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19-07-2012, 08:35 AM
I've been a fan/member of this site for some time now, and I felt the urge to contribute a hot experience of mine. The following took place 7 years ago, when I was 18, and living in Phoenix, AZ after high school. Bear with me on the long intro as it gives context to the situation that ensued.

I moved to Phoenix after high school to gain residency in order to attend ASU College with in-state tuition. In the mean time I took online courses at a community college to knock out some course credits. I lived in an apartment complex, where I met some other guys who lived near by who one night invited me to come drink and party at their place. These guys didn't mess around when they got fucked up, and every time I hung out at their pad I got wasted beyond belief, and it was a good time. So one night, around the fourth or fifth time partying with these guys, I came over to get fucked up with them and have a good time. It was the two roommates, a tall gangster dressed white guy, his friend, his girlfriend, and roommate. We'd been taking massive amounts of shots, and smoked a cigar-sized blunt, and I was twisted. At one point in the night i'd blacked out for a short period, and when I came out of it, one of the guys and his friend said they were going to fight me and to step outside and throw down. I asked why? and gangster dude said I called his girlfriend a slut. I was shocked, and tried to explain it must have been a misunderstanding, because I have never and would never call a girl a slut, I just don't disrespect women like that, period. But they were insistent, and wouldn't back down until I fought them.
I think they were just drunk and wanted to fight, so they made up an excuse. So we stepped outside, and dude's friend socked me in the mouth. I punched back and caught him in the eye. then it was a flurry of punches, by all of us, that lasted about 5 seconds, till I yelled stop, cuz I was getting pummeled in the face by two dudes at once, and I'm not much of a fighter. So I said "OK" "I'm sorry" "I'm sorry I called your girlfriend a slut." I knew I didn't, but what could I do? But like I said, I think they just wanted to fight, and we ended up going back inside and drinking more, like everything was all cool and settled, which I guess it was. But first, he made me apologize to his girlfriend, who I think was also in on it, since when I was like " I didn't call you a slut" she was like "I know what I heard." dude made me apologize to his girlfriend. His girlfriend was really sexy, and I was a bit intimidated by her looks. She was about 19, 5'6 tall, great body, dark blond hair in a pony tail, piercing blue eyes. She wore a tank top, and a skirt. Her shoe size about a 7. There's my best description of what she looked like. Anyway, so I apologized. I can still see the stern look on her face. I said "I'm sorry". Her boyfriend was like "sorry for what?" I said "Sorry I called you a slut." But that wasn't good enough. Her boyfriend said "now get on your knees" I look over at him, and then at his girlfriend, like, huh? She had a look like "well, what are you waiting for?" So I got on my knees, and his girlfriend sat down in a chair in front of me. She slipped off her right flip-flop, and dude says "pick up her sandal." So I did. Her flip-flop had dark toe-marks from her foot-sweat. Then he says "she wants you to lick it" The moment was completely surreal, I couldn't believe it was happening. I'd never been humiliated like this, but it was insanely hot. However, for lack of embarrassment, I acted like I was disgusted. As I drew the flip-flop to my face he says, "lick where the toes are". Looking reluctant, With her flip-flop pressed to my face I could smell her foot-scent, and I was extremely aroused, but also nervous at the same time, as I didn't want to show I was enjoying this. I licked the sweaty toe-prints of her flip-flop. He's like "yea, she likes that." Looking at her as he says this she nods her head, looking down at me with a grin, a grin of sincere pleasure at my humiliation. Her boyfriend's tone was completely serious the whole time, and his friend didn't laugh either. And the whole time her girlfriend didn't say anything, she just glared down at me with her piecing blue eyes, first with a look of sternness, then a look of sadistic pleasure as I licked her sweaty salty foot-sweat from her sandal, in a way made it more powerful and dominating than if it were her. After I licked about 4 or five times, she said "good," and I got up, and we got on with the rest of the evening, and that's my story. That's the only experience I've had being dominated and humiliated from a girl in real life versus role-play. Until then, I had fantasized of girls getting pissed and punishing me with their smelly feet, or face-sitting with their sweaty ass, but never knew some girls really did get off on it. And what made it even hotter was that I'd only met this girl that night, and only had a short conversation, from what I remember. I wondered if his girlfriend liked to dominate/humiliate him to make up when they got in a fight. OMG if I found a girlfriend like that, I'd be happy whether we were fighting or getting along, it would be the perfect relationship lol. Tell me what you think. Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation?

22-07-2012, 01:26 AM
That sounds fucking amazing. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself in real life in front of my friends, but on the other hand it would probably be one of the most—if not the most—erotic moments of my life. The only thing better would be if she asked me to lick her foot after I was done with the sandal.

22-08-2012, 05:13 AM
Yeah very nice, aside from the pounding in the face, that must have sucked. Though yeah, I'm surprised you were okay getting up and didn't have to hide an erection, I suppose it subsided by then? You were in the right place at the right time, no doubt you probably still dream of that day and remember. ;)

25-08-2012, 11:10 PM
Or the second sandal too :)