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10-07-2012, 11:39 PM
The story is about a girl getting shrink by a fairy because she damage the environment,after that the girl worship the fairy feet.
(I am not sure in 100% this is the plot but it's a famous story so I think some of you may know the name of it).


Adam X
13-07-2012, 03:02 AM
Was it the one where she ended up loving feet and eventually became a slave to the blonde lawyer girl who found her in the woods while hiking with her friend?

13-07-2012, 05:01 AM
Please post it!!!!

13-07-2012, 09:14 PM
Was it the one where she ended up loving feet and eventually became a slave to the blonde lawyer girl who found her in the woods while hiking with her friend?

Indeed,please post it.

13-07-2012, 11:01 PM
thanks man you are awesome :).

04-02-2013, 07:24 PM
someone post this

04-02-2013, 10:42 PM
I was just thinking about this story the other day... Did someone have it, and sent it to you, or are you waiting for someone to post it here as well? If anyone has it, it WOULD be awesome if you could hook me up with some fairy foot love. <_<

06-02-2013, 01:44 PM
It's not my story but I think this is the one you were looking for.

The rain had stopped only fifteen minutes ago. Charlie was so thankful for that – she never liked driving on the rain – not to mention that this thunderstorm right in the middle of April was really out of the ordinary. It’s as if the heavens wanted to get rid of all that water at once, and what better than to drop it all down on the German southern plains, close to the foothills of the Alps. The afternoon sky was now clean, and a small rainbow was stretching from the white mountains towards the thick forests of Bavaria. On the road from Munich to her small village, Charlie was listening to music, a random pop song that was quite the sensation among the local youth lately. It was one of those not-so-memorable hits, that yet managed to hit number one in the charts. She was humming the tune along, as she sped along the highway. Tomorrow was Saturday, and she had her first free weekend for a month now, intending to spend it at home, visit her parents.

Charlie, a half-French, half-German young woman of 24, was what we could describe as a winner in life. Outsmarting everyone by a good margin at school, she coupled that natural talent with her love of those American CSI shows that were on TV from time to time, and went on to study forensics at the University of Berlin. She graduated top of their class just a few months ago, and she was now a junior officer at the Bundespolizei, the German Federal Police. While it was not as exciting as on the TV shows, she was content. Her supervisors were already amazed by her skills, and internships on the American FBI or a post at Europol were not out of the question for her. Charlie was practicing her English, just in case the FBI intern position was true, but she didn’t want to go that far from home.

Indeed, now that it had finished raining, she could feel the sweat on her back, her white top sticking on her back and on the car’s seat. She definitely needed a shower once she arrived at home. The annoying song ended, and another, even worse, took its place. Charlie started fiddling with the car’s radio, trying to tune in to something that wasn’t made for mindless fifteen year olds. Station after station failed her. Oh, there was the sports channel, having a show about Germany’s team for the World Cup in two months. “Nein, danke” she thought, and changed station again.

Too busy changing stations, she did not see it coming. A small puddle of rainwater, innocent yet deadly, right there, on the entrance of the next turn. She steered left, as the road went, but never saw it. Not expecting it, Charlie suddenly found her car slipping to the left, out of control. Hitting the breaks hard, her car started spinning, and then there was a loud horn from the other side of the road, a flash… and a crash.

Charlie’s car was hit full force by a truck, loaded with iron ore. Her car was hit on the side, the driver’s side, and the truck lost its balance (itself coming out of the corner), and crashed on the side of the road. She could not see very well, but she felt an intense pain on her neck. The airbag had blown up, but the car’s door had hit her on her ribs full force. Somehow, Charlie managed to pull herself out of the broken window, the broken pieces of glass cutting through her hands, tearing through her clothes. She didn’t know how did she just do it, since her whole body was filling her with pain. No other car had passed by since the crash, and Charlie fell on the ground. It all became hazy, as she thought she saw someone move inside the truck. Her legs started wobbling, and her black pumps couldn’t keep her balanced, curse the heels. Charlie fell on the side of the road, her vision completely blurry. All she could see was the forest right on the side of the road, the tall green trees, the soft grass that carpeted the forest. The green leaves were shining on the Sun’s afternoon rays, and Charlie, almost unconscious, did not even realize that her arms were slowly pulling her towards it, nor that her legs were kicking, helping her crawl inside the forest. All she could feel was that she was in intense pain, and no more feeling came from her arms and legs, even though she was sure they were moving. It was as if her body was not her own anymore, moving on it’s own, leaving only the pain for her to feel.

Was it two minutes that she crawled? Or two hours? She could not say. Her vision was blurred, all she could see was that she was slowly moving forward, towards the thick forest. She could hear the sirens of the ambulance on he road, but the sound was muffled and distant. She thought that she heard footsteps around her, and the barking of a police dog, but no one came to her rescue. She wanted to cry out, but couldn’t. Her breath was barely coming out of her lips, and all the energy she sucked in was diverted to her endless crawling. She could smell the wet grass, feel the droplets of dew on her face and arms, her clothes becoming moist.

Right before she finally passed out, she thought she saw a small stream, sparkling blue, and closed her eyes. Taking a few breaths, she felt for a moment a rush of adrenaline, as if her strength was finally returning to her. And then, something odd, the taste of strawberries on her lips, as if the wind itself was kissing her, as the pain of her injuries returned to hit her brain in full force. Charlie wanted to let out a scream of pain, but on her last conscious moment, it felt, no, it didn’t just feel, she knew, that instead of a scream, her whole soul was being unleashed from her, escaping through her stiff body, rushing out of her dead lips.

“I am dead”, she thought, as she felt her existence dissolve into nothingness.


And yet, she felt her being being held together, somehow. She was “seeing” a multitude of lights, all leading up to a white spot on the very end. The lights were of all colors, mixing and moving, and while there was color, it changed before she could tell what color it was. Her ethereal “ears” could hear a loud, melodious crystalline chiming that grew larger, as if the sweetest windchime was being blown by the strongest winds. The taste of strawberries returned, even though she was sure that the didn’t have a mouth to feel taste with. Indeed, she did not feel lips, head, or a body of her own. She was just a point, an existence in this churning swirl of color. And suddenly, she felt as if she’s falling, and was that a pair of eyes that suddenly appeared on the mix of color? They were gone right away. The colors died down, and Charlie’s spirit felt as if it was falling down, speeding up, falling, falling, falling as if rushing to crash on the bottomless pit that awaited her soul.

And suddenly, Charlie opened her eyes.

She was facing the grass, her head resting down on it. She felt her body, but she could not move it. It wasn’t pain – indeed, she felt no pain at all, but it was as if she did not know how to move anymore. The soft murmuring of the clean water stream close to her greeted her ears, and the smell of fresh grass and spring flowers was coming alongside her breath through her nose. Charlie felt the soft caress of the grass blades on her arms, but not elsewhere. She felt that her wet, torn clothes were still on her.

“I am not dead. I just fainted. I am alright… thank God…” was her first thought. Charlie did not believe in the afterlife, and her experience unsettled her. It was all coming back now, however. The crash, her mindless crawling, the feeling of death coming closer, and finally, her brain almost shutting down and putting her through a psychedelic light show.

She lay there, thinking that her broken bones might make it difficult for her to move. But maybe, if she could move her arms just enough to reach her mobile phone, then she could alert someone. Slowly, feeling returned to her body, and she could move her limbs again. Very carefully, she turned around, facing the treetops and the sky above. It was a vivid light blue. Charlie figured out that she slept the whole night on that patch of forest grass. Her body felt a little stiff, but there was no pain anymore. Indeed, surveying her arms, she found no cuts, no pieces of glass on her palms, even though she was sure she cut her palms as she was pulling herself out of her car. Very slowly, she pulled her torso up, sitting on the ground, and pulled herself over to a nearby tree, letting her back rest against it. Her clothes were indeed torn and wet, but there was no scratch, no bruising, no blood anywhere on her body. Her right pump was nowhere to be seen, probably torn off as she was crawling, and her right one barely hanging on her foot. With a soft kick, it was dislodged from her toes, and she flexed them, feeling control of her body coming back to her.

