the threshold.
“Cerise, get in here,” she barked. Without waiting for a response Sophie marched back into her office. It was worse than she’d thought, well there was nothing to do now but grin and bear it. Sighing to herself she walked into the shuttered office, taking a seat opposite her boss.
“Well get on with it,” snapped the shorter woman. She’d always reminded Cerise of a Jack Russell, her vicious temper more than compensating her lack of height.
“Yes, well your next meet-.“ began Cerise.
“Stop Cerise,” she sighed in exasperation. “Honestly you’ve nearly been here half a year and you still don’t know how to prioritise information.” Sophie shook her head as she regarded her subordinate, her thin framed glasses making her look like a strict teacher.
“Sorry Sophie, what would you like to hear first?”
“ Stigmand and Freid of course? Geeze get it together will you.”
Cerise struggled to remain calm, this was the worst Sophie had ever been and it was a battle not to bite.
“Yes Sophie, well since your um meeting, well they haven’t been responding to calls or emails.” The temperature in the room seemed to drop several degrees as Sophie scowled.
“So what have you done about it?” The question hung unanswered between them, an enigma to which Cerise didn’t hold an answer.
“Errm I’m afraid I haven’t done anything else, what else cou-.” Her words were once again cut short as Sophie leaned forward, her face a red mask of rage.
“What could you do, well for a start you could earn your fucking wage and be pro-active.” Cerise was shocked, Sophie’s anger and words were completely uncalled for.
“Look Sophie,” Cerise said softly, “I know you’re upset but you need to calm down.”
“I need to calm down do I? “ Sophie mimicked. “And who the hell are you to tell me to calm down, you work for me and right now you’re not doing your job.” Her face grew redder as she spouted venom, an unceasing attack against her employee. She suddenly stood up and began to pace behind her desk, muttering expletives while she fired frequent glares at Cerise. Enough was enough, Cerise needed the money but the meagre pay just wasn’t worth this amount of Hassel.
Standing purposefully she turned to walk out. “Where the hell do you think you’re going,” Sophie shouted.
“I’m sorry,” said Cerise, “but I can’t work here anymore, I can’t cope with your outbursts.” How Sophie managed it Cerise would never know, but there she stood directly in front of her. One moment she’d been behind her desk and then somehow she was there, shouting and screaming in her face.
“I don’t think so Cerise, I know your sort. You’re the type of person that quits when things get tough aren’t you. Well that won’t wash with me lady, you’re under contract and at the very least you’ll work your months notice.” Cerise shook her head stone faced, attempting to ease herself round her rampaging boss. “Don’t you shake your head at me Cerise, I’m your boss and I need you here till I find a replacement.”
“Look Sophie, just get out of my way will you. I’ve made up my mind so just let me go.” Losing her patience Cerise pushed forward, trying to knock the smaller woman out of her way. Despite her diminutive height and slender body Sophie held her ground, anger fuelling her human barricade.
“Don’t you dare push me Cerise, I own you, do you understand. You don’t get to decide when you’re done.” With that Sophie charged forward. Whether it was the unexpectedness of the attack, or the fact that Cerise was off balance she didn’t know, but the end result was the same as her bum hit the floor. Staring up in shock at her boss Cerise tried to compose herself, a futile attempt that failed miserably. Whatever reserve she’d held was gone, with a fury of her own she jumped to her feet. Reaching out she gripped Sophie’s neck, satisfaction rushing through her as she squeezed. The shorter woman squealed as ruby red fingernails bit into her neck. Turning in shock she stared at Cerise, blanching as she realised just how strong she was.
