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06-08-2012, 06:50 AM
OK, so back a few years ago, I wrote a story based on what the Den members said they'd like the best in a story. The result was a magnificent bastard child; filled with shinking, foot domination, anal and vaginal insertion, orgies, sibling feet, and black magic.

I feel like it should be noted that this was years ago and my writing style was different. I will also say this: The Den has many many, many lurkers and it was seriously like pulling teeth to get anyone to even say "good job" or "i enjoyed this" or "blankity blank blank"! xD Seriously guys, back then it was so infuriating. A newbie could post something in poor English, lacking all grammar and he'd get a ton of replies, while someone like Royals could write a masterpiece and not hear a damn thing, even if the thread views were in the hundreds! lol

So in true spirit of the original concept, I'm enforcing the same method as before. I need at least 5 replies before I post more stuff. But hey, at least I'm doing two parts at a time this year.

Anyways Friends, enjoy the story (miraculously salvaged from a beat up CD-R)

Oh and Ergle, if you do manage to recover the original copy of this thread, feel free to merge or delete this copy.

"16 year old Uwe becomes the feet slave of multiple girls. First, his girlfriend Adrienne, then his younger sister Katherine, his sister's babysitter Marion and her friends, and lastly Katherine's friends before going back to Adrienne"

Name of character - Gender - Age - Height - Hair color - Eye color
(Relation to other characters - special info)

Uwe Dämmerung - M - 19 - 6ft1in - Brown hair - Grey eyes
(Main character - Feet fetishist)
Ädien "Adrienne" Zauberei - F - 19 - 5ft7in - Blonde hair - Green eyes
(Uwe's girlfriend - Self taught witch)
Katherine Dämmerung - F - 13 - 4ft10in - Brown hair - Blue eyes
(Uwe's sister - Closet feet fetishist)
Marion Kurtler - F - 26 - 5ft12in - Blonde hair - Amber eyes
(Katherine's babysitter - Anal fetishist)
Lilly Carter & Allison Prescott - F - 21&23 - ~5ft - Red&Blonde hair - Hazel&Black eyes
(Marion's friends - American)
Isabella König, Maggie Müller, Katja Scharp, Sophia Warden & Erika Zauberei - F - 9-12 - Varied
(Katherine's friends from school)
Känner Valkerine - M - 19 - 5ft10in - Dyed auburn hair - Blue eyes
(Uwe's friend - Likes Lilly)
Karoüzi Kriesel - M - 29 - 6ft4in - Bleached white hair - Black eyes
(Ädien's magic teacher - Uwe's boss at work)

As promised here's part of the story I had put up the poll for! After lengthy consideration and thought, I decided to combine multiple themes to create the final story. This will be released in an episodic format; which each part addressing a specific theme.

The poll results showed these themes were the most desired:
1) Older babysitter with younger boy
2) Older babysitter with younger girl
3) Older sister with younger brother
4) Girl becoming addicted to feet worship
5) Shrunken boy with girlfriend

So as you can guess, I decided to use some of those themes as well as the younger sister theme (as younger sister and shrunken boy with girlfriend are my personal favorites). An important thing to realize is that while I write these stories for my own creative enjoyment and expression, I always do desperately crave feedback. So I'm gonna have to say that I need at least 5 comments on each part before I upload the next. Not hard. I mean all you gotta say is "good job" or "I liked ___" as a comment.

Anywho~~ Here's the line up for parts!

Part one: Ädien shrinks Uwe and plays lovingly with him using her feet.
Part two: Katherine learns about the spell to shrink Uwe and blackmails him into worshiping her feet while inside her shoe for an entire day.
Part three: Marion and her friends catch Uwe masturbating and are intrigued by his attraction to feet, subsequently forcing him into feet worship (among other things).
Part four: Katherine returns with her friends for a second round.
Part five: Back safe with Ädien, the couple has good old sex.

---Part one: Goddess Ädien---
It was dark and suffocatingly hot all over Uwe Dämmerung's body as the wristwatch on his arm beeped its alarm saying it was now two o'clock in the afternoon and that in ten minutes from now, he'd be headed home. He twisted his neck as he tried to get into a new comfortable position beneath the smooth soft, although firm object that was pressing down on him. Uwe was in a history classroom, but more precisely, he was inside a sock in a shoe inside a history classroom. That's right. At the moment, Uwe was wedged squarely beneath his girlfriend Ädien Zauberei's right foot with his head between her toes. Most men might find that repulsive, but Uwe loved every second of it. Ever since early childhood girls' feet had been an unending source of arousal for him, and when he had gotten together with Ädien, he had wasted no time in enjoying her creamy blonde feet. Right now, her sole was warm sticky and sweaty from being inside a Converse sneaker all day. Just the way Uwe loved it to be when he was only five inches tall and squished happily under it. Everything about the experience was amazing and incredibly erotic. The feel of his naked body sticking to her sole when she walked, the salty but sweet addictive taste of her sweaty foot seeping into his mouth every second, and most of all the knowledge that not only did he enjoy being under her sole, Ädien got very turned on by it as well. He could easily imagine it now. Sitting in her seat at that very moment, Ädien's pussy would be soaking wet.

