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18 year old Dominick read the ad on his computer screen and quickly typed off an email to the publisher, the ad he responded to was: Older Woman looking for garden help as I run my own business and cannot keep up on lawncare, weeding and flower planting. Not looking for a pro, just someone who can help me, perfect job for highschool student.
"Make some extra money and maybe this will be the start of something," he thought to himself. A couple days later Dom found himself outside the gigantic house of Diane, a 56 year old woman who towered over him. She wore a long black dress that showcased her generous chest, long meaty thighs and shapely calves, she wore the classic black high heel on her barefeet. "I just got home from work, your timing is perfect. I will show you what needs to be done." She walked around the property and excused the appearance of her yard and house. The brushes were unmanicured and overgrown, weeds 3 feet tall choked out any flowers that may have been there, her pathway was covered with dirt, and her house was once white, now it was dark and gothic. Dominick had brought all his tools, he had looked foward to this job, until he saw the work that was needed. Around the house was a 12 foot stonewall, once covered with ivy, now it was taken over by thin, thorny branches. 2 Metal rings were cemented into the wall so only half the ring appeared, they were spaced out a little over shoulder width apart and almost 6 feet above the ground. Dominick never noticed them and if he had, he would have run far away from this place. Behind the house, the lawn was out of control, windows were stained with dirt and mud. "I understand it is alot of work, and I can see you are a bit hesitant but I am willing to pay you $13 an hour." Dominick looked around, "Alright, I can do it." He said the money making the decision easier for him. "Great, can you start tomorrow morning?" Diane asked a little too excited. "Sure, see you tomorrow morning."
Diane watched her prey walk away from her, she had him, well at least the trap was set, tomorrow morning if he comes by, he will be hers. She opened her creeky backdoor and walked up her wooden steps, her black high heels clicking away on the lumber.

The sound of a pickup truck's loud engine and the dropping of a tailgate woke Diane from her night sleep, had it been any other day, she would have complained of being awoken at 8:00,
but not this morning, this morning her prey had taken the bait. She sat up and threw her beautiful pedicured feet into her black mules and walked naked to the window, Dominick was
removing his tools from the truck, she watched him begin the process of cleaning up her yard, her vagina instantly becoming saturated by her evil brain's highway of thoughts.
She opened her front door and greeted Dominick, "Good Morning sweetheart, why don't you park your truck in the garage, that way it is out of the street and your tools are closer to you." Exiting his truck, he saw that she was wearing a black nightie, that hardly contained her breasts, he could see her milky inner thighs and her long black hair had been released and able to hang down past her shoulders. She had him, she knew it. "Come inside for a cup of coffee and breakfast." She invited warmly. "I should start it is alot of....." "nonsense, come inside." She interupted him and gently grabbed his arm, he followed behind her into her house.

Dominick sat at the table, her house was beautiful inside, again gothic, but for the most part not what he had thought. He drank the coffee she poured and then blacked out.

He awoke standing up with his arms and wrists in extreme pain. He was naked, his head pushed foward with his biceps touching the back of his ears. Total darkness, the smell of moist, stale aroma. His toes, the tips the only part of his body touching the floor, he felt it to be cold and really hard. A light was switched on, his eyes closed and opened and closed again adjusting to the light. His heart began to pound out of his chest as his mind raced to catch up with reality. Diane walked around her captive, a black belt in her hand, it was doubled up and she was tapping it against her hand. She wore a long black velvety robe and her favorite black high heels. She spun him around and he saw the chair she had been sitting in waiting for him to awake from his nap. She spun him around and around and around until the chain holding his 5 foot frame was a tangled mess, she reached up, grabbed the chain and kissed him full on the lips, at over 6 feet tall, she had to bend down to kiss him, taunting him the entire time, she released the chain and sat down, she dangled her black heel off her pedicured foot as he spun and spun back to his original position. She duct taped his mouth and turned on the other lights. Pictures out of fetish magazines, posters of, photographs of all different sizes and colors, some black and white littered the walls with Female Domination, the pictures mostly featured Foot Fetish/Worship, with the male slave severely tied with Mistress or Mistresses standing above them with heeled or barefeet in their mouths, trampling the penis and testicles. A large poster of 2 mature lesbian Mistresses in their late 40's kissing each other while a slave half their age is forced to suck toes while the other Mistress has her heel buried in his urethra. "Are you a footboy? Do you like feet? Yes or no?" Teased Diane. "It does not really matter, you will worship these feet, you will love the taste and smell of my feet." She continued and removed her foot from the shoe, he could instantly smell her sweaty leather foot odor. "I will leave them here for you to look at." She finishes and leaves them just out of his reach. She walks away blowing him a kiss and smiling all the way up the stairs.

