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This is my favorite story from his works. Slightly incestual near the end but not too much.

My sister is now 19 as are most of her friends. She hasn't had a "sleepover" in awhile, but decided to have one last night. This girl Kayleena was going to come over; she was tall 5'11 or so, brown hair, brown eyes, a nice smile and had a muscular build because of how much she worked out.

Knowing my history with harassing her and her friends during sleepovers, she warned me: "don't annoy us, don't prank us, just leave us alone." I, of course, told her that I would leave them alone.

So, Kayleena comes over to the house at around 5:00 pm. They go for their jog and come back an hour later. They sit and watch TV for a bit, and I poke a little fun (I couldn't help it), "jeez, you guys should probably shower!"

"Fuck you." Was my sisters clever retort. "We're not showering because we're heading to Kayleena's gym a little later, I'm going to show her some of the routines I did when I was in Cheerleading."

I just shrugged and resumed my business (video games) downstairs. Around 7:00 they both left for the gym and came back at around 9.

I noticed Kayleena and Shell were talking in her room. Being as bored as I was, I went in. Kayleena was bitching about her now-ex boyfriend. I just listened and chimed in on the conversation. An hour passed (making it 10:00 - everyone else in my family was likely in bed), and she finished with: "Whatever, I just want to have fun tonight and not have to think about it."

She glanced at my sister and they both kinda grinned.

"What are you doing tonight, Matt?" she asked.

Not suspecting anything yet, I answered, "Nothing really".

"Oh, ok. Good!" she replied, "because you're going to be my entertainment tonight!"

"What does that mean?" I asked.

She walked towards me and puts a hand on each of my arms. She was attractive, so at first I was just excited. This changed rapidly.

"It means this" she said. Then quickly stuck her foot infront of me and pulled me towards her, tripping me over her foot but half-catching me weight. She brought me to the ground and sat on my butt, holding my wrists in each of her hands."

"What the hell!" I shouted.

"Matt!" my sister shouted back. "Haven't you figured out the pattern? If you shout, we have to gag you." She stepped right up to me and stood so that the toes of her bare feet were about an inch from my mouth (yes, I could smell them. She obviously hadn't showered yet). "Keep shouting and I'm going to find a new place for my foot, understand?"

My sudden silence said everything.

Michelle wrapped some rope around my wrists, cinching in-between and tying the knots out of reach of my fingers. They preceeded to do the same to my ankles and above and below my knees. I was tightly tied and definitely not going anywhere. They used one last length of rope to tie my bound hands to my back (they wrapped the rope around my stomach).

They laughed and gave each other high-fives while I struggled -without reward - against my bonds. The next 30 minutes of my life saw me laying on my stomach, bound, in my sister's room while the two girls talked about boys and gossiped about work, all while stopping my protests with yelling or with threats. My sister kept threatening her foot in my mouth, which I didn't take seriously and I should have.

Around the 25 minute mark I told them to untie me, my sister said "how about, you shut the hell up? how about that?" and when I opened my mouth for retort she rammed her bare foot into my mouth (she fit all of her toes and about half-way up the ball of her foot. For 2 whole minutes I was forced to endure the salty taste of my sister's foot. She wiggled her toes and asked me how her feet taste.

"mmrgrph. mmmmpRrrph!" was the only reply I could muster with a foot halfway down my throat. She just laughed. A few minutes later my sister removed her foot. I tried to spit the bitter flavor out of my mouth, but it remained. They then continued to talk for another 10 minutes while I tried to untie myself, worried about how many more times my sister would put her feet in my mouth.

Kayleena then said "Time for some of that fun I was talking about!"

"I thought this WAS the fun you were talking about!" I retorted, irritated at how long it had lasted already.

Kayleena just laughed and grabbed more rope. They tied one end through the rope binding my ankles. Instantly knowing where this was going, I struggled more vigorously... but no to avail. Within a few minutes my ankles were tightly connected to my arms (still bound to my back/butt), leaving very little wiggle room and thus, a very strict hogtie. Despite all the effort I put into moving my legs and arms, there was hardly any part of me that moved considerably.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not done yet" Kayleena cooed.

She then tied a bandanna tightly around my forehead. Then, much to my horror, she tied a smaller piece of rope from the bandanna to the rope wrapped around my torso/back. Once she tightened it and tied of the knot, my head was trapped in the pulled-back and "craned" position. Between my merciless hogtie, and my newly bound head, I wasn't able to move an inch.

She then stood in front of me and kicked off her shoes (my sister was on her laptop the entire time, stopping only occasionally to look at my plight and snicker, then return to what she was doing). The smell from Kayleena's shoes filled the room immediately.

"ugh!" I groaned, not able to move my head far from the stench. "Didn't you shower when you got back?!"

"No!" she replied, "We didn't really have time, then we were both so tired".