Still not daring to move, she scanned the environment around her. She was sitting on the edge of a small forest clearing. Tall trees were all around her, and she could not see which way was the way out, or which way she came in – even though she crawled, her tracks were erased by now. The stream was deep and wide enough to be considered the start of a small river, and indeed, a small waterfall, not even two meters tall, was on the other side of the clearing, creating the crystalline sound of the water splashing. Flowers of all colors were around her, and the boughs of the trees formed a shadowy canopy above her head, letting only a few strong rays of sunshine through, and a small spot of light blue sky visible. Even though she was deep in the forest, Charlie felt calm and protected here. It was as if that spot was blessed. Very slowly, she pulled herself up, and tried to stand on her feet. Managing to do that, she walked over to the stream, and pulled herself down again, on her knees and hands, looking at her reflection on the water. Her face wasn’t injured either. Bending down low, her lips met with the cold running water, and she gulped a few sips, feeling refreshed.

Only when she pulled her head up, and pulled her long blonde hair from the front of her face, where it fell, did she see the creature staring at her on the other side of the stream. Sitting on a small rock, splashing her feet on the water, was a tiny, naked female form. Not even half as tall as your common Barbie doll, the figure did not wear any clothes, and a set of thin, almost transparent green wings sprouted from its back. The fairy was smiling at Charlie, watching her with some excitement apparent on her tiny face.

Charlie almost fell in the stream, but instead, she just pulled herself over, and sitting down, gazed at the creature, unable to move, or take her eyes away from that wonder of the forest. Sitting cross-legged, her hands on her knees, her heart pounding hart, Charlie just stood there. The fairy moved – was she giggling? And pulled herself up on the small rock she was sitting on, on the bank of the stream. She flexed her body and spread her wings, fluttering them slowly twice, before she jumped out of a sudden, and fluttered across the stream. Charlie was unsure, what to do, what to say. The fairy stood only half a meter or so in front of her face, airborne, her wings fluttering and creating the smallest of breezes against Charlie’s face. She could see her details quite well now. The small creature had a perfect female form. Her breasts were a bit small for her body, but stood proudly up on their own, her curves fit her slim body, and she had very long hair, reaching all the way to her waist – of a shimmering color that matched her wings, an indescribable shade of light green. Or was it light blue? The more she looked, the less she could decide. Charlie noticed a few curls of hair of the same color on the creature’s crotch, protecting her otherwise non-existent privacy. The fairy’s face looked happy, excited, but also serious and grown up. It had a timeless quality on it, and you couldn’t really say that it was youthful, but neither old. She was smiling at Charlie, apparently aware that the human facing her was still taking her existence in, unused to the nymph of the forest. Her legs were hanging idly moving just a bit in synch with the motion of her hovering body. Only at the very end of her dumbfounded staring did Charlie notice the tiny sandals that were wrapped on the fairy’s minuscule feet, with two thin straps, one holding her toes, the other around her ankle.

The fairy clapped her hands, and landed right in front of Charlie, looking up at her, smiling.

“Erm…hi?” Was all Charlie could say.

06-02-2013, 01:44 PM
The fairy folded her wings behind her back, and walked over to Charlie’s leg. Her steps were slow and she got tangled up on a few blades of grass twice before she reached the giant knee of the human, where she reached out with her hand and touched the fabric of Charlie’s tights, resting her body as a tired runner rests against a wall. Her soft touch was barely felt by Charlie, but it was apparent that the creature was asking for her permission. Charlie slowly approached her left hand to the creature, that was barely taller than her palm wide, and was looking around her, perplexed.
“Easy now, little one”, Charlie muttered soothingly, even though she had this suspicion that the fairy already knew she meant no harm. Slowly, her fingers reached around the tiny slender body, and softly turned around her body, holding her firmly. Her body was very tender and soft, and Charlie tried to block out the feeling of the fairy’s ass cheeks and tender breasts against her fingers. Her wings were folded against her back, her hair on top of them, protecting them. The fairy chirped out of excitement, looking up at her giant captor, as Charlie brought her close to her face. The fairy wiggled inside her grasp playfully, and kicked with her small legs feebly against Charlie’s fingers. Feeling that, she opened her palm, and turned her hand so that the little fairy could sit on her palm, her back resting against her fingers. The fairy smiled, and stretched out her legs, as if she was sitting comfortably! Charlie felt an odd rush of power, as she say the fairy’s hair get blown by her breath. Her gaze turned to the fairy’s womanhood, which she made no effort of hiding from the human, the green-blue curls covering her up.

“Who are you, little one?”
The fairy was almost blown by the sudden rush of air around her, but giggled, and stood up. She could barely stand on the soft skin of the human’s hand, and Charlie felt the small sandals dig into her skin as the fairy positioned herself, and then observed – amazed – the little creature as she bowed deeply, fluttering her wings slowly. She opened her mouth and spoke, but the sound of her voice was crystalline, like the rustle of leaves mixed with running water, and Charlie could not discern her name.

“I’ll just call you… Pixie, for now, I guess. I am Charlie. Where…where is that place?”

The fairy nodded, and turned around, facing outwards from Charlie’s palm (her tiny feet shuffling almost tickled her palm!), pointing between the trees, then turned back again and pointed at Charlie. She then put both of her hands on her chest, and bowing her head, made a motion as if breathing into her hands, before pointing both of them at Charlie’s chest again.

“I’m not so sure I can understand you, Pixie.”

Pixie laughed, a clear laughter that somehow brought warmth to Charlie’s heart. She leapt off the human’s hand, and flew two circles around her head, before landing on top of her knee, pointing at a point where her tights were ripped from the crash.

“My knee?”

Pixie nodded, then bent low (her tiny knees and arms feeling again sort of ticklish on Charlie’s skin), and made a slashing motion across the area where the tights were ripped, then she brought her hands together, before standing up again, looking proudly at the human.

“Oh.. yeah, I was cut there. My cuts, they are gone now. So…” Pixie nodded heartily, “you were the one that healed me!”

Pixie smiled, but also flew up in the air, calling Charlie to stand up, which she did. Pixie then turned away from the stream, and flew towards the edge of the clearing. Charlie was suddenly filled with dread.
“What is it, little one? What do you want to show me?”
Pixie nodded, and flew toward Charlie’s hand. Wrapping herself against her index finger, she softly pulled, before flying on top of Charlie’s shoulder, where she sat, her hands digging lightly into her skin, to keep her steady.

Charlie started walking, feeling the fairy perched on her shoulder. She reached the end of the clearing, and looked beyond the two trees. There were two paths branching off the edge there. On both paths, however, there were things blocking the way.

On the path on her left, Charlie saw a patch of vibrant orange flowers, a kind she’d never seen before. On the path on her right, she saw… a bloodied human body, turned face down, unmoving, covered by long blonde hair. She was missing a shoe, and her clothes were ripped.