Dominick dangled from the chains, time went by, the pain increased, then went away, numbness took over and then the pain returned. How much time passed he did not know, the sound again of heels on the stairs jolted him from his daze or dream. Diane again dressed in a black dress appeared before him, she was barefoot. "What have I done to you? She asked innocently. Are you in pain? She asks removing the duct tape. She kisses him full on the lips and grabs a hold of his now semi erect penis, she begins to stroke him hard. "Do you want to cum? I want you to cum in the heels, can you do that?" She picks up a high heel and holding the shoe in one hand she strokes him to orgasm. He machine guns his semen into the waiting shoe, a massive load that soaks the inside of the shoe. "Goodnight footboy" she says placing the shoe next to it's mate and as quickly as she appeared she then disappears.

The pain in his lower face awakens him this time as he is now used to the pain in his shoulders. The pain is from Diane's manicured hand squeezing his chin and jaw.
"You orgasmed in my shoe!" She screams, Dom who is just waking up can only muster a small moan from the pain and a "Whaa.." response. "My shoe, there is cum in my shoe. You will be severely punished for this." She threatens. "You let me cum, you gave me a handjob in your shoe," explains Dom. Diane is not hearing it, she removes her black panties soaked with her sweat and vaginal juices and stuffs them in his mouth. Duct tape is placed over his mouth. Diane slips her black high heels onto her barefeet, she forces Dom to watch as her foot glides into the shoe soiled with his cum. The black belt is reintroduced to his back and sides as he yelps in pain. His back is beaten and welted. She makes quick work of him, removes him from the chains, lays him out and tramples his whipped body. Diane ties his wrists behind his back, ties his ankles together and then finishes him in a hogtie position. The tape and gag removed, "Now lick my high heels," she demands. The belt whipping continues as he licks the dirty shoes, she removes the virgin shoe and forces him to lick the sweaty inside as she holds her barefoot on the back of his head forcing his face into the shoe. Without a word she forces him on his side and shoves her pedicured toes into his mouth, sweat dirt and leather assault his tongue. His face contorts from the aroma and salty taste and without warning Diane is whipping his sides and stomach. She steps on his face with her barefoot, pressing his face into the cement floor, she fingers herself to orgasm and cums all over him. "You do not come without my permission and how dare you ruin my shoes!" She yells again at him, removing the cummed shoe and ties it to his face. Her other shoe is placed by his head for him to stare at all night. Her smell of sweat and leather is now mixed with his own semen. He can smell it, soon he will be eating it.

Dom is awake when he hears the door to the stairs unlock, he can hear Diane coming down the stairs. He pretends to sleep, but is quickly moaning as his penis is being sucked and kissed. It is not long before he is fully erect. "How does that shoe taste and smell? Would you like to cum in this shoe too? She asks still stroking his dick. "No, no, he shakes his head violently, and tries to speak through the shoe gag. "Then don't cum" She instructs and continues to suck him off. Soon he is filling up the other shoe with his semen. "Such a good boy, I love watching you cum." She gets up and places the shoe by his penis, and walks away. To be continued.......

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Interesting. I'd like to see where you go with this one.

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Lifewater, I was hoping someone would write that.

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Lifewater, I was hoping someone would write that.

