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Any Harry Potter fans here?
These are for you! (more to come if there is positive feedback)

Hogwarts Tickling Interrogation
Hermione and the rest of the acknowledged “DA girls” quickly awoke to find themselves trapped in stocks-like contraptions with their heads and hands securely locked up, and as Hermione made efforts to observe the situation she soon realized that only a select few of the girls from the DA (Cho Chang, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood) were trapped within these devices and she could imagine why. As the others began to stir, she tried to whisper to Cho Chang, who was opposite her but before she could, she was loudly interrupted by Professor Umbridge.

“Hello, my naughty students. I believe there is something about your recent activities you wish to share with me,” she announced loudly with a broad toad-like grin on her face.

Ginny was the first to respond, whipping her crimson hair up as she looked Umbridge dead in the eye.
“Where are the others? What did you do to them?” she demanded.

“Oh, don’t you worry my dear, the only reason you four are here is that I’m sure, young Mr. Potter would confide in you above all others. Am I right Miss Granger?” she said in the same sickening, false sweet voice.

Hermione was about to open her mouth to respond when Cho spoke loudly glaring at Umbridge.
“Harry didn’t tell us anything and we were only meeting to learn how to defend ourselves not to invade the ministry!”

“Hah, we’ll see if we can change your tone,” Umbridge responded with a gleeful grin on her face.
“Miss Granger, do you know how witches in the 12th century were tried? You should know, they being your fellow Mudbloods.”

Hermione gasped and was about to answer when she heard a large yelp from behind her, meanwhile Luna Lovegood answered abruptly in her dreamy voice “You’re going to burn us as the stake?”

“No Luna” Hermione corrected. “In the 12th century witches were tried by being locked in stocks and tickled on their feet until they confessed, even if they weren’t really witches and after that they were burned,” she said in a calm voice, trying to keep the fear out of it.

“Good to know you remember the heritage of your people, Miss Granger” Umbridge announced in a mockingly sweet voice and as she opened her mouth again, Ginny interrupted “tickle torture? Oh come on...”
She seemed clearly unafraid of that threat, for up to this day she grew up with so many brothers and was often pinned down by them (usually Fred and George) and tickled on her feet so she wasn’t afraid of it and it wouldn’t be enough to make her rat out her friends.

However, besides her, Cho Chang’s response was an opposite of Ginny’s brave response, she cringed at the idea of her being tickled for information as she knew her feet were extremely ticklish. As often her giggly friends would pin her down and tickle her because they knew she was really ticklish all over her body, she bit her lip as she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She decided she had to be brave and if her friends weren’t going to cave on these matters she shouldn’t either as she squeaked loudly trying to keep the obvious fear out of her voice “Bring it on.”

Umbridge gave another toad like grin to the girls as if she was hoping they would say that.
“Inquisitional Squad” she called with a gleeful smile on her face.

The captive girls watched as a good dozen of Slytherin girls entered, each eyeing them as if they were the predators eyeballing their prey. “Now ladies, for a quick demonstration” Umbridge declared referring to the Slytherin girls “please be as so kind to remove Miss Granger’s footwear” she said as she dipped her hand into her pink hand bag and retrieved a devilish looking black quill.

Hermione could only helplessly watch as they removed her flat-soled black school shoes and her thin white cotton socks revealing a pair of well taken care of feet, that looked like they had recently had a pedicure.

“Watch and learn students” Umbridge said grinning as she took the scratchy quill and dragged it up Hermione’s arch, making her let out a tiny giggle, she repeated this at faster paces until Hermione let out a good hearty laugh and was wiggling her toes.
“Now ladies, that is how you get her to squeal. Now, when one of them breaks, do have someone fetch me, any questions?” she said with a look of someone who was supremely enjoying herself.

A spectacled sixth-year girl raised her hand and asked “Wouldn’t it be simpler to just use the tickle charm on them? Rictumsempra?”

“True” Umbridge responded smiling “but doing this the old fashioned way is much more effective...and more fun.”

None could counter that argument as Pansy Parkinson raised her hand and asked “Can we use other stuff to tickle their feet as well?”

Umbridge gave a wide-toothed smile and answered “Whatever you find in their bags feel free to use, oh and I’m awarding a personal 300 points to whoever can get them to sing first, good luck ladies,” as she left the room looking like a toad anticipating a fly.

After Umbridge’s departure there was a flurry of movement and silence as shoes and socks were quickly removed and hands were dug into bags to retrieve more “tickle tools” such as a hair brush and toothbrush from Hermione’s bag and a comb from Cho’s to use on their victim’s poor soles and within moments that silence was broken as quills attacked four pairs of helpless feet and squeals of laughter filled the room.

Cho Chang squealed loudly as her sensitive black toenail-clad toes were tickled by a pair of scratchy quills, taking care to scratch real good along the undersides of her little toes and under them. Considering Cho’s status as a popular and pretty girl it wasn’t a surprise that many of the Slytherin girls were looking forward to getting her back for her hogging the spotlight as they used the comb they had stolen from Cho’s bag and immediately put it to use on her soles and toes. The scratching motion of the comb, which induced sensations similar to that of a rake, overloaded Cho’s soles with ticklish impulses, especially when they introduced the comb to Cho’s petite toes, making her throw her head back, her well kept dark hair moist with sweat, especially when they proceeded to saw the comb inbetween Cho’s ticklish toes .

Meanwhile opposite Cho, Hermione was losing her resistance against Pansy Parkinson, as with every fluid up-to-down motion that Pansy delivered, the same hairbrush scratched across her ticklish soles, she would erupt in giggles and wiggle her toes, inspiring Pansy to tickle those next, which led to Hermione squealing again only an octave higher. Pansy was working hard to make Hermione scream and not only did Pansy do it for the reward and to impress Professor Umbridge, she was enjoying herself tickling “Miss know-it-all Granger” and especially watching Hermione suffer as her ticklish soles were attacked by the dozens of bristles on the brush and as she fruitlessly attempted to escape her bonds.

Behind her, Luna “Loony” Lovegood was being taunted by a group of fourth-years.
“Green nail polish Loony? Why you think it will stop those Crumple-horned thingies from getting you?”
They jeered, as they brought their quills between her helpless toes, taking care to use the feathery end of the quill to saw in between her wiggling toes as this led her to flick her dirty-blonde head back and erupt in laughter. Also it seemed that Luna’s ticklish green toenail-clad toes were getting the worse of the tickling as due to how there were more than enough Inquistional interrogaters than intergatees, they were often helping each other tickling their helpless victims. In Luna’s case since they seemed very keen to tickle those curiously green toenail-clad toes as those that weren’t assisting with the tickling would be sure to pull her toes back so that the quills could scratch all over her exposed ticklish flesh in between her toes, making sure no sensitive spot on those toes went untouched.

Next to her, in a scenario that certainly wasn’t any better, was newly popular redhead Ginny Weasley who many had quite the grudge for, as she had been stealing the spotlight from quite a few, so it seemed the small crowd that had gathered around her were enjoying themselves.
As they attacked that pair of extremely sensitive feet again and again – all the while taking notes of which spots were most effective at making her squeal - feathery end in between her toes, scratchy quill along her instep, spidering finger motion across the ball of her foot, scratchy end across her arch, the list just went on and on, it only got worse for Ginny as they also soon realized that the most ticklish and “fun” spot on her feet was those sensitive red-toenail clad toes and that after they were tickled they would reflexively curl up making it less convenient for her tormentors to tickle her sweet spot in between her toes.

Good thing they soon realized that as long as they increased the intensity of tickling on her feet a little bit more, or attacked one of her many other sweet spots her toes would quickly uncurl and be easily and quickly tickled again, making poor Ginny erupt into even more laughter. Within minutes Ginny’s already super ticklish feet had already taken so much torment, it seemed they were even more ticklish than they were when they started, which was bad news for Ginny. All the tickling of her brothers over the years did nothing to help her and was useless now. It went from bad to worse when one of the girls who was tickling Hermione (who also didn’t like Ginny) loaned Hermione’s toothbrush to them, saying “it could be better used on her”. And it was as soon as the toothbrush was first introduced to Ginny’s feet with a little scrub on her heel she threw her head back, her fiery red hair clinging to her face as she struggled to escape her bonds, which was as good as sign as any that the toothbrush was working its magic on her soles.

After the rest of Ginny’s feet had been introduced to the toothbrush they started to bring it into what they knew was her most ticklish spot, her toes, and as soon as the toothbrush began scrubbing Ginny’s red-toenail clad toes, Ginny was instantly reduced to a giggling, drooling, screaming wreck which was as good as revenge for all the Slytherin girls who had lost the spotlight because of her. But by all means that didn’t mean they would stop. As they grabbed her big toe and isolated it so they could scrub little circles around the ball of her foot, trying to make her go wild with laughter, occasionally changing directions and dipping into her toes and in between them and with the dozens and dozens of bristles on the toothbrush, each one inciting its own ticklish response, it was tickle hell for Ginny who thought she could handle it, and as she felt she was coming close to her breaking point and was yelling with ticklish laughter to get Hermione to spill the beans and get these ruthless tormentors to stop tickling her poor, helpless and extremely ticklish feet.

“Ple-hi-hi-hease Ha-Ha-Hermione, just hahaha tell them hahaha.”

This led to the group of girls who were working on Ginny’s feet stop momentary as they surveiled the situation.
“So Granger? Are you gonna help your boyfriend’s sister or what?”
The group jeered. When Pansy Parkinson and the other girls taking care of Hermione’s feet stopped to let her answer, Hermione caught her breath and spoke quietly staring at the ground “I can’t do this to him, I can’t betray him.”

One of the girls currently in charge of Ginny handed Pansy the toothbrush that had caused Ginny so much trouble, and said “try this persuasive device.” As Pansy pulled away and began to work the toothbrush on Hermione’s feet, Ginny could be heard muttering guiltily “least it’s not being used on me...” However, one of the Slytherin girls near her heard that and remarked with a sly grin “You’re not out of the game yet, Weasley” as Ginny could feel the skittering of fingers on her soles and giggles aching to burst out.

Hermione wasn’t doing nearly as well enduring her torture as Ginny’s plea had eroded her spirit and guilt wasn’t doing her any good, oh and the toothbrush currently busy scrubbing her toes while her other foot was attacked by the hairbrush wasn’t helping either.
Hermione could only literally scream with laughter as she felt hundreds of bristles attacking her extremely ticklish feet. As she heard pleas from the other members that were being interrogated, like Cho Chang, begging Hermione to talk so the girls would stop feathering her toes and dreamly Luna, suddenly wide awake and having to endure torment as the evil girls tickling her would often quote her father’s paper “The Quibbler”, by etching her father’s homemade spellwork tips onto her with their quills, scribbling on her soles as if they were parchment.

Hermione could only watch as Luna writhed and thrashed as the cruel girls held her toes back, keeping her from being even able to scrunch her toes as the girls began to test her father’s “tips”, taking care to emphasize the first few words by slowly enscribing them with the sharp scratchy quill on Luna’s sensitive toes and slowly scratching on the rest of her poor ticklish sole the body of the text. Luna wasn’t openly begging Hermione to make them stop but it didn’t take a mind-reader to figure out that she wanted nothing more than for this to stop.

Finally, after a good, generous dose of tickle torture, the Inquisional squad had broken Hermione Granger and Umbridge was here to see the feat in person.

“I’ll tell you everything” Hermione whimpered her hands over her eyes “just stop putting me and my friends through this.”

“Well, I’m waiting, Miss Granger,” said Umbridge impatiently, her false sweet voice quivering with anticipation.

“The weapon is in the Forbidden forest, we’ll take you there,” Hermione mumbled as she let out a sob.

Umbridge gave Hermione a toad-like grin.

“Very good, Miss Granger. It is done. Now you, me and Mr. Potter can have a nice conversation and then we shall go to the Forbidden forest together. Inquistional Squad, guard them while we’re gone and make sure, they don’t get bored.”

Umbridge dragged Hermione out of the room, with her wand pointing at the bushy-haired witch’s back.
The Slytherin girls laughed evilly and exchanged grins as their remaining victim’s eyes filled with dread.