There was no going back now, and to be quite honest Cerise didn’t want to. With practiced ease she increased the pressure on Sophie’s neck, moving closer to her body as she bent her head down. With a quick twist of her hips she succeeded in grounding her boss, quickly adjusting her grip to her wrist as she fell. With a powerful yank she pulled Sophie’s arm behind her back, letting her knee fall heavily into her side. Sophie grunted in pain, twisting and struggling against the stronger woman.
“What the hell are you doing? You fucking bitch, get the hell off of me. I’ll have you arrested for this.” Now that the initial shock had passed, Sophie’s natural indignation had begun to reassert itself. Yet there was still a note of uncertainty in her threat, a quiver in her voice she just couldn’t hide. That was all Cerise needed, as far as she was concerned it was all or nothing now, she was past the point of no return. Leaning forward so her lips brushed
Sophie’s ear she whispered, “I’m doing whatever the hell I like boss. You said you owned me Sophie, well let me educate you on what it means to be really owned.” Her threat caused another bout of furious struggling, but it was all in vain as Cerise easily controlled her.
“I’ll scream you fucker,” she threatened, her breathing ragged and irregular.
“Oh I know you’ll scream Sophie, I’m counting on it.” She laughed as she spoke, enjoying the flurry of angry movement beneath her. Still moments later Sophie made good on her word, shouting for help with all she was worth. Cerise moved quickly, gripping her Sophie’s dark ponytail while her hand covered her mouth. The cry was immediately cut short, transformed into a useless muffled grunt. Thinking quickly Cerise grabbed a role of cello tape from Sophie’s desk, using the sticky plastic to bind her mouth. It wasn’t an easy task made all the more harder by the bucking bronco she rode, yet eventually she succeeded in gagging the bitch. In a further flash of inspiration she bound her wrists, securing her arms with more plastic ropes.
Satisfied Cerise stood up; almost out of breath herself. She looked down at Sophie and smiled, unable to control the flush of pleasure that took her. This was something different, an altogether different type of power game. Unfortunately there were things she had to attend to before she could play, fear of being discovered and the ensuing consequences fuelling her caution. Ideally she needed to get her out of the building, but the mechanics of the task eluded her. Trying to think of a solution she sat back on the office chair, resting her booted feet on Sophie’s head.
She wanted the woman to be under no illusions as to who was in charge. Absentmindedly she tapped the side of her boot against Sophie’s head, turning the problem over and over in her brain. Then it struck her; maybe she didn’t have to try and sneak her out. What if she could get everyone else to leave, yes the more she thought about it the more the idea made sense. Leaving her prize for the moment she went to Sophie’s desk, cursing silently as she noticed the screensaver on her boss’s computer. Returning to her former position Cerise grabbed Sophie’s hair, while she pulled the plastic gag away from her mouth.
“What’s the password for your computer?”
“Go fuck your-.” Her words never got any further as Cerise slammed her head into the carpet. The office’s floor was a much better candidate for this kind of thing; the threadbare carpet giving a much better thud than hers did.
“What’s your password?”
“I’ll never tell you my fuck-.” She was more resilient than she seemed Cerise thought as she made her eat the floor. With a few more forced head butts the woman finally relented, giving her the information she required. Within a few minutes of accessing her computer she’d composed an email, another few more and it had been sent. The reaction was immediate and went completely to plan. Half an hour after the message had gone and the building was empty; a testament to how quickly staff will without question accept a free holiday. The rest was easy, a relatively one sided struggle to her car and into her house.