"Well, you're obviously awake enough to fuckin' tie me up like a pair of bitches, how about you go shower NOW?" I shouted back. Obviously, I was quite pissed at this point.

Kayleena's eyes narrowed in on me and she said - clearly agitated at my aggressiveness - : "I am SO not dealing with this all night!"

I began my next phrase, laced with quite a few swear words and only half-paid attention to Kayleena quickly peeling off her white ankle socks. She just balled them up and smiled as she brought them to my face. I immediately stopped talking and closed my mouth tight.

"Oooooh no," Kayleena said, "that's not gonna work this time. I'm sick of your mouth. It's time to end your over-use of it!" she pressed the quite-moist socks against my mouth, placing them right under my nose. I tried to pull my head away (or even turn it to the side), but the rope tying my head in place made it so that I hardly moved at all. The end result was the socks staying right under my nose and me being forced to inhale a nose full of Kayleena's sweaty socks. And they STUNK! They had just come out of her shoe and definitely smelled like it! They were musty and sour at the same time. I opened my mouth out of reflex and Kayleena took that opportunity to shove the ball in my mouth.

Before my taste-buds could even comprehend the attack on them, Kayleena was unrolling duct tape off the roll, placed the beginning of the piece over my mouth and proceeded to wrap the tape around my head, over my mouth 4 times. And there's nothing my struggling body could do about it. Apparently the socks were quite schrunched, because in my mouth they began to "unbunch" and completely filled my mouth, forced my tongue down. Out of desparation, I tried pushing the socks out of my mouth against the tape, and of course, not a single area of that tape was loosened.

I just groaned into the bitter, salty, sour socks, noticing that they DID do an effective job of keeping me quite.

Kayleena just smiled at me and said: "you know I've been wearing those socks all day right?"

I groaned.

"When we went jogging, I wore those. When you told us to shower and we didn't - I was wearing those. And the 2-hour session at the gym today, guess what?" she paused, "I was STILL wearing those! So how do they taste? Pretty flavorful?"

I mmmphed some profainities at her - which she couldn't hear - and tried once more to loosen my bonds or my disgusting gag - both tasks I had no success with. The socks were absolutely horrid. They were VERY salty - overwhelmingly so. They also had a bittery-sour aftertaste. But, thanks to the layers of ducttape, they weren't going anywhere.

Kayleena continued to taunt me. "Yeah, we ran on the tredmill, we jogged, we did pushups..." I groaned into the gag and did my best not to picture these socks absorbing all the sweat that her feet released. "... and rode the bikes, played some basketball, some volleyball..."

The swallow of sock sweat I endured at that point not only grossed me out, but gave me a whole new reason to struggle. I tugged furiously at my ropes and screamed bloody murder into my gag. But all that accomplished a little rocking, a very muffled noise, and I was now out of breath and sucking in air through my nose like a madman.

Kayleena just watched me struggle for a few minutes and just said "mmmm... yummy."

I glared at her and groaned into my gag. The awful flavor was still at its fullest.

Kayleena then said: "Well, your night is about to get worse" then began laughing.

She shifted from the position on the floor she was sitting at so that her back was flat against the side of my sisters bed (on which my sister was still laying, acting like having her friend shove her nasty socks in her brother's mouth was normal) and she sat on a pillow. She brought her legs in front of her and wrapped her arms around her knees. I noticed her feet. They were nicely tanned, her toes were well-kept and were recently painted red, and they looked soft - short of the heel that looked like it had thicker skin (but not yet calloused).

She wiggled her toes and said "arn't my feet just beautiful?" I was hoping if I agreed with her and got on her good side, that would be the end of this ( because I knew from past... experiences... with my sister that these questions never lead to pleasant experiences. And given that Kayleena hadn't showered since her workout, I was looking to avoid these experiences).

I muffled a 'yes' through my sock gag.

"Do you like the color of my toes?" Another drip of sock sweat went down my throat. I cringed at the full-blown flavor, but still mmmphed a weak 'yes'.

"Do you want to smell them?" This was the question I was hoping to avoid. I mmphed a strong 'NO'.

"Hm, it's so hard to tell what you are saying with that gag on. Because that sounded like a 'yes' as well. How about shake your head if it was a 'no'?"

I tried vigorously to shake my head, but the rope prevented movement, so my head moved very little... if at all.

Kayleena just watched and said "well, I didn't see your head move. So does that mean you DO want to smell my pretty feet? Even though I exercised so much today?"

I screamed a "NOOOOOOO!" through my gag and tried to shake my head. My head of course didn't move.

"Well," Kayleena said with a huge grin, "Your funeral".