Of course, he was right. Ädien stifled a moan with her hands as she arched her back in an orgasm that just wouldn't fully wash over her yet. "Damn it!" she thought, "him being under there gets me so horny, but it's just not enough to really orgasm!" In truth, she'd need to use her hand to finger herself in order to reach orgasm, and trying to covertly do that was impossible from her seat in the room. Arching her back to make her pussy rub against her chair, like she was doing now, wasn't enough at all. She'd just have to wait for class to end before she could relieve herself. Wiggling her toes in the sweaty shoe, she felt his head between them and flexed her foot to press against where she estimated his crotch would be. It was a clear sign for Uwe that she wanted him to move around, kiss her toes, and rub her sole as much as he could in the hope that it could make her orgasm. "C'mon..." she breathed as she felt him squirm and kiss beneath her foot. It was feeling so good for her. Like a spa machine, but so much better. Even in the shoe, Uwe was getting horny too. His seventh of the day. His cock tried to stand tall, only to be pressed down by her sole. "Ahh..." Uwe moaned while licking between her toes as he felt her wet, slick flesh glide over his sensitive cock. Before he could even think about trying to ejaculate again and make her orgasm, he felt the pressure increase greatly. Outside in the room, class had been dismissed and Ädien gathered her things in a rush as she bolted to the ladies' room and slammed the door shut behind her, locking it as she sat on the toilet seat. Cool air rushed over Uwe as Ädien ripped off her right shoe, tore off her sock and held him in her hands. "Heya" she greeted him in a tone that screamed horniness. "You got your lovely Goddess all worked up and she just craves you to finish that job" Ädien cooed and smiled at him. Uwe almost wondered what she had in mind when her hands peeled her uniform skirt up and tugged her panties aside. He was going in. A whole new hot and wet sensation engulfed him as Ädien thrust him into her waiting pussy. She threw her head back as she felt him inside her and held onto his legs to pump in back and forth inside of her like a living dildo. Uwe quivered as his lover's fluids bathed him and drank as much of them as he could. The taste was like honey mixed with the finest wine. He had eaten her out dozens of times before when he wasn't shrunken down for their combined erotic pleasure; but now that he was shrunken and covered completely with the fluids, it was even better. His cock rubbed and poked her vaginal walls as she pumped him in her and soon he cried out as he came. For her part too, Ädien was getting to finally orgasm. The walls contracted and clenched as she climaxed. Her orgasming scream filled the empty rest room.

Slumping against the walls, Ädien pulled her lover out of her pussy and laid him gently on her belly. "That... Made your Goddess very happy" she moaned and reached for some tissue paper to clean herself up. Uwe laughed and stretched out for the first time all day, "Happy to do it, lover" he said. Straightening up, Ädien picked him up in her palms again and smiled down at him. "You know, I'm really getting to love using magic for our sex" she said, "It felt amazing having you beneath my foot all day, just knowing I was turning you on so much." Still laughing, Uwe stood and made a bow, "And you not being able to orgasm for that entire time was the best erotic torture I could ever do for you." Ädien nodded and pulled a water bottle from her bag to rinse him off. "Well, time to get on the bus, love" she teased and leaned forward to plant a kiss over his whole torso. Wondering where exactly, she'd put him for the ride home, Uwe barely noticed her slipping her left shoe off and using her free hand to hold her ankle-high sock open. "Hey, I thought I could jus..." he tried to say before Ädien slipped him into the sock and popped her shoes back on. With a huge grin, she giggled and walked to the bus.

When she finally reached her boyfriend's house, Ädien's left shoe was just as sweaty and amazingly pungent as her right had been. She used a key Uwe had given her to open the front door and sneak into the air conditioned room inside. The cool air was refreshing as she dropped her bag at the door and slipped her shoes off; still having her boyfriend squished in her sock. When she strode into the living room, she saw Uwe's little sister Katherine sprawled out on a couch in front of the TV. The girl was half naked and barefoot. In all honesty, Ädien had to admit that Katherine's feet looked very attractive, even if Ädien wasn't lesbian even remotely. Uwe had told her once about the qualities he found erotic about a girl's foot and Ädien kinda thought Katherine's definitely fit the bill. She wondered if Uwe had ever imagined about his sister's feet before he had started dating her. In the end, it didn't matter. Uwe was her boyfriend, her lover, and her foot toy. Regaining her grin, she snuck past the living room and into Uwe's. His bed felt so comfy and wonderful as she plopped herself onto it and laid back. After taking a moment to rest, she used one foot to peel the sock off her other foot and repeated the process for the other sock. Inside his hot, wet, and amazing sock-prison, Uwe felt a rush of cool air as the sock fell limply to the bed. Crawling out, he saw Ädien laying down and muttering to herself. Instantly, Uwe felt himself growing and going back to his actual size. As he knelt on his bed, leaning over his girlfriend, she started giggling. "What?" he asked. Ädien kept giggling and pulled him down to cuddle. "You, my love, smell like my feet" she teased and kissed him passionately. His arms curled around her as he cuddled her lovingly and kissed her neck. "I know, don't you love it?" he laughed back. "Go shower, silly" Ädien laughed and pushed him off. Uwe nodded and headed into his bathroom. As he showered, Ädien took the time to close his bedroom door and strip off her school uniform. Now lying naked on his bed, she smiled to herself about her luck.

A short while later, Uwe stepped back into his room and looked down at his naked goddess on his own bed. She looked back up at him happily and stuck her feet into the air, resting them on his full-sized cock. Uwe grinned and pulled his swivel desk chair over and sat down as she began rubbing his throbbing member with her now cool, smooth, and always sexy feet. "I love you, my Goddess Ädien" he moaned with smiling brightly at her. She smiled back and licked her lips, "I love you too, my Uwe."

