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August 11, 2011

Boy oh boy, what an adventure it had been. Four days had passed since I arrived in Vegas and had an incredible experience I would never forget. It was my only one on this trip to that point, but it was all I needed to rejuvenate my tired self. Since then, I had gone to the movies, bowling, swimming, sightseeing, and everything else a person under 21 could possibly do in the ‘City of Sin’ while their family is around. Heck, I was actually enjoying their presence! Paloma sure did a number on me, but it was nothing compared to what was going to happen on this fateful night.

After being to every new destination the city had to offer, my family and I decided to finally relax that Thursday night. After all, we only had one more night left to enjoy here after this one, and everybody was exhausted. We walked over to a nearby Outback Steakhouse and planned to go to some light show afterwards. I wasn’t very interested in going with them, and was hoping to just escape to the hotel room after dinner. However, my intentions went fully up in the air once we entered the building.

A vivacious, angel-skinned blonde came up to us to take us to our table. This is hardly new, seeing how many hostesses tend to look that way. It was her attire that caught my attention and put my heart at a standstill. She was dressed in the typical uniform-a long sleeve white shirt that complemented her curves yet managed to keep from looking completely risqu

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