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23-07-2012, 03:50 PM
I recently met my long lost sister,having never met her.I was adopted when I was young and grew up knowing she existed,but never met her or really knew where she was until six years ago when we talked on the phone for a few minutes,but again,didn't meet as I wasn't really sure of the extent of our relationship.Shortly after,I received information on my family history and confirmed she was my sister.Ever since,we have been putting plans into effect to meet and I am happy to say that that meeting has taken place and it has been a tremendous experience.

I have had a chance to meet several of her friends,some on facebook and some during my visit.One in particular,J,and I have been chatting regularly on fb and before I met her in person,during one of our conversations,I confessed to her that I have a foot fetish.She didn't say anything to me about it,indicating to me that it was alright with her.She told me that years ago,she had had her toes sucked by some guy.At that point,I told her that toe sucking wasn't really my thing,but foot smelling and kissing them was,and again she said that that was ok.

The other night was my sister's birthday and J showed up at the bar where my sister works,(that was where the party was) and sat down beside me at the table.She was wearing a blue blouse and capri's and black flip flops,giving me a great view of her feet.We sat and talked all night,drank and danced together and just enjoyed the night.After the party was over,I took my sister to her apartment and J drove me too where I was staying,which wasn't far from her place.As she dropped me off,I invited her in for a nightcap and she accepted.

Again,we were talking and during the course of our conversation,I asked if she wanted a foot rub.She swung her foot on to my lap and I slowly massaged her size 9 feet.They were a bit rough on the soles but still attractive to me.She began to doze off as I massaged both feet and I knew I had to make my move.I asked J if she remembered what I liked about feet and she nodded,so I asked if I could smell her feet and she said yes I could.I put her feet in my face and smothered my nose against her soles,her feet were a bit damp,not overly sweaty,but had a nice leathery smell from her leather flip flops.

As I smelled her feet,I could hear her moaning and she lowered one foot to my crotch,she was telling me that I was turning her on and I said she was too.She pulled me on top of her and I was dry humping her through our clothes and she asked if we could move into the bedroom.We did and began stripping off our clothes,falling beside each other,making out and exploring each others bodies.Every few minutes I would ask her for her feet and she would swing around or I would go to them,smelling and kissing them.She would start rubbing my cock and finally we couldn't wait any longer.We were lying in such a way that if I turned on my side,I could enter her and keep her foot on my face.

We tried various positions,some that gave me access to her feet and others that weren't so practical as to allow for feet.She kept moaning how good it felt to have a hard cock in her and telling me to fuck her.We continued fucking and sometimes I would stop to smell her feet again,but then would continue fucking.At one point,she was riding me and I was running my hands all over her body.Again we stopped briefly and she turned around after giving another sniffing session,she climbed back on top of me and we began our rhythm again.As we picked up the pace,I knew I was going to cum,and I told her.She told me to cum in her and fuck her.Soon after,I exploded in her and she came at the same time.It was a great experience and one I will never forget.She and I got cleaned up and she told me she had to go,but we'd see each other again before I left to go back home.Even if I never have the chance to smell her feet again,I will always remember the friend of my sister.


19-08-2012, 05:06 PM
Very nice, what a great experience for you and the fact she was so open to it all, quite lucky!

20-08-2012, 11:52 AM
you da man