She extended her long right-leg forward until the sole of her foot comfortably made it to my face. She then pressed her foot a little harder so that her arch pressed firmly over my mouth (shoving the socks further into my mouth), and my nose was pressed against the ball of her foot. Her feet must've been out of socks long enough to dry because they weren't moist, but that didn't help the smell any.

I tried to shake my head away, but between her foot PRESSING on my face, and the rope pulling my head back, my nose wasn't going anywhere she didn't want it to go. And unfortunatly, she wanted it right in her foot. Finally I was forced to inhale and the smell was PUTRID! I coughed and gagged, but of course that didn't do much for me with the dirty socks in my mouth. I took in noseful after noseful of her stinky feet and screamed and begged for mercy, but I couldn't be understood... much less heard. All I could she was her slightly curled toes hovering right above my eyes.

Kayleena wiggled her toes slightly and asked, "so... how do they smell?" I tried to shout "Horrible!" through the gag, but nothing came out. I tugged at my hands, but no knots gave way.

Kayleena began to taunt me further and sang in a childish song: "Matt's smelling my feeeeet, Matt's smelling my feeeeet!" She rubbed her foot in my face at this point, eventually settling with the ball of her foot pressed against my nose. She slid her foot down a little further so that she could curl her toes around my nose. This brought the smell to an intense new level. I mmmphed my disgust, but of course, this did nothing. She just chuckled a little bit and said "I dunno about you, but I'm having a GREAT time!" Then began to read some magazine laying on my sisters floor.

For the next 45 minutes I was tightly hogtied, sucking on Kayleena's sweaty socks and being forced to smell her feet (she rotated which one was under my nose) which she and Michelle both read magazines and messed around on the laptop.

After that, my sister put in a DVD of her Gilmore Girls set and they began to watching an episode. Kayleena rotated herself (and me) so that she was facing the TV, and I was perpendicular to her, my face pointing towards her right side. She grabbed one of her shoes, pressed the opening of it over my nose, and wrapped tape around the shoe and my head 3 times. - Keeping it tightly secured to my face. I was still gagged with the socks and I still had my head stretched, so I was forced to take deep breaths of her rank shoe.

The shoe was musty and sharp. It smelled slightly of mold - which may have been present if her feet sweat this much regularly. I let out a long groan to notify those around me of my displeasure, but neither of them acknowledged it. Kayleena kicked her barefeet onto my back and proceeded to use me as her footstool for the episode. I was then ignored for the 45minutes while I sniffed the putrid shoe. After the episode, Kayleena untaped her shoe from my nose and for the first time in almost 2 hours, I was able to smell fresh air (well, as fresh as it could be considering Kayleena and Michelle had both been barefoot).

Even better yet, she untied my hogtied, but didn't untie me. She rolled me over, and re-attached my bound hands In Front of me, then tied them down with a rope going around my toros.

Kayleena then says "I think my feet need a little attention" - Which, I thought was bull. I just spent the last hour or so smelling them, but whatever.

Kayleena pulls the stool to my sister's vanity over and places it over me so that the legs are on each side of me. Once again, I found myself unable to roll away from whatever was coming my way. Kayleena sat on this stool and placed both of her feet on my face. The powerful odor overwhelmed me and I turned my head away to avoid them.

Kayleena snapped at me, "Listen, Matt! Either you can hold your head COMPLETELY still while I paint my nails, or I can put you back in the hogtie and you can spend the rest of the night smelling mine and your sister's tennis shoes!"

Reluctantly (and with another groan of protest), I brought my face so it was facing the ceiling, only to be rewarded with the two foul-smelling finding their resting spot over my face. She said "that's better" as she began to paint another layer of red onto her toes, all while I laid trapped under her and inhaling her foul foot stench. Within 20 minutes, she was done. It was now going on 2:30am.

Kayleena, much to my delight proceeded to unwrap the duct tape wrapped around my mouth and pulled the two sweaty socks from my mouth and threw them in Michelle's laundry basket. Granted, the taste still lingered in my mouth, but it was a relief to have the source removed.

I began to thank and beg her, "Oh God! Thank You! Kayleena, please, let m--" but was cut off by Kayleena pressing foot over my mouth, her toes resting over my nose, bringing the familiar stench back to my nostrils.

"Now," Kayleena said. "All I was right now is a nice foot rub. I'm giving you a chance to be a good boy by taking those socks out of your mouth - I'm sure they tasted nasty"

I tried to agree but she just pressed her foot more firmly against my mouth.

She continued, "I will untie the rope connecting your hands to your waist and you will rub each foot for as long as I want. Your reward? No disgusting gag. But, if your ruin the massage with your talking, that unpleasant taste will return. Understand?

Knowing I wouldn't be able to get much through her foot anyway, I just nodded my head.

