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19-07-2012, 02:53 AM
This was undoubtedly the best vacation I ever had. Great food, incredible fun each day, and two incredibly memorable experiences that would last with me forever; I couldn’t possibly ask for more. It was our final night, and I was set to get some sleep before we had to wake up and leave around 7 in the morning. Everyone was snoozing by about one, the room so silent you could hear a pin drop. As great as everything was, something felt off. It was too peaceful, too pleasant. Whenever we were all home, there was always something going on. My eldest sister would be on the phone with an obnoxious friend, the little one would be acting like a baby, my mother arguing with her about something incredibly petty while dad was watching the news. I’d be upstairs, staying away from them all, doing something to keep my attention from all the chaos. But now, it was I who wanted some chaos. This trip had brought out my inner animal, one which I thought I had locked away long ago, and was ready to rise once again.

I sensed all this when my eyes suddenly popped open, heart thumping down like a fall off a coaster. Feeling slightly groggy yet surprisingly alert, I managed to realize it was 4:30 in the morning. My father would usually be awake at that time reciting his morning prayers, but he was lying in peace instead. Realizing that I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep, I quickly washed up and went downstairs for some coffee. Seeing how it was a rather extravagant hotel, there was still a relative amount of activity going on. The coffee allowed me to become fully awake, and I felt like doing something more. The bowling alley, movies and arcade were all closed, and the thought of going on a drive in the dark was petrifying, since I have enough trouble seeing in broad daylight. I didn’t have the money or the will to go to a club, since I knew there was no chance of me getting away with it at the moment. I decided to just take a stroll outside, where I would wind up putting a perfect exclamation point on my visit to Vegas.

I noticed that only two people were working the valet, a guy and a girl. I couldn’t care less about the guy, but the girl definitely made my mind wander. She was dressed in the typical bowling shirt and cargo shorts that all the valet workers were wearing. She was wearing jet black, slightly scuffed Nike high-tops with low cut black socks, and I wanted at them. She looked okay: a white skinned brunette who wore little makeup and looked undoubtedly exhausted. As her coworker went for a break, she came up to me and asked what I wanted. I told her I was just wandering around, looking for something to do, and she joked that I could do her job for her. I had been incredibly ballsy throughout this trip, so this opportunity certainly wasn’t going to pass me by.

Unlike my previous two experiences in the City of Sin, this one was different. The other two had caught my attention a while earlier and I primarily wanted to play with their feet to satiate my desires. In contrast, I genuinely wanted to help this girl out. I asked he how long she had been toiling out there in triple-digit heat, and she said she’d been working since 5 in the afternoon. Holy shit! Eleven hours spent baking in the sun and arid night? No wonder she looked half dead! Since I had nothing better to do, and there was literally no one around for nearly 100 feet, I decided to ask her if I could offer her a foot massage.

“Really? You would do that for me?” She asked in astonishment. I told her how every girl I had ever given one to loved receiving them, and I certainly wouldn’t mind helping out a woman in need. ‘You don’t have to. They’ll stink real bad!” she exclaimed, expecting me to cower or walk away. I told her that I didn’t mind, and I could tell she needed it to get through the final hours of her shift. Not wanting to have it done out in the open, she looked around and eventually let me into a locked room. It was the room that valet workers were allowed to go in if they chose to just sit and lay back every once in a while, where the window was slightly covered. I asked her to take a seat, as I grabbed the spare chair, sat down, and took a foot, preparing for my aromatic feast.

At first, she tried to squirm away. I knew she felt embarrassed about the condition her puppies would be in, so I decided to cut into her tension. I pulled her left sneaker off and stuffed my nose up to her sweat drenched socked toes, taking deep heaves of the fragrant musk. At first, it was like a mix of mild swiss and vinegar. Soon enough, it was strong enough to give off the scent of ammonia. Yup, these babies had been put through some serious work.