------Part Two: Sister Katherine------
A beautiful sunrise broke across the planet Ae'Sammerie as Uwe Dämmerung lay in bed. He had been having the most amazing dream. The lovely Goddess of his life had been wonderfully rubbing his hard on with her breathtaking feet right in the middle of class while all the other girls watched in envy. Sadly, this was only a dream. Uwe's eyes struggled to open as his brain registered the irreality and brought him slowly back to the waking world. Everything felt a little hot and numb as he woke up, as if his body just didn't want to work yet. Something felt wrong, though as he tried to pry himself from his bed. There was a heavy feeling on his chest holding him down. Clearing his eyes of sleep and looking down, he very clearly saw a foot pressing down of his chest and a pair of smoothly shaven legs leading to his silly younger sister Katherine standing above him on the bed. "Katty... What're you doing in here? For all you know Ädien and me could have been doing it" he said. His sister smiled and shook her head. "Nope" she said, "I know she went home last night after you two were naughty again." Laughing, Uwe tried to sit up again, but Katherine simply pressed harder with her leg to keep him down. "Hahah, Katty, now let me up. I'll be late to get to school" Uwe said. Again she shook her head and smiled in a very seductive way. In a very slutty way that almost mirrored how Ädien always teased him, his little sister smushed her bare left foot on his mouth and pushed a few of her toes past his lips. "No big brother, you're coming with me today and you're gonna give my feet some serious love, just like you do for her" Katherine said levelly. Even so early in the day, she looked very amazing. Katherine Dämmerung was only thirteen years old with light brown hair and an amazing figure for a girl her age. Uwe certainly had to admit she was very sexy, even if she was his sister. In fact, he had taken advantage of the relationship many times before meeting Ädien. There had been lots of times when he had stolen her used socks, or snuck foot licking sessions when she fell asleep on long car rides. Now the same cute girl was standing on top of him with her toes in his mouth. He could already feel an erection building from the intoxicating taste of her toes; something like warm pepperoni mixed with fruit punch. "Katty..." he said, slowly giving in to the pleasure of getting to taste her young feet without having to sneak it. As his tongue began to swirl around her toes, she giggled wildly and slipped more of her foot into his mouth. "By the way, I saw you and her yesterday" she said and noticed his growing dick, which she gleefully freed from beneath his bed sheet. Uwe was about to ask what she meant, afraid she'd been filming or something when he felt her soft young sole press down on his cock and saw her sit down on his bed with him. "What d'you mean?" he asked while sucking down her lovely toes. Katherine simply giggled happily and continued stroking his raging member. Catching the head of his dick between her toes, she pumped vigorously. "Cum on my toes and I'll tell you" she said. Luckily for her, Uwe didn't have time to disagree because his morning wood absolutely erupted; covering the underside of her right foot thoroughly as if it had been painted. "YAYS!!!" she squealed in joy and rolled onto her back. For his part, Uwe felt a little dirty. Not only because he had been slightly disloyal to Ädien, but because that was his own sister. It just felt weird to sexualize her like this when he had lived with her since her birth. Embarrassed, he looked over at her to see her happily licking his sperm from her foot. "So what did you see?" he asked, hoping to move on. "Oh... Nothing" she said cutely, as she gave the most perfect look. She had cum dripping from her nose and smeared on her lips. Just as he was about to push further, he heard her mumbling something familiar and all too soon he felt himself getting smaller. When he looked up, his little sister wasn't so little anymore. She was giant, and smiling over him with an evil grin. "Oh, wait a moment" she said in a fake ditsy voice, "This is what I saw. How to make my brother shrink really tiny." Uwe swore under his breath and felt himself being picked up in her hand. "So you'll be coming with me to school today and kissing my cutie feet the whole time, ok?" she asked sweetly and pocketed him into her panties before he could say anything.

After that, she washed her feet and started getting ready for her own classes that day. In her mind, things would be amazing; having her big brother under foot and maybe a surprise to use later. Once she had stuffed her backpack full of her usual school stuff, she looked around her bedroom for things she could have fun with that day. Even at her age of thirteen, Katherine had quite a collection of adult toys. There were a variety of dildos stashed under her bed, along with a few special machines in her closet. For a moment, she considered bringing the handheld "licker" machine; a machine that mimicked the action of licking, mostly used for vaginal play but Katherine had taken to having it lick her feet, but decided against it. She had Uwe to lick her feeties for the day. Instead, she rummaged under her bed and came up with an electric anal plug. She wasn't personally one much for anal sex, but all the same, a friend had gotten her into the habit of occasional use. Once upon a time, she had stuffed a plug very similar to this one in her butt, while a close male friend at the time licked her feet. The orgasm had been absolutely amazing. Katherine very much hoped she could get a result like that today. There was a muffled screaming and thrashing movement in her panties and she giggled as she thought of her brother still pressed close to her young, wet pussy. It was a good feeling; not only the sensation of his writhing against her labia, but also just the power of it. She could leave him in there all day and he couldn't really do a thing about it. All the same, she grinned and searched through her used hamper and pulled out a pair of nylons she had worn the week before for a school performance. They were thin smooth nylon and fairly well broken in, but more over, they were unwashed from the last usage and had a smell to them. Not overly strong, even when held in her hands, but it would probably be almost lethal to anything or anyone close enough to them. A smirk came to her face as she pulled Uwe out from her panties and held him to her face. "Okay, this has gone far enough" Uwe said, "Put me back to normal right now." Katherine just smiled and shook her head in a very obvious "no." She switched him into one hand as she held open the nylons. "Do you wanna be in the right or left?" she asked giggling. "Neither! Sis, c'mon" he protested. "Suit yourself" she teased and tossed him into the right leg, jiggling it to have him fall all the way into the toe section. She could swear she heard him yelling something, but she couldn't hear it. All the same, she sat on her bed and in the most erotic way she could, slipped on the nylons; taking great pleasure in feeling him being cupped under her sole and held in place.

