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28-07-2012, 06:02 AM
Hi Guys,

I figured this could go here since it is a Footworhip experience. Ergleburgle, can you let me know if it's in the wrong section?

I posted this in the personals section a while back: http://www.footsniffing.com/showthread.php?1662-Extremely-Smelly-BBW-feet-in-NY

Well, one of the Den members visited her recently and he gave me permission to post his experience. This is what he sent me in PM:

I was paranoid at first. Then I took off her shoes, and her toes were heavenly! I could'nt help myself to stroke,had to stop many times. Then I was just getting off just smelling her shoes, they reeked. It seems like I was just with her shoes for a while,until I would stop myself from going too soon. By the time we tried the handjob combo, I could'nt get hard anymore from torturing myself not to cum. So that did'nt workout for me.
I finally did a daring move and rubbed my head on her big toe and that was paradise, stopped myself again,then finally I just told her to put her soles on my face , and finally I started to get hard agian until I came jerking myself, I was in heaven. It had been so long that I shared a moment with a woman.I thank you so much, I could see how one can get addicted to her, she's so friendly and understanding, you want to be with her 24/7! You're the best, I can't thank you and her enough. When it starts getting colder I wonder if she wears nylons, i would love a session like that.

28-07-2012, 06:00 PM
I'd add one. I've smelled dozens of socks and shoes from different girls all the time (sneaking the art of shoesniffing!) This past Thursday, I work part time at a hospital and one of my coworkers is a cute bubbly brunette in her late 20s. She is an avid runner and left her New Balance shoes on her desk. Well that evening I was able to sneak a few sniffs. Smelled kind of like wet dog haha, nothing cheesy or anything unfortunately.

Also sniffed a girl friend's flip flops yesterday but also had no smell. What's with girls feet being clean all of a sudden?!

It's fun being able to "conquer" a sneak sniff of girls in my life who'd I never thought I'd get a chance of experiencing their aroma. A fun experience last month was when I slept over at a buddy's apartment and his roommate is a fellow female classmate who I've always had a crush on. She was gone that night and I was able to go into her room and masturbate over her smelly cheesy shoes. That was a fun night!