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The Torture of Draco
Harry and Ron had been captured by Voldemort and his Death Eaters, only Hermione with her sharp mind could save them now.
During the fight at the Weasley's home, only Hermione had managed to evade capture due to her proximity to Harry’s invisibility cloak, a stroke of luck really.
While invisible she had beautifully cast a stunning spell at Draco Malfoy, her arch enemy and the person she most hated in this world.
She dragged him inside the house, into the kitchen, and laid him on the wooden floor where she was watching over him.
After the surprise attack, Nymphadora Tonks arrived back along with Luna Lovegood.
Hermione quickly removed the cloak and revealed herself to her friends.
“What happened?” asked Tonks.
After some explanation, they all looked at Draco, he was the only one they were able to capture, he would have to tell them where the secret hideout of Voldemort was.
“Petrificus Totalus” Hermione uttered at the knocked out Draco.
When he woke he would be fully immobilized and she would use the “Crucio” curse to torture Draco into revealing the location of Harry and her beloved Ron.
The three women waited in silence.
One hour went by and he eventually awoke.
He found his body completely paralyzed, except for his mouth and eyes, and looked up at Hermione who was standing closest to him.
“Let me go, you Mudblood bitch, I’ll kill you when I get away from here!”
“Tell me where Harry and Ron are!”
“Never, Granger, not in your life time.”
Hermione pointed her wand at the still Draco.
Absolutely nothing happened, Draco laughed at her puzzled face.
“That won’t work Mudblood! The Dark Lord, my glorious leader, has cast several counter curses on all his followers.”
Hermione thought for a second and decided to try another curse, one to enable command over another.
He was laughing again, this was getting silly, she had to think out of the box.
“Ha Ha Ha, Mudblood bitch, none of this will work on me, I thought you were smart, now let me go and I shall just leave.”
Tonks and Luna looked at each other and tried to think hard of something, though not very successful.
After some serious thinking Hermione then smiled slightly and pointed her wand at Draco.
Again nothing appeared to happen and Draco laughed again.
“What was that, Mudblood? Insmellosa, what are you on about?”
Hermione pointed her wand again and giggled.
All of sudden Draco found his lips sealed shut, he could not talk and only breathe through his nose.
She uttered another spell so that he could move his head up and down and side to side a little.
“That will allow you some movement, Draco, just nod when you wish to talk.”
Tonks had never heard of “Insmellosa”, not even in her auror training, and asked Hermione what kind of spell it was.
“Well, poor Draco here has now the smelling capabilities of a dog, it is normally used on someone so he can track things only with his smelling sense. But in this case we now have an excellent way of torturing poor Draco.”
Tonks was still bemused at this unusual idea, how would this help?
Hermione pulled up a kitchen chair, moved it over his body and sat down.
Her school uniform was still on from the day’s previous activities, robes, shirt, skirt, tights and flats.
She slipped one of her shoes off and wafted her beautiful supple sweaty foot, just above Draco’s immobile face.
Draco could now smell the scent of Hermonies foot, leather, nylon and sweat.
He tried in vain to move, but obviously could not.
The look of utter disgust in his eyes showed the three women exactly what they wanted to see, an effective way to torture their prisoner without actually hurting him.
Hermione slipped her beautiful foot back in its shoe and smiled down at her prisoner.
“Quitenremo” she uttered.
Draco found he could talk again.
“Get your stinky feet away from me Mudblood, I’ll kill you!”
“Tell me where Harry and Ron are Draco, and you won’t have to smell my feet anymore.”
“No way, I can’t!”
“Have it your way Draco, at least three pairs of sweaty feet to smell, and to think so far they have been over 10 inches from your nose, how long can you take it, we have all night.”
“Please Gra-Hermione, they really smell, please don’t” he begged.
“Tell me then Draco.”
“I can’t, he will kill me!”
“Then you leave me no choice. Quitensentra” Hermione uttered, waving her wand.
Once again, his lips pressed together and his mouth was shut tight.
His eyes widened in dread of what was coming and he gave a muffled moan of protest.
The three women laughed at him.
Hermione slipped her soft foot back out of its shoe, crossing her legs while sitting on the chair, the sole of her foot was just 4 inches from Draco’s nose, his now only source of air.
“He’s right, your feet really stink Hermione, don’t you ever change your tights?” Tonk’s exclaimed, waving her hand in front of her face.
“Well, I’ve not had the chance to, what with all the excitement going on, I must have worn them a couple of days now I think.”
“Gross, I can smell them from here, and he has super strong dog smelling capabilities,” Tonks said, holding her nose.
“Yes, very clever Hermione, can I have a go in a minute?” Luna asked in her sexy Irish accent.
“Of course you can, Luna, do those boots make your feet sweat much?” Hermonie questioned.
“Yes, very much, I don’t wear socks either,” Luna exclaimed dreamily.
“Here it comes! Watch out!”
Hermione put her foot down and brushed her toes on Draco’s nose.
He groaned very audible, but couldn’t do anything, his body was frozen, his mouth tightly shut.
He had to breath all the way through his nose. If he could, he would have cringed and struggled violently.
The only sign of horror and disgust could be seen in his eyes which pleaded for her to stop.
Hermione grinned down at him from her chair.
“Poor Draco, are my smelly feet not to your liking?”
He groaned again and silently cursed her, which of course didn’t do anything.
He with his superior pureblood, was now forced to sniff the feet of a mudblood, a dirty unworthy lower muggleborn, it was so degrading, how would he ever live it down.
The smell of Hermione’s super ripe feet was overpowering, nothing but sweat, grime and hose, he could not move or get away and from what he heard, he did not fancy getting near Luna’s bare feet.
“God, I haven’t washed my feet in ages” Tonk’s exclaimed. “They must really stink, especially in these old leather shoes of mine” she told the other two women. “I have to go now though, Hermione, need to meet Remus, I’ll be back soon with some help and hopefully by then, our little foot stool here has been broken.”
This made his stomach churn, he had no way out, unable to use his charm to persuade them, unable to cast a spell, unable to move, he would have to smell their feet until he told them the location of Harry and Ron, he wondered how long he could really put up with this, would he be rescued?
Hermione uncrossed her legs, and slipped her other foot from its shoe.
Slowly and very sexily she lifted her feet, teased Draco’s nose before burying it in between the soles of both her lovely feet.
She brushed them over Draco’s helpless nose, sliding up and down, making sure he smelled between and under her toes as well.
“You make such a nice foot stool, Draco, ready to talk yet?”
Draco thought for a few seconds, he couldn’t take it much longer, the smell of Hermione’s toes was so strong, so cheesy and so intoxicating, but he had to hold out.
He shook his head side to side, he still could not believe he was in this situation.
Hermione shouted “Damn, this isn’t going to work, Harry and Ron are in trouble, probably getting tortured right now, we need to know where they are!”
Draco hopes returned that this would finally stop now.
Just then the kitchen door burst open and in came Professor McGonagall, along with Ginny Weasley.
“They are safe, Mr Potter and Mr Weasley, both have been rescued by the Order about half an hour ago and are on their way to a safe hideout, oh what are you doing, is that Draco Malfoy? What is he doing there under your feet?”
“Yes Professor, it’s the only way of torture we could think of. Crucio and Imperio don’t work,” Hermonie explained.
“Well, I can remove the protection against Imperio, which would help.”
“You can, Professor, yes that would help indeed, I didn’t know that it could be removed.”
“Oh yes, but only to a select few. Incantantam Removo Imped,” she muttered and waved her wand at Draco.
He was glowing softly and then returned to normal.
“That should do it. Now enjoy yourself, we could let him go you know, now that Mr Potter and Mr Weasley are safe, but he could reveal some important information about Voldemort’s defenses and weaknesses, see what you can get from him,” Professor McGonagall said in a serious tone.
“I’ll stay with Hermione, Professor, I may be able to help,” Ginny replied, who had been eying Draco all the time since she arrived and could not contain her amusement.
“Okay Ms Weasley, I shall get going and see what has happening around the school.”
Professor McGonagall left and Ginny sexily went over to join Hermonie and Luna.
“Looks like fun?” Ginny said giggling.
“Not for him, it isn’t,” Hermonie replied, also giggling.
“I always knew you were a kinky one,” Ginny grinned broadly.
“Oh well, looks like there’s no rush now Draco,” Hermione said sweetly, looking down at him. “I want to know the hideout of your aunt Bellatrix, I shall have another hour and then you can try Ginny’s sweaty feet, looking forward to that, I bet you are Draco.”
Draco shook his head again at the thought of smelling sexy Ginny’s sweaty feet.
Hermione rubbed her sweet feet backwards and forwards across the face of the helpless Draco.
“He makes a lovely footstool, I’m glad Harry and Ron are okay,“ Hermonie stated.
“Me too, with the Imperio curse now able to work, we should get some revenge for all the nasty things he has ever done to us.”
“Yes indeed, I have a few ideas, and I’m sure Draco will oblige.”
The girls all laughed at his expense, they chatted about Ron and Harry, amongst other things.
Luna rested her sneaker shoes on the lap of her victim, right on his member.
With each movement of her legs, Draco was getting more and more aroused.
“Give Draco a dose of your feet Ginny,” Luna suggested.
Hermione lifted her sweaty soles from Draco’s poor face, put her shoes back on and stood back.
Ginny sat down and unzipped her knee length riding boots, the first black nylon clad foot slid out and a cheesy smell hit the air.
“Wow, you should change your hose more often, they reek really bad,” Hermione said.
“You can talk, yours aren’t exactly fresh flowers” Ginny replied, though smiling.
She crossed her legs and extended her nylon toes out to the nose of her prisoner.
“Have a nice sniff of my foot, Malfoy, bet you like the smell?”
Draco shook his head, they were so cheesy, his eyes were watering, his lungs burning, this was torture, and he had to hold out.
“Nice sweaty feet. Are you ready? Here they come!”
His eyes full of hate looked into her beautiful freckled face, framed by her long crimson hair.
What a bitch, he thought, she will pay for this.
Ginny rested her foot on his face and removed her other boot.
She then slid her other foot onto Draco’s face, she could feel how sweaty they were.
Crossing her legs again, one of her sexy feet dangled in front of his face, the aroma of nylon and foot sweat was now much stronger.
Ginny then wafted her toes millimetres from his nose, he had no choice but to sample more of her smell.
Slowly she kneaded and cupped Draco’s nose, allowing him to take in the full aroma of her cheesy toes.
She then withdrew her foot and held both of them above his face.
He looked up at the black stocking clad soles, the musty, stale stink of foot sweat, nylon and boot leather assaulted his nostrils.
“I’ve always had a problem with sweaty feet,” Ginny remarked with a giggle.
She was delighted in wriggling her toes freely within the nylon, they were stuck in these boots far too long.
Ginny then slid her stockinged feet all over his face, gently at first, as if taunting him with the smell.
“Let’s hear you breathe in my divine essence, deep breaths now,” Ginny said laughing.
He was smelling a Weasley’s feet, a damn blood traitor and Mudblood friend, her sweaty nyloned feet, it was so humiliating, he would never ever tell anyone about this.
“This so much fun,” Luna exclaimed dreamily. “I hope he doesn’t talk too soon, I’d like to make him lick my feet later on. I’m always wearing my shoes without socks, they must be really drenched in sweat by now.”
The girls laughed at the idea of actually making him licking their bare feet and gave high fives to each other.
His cock was as hard as ever under Luna’s fondling shoes.
While he was thinking about the prospect of licking Luna’s feet, he started to actually enjoy being in this position for these sexy witches to play with.

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Bella's Powerful Foot
The dungeon was dark, as cold air swept into the chamber where the prisoners were held. There was complete silence; the last one foolish enough to speak was never seen again, though his screams echoed throughout their ears, sending horrifying images into the core of their hearts.

Footsteps. From the sound, it was deduced that it was a woman wearing high heels. That could only mean the worst; she was coming. "Longbottom, get out here, now!" yelled Bellatrix Lestrange. Silently he obeyed, for he knew that resisting in front of the others would only cause them more pain. With a longing nod to his friends, he trudged outside. Immediately he felt a sharp pain in his back as he fell face first onto the floor; he could feel her heels digging into his bare back. "Next time I give you an order, you do it instantly!" she snarled. She was the worst of them all. Her ruthless tortures were legendary, and he knew that she wanted to finish what she started with his parents.