Charlie immediately lost her balance, falling down on the ground. Pixie got tangled up on the falling human’s hair, and crashed on the ground alongside her, fighting and kicking to get free of the strands of hair that held her down. Charlie was shaking, feeling fear like what she’s never felt before in her life. Mustering the courage to look at the figure of her own lifeless corpse once more, she lifted her head, pulling the small fairy, who was hanging upside down, her ankles caught on the blonde strands, her wings now also beating against the hair. Charlie’s attention was diverted to the tiny passenger, and she helped Pixie get dislodged from her hair, but held her firmly at her grasp as she freed her.
“That is me, on the one side, right? I never made it to the clearing.” Pixie nodded her head, which was barely protruding from her captor’s fist. Suddenly, it all became clear to Charlie. Trembling, she brought Pixie very close to her lips, and very softly, pressed her lips on the tiny creature’s head. Pixie did not fight back, but pushed her arms against the tight fingers, a motion to which Charlie complied: opening her fist, she let the fairy rest on her palm, before bringing her lips again at her head, kissing the tiny creature, the whole of her upper torso being trapped between her lips. Pixies body was sweet, and she did not fight back, but tried to pull Charlie’s lips even closer, her own head diving between the gigantic lips of the human. Charlie parted her lips, her tongue darting out, surprising the little creature as it licked her face, matted her hair with her saliva, and then moved between the creature’s breasts, licking and sucking the tiny perked up nipples. Charlie stopped the kiss, pulling her hand from her lips, looking down on the creature surprised. Pixie definitely tasted like strawberries.
“It was you. It was you who found me, dying in the forest. I don’t know how…but you kept me alive, somehow. And now, now I have to choose a path. I either come left, with you, deeper inside, or …” Charlie shivered, unable to look at the image of her own dead corpse. “… or I will have to accept my fate and die.”
Pixie opened her eyes, and pulled her hands over her face, trying to wash some of the sticky saliva off her face, before nodding solemnly. She wasn’t smiling this time. Fluttering, she took off in the air again, and headed towards the clearing again, calling out in her indiscernible language for Charlie to follow. Charlie took one last look at the paths. The flowers on the left path looked as vibrant, but the right path was no longer “decorated” by her own body. It was just an illusion, set up by Pixie to show Charlie her choices. Charlie walked steadily back towards the spring.

Pixie was already there, lying inside Charlie’s abandoned pump. It looked like a huge recliner to her eight centimeter figure. Charlie looked at her, perplexed. “What so special about my shoe?” Pixie stood up on the heel section of the shoe, pointing at the shoe, then at Charlie, and then on the ground. The message was clear. Charlie would have to let go of her clothes.

She did not feel particularly embarrassed by that. The tiny Pixie had already shown her her own body, after all, and it looked like she had seen Charlie’s body up and close already anyway, when she was tending her wounds while she was unconscious. Charlie nodded, and pulled her ripped shirt off, dropping it on the ground nearby. Pixie immediately took off, the kick of her liftoff being strong enough to unbalance the heel of the shoe, and flew up in front of Charlie’s chest. This was a game for her, it seems. Shorter than the diameters of Charlie’s breasts, she was apparently waiting for Charlie to take off her bra, which she did, smiling at the creature. Pixie squeaked happily, and threw herself between the two mounds of flesh. Charlie caught up with her antics, and quickly pressed her breasts firmly against each other, trapping the fairy between her breasts. Pixie started flailing, but to no avail! When her kicking and shoving became less strong, Charlie let her go, holding her on her palm as she dropped from her cleavage.
“I did not hurt you, did I?” She asked worried. Pixie simply walked towards Charlie’s breasts, and slapped the left one as hard as she could, which resulted in Charlie feeling a small pat on the surface. She broke into laughter, losing her balance in the process. Pixie fell from her hand, and fluttered down, next to Charlie’s waist. Charlie noticed that, and undid her skirt’s buttons, pulling it from her legs. The pixie was ecstatic, and started clapping as she watched the giant human’s panties and tights come into vision. Charlie stoop up again, and slowly started peeling her tights off her legs, knowing that her admirer (and savior) was watching every move. When she removed them, she stood tall, wearing only her bare black panties. No lace or adornment, and neither a thong: after all, Charlie was just out of work, where she did not expect that she would have need of a sexy pair of panties. Standing tall, however, she saw the small creature standing as tall as her ankle looking up at her, standing between her feet. Charlie put her hands on her hips, and then pulled down her panties, letting them drop to her knees. Pixie did not move.

“Is that how is it going to be?” And she decidedly flexed her knee, dislodging the panties, and watching them drop on top of the creature. As she removed her feet from the wholes, she bent down and observed Pixie fluttering below the soft fabric. Charlie realized that there was quite a strong smell coming out of the pair, and that probably made the fairy so excited. Amazed even with herself, Charlie pulled the panties with one hand, and grabbed the fairy with her other. Then, decidedly, she dropped the creature right on the crotch area of the underwear. Pixie lay down, kissing the fabric, before turning around and lying on the soft material, as if lying down on a hammock. Charlie removed her companion from her panties, and brought her close to her face.

“What was that for, little one? Is your kind that playful with the big ones? Pixie nodded cheerfully, and then did something weird. She showed Charlie her hand, her thumb and index far apart from each other, and slowly brought those two fingers close to each other, until the distance between her tiny fingers was almost invisible.

Charlie gasped. “So, is that how I am going to leave my old life behind?”
Pixie nodded, and flew down by Charlie’s bare womanhood. Her small, slender arms caught the folds of her labia, and pulled them apart, before pushing her little head inside. Charlie collapsed immediately on the ground, as the tiny fairy started wiggling inside her. Charlie’s body reacted violently to the fairy. Her hips buckled, and she started producing vaginal fluid, while the small creature had already taken the liberty to dive inside her vaginal canal, splashing on her juices, shaking her small body, and twisting herself around. Only the fairy’s tiny sandaled feet remained outside Charlie’s vagina. Charlie felt Pixie’s head licking her insides, her hands massaging her inner skin, and she felt really close to climaxing, when the creature suddenly bit her from inside. Charlie’s soft moans turned into a scream, as this hurt her a bit, but right after filled her with a warm feeling of completeness, and she felt herself come into a powerful orgasm, bucking her hips and feeling hot inside her.
When she calmed down, Pixie pulled herself off, with amazing agility, dropping on the grass, drenched in Charlie’s sticky juices.
“Hey, get back in there!” Charlie heard herself say. It’s been a while since she had any kind of sex, and this was quite unexpected and sudden. However, Pixie flew off (her wings fluttering a bit erratically from the thick droplets of womanly honey on them) and dived into the stream, apparently washing herself. Charlie pulled herself up, and walked over to the stream, looking down at the mischievous fairy. She bent down, and grabbed her out of the water, holding her tightly in her fist. Only when she was about to shove her inside her again did she realize: When she held Pixie before, only her head was sticking out of her fist. However, now, her feet were also sticking down from the bottom of her hand.
“Wait…you’re growing?” Charlie asked, dumbfounded. No, it couldn’t be. Charlie walked over to the pile of her clothes, and found her one shoe, the black pump with the heel. Turning to face Pixie again, she saw that part of her leg was now also sticking out of her palm, and she also felt the creature’s torso thicker against her fingers.
Charlie lifted her foot, and put it inside her pump. It was at least five sizes too big for her. She felt as if she was a kid again, trying on her mother's shoes.

“You’re shrinking me!”

06-02-2013, 01:45 PM
Charlie stepped back, a little scared. She looked down at the smiling fairy, which was now just a bit bigger. She could feel the grass reaching up her legs a bit more, and everything seemed just a bit bigger, especially her clothes. She squatted down, and let her palm open next to Pixie, who nodded, and carefully lay down on it. She was initially a bit taller than a finger, but now she was able to comfortably rest her head on the tips of the human’s fingers and her feet almost touched the wrist!

Charlie simply stood there, watching, as the slender legs of the creature seemed to grow slowly, and extend farther down. Of course, Pixie wasn’t growing – Charlie was shrinking! She let the creature down and got up, and this time it really was scary. She was only half as tall as before, and the pile of her clothes seemed too big for her. By the time she realized that, Pixie had hugged her leg, her head on the human’s knee – essentially making Charlie only about thirty centimeters tall. The grass was much taller for her now, too. Pixie took off the ground, and hovered face to face with her, and her face was slowly becoming bigger!

