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18-09-2011, 06:17 AM
Megan's gift


Megan, 21 years old, 5'6 with long wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes, 115 pounds, wanted to do something special for her boyfriends birthday that was coming up, give him a special gift. She knew how much he would enjoy watching someone worship her sexy feet, because he had told her so. She really wanted to turn him on the next time they got together. It makes her horny and so excited watching him get excited by her feet too. She devised a plan and invited Calli, 20 years old, 5'4 with short curly blonde hair, green eyes, 110 pounds, her pretty roomate to come over his place with her. Megan made sure to get her long thin, slim size 9 feet beautifully pedicured a sexy dark red color so they would look their best. The girls kicked their shoes off, and were both so happy to celebrate his big day. Let the party begin. They had a lot of catching up to do, had drinks, talked and laughed. After a while, Megan wanted to introduce her feet into the conversation, displaying them, showing him and Calli her fresh and sexy pedicure. He loved it, and complimented her. Calli said, what's the big deal, they are only feet! Megan said, my feet are so gorgeous though! Calli responded, Megan, you are pretty, but your feet? NO!, They are just stupid feet! Megan got upset, Calli, my feet are gorgeous, here see......and she kicked her feet toward Calli's pretty face! Megan!!!! GET YOUR FEET AWAY FROM ME!! Megan scooted up, and really tried to press her gorgeous sweaty bare soles into her best friends pretty face! Calli swatted at them, but Megan got real aggressive, and really tried to smother her sexy friend with her gorgeous but smelly feet! Calli shreiked! AHHH, THEY STINK, GET THEM AWAY FROM ME!!!! Megan grabbed her friends arms and placed her foot soles on her face. Calli tried to squirm, but Megan was too strong. She sat between Calli's legs, held her arms, and her big sexy slim feet forced Calli's head back on the couch! You couldn't see Calli's face, as Megan's gorgeous feet covered it up! Calli tried to move her head side to side, she yelled, screamed, Megan held her face still under her sexy bare soles. He watched her do this, and got so turned on, and started rubbing himself! Megan saw him loving it, and enjoyed doing this for him, and she was exciting herself too! She felt her friends lips and hot breath on her long slim soles. It felt so good! She began massaging her feet on her friends face, saying, smell my feet Calli! Like how they smell? Megan loved the sensation of her feet being smelled! She then forced the toes of her pretty right foot into her crying friends mouth! Suck my toes Calli! Calli's lips sucked on her toes, her tongue licked them and swirled on them too! Megan loved feeling her soft lips and tongue on her wiggling dominant toes. She shoved her foot in her mouth deeper, saying suck on my foot bitch! Calli worshipped Megan's foot, at first reluctantly, but then giving into it and giving into her. Megan loved having her foot loved and worshipped by her sexy friend. She made her deeply smell her left foot, and then stuck that sexy foot deep into her friends mouth! Her friends saliva coated her foot. Megan then rubbed her feet on her face, cleaning the saliva, and tears off of her sexy bare feet! Calli cried, and continued to smell Megan's feet. Megan stood up, and over her friend. She stepped on each of her firm full breasts. She stepped on her stomache, digging her toes into the soft flesh. She ran her hands through her long hair, feeling her friends body under her sexy feet. She then lifted her bare right foot up, and slowly lowered it flush on to her roomates face. She did a victory pose for her boyfriend, who was about to explode. She slowly rubbed her sweaty, smelly foot on her face, wondering how she was feeling under her foot. She thought that she would never be able to look at her or her feet the same way ever again!!!!

18-09-2011, 01:49 PM
I see you got your favorite theme there again, my friend!
Good story as always, but ROYALS mate, please be so kind and use some paragraphs and quotation marks for direct speech the next time, it really makes it easier to read! Thanks!