After a slight climb up a flight of stairs, Bellatrix forced him into a dimly lit room. There were two figures in the back of the room, one slightly smaller than the other, but their faces were shielded by the darkness of the room. Bellatrix nodded at them and smiled. "You know little Neville, 17 years ago in this very same room, your father and mother lay writhing at my feet, begging for mercy." Anger and hatred took over Neville's mind as he readied himself to punch her but she was quicker.


Pain, overwhelming pain. He was screaming, and she was laughing. After an eternity it stopped, as he lay sobbing at her feet. "Hmm, look at you. You pathetic little waste of pure blood. Not so tough as you thought, huh? Lick my boots, NOW!" Having no choice, he scrambled to her feet and began licking the boots that had once kicked him. "Very nice. You make a fine shoe cleaner Neville!" And her cackling laughter filled the air. "Your father was a good boot licker too you know. Oh how he begged for mercy, how he lay at my feet kissing and licking for all he was worth. Your mother was no slouch either. That filthy little bitch lapped at my arse like there was no tomorrow." More laughter, and Neville began sobbing. "I didn't ask you to cry, worm! Crucio!"

His screams gave her pleasure, and then-"STOP IT, CANT YOU SEE HE CANT TAKE ANYMORE". The voice surprised her more than the words. She whirled around, only to see her nephew Draco standing in between her and Neville. "What’s this, little Draco feeling sympathy for the little muggle-lover? What would the Dark Lord say if he heard of that, hmm?" She laughed again at the terror forming on his face, and this time grabbed Draco by the ear and dragged him outside the room into another smaller chamber. "Leave that filth in there!" she called to the remaining Death Eater who was still with Neville, "I need to deal with this one first!"

"What are you going to do to me?" asked a quivering Draco. He knew what she was capable of, and the maniacal gleam in her eyes was more than enough to send a surge of fear down his spine. But she did not respond; instead Draco felt himself being magically forced to the floor, his body immobilized by the full-body-bind spell. Although he dreaded what was about to happen, a little flicker of arousal stirred within him.
He would never admit it out loud, but being dominated like this was turning him on. His aunt's attractive looks did not aid the matter further. However, his momentary thoughts of lust were interrupted by a sharp kick to the face. "How dare you attempt to help that filthy little muggle lover? Have you no shame of yourself? You disgusting little scumbag! You will learn the proper respect of your superiors!" And with that, he felt a sharp heel digging into his back.

As the pressure of the heel was removed from his back, he heard something being unzipped. He regained control of his body again, and looked up. "Since you wanted to help your little friend so much, I think you will continue where he left off." And at that, she stuck her now bare feet in front of Draco's face. "I want you to worship my feet, little Draco. I have worked tirelessly for the Dark Lord, as you should have been doing. You are only worthy of the bottom of my bare feet. Begin now or else ... Crucio!"

The pain was short, but enormous nonetheless. As it subsided, he felt her stick a foot right onto his face. Her feet were large, almost manly, but still marvellous. The sweat was gleaming from them, and the odor strongly reminded him of vinegar. He did not have to be told twice; he kissed her foot. Starting from the heels, he slowly kissed up until he reached her toes. He made sure to individually kiss each toe as he didn't want to experience her Cruciatus curse again. As he began to kiss her other foot, he felt himself harden; his aunt was cruel, but the sight of her beautiful feet was too much to resist. She was a very attractive woman. Azkaban prison had taken her looks for a while, but lately she had taken quite good care of herself. Her toes were painted black, predictably, and she had quite a nice pair of boobs which he often fantasized about. However, his attraction was growing and he tried to hide the bulge in his pants - but too late, she had seen it. "I see that someone is liking this treatment. Do you like my feet Draco? Does it turn you on? YOUR OWN AUNT? Haha! You disgusting little pig! Crucio!" He felt her power again, and he collapsed at her feet once more.

"Lick my feet then, go on. You like it don't you? Lick my feet like the disgusting pig you are." Pain numbed his mind, but he quickly began what he was told to do. He began to lick. Up and down her soft soles. He twirled his tongue in circles around her heels. Her foot odor filled his nose, the salty taste of feet consumed his mouth. As he finished licking her soles, he began to French kiss each and every toe, making sure to lick and suck it with all his might. A sharp kick to his groin let him know that it was time to switch to the other foot. After his licking, Draco continued to plant kisses on her foot. He kissed her arches, the instep and the tops of her toes. As he lost control of his lust he began kissing up her leg towards her thighs and crotch -"Crucio!"

Again he felt the unimaginable pain. "You slimy little runt. You would even DARE to go near MY pussy? Your mother's sister? I think that it’s time we teach you a proper lesson. Lets see what your mother has to say about this." And with that, she twirled her wand, and Draco found himself on his back looking up at the ceiling. Another twirl and he found his face shoved deep inside the opening of her unzipped boots. A last twirl and his pants were removed, his penis and balls tied up tightly. As she moved upstairs, presumably to inform his mother, all Draco could do was lie there, smell her boots and cry. The sound of her bare feet walking up the stone steps was all he heard as he inhaled the heavy aroma of her boots, awaiting the punishment he knew would come.

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Nice one.. thanks..:)

12-09-2011, 08:38 PM
Thanks for your comment, here are two more stories!

Harry's trip to the Burrow
The sun started to rise and cast a golden light across Harry's face. Now, Harry Potter is a uniqe boy, but you would never guess it from looking at him. The only real indication of his uniqeness is a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Harry was a wizard and a student of one of the most well known magical schools in the world, Hogwarts.

Harry awoke to the gentle stream of light that played across his eyes. The next thing people tended to notice, were his eyes. Bright emerald green, just like his mother’s. Harry sat up on his bed and grabbed for his glasses. Placing them on his nose, the room came into focus.

All of his school stuff was strewn about the room, robes, hats, school books and even his wand, just cast on the ground. Harry's owl Hedwig had not returned from delivering a letter that he wrote to his best friend Ron the previous day. He had asked if he could stay at his place again, just to get away from his terrible aunt, uncle and their son. It was Sunday and still very early as he looked at his clock.

He got out of bed, walked over to the window and gazed out into the dawning sky, thinking of the dream he had been having. It involed Ron's sister, Ginny. She was a year younger than him, she was 14 now, but was smitten with him ever since she first saw him a few years ago. He looked down the street and saw a car coming. Harry was confused because no one ever travelled this street this early in the morning. Then he recognized it. It was a light blue Ford Anglia, the very same that the Weasleys possessed and that caused him and Ron some serious trouble in their second year.

He crept out of his room and down the stairs, careful not to wake his aunt and uncle. He opened the front door as the car came to a stop just outside the house. The car opened and Ron's father stepped out. He bade Harry to come closer so he could talk to him.

"Harry, my dear boy, we recieved your owl and I came to pick you up. Is all of your stuff packed?"

"No, but I can pack it up really fast!"

Harry was more than happy. He turned on the spot, sprinted up the stairs and started to throw everything in his school trunk. He wrote a quick note and placed it on the kitchen table where his aunt would surely see it. Placing his trunk in the back of the car, Harry hopped in and hardly spared a last glance at the house as the car sped away and lifted off into the air.

About half an hour later, they arrived at the Burrow, the best place ever in Harry's opinion. He got out of the car and walked up to the door where Ron's mom met him with a big hug.

"Harry dear, how are you doing?"

"Fine, thanks Mrs. Weasley."

She ushered Harry into the house and sat him at the table while she started to fix some breakfast. Harry turned his head as Ginny came rushing into the kitchen. Harry smiled at her and she blushed a deep shade of red, much like her hair. Harry looked at her in her cut short pj's and thought she looked real cute. His gaze slowly went down her body and stopped at her feet.

Now, Harry wasn’t sure but he felt a very pleasant thing in his body as he stared at her bare feet. They were around size 7, moderate width and nice arches. Her toes weren't too long or stubby, just right and were a pale shade. Harry was so mesmerized he didn’t realize that she had caught him staring at her feet.

He tried to cover it up by going into a long yawn and quickly looked away. Ginny sat down and they had breakfast while shortly after the other Weasleys came down to eat. Mrs. Weasly told Harry he could head upstairs to catch up some more sleep if he needed it. After such a large breakfast, that sounded like a pretty good idea, so he excused himself and headed all the way up to Ron's room. He crawled into the bed that was prepared for him every time he came to visit and fell into a deep sleep.

He started to dream of Ginny and her adorable feet when he was suddenly and rudely interrupted as his breath was forcefully pressed out of him. He opened his eyes to see Ginny sitting on his stomach.

"Wha-what’s goin on?" he said groggily, staring up at her smiling face.

"Oh nothing, just thought to have a little fun" she giggled.

With that she lifted her right foot and started to trace his face with her big toe.

"I saw how you were staring at my feet. Does the great Harry Potter have a foot fetish?" she said with a devilish grin on her face.

Harry just layed there stunned as the sexy redhead continued to trace his face. She took her foot and held it above his face, flexing her toes.
She carefully looked at him and placed her foot squarely on his face. Harry was in heaven and he couldn’t even explain it. Ginny sat on Harry’s lower body, pressing her foot harder onto his face.

"How do you like that?" she asked sweetly as she rubbed her sole all over his face.

Harry couldn’t bring himself to answer as he smelled her foot. It was stinky and sweaty because she hadn’t taken a shower after playing
Quidditch this morning while he was sleeping. Harry could feel his dick growing harder and harder under her firm ass as he continued to inhale her foot smell. She noticed his rising boner and started to move back and forth on it with her bum, causing Harry to gasp.

Ginny took advantage of his sudden intake of breath and shoved her foot into his mouth. Harry didn’t know what to do so he just lay there as her devilish smirk grew.

"I want you to suck my toes, now!"

Harry wasn’t catching up very fast so Ginny pushed herself off the bed and into the air, crashing back down onto his now rock hard dick.
Harry tried to scream but Ginny just shoved her foot deeper into his mouth. He didn’t wait to be told again and started sucking.

Working his tonge around and inbetween each of her sweaty toes she looked into his eyes as her hand slowly caressed her spot.
Harry's tounge worked hard to reach every possible area of her foot, wanting to taste everything that can be tasted.

She raised her other foot and placed it on his face while he continued to suck on her toes. Harry desperately wanted to touch himself, but due to the fact that Ginny was sitting on his dick, that made it difficult. Ginny started to push her foot deeper and deeper into his mouth until her toes were at the back of his throat, causing him to gag a little.

"Guess what Harry, I have a surprise for you. Come on in!"

Harry tried to sit up to see who it was, only to come face to face with his other best friend, Hermione Granger. He tried to say something, to explain what was going on, but found it difficult to breath as Ginny's foot had started to suffocate him. Perhaps Ginny saw this, beacuse she pulled her foot out of his mouth.

Harry gasped for breath as he relished the salty taste of Ginny's feet.

"Well Harry, I would never have thought you like things like this" Hermione stated, a little embarassed at the situation.

Harry's face turned beat red with shame as she stared at him in bewilderment. Ginny stood up on the bed and placed a foot on his chest. Testing her balance, she stood up on one foot, squashing Harry beneath her. She slowly placed her other foot beside the first as she looked down at him.

"Hermione, you gotta try this, this is so cool" Ginny said excitedly.

Harry thought that Hermione would never go for something like this, but to his horror, she got up onto the bed as well. She was wearing black loafers and knee high grey socks. She looked down at Harry, underneath Ginny's feet and smiled, seeing Harry's hard on. She lifted her foot with her shoe on and placed it squarly on his dick.

She started to apply pressure as her other foot left the bed. She placed her other foot right next to the first so her whole body weight was crushing his dick. Ginny laughed as Harry's face screwed up in pain. She started bouncing up and down on his chest, laughing as gust of breath escaped his mouth.

Hermione bounced as well, laughing as his legs flew up in response. She slowly walked up his body, stopping on his chest, right infront of Ginny. Harry's face was turning red from the pressure so Ginny got a new idea. She turned around on his chest and stepped down onto his face.

Her full body weight was crushing his nose as Hermione walked up and stood right below his throat.

"This is even better!" cried Ginny in excitement.

She lowered her other foot so it was side by side with her other. She started bouncing up and down, Hermione following suite.

"Here, you try now," said Ginny.