Diane's house was a 3 floored mansion with 7 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and had been built with extra closets and small tiny rooms. The bedrooms and little rooms remained locked with multiple locks. The entire neighborhood had been overtaken by older innocent, professional women. These women were hardly innocent, most had fantasies of kidnapping their own slave male or female. The only reason it was most, was because some of the women were already torturing their young, ripe slaves in beautiful houses just like Diane. Some of the women just wanted to watch. Jane, across the street from Diane had simply wanted to watch a male teenager, shirtless working in the garden as she and the hostess talk about him, what they would do to him and how he had no choice, all this in front of him. The reason why Dominick was there to tend to her garden.

There were a couple of rectangular windows allowing the early morning sun into the basement cellar dungeon (whatever you want to call it) The mud and dirt on the windows handicapped the sunlight so it was not bright, just a warning to Dominick, a new day is upon him. The drug in the coffee now completely out of his head, he was panicked, scared and aroused. Fear struck him hard as he remembered himself cumming in the other shoe. Her saliva had dried on his penis, his cum had saturated her shoe, like a dried up lake, the white outline only remained. The shoe on his face hardly smelled anymore, either because he had inhaled it all or because he could no longer smell it anymore.

The basement cellar dungeon was a large space with wooden stairs coming down the center of the room. A person could go straight and walk 10 feet, where Dom was, or go left to completely open space with cement walls. The right side had a large wooden table, a chest freezer and equipment hanging on the wall, whips, gags, bondage items. Every inch of the wall was contained with FEMDOM pictures of some sort. The left side more with forced bondage and blood whipping, but still the occassional foot worship scene where a male was tied, gagged and forced to smell the Mistress's feet as she took turns beating another slave. One Mistress would whip the slave wearing high heels while the other Mistress removed her heel and forced her toes and feet onto another slave, and then they would switch.

Diane unlocked her basement door, 3 locks secured her slave in her dungeon. She dressed this morning in a tight black dress, it was extremely seductive, showing off her rounded butt, and came up very high, just below 1/3 of her thighs were covered. Nude stockings and Knee high boots completed her outfit. She adjusted her breasts and calmed herself. She knew there was semen in her shoe, it turned her on to play this game and she was loving every minute of it. She walked down the stairs, her boot heels heavy on the wood. She was close to Dom, she could smell his fear. His body lay there, he looked up at her with the shoe still tied to his face, his back and sides black and blue, red in some areas. She reached down and picked up the lone shoe. "You have done it again," she hissed, "another orgasm in my shoe" I think you like the beating so much, you mastaurbated to the sound of my belt, or was it the foot worship part? You really do like the taste of my feet." Dominick moans and tries to speak, she does not pay attention to the response, she steps on his penis and testicles. "If you liked my feet yesterday, just wait til tonight, these boots will make my feet taste wonderful for you, my sweaty nylons soaking in your mouth. But that is later, today you will be punished for this." She removes herself from his manhood and picks up her shoe, she removes her other shoe from his face and puts the shoes near the stairs. Without a word, she is back on him, removing the wrist and ankle tie, and removing the rope from his ankles. She leads him outside, into her backyard. She forces him against the cement wall, unties his wrists and handcuffs him to the wall, the half rings equipped with the handcuffs by Diane herself last night. Dominick strains against his restraints, his body again off the ground except for his toes. Diane steps back and admires him, she strips him completely naked and takes his clothes with her. It will be hot today, you will crisp beautifully. I have alot planned for you today, today the women will be here, today and tonight we will have lots of fun with you. You will enjoy it too, as you like my feet and my heels, you love feet so much, you will be covered with them. Diane walks back to her house again blowing a kiss as Dominick winces in pain his beaten back is tormented by the already hot cement wall, to his right up in Diane's house he sees a woman looking at him through the window, her long black hair down past her shoulders, she is mastaurbating her hands busy on herself, she looks, she looks just like Diane.

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Very nice, keep up the good work!

