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August 11, 2011 Location: Las Vegas

Boy oh boy, what an adventure it had been. Four days had passed since I arrived in Vegas and had an incredible experience I would never forget. It was my only one on this trip to that point, but it was all I needed to rejuvenate my tired self. Since then, I had gone to the movies, bowling, swimming, sightseeing, and everything else a person under 21 could possibly do in the ‘City of Sin’ while their family is around. Heck, I was actually enjoying their presence! Paloma sure did a number on me, but it was nothing compared to what was going to happen on this fateful night.

After being to every new destination the city had to offer, my family and I decided to finally relax that Thursday night. After all, we only had one more night left to enjoy here after this one, and everybody was exhausted. We walked over to a nearby Outback Steakhouse and planned to go to some light show afterwards. I wasn’t very interested in going with them, and was hoping to just escape to the hotel room after dinner. However, my intentions went fully up in the air once we entered the building.

A vivacious, angel-skinned blonde came up to us to take us to our table. This is hardly new, seeing how many hostesses tend to look that way. It was her attire that caught my attention and put my heart at a standstill. She was dressed in the typical uniform-a long sleeve white shirt that complemented her curves yet managed to keep from looking completely risqué, black slacks that covered her legs, and just enough make-up to look sexy but not bawdy. What wasn’t typical was her footwear. See, most waiters wear dress shoes that can barely be seen due to the length of their pants. This girl was wearing shiny black flats that managed to display the top of her creamy white feet along with a slight pinkness around her minimal toe cleavage. Once she began to speak with her heavenly, high-pitched voice, I was hooked.

Everyone was probably talking about how great the trip had been, though I have no clue what the subject matter was. Various thought of the blond beauty clouded my mind as my family kept going on with their conversation. Even my youngest sister’s annoying-ass voice wasn’t enough to eradicate me from my dreamlike state. That hair, those eyes, those lips, those shoes, those potentially exhausted feet kept juggling around my thoughts, plaguing them even as dinner arrived.

“What the Hell is wrong with me?” I asked my self. The night before, we had a horrible experience at some rundown Pizza Hut where my mom decided she wanted to celebrate it at. Here I was, in an incredible steakhouse, with a mouth-watering meal sitting right in front of me, and all I could think about was some strange chick I had first seen just a half hour earlier! She wasn’t all that hot either, probably a 7 on a scale where Kate Beckinsale would be an 11/10. It was the circumstances that added fuel to the fire of my lust. I was craving her. I was craving everything about her throughout the hour, and I was going to find a way to get at those fragrant tootsies somehow, someway.

Before long, it was 10:30. The restaurant was going to close in less than half an hour, and we were all done with our dinner. Most of the waiters had already departed, and we were the only family still in the building. As my brain constantly conjured up ways to get to the dazzling blonde, it ultimately failed. Utterly crestfallen, I gave up on my quest to quench my craving. Once we got out of the steakhouse, however, I came up with an idea. I told my parents and sisters that I had left my phone inside and had to go get it. They told me to hurry up and get it, but I told them to go on ahead. I let them know that I was beyond exhausted and didn’t want to be a burden on their enjoyment while they scoured their way to downtown Vegas and watch their show. They would take 2 hours to get back to the hotel, and I’d be well asleep by then, so they said “Alright.” And let me go my way. Once I got back in to the restaurant, there was no stopping me from fulfilling my expanding desire.

Unbeknownst to me, I had been outside for nearly 10 minutes! I could’ve sworn it was less than thirty seconds, but time had been speeding away throughout this vacation so I wasn’t really surprised. When I got back in, it was nearly dark. Most of the lights had been dimmed, while a few were turned off. Even better was the fact that the woman of my attention was the only worker left in the building! She asked me what was wrong, and I told her I had left my phone at the table. While I was walking to it, she started talking about shocked she was about how often that happened. Before long, we struck up a conversation, and everything was going as planned.

Eventually, we found ourselves sitting at a table talking about what was going on in her lives. I told her that I was on vacation, and she told me about how she was working at Outback as a stopgap option until her career got fully going. Holy crap that sweet voice and those eyes were really getting me going. But when she began talking about how she had been working since 3:00 in the afternoon and how exhausted she was, my full body was in full blast. Somehow maintaining my composure, I asked her what she did to soothe herself. She explained how she would take a long, relaxing bath with slow music playing in the background, often cumulating in a self-induced orgasm. Sensing the ever-changing drift in the atmosphere around us, I decided it was time to get what I came for.