She stepped off of Harry's face and walked back toward his body. Hermione took off her shoes to show her grey socks. As she placed her feet back onto his chest, Harry could feel the warmth of her feet and the slight wetness from the sweat. She took her foot and let it hover just above Harry's face, the smell hitting him hard, making him cough.

Hermione laughed as Ginny jumped on top of Harry's stomach, causing him to gasp. She lowered her foot onto Harry's face, rubbing her socked foot sweat all over. Ginny walked toward Harry's dick and bent over, sliding her hand into his boxers, grabbing hold of his dick.
Harry moaned and gave just enough room to Hermione to slide her stinky, sweaty socked foot into his mouth.

She pushed hard, getting as much of her foot in there as possible. Ginny stood up and started to stroke his dick with her foot. Harry moaned as he sucked on Hermione's socks, relishing the salty sweaty taste. She pulled her foot out of his mouth and placed the other on his face, standing full weight, almost crushing his head.

Ginny stroked his dick over and over, sometimes applying weight and standing on it. Within seconds Harry shot a huge load all over himself, much to the delight of Ginny and Hermione. They both got off and grabbed something to tie his hands and legs, but not before they completely stripped off his clothes. Once he was tied, Hermione took her sock off and shoved it deeply into Harry's mouth.

They rolled him off the bed and lifted up the mattress. It took some effort, but with their combined strengths they got him sandwiched inbetween the two mattresses so that just his head was sticking out, his face looking at the ceiling. They sat on the bed, right where Harry was and started to talk for a while, bouncing every now and again, dangling their feet near his face and making him smell them. After some time they got bored with that, they stood up on the bed and started jumping up and down on top of Harry’s trapped body. Both girls took great care to deliberately jump on his private parts, the sensation made his dick as hard as possible as it pressed firmly into the mattress.

After several minutes of jumping, they decided that he had had enough. They pulled him out and layed him on his back on the floor.
Both girls jumped on top of his naked body as he helplessly lay there, with a sock stuffed in his mouth.

"You’re going to be our personal slave for the rest of the time you are here," said Ginny in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yes, and you’re going to love every minute of it," said Hermione, trying hard to contain her laughter.

The girls both stepped onto his face once more and wiped their feet on it before walking out of the room, laughing heartily at how easy control they had over the great Harry Potter.

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Submissive Feet
"Mmmmmmmh" Harry let out a sigh of pleasure, as his nose stroked gently over Hermione’s bare feet which lay before him, the smooth soles facing him. It was only dim candlelight which illuminated Hermione’s room in the Gryffindor tower, where she laid on her stomach on her enormous four-poster bed. Ever since she had been made Head Girl, she had her very own private bedroom where only a few people had access to.

While the raven-haired boy sniffed the potent scent of Hermione’s feet and sometimes enjoyed the view of her nicely shaped butt (which was only coverd by a red silken tanga), the young bushy-haired witch read a thick old spellbook. Hermione enjoyed Harry’s foot addiction, and used to tease him wherever she could, even in classes when they ought to pay attention. She couldn’t get enough of Harry worshipping her soft feet, which naturally often turned into much more. She even liked it when Harry tickled her soles when they made love - he loved tickling Hermione’s feet, and he was aroused himself when he saw that his fingernails on Hermione’s soles fired her lust.

But this evening, Hermione couldn't let go of the old book, which she had discovered after long times of research. The problem that Harry wanted her attention as well was easily solved: She just presented her stinky bare feet to her lover and asked him to exclusivly worship her feet tonight, until Hermione finished reading and would have time for more. An offer, he could impossibly refuse.

Again, Harry’s nose slowly slided over her soles, and Hermione felt the soft warm breathing on her skin, when Harry inhaled her footstench.
Harry softly held Hermione’s feet by the heels, and buried his face into the witch’s sweaty soles every now and then. Hermione’s feet were fragrant with her personal odour, mixed with the smell of female feet in boots and stockings and a hint of cheese.

He took the black knee-high sock Hermione used to wear nearly every day, and which contained the most intensive and concentrated essence of her footsmell. Carefully, as one would smell a very beautiful flower, he dipped his nose into the fabric, and sniffed deeply...

His whole body shivered and twisted as Hermione’s stink hit him full force, and his cock instantly became rock hard as a huge wave of arousal flooded through him. His eyes started to water, and hastily he put away the sock. Later, he thought, but couldn't help himself as his right hand wandered between his legs, where his fingers easily slid into his own trousers, while his head sank down to Hermione’s waiting soles again.

While Harry was busy with her feet, Hermione read the last lines of the chapter, and her smile broadened. She had found the book deep within the forbidden section of the Hogwarts Library, and it seemed to be worth the work. This book was a whispered legend in Hogwarts, a kind of magical "Kamasutra", full of spells which brought lust and pleasure... and Hermione wanted to put them into practice with noone else than Harry.

But she wanted some training first, so she skimmed back to the first chapter with the easier spells. The book came from Laos, and Hermione had to take a special potion which allowed her to read the ancient letters. But now the secret knowledge of old witch-cults opened up before her eyes.

She decided to start with the "Massage of the Pleasant Palm", and took her wand from her bedside table. After pronouncing the words, she waved the wand and then tipped on her back. Instantly she felt invisible hands on her shoulders which started to massge her skillfully. The ghostly palms felt warm and strong but gentle on her body, and she enjoyed the very comfortable service.

Harry hadn't noticed anything - his face still buried in Hermione’s sweaty soles, he lustfully stroked his manhood, slowly masturbating while sniffing the sexy witch’s feet. Hermione always took good care that her feet never lost their smell. She used her black boots to maintain the odour. After she took a bath for example, she made sure to wear the same old socks and boots until her feet stank like before. At night she kept her socks and her favorite pantyhose within the boots, so that the smell was always potent.

Hermione moaned as the invisible hands kneaded her back again, working their way down to her buttocks. This book was ingenious, she thought. Then she noticed that Harry just reached another climax on her feet, and she decided to dare a little bit more...

With a short gesture of her wand she ended the massaging spell, and then pointed at her black knee-sock which laid next to her lover.
"Accio sock"
Immediately the sock flew to her hand, and Hermione put it next to her.
"Are you having fun without me?" she teased the raven-haired boy while she slowly turned around on the bed and laid on her back.

Hermione grinned and slowly took out the hand with which she had masturbated herself. Her fingers glistered with moisture, and salaciously she smeared it on her left big toe. Hermione watched with pleasure as Harry moaned and nearly drooled from this. She enyoyed the view of Harry, who leaned on his forarms now, his legs hanging over the sheets of the bed. The green-eyed boy looked deep in Hermione’s eyes while he seductively took Hermione’s foot, and started to lick the juices from her big toe. Hermione shivered as Harry continued now with sucking on her toe.
She felt her lovers warm mouth on her skin and softly moved her toe between his lips, teasing him.

"Do you like sucking them? I know you are in love with every single toe of mine, aren't you?"
And she lifted her other foot near Harry’s face, slowly wiggeling her toes.

Now while Harry proceeded sucking her toes one after another, Hermione reached for the old book again.
"Harry... sweetheart... would you like to try something crazy... with me?"
Harry removed his mouth from Hermione’s toes, and licked his lips.
"Hmm... yummy", he smiled. Then he placed a soft kiss on Hermione’s sole, taking a loud sniff from the witch’s foot.
"Sure! What do you have in mind?"
Hermione pointed at the book.
"I found some interesting spells in here... and I think we could include some more magic... in our sexual life."
She wagged her wand.
"But I think you need to undress first."

"So, so... you want me to undress for you?" Harry teased, while he stood up and seductivly showing his slender, muscular body to Hermione.
He took a hold on the upper bars of the four-poster bed, and started to slowly dandle with his hips in some kind of lap dance.
"You want to see me strip for you?"
Hermione relaxed back on the sheets, and watched her lover and fellow wizard.
"Sure thing" she grinned while her hands teasingly played with her own nipple on her naked breast.

Harry, who only wore his boxers, then continued with his slow dance. He alluringly massaged his chest and playfully squeezed his nipples.
Then he turned arround, showing his muscular butt to Hermione, seductivly shaking it.
After a few seconds he turned again and slowly slid down his boxers with his index fingers, still dandleing his hips softly.
As Hermione caught sight of Harry's cock and his well trimmed pubic hair surrounding it, she unintentionally licked her lips as the memory of numerous nights with her lover came up in her mind.

As Harry now stood completely naked before her, he ended his dance.
"Here I am... totally yours."
Hermione needed a second to focus on her idea again, but then took her wand. She used the same incantation as before, but this time she pointed directly at the dangling penis as she finished casting the spell. A sparkling green light flew from Hermione’s wand to Harry's manhood, making him yell in surprise.

There was a short silence in the room, and Hermione was ready to end the spell, in case something unintended should happen, but then Harry's eyes widened and he smiled.
"Woaah, Mione.... you could have warned me... that’s awesome!" Again his hips moved a bit, but this time Hermione saw the arousal in his eyes as Harry had to grab the top bars of the bed again, since his legs became weak.

Hermione watched with satisfaction as her massaging spell now did its work on Harry's penis.
He sank down next to her, face to face, moaning and smiling.
"Hermione... baby ... this is unbelievable... oooooohhhh."
His body twisted a bit and he started massaging his nipples again. Hermione could see the first drops of Harry's precum dripping out of the tip. Since he already was impassioned due to the foreplay on her feet, Hermione saw that Harry was not far away from an orgasm.

She decided to give him the final push, and turned upside down on the bed, so that her feet came next to Harry's face again. As the witch’s enormous footstink reached Harry's nostrils and he saw his lover’s soles coming closer he gasped "Oh yes... please !"
And the next second Hermione’s stinky and sweaty soles covered his entire face, engulfing him with the witch’s potent footstench.

Hermione’s spell on his dick, her perfect smelly feet in his face - Harry couldn't do anything but climax instantly. He felt his lust exploding as one of the most intensive orgasms of his life flooded his body and mind. Helpless, his body jerked and twisted under Hermione’s soles, who payed special attention that her feet stayed in place all the time, giving him no chance to escape her stink.

The sexy witch herself was in a heat too - hearing Harry's muffled cries of lust under her feet made her really horny, and it took nearly a minute till Harry calmed down a bit. The young Hogwarts witch lifted her feet, and looked at Harry's reddened face. His black hair was tousled, and his breath went heavy.
"Do they still smell good?"
Hermione’s toes started playing with her lover’s nose.
"It was... *gasp* ... heaven...*gasp* unbelievable...!" Harry managed to say, just before an uncontrollable jerk went through his body.
"I ... I need a break... please remove the spell...oooohhh!!"
But the invisible fingers of the ancient spell were merciless, and Harry felt the slender, invisible hands laying on his cock again.
It was devilishly, it seemed to know exactly where it felt best, and fondled his shaft just the right way.
As Harry watched the strange gleam in Hermione’s eyes, he repeated his words.
"Please... Hermione...*gasp* ooohh... no... stop please... this is... too much... enough... please Hermione!!"

But Hermione now had a wicked grin on her face.
"No, no, no ..." she cooed softly. "I wanted to do this for a long time Harry, and I have some more ideas what we can do tonight."
With this, she shoved her right foot back into Harry's face, and started to wiggle her toes, releasing more of her cheesy stench.
"Smell my stinky toes again sweetheart... I know you want it."
Harry couldn't protest due to the rising pleasure the spell gave him, and with a weak "No... please... a break..." he succumbed to the mixture of Hermione’s footstink and the spell on his penis.

While Hermione controlled Harry's lust with the spell and her right foot, she grabbed the black knee-sock and put it between the toes of her left foot. Harry could see this in the corner of his eyes, and heard the sexy witch’s voice again:
"And after this round darling, I have something very special for you, hehe" she laughed teasingly and made sure that her other foot with the sock was in Harry's line of sight.
"You won't escape my feet tonight, until I let you go!"