"Oooh!" Katherine cooed delighted, "Brother feels so good and squishy under my foot. I see why that girl likes it." She giggled and flexed her toes against him, getting his head lodged in the ball of her foot as opposed to how Ädien would have it between her toes. Katherine reached over to the closet at the side of her bed, and withdrew a pair of black leather heels. It was obvious wearing them as they were might actually hurt him, since she assumed Ädien likely had some sort of padding in her sneakers if not a spell for it. As she thought of a way to modify one of her heels, she noticed her heel, which was pressing against his struggling legs was in fact squishing them. She pulled her foot up just in time to see Uwe's legs pop back into shape as the pressure was lifted. "Wow" she muttered. "I guess it's part of her spell by default; he can't be injured while shrunken. Like he's immortal..." she thought to herself. Katherine licked her lips and eagerly pulled her heel on and felt him smush like putty under her sole. It felt so good for her, as she slowly slipped on the shoe, and felt him getting pressed firmly to her sole. Instantly her young pussy was moist from the sensations and she giggled to herself as she stood up. "God, that's amazing" she said out loud and smiled. Time for the big guns. Pulling down the nylons just to her thighs, she moved her panties to one side and held the anal plug in her hand. Her cute thirteen year old face was priceless as her eyes squeezed shut, and her mouth made a perfect "O" as the plug glid up her butthole. "Aaahhh..." she moaned and blushed a little as her pleasure increased. The clock chimed and sadly it was time for school, and Katherine begrudgingly pulled her panties and nylons back into place as she grabbed up her school bag and walked to the bus stop; deeply enjoying the feeling of her brother getting squished under her foot and the plug jiggling in her ass. It was all she could do to keep from orgasming just from walking there, let alone to wait for the bus to arrive, which she spent the whole time lovingly shifting her weight off and on her captive foot-toy.

Later on in the day saw the lovely girl fidgeting at her desk in class. The plug was lodged good and tight in her butthole; thank god she hadn't turned it on, even if it had for her. At the same time, her feet were getting sweaty from the pleasure her ass was getting, turning her on even more knowing her brother was being forced to smell, taste, and fully experience every last drop of sweat and whiff of her foot. Her cute cheeks were burning red as an orgasm was building in her for the hundredth time that morning. Under her gorgeous foot, Uwe was gasping for breath and getting mouthfuls of his sister's foot sweat instead. The nylon fabric was plastered to him, as the smell was getting unbearable, but at the same time Uwe felt his cock getting as rigid as it ever did when Ädien did this. His lovely sister's sweat tasted like the familiar pepperoni with more of a sharp but musky cheddar to it. The whole while Katherine was rocking back and forth in her seat, desperately trying to climax. Finally as the bell rung for gym class, she cried out in ecstasy and blushed so heavily as she felt her juices bleeding through the fabric of her panties and skirt. Panting, she got up and walked to the gymnasium, which thankfully for her, was only a video day. Katherine rushed over to the bleachers and sat behind them when class began. The teacher was only playing a dumb tape about the 1990's Olympics, so Katherine eagerly took the opportunity to masturbate properly. Making sure no one was watching, she pulled off her heels and tugged her panties aside, while removing a dildo three inches in diameter from her bag. "Okay, brother, you have some space to move now" she said, hoping he was awake, "Worship your amazing sister's feeties, okay?" Her eyes slid shut as she pushed the toy into her hungry pussy. It was such an incredible feeling as she was double filled by the dildo in her hands and the plug still stuck in her now very worn out asshole. All the same, she certainly didn't feel like removing it with all the pleasure she had been continuing to get from it.

A solid five inches of the toy was inserted into her as she let out a satisfied moan. At the same time, when she looked over, she could swear she saw a couple making out on the opposite side of the bleachers. Leaving the toys inside her, Katherine crawled over a little bit and saw that indeed, there was a couple. Even better was what they were doing. A very hot boy was lying on his back while a admittantly attractive girl was lying beside him, facing the opposite way jerking his cock off with her hands. The part Katherine loved was that the girl had her bare feet planted on his face, one foot's toes inserted into his mouth. She lay back again and resumed masturbating with her dildo, watching the couple. The girl was blonde, skinny, with somewhat bronzed skin, while the boy had long black hair and pale skin; not unlike her brother, save that Uwe's hair was brown. Speaking of whom, Uwe was quite awake and had an enormous erection, which he happily rubbed and prodded against his sister's plush, gigantic sole while he kissed and licked it. He still felt a little bad about doing this with his own sister, but the mood and general arousal was getting the better of him, and Uwe had always thought his sister's feet were amazingly sexy; second only to Ädien. Katherine moaned softly as her orgasm built again. The couple was getting really into things as well. The girl was trying to get all ten of her toes into the boy's mouth and had changed position to squish his erect cock under her ass. "Eat my feet!" she cried to him, not loud enough to be heard for more than a few feet away over the volume of the video. The boy just moaned in passion and thrust his cock under her butt cheeks and darted his tongue between her toes. "Eat her sexy feet indeed, cutie" Katherine said softly as she shoved more of the dildo into her pussy, getting very close to climaxing. Her young hand strayed to the plug in her ass, and her slender fingers pressed the circular button to turn the device on. Instantly her nipples poked out hard enough to cut glass as her ass was taken to a whole new realm of pleasure by the strongly pulsating plug. Her hand clamped to her mouth as she screamed "Oh my fucking God! My ass is in heaven!!" The lovely thirteen year old thrust her hand back and clenched her eyes shut as she gripped the dildo hard in orgasm, while making sure to move her right foot to stomp down firmly on her foot-toy brother. Katherine panted and looked over at her entertainment to see that the boy had succeeded in coming all over the girl's ass and belly, and also that her feet were drenched in his drool. As they looked like they were about to clean up, Katherine quickly retreated to her original location and packed away the dildo. "Aww, thank you brother" she giggled as she felt him still passionately licking and kissing her foot. Just as she was going to slip her heels back on, she noticed Uwe trying to ejaculate. Soon enough he came miniature buckets, while making sure the whole mess was shot around her sole, onto the topside of her foot; allowing him to continue being smushed underneath.

She giggled as she saw the sperm soaking into the nylon. Happily, she squashed him under foot again and tied the straps of the heels tightly. "Hmm... That plug is so good" she thought, "But my ass is sore..." With that, she moaned when she pulled the toy out from her asshole and put it too into her bag. Her attention was called to a pocket in her bag she hadn't noticed in a long time. Opening it, she found an unopened bag of marshmallows. A huge sexy grin came across her face as she got an idea. Katherine pulled off her left heel and nylon and poured a good chunk of the marshmallows into her stocking. They were cool and squishy under her young sole as she slipped her foot into her heel once more and felt all the marshmallows flatten and wedge between her toes. "Wow..." she cooed, "Not as satisfying as brother, though."