I told her that if she wanted I could help her relax. At first she had a concerned look, as if she felt I was trying to get it on with her. Before she got a chance to say anything I told her “Clam down. I was just asking if you wanted a massage.” To my surprise, she didn’t hesitate one bit. Instantly, she put stretched her feet onto my lap, and said, “Go ahead. I knew you wanted to get at them the moment you came in here!” Shocked beyond belief, I decided to let the cat out of the bag. I told her about my fetish, and how I had managed to keep it stored away for the most part, until I saw her. Not wanting to have the atmosphere to become mushy, she told me that if it would result in her getting a foot rub, she was cool with it.

“I would warn you about the smell, but I’m sure you won’t mind it!” she delightfully chuckled in that angelic voice. The anticipation was driving me insane, as I slowly peeled off a flat. Once I began removing the first one, she purred, “Go ahead. Inhale the essence of my hard work.” What the hell? This wasn’t her voice, nor was it her natural demeanor. She was definitely getting turned on; trying to maintain a grip with all her might, but undoubtedly failing. Unable to hold back any longer, I pulled off a flat and shoved it against my nose, inhaling her invigorating fragrance. She could tell I how hard I was, outlining girth with her ivory fingers. I took sniff after sniff, until I was gasping for air.

She asked me if I was ready for more, but didn’t wait for an answer, planting her foot onto my face, letting the base of her toes rest against my eager nostrils. The scent was like hot, sharp nacho cheese with a few corn chips mixed in, and boy was it intoxicating. Soon thereafter, I grabbed onto her foot, spread her toes, and dipped my nose between the 2nd and third ones, relishing the sharp, cheddary scent that I had been craving all along. I sucked her toes, ran my tongue along her sole and in between each toe, and noticed a painful disparity in her breathing. She was trying to hold back the urge, but her body disagreed vehemently.

What the hell was up with some of these Vegas chicks? They either really enjoyed attention to their feet or were just horny as hell. Of course, it is possible that neither is the case, but that didn’t cross my mind at the time. Anyways, I told her, “It’s okay, give in. You know what you want to do.” She shoved her fingers down her pants and went at it. I kept licking and licking, and before you know it, she erupted like it was her last night alive. She bit her lip, but still let out a scream you could possibly hear a mile away. Satisfied in a way she had never been before, the serene beauty told me she was ready to return the favor.

Not knowing what she meant, seeing how I was already pleased beyond belief, I gave her a quizzical look. She told me to inch closer, and gave me her other foot. It had been about 45 minutes since the ordeal had begun, so I knew it would be ripe. I got set to take it off, when she did something I could never expect. Within a few seconds, she Slipped off the flat, shoved her toes against my nose, unzipped my pants, and pulled down my briefs! Aching for release, I couldn’t help but let out a guttural moan as her buttery smooth fingers wrapped around my shaft. Never had I expected a handjob to be so pleasurable. Despite being able to last quite a while in bed, I was unable to hold back after a few minutes with this blondie begging for my cum. Shoving her toes against my toes, she made me explode in ecstasy after just three mighty sniffs. All that want, all that desire spilled out over 30 seconds of pure bliss. Even after I was done, she kept on tugging, asking for more.

Intending to laugh, I could merely let out a whimper, astounded by how her velvety fingers managed to leave me so satiated. She thanked me for the adventure and asked me if I could help her close up. Once we finished, I asked her if she wanted a regular foot rub to close out the night. She said yes, but it was clear that she wanted more. Remembering how I had craved her earlier in the night, I decided that was not enough. I pinned her against the wall, pulled down her slacks despite her protests, got on my knees and dove right in. I had gone down on women before, but never did it taste like this. Incredibly sweet, her fruit tasted like raw honey. As her palms shoved my head closer, her moans reaching a titanic peak. Screaming out with carnal joy, her juices gushed out as I lapped up everything in my path in a lackadaisical manner. After about 5 climaxes, she begged me to stop, as I reluctantly did so.

Stumbling into the bathroom, I couldn’t help but marvel at just how this vacation had peaked t such a euphoric high. As much as I had been enjoying it, nothing throughout its duration had matched the level of excitement as this night had managed to put forth. Washing up and realizing it was past midnight, I was welcomed by a magnanimous kiss to cumulate the evening. She thanked me for the best experience in her life (?) and said I was welcome to come back anytime.

Knowing that I would likely never see her again, I didn’t even try to check for her name. It was an evening I would never forget, and she certainly wouldn’t. I don’t know how my family enjoyed the light show, but I’m sure it couldn’t match the sheer excitement of my adventure. Managing to get to my room with no one present, I took a nice hot shower and got set for bed. I have no idea when everyone else got back, but I do know it was the greatest slumber I had ever indulged in.

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