Charlie stepped backwards, only to trip on the grass and fall. She hit her head as she did, hitting the heel of her now gigantic shoe. It was definitely longer than she was tall, and the faint odor of her wearing it was apparent in the air. The fairy walked over, and bent down, putting her small hand inside Charlie’s, trying to pull her up. She wasn’t as strong yet, but when Charlie lifted herself off the ground, Pixie was hugging her, coming up to her breasts. Charlie put her own arm around the slender body and pressed her close on her. Pixie was hugging the human’s breasts with her face and kissed them a few times, nibbling on the nipples, but soon she was too tall, moving on to her new friend’s neck, and finally, standing on tiptoe, lips.

Charlie was amazed. They kissed for a while, passionately, as the not-so-small creature tasted so well, her lips locked on hers, her tongue darting around her mouth. She felt the fairy step down now – she didn’t need to tiptoe anymore, and when the kiss broke, it was Charlie standing on her tiptoes. Then, Pixie smiled, looking down at the smaller human with golden eyes, and patted her head. She was smiling, her ageless face gleaming, her shimmering greenish hair covering the folded pair of wings. She nodded behind her, motioning to Charlie to get used to her new height.

Indeed, when Charlie turned around, she was amazed. First of all, the grass was coming now well up to her knees, making walking difficult. Second, her clothes were a gigantic pile in front of them. Charlie started waling away from the pile, towards a red flower that was nearby. The flower was sticking above the grass, about as tall as the two women. Pixie was walking close nearby, her steps untroubled by the grass, which seemed to untangle and let herself pass – while choking Charlie’s steps. She had to hack at it sometimes.

Charlie then noticed something on the ground. Some ants were walking around their daily business, and they were –huge-. Easily half the length of her foot, she could see them in unimaginable detail now. Unsure, she stepped back, and fell right into Pixie’s embrace, who held her protectively, her hand around Charlie’s. Pixie walked forward, and nudged one ant with her sandal (Charlie wished she had a pair now, her bare feet on the ground), and the ant simply moved a bit, before resuming his way. Giggling at that, Pixie simply stepped over the ants, and softly pulled Charlie to do the same. They reached the flower, and smelled it. It was nice! It had five red petals and smelled so fresh! Pixie put her hand inside the middle opening, and when she pulled it out, it was coated with sweet nectar. Bringing a finger on her mouth, she licked some of it off, cheering with her crystalline voice, then brought her hand in front of Charlie’s face, nodding.

Charlie looked at her inquisitively, and then brought her hand on the fairy’s wrist, examining the golden liquid on her fingers (that seemed to be a little longer than hers!), and then shyly brought the index on her mouth, and licked once. Immediately she pulled the whole finger inside and started sucking and licking, it was so good and she hadn’t eaten anything in ages! Pixie laughed, and eased her hand, allowing Charlie to lick all of her fingers clean, before kissing her once more. Then, she pulled the flower, and pointed in the middle. Charlie carefully approached her arm, put it inside, and felt the sweet nectar being pooled inside. She dipped her fingers on it, and removed them. It was now Pixie’s turn, which took Charlie’s hand and licked her fingers clean of nectar.

Charlie felt the creature’s tongue and teeth lick and nibble on her fingers. It was somehow arousing, yet also providing her with a sense of safety and happiness. It was a wood fairy, after all, even though she wanted to ask her all these questions: what happened, why did she have to shrink, where were they going, and of course: “am I going to get back home after this?” Pixie stopped nibbling, as if she read Charlie’s thoughts immediately, and looked directly into her eyes. Charlie wasn’t sure what that meant, but it didn’t relax her. She let the creature finish off her hang, before she started walking towards the now intimidating stream, which looked like quite the river. She approached the edge, which was muddy and cold – now she really wished for a pair of tiny teeny boots – and bent low, sipping some water. Pixie stood next to her, sitting down and splashing her feet on the water – just as how she was doing when Charlie first saw her. Charlie noticed that some grains of pollen had stuck on her arms when she was taking the nectar out of the flower. “Great, now I am a bee!” she thought, laughing at the situation, as she made to wash her arms. However, Pixie’s hand came and grabbed her arm, stopping her, pointing to another red flower nearby.

This was something that a normal human would have never done. But Charlie, guided by her (taller) fairy friend, walked towards the flower, admiring the size of the world at her feet, marveling at how small pebbles looked like sizeable rocks to her, even getting used to the idea of the huge ants. She reached the red flower, and rubbed her arms on the flowers stigmata, essentially helping the pollen reach its destination. Pixie was ecstatic, and clapped her hands, before forcing her arms around her, hugging her. Charlie realized only then that she was now only as tall as the fairy’s breasts.

“Am I shrinking more? How much smaller do I need to become?”

Pixie ‘s hands were holding hers, as she held her new friend. She bend her head and kissed Charlie’s head, and then pulled herself off the embrace. She pointed at the flower, and joined her hands together, opening her palms as if resembling a flower.

“I …I helped the flowers reproduce, yeah. What’s that to do with me though?”

Pixie’s face was turned into one of wonder, how could she explain? She closed her palms, and entwined her fingers.

“Petals close?”

Pixie shrugged her shoulders and kept looking at her.

“Let’s see… flowers, after that…oh! They bear fruit!”

Pixie nodded, and folded her hands even more, before opening them in representation of a fruit growing, then she pointed back towards the visible pile of gigantic torn clothes, then at Charlie, then at the flower, then at herself.

“I need to… flower into a fruit? Is that what you mean?” Pixie nodded, then pulled Charlie again for a hug. Charlie was now aware that her fairy’s breasts were above her head as they hugged. She was becoming progressively smaller. There was an apparent fruiting process she had to go through. But how?

She kissed the creature’s bellybutton when she was small enough. Pixie’s whole body rocked, and her strong arms came around her, easily lifting her off the ground, as one holds a child. Charlie pulled her arms around the shoulders of the fairy, her heart racing, as the fairy’s wings spread for the first time since she shrunk. They were magnificent, and reflected the sunshine. Pixie flexed them twice, and then suddenly took off. Charlie screamed of surprise, but their flight was short. They flew away from the clothes and the spring, towards what looked to be a fallen tree leaf, quite large for both to sit on it. Pixie let her down, and stretched her body upwards. Charlie was eye level to the fairy’s crotch.

It was something really weird to see. It looked so much like a human woman’s crotch area, but slightly, indescribably, different. The curls of hair protected her, and their odd shiny green coloring was also giving her an exotic tint. And Pixie was clearly excited, her labia just a bit parted and gleaming themselves. Without thinking anymore, Charlie stepped forward, put her arms behind Pixies buttocks, and pulled her face on the curls, snuggling her head on them. Pixie immediately followed her action, putting her now huge hands on her head and pressing Charlie on her crotch. Charlie found the fairy’s pussylips with her own lips and started kissing them passionately, prying them open for her tongue to slide in. She had never before gone with a woman, not even thought about it, but something made her just do it, the same primal force she felt when she forced the fairy to enter her own body when she was normal sized. Charlie’s tongue was darting inside Pixie’s vagina now, and her smooth walls were secreting a sticky fluid that tasted like honey. Pixie was rocking and moaning, sometimes fluttering her wings to be able to stay standing. That was until one of her long legs tried to hug Charlie’s, but her physical strength made them both lose balance, and they fell on the leaf. Pixie rolled on top of the tiny human, feeling her head on her belly. She immediately rolled around, and almost forcefully pushed Charlie’s head back on her crotch. Charlie was licking and sometimes now biting, her face almost completely covered in honey, the fairy’s smell making her crazy, wanting only to please the gigantic fairy. Pixie soon started bucking her hips, pushing upwards and moaning in her crystalline voice. Soon, her vaginal walls contracted once, before she released a small stream of honey, which Charlie happily lapped up and drank as she felt her captor’s hand finally letting her head go. Charlie, slightly exhausted from that, rolled around on top of Pixie’s left leg. She realized that she was even smaller now, about two thirds as tall as the fairy’s leg. She lay down on her leg, holding on to it, as sleep took them both, Pixie’s huge hand on her hair.