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Deborah was always trailing behind her sister, she always wanted the boyfriends Diane rejected. It made no sense to her. They want her and she cares so little for them. And then she realized it was the tease game with her sister and boys. It was the you want me so bad and "I do not even see you" approach. As they got older, Diane turned that game into the Femdom World. They will come to me, and I will do to them what I wish. For Deborah, it was still the tease. The I will force you to submit, give in to me or the beg for it game. Thus forcing Dom to cum in her sister's shoe. (Dom still was not sure if what he saw in the window was real or a hallucination from lack of sleep) Dom had cum by her hands twice, he expected it, now she would tease him with or without allowing him to finish. All she knew was, she had just given herself a mindblowing orgasm simply by watching her sadistic sister tie a young man to a cement wall. Her hands shaking, she put on her nude nylons over pedicured toes, blood red, her favorite color, a tight black dress and knee high boots matching her long black hair. She and Diane were identical twins. They dressed the same, shared the same, smelled the same and loved torturing males, only Diane's was physical, Deborah's was mental.

"He may as well see us both together as you have blown our cover," Diane said bursting into her sister's room without a knock or formal greeting.
"What time do we start? when do the guests arrive?" Deborah asked, ignoring her sister's nudge.
11:00 the women will begin to arrive, we will have to change his position as I want his mouth by their feet, do you still have the vacuum?"
"Good, I cannot wait to see how the women torture him. And yes the vacuum is in my closet, are you sure you want to use it on him? Deborah asked curiously.
"Yes, you were right, I like what you have done to him."

9:00 in the morning, Dom could feel the heat of the day, it was muggy and dry. The bugs already feasting on his body. He was sore and very uncomfortable. He could not help but look up at the window where he had seen a woman watching him, it all made sense to him in a flash, there was a difference from one encounter to the next with the Dianes. They must be twins. And then from his mouth to the devil's ears they appeared by the back door and walked out together, wearing the same dress and boots. His penis betrayed him and began to breath and stretch out. Soon he was fully erect. The ladies made no comment about his situation, there would be plenty of time for that later. Each woman grabbed a wrist, uncuffed it and they forced him to his knees, his wrists were tied tightly with stockings and then reinforced with duct tape, the tape being wrapped around and around covering half his hands and halfway up his forearms. The Mistresses spun him around and easily repositioned him with his body upside down. The back of his head resting on the ground leaving his face exposed. The vacuum hose was attached to his penis and secured with another stocking around his shaft and testicles, when he would return to the limp stage of his penis the hose would still be attached. The suction part of the machine was layed by his head. The ladies enjoyed a beer together as they waited for their company to arrive, Dom lay there completely ignored.