* * *

“At last we’re alone Sophie, I thought we were never going to get this time together.” She spoke with a mocking surety, knowing that here was she was completely safe from outside interference. The more she considered the turn of events the more she liked it. Of course there were risks, but if this went to plan then the benefits would far outweigh them. Sophie was a singleton, a divorcee with no kids and from what Cerise had gathered over the months completely bereft of any social life. She was an almost perfect candidate to disappear from the world for a few days, who would miss her? Of course there were her employees to consider, but she was sure a few more well worded emails would solve that.
Cerise stalked closer to her prey. Sophie was semi-naked and secured, her small but perfectly formed chest heaving in and out. She was scared there was no denying that, her eyes wide and glistening with barely held back tears. Cerise smiled as she approached, enjoying every precious moment.
“Please Cerise,” she begged. “Can’t we talk about this, I’ve got money if that’s what you want but please don’t hurt me. If we could just talk then I’m sure we could sort this out. You don’t have to do-.”
“SHHHHHHHH,” Cerise interjected. “I never liked your voice, and now I don’t have to listen to it so shut up.” For a moment, the quickest flash of anger passed over Sophie’s face but then it was gone. Don’t worry, Cerise thought, I’ll beat that out of you.
“Now while you’ve been sitting here relaxing can you guess what I’ve been doing?”
Sophie shook her head slowly, her face white and terror filled. “Well you’re just no fun are you, oh well I guess I’ll just have to tell you. I’ve been working out, in fact I’ve just beat my distance record on the treadmill.” She smiled again, watching Sophie closely. “I guess you’re wondering how my feat of physical endurance affects you? Well let me enlighten you.” She moved closer to Sophie, still clad in her jogging pants, sports vest and bra. “After my gym sessions I love to soak my feet. I can tell you like to keep in shape Sophie so you must know how it is.” Reaching out gently, Cerise stroked Sophie’s soft hair. “The only thing is,” she paused, and smiled superiorly at her victim. “Your tongue is going to be providing my foot bath.” Sophie’s face was priceless, a look of complete disgust and shock.
“You can’t do that, I mean why would you want to do that. You’re joking right, of course you are.” She jabbered to herself in panic, all the while staring in disbelief at her former employee. Without giving an answer Cerise walked behind Sophie’s chair, pressing the first of the two levers attached to the back. With a soft hiss the chair lowered all the way down to the floor. Realising that Cerise actually meant to go through with it, Sophie fought valiantly to free herself; but it was no use. Using her trainer sole Cerise pressed the final lever, watching expectantly as the back of the chair lowered. Sophie was where she belonged; restrained flat to the floor looking up at Cerise.
“Don’t worry hun, I’ll give you plenty of time to smell my feet before you clean them. I don’t want you to miss out on that unique pleasure.” She giggled to herself as she popped off her right trainer, basking in the cool air that rushed in. Her feet really were sweaty, that extra five mile had definitely done a number on them. Wiggling her socked toes she moved them towards Sophie’s nose, unable to control the laughter that bubble up inside. This was great, a completely new and interesting experience for her. As the inches between toes and face melted away Sophie began to scream. It started off as a low moan but quickly developed into a full blown cry, it didn’t matter though there was no one but Cerise to hear.
“You said you’d scream,” Cerise laughed and then her foot descended. The woman’s cries were cut short as the moist sock covered her face. Even from way up above Cerise could smell her feet, to say they stank was a kindness. She looked down at her boss smugly, enjoying the sight of her wrinkled nose and disgusted face.

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Great story. Please continue

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Fantastic story I really enjoyed it. I loved your other story swell. Thank you. Looking forward to the second part.

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Hi everyone thanks for your kind words, here's part 2.

She rubbed her foot playfully over Sophie's helpless face.

"Sniff my feet Sophie, that's right take a deep breath. Hmmmmm I bet you like that don't you?" She laughed as her former boss was forced to breath the tainted air through her toes. Watching from above Cerise could see that every breath was a struggle, the knowledge satisfied her as she looked down upon her play thing. It was strange really to think that only a few hours ago she had almost been scared of this woman, the thought made her giggle as she wiggled her hot smelly toes under Sophie's nose.

"There's a good girl Sophie. Don't forget I'm the one that's in charge now, not you."

She pushed down harder on her face for a moment, the slight increase in pressure a reminder of her dominance. Sophie struggled, in fact since she'd been introduced to Cerise's foot that was all she'd done. An annoying constant wriggle, attempting and failing to free herself from the tight bonds.

"Look Sophie," Cerise called. "I know you think you're going to achieve something by struggling but I can tell you now you won't, so why don't you just give it a rest huh?"

Sophie didn't respond, instead she jerked her body harder desperately trying to throw off Cerise's foot. It was a futile effort which gained her nothing but Cerise's wroth. With an angry grunt she increased the weight on Sophie's head, tripling the pressure she applied with practiced ease. Sophie squirmed beneath her foot, twisting and gasping in sudden pain.

"Phplea please," she mumbled, her words distorted beneath Cerise's sock. "please the pha pain, spoh stoph it plu."

Cerise responded with laughter and further pressure. She was going to make the bitch pay, make her understand that she couldn't go around doing anything she wanted. Leaning forward she slowly applied more and more weight, laughing as Sophie's face turned red and then headed towards purple. With final tip forward she was there; her full body weight balanced on the face of her ex boss, wobbling on her head like some kind of twisted gymnast. She waited, counting the seconds and the noises her victim made. They were certainly interesting and highly varied, grunts, moans, yelps and cries all mixed together in a pain filled cacophony.

Finally as she reached the two minute mark she dismounted, completely removing her feet from Sophie's face. Sophie began to sob, heart wrenching gasps of fear and hatred. It was just too much to take, never in her darkest nightmares had she imagined that another person could be so cruel. Yet it was far from over, if truth be told what she had suffered so far was only a pale shadow of the torment yet to come. Leering down over Sophie, Cerise stared at her pet with her hard blue eyes.

