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25-07-2012, 09:41 AM
This is my first foot experience and story on this site-I hope you enjoy!

My friend Breanna lives in Arizona and I was visiting her for a mutual friend's birthday. We were good friends, and both had foot fetishes. We discussed some light footplay and I decided to let her tie me up. I had no idea just how crazy she was. She playfully said I should be tied up and I agreed. Outta nowhere she pulls some of those steel handcuffs you can buy at dollar stores that have really crappy locks. I was a bit worried, but figured it was all in good fun. After I was very tightly secured to the bed, she straddled my chest. One thing I didn't mention-my foot fetish is NOT for stinky feet, it's for petite feet that smell nice. Breanna knew this too. She whipped out decidedly dirty feet-by dirty, she had been walking around all day outside in the filthy Arizona environment. Not to mention she played softball, raced ATV's, and other sporty activities. "Bre...?" "Shutup, bitch. You're mine for the next twelve hours." I immediately tried to yell, but she was too quick. A readily available pair of soccer socks was shoved down my throat. Mainly I just choked and tasted sock. The taste wasn't too bad-yet. "Good. No more whimpers from it." I visibly shuddered when she called me 'it'. Then I shuddered when she placed her running shoes on my nose. The scent-dear God-was like a dying animal losing control of its bowels. I literally chose not breathing over inhaling the scent of this ungodly stench. When she noticed I was about to black out, Bre slapped me-HARD-across the face. "Stupid bitch. It doesn't realize my full control." I got worried then. She removed the shoe, and replaced it with smelling salts. I grinned (hard with socks in your mouth) because that was hardly a permanent solution-till she sprinkled them right under my nose. I couldn't really smell them, it was more feeling a slight searing air coming up my nose. I wasn't blacking out anytime soon....

After one whole hour of smelling Bre's 20+ sized foot collection, I was ready to puke. There were dancing heels that smelled purely of sweat, which she enjoyed stabbing my balls with. Then there were her Zumba shoes, that not only had sweat, but dirt and weird deodorant. Then ten or twelve different sports shoes. And rounding it off, her everyday shoes, a pair of converse that had literally BLACK insides. Those had a scent that was like vinegar, rotten eggs, and day old dog crap. I slowly began upchucking and she punched my throat to stop the vomit. Then she pulled off the socks and the smell-it felt like a punch to the stomach. It was sweat, salt, and even PEE! But Bree seemed to love it. "Now, bitch, I'm gonna pull out your delicious gag, and you're gonna lick these babies clean. And if you don't get it done in 10 minutes, they'll become your new gag. K?" By now, I didn't think the situation could get any worse. But then it did...

When Breanna put the sock on my tongue, the humiliation of my situation overpowered me. I decided my only redemption of integrity was to NOT lick these disgusting things. Bre smiled when she saw this. "I hoped this would happen. I hope you like clothespins, bitch." My dick had gooseflesh on it. Then she ripped my pants off and things got serious. "For every ten seconds you don't lick my sensual beauties, a pin goes on your balls." In short, I held out for one minute exactly before I gave in. Then I was licking for my life! The taste was awful, words can't describe. But if you've ever had rotten sushi, that's the best comparison I can make. I licked for over an hour trying to get the brown sweat stains out. Once she was satisfied, she gave me the other sock. This one took another hour and at the end I was crying, hoping that it would bring out a sympathetic reaction of my captor-no such luck. Bre decided that I was getting too much oxygen and decided that less breath was all 'it' deserved.

If you like, reply and I'll post what happens next!

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this is hot!

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I LOVE IT!! I definitely would love to see what happens next!! Please continue soon!!!

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plz post more

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Great story! I hope you continue