The rest of the school day breezed by a little less erotically for Katherine, leaving her only to enjoy the feeling of her brother making love to her foot. The dismissal bell rang and she went home, finding a very distraught Ädien waiting on her doorstep. "Where's my Uwe?!" the blonde cried as Katherine walked up. "He missed school today" she explained on, as if Katherine wouldn't have obviously noticed her own brother staying at their house. "Well, he... Uh... He..." Katherine tried to lie, while thinking of any excuse Ädien would believe. It was harder than a person would think. Ädien and Uwe were usually constantly together. There was extremely little either one was ever unaware of. So any excuse Katherine could give would need to be extremely good. "Uhhm... I think Karo...” she started to say before she was cut off by Ädien. "I feel him. His energy. It feels like he's right here. Literally." Ädien said. The young girl began to sweat bullets, hoping that if she really could feel where her brother was, the ability wouldn't be precise enough to find him squished under her right foot. Sadly enough for her, Ädien's seven year career in magic meant that a simple trick like finding someone by their energy was highly accurate. After all, he was only a foot away, more literally than would ever naturally happen. "Oh... Shit" the blonde swore, "I thought I felt you yesterday. You saw what me and him did, didn't you?" She leaned in very close to Katherine's face and peered into her eyes. "But there's no way you could have memorized that spell just hearing it once..." Katherine giggled in embarrassment. "Well... Eh... I saw you do it lots of times... I memorized more parts each time..." she stammered. Ädien's face hardened and she stared the young girl down before standing silent in front of her. "Don't blow me up!" Katherine screamed, shutting her eyes and crouching down in a ball.

A loud laugh erupted from Ädien, "Hahahaha! Blow you up? Don't be stupid. Uwe'd never forgive me if I killed you!" The older girl giggled and crouched down beside her. "Besides, I don't learn magic that can hurt people. I'm sure you discovered he's invincible when he's shrunken like that. Doesn't even need air", she explained. Katherine looked at her and smiled, "So you're not mad?" The blonde smiled back and stood up. "No, I'm mad. But not pissed. I'll have to punish you for stealing Uwe some time, but I won't, not to mention can't, kill you" Ädien said. Katherine blushed and nodded like a scolded cat. She unlocked the door and both girls went inside. The sexy witch plopped herself down on the couch and watched Katherine sit in her usual seat. "So how'd he feel under those feeties anyway?" she asked, feeling a little aroused by thinking of her lover under a girl's foot. Blushing, Katherine took off her heels and smiled, "Absolutely amazing." She thought for a moment and asked, "Do you want him back now?" The witch thought for a moment. "Yeah. But I have an idea, I'm sure he's gonna love before you give him back completely" she said with a grin, "Take your nylons off."

Katherine did as she was told, and tugged the stockings off and saw Ädien removing her sneakers and socks. "What're we gonna do?" she asked. Ädien just smiled as she saw her lover stand up at his sister's bare feet. "Heya" she giggled, "Family bonding?" Uwe grew beet red and could only nod, "Something like that. Glad to see you, though." His Goddess laughed. "Not for long, lover" she teased and looked at Katherine, "Press 'em together!" Quickly and suddenly, Uwe was smushed lovingly between two beautiful girls' dead sexy and smoothly soft feet like a sandwich. Katherine laughed highly amused by having her brother naked, shrunken, and now squished under not only her foot, but his girlfriend's too; especially after the fun she had with him the whole day. After tying their feet together with Katherine's nylons, Ädien blushed. "He feels so good underfoot. I might have you help me in the bedroom some time" she said happily. Katherine turned on the television and lay back, wondering what she meant. "Hm?" she grunted in inquirement. "Hehe, nothing. Just happily imagining my boyfriend's sister being the other foot during the next time I give him a footjob" Ädien breathed, "Might be fun. But only once; he's mine. And don't think that's your punishment either. It's just my whim."


06-08-2012, 02:08 PM
Looking forward to parts 3 and 4!!! I'd love it if Katherine were to shrink Adian down and torture her under foot like she did Uwe!! Please post more soon!

07-08-2012, 09:40 AM
Excellent beginning. Looking forward to the rest of the story. You write well.

09-08-2012, 02:23 AM
Maybe, maybe. Thanks so far, guys. But we still need 3 more posts for Parts 3&4. Remember, sadly, this is exactly how I said. Hundreds of views, 2 replies.

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Great story! Keep them coming!

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Love the story can't wait till the next part :)

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As promised, here's the next part. Since it's an odd number, it'll be 4&5 next.

In this part, it's Uwe's friend Marion who comes to call; along with a pair of tourists, who are so damn horny.

------Part Three: Devil Marion------
Five hours later that night, Uwe, Ädien, and little Katherine were all sitting around the television as the parents were in the next room, preparing for their night out. It was their anniversary dinner, and they had arranged a babysitter for Katherine. "Momma!!" Katherine groaned as her mother passed by on her way to the mirror, "Why do I need a sitter?" Her mother simply waved her hand dismissively. "Uwe and Ädien aren't available. Their boss Mr. Kriesel called earlier, they have to go to work in an hour" she said, as if the matter had already been gone over a million times. In truth, Karoüzi Kriesel had called the house earlier, and Mrs. Dämmerung had answered and received word about the couple working that evening; however the whole thing was a lie. Uwe didn't want to be stuck watching her after she had blackmailed him and done the whole escapade earlier that day, and called in a favor to his boss. "OK" their father said, walking over, "We'll be back tomorrow morning. Ms Kurtler will be here any minute to sit for you, okay Katty?" The young girl's eyes grew in excitement. "Mari's coming?!" she squealed, "You got Mari to be my sitter? That's very different!" Her mother laughed and walked to the door with their father. "Yes, so calm down" she said before stepping out the door, "Have fun, you." With that, the three were once again alone. Katherine was relieved about the sitter. Marion Kurtler was a long time friend of hers. At a summer camp program a few years ago, Marion had been a counselor and made close friends with Katherine. All summer, the duo was inseparable, even meeting up and coming over to Katherine's house on weekends. In fact, the friend that got Katherine into mild anal pleasure had been none other than Marion.