"I gave you a command Sophie," she paused shaking her head. "It really was a simple command and yet you failed to grasp it, what was the command?"

Sophie eye's widened as she tried to think, her fear filled brain betraying her. "I'm waiting Sophie, I'm afraid this really won't do. Do I need to teach you another lesson so soon after your first one?"

The question hung above Sophie like a deadly dagger and it took all her strength not to break there and then. Instead she searched her tired brain, desperately trying to recall what her tormentor had told her to do.

"Oh ye yes," she began nervously.

"Well what have you got to say woman, do speak up." Cerise's voice was cold and unforgiving, waiting to pounce upon the slightest slip.

"I er, It , well you said not to struggle and I-"

"That's right," Cerise interrupted. "I told you not to struggle and what did you do hmmmm, oh yes you went and disobeyed me and then what did I do?"

Shame filled her face as she looked up at Cerise, there was no escape she was going to have to say it.

"You you, stood on my face."

The laughter rained upon her like acid. Cerise let her head fall backwards as she pointed downward, her peals of laughter cruel and jeering.

"Good girl, that's right I stood on your face." She turned to regard her again, all of her hilarity suddenly gone. "Understand me Sophie," she began, "defy me and a little head standing will be the least of your worries, do you understand?"

"Yes," she mumbled, her answer barely audible.

"What's that girl, speak up will you." She kicked her head lightly as she spoke, the tap enough to gain the response she craved.

"Yes, I understand," Sophie said with much more force.

Cerise walked around her body again, using the tips of her socked toes she traced a line up Sophie's bare body. Softly touching her skin until she reached her red lacy knickers.

"You know Sophie," she began, while her toes slowly squirmed under the lace. "This doesn't have to be so bad, in fact it could be quite pleasurable." She pushed her toes further in as she spoke, delving under the lace until she found the girls cunt. It felt soft and insignificant through her socks, but Sophie's gasp left her in no doubt that she'd located right spot. A knew kind of fear passed over her face as she looked up at Cerise, realizing the intentions behind her words.

"No, I'm not, you can't-"

"SHUT UP," Cerise roared. "I can see that we're going to have to do this the hard way." Without another word she withdrew her toes, and marched back up to Sophie's head. "I can do whatever the hell I like Sophie, you need to understand that. Don't ever dare believe that this is some kind of consensual relationship because it's not. I'm the boss now not you." She kicked out at Sophie's head as she spoke, a vicious kick this time that left her head ringing. Another followed the first and then she was on top of her again, both of her feet this time crushing down onto her head. Cerise gave no regard at all for her face, standing upon her with as much care as if she was perched on top of a doormat.

"You see Sophie," she called down. "I can do whatever the hell I like, you little bitch." She bounced a little to give her words more authority, enjoying how the girl's skull seemed to bend slightly beneath her heels. She let a good three minutes pass this time, her laughter and giggles growing in response to the cries of pain and struggles beneath her. With a final jump she stepped down, laughing madly at the red marks her feet had left behind.

"What can I do Sophie?" She asked.

"Anything you want," Sophie replied. The fight seemed to have gone out of her now, replaced with a fear that blazed every time Cerise stepped near her. That was better, that was how it was supposed to be.

"Well Sophie, I do believe that your recent obedience has earned you a treat," she smiled. "Which bare foot would you like to sniff first, my left or right?"

"Your right," Sophie answered, too scared to remain silent.

"A very good choice Sophie, although I can personally vouch for the vintage of both feet." She giggled again, enjoying her own brand of sick humor. "Well here it is, make sure you give it the attention it deserves or," she paused. "Well I'm sure I don't have to tell you what the consequences will be do I?"

"No Cerise."

She chuckled as she removed her black sock and threw it down onto Sophie's bra covered chest. Her foot was soft and slender with coral blue painted toe nails, but any beauty it might have held was soiled by the numerous pieces of black lint that stuck to her sweaty foot. Without another word she placed the ball of her foot over Sophie's painted lips, forcing them closed so that all her air was filtered through her toes. Sophie's nostrils flared wildly as the full force of the stink hit them, a sickly overly ripe cheesy odor that even disgusted Cerise. That didn't stop her from enjoying Sophie's suffering though, in fact if anything it added to her excitement as she let a manicured finger slip beneath her skirt. Quickly she plunged her finger tip into her wet sex, gasping in pleasure as she found her clitoris.