"Good" she said, and partially freed my hands. She began to watch another episode of Gilmore Girls while I gave her disgusting feet a foot massage. 5 minutes in I asked her when she was going to let me go. She angrily "shushed" me. I continued to massage while she rested her other foot on my chin, while it didn't actually TOUCH my face, the smell was still noticeable. I began to ask her "can you just mov-",

After letting out a frusturated growl she took the foot that I wasn't massaging and shoved the heel into my mouth. Deep. As in, the ENTIRE heel was into my mouth, my top lip pressed against the bottom of her arch. The taste was overpowering and disgusting. Not only was it salty and bitter like the socks, the skin was thicker and created a seal for my mouth, so it did an even better job of blocking my speech.

"See?" Kayleena tisked "I told you to be quiet. And you weren't, so now you have my sweaty heel in your mouth. IF I choose to remove it, I suggest you keep your mouth shut!"

So for another 5 mins or so I was rubbing her foot and had the heel of the other one forced into my mouth. She finally took it out and rested it on my chest. I tried to keep quiet, but a few minutes later the taste of sweaty feet was still in my mouth and I tried to spit it out. Kayleena must have considered this "talking" and shoved her nasty heel into my mouth again. I groaned and tried to move my tongue, but that only resulted in me licking it. She quickly pulled it out, but before I could catch a breath, she shoved the heel of the other foot into my mouth with the toes curled over my nose and told me to beging rubbing the other foot. For that whole episode I never went more than 5 minutes without a heel in my mouth, and the taste never got easier to bare.

After the show was done, she told me to lick her feet. I was going to protest, but she quickly picked up my sister's dirty socks from earlier in the day and held them to my mouth and said "lick my feet, or your sister's socks, your choice". I reluctantly stuck out my tongue.

Kayleena chuckled, then hovered her right foot over my face, and pressed her heel against my tongue and dragged her foot SLOWLY down my tongue, rubbing my tongue against her arch, her ball and finally, her toes. I was - as had become the 'norm' for the night - overwhelmed by the saltiness of it. She had me lick her right foot 9 more times, then proceded to have me lick the left 10 times.

After that was through she said "well, it's 4:00. Thanks for a fun night!" and proceeded to lift my bound body onto my sister's bed (which she had gotten off from and was now watching TV in the living room) and began tying my legs and arms to each of the bed posts. I argued the whole time and when she finished tying my last limb (my leg) she shoved half of her foot into my mouth and said: "shhh.... don't worry, my feet will be here when you wake up tomorrow, I just want you to be here for when your sister wants a turn!"

I shouted "WHAT?!" but, it was absorbed by her foot. She pulled Michelle's sweaty socks out of her pocket ( she must have pocketed them) and brought them to my face. She slowly pulled out her foot until just her big toe was still in my mouth. She pressed the ball against her toe and kept pressing so that when her toe came out of my mouth, the ball of socks snuck into the small opening. They too, expanded one in my mouth and soon my poor mouth was filled now with my SISTER'S dirty socks. Kayleena placed no less than 7 long strips of tape over my mouth and blew me a kiss.

"one more thing" she said. She picked up Michelle's tennis shoe and taped the opening over my mouth and nose. "There. Enjoy!" she said with a smile as she turned off the lights and walked to the living room.

The smell of the shoe was just as musty and foul as Kayleena's, but it was a different odor - more sour it felt like. Same with the socks; they were still bitter and they were still unpleasant, but they seemed more bitter and not quite as salty.

It was 2 hours before my sister finally returned to her room. She laughed when she saw me tied to her bed with her shoe over my nose and told me I "look rediculous". I mmmphed loudly at her, but she continued to laugh. She then laid on the bed opposite position as me and let her smelly feet rest in my face for an hour while she texted her friends and took pictures. Her feet didn't smell quite as bad as Kayleena's but it was still hell. Finally she untied me from everything except my hands bound infront of me and my ankles tied and made me kneel at the bed. She told me I would have to lick each of her feet 10 times just like I did for Kayleena before she would let me go. I began to protest and she jammed her foot into my mouth. The taste was foul.

"I'll be nice and count this as your first lick" she said. I just groaned with her stinky foot in my mouth. She laughed and removed it. I then licked her feet a total of 20 times. She shoved another pair of dirty socks in my mouth and put a long strip tape over it (the ends of the strip ending at the back of my head). She then dragged me outside her room and closed the door. I endured the taste of these new, but foul (and slightly crusty) socks for 10 minutes while I untied myself and finally released my gag.

I went to bed and slept in until 2:00 pm. I woke up to both of Kayleena's socks laying on my face and a picture on my nightstand of me - tied up - with Kayleena's feet over my nose and her winking at the camera. On the back Kayleena wrote "better hope I don't sleep over again, sweetie". Then signed her name with a heart.

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Pretty darn good man. Not a fan of socks, but good story!

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Loved the story. Thanks

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Great story!!!!

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I love it so much.