When Charlie woke up, she realized that the fairy had not moved at all – she was just looking at her. It was now afternoon, the light of the sun coming out of the leaves slightly fainter and more red. Pixie let her get off her body and stand up, when she got up too. She was absolutely towering over Charlie, her knee higher than her. Charlie was a bit intimidated by that, but felt safe. Pixie started walking, and Charlie had to run to keep up with her strides. The fact that she was still shoeless didn’t help: once they were off the leaf, the ground that might have looked into fine sand to someone, was rocky enough to keep her jumping from rock to rock and feel her feet pricked. She realized now why the otherwise naked fairy was wearing sandals. The fact that the grass was a bit taller than Charlie didn’t help either. Pixie led them to a small opening on the sea of grass. It looked like a small trail, built for fairies, surprisingly being paved by smooth pebbles. Charlie was able to walk on it just fine, and looked at the forest of grass on either side of the road as they walked. They walked until Charlie’s shrinking was too much to keep going. She was about twice as tall as the fairy’s ankles, and her huge feet were longer than she was tall. Pixie stood in front of her, a titanic creature. Lifting her foot in the air, she cast its shadow over her friend, and lowered it, not on her, but right in front of her. Her toes were about knee-high to Charlie, and Charlie, finding nothing else to do, bent down and kissed them, one by one. Pixie squeaked happily and wiggled them, giggling. Charlie climbed her foot, and lay on it, holding on to the thin greenish straps. Pixie’s shoes looked like they were made of some plant. The soft sole was white wood, and the straps some kind of grassy fiber that stayed green. They looked big enough to be a bed for her – if not for the mighty feet that were wearing them. Holding onto them, Charlie felt a bit queasy as the fairy started walking, but soon got used to it. After a while, Pixie stopped, and bent down, pulling the tiny human on her hand. Charlie was reminded of their first meeting, but she was by now smaller than a finger for her, and lying on her soft palm. The fairy brought her at her face, which looked gigantic, scanning her with golden eyes. Pixie brought her other hand on top of her, and started softly poking Charlie’s body, very softly. Her fingernails were short and slightly pinkish. She separated Charlie’s legs, and softly rubbed her womanhood, giggling as Charlie immediately closed her eyes and relaxed. However, Pixie did not continue, but brought her on her mouth, putting her on her lips and pressing her, kissing her once more. When Charlie came out of her lips, breathless and feeling her warmth, she was what was (comparatively), only a couple centimeters tall to her. Pixie now looked genuinely gigantic, like a skyscraper. Pixie let her down on the ground, and Charlie looked up at her legs. She approached her feet, and saw the fairy’s toes rise taller than her. Charlie climbed up the sandal (whose flat sole came up her knees), and was met by Pixie’s toes. She walked decidedly between the larger one and the second, smelling what was fairy-foot sweat: even that was a strong aroma of fruit, mixed with the pungent scent of womanly feet – the result was oddly pleasing. She held on to the second toe as Pixie flexed her mighty toes, and then was playfully crushed between the two toes. Pixie opened her grip, letting Charlie’s body roll on the top of the sandal, before she bent down. She plucked Charlie with her gigantic fingers from her toes, and pushed her below the ball of her foot. Stepping down with force, she smushed her below her foot, putting all her weight on it.

For Charlie, this was slightly uncomfortable, as she couldn’t breathe. She felt her body barely able to hold off the pressure of the massive foot, pinned to the soft surface of the sandal. When Pixie started walking, it was more bearable, since when her foot was in the air, she had the time to sneak in a breath. After a while, it seemed that Pixie took to the air, because she wasn’t walking anymore, however they were moving. Every few minutes, Pixie would land and stomp on Charlie, to ensure that her sweat would make the human stick on her foot, before taking off again. For a fairy that had no pockets, it seemed like the only sensible place to put her tiny human for transport.

When they arrived wherever they were supposed to be, Charlie could hear the crystalline voices of other fairies as well. They seemed to have landed for good, as Pixie kept walking relentlessly on her friend. Only after a while, they entered what looked like a small house, and Pixie closed her door behind her. Sitting on a stool, she undid her sandals, and took them off. On her left sandal, right on the most worn part of it, the ball, was a tiny human being stuck. Pixie lifted her sandal, and planted a kiss on the human, before letting it fall on the floor, almost carelessly, and she walked away.

06-02-2013, 01:45 PM
The fairy’s house looked oddly human-like. There was a window, without any glass, just an opening on the wall, from which moonlight came inside the room an illuminated the surroundings in a pale blueish light. There was a doorway on the other side, again without any door, just carved out of wood. The whole house looked as if it’s carved inside a tree’s trunk. The floor was firm and level. There were some crude furnishings on the room, a gigantic bed, two chairs and a table. Charlie felt really tiny, still standing on her giant captor’s sandal. She was, what, just as tall as her smallest toe? She looked down at her own feet and tried to imagine how small that would be. Then she realized that the fairy, no matter how big she seemed to be, was smaller than a doll.

“I must be smaller than a wood-mite”, Charlie thought and shivered, hoping there weren’t any bugs in this home. She carefully stepped down from the sandal, but she didn’t have anywhere to go to. No where to run, and even though she felt that the fairy could have carried her a bit more carefully, she was physically fine and she was her only friend right now.

Soon after the ground rumbled as Pixie returned from the inner room. She was wearing a long robe, that covered her whole body, from the neck down to her ankles. It looked like a nightgown, tied up on her waist by a small strand of grassy rope. Pixie stood right above the little human, and looked down at her. For Charlie, it was a breathtaking sight. She could only see a huge sheet of cloth rise up in the sky, until the fairy’s breasts obscured most of her huge face. There was some shuffling, as the fairy’s foot protruded from underneath the robe, and she left it close to Charlie, who simply walked over it, and kissed the big toe, which was as tall as her. Pixie smiled, and slowly knelt down, reaching out with her hand, grabbing her captive between her thumb and index, applying some pressure between her fingers, feeling the tiny creature squirm. Dumping her on her palm, she giggled as the tiny human rolled on her soft skin, until she managed to stand up, only for Pixie to throw her up in the air.

Charlie’s world was moving way too fast. One second she was rolling on the soft skin of the fairy, then the next she was flung upwards, before the fairy’s hand closed in around her, catching her protectively, folding her fingers all around her. Charlie felt that they were moving, and when the fist opened, Pixie was laying on her bed, on top of a tree leaf that acted as a sheet, and she was moving her hand close to her face.

Pixie’s face was huge, gigantic. Her smiling mouth might as well have been a large tunnel compared to Charlie’s size. Her eyes were two big orbs observing her, and her breath made it difficult for her to stand up. She felt her gaze go through her naked body, observing her, studying her, until she apparently got what she wanted. Pixie then moved her hand close to her chest, her humongous breasts poking through the pink fabric. She was definitely not wearing a bra underneath. Only then did Charlie see that there was a small pocket almost on top of the left breast. Pixie undid the button and dropped Charlie inside, before closing it again. She patted her captive “good night” with her fingers, effectively squeezing her against her soft flesh, and then lay down completely to sleep. Charlie looked around her. There wasn’t enough light to see, but she felt that the pocket was indeed, very very small, so that she could use it as a sleeping bag. However, it was difficult to sleep, since she was on top of the creature’s beating heart, which sent shockwaves through her skin that tiny Charlie could feel. Then, her breathing rocked her up and down relentlessly as well. Nevertheless, after a few minutes, Charlie was able to drift off into sleep.