"That's right Sophie, breath it all in, there's a good girl," she whispered, while her fingers rubbed round and around. Cerise's breath came in shorter and shorter gasps as her moist toes squirmed under Sophie's nose. Her long toe nails scratched Sophie's poor face, but it didn't matter, nothing mattered except the building fire in her cunt. Sophie gave her own moan as she watched Cerise, her eyes filled with revulsion and incomprehension. Just when Cerise was nearing the point of no return she happened to open her eyes, their blue depths catching and holding Sophie's.

She immediately stopped. Removing her hand from her crotch, while a twisted smile grew on her face. "I can see you Sophie," she whispered, while her stinking toes continued to crawl over her face. "I'm sorry I didn't even think, are you staring because you feel a little bit left out, is that it?" Sophie tried to respond but Cerise's foot stopped her, the ball still sealing her mouth. "It's alright pet don't try to speak, just smell my feet for now and rest assured I'll let you join in soon." She smiled down at Sophie again, a sickly sweet smile that spoke of things to come.

"Here I've just remembered," Cerise said. "I've got a little treat for you, something which I know you'll love." She spread her toes as she spoke, showing amazing control as she managed to splay all of her digits. She carefully moved her little toe towards Sophie's nose, laughing as her head flinched backwards.

"Yes I know it can be a bit strong Sophie, but believe me there's nothing quite like a bit of toe jam to clear your sinuses." She continued to move her foot closer, giggling at Sophie's reaction. With a final adjustment she gave a quick push, forcing her littlest toe up and inside Sophie's right nostril. This effectively blocked the air on the right hand side of her nose but that wasn't her goal. With another giggle she moved her foot to the left, watching with glee as the gap between her little toe and the adjacent one was opened up. A horrible collection of slimy bits of lint and skin revealed within, the gooey black clump stinking worse than her feet. Unwilling to die Sophie was forced to breath the muck, sucking up the burning, smelly air into her lungs.

"That's right Sophie, get a nice whiff of it because it won't be long before you're eating it." Her words brought a wave of movement from below, the first Sophie had given since the last face standing. The unexpected jerk almost dislodged Cerise's toe and immediately lit the torch paper of her anger. "What the hell do you think you're doing Sophie, I thought I told you not to do that." She removed her toe as she spoke, and gazed down disapprovingly at the woman below her. "Do you want me to stand on your face again, let's say for maybe, I don't know, how about ten minutes this time?"

"No please Cerise, I'm sorry, I'll do anything. Please just don't do that." Cerise smirked down at her, enjoying her words of supplication.

"Okay then Sophie, against my better judgement I'm willing to give you one more chance." She shook her head as she spoke, still fixing Sophie with an angry glare. "But one more mistake and I'll be standing on your head like it was my carpet, you understand?"

"Yes Cerise," Sophie muttered, resigned to her fate.

"Good girl, well for a start you can make use of that tongue of yours." She paused, enjoying the fear and uncertainty that ran over Sophie's face. Cerise moved her foot in front of her eyes again and then spread her toes. "I want you of your own accord to hook out my toe jam and then hold it on your tongue." The girl looked like she was going to be sick, her pallor growing several shades lighter as she heard the task.

"Errm I , er-"

"Or I can just stand on your face again Sophie," Cerise snapped, cutting off her pleas. The threat had the desired effect and slowly, every so slowly her pink tongue extended outward. Cerise watched in complete fascination, filled with hot feelings of ecstasy. The tip touched her skin now as Sophie closed her eyes, her face scrunched up in horror at what she was doing.

"No Sophie," Cerise chided. "I want your eyes open for this." The poor girl did as she was asked, her gold flecked eyes glistening with tears as they beheld her shame. Her tongue snaked over the tip of Cerise's little toe, the sensation wet and warm. With a further twist her tongue reached between her toes, questing for a piece of the black gold. Cerise giggled now as much from enjoyment as from the tickling sensation, watching with satisfaction as her tongue squirmed between her sweaty skin. It didn't take too long before she found it, pulling back quickly as if that would somehow speed up her humiliation. Cerise peered down at her with complete superiority, languishing in the utter degradation she was inflicting.

"Ahh good girl Sophie, I see you found it."

"Uhhh yu," she mumbled, unable to talk with her tongue sticking out.

--- END of PART 2 , I'll be writing more soon if anyone wants to read it. Thanks


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absolutely awesome!

So very well written.

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Please more ;)

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we want more!!