Alas, Katherine would never see her friend until much later that night if at all, because as soon as she heard the car engine fade into the distance, Ädien pounced on her and grinned. "Punishment time!" she laughed. "What?!" Katherine shrieked, "Don't hurt me." Her brother laughed and sat up. "She's not. But we agreed. A punishment to fit the crime. Go for it, my Goddess. I'll join in with you a little later, Känner wants me to hang out for like half an hour" Uwe said and strode off to his own room to call his friend. "So what're you gonna do to me?" Katherine asked, slightly afraid of what the witch might have in mind. The lovely blonde just giggled before chanting an eerily familiar chant, and soon enough it was Katherine who was shrinking down the same as Uwe did before. "NO!" she screamed in a newly teeny voice. "You stole my lover to be your feet-toy for a whole day when he belongs to me. It's only fair that I steal you to be mine for the whole evening" she stated as if it were a solid fact. She scooped the struggling and screaming girl up and undressed her like a barbie doll. "Oooh, lover's sis is so sexy" she teased. "Bite me" Katherine swore at her. Ädien pulled a hurt face before regaining her wicked grin. "Now, now. Don't insult your temporary Goddess" she said and pulled her very well worn sock open at the ankle with one hand. "New home!" she squealed and deposited Katherine inside, firmly wedging the girl's head between her sexy soft, but moist toes. Ädien giggled and blushed. She had never done this with any previous boyfriend, let alone any girl; but it felt just as incredible as when she did it with Uwe. It even turned her on, because it felt naughty, even if it wasn't playfully erotic like it was with Uwe. Still, she took great pleasure in feeling a person getting squished under her orgasmic feet as she walked to Uwe's bedroom and lay down on his bed. "Well, Känner's coming over as soon as Marion gets here. I'll just say Katty's asleep or something" Uwe said, getting up from his desk and smiling at her. "She feel good, Goddess?" he asked. Ädien giggled and nodded. "Very. But not quite the same as you" she said and pressed her foot against the wall, so as to squish her captive to her sole. Uwe just laughed and plucked the sock from Ädien's other foot and walked to the door, "Something for fun while I wait" he said and left. Pouting, Ädien playfully wiggled her toes on Katherine's head and squeezed her. "Silly lover, I could have still sucked him off if he wanted fun while he waited for the sitter..." she said and took her pouty mock-anger out on Katherine by grinding her foot on the wall.

Out in the living room, Uwe sat down on the couch and sighed. It felt good to just have a little quiet after all the "excitement" that had been inflicted on him that day. He stretched out and lay back, holding Ädien's sock up to look at. It was a ankle-high with pink trace lines all over it and at the toe and heel. He could smell the familiar scent of his love's feet if he held it close enough to his nose, and the thin fabric was soft in his grip, although slightly crusty at the toe. Uwe smiled as he took deep whiffs of the sock and slipped his dick from his pants. At once, he felt it grow as his mind swelled with thoughts of her and her superb feet. His pride grew to a nice ten of its eleven possible inches as he switched and took to rubbing Ädien's dirty sock along its length. Sadly his bliss was destroyed be a loud squeal from a much older blonde haired girl than the one he was thinking of. Uwe whipped his head over to see the sitter, Marion Kurtler, and two friends standing in the doorway to the living room, looking in disbelief at him. "Are you jacking off with a sock, Uwe?" Marion demanded, walking over before he could do anything. Uwe stammered and tried to think of something, anything, to say in his defense. "That's a little weird" one of her friends, a red head named Lilly, said as she too walked over and kneeled in front of him. The other friend, another blonde named Allison came over too, "That's an impressive cock, though." All three friends laughed together, not a single one taking their eyes off Uwe's sock clad dick. Although her face was blushing red, Marion held herself together. "So... Uhm... Where's Katty?" she asked. Uwe sighed in relief at even a slight distraction. "She went to bed already" he answered, "About a hour or so ago. She was wasted after school today." Marion nodded and unintentionally licked her lips. Uwe laughed uncomfortably and slipped his erection back into his pants and sat up. "Anyways, my folks are paying you anyways. So I guess we can just hang out. I got a friend coming in half an hour anyway" he suggested and smiled weakly. The girls giggled back and sat down around the room. There was a moment of silence before Marion found a crumpled piece of paper stuck between the cushions of the couch she was sitting on. It looked like Katherine's hand writing and it was written as if it were addressed to Marion herself. It read something like "Mari! Guess what! I found this magic spell we can use to have a lot of fun tonight. You'll never guess what it does! It makes people shrink! I used it all today on my brother, oh my god it was so fun! You have to try having him smushed under your foot. It rocks! I'm writing this in case brother and his girl are in the room with us, cause I couldn't tell you about it out loud if they were." Below the paragraph, there was a string of words scribbled down that looked like a weird language Marion had never seen before. As he sat there, in the uncomfortable silence of the room, Uwe noticed Marion reading a paper and was about to ask about it when her friend Lilly went into fits of giggles and couldn't stop herself from blurting out "That was a fantastic penis!"