She was certain it was a dream. She couldn’t see her body, but she could sense herself being present. Where at? There was again this swirl of light she saw right before she died. She was walking on an unseen surface, as everything around her moved and changed shapes, sizes and colors. Charlie simply walked forward, until there was a point of light in this vortex that never changed. Deciding to follow that, she realized that she didn’t need to walk with her invisible feet, she just though of herself moving forward and it happened. As she approached the light, the colors around her died down, until she was again at the forest clearing she woke up at. This time, her invisible body was human sized compared to the short grass, the pebbles, and the small stream. She saw Pixie being there, human sized too, who rose to greet her.

“Hello, human girl.”, she said, smiling, as she walked closer to Charlie, but keeping some distance. She was wearing her nightrobe, which didn’t look that imposing when “normal sized”. Charlie tried looking down at herself, or moving her hands, but even though she felt that she had a body, she couldn’t see it.

“You cannot speak, nor see yourself, Charlie. This is a dream, but not like any others. Dreams are not reality, but what you see and experience are true things. They are ideas or pictures of things that have been, will be, or will never come to pass. What you call the human imagination, it’s ours to safeguard. What you call creative expression, it all comes from us. We’ve been called many things by many different people. Spirits, muses, fairies. We are the personification of the ethereal, imagination turning to reality.”

The fairy walked closer to Charlie. She opened her palm, and revealed Charlie’s tiny form, sleeping on her palm. With her other hand, she poked the asleep creature with her index finger, rolling her around her palm, lifting her and dropping her, as if she were a toy. Charlie wanted to object to this, but her gaze was fixed on her own body being toyed with. Pixie simply smiled and stopped playing, showing that the tiny body was still undisturbed and asleep.

“A human can harm a fairy in body. You’re just so much bigger than us. Our power over your kind is in spirit. We can give you nightmares…” and with that, she started squeezing the tiny form with her finger, forcing it to start writhing in pain, “or, we can send you the sweetest of dreams.” Pixie then stopped that, and softly kissed the tiny human’s body, which immediately relaxed and started smiling on her sleep. Charlie’s consciousness felt relieved after watching that, and looked up at the fairy again. Or was she looking down at her? Suddenly she could not exactly place her relative height compared to her.

“You died, Charlie. It was not my or my kind’s fault. Your car was rammed by a truck. In your madness, you crawled away and bled to death on your way to my stream. I found you, and covered your tracks, so that your people would not send you off. I gave you a deal to follow me or move on, and you chose to stay with me.”

“Fairies are born out of unfairness, Charlie. For thousands of years, ever since humans were blessed with life, we existed alongside them. Our kind was always born of women who died a wrongful death. Women that could have done so many more things when alive. Women that chose to stay back, and safeguard humans’ dreams. We do not always succeed in that, sometimes the human’s mind rejecting our breath and creating a horrific nightmare, but other times we imbue happy dreams, and give you hope and strength for the next day.”

The scene changed suddenly. Pixie, now fairy sized again, sitting on a windowsill in a moonlit night. Charlie looked around, recognizing her own room, when she was just a kid. Pixie pointed at the sleeping child. Charlie’s incorporeal eyes followed that notion, and she was left even more speechless. Pixie unfolded the wings on her back (somehow through her nightrobe), and flew close to the child’s head. Carefully lowering herself next to her ear, she seemed to whisper something, before kissing the child on the cheek, and flew back to sit on the windowsill.

Charlie remembered that all too well. That was the night she got her most memorable dream in all her life. It was about fruit, and a prince, and things of fairy tales. Pixie smiled at her, and the scene returned to the forest clearing.

“It wasn’t me who gave you that dream, but my Queen allowed me to show you how someone else of my kind did it. I needed to talk to you through the dream, because you would not understand fairy-speak.” Pixie lifted her robes and pointed at her womanhood. “It all begins here. You’ll understand.”

Charlie realized what was going on right there. As if she knew it all along, she realized what was the deal she made with the fairy, when she decided not to move on. She would become one of them; she had to become a fairy. Pixie’s form dissolved in front of her eyes, as Charlie felt pulled again in the vortex of color. “Just trust me”, she heard Pixie’s voice resonate around her, as her eyes opened – she was met with darkness, and the beating of a giant creature’s heart, the breast she was riding still moving rhythmically up and down.

Charlie felt that below her feet, the fabric had been torn. She wiggled out carefully, and now she was crawling on the top of the fairy’s breast. It was very soft, and her nipple was nearby. Charlie couldn’t resist, as she crawled on an areola that was easily twice her height in diameter. The fairy’s nipple was unerect, but it smelled strongly of sweet milk. Charlie crawled on top of it, rubbing herself on the fairy’s skin, and kissed it. Nothing happened. She then decided to crawl down the fairy’s body. She almost tumbled down the breast, held only by the fabric above her pressing her tight to the fairy’s skin, and made her way easily to the fairy’s bellybutton, before moving past it. When she first met the first few pubic hairs she stopped for a moment. Would it be ok if she moved on? Feeling that she wanted to explore, and that the fairy was friendly to her anyway, she decided to move on. After all, didn’t she hint that on the dream? Charlie started crawling on the hairy surface of Pixie’s skin, sometimes tangling herself up on the shimmering curls. After a while, she realized that the “ground” was sloping downwards, realizing she was very close to her slit. After a few more steps, she was now holding on vertically from the thick hairs. From her right, she smelled honey. Grabbing a bunch of hair from her right, she pulled herself over, and once more, before her hand touched bare skin. This was it. Carefully, Charlie pulled herself over and held strongly on Pixie’s pussylip, caressing the skin, and kissing it. Carefully, with her foot, she felt around the folded skin, until she found a steady foothold, and pulled herself even closer. Rubbing her tiny body on the massive slit that was easily seven times longer than she was tall, or more aroused her. Some patches of skin were a bit wet, probably some juices leftover from before. Careful not to let herself slip and fall, Charlie climbed up the gigantic womanhood, kissing and licking along the way, until she came at the top. Carefully, she pried open the soft folds with her hands, exposing the fairy’s clitoris which was as big as Charlie’s own head. She moved her head close to it, and started kissing it passionately, rubbing her hands around it, caressing and licking, sometimes biting too. It was now quite hot down there, she felt Pixie’s body reacting on her sleep. Suddenly, a rumbling sound echoed, as the fabric was being pulled up, and in the little moonlight that entered between the fairy’s legs, Charlie could see a gigantic hand coming right at her. She braced herself for impact, as a long finger pressed her whole body down with force, rubbing her against the clitoris, up and down, furiously, before dragging the helpless human explorer down, between the folds of her labia, drenching her in the fairy’s vaginal fluid that tasted so much like honey. For a moment, Charlie thought that she might drown, but she was pulled off her lover’s vagina with a jerk of Pixie’s hand. Charlie felt herself fly through the air, safely glued to Pixie’s index finger by he sticky juices, as Pixie brought her inside her mouth, landing her on her tongue. Waves of saliva splashed around her, as the tongue rolled her around, hitting her against the fairy’s cheeks and palate, forcefully licking her clean of honey. After a few good licks, she opened her teeth just a bit, letting her drop between them and through her gigantic pink lips on top of her palm again.

Charlie opened her eyes for the first time since she was thrown inside the fairy’s mouth, brushing some saliva off her face, and looked up. Pixie was smiling at her, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight. She spoke, but her crystalline voice only came out as an incoherent sound. She then placed her again on her breast pocket, where Charlie was greeted by a much faster heartbeat. The tearing that let her free herself was there, but she did not feel like going in again for now. Right before she fell to sleep again, she thought that she heard a voice inside her mind: “good try, but not yet, little one. Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll show you more.”