The more she dominated Harry with her smell, the more she liked it. She really liked, or even loved him, but playing the "dominating witch" turned her on beyond her wildest imagination. But before she satisfied her own lust, she wanted to make sure that Harry would never forget this night. While thinking this, she saw that Harry just climaxed again under her sole, gasping helplessly under her stinky toes. She lifted her wet sole an inch from Harry's face to give him some air.
"Hey honey ... still with us?"
Harry had a contented smile on his face, obviously he had had a good time after all.
"My God..." his breath was still heavy "this is really good, and I definitely love it, but i neeeeeee.... ooooohhh.... I really need a break, please, I’m serious!"
Hermione turned again, so that she laid next to her lover, and softly started kissing his lips. As Harry returned the kiss, she playfully started to fondle and twist his nipples with her fingers, but Harry tried to push her hand away.
"Hermione, I beg you, dispel your magic, I need a rest for Merlin’s sake!"

As Harry saw Hermione’s smile grew even wider, while she reached for her wand again, he suddenly knew that Hermione wouldn’t release him, and he tried to get up in order to get his own wand, which laid with his other stuff and clothes on the floor. Hermione only giggled, as she waved her wand and easily catched Harry with her spell.
"Petrificus Totalus!"
With this, Harry’s movement froze, and he hung paralyzed half over the bed, one hand still outstreched for his wand.
The only movement he could do was the unintentional wince his body made due to the massaging spell on his cock.

And Hermione continued her casting.
"Wingardium Leviosa" she said, lifting Harry’s stiffened body up in the air.
With her wand she directed her helpless and silenced friend, from who she only heard a weak moan, back to the middle of her four-poster bed where she gently laid him down.
"Like I said... you’re not going anywhere until I’m finished with you" she said, while gazing into his eyes with a lustful gleam.

Hermione took some time to lay his body in a comfortable position, before she then partially removed the paralizing effect.
She freed Harry’s head from the spell, so that he could talk.

Harry was between two sensations - on the one hand he wanted Hermione to stop and free him, but on the other hand he was still aroused.
He never would have admitted it, but beeing dominated by this sexy smart witch was actually turning him on beyong anything. But he also knew that he eventually would pass out if Hermione made him cum for another time, so he begged her again.
"Hermione, no, I can't take it any more, I’m spent... please let me go. This is going too far!"

Hermione sat next to him on her bed and smiled down to her victim. She admired Harry’s perfect body, his muscular chest and his athletic toned form. She still had her black sock between the toes of her left foot, and slowly brought her foot closer to Harry's face. She rested besides her friend now, her feet on Harry’s head and vice versa. Only inches away from Harry's nose she seductivly moved her soles, showing her perfect feet to her lover, and engulfing him with her footstink again. She realized the small unintentional movements Harry’s body made, and she playfully teased him "I have a little present for you sweetheart..."

She giggled and watched Harry catching breath, unable to reply, since the spell and Hermione’s cheesy footsmell again dazed his consciousness.
Hermione now laid back on Harry's creamy and beautiful feet, carefully smelling the fragrance of his foot-odour. It couldn`t compare to her own overwhelming footstink, but it was pleasurable, and she enjoyed the warm and masculine scent, while she tenderly caressed Harry's skin.

Harry was totally captured: not only the paralizing spell held him, but also the mixture between the massaging spell on his penis and Hermione’s incredible strong foot scent.
The past weeks with Hermione had brought his fetish for female feet to a full blossom, and now the witch’s footsmell aroused his lust without any resistance. Seeing her sweaty soles moving alluringly only inches before his face, receiving her unescapable smell, brought him to the edge of climax.
And as Hermione now started kissing and licking his feet with pleasure, he helplessly came to another orgasm, while Hermione’s soles covered his face again, forcing the stinky black sock directly under his nose...

While Harry moaned and twisted besides her, Hermione carefully examined her lover’s soles and toes with her tongue. That licking sent tickling sensations through Harry’s feet, and suddently he realized that Hermione had started to spider-tickle his helpless feet with her sharp fingernails. But his cries of protest were muffled through Hermione’s stinky sock.
As he started to laugh and inhale the stench deeply, the subtle magic on his cock seemed to modulate itself with the new sensation, and quickly his next orgasm rocked his body, while the witch’s dazing footsmell still engulfed him and bemused his mind.

"Smell them... smell them good darling" he heard Hermione’s teasing voice, as the witch rubbed her sweaty soles over his face.
"How soft your soles are... my, my... you must be very ticklish" - Hermione was merciless.
The stinky sock under his nose, accompanied by Hermione’s bare feet, still exuded the most potent of the witches footstink, and Harry felt his consciousness ultimately fade away as another climax waved through his body...

As he awoke, he saw sunlight shone throught the windows, and he heard a noise in a distance. He then realized that he had been freed of all spells, and took a deep breath of fresh air. After opening his eyes he saw that he was still in Hermione’s bed, and that his clothing and stuff was spread all around the room. On the other side there was Hermione, still sleeping peacefully.

He was still a bit exhausted, Hermione had literally "fucked him into coma with her feet", and he didn't exactly know how he should feel about this. The memory alone was enough to make him shiver, as his body remembered the lust he had felt.
Hermione moaned, turned and opened her eyes, and for a long second she and Harry just looked each other in the eye.
But before he could say anything, Hermione pulled her head close and kissed him on the lips.
"I love you!" she whispered.
Harry returned the kiss and softly caressed his lovers cheek."
"I love you too" he replied. "Last night was amazing! Thank you!
"You’re very welcome" she replied grinning.
Hermione moved her sock-covered foot over to Harry’s crotch and gently started to rub.
He instantly became rock hard and moaned into Hermione’s mouth as she kissed him again.
Hermione responded with a giggle and rubbed even faster.

It was in this second, as they passionately kissed each other, as the door swung open, and another girl stepped inside Hermione’s room.
"Hey Hermione, won't you come for breakfa... Oh, sorry, did I disturb you?"
Hermione hastily drew her blanket over herself and Harry.
"Damn! Ginny! Haven't they told you about KNOCKING before entering someones bedroom?"
They looked at each other and suddenly a sly grin came across Hermione’s face.
"On the other hand, why don’t you come over here so we can have a bit of fun before we go down for breakfast?"
Harry felt as though he was going to pass out again as Ginny removed her shoes and joined them in the bed without another word.
He was in heaven.

18-09-2011, 07:27 PM
thank you, i'm a huuuuge harry potter fan and enjoyed these so much, do you have more stories ??

22-09-2011, 08:49 PM
Hi, sorry for the late response.
Yes, I have three more stories, if you want, I can send them to you via mail/PM cause the resonance here isn't too overwhelming.

EDIT: Oh well, another member has requested it, so I will post it here.

Under The Table
Hermione and Harry had been going out for nearly eight months now and they were madly in love with each other. One day Hermione finally persuaded Harry to meet her parents for dinner. Harry knew that Hermione had always wanted her parents to meet him, but Harry always felt a little nervous about meeting them. But it was going to happen eventually, and now Hermione and a very anxious Harry stood outside her parents home.
“Don’t worry about a thing Harry. My family’s going to love you,” Hermione said beaming.
Harry quickly dusted himself off, and straightened his shirt collar for the hundredth time this evening. This made Hermione laugh, and she gently nudged him on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine, love” she assured him before reaching for the doorbell.
When the door swung open, Harry found himself smiling at a very beautiful brown haired girl. She looked like she might be in her mid twenties. “Beth! Hey, how are you doing?”

Hermione quickly hugged her.

“Beth, come and meet my boyfriend, Harry. And Harry, this is my older sister Beth.”

“You never told me that you had a sister,” he said, a little nervous.

Harry couldn’t ignore how beautiful she was and charily shook her hand. Harry knew how beautiful Hermione was, with her shoulder long bushy brown hair, dark brown eyes, gorgeous face and figure, but now he was staring at another beautiful angel. Beth had brown hair like her sister’s, but hers was much longer and silkier. She had green eyes too, like himself, a very attractive face and matching figure much like his fiance’s.

“Finally, I meet the guy who my sister couldn’t stop bragging about,” she greeted him cheerfully. They went inside where they finally met Hermione’s parents. At dinner, Hermione sat next to Beth. Her father was at the head of the table, and her mother at the opposite end. Harry sat by himself opposite Hermione. Hermione couldn’t stop smiling during the dinner as she was talking about their time being together, which made Harry feel very happy. Hermione’s parents had to be the nicest people that he had ever met, and they did make him feel very welcome and part of the family. Hermione began telling her parents about how nervous Harry had been before arriving, which made Harry feel a little embarrassed. Hermione laughed and gave Harry a cheeky wink.

Hermione’s father began telling everyone an old embarrassing story about Hermione as a little kid, which Harry seemed very interested in hearing for she rarely spoke about her childhood. But before Hermione’s father could begin, Harry felt something press onto his crotch, breaking his concentration. It felt good. He nonchalantly looked down beneath the table cloth, and saw Hermione’s bare foot slowly rubbing against his crotch. His face immediately went red, and he shot a panicked look to Hermione. She winked at him again, this time nervously biting her lower lip. She looked so sexy when she did that. Harry couldn’t believe Hermione would do this now, and right under the table in front of her parents and her sister.
Harry squirmed in his seat. Her soft foot rubbing against the growing bump in his trousers, and her toes digging into his aching balls. It felt so good. His cock slowly went hard in his pants as she continued to rub her sexy foot over his growing bulge. He looked down, and watched how Hermione spread her sexy toes, wriggling them at him mischievously. He tried to act cool so no one else would notice just what was happening under the table, but the stimulating sensation that Hermione’s foot was causing made Harry sweat. He could feel the sweat beading around his brow. Helpless, he looked at Hermione again. She looked back at him, and smiled.
How could you? Harry mouthed with his lips, but her naked foot continued to torture him.

So you want to play games? he thought to himself. Harry slowly reached down and carefully unzipped his fly without anyone noticing.
Harry then carefully yanked out his now erect cock. Almost immediately Hermione pressed her foot against his exposed cock, dragging her toes from the head, and down the shaft of his throbbing cock.
“Ugh!” Harry groaned audibly.
Everyone quickly looked at him, and Harry smoothly began coughing as if clearing his throat while Hermione’s father continued to tell the story. Her foot was warm, and so soft. It was just incredible, and at the same time unbearable. She pushed Harry’s cock with her foot, trapping his cock between Harry’s navel and her warm, soft sole. Harry clinched the table cloth tightly as he felt Hermione begin to stroke his cock up and down against his navel. Harry struggled hard to keep from moaning out loud. Suddenly Harry felt both of Hermione’s feet wedge his cock in between her soft soles, and she begin stroking his cock up and down with her feet. Harry’s entire body began to quiver from the amazing sensation, and to make things more intense, Hermione began grabbing at Harry’s sensitive cock-head with her soft toes.

“Hermione can you get me a glass of water please?” Hermione’s father said. Harry felt a little relieved. If Hermione continued stroking his cock like that, he was going to shoot his load right there under the table and he was not sure if he could keep it a secret. Hermione gave a wink to Harry, stood up, and walked to the kitchen. Harry immediately felt his heart sink. He could still feel Hermione’s feet playing with his cock.
No, not Hermione’s feet. He casually looked down to see someone else’s feet still playing with his cock. He slowly looked up at Beth, and she just smiled at him with a very sinister look in her eyes. It was Beth’s feet! When Hermione came back, Beth began rubbing his cock faster.

What a tease! Harry thought, she did that right next to Hermione.
Harry thought about pushing her feet away, but the feeling was just too incredible. Besides, why should he stop? He was so close to just cumming all over Beth’s naked feet. Harry licked his lips as if to signal Beth to carry on. Beth smiled devilishly at him. She began stroking Harry’s entire length, letting her toes glide down his shaft to his balls, and then back up again to the head of his cock. As her toes reached his sensitive cock-head, Beth would rake her toes around it, which made Harry jerk in his seat every time. Harry wasn’t going to take Beth’s assault any longer. He felt his balls tighten, and his cock shudder. He was going to cum.
Harry closed his eyes, and surrendered his cock to Beth’s sexy feet. Then he came.
Harry bit his tongue hard to keep from moaning. His cum splattered all over her feet again and again. It spilled down her toes, and down her in-steps to her heels. Harry looked over at Beth, and watched her squirm in her chair like she had just cum herself. Harry then felt Beth wriggling her cum-covered toes over his flaccid cock. Beth looked at Harry and carefully mouthed the words,
“Thank You.”
When Beth finally removed her feet from Harry’s lap, she reached down to her cum covered feet, and scooped a wad of cum from between her toes with her index finger. Harry just watched, and hoped nobody would see. Beth then slowly sucked her finger clean. She looked so pleased with herself, swallowing Harry’s cum. After dinner and later that night, Hermione and Harry were given the extra room upstairs to stay the night.