In her white sock prison, Katherine was swearing loudly as her face was smushed between the witch's toes. Her mouth was getting a prime taste of Ädien's sweaty foot while feeling the soaking wet fabric of the girl's sock plastered all over her naked body. It felt dirty and disgusting. For a moment she thought whether it was like this for Uwe when she had him under foot earlier that day. All the same, she decided it was different since she and Ädien were both girls, and Uwe probably enjoyed it. The smell was nearly unimaginable. Something like musky pizza mixed with a slight whiff of honey; which was more noticeable in the way her flesh tasted. "This is so gross!" she tried to scream before her mouth was once again filled with blonde foot. Just the same, though, as Katherine felt her young breasts being smushed and rubbing against the sole, she couldn't shake off slowly getting aroused. Outside, Ädien was giggled in severe fits. This was feeling more amazing than she had thought it would. She would obviously need to have both siblings under each foot some time soon; what a good school day that could be. She wiggled her toes and flexed her foot just enough to make sure Katherine would be dislodged from her sole and float freely in her sock, before she violently shook her foot madly. Inside, Katherine was thrown maniacally and smashed repeatedly into Ädien's sole and get caught between the toes. Ädien laughed as she felt Katherine now being wedged between her toes in a straddling position, which gave the witch the perfect opportunity to get her toes rubbing and pressing again the tiny young girl's pussy. "Love your Goddess' feet, babe. Life'll get a lot better" she teased, knowing it was loud enough for her to hear. She couldn't hear her captive's reply, but she giggled all the same and kept masturbating the poor girl.

"Uhh... Thanks" Uwe said, embarrassed a girl who isn't Ädien had even seen his dick. Lilly and Allison just kept giggling in fits as Marion was still sat on the couch, trying to get her head around the note. "So you like feet?" Lilly asked, while making an obvious show of removing her sandals and flexing her gorgeous orange painted feet in front of him. Uwe's face lit up bright red, "Well... I ..." Allison laughed out loud and stripped off her own shoes and socks, sticking her bare feet out before her. "Massage them, please!" Lilly giggled like an idiot as she declared it, "We just had an über long plane flight and they're just killing us after that line to get our bags." Allison smirked and pushed her right foot brazenly into his lap, directly on his still present erection. "Yeah, it's not often you get two American beauties in your house, is it?" she teased. Squirming a little, Uwe couldn't think of a good reason to deny them. Still, he didn't overly want to do anything with the girls in front of him. It had been a miracle Ädien hadn't gotten mad due to Katherine, and he didn't wanna push his luck. Even so, Lilly and Allison had other plans. One girl winked at another and both had a crystal idea of their plan. The blonde rushed forward and tugged Uwe's erection back out as the red head gripped it tightly with her feet. "Oooh" Lilly cooed and began rubbing the stiffy with her orange toes while Allison climbed onto his belly to hold him down, thrusting her own feet forward into his face to shut him up. Uwe's objections were muffled by the insertion of Allison's amazing toes and his cock was as rigid as ever while Lilly's pale soft feet stroked it with a grip Uwe could hardly believe. Allison giggled and wiggled her toes in his mouth, occasionally catching and holding his tongue between them. "It feels really good" she said, "I'm surprised." Lilly laughed and gripped him with one foot as she furiously rubbed the tip of his dick underneath her other sole. Finally snapping out of her wonder, Marion looked at her friends and burst into laughter. "You horny American sluts" she teased them, "Just couldn't wait till we got to a bar, could you?" The girls just shook their heads and giggled. "You know he's taken, right? And lemme tell you, his girl is quite a piece of work" Marion warned. Her blonde friend just shrugged and slapped the side of Uwe's face with one foot. "So? We can't pass up a dick that amazing. Besides, he doesn't look like he's resisting too hard" she reasoned and resumed cramming her feet in his mouth. Marion shook her head and sighed, as she watched the girls change places so Uwe got a mouthful of tasty ginger feet. As the girls worked, his large pride soon erupted and flowed all over Allison's feet and shins. To everyone enormous amazement, Lilly spun around and began licking her friend's lovely feet clean of Uwe's sperm.

As the girls cleaned up, Marion climbed on top of Uwe and smiled. "My turn, I guess" she said and wasted no time in leaning over to give him a very deep and passionate kiss. When she broke off, a wicked grin flashed over her face as she grabbed Ädien's sock from where it lay beside the boy and quickly stuffed it into his mouth like a gag. "Hehe Hush now" Marion teased and reached down, stroking his dick in her hands. Uwe struggled under her weight, but couldn't fight free. To his slight horror, Marion had a huge smile and moved down, shoving his erection up her asshole and then thrusting herself up and down on him. A blush broke across her face and she began to pant while on him. She hadn't had sex in a while, and this was absolutely amazing. Uwe himself moaned loudly even with the sock stuffed in his mouth. Marion's anus was tighter than he would have thought, given what Katherine had told him about her anal fetish. The heat and friction was really getting him harder and harder; even after having been jerked off a few minutes before. As Marion fucked on him, her friends came back in the room and giggled. "Oh, and you have a go at us for not waiting?" Lilly said. Marion just blushed and batted her eyes innocently at them. "I have a good idea, though" she said. Her friends wondered what the idea was for a moment and heard Marion speaking some strange words. "Mari? What're you doing?" Lilly said. "Look" Marion said, pointing at Allison as she bounced on the cock in her ass. Right before their eyes, Allison Prescott was shrinking down to a mere five inches tall. "What the fuck is happening?!" the tiny blonde swore. Lilly just stood in awe before laughing insanely. "How?" she asked. "Like I said, his girl is a piece of work. She's a witch, and that was a spell someone left written on paper" Marion explained with a grin. Uwe heard that and panicked. He couldn't have outsiders like them knowing about Ädien's magic, let alone using it. It was bad enough his sister knew that spell. "That's sooo neaat!!!" Lilly screamed and grinned evilly at her friend. "Why don't you put on a show for him? Play with little Ally with your feeties" Marion suggested while continuing to ride him. She moved his head, so he could easily see Allison getting stepped on and all around molested by her friend Lilly's feet. Uwe had to admit, Lilly's feet were amazing. Easily as good as his sisters, and possibly gave Ädien's a run for their money. They were pale and slightly freckled to complete the sexy look of the typical Irish-American red head, painted orange for her toenails. As he watched the poor girl get absolutely tortured by the flawless ginger feet, Uwe felt his cock positively erupt in Marion's asshole, filling it nicely.

