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09-07-2012, 07:59 PM
Sometimes the fetish stars of the gods just line up!

This is a true at work office story that happened to a few years ago.

My job has me working at new and different locations all the time. I am normally on site for at least three months at a time during the project. I never know who I am going to meet or who the coworkers will be. First day in the new office I see a stunning leggy gal wearing and short skirt, sheer glossy tan pantyhose and white stiletto heels. She was not tall but a shapely figure and legs to die for. She also had the longest and shiniest hair I can remember seeing as it came down past her cute rear. As she would walk in those high heels her butt would sway and her long straight hair would also sway back and forth with each step. I was almost hypnotized at the site as she walked in those high heels. To this day I have never seen a woman walk in high heels as seductively as she did...Never!

I knew she was married by her ring but our flirtatious behavior with each other some how continued to grow daily. Small stuff but I could just feel that our attraction with each other was mutual. After about a week we happened to arrive at work at the same time and she is wearing sheer off black nylons with black pumps, (my main fetish weakness) as we were walking from our cars to the front door and just in small talk conversation I told her in the best, almost shy way I could, giving her a compliment on her heels she wore every day at work. That little compliment led her into her questioning me if I had a fetish for high heels. I confessed to her I did and I thought to myself...fuck it...I also told her not only heels but even more so a fetish for nylons. She laughed and said, "Well you never should of told me that....just wait until you see some of the heels I have...these are nothing special!"

A few weeks pasted and we became more friendlier and her leg and heel show in the office was tearing me apart with frustration. We started to go to lunch together and I could not keep my eyes off her short skirts and sheer nylon encased legs in the car. Alone in the car she brought up the subject of my fetish again and I confessed it all to her. She was fascinated about my fetish for high heels and most of all my nylon foot fetish I had confessed to her. I had no idea about this girls own sexual kinks and frustrations. She confessed to me she was married to an older man that gave her no attention...she was sexually starved! I was in shock this beautiful women was left unsatisfied in anyway!

We parked and ended up in heavy lip lock and petting. My hands were all over her nylon thighs and I was just dripping with pre-cum from the shocking turn of events taking place. She pulled me into the back seat of her tinted window SUV and she was confessing to me just how badly she was turned on by my fetish and attention to her.

What came next I still can't believe. She slipped off on of her high heels and planted the open sole right over my nose and had me smelling them. I was in pure fetish bliss at the strong scent of her heels. She had my cock out and was then rubbing her nylon arches across my full pre-cum dripping erection. I was ready to cum and she knew it. She stopped me and told me she wanted me to cum into her shoe! She wanted to see me jerk off as she confessed this was a huge turn on for her...she wanted to see my hard cock shoot into her high heel. As I started to jerk off she was now fingering her pussy through her sheer to waist pantyhose. She said please wait until she was ready to cum...I struggled at the sight of here fingering her damp and wet nylon covered pussy as I was so ready. As she shook with her orgasm I just emptied heavy into her warm leather soles of her stiletto heels.

She then sucked out what was left of my still throbbing erection having me sucking on her still pussy soaked fingers!

Back at the office we had glances at each other and almost smiles of question of, what the fuck just happened!!!

She continued in the office of still teasing me at every opportunity. She would slip her sheer nylon covered foot out of her high heel and I could clearly see my cum stains against her black nylons. She would smile at me as she put her heel back on knowing that was driving me crazy!

That was the start of an almost indescribable fetish/love affair with some of the wildest one hour lunches in the back of her SUV I have ever experienced.

As this was some years ago and to this day still my most breathtaking office fetish affair ever! I will never forget her!


18-07-2012, 12:25 PM
It's always interesting to know of people's reactions when someone 'confesses' their fetish to them.
And I was pleased to read that in this case the results were spectacularly positive!

The experience you so beautifully describe will take some beating, and I fear you may have a long wait ahead of you.
There's just no telling, when will be the next alignment of your fetish stars ...

19-07-2012, 07:13 PM
I too have been lucky enough to have some dreams come true at the office. Like you, the scent of warm nylons just out of heels is a tremendous turn on for me. Made all the better when her legs are gorgeous and she has "that way" of standing and walking....you know what I mean.
Thanks for the post.