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http://www.imagefap.com/photo/302090367/f%2Fad1l.jpg#15- Adison
http://www.imagefap.com/photo/1906806441/fancy%2Ffcx015p.jpg- Sarah

My sister Sarah did not like my new wife. Maybe for good reason, as my wife, Adison, wasn't exactly nice to her in the first place. Adison was kind of a workout freak, always jogging, always going to the gym etc. My family just never was big on exercise. I liked that my wife was fit, and she even pushed me to exercise more and stay healthy. For some reason, my sister hated Adison for this, and generally acted like a bitch to her. When Adison caught on to my sister's dislike of her, she started making sarcastic retorts. Eventually, Sarah basically called Adison an exercise freak to her face, which led to my wife responding sarcastically about how my sister does a great job staying out of shape. Sarah got so angry and wanted to fight Adison then and there, but it was a family function, so it was out of the question. They decided to arrange a fight that would take place a few days later, where both woman really wanted to hurt and humiliate the other.

The idea certainly excited me, but at the same time I had bad feelings about it. I didn't want either of the women to get hurt, and I knew humiliation would just cause the negative feelings to last forever. The night before I begged my wife to reconsider, arguing that she'll only feel guilty if she beats up my sister, and completely humiliated if she loses. She argued that my sister hated her from day one, and someone has to shut her up for the relationship to continue.

The next day Sarah arrived in my basement, and Adison had already set up mats in preparation. Sarah and my wife were both the same height, 5'8, though my sister had a larger build. Adison was certainly more toned though, and was definitely quicker. I suggested that the girls just blow out their steam quickly and move on, but neither woman felt that.

"NO!", said Sarah. "She needs to know that SHE is the one who is new to my family, OUR family, and can't just come here showing off that she's some exercise freak. And also_"

"Geez, somebody put a sock in that mouth," Adison interrupted, and laughed.

This angered my sister. Wearing her large white t and short shorts, she charged at my wife, who was wearing her yellow and black tracksuit. My wife managed to shoot up her foot in a quick sidekick that went into my sister's belly. That stopped in her place and made her bent over a bit, but her forward motion still knocked Adison backwards and onto her back. My wife scrambled to get up, while Sarah noticed she had knocked my wife to the ground. She ignored the pain in her stomach, and jumped at Adison while she was getting up. They both hit the ground with a loud thud, and Sarah seemingly crushing Adison's thinner body. I was scarred my wife was already hurt and went to stop it, but Adison was still fighting, and she and my sister got into a wrestling match.

The girls rolled around for a couple minutes. Sarah kept seeming about to pin Adison, but she would just manage to use her speed to maneuver out if it in time. Eventually though, Sarah manged to get my wife into a headlock while both girls were on their knees. I thought it was over, but Adison elbowed back and caught Sarah in the side of the head. Sarah released her grip and sunk down. Adison stood up a bit just so she could jump backwards, ramming her ass into Sarah's face. The girls went down, with my wife's ass on Sarah's face the entire time. The back of Sarah's head slammed into the mat. It sounded like my wife just smashed Sarah's head in, but in no time, she attacked Adison, who had bounced of her face and was sitting on the mat beside her. Sarah was on top of Adison, furiously angry at having her bum rubbed in her face. She started slamming away, trying to apparently damage my wife's face. My wife surprisingly managed to protect herself, but she couldn't do it forever. It looked as though she was wearing down, and Sarah was about to punch her face in, when Adison did something miraculous that could only be explained by her athletic abilities. Despite the fact Sarah was straddling her chest, Adison managed to push herself backwards, lifting her body as she did and lifting Sarah off her her. When she was done her move, Adison had managed to pull her feet from under Sarah, who was still on her knees. Lying on her back, Adison kicked with both feet, nailing Sarah in the chest and chin. Sarah was still on her knees, so Adison drew her knee back and unloaded her foot in Sarah's face again, who toppled over onto her back.

