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01-08-2012, 03:06 AM
Hope you enjoy!

During my first day of torture, several very humiliating photos were taken with me at the very stinky feet of Breanna. She showed them to me the day after and said, "Foot bitch, you are mine forever, unless you want these over every social media site you've ever been on!" That was the last thing I wanted, so I very happily agreed to swear to be her slave till the day I died of asphyxiation by stinky feet. After I swore, she smiled and said, "K. I'll just go upload these to Facebook!" I was very confused, and tried to stop her-no such luck. She was seconds away from ruining my life when she said, "Well, I do REALLY have to pee..." And with this she gave me an evil smirk...

So to make it interesting, Breanna decided to mix her rancid urine with some bottled foot sweat (NO LIE-what sick woman bottles her FOOT SWEAT?!?). This was getting seriously out of hand, and I opened my mouth to say something-only to see a large, black thong-encased posterior descend upon my face. "MMMFFFMFMF" I tried to say. I recognized Breanna's best friend Tamara's behind as I'd stared at it quite often-although I'd never wanted to see it this close. Sweaty butt flesh was smothering me, and I squirmed as hard as I could, but no luck. I heard Tamara say quite clearly, "Keep moving, and I'm gonna shit on your face." I immediately stopped, and Tamara said, "Good." With this, she allowed me to breathe for about five seconds. Then I saw Breanna...

Tamara had me in a very strong reverse headscissor, which allowed very little breath, but plenty of vision. I saw my new master holding a water bottle filled with some grayish-yellowish liquid, and very nearly vomited at the stench. It was clearly her sick body function concoction-what she called the PeeSweet Tea. "Lift it's head so we don't kill the stupid bitch." Breanna said, smiling the whole time. Tamara obliged, basically lifting her legs up and shoving my mouth up her butt. "Open, slut." Was all I heard. I just couldn't bring myself to do it, however. Breanna grinned. "I'd hoped you'd fight." She knelt down, delivered a powerful haymaker to my crotch, while at the same time, pulling Tamara's thong down. This exposed a hole and a LOT of hair...

Reply if you want more. I know it's getting away from the foot stuff, but it's just the story.

01-08-2012, 02:50 PM
Please continue!!! this story is really getting HOT!! I can't wait to see what other plans Breanna has for her slave!!

03-08-2012, 12:36 AM
keep it going!!