“Oh baby, see? Dinner was great, right?” Hermione was still so ecstatic about the evening.
Harry looked into her beautiful eyes. He felt a little guilty about what had just happened. “It was great,” Harry replied.
Hermione passionately kissed Harry, and then rewarded him with a great fuck, but for some unknown reason to Hermione, Harry insisted on cumming onto her feet. Hermione looked at her feet curiously. Her toes and soles, soaked by Harry’s cum.

She wiggled her cummy toes and smiled. “Feels kind of nice, your cum between my toes. But why there baby?”
Harry collapsed on the bed, sporting a big smile on his face. He closed his eyes, and imagined both Beth and Hermione showing off their beautiful cummy feet. He didn’t feel as guilty anymore.
“No reason,” he said grinning and pulling her on top of him.

23-09-2011, 01:16 PM
The Invisible Feet Worshipper
Hermione was seated on her bed at Hogwarts, she was in her pyjamas reading but she felt as if she was being watched, she kept shooting glances at her pretty recently pedicured feet, as if something was wrong with them. Her toenails were cut short and unpainted and her feet were really soft.
She continued reading as if everything was normal.
“Petrificus totalus!” Hermione shouted all of a sudden, waving her wand and pointing it near her feet. She heard a loud noise and could see that someone was under an invisibility cloak so she guessed it had to be Harry; she grabbed the cloak and really: it revealed Harry Potter.
Why would Harry be sneaking up on me? Hermione asked herself, while she waited for the body-bind spell to wear off.
A few minutes passed, she observed when Harry started moving again, and slowly got up.
“What the hell was that for, Hermione?” Harry asked angrily, he was still feeling the after effects of the spell, some parts of his body were still numb.
“Sorry Harry, I thought it was someone, or something, trying to attack me, but why were you sneaking up on me?” Hermione asked, while Harry sat on the floor next to her feet.
“It was just a prank, I was trying to scare you” Harry explained, but Hermione thought that there was something else going on.
After Harry explained, they both laughed at what had happened and Hermione took two small bottles of butterbeer from her bag, and offered one to Harry.
“Wow, you brought butterbeer, it’s the only thing I miss at Hogwarts!” Harry said enthusiastically and quickly opened the bottle and started drinking, and so did Hermione.
“Now tell me the truth, who are you?” Hermione asked Harry, she suspected that someone had transformed into Harry with a polyjuice potion, and to make sure Harry answered the truth to every question, Hermione hat put veritaserum, a powerful truth serum, inside Harry’s bottle.
“I’m Harry!”Harry replied.
“Why did you sneak in here with your invisibility cloak, what were your true intentions?” Hermione asked.
“I was looking at your feet, admiring them” Harry replied.
His eyes were glassy and his voice expressionless and monotone.
“Hmm… why?” Hermione continued asking.
“Because I have a foot fetish and your feet look really nice and sexy, especially your cute toes” Harry answered, still without any sign of emotion.
“Hmm… What were you planning to do with them?” Hermione asked innocently.
“I wanted to smell them, lick them and suck on your toes. I have dreamed about that for a long time” Harry answered.
Then his state cleared and he was looking at Hermione in shock.
“Oh my god! I can’t believe you used veritaserum on me!” Harry nearly shouted, after the effect of the serum wore off.
“How could you?”
“Lick them!” Hermione commanded, lifting her foot in the air, getting it near to Harry’s mouth.
“What?” Harry asked, he thought Hermione was mocking him.
“We both know you want to, you just told me!” Hermione said wriggling her toes near Harry’s face.
“How dare you? You used veritaserum to prank me and now you’re mocking me! Enough is en…” Harry was interrupted by Hermione’s big toe that made its way into his mouth without a warning.
Harry didn’t hesitate long, he tasted Hermione’s big toe and used his tongue to lick her toe while it was in his mouth.
“Now, that wasn’t so hard was it?” Hermione asked with a smile on her face, while Harry sucked on her big toe and looked at her with big, round eyes.
“You really let me do this? You really want me to worship your feet, or are you just mocking me?” Harry asked, removing her big toe off his mouth.
“Of course, I’m not mocking you, I really want you to worship my feet, and you could’ve just asked, instead of sneaking around me under an invisibility cloak,” Hermione replied pushing her big toe back into Harry’s mouth again.
Harry continued sucking on Hermione’s big toe, not believing what he just heard.
Hermione pushed her toe back and forth, Harry was loving it, Hermione’s toes tasted even better than what he had fantasized.
“Hmm…I could get used to this!” Hermione moaned while Harry sucked on her toe.
“I hope your loving this as much as I am” Harry mumbled moving on to the next toe, he licked and sucked every single toe one by one while Hermione moaned with pleasure.
“You’re really good at this, I wish you had told me about your fetish way before” Hermione said while she had all her five toes sucked at the same time inside Harry’s mouth.
“If I knew you would react this way, I would’ve told you about it the day we first met” Harry replied moving on to the sole, he licked Hermione’s sole all over soaking it in saliva.
“Hmm…your feet taste so good,”Harry moaned while continuing to lick her sole.
“Thank you! I love the way you’re hot tongue slides on them,”Hermione sighed.
“Lick between my toes!” Hermione then ordered, and Harry laced his tongue between her big toe and the other toe and started licking between them.
Harry slid her tongue between every toe, causing Hermione to moan.
“Hmm…Wow this felt good, we have to repeat it some other time!” Harry said after she finished worshipping both of Hermione’s feet.
“Absolutely! I don’t mind having my feet worshiped every day” Hermione replied happily.
“Aren’t you going to give them a good night kiss?” Hermione teased, wriggling her toes, and Harry kissed them good night.

After he was done worshipping Hermione’s feet Harry went to bed to get some sleep because tomorrow would be a great day, he was planning on worshiping Luna Lovegood’s feet, while he was laying down on his bed he kept trying to figure out the perfect way to worship Luna’s feet without being spotted.
Harry eventually fell asleep and the next morning, he woke up really excited. He went to class and after he finished his homeworks, he waited until evening. At bed time he took his invisibility cloak and headed to meet Luna who he found already sleeping in her room, which was nice because that way Harry could worship her while she slept.
Luna was under the bed sheets, and the hardest part would be to get his face near them, but luckily for Harry, when he approached Luna, she moved uncovering her right foot which made it possible for Harry to start.
He approached Luna’s right foot, covering his face and her foot with the cloak so that nobody saw what he was doing. Harry started kissing Luna’s sole gently so that she wouldn’t wake up.
Harry could smell the aroma of Luna’s feet, it wasn’t bad, they smelled nice and that turned Harry on so he increased the pace kissing Luna’s feet faster and with more enthusiasm.
Harry than tried licking Luna’s sole, he licked and looked up to see if Luna was awake or asleep, but luckily for Harry she was still sleeping and Harry went on, after a few licks he increased the pace and started licking enthusiastically.
Her feet are so tasty! Harry thought, while he licked up and down her sole, leaving it soaked with his hot saliva.
“Hmm…please continue don’t stop...” Luna moaned while Harry sucked on her toes, and for a moment Harry thought that he had been caught but apparently Luna was moaning in her sleep, so he continued sucking her sexy toes.
Harry was so eager to worship Luna’s left foot that he no longer feared to be caught, he took Luna’s covered left foot, took it from under the sheets and worshipped it too.
“Thanks Harry...” Luna murmured wriggling her toes.
But ... how could she have found out it was him if she was sleeping, and even if she was awake, he was still under the invisibility cloak!
Harry was afraid of getting caught in the end, so he withdrew from her feet and left Luna alone without making any noise.

Harry woke up the next day and headed to the Great Hall to lunch with his friends. Luna came to talk to him, Harry tried to act normal, but it was difficult due to what had happened last night.
“Hi Harry! We need to talk” Luna greeted Harry and dragged him out of the hall to a place where they had more privacy.
“I loved what you did last night, you were really good” Luna said, and Harry nearly blushed.
“Excuse me? I don’t know what you’re talking about” Harry replied, making his best not to tell the truth.
“You don’t need to act all defensive, and you don’t need to lie, Hermione told me everything, and last night I was kinda expecting you, I mean I was hoping you’d come,” Luna replied.
Harry didn’t know what to say so he decided to tell the truth, he admitted his love for women feet to her.
“See, that wasn’t too difficult was it? It’s alright I won’t tell anybody this could be our little secret, I mean ours because Hermione is also included and she told me that she wants to repeat the experience soon” Luna replied dreamily.
“Really?” Harry asked with a smile on his face, that showed how eager he was to worship Hermione’s feet again.
“Yes, and so am I!” Luna answered happily.
“Damn! It sucks to be on this school, if I we were at my house I could lock the door of my bedroom for some privacy but here we can have none of that” Harry protested.
“Says who?” Luna asked.
“What? Do you know of any place in the school where we can be in private?” Harry asked.
“Of course! Don’t you remember the room of requirements?” Luna asked.
“Oh yeah! Of course, you’re right! Great idea!” Harry replied, beaming. “So…What do you say if the three of us meet there at midnight, I will be waiting with Hermione in the room, and all you have to think of when you are near the room is the word lust.”
“Lust? And you’re sure we will end up at the same place together?” Luna asked.
“Yeah of course, it reacts that way, to our wishes, just show up at midnight and think of that word when you go near it” Harry explained.
“Ok! I’ll see you there!” And with that said Luna left, and so did Harry, he went to the potions class, to which he was already late.