It had become customary for a Mistress or Mistresses to throw a party after a slave had been abducted, bought or given to them. There was no dresscode for the FEMDOMS. The first to arrive was Jane, an older Mistress in her early 60's, though she looked no more than 45. She had taught Mistress Deborah all about male mastaurbation and how to use it against them. She, unlike Mistress Diane, had thought it was better to have the male empty more often as this weakens him of his strength and energy. Why most men fall asleep after sex, it relaxes the body and they become clay in a mature woman's hands or feet.
Mistress Jane wore her usual long black dress, covering her shoulders down just past her knees. She wore black high heels that pierced the weedy lawn, her shoes instantly becoming dirty. Mistress Jane walked over to the male slave admired the vacuum and placed the sole of her black heel on his face. Mistress Jane admired the vacuum, " Lick the bottom of my shoes clean boy." She ordered. Mistress Deborah turned the vacuum on, the suction made a quick boom sound as the air was sucked out, soon the machine was sucking Dom's dick hard. The other side of the long vacuum hose positioned on his chest with the end in the weedy dirt. As Dom moaned embarraslingly he licked the heel clean. Soon the sound of the machine was deafened by the voices of another woman and another. They all walked over and put their shoed foot on his face. There were high heels of different colors, boots of various styles, ankle, knee and thigh. Flip flops, and sandals. It was just past 11:15 when Dom began to twist and turn in his restraints, the women all stopped talking and watched as the 18 year old male slave began to orgasm, Mistress Jane expecting this to happen had put herself next to him, she had been massaging his testicles lovingly as she talked to another woman about forced foot worship. Another one of her obsessions. As Dominick began to squirm and moan she bent down grabbed the vacuum hose stood up and removed her sweaty barefoot from it's shoe prison. She spread her black toenail polished toes over his nose, "Smell and lick my sweaty feet while you cum all over them" she hissed. The smell was worse than Mistress Diane's as Dom attempted to recoil away, only there was no escaping her foot and the sweaty aroma and taste. As his orgasm was building, his body was tensing, the vacuum was taking it's time sucking him dry, it should have been over by now, but the sensation grew more intense, almost painful, but it felt so good, as his body relaxed he breathed deep and inhaled Mistress Jane's sweaty foot stench into his mouth and down his lungs. He blasted a huge load into the vacuum tube and all over Mistress Jane's toes. The contrast of white sperm against her tanned foot against black toenail polish was quite a site to see. "Suck my toes" Mistress Jane did not demand it as much as she meant it as she stuffed the cummy toes into his mouth, his tongue tasting himself again. The women cheered and laughed as Dom was now in the middle of a ruined orgasm. His body again twisting and turning again, but this time more violently as his sensitive penis was being teased and tormented by the vacuum. He sucked her toes harder attempting to derail the painful sensation. He only tasted more of himself between her toes as she spread them and made him suck each toe again and again. "I have another foot here sweetheart," Mistress Jane teased. "And this machine will not stop until we turn it off, I hope you enjoyed that because you will have it over and over and over again." She finished and put her shoe on her wet foot. Dom was still twitching when she walked away.
The women drank beer and wine, ate cheese and crackers, hotdogs, hamburgers, it was a regular barbeque, with a footslave tied upside down. He would be left alone for a couple of minutes, then a line would form and the women would force feed him their sweaty feet. His orgasm would build and build as pedicured toes raped his mouth and assaulted his tongue. All the women well over 30 years old, all these women massaged their feet against his 18 year old chin, cheeks and forehead, another orgasm began to build, and build, the vaccum hose placed in a high heeled open toed shoe and then that shoe placed into his mouth. "I will wash away my toe sweat with your boy butter and right into your mouth." Mistress Jennifer teased holding the shoe up so it acted as a funnel. Again with the delay in orgasm until it happened all over again, he squirmed and fought it but to no escape, this time the cum draining into his mouth. Mistress Jennifer, a high school teacher by day, yelled out, "he just ate toe sweat cum, I wear these heels almost everyday for the nerd in my math class. If only he could see me now." Another woman decided to sit full on his face with her bare pussy, she licked around the shaft where his penis was exposed. She forced a painful orgasm out of him. She compounded his pain by wiping her cum off his face with her barefoot and made him lick it off. As the day dragged on for him, but passed sweetly for Mistresses his penis was milked until nothing came out. That did not stop the foot worship abuse as he was told to bite, nibble and swallow the dead skin around the bare heel, women painted toenails on his face as he shuddered and came again. He eventually just fell asleep with the women still abusing his face. The vacuum still attached sucked and sucked .

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As with any party, some people stay and drink, others leave for their homes. The women were no different and as the night turned to morning, only a few still remained talking of their Femdom ways and ideas. Eventually 6 women remained not including the hostesses. They were invited to sleep in the guests bedrooms, use the bathrooms to freshen up and maybe enjoy Dom some more the next day.

Dom awoke with the early morning sun, his nose and mouth smelled and tasted of dirty feet, he smelled nail polish, his wrists ached beneath him as did his shoulders and neck. His penis was sore and bruised, the milking device no longer there, but he could still feel the phantom pulsating of the vacuum. He had been left outside alone with the bottles and discarded food of the party. His body itched and burned from ant bites, mosquito bites and who knows whatever else. He layed there, hopeless and vulnerable all over again to the sisters. He did not know they were not alone.