“See! I told you they were bad!” she pleaded. I kept going at it, and she soon gave in. She asked me why I liked it so much, and I told her I wasn’t sure. She knew about foot fetishes, but never had been around someone who openly indulged in it with her. I peeled off her socks, and smelled her bare feet; nuzzling my face against her sole, stuffing my nose between her fragrant toes. She didn’t paint them or anything, but she kept them clean, although they were pink and drenched due to the labor she’d endured.

I asked her if she was okay with this now, and she was had become really calm about it. I rubbed them in various ways-soft at the toes, hard against the heels. As my fingers strolled their way up and down, she began to let out slight groans. Instead of raising questions about how she liked it, I decided to suck her toes. She genuinely loved it, but not to the level that the two previous girls had. Eventually, I asked her where she was from, and she said Seattle. She had moved to Vegas after college and was working as a valet since her brother used to. He had recommended her, and she was a good driver, so they gave her a job. She enjoyed it, but her feet suffered for it.

I asked if she wanted me to move to her other foot, and she accepted. To my shock, she placed it against my crotch and started moving it around. I managed to maintain my composure, but she said it’s okay if I stroke it while smelling her feet. When I hesitated, she pulled off her shoe, shoved it in my face, and pulled my shorts off. I didn’t want to upset her (lol) so I obliged with her demands. She brought out her domme side, and told me to sniff and stroke as she ordered me to. I don’t know how, but she had managed to remove her sock and replaced her shoe with it. Realizing that my weak spot was between the toes, she shoved my nose in there. They were incredibly strong, resembling the power of raw onions. I was incredibly close to the edge, when she screamed, “STOP!”

With reluctance, I did. She told me to take sniff after sniff, commanding me to take harder and deeper ones as I went on. When she told me to take the biggest whiff I ever had, she got me. The brunette reached out for my cock and gave it one monstrous tug, releasing a pleasure that took me through the depths of enlightenment. All out of breath and in another world, I eventually snapped back to reality, thanked her and asked if she wanted me to return the favor. Returning to normalcy, she smiled sweetly and said that she’d had enough fun for the night. She was fully refreshed and set to finish her shift. I asked her if all Vegas chicks were like this, and she laughed and said that Vegas does things to people they would normally never do. Witnessing this firsthand 3 times, I couldn’t help but agree with her. Suddenly concerned about time, I asked her how much had elapsed. Much to my surprise, the whole ordeal had been about 25 minutes! Her coworker had returned, and she was allowed to be on break for a few more minutes. It was just past 5:15, and the sky was getting brighter. She cleaned up her hand, and offered me a tissue to clean myself up. We exchanged thanks and she allowed me to escape without anyone noticing.

Getting back to my room around half past the hour, everyone was still fast asleep. I tried to wake them all up and told them to hurry. My sisters didn’t budge, so I screamed in their ears, scaring the piss out of them. My dad had forgotten to set his alarm, so he was happy with my actions. As everybody took their turns showering and getting ready to leave, I couldn’t help but reminisce. What a marvelous journey it had been! I had expected nothing but crap, yet I wound up with the most fun I had enjoyed in years! Three foot experiences in 7 days, some fun times with my family, and adventures that would last a lifetime. My final year at community college began just a few weeks later, and for the most part, it went incredibly well. I got great grades, made more new friends, and garnered a newfound respect for education. Had it not been for this trip, its undoubtedly possible life wouldn’t have taken such a marvelous turn. What a journey. I guess whatever happens in Vegas, doesn’t have to stay there any longer!

19-07-2012, 06:43 AM
Just wanted to say, great job with these stories.

19-07-2012, 01:20 PM
Thanks DAONE. I really did my best to replicate the events as they occurred. Glad you like them! I have another mega-experience I will try to finish writing by the end of the weekend.

04-08-2012, 07:44 PM
Great stories shanp. Thanks for posting them.

05-08-2012, 11:13 AM
No problem man. Glad you liked it and thanks for the compliment. I am planning on uploading more stories this week. Planned to do so earlier, but transferring from college is quite a bit of hassle. New stuff coming in a few days!