At midnight, cautiously without making any noise, he left his dormitory and headed to the room of requirements where he would meet the girls.
“Lust” he thought as he walked near the room of requirement’s door, he opened the revealing door and when he entered, he was amazed to see what was going on inside, it was something like he had never seen before, something beyond his wildest imagination.
The room was like a television studio, it was huge and as he walked in he realized it had various set-like scenarios.
The first scenario Harry entered was an office, where he met Hermione and Luna who were both wearing an office outfit with some nice dress shoes that showed off their beautiful feet. By looking at their feet Harry noticed that they were both heavily sweating down there, that’s how he liked it the most.
Judging by their outfits and the way they acted Harry realized that the girls wanted to do some role playing, Harry didn’t know what to say so he just headed toward them hoping to get a hint of what he should or shouldn’t do.
“Hi Harry, take a seat!” Hermione said, who judging by her outfit, was supposedly the boss, because Luna was dressed as a secretary, and was just helping Hermione.
“Hi” Harry replied, taking a seat as Hermione requested. “How yo you came up with this idea?”
“I dunno, it just popped into my head! What do you think?”
“It’s great, I really like it! ” Harry replied eagerly. “So, what are we going to do now?”
“You wanted to apply for the job of secretary, isn’t that right?” Hermione asked, sounding like someone who was in charge, she really had a talent for acting.
“Yes!” Harry said trying to play their game, and while Hermione was interviewing Harry, Luna was outside of the office on the reception pretending to be a secretary.
“Are you experienced in the area?” Hermione asked, making an effort to make the game more realistic.
“Yes I have worked in this area for a long time” Harry answered, while Hermione wrote her notes.
“So you’re completely comfortable with this environment, you know how to use a photocopy machine, and work with a computer?” Hermione asked.
“Yes, I am very hardworking and competent” Harry answered.
“I see… do you have any children, cause you know children can be a burden, I want to be able to contact you at anytime and I don’t tolerate any of my staff to arrive late to work” Hermione stated.
“No I have no children, and I never arrive late nor miss a day of work only in case of a life and death situation” Harry replied.
“I see… I have to decide between the both of you, I was going to fire my current secretary and hire you but I am deciding on giving her a last chance to make it up to me. So… Have you ever worshipped feet before?” Hermione asked adding her last notes on her notebook, and putting her high heeled feet on the table.
“Yeah, I’m into feet!” Harry answered.
“Good, so you don’t mind worshipping my feet?” Hermione asked.
“No, In fact I would love to” Harry replied.
“I’m glad to hear that” Hermione picked up the phone and called Luna, her current secretary, who entered the office.
“How can I help?” Luna asked her boss.
“Well… as you know due to your recent behavior I was going to fire you but then I thought of a way you could keep your job, but for that you will have to compete with Harry here” Hermione explained.
“Okay… so what will I have to do? I’ll do anything to keep this job” Luna asked pretending to be curious.
“Both of you will have to exclusively worship my feet, and the one that does it better gets the job” Hermione explained.
Harry and Luna were excited, Harry was excited because he loved to worship feet and although he was loving this role play he couldn’t wait any longer to get Hermione’s feet inside his mouth, and Luna was excited because it was new for her, she had never worshipped feet before.
“So… what are you waiting for?” Hermione asked, impatiently, clapping her heels together.
Luna pulled a chair and sat near Harry, and Harry took off Hermione’s shoe which completely revealed her soft sexy foot, and Luna did the same to Hermione’s left foot, while Hermione just sat in the chair writing on her notebook and enjoying the work of her office employees.
While Harry started by sniffing Hermione’s foot for some minutes, Luna went straight for the main thing, licking all over Hermione’s foot, it was Luna’s first time so she didn’t have any practice and wasn’t as much into it as Harry, so she worshipped it very sloppily and fast not getting the chance to taste it and appreciate it.
On the other hand Harry loved it, and he wanted to worship Hermione’s feet with every sense of his body, with his eyes admiring how beautiful and sexy her feet were, with his nose to smell her scent, with his hands to feel their smoothness and with his mouth to taste them.
While Luna had already covered Hermione’s left sole in saliva, Harry had only finished kissing it and had now started slowly licking between Hermione’s toes by placing and sliding his tongue between them savoring every moment of it. When he reached the big toe he wrapped his lips and tongue around it and sucked it, then he licked again between every toes and sucked on them one by one.
Luna started licking the tops of Hermione’s feet covering them in saliva, and on the other foot Harry had now started licking Hermione’s tasty and clean soft soles, by giving her long juicy licks he soon covered Hermione’s sole with saliva.
Both were feeling submitted to Hermione, they were not only feeling submitted, they were developing a crush on her feet somehow.
“Hmm…you two are doing great,” Hermione moaned as Luna sucked on her toes and Harry licked the tops of her feet.
Hermione was also experiencing another feeling due to the pleasure she was accumulating, she felt like doing things she would never even consider if she was sober.
“I’d love to see you both make out” Hermione said, as they finished worshipping her feet.
Luna and Harry stared at each other hesitating, but they were so turned on and in love with Hermione that they immediately approached and her lips touched, Harry then stuck his tongue in Luna’s mouth searching for her tongue and when they met they both danced inside both of their mouths exploring each other, they repeatedly kissed.
“Hmm…that’s so hot, I think you should all try it, it’s your turn Luna” Hermione said, changing seats with Luna who would be getting her pretty feet worshipped now, Hermione sat on Luna’s chair and started kissing Harry, and they both kissed for a while, they exchanged their hot saliva, and while they tasted each other’s saliva Luna started taking her shoes off.
Hermione and Harry both focused their attention to Luna’s feet and they both exclusively worshipped Luna’s feet causing her to moan and to get even more turned on, Luna’s feet were now covered in saliva, and it was time for Harry to get his feet worshipped, so Harry and Luna changed seats.
Hermione and Luna started taking off Harry’s shoes revealing his somewhat hairy feet, he had cut short his nails the day before.
They both started by licking between Harry’s toes, than wrapping their lips around each toe, they sucked on them one by one and they loved the way his toes tasted, than they started licking his soles and eventually the tops of his feet.
After they had finished worshipping Harry’s feet, they all kissed simultaneously, they gave a long wet, sloppy and juicy kiss, than they went to the bedroom where they had sex.

Yesterday Harry worshipped and was worshipped by two gorgeous witches Luna and Hermione, it was the most pleasurable experience he had ever experienced, and while he ate his lunch and fantasized about what happened yesterday, remembering every bit of pleasure he felt, he was so focused in those memories that he could still taste their feet, and in the meanwhile Cho Chang approached him.
“Hi Harry, how are you doing?”Cho asked him.
“Fine” Harry replied.
It was unusual for Cho to approach Harry, they weren’t together anymore, they barely even talked to each other.
Why this approach all of a sudden? Harry asked himself, while Cho ate her food and stared at him.
“I think I should warn you… do you know what all the girls are saying about you?” Cho asked Harry.
“No I don’t” Harry lied, because he knew what was coming.
“They’re saying you like to worship women feet” Cho shyly replied.
“And...”Harry replied, making it sound like there was no problem with it.
“Do you?” Cho asked intrigued with Harry’s reaction.
“Yeah!” Harry replied making it sound casual, he was trying to give the impression that he wasn’t affected by other people knowing it.
“And…you’re ok with it?” Cho asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I be?” Harry replied.
“Of course you should be ok with it, I’ve got no problem, I just thought you weren’t aware they all knew” Cho replied.
“Of course I’m aware, I’ve already worshipped Luna’s and Hermione’s feet twice” Harry replied.
“Really?” Cho asked, raising another eyebrow.
“Yeah” Harry answered.
After this conversation, they both went to class, and later that night Cho popped into the Gryfindor’s dormitory, with some summer sandals which revealed her sexy tanned neatly pedicured feet, but she didn’t go there to talk to Harry, she went there to talk to some of her friends she had in Gryffindor, although her true objective was to tease Harry, to make Harry want to worship her feet too, that’s why she painted her nails red today, she wanted to make Harry beg her to lick her feet, because Cho wanted to have her feet worshipped so badly but she didn’t have the courage by herself to ask Harry for that.
Everything worked like Cho had planned, she noticed that Harry was constantly staring at her feet while she was chatting with her friends, admiring their beauty, Cho’s arches, heels and red painted toes.
Harry couldn’t resist any longer, so he decided to approach Cho.
“Hi, can I have a word with you in private?” Harry asked Cho.
“Yeah sure!” Cho answered, saying goodbye to all of her friends.
“So what did you want to talk to me about?” Cho asked Harry, while they walked around the Hogwarts castle.
“Hmm” Harry hesitated.
“What?” Cho asked.
“Do you want a foot massage?” Harry shyly asked fearing Cho’s reaction.
“Yeah, why not?” Cho smiled, and Harry thought about the word lust as they walked by the room of requirements, revealing the secret door in front of them.
“Hum…the room of requirements, I wonder what is behind those doors” Cho asked still with a smile on her face.
“You won’t believe it until you see it!” Harry said pushing the door open.
“Wow” Cho said as they walked in the room.
“I told you, you’d be amazed. Harry smiled showing Cho the various places in the room, from the kitchen to the office, living room etc.
“Where shall I seat for you to give me the massage?” Cho asked.
“It depends, do you want just a massage or do you want me to worship your feet?” Harry asked.
“I want you to worship them!” Cho said lifting her barefoot and wriggling her toes.
“So I would recommend the kitchen” Harry replied, and they both headed to the kitchen.
“Really? Why in the kitchen? The kitchen doesn’t seem to be that comfortable” Cho replied.
“You will soon figure out why, but for now sit there near the sink and let me worship those beautiful feet of yours” Harry replied.
“Hmm…I like that” Cho said, sitting near the sink.
“What?” Harry asked.
“Your attitude! Who would have thought you were into that sort of thing” Cho giggled, and Harry knelt and started smelling her feet.
“Hmm…nice they smell good, I see you didn’t wash them today, I like them dirty” Harry said.
“Mine are always a little grimy, and now that I know you like them like this I will keep it that way” Cho replied while Harry rubbed his face on her feet, feeling their smoothness.
“It’s good to know that” Harry replied while he kissed the tops of Cho’s feet, starting with normal kisses, then changed over to slobbering kisses.
“Hmm…that feels good!” Cho moaned while Harry kissed the tops of her sexy feet.
“Your feet taste good!” Harry said licking his lips.
“What about the soles?” Cho asked, while Harry started licking the tops of her feet.
“I’ll have to change position, it’s impossible to lick them like this, you stay where you are” Harry said.
He laid on the kitchen floor and placed his face under Cho’s soles.
“Good idea” Cho said gently rubbing her soles on Harry’s upturned face.
“Hmm…this feels good, now let them rest on my face.”
Cho did as Harry asked and Harry felt Cho’s cold soles and smelled them.
After having kissed Cho’s soles for a long time, Harry started licking them, until he covered them in saliva.
“Hmm…wow this is so wonderful” Cho moaned while Harry finished licking her soles.
“And this was just the beginning” Harry replied standing up and heading for the fridge, where he was looking for something.
“What are you searching for?” Cho asked.
“Aha! I found it!” Harry said enthusiastically, holding a can of whipped cream.
“Are you going to do what I think?” Cho asked.
Harry gave her the whipped cream and knelt again.
“Aren’t you going to use this?” Cho asked, uncertainly holding the can.
“Yeah but first I want to suck your toes!” Harry replied and started sucking on them one by one, getting them all wet, while Cho moaned uncontrollably.
“Pass me the cream” Harry said, Cho gave him the cream and then Harry sprayed all over the tops of Cho’s feet.
He licked the cream off Cho’s top feet, than sprayed it on all the different areas of her feet, on her soles and toes, before he licked it all up, while Cho kept moaning with pleasure.
“Hmm…we sure have to do this more often!” Cho said.
“If it depends on me, I’ll do this every day” Harry said, lapping up a bit of cream from between her toes which made Cho giggle.
“Now my feet are all dirty, I need to clean them” Cho said putting her feet on the sink.
“No. Let me do that for you” Harry said approaching Cho’s feet. He started massaging and at the same time cleaning them with his tongue until the very last bit of cream was gone, then he kissed them one more time.
After Harry was finished with Cho’s feet, they promised each other that they would do this again.
They both parted separate ways and went for their respective dormitory.

After worshipping Cho’s feet, Harry woke up, took a shower, ate breakfast and went for potions class where he learned about the obcessivus potion, a very powerful potion capable of making someone obsessed about something for the rest of their lives. The reason this potion was rarely used was because it was illegal and the ingredients were rare and hard to find, only the potions teachers knew where to get them and the school only taught their students how to brew the antidote, for educational purposes.
After class, while all the students left the room, Lavender Brown talked to Professor Snape, and Harry knew that there was something wrong.
It looked suspicious because Lavender was usually the first to leave and today she remained in class, so Harry used one of those magical ears from Fred and George to eavesdrop, and he didn’t like what he was hearing. Professor Snape was telling her that he had all the ingredients to make the potion in his private cabinet.
“Why would Snape tell her such a thing?” Harry asked himself while he saw Lavender leaving the room with a satisfied smile on her face.
“Hi Harry, could you please tell Ron that I’ll be waiting for him tomorrow in the three broomsticks at 4 p.m.?”
“Sure” Harry replied.
“Thanks” Lavender said brightly as she strode down the hall.
“So that’s what you’re planning… but there is no way I will let you do what you have in mind” Harry thought, while he headed to Hogsmeade where he meant to meet Ginny, they had a date.
Harry didn’t mention a word to Ron about the theory he had about what Lavender intended to do to Ron, he wanted his date with Ginny to be special and he didn’t want to put more problems in his head, he personally wanted to deal with Lavender himself.
After their date Ginny went back to the castle and he started making all the arrangements he needed for his plan to work, than he went to sleep early, he needed to rest because the slightest mistake in his plan would lead to dangerous consequences.

The next day at 3 p.m. Lavender was waiting impatiently for Ron to arrive at the three broomsticks. By slipping a few drops of veritaserum into Snape’s drink, which wasn’t easy to accomplish, she made him tell her where she could get all the ingredients to brew the obcessivus potion, then she stole them from his cabinet and prepped the potion, which she wanted Ron to drink to make him fall in love with her. While she was waiting for him she looked around the pub to see if there was any familiar face, and she saw Harry sitting there all by himself so she decided to approach him.
“Hi Harry, what are you doing here all alone?” Lavender asked.
“I’m waiting for Ginny” Harry replied.
“Oh, I see… Did you tell Ron to meet me here?” Lavender asked.
“Yeah, he was getting all dressed up, he even asked me for some advice on what to wear” Harry replied.
“Really?” Lavender asked surprised.
“Yeah! You know, when men have a date with an attractive girl they can take more time than girls to get ready” Harry stated matter-of-factly.
“I guess ...” Lavender said, blushing at the compliment. “So ... as long as our dates aren’t showing up, let’s have something to drink.”
“Bring a jug of Butterbeer please!” Harry told the waitress.
“You like butterbeer don’t you?” he asked Lavender, and Lavender nodded in approval. The waitress placed the jug on the table and they filled their glasses.