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Mistress Vanessa was the first to visit Dom as he lay painfully restrained. She admired him from the backdoor, her pedicured barefeet enjoying the faint cool breeze as the sun began to warm. She lit a cigarette and puffed away swishing her hair around, she wondered what she could do to him, though her thoughts wandered off, she remembered when she was the slave:

Jack unlocked the door to Vanessa's room, she lay there in a daze, the creaking door zapping her out of her trance, the soft sound of a vibrator still buzzing away. She looked at him but said nothing, her eyes were red, her throat hurt from yelling, though no one heard her, the rooms the slaves were held captive in, were soundproof. The Mistresses did not like to be awoken by a weak slave. Jack was naked, this time Vanessa could see all of him, her alcolholic binge leaving her body, she could think more clearly now, she remembered how she fell into the hands of such a man. But she had no idea she was a prisoner soon to be a slave in a Women's Mansion. Jack approached his captive, he could see the dried stains of his semen on her skin, she could feel his dried semen, it made her skin feel tight, where it had landed. Jack walked up to the bed, admired her black high heeled feet. His penis began to stiffen as he looked at her sharp heels. He caressed her legs, rubbed them with the palms of his hands, he reached her inner thighs, removed the stocking and pulled out the vibrator, he looked at it, as if it were some treasure he had just found, a treasure buried deep down and now removed and held with such reverance. Her vagina was numb from the teasing and orgasming, but she could feel her wetness begin to saturate her walls, she felt shame and guilt as she thought of her husband, her husband looking for her, surely he was, now she lay here naked, wet and almost hoping to feel the 9 inches of swollen flesh between Jack's legs. She pulled at her restraints, her hair gave no release, her cuffs still locked, she gave in to her guilt, let it melt away and suddenly she realized she had no choice, she was becoming a willing victim in an impossible position. Jack caressed up her fleshy stomach, up to her massive breasts, he twisted her soft nipples erect, he squeezed them and twisted somemore, she moaned in pain and pleasure, his other hand cupped her breast and massaged the outer breast, around the nipple, he then switched the action with the breast, the right nipple now twisted and squeezed, he recieved the same reaction from her, a moan, only this time it was a moan of ectasy and approval. She hated this feeling, it was gentle and savage at the same time. The mental game was more painful than the physical harm, she was losing control, and she liked it. He grabbed her jaw with his right hand and kissed her lips, sucking her tongue deep into his mouth, saliva met and exchanged mouths, oxygen was lost, and inhaled into opposing lungs, it felt as though her spine was tingling into a frenzy of a thousand electrical currents. He was making love to her, this was the gentle part before he ravaged her with his now rock hard pole. Vanessa could see the veiny, reddish purple penis staring straight at her, she felt it's twitching at her, the kissing had stopped, but her spine continued to tingle. Jack put his penis to her lips, he placed the tip directly over her mouth, "Kiss it." He whispered, much different than the voice she heard earlier, when he forced her to suck him off. She began to see the two sides of him, the gentle loving man, the dominant abusive man, she became scared all over again, what would he be like later? She kissed the tip of his rough penis, she could see scars and burn marks on his shaft, she could see red lines around the penis. She began to remember the bartender, she remembered the look she shot him, the way his eyes dropped to the floor, the way this dominant man's body is scarred, how his skin looks like it was carved for Thanksgiving. Vanessa for the first time began to realize where she really was......

While Vanessa was secured to her bed, being tortured by a vibrator forced into her vagina, Jack had requested the attention of Mistress Deborah, A beautiful long red haired Mistress who stood over 6 feet tall without her heels on, she towered over males, her large breasts intimidating and dominant, acted like mountains of flesh to beautiful to touch. Her arms were toned perfectly in a feminine form, the forearms and biceps excercised by the swinging of her whip. Her massive thighs had imprisoned many males as she held them in a scissor lock, suffocating them in her flesh while she mastaurbated the male. His fighting and attempt to release from her leg grasp became impossible as the stroking motion over took him and he blew a load across her shapely calves. Unable to speak and ask for permission to cum, the slave was tied up and whipped for feeling pleasure.