06-02-2013, 01:46 PM
Charlie woke up refreshed. She couldn't remember sleeping that well ever in her life. And it wasn't a comfy bed with an expensive matress made for royalty either: It was just sleeping in a fairy nightgown's chest pocket. She realised that the fairy was still asleep, her soft breathing gently lifting the tiny human up and down. charlie carefully crawled out of the pocket, and looked at the sleeping fairy's head. She was definitely huge, and would have been scary: but Charlie was free of doubt or fear. She carefully climbed down towards the fairy's neck. She could now feel the air going in and out of her throat right under her tiny feet. She climbed up her chin very carefully, and saw the lips of the fairy. Without a second thought, she jumped at them, being much shorter than they were wide, and lied down between the silky pink mounds of flesh. She turned about and kissed the fairy before getting off her lips: caution got the best of her, wouldn't want the fairy's mouth to open and engulf her. Skipping her nose, that was blasting warm wind at her and making it hard to walk, she crept on the fairy's rosy cheeks, and grabbed onto a rogue strand of hair, carefully moving until she reached the fairy's ear. "Thank you for this." was all she managed to say, and lied down on the soft outer ear.

After a while, how much Charlie didn't know, having lost track, Pixie finally stirred in her sleep. Charlie grabbed on to the ear, but soon Pixie's fingers were around her, and engulfed her in her fist. She felt her captor's fingers loosen, and she fell to a soft surface. It was a flower petal, a really huge one, compared to Charlie's current microscopic size. Pixie was standing there, enormous and smiling. She said something in her fairyspeak, but Charlie understood nothing. Pixie then turned away from her and walked away out of the room.

She returned soon, however. Her eyes were gleaming and she was grinning. Without warning, she grabbed Charlie and toyed with her between her fingers, roughly. What was that for? Before she could deduce an answer, the fairy brought her down to her womanhood. It was a really impressive sight. About five times taller than Charlie was tall, adorned with pretty long hairs on either sides, her pink lips were slightly parted and glistening in the sunlight. Pixie's other hand moved towards them, effortlesly parting the sweet mounds and exposing her entrance to the tiny human in her hand. Charlie carefully walked to the tip of the fairy's index finger and stood there, expecting hte inevitable. The fragrance of honey was strong in the air, filling her nostrils. The fairy gently brought her finger until it touched her inner lips. Charlie ran and jumped to the pink flesh, not even needing to hold herself on the sticky skin: it was already drenched, prepared. Pixie's finger however did not move away, but slammed against the human, rubbing her all over her lips and then gently deposited over the entrance to her tunnel. The fairy was breathing hard, and Charlie was feeling wet herself as well. This was the moment where her transformation would start, she thought.

The fairy pushed ever so slightly, and Charlie was immediately engulfed. She was rammed inside the dark, cavernous tunnel that led to the inner sanctum of the fairy's body. The fleshy walls all around her were pressing her, drenching her in vaginal fluid as she was pressed furhter in by the relentless finger of the fairy. A loud moan erupted all around her as the fairy was getting more and more excited. However, her finger managed to bring her only that far in before Charlie had to do it herself. She turned back and felt the gigantic finger trying desperately to reach in deeper, but she had slided beyond its reach. In the utter hot and humid darkness, Charlie started crawling through the uneven terrain. Sometimes the muscles of the gigantic vagina flexed and slammed her between the walls before softening again for a few moments to let her pass. Charlie eventually arrived at the end, where a tiny hole was expecting her. "I will do this!" Charlie said, and latched herself onto the fairy's cervix.

She immediately lost all touch with her environment, feeling her being vanishing from existance. Random toughts crossed her mind as a sweet melody erupted all around her, and colorful storms were surrounding her. It reminded her of the dream Pixie gave her last night. Only this time, it felt so real, even if surreal. She could start making out the words in the music, probably fairy speech. They still held no meaning, but she could definitely catch the distinct sounds, and realise words and sentences. Soon she could understand a few words. Then, as it became louder and faster, even more. It became almost painful as she felt her body being recreated. She didn't wish for it to stop, however. How much time did she spend in this state, she couldn't tell, again.

Until it all suddenly stopped. She was back inside Pixie's vagina, still tiny, still in her own body. She was covered in sticky juices, and it was dark and hot still, but everything was quieter. Pixie had apparently stopped pleasing herself, and lay quite motionless. Charlie carefully started cralwing around in the dark, trying to find the way out. Sometimes she'd hit a sudden pool of fairyjuice and slide back down inside her, but she persisted, and soon managed to see sunlight coming through a small hole. She followed the light until her tiny head existed the fairy's vagina. Pushing hard with her hands, she dragged her body out of her lover, but with too much strength: she slipped and dropped on the floor.

Looking up, she saw the fairy's gigantic mound above her. She was trapped between her mountainous legs, and saw that another small pool of juice made her landing softer. She got up and walked toward's the fairy's feet. They were so much taller, like multi storey buildings! Charlie was after all, only about as tall as the fairy's smallest toe was long. She now had to walk across the whole length of the apparently sleeping fairy's body to reach her head and draw her attention. A few steps later, however, she stopped. Looking at her side, she realised that the fairy's ankles were not as high above her as before. Sitting there for a bit more confirmed it: Charlie was slowly growing again. She waited to see how much taller would she get. Pixie's ankle was now eye level to her, and she was still growing. It only stopped when she was slightly taller than Pixie's foot was long. Walking confidently over at the imposing foot, Charlie leaned in and gently kissed each toe that stood high. She cupped her hands around the smallest toe, however, and grinned. "I was that tall just before!"

Her actions, however, finally managed to wake Pixie up. She groaned and started sitting up, her foot turning and slamming down the little human almost instantly.

Pixie stood her full weight, and Charlie felt the immense pressure on her, her head almost crushed by the still huge toes, her chest by the ball of the fairy's foot, and her feet barely sticking out behind the fairy's heel, legs being crushed under the fairy's massive weight. Pixie moved her toes, and allowed Charlie to look up at her: She was aware of this, but didn't move her foot! Giggling, she applied some more pressure, and watched for Charlie's reaction. She wasn't exactly feeling pain. She still felt all the weight and helplessness, and the crushing force that was applied on her, but no pain. Her mind was making her feel uneasy, as if it was trying to recall an actual memory of pain, but it failed. Pixie wiggled her toes and then released Charlie, and set her foot next to her. "Hi there, Charlie." she said in now completely understandable fairyspeak. "Stand up. Let's have you grow to your new body!"

Charlie's body felt the same still. She stood up, and examined her face with her hands. Indeed, she had the same shape, and from what she could see, same torso, arms and legs. Slowly the growth process started off again, until Charlie was eye level to Pixie's knees. The still formidably sized fairy then bent low, and wrapped her hands around Charlie's body, picking her up and transporting her to her bed, where she sat and then settled the human on her lap.

"Try speaking, little one."

"I...I am...Charlie. H-hello!...The ..the words! They are simply coming to me!"

"Yes, Charlie. This is the ancient language of our kind. It's simply one of your new abilities. You were reborn. Soon, the change will be finalised."

The fairy picked her up, and had her stand up on her lap. Charlie had grown a bit more agin, being about half the height of the fairy, looking directly into her eyes. The fairy held her back strongly, massaging it, and pulled her lips close to Charlie's, as they started kissing. Her lips were still much bigger than hers and were covering half her face, but she didn't mind. Charlie closed her eyes, enjoying the kiss. Suddenly, Pixie dug her fingers inside Charlie's back, and started pulling something out. Once again, it wasn't painful, quite the opposite; it felt as a big relief. Charlie realised that she had now sprouted her own set of wings. As they kept on kissing, her hair grew longer, and felt them covering her wings and back. Pixie ended the kiss, her large eyesglistening with tears of happiness. She set Charlie down, and Charlie started growing again.

"You control your height now, Charlie. You can stop right at that, or become twice as tall as I am. But when you stop it, it's your permanent height. Pick wisely!"