Back in Ädien's sock, beneath her creamy sweaty blonde foot, Katherine was close to orgasming for the fifth time in the past hour. The blonde's toes hadn't let up since they started rubbing her tiny pussy and even now continued to do their work. She let out a moan and yet again tasted feet. Her pleasure was steadily building and she had to admit, she was starting to get very turned on, even accepting her situation. However, suddenly, she felt the world grow cold light engulfed her. The sock had been removed and Ädien's face was looking down at her. "Aww... Is lover's sis having fun?" she teased and kept masturbating her. Katherine only nodded dully as her cheeks were apple red and her pussy drooled on the giant blonde's toes. Laughing, Ädien smiled brightly and brought her other foot over, making Katherine tumble down between her soles, making a sandwich like they had to Uwe earlier. "Double your pleasure" Ädien laughed and smushed her between her lovely soles, grinding them together firmly. Her soles held Katherine tight, and she could immensely taste the sweet and salty tang of the blonde's soles more than ever before. "G... Goddess..." she mumbled and orgasmed violently between Ädien's feet. The huge soles withdrew, and the tiny girl collapsed on the bed below. The amazing witch leaned over and smiled at her. "I heard that" she said, grinning, "Goddess am I? Glad you learned it. Hehe." Katherine blushed and looked away, while feeling her body cool down a little after all the excitement. "Don't get too rested, love" Ädien said, "I have something else in mind. Let's do that footjob, but not like I said before."

After getting Uwe's milky seed in her butt, Marion felt nicely satisfied. Her friend Lilly on the other hand was a different story. The red head was still lovingly stomping her poor friend with her feet and pumping fingers into herself the whole while. "Fuck me!!" she moaned as she masturbated. "He could" Marion answered, cuddling Uwe after he had come in her just a short bit earlier. Lilly's eyes bulged and she smiled ear to ear. "Really?" she asked, "Please!" The older girl giggled and nodded, "Sure. I got an idea, though." Marion got up, and fished poor Allison out from beneath Lilly's feet. "Fancy a swim?" she asked in a tease as she sat back next to their captive boy and began pumping his dick to get it hard for a third time. As soon as it stood tall in the air, Marion pressed her tiny friend to his stiff and used a hair band to tie the girl around his wood like a living ring. The tiny girl struggled madly. "NO!" she tried to bellow, but it was barely audible as a giant Lilly loomed over her. The red head beamed brightly and licked her lips. "Needs lube" she said and bent over to passionately lick and slurp the combination of penis and friend until it was soaking wet. Giggling at the itsy bitsy swearing girl bound to a huge cock, Lilly stood up and grinned. She spread her butt cheeks and slowly, torturously fed the whole length into her anus. Her eyes shut and her mouth went slack in pure pleasure. It was incredible to have this boy's dick inside of her, not to mention the huge power trip having her best friend in her ass too. The ginger writhed and moaned in ecstasy as she rotated and grinded herself on Uwe, getting the whole length of his shaft and Allison in and out of her butthole, before back in again. Marion just sat back and watched, delighted to see her friend having this much fun. She leaned over to Uwe and smiled, while she pulled the sock out of his mouth. "Time to eat some spicy ginger feet, babe" she said and pulled Lilly's soles over to his face, planting them in his mouth before he could yell for help. The stimulation was intense as Uwe tasted Lilly Carter's outstanding feet and felt his cock pounding in her suffocating tight ass. He couldn't hold back as he orgasmed for the third time and promptly blacked out due to exhaustion. Screaming in love as her young anus was filled whole with his spunk, Lilly felt herself buck and jump as she too orgasmed and thought of the lovely hell Allison must be going through right now. As the world blurred black, the last thing she saw was a very pissed off looking girl walking into the room, and Marion vanishing from sight.

The darkness cleared and Uwe's throat felt dry as he woke up on his bed. He couldn't account for how he had gotten in here, or even what had happened after he came in Lilly's ass. "What?" he spoke aloud, "Hello?" A familiar voice rang clear next to him, as Ädien Zauberei propped herself up on an elbow. "Heya love" she said, smiling, "Glad you're awake." That was a relief. At least Ädien seemed ok, and she was thankfully the only person in the room. Looking around, he was still fully clothed and there was no tiny girl strapped to his penis. Ädien was also in her clothes, and looking back at him very lovingly. "What happened?" he asked, "It's all kinda blurry in my head. Like my brain doesn't wanna remember it." His blonde Goddess cracked a wicked grin and stuck out her feet. She was wearing a new pair of socks, and somehow they were moving. Rippling like waves of movement under the fabric. Uwe looked at her shocked. "You didn't" he said. "Oh, I did" Ädien answered, "They corrupted you. They had to be punished." As he looked at the squirming figures in his lover's socks, he wondered who it was anyway. "There's a red haired girl glued to my right and a blonde on my left. Both face down. Marion is taking a dip in my ass" she stated. Laughing, Uwe kissed her and held her tight. "And my sis?" he asked. She kissed back and snuggled to his neck. "I let her go. Punishment was over for her. Although I get the suspicion she started to like it" Ädien said. A few hours later, when Uwe's batteries were recharged. Ädien sat barefoot in front of him with Lilly and Allison still glued to her soles, both facing with outward. The witch grinned as she wickedly rubbed her lover's rock hard cock with her feet, making sure the bad girls were smushed to against his shaft; getting facefulls of dick as they were moved up and down its length. "Lick it and help me rub it by using her tiny arms and feet, kay?" she commanded, "Stupid girls." This was their punishment for taking advantage of her boy; the eventual flood of sperm that would drench them was just a bonus.

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AWESOME!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was incredibly HOT!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to reading the final 2 parts!!!

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AWESOME!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was incredibly HOT!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to reading the final 2 parts!!!

Same here lol

The End
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