The sound of Adison's bare sole slamming into Sarah's face was loud, and it was clear to me and Adison that Sarah had been beaten. Adison got up, with Sarah on her back holding her bleeding nose, crying. She stood up, looking dazed with watery eyes, her face red from the impact of bare footsole. She called my wife a bitch, and stumbled towards her, though it was clear she thinking straight. I yelled to my wife not to hurt her further, but she ignored me, lifted up her foot, and let it fly.

WHAP! My wife's sideways sole landed flush in Sarah's mouth and nose, and she dropped to the ground. If I was mistaken after the first big barefoot face kick, there was no mistaking it here: my wife had pounded Sarah. My wife walked off the mat and I kneeled down my at sister, who was bawling into her hands. I had to force her to move her hands to examine the damage to her face done by my wife's bare feet. Her nose was bruised and bleeding a good bit, and both her lips were split as well. I was about to go get a towel when my wife came back carrying one. Seeing how it was grey instead of white, I was about to tell her to get a cleaner towel, but then I realized it wasn't a towl; it was her gym socks.

"Honey, what the _" She walked right by me, kneeled down before my beaten sister, and rubbed her disgsuting, sweat-soaked socks on my sister's nose and mouth. My sister started throwing her arms and legs up, hating the smelly sock torture. My wife had just managed to jam a sock into her gasping mouth before I pulled her away.

"What the hell is wrong with you"

"I said someone needed to put a sock in that mouth, and I meant it literally. And there's no better sock then the one that spent the day morning absorbing my footsweat from a hard workout."

I was about to call my wife insane, when I heard my sister coughing. She was trying to spit out the sock, but everytime her tongue touched it, she tasted my wife's footsweat fullforce, and she scrunched her face in disgust. I bent down and reached in, taking the saliva/sweat soaked sock out of her mouth with the tips of my fingers.

I turned and screamed at my wife, "Adison look what you did. She's really hurt, and you do disgusting shit like this?"

Adison looked down at Sarah with an evil smile, and then back to me. "It was part of the deal." I asked what her what the hell she was talking about, and she explained. They had decided a few days before what was going to happen, and how it was a fight meant to completely humiliate the loser. If Adison won, then my sister would generally steer clear of me and Adison, and when we were in contact, she would show the uttermost respect to the superior woman. If my sister won, she couldn't expect the marriage to end, but Adison would become far more apt to my sister's (who assumed she represented the family here) demands for our relationship. To signify one's complete domination over the other, the two had agreed one would be forced to worship the other's feet.

I looked down at my sister to see if it was true, and she, with new tears forming in her eyes, said nothing. My wife threatened to pummel her further if she didn't agree, and my sister reluctantly nodded. I tried to protest that this was completely unnecessary and taking it WAY too far, but my wife argued the deal had to continue, and my sister agreed out of fear of being beaten further. My wife sat on the couch. First, she ordered my sister to crawl over on her knees, carrying the other gymsock in her mouth. She did so, crying. My wife took the sock out of her mouth, and wiped out all over her face. She did so to clean the dried blood under her nose and on her lips, and to smear saliva and footsweat all over her face.

Then, my wife plopped her feet on the table and ordered Sarah to start kissing her bare soles. My sister slowly brought her lips onto Adison's soles, and she ordered her to sniff while kissing. Sarah basically pressed her face into the sole as her lips kissed them, and the sounds of her inhaling the smell of Adison's feet was heard loudly. She then told me to sit down beside her, and I did, and Adison began making out with me, while Sarah was kissing her feet. She did it simply to humiliate her further, yelling how she was too pathetic to get in between the marriage. I got up quickly, not wanting to be part of my sister's humiliation.

Adison made my sister lick up and down her soles to thoroughly taste her bare feet. After every part of Adison's sole had felt my sister's tongue several times, including inbetween her toes, my wife got up, and ordered my sister out of our house. On the way out, she stopped my sister, and made her stick her nose in her wet running shoes, making her smell feet one last time. Then, she kicked my sister in the but and she was out of the house, with a slamming door behind her. My wife is confident that our relationship can get on smoothly, but after seeing her thoroughly destroy my sister, I don't think we're in good spot right now.

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great story

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how about a rematch?

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Or your sister could want to come back as a maid perhaps. Washing all socks in mouth and cleaning shoes with her tongue ^^.