Charlie looked up to her and nodded. Sheslowly let herself grow taller, until she was just below eye level to Pixie's breasts. "I think this'll do, Pixie. I hope you approve."

The fairy squealed and hugged the human in her larger embrace. "Finally! Most of the humans I have saved wanted to be bigger than me! But hey, here you are, being all that shorter. Thank you!" Charlie didn't exactly know why she stopped her growth that soon. But she felt it was right. She stood on her toes and tried to kiss her savior. Realised she couldn't, she looked pleadingly into Pixie's eyes. "Hah, I guess you did stop at a bit too short! Too bad now!", the larger fairy responded, and gently bent her knees for the two to kiss passionately.


The two went over things like food, drink, and mannerisms of the fairy people. It was fairly simple and understandable. Charlie, her hand being held by Pixie's, walked out of the house, naked, and was met by a round of applause by other faires that lived nearby. She saw that they were on the ground, in a thickly treed area. Fairyhomes were intricately carved on the tree tunks, and small paved ways connected the doors to one main road that connected the whole village. Looking around, she saw that the village was quite large. The road met other roads further down, but she could not see really far either. Large flowers and tall grass was adorning most fairy gardens. The fairies waiting expectantly outside Pixie's house were an assortment of different women. Most were around Pixie’s height, some shorter, a very few of them even shorter than Charlie, and some taller, the tallest being not only double, but also probably four times Pixie’s height! They were all smiling at her, all dressed in silky gowns, and their hair, some blond, other brown, other jet black were all the same shimmering quality as Pixie’s. Charlie realized that her own hair had that shimmery quality just then. They were all looking expectantly at her, and Pixie walked over from her side to the others, and joined them in applauding.

“Welcome to the village, Charlie. Let me, Jenna, finally and formally accept you as part of us. The woodland fairies, the women that died wrongfully for the wrong reason. We have all moved past our mortal lives, and work to bring joy to everyone. Especially the children of humankind, that need to grow up and bring their race to happiness as well. Spread your wings, girl!”

With that, all the fairies spread their wings, showing them off, different colors and patterns on them. Charlie bowed, realizing she was the only one naked in the whole group, and blushed. She felt just a bit of stage fright. However, that lasted only for a small moment, as a tingling sensation on her back was unmistakably what they told her to do: she felt her wings unfurling and she spread them, her hair being thrown around as she did. Everyone gasped and resumed clapping. Charlie’s wings were silvery, with circular blue patterns on them, and shining on the sun’s rays. Before they could tell her anything else, she spread them fully, and flapped twice. Immediately, the weight at her feet vanished, and she only had to flap one more time to be airborne. Everyone joined after her in her maiden flight, before they landed back down on the ground. Pixie…Jenna, ran to her, and kissed her passionately once more.

“You will eventually be given your own house, but for now, you’ll stay with me. We’ll go on our first mission as a pair of fairies tonight. We have to make your first save. But before that, we need to get you dressed!”

Two other fairies, both at least a head taller than Jenna, walked up at her. “We were Jenna’s last two saves. We thought you’d want to be tall as us, so we sadly prepared clothes that look too big for you!” Jenna playfully nudged them for that comment. “You two gals couldn’t wait until she picked her size? You were that sure!” They all laughed at this. A fairy that was as short as Charlie, however, walked forward (having to first gently push past the knee of the tallest fairy), and she was holding a green robe in her hands, as well as a pair of sandals. “I was waiting for one of our kind to chose to be short!” she grinned, and offered the clothes. “Thanks!” Charlie answered, and put on the robes, and then wore the sandals: They were perfect for her, flat, and the straps were tightly holding her toes and reached up to her knees in an intertwining pattern, as did the shoes of almost all other fairies.

The tallest fairy walked up to her, then. Charlie saw that she was barely reaching at her knee. She looked up to see the magnificent, most beautiful face of all the fairies smiling at her. “I am the Queen, Charlie. I foresaw your tragedy, as I foresee all of those with the potential to join us, and sent Jenna to offer you your choice. Welcome to our village! You need to accept one last gift before you are completely a part of us. Jenna birthed your new body, but you need to drink from me to get the fairy’s blood inside you. You will come with me.”

With that, and not waiting for an answer, the Queen bent down and put her massive hands around Charlie’s waist. She kicked off the ground and fluttered high above, soaring past the village until they landed in what seemed to be her court. She let Charlie down on the stone floor, and stood in front of her. Charlie looked up at her Queen’s face, and realizing her splendor, bowed down, and reverently kissed the massive toes that were as big as her palm. The queen wiggled her toes, ending Charlie’s kisses of adoration, gently pushing her off, unbalancing her. Charlie broke her fall by fluttering her wings. “Quite adept already, I see!” Grinned the queen. She had Charlie remove her clothing first, before asking her one final time: “This is the true point of no turning back, Charlie. Are you ready?” The ex-human nodded.

With that, the Queen bent low, and pulled up her pink star-adorned dress. “The blood of a fairy, is what the Queen’s blood does not need anymore, Charlie.” With her large hand, she held Charlie’s head and forced her to open her mouth. With her other hand, she spread her womanhood’s lips open, and dragged the defenseless Charlie to them. At this size difference, the Queen’s slit was about as tall as Charlie’s head. However, the queen guided the new fairy’s lips not at her canal, but at her urethra. The tight hole was slightly larger than her mouth. Charlie’s final droplets of human instinct tried to make her feel terrified. But Charlie surrendered to her fate and kissed the hole. A loud sound came from the Queen’s belly as her hole opened and started emptying her bladder on Charlie’s face. The liquid was golden yellow and very hot, not sweet as other fairy fluids, but not quite as foul as human piss. Charlie’s face and hair were immediately drenched, and she started coughing as the relentless stream was thrown at her. Some of it was entering her mouth, and she stared gulping it down, feeling the acrid liquid filling her stomach. The queen kept holding her at place. She could hold her urine for days, fermenting the liquid for when it would be best used, than wasted. Charlie gagged, feeling that her stomach was quite full, but the Queen squirted even more at her with more force. Thinking she would drown, Charlie finally tried to fight it back. Right at that instant, she felt her insides exploding, as if the acrid liquid had finally burned her stomach and was filling her body, entering her bloodstream, becoming her bloodstream. As the Queen finally finished relieving herself, she dropped the new fairy, exhausted by being forced to drink it on the pool of urine that she didn’t manage to drink, but showered her body instead. The Queen stood up, and walked to her throne, and sat. “You are now complete. Go, Charlie, and remember: you are one of us now, in body, soul, and blood.” She sat there, unmoving, looking at the distance, as if oblivious to her surroundings.

Charlie was finally able to stand up. She slipped at the pool of urine, almost falling, her wings saving her again. She looked at the Queen, realizing that she was now dismissed. Spreading her wet wings, she carefully flew up and observed the area around. Finding a stream of water, she dived right in and cleansed herself from the golden droplets, and then returned to the throne. Her clothes were lying next to the Queen’s sandal. She picked them up and wore them, kissing her Queen’s toes one more time, before she took off to return to the village.

All credit goes to Victor W. from giantessworld.net

06-02-2013, 02:40 PM
No, it was a different one about a fairy shrinking a human down and making the human worship her feet.

07-02-2013, 11:17 PM
Oh okay. Sorry, thought it was the story

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I have bad news and good news for you. I am the original author of the story you are talking about, before my account got deleted when DOSF got hacked and what not. I was originality "RoseintheGarden". Least I am pretty sure your talking about my story. She gets humiliated by the fairy and bewitched to be addicted to feet, worships the lawyer girls feet, then her foot fetish causes her to give up her life and live to worship girls feet? The bad news is that I lost the story. My computer died, it got lost on this site, and I have no other copies. The good news though is I am back, and have had a lot of new personal foot worship experiences since my last account that should have some rather nice stories to write soon. It makes me happy to know my story was such a hit though.