Harry had asked Rosmerta, who worked at the pub, to serve them that exact jug of Butterbeer, because yesterday, using his invisibility cloak, Harry broke into Snape’s cabinet, and got the necessary ingredients to brew the obcessivus potion, just a few minutes after Lavender did.
Later that night, Harry had poured some of the potion into that jug, his plan was to make Lavender obsessed with him, Hermione, Luna and Cho instead of Ron. He wanted to teach Lavender a lesson not to mess around with other people’s feelings.

“He is really taking too long!” Lavender complained while she took a sip from her butterbeer.
“I’m sure they will arrive any minute” Harry assured her and drank the beer, which he only did because he had the antidote with him.

Although the obcessivus potion would only take effect precisely one hour after drinking it, the antidote would have to be taken not later than half an hour after drinking the potion, so Harry needed an excuse to leave within the next thirty minutes or so, or else he would also become completely obsessed with his friends. He wanted to wait for the very last moment so he didn’t need an excuse why he wasn’t drinking anymore.
Twenty minutes after they had started drinking the beer, Cho and Luna showed up but they weren’t supposed to, this would just interfere with Harry’s plan.

“Hey! Can we join you two?” Luna and Cho asked and they both took a seat and chattered away. Harry was too nervous and said nothing. He was so worried about not forgetting to drink the antidote in time, he almost forgot that it was in a small viol in his robes and nobody but Harry and Lavender could see him drink it or he would be screwed.

“I need to use the bathroom!” Harry said, and quickly left the table, but he stopped when he saw Ron and Hermione enter the bar, and his main objective now was not to let Lavender ruin it all between him, Hermione and the other girls, so he went back to the table risking it all to stop Ron from dinking anything. He checked his watch. There were now only five minutes left for him to take the antidote, if he didn’t drink it by then he would be forever obsessed with his friends.

“Finally he’s here! Hey, over here, Won-Won!” Lavender called Ron who came to the table with Hermione, and although she saw him hanging out with Hermione, she didn’t care because after making Ron drink the potion he would be forever hers just like she desired.
“Bring another jug please!” Lavender told her friend Parvati Patil who worked there at the three broomsticks. Parvati poured a bottle of obcessivus potion into the butterbeer jug just like Lavender had asked her yesterday, although Lavender’s original plan didn’t include getting everyone obsessed by her, she didn’t care if everyone drank it as long as Ron did.
“What? It’s empty already?” Harry asked in surprise, worried because he had gotten distracted thinking about how to drink the antidote without getting noticed, and only now he realized that everyone had drunk from the butterbeer jug except for Ron, because Hermione drank the last of it.

What am I going to do now? If I tell them that I poured the obcessivus potion in the jug, they would all kill me! There would probably be enough time for them to take the antidote, but to brew enough for all of them, I would need ingredients, which I would have to ask Snape but he mustn’t know that I made the potion, because if he did I would be expelled for sure...
Harry was troubling himself while everyone else was chatting cheerfully around the table.

Parvati brought the second jug placing it on the hard wooden table, and Harry was now even more worried, he had to stop Ron from drinking it at all costs. He thought of “accidently” breaking the jar, but Parvati filled up every single of their glasses which made it harder for Harry, he couldn’t just break all the glasses by accident.
While they all talked happily about future projects and dreams Harry figured that his time to drink the antidote was up and that now he couldn’t do anything to stop the effect on him so he focused entirely on Ron, who was still in time to save. He also figured that the second jar which Parvati brought must’ve been filled with potion to become obsessed with Lavender, and he would like to also save his other friends so he tried to save Ron first.

The cups were filled with beer, and the jug was empty and Harry had a great idea to stop Ron from drinking it, he proposed a toast, and they all raised their glasses wishing for prosperity and for their dreams to come true.
When Ron was about to wrap his lips around his glass to take a sip of the beer, when he was really about to drink it, Harry fell, knocking him on the floor, and the cup flew through the air and broke as it landed on the floor, neither Ron nor Harry got hurt, but Harry got what he wanted.
“Hey Ron, you didn’t get to drink, here you can drink this one!” Lavender said offering her glass to Ron.
“No thanks, it’s probably warm already. I want a fresh one!” Ron shouted, asking the waitress to give him some more.
Nothing ended like neither of them had planned, the happy expression on Harry’s face was transformed into a fear expression, and Lavender’s turned into an angry expression.

After one more hour the bar closed and they all parted ways, Ron went on a date with Hermione, Cho continued hanging around with Luna, and Harry and Lavender were the only ones that returned to the castle. It was getting dark and the stars were shining above them. On their way back neither of them spoke a word.

“So…do you have any plans for tonight?” Lavender asked Harry, the effects of his obcessivus potion were kicking in.
“No. Do you want to hang out with me? Have some ... fun?”
He started to feel aroused just by the sight of her, the potion which was originally meant for Ron, was slowly taking over his mind and hormones.
“Yeah, sure!” Lavender answered excitedly and grabbed his arm.
“Great! C’mon then, I want to show you something!” Harry said, leading Lavender to the room of requirements where he thought of the word lust and entered the door that emerged from the wall.

Holding Lavender’s hand, Harry quickly dragged her over to the king-sized bed, they stumbled in the nicely decorated bedroom and without asking for permission or even hesitating Lavender kissed Harry hard on the lips, and waited for his reaction.
I guess the potion is really powerful!, Harry thought while he kissed Lavender back, after their lips met a few times, their mouths opened slightly allowing their tongues to play with each other. They kissed passionately, loosing track of time and reality, at that moment nothing else mattered, they belonged to each other. Lavender shamelessly shoved her tongue into his mouth and twirled it around until he found his tongue and played with it. It was the first time someone kissed him like that. It was incredible. There was something animalistic and primitive about her that he liked very much.

“Wow, I never thought this would feel so good” Harry said, breaking the kiss and breathing heavily.
“Neither did I. Now shut up and shove your tongue into my mouth!” Lavender grabbed his shirt and continued to french kiss Harry.
They were both sinking into the kiss, and as their tongues duelled with each other, their hands moved all around each other’s bodies, touching everywhere.

After they made out for five minutes Harry asked Lavender if she wanted to have her feet worshipped to which she said yes.
Harry took her boots and socks off to reveal Lavender’s beautiful pedicured feet.
Harry started by massaging them which helped Lavender relax, making her feel even more comfortable as Harry gently rubbed her feet pressing on every spot.

“Hmm…this feels nice” Lavender moaned, while Harry kneaded her soft flesh.
“Wait till I get them inside my mouth” Harry teased, finishing the massage and moving on to the kissing. He kissed Lavender’s feet all over giving them the love they deserved. Harry started licking Lavender’s feet, he licked them all over soaking them in saliva, then sucked on her toes causing Lavender to moan with pleasure.

“Hmm…this is awesome, don’t stop” Lavender moaned, while Harry licked between her toes.
“Your feet taste good!” he replied, wrapping his lips around her toes and sucking on them.
“What would you say if Luna, Cho, and Hermione joined us?” Harry asked casually after he was finished worshipping her feet.
“I think it would be great!” Lavender replied and pulled Harry on top of her on the bed where they kissed passionately.
They ended up having some intense and passionate sex before they finally fell asleep.

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Next story is going to be quite long, so I'll post it on the next page.

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Harry Potter and the Horcrux of the Black Witch (Shrinking, Trampling)
by Eddy Cobb from giantessworld.net

The elegantly thin witch walked through the dark cemetery seemingly alone, her hair was white as snow and glowed brightly in the moonlight and her silky black robes blew gently in the wind making it seem as though she were floating in the air. In her right hand she was holding a smooth pearl wand, the tip lighting her way toward a mausoleum with the name Black chisled into the stone. The contents of her left hand could not be seen but two different bareley audible voices could be heard from inside her closed fist.

The first voice allthough high pitched was the voice of a man. He made threatening comments and shouted obscenities at her. By the look in her grey eyes his verbal abuse clearly made her angry. She could have easily crushed him with very little effort and thought about doing just that but the other voice stopped her. This voice was much younger and unlike the other this voice was crying and begging for mercy. The witch did her best to ignore them as she reached the entrance to the mausoleum.

"Alohomora" she said with a flick of her wand and the deep grinding sound of stone moving across stone filled the air as the door slowly swung open. As she entered she said "Lacarnum Inflamoray" and with another flick of her wand a torch in each corner of the room flickered to life. Marble caskets each with the name of a diciest member of the black family etched into it lined the narrow stone room on either side. At the end of the room stood a large cauldron, big enough for a person filled with silver liquid that swirled about without being stirred.

"Hurry sister" said a whisper of a voice with an impatient tone, the voice seemed to come from the whole room at once. The witch blew the dust from the fifth casket on the right to see the name more clearly. Sirius Black was carved into the stone. "Are you sure? You hated him!" proclaimed the witch. "Of course I'm sure. Do you think I want to desecrate the remains of my respectable relatives?" said the whisper.

The white haired witch waved her wand and said "Bombarda" and the lid of Sirius's casket shattered into a thousand pieces exposing his remains. She put her wand away and took the skull from the casket and walked to the end of the room toward the cauldron. On the floor in front of it lay a small stone altar that could have been mistaken for a step up to it. She dropped the skull into the cauldron. "Lay the sacrifices on the alter Narcissa" said the whisper this time the voice seemed to be coming from right next to her and a wisp of black smoke began to take the shape of a woman.

Narcissa opened her clenched fist to reveal two very small people. The taller of the two stood proudly in her hand and brushed his long blonde hair out of his face saying "How dare you manhandle me this way! I demand that you return me to my normal state at once!" "Oh shut up, will you Lucius" said the whisper and instantly he was silenced. The other person in her hand didn't attempt to stand, he just layed there curled into a fetal position crying with his arms covering his blonde hair covered head.

Narcissa layed the two shrunken people on the alter and pulled out her wand. "Petrificus Totalus" she said and both of their bodies froze so they were laying flat on their backs. Lucius flailed his head about unable to speak and the boy begged for mercy "Please mother please don't kill me." Narcissa was about to wave her wand to silence the boy but the whisper stopped her. "No Narcissa, I rather enjoy his pleas for mercy."

"It's time Narcissa" said the whisper with a hint of glee in her voice. Narcissa flung her robes away from her legs revealing well polished boots that went up to her knees. The toes were pointed and the boots seemed to hug her feet as they rounded the balls and made their way up to the arch and silk laces went from the top of her toes all the way up. The heels were four inches tall, about two inches taller than her husband and son.

Lucius's eyes grew wide with fear as Narcissa raised her boot over him. "Goodbye Lucius. You were a failure as a husband but at least you can do some good with your death" said Narcissa coldly. Draco watched in terror as his mother stomped down hard on his father splattering blood all over him. As Narcissa maliciously ground Lucius into the alter twisting her ankle from side to side you could tell she really enjoyed it.

Now the wisp of smoke began to solidify. A woman with tangled black hair and wild crazed eyes formed from the smoke. Draco was staring up now at two giant women. His mother looked very sad as she knew what had to happen next. The other he could now see was his deranged aunt Bellatrix Lestrange. "But I saw you die. Molly Weasley killed you" said Draco through tears in his pale eyes. "I can't be killed you silly boy. The dark Lord taught me more than you know particularly about Horcruxes" said Bellatrix with a sly grin.

"Do it now Narcissa. Kill the boy!" urged Bellatrix. "I can't, he’s my son, my only son" wailed Narcissa. "I'm your sister. Whats more important than the Black family. We are the last. We must persevere" Bellatrix urged her. Narcissa reluctantly raised her boot over her son and just let it hover there. Draco kissed the bottom of her boot and pleaded "Please mother I don't want to die!" Narcissa just stood there with her son kissing the bottom of her boot for a long time. Bellatrix was impatiently pacing behind her when she nudged her sister. Narcissa stepped down hard to catch her balance. When she realized she had stepped on her own son she began to