Jack had wanted to know how much more he must do to Vanessa to be released, he waited in the hallway, awaiting her presence, he paced and paced. She terrified him. The large front door opened, startling him even more, a female guard wearing knee high black boots, nude stockings and black leather uniform entered. Behind her she dragged a small male, stripped naked, a chain around his neck, the guard dragged his mangled body past Jack, his hands were tied tightly with rope behind his back, his skin was unharmed, unblemished, lightly tan, a stocking gag was stuffed in his mouth. Mistress Deborah had seen the car pull up, she knew her package had arrived, she wanted to see him immediately. The slave was forced to his knees, his head forced down at her knee high black boots. "He is perfect, prepare him for me." She instructed the guard and they swiftly disappeared. "Go back to your room slave, uncuff her ankle and tie her spread on the bed leaving her shoes on. I will tell you when you are complete, wait for me, I want to watch you fuck the prisoner." Jack walked back to Vanessa, the guilt he felt ravaged him, he could not wait to take it out on Vanessa.

Moving down from her mouth, Jack suddenly uncuffed the ankes, only to tie them spread apart to the bed posts. Her wet, moist vagina spread open and waiting. She was completely vulnerable in this position, her feminine aroma spread through the room like a burning candle, her musky, sweat turned on and on and on wetness dripping white fluid. She could not help but long for the thick flesh of Jack's manhood. She just wanted to feel it, surrender to it. She knew she had no choice. The door opened as Jack began to caress her inner thighs once again. Vanessa watched as Mistress Deborah walked into the white room, she searched her mind for the face of this woman, who was she, she was the bar bitch she came to realize. Mistress dragged her own slave behind her, he trembled and shook with fear. His nose twitched to the pungent smell of sexual juices in the air. The slave was brought over to Vanessa's right high heel, his wrists tied tightly behind his back, his collar was attached to Vanessa's roped ankle securing him in place. Mistress Deborah nodded to Jack who climbed on top of and straddled the body of Vanessa, his erect cock teased her clitoris, as he wet his rough tip, she moaned again in pleasure, he slowly entered her, rocking back and forth gently at first, then he began to ram her violently, he mashed his penis into her, his testicles slapping her ass. He grabbed hold of her breasts as if he were holding on for his life. Vanessa's vagina became wetter and wetter, she was sliding up and down on the sheets, he was hurting her, she wanted it to stop. He kept ramming her, as a female dominant voice demanded, "remove her shoe slaveboy, and lick
her feet." She felt soft skin on her high heeled foot, the sex was getting better suddenly, it felt good the physical abuse was pleasant, she felt her shoe removed from her foot. She felt embarrassed, her feet must smell awful, the thrusting, slamming of her vagina by a massive cock detoured her thoughts until she felt a tickle between her toes, and then a tongue up and down her sweaty feet, the sound of spanking and whimpering echoed through the room, "Please Mistress no more....." The slave boy could say no more with Mistress Deborah's left hand she forced his face onto the toes of Vanessa's foot, forcing him to suck her red polished toes clean, her right hand spanked his bare ass with her black mule, the ones she always wore in the bar. The beating on his ass continued throughout the sex, Vanessa feeling the constant pounding of penis and testicles against her feminine area mixed with the feeling of having her toes sucked by a spanked slave was too much, she orgasmed long and hard, creamy white dripped out of her, Jack then added his own sexual cream to hers, she pulled at the restraints, she bucked, she pulled, she orgasmed again feeling his penis machine gun inside her. Slaveboy continued to suck and lick the feet of Vanessa, his beating continued as Jack arched his back, enjoying the sensation of the last drop of semen falling from his shaft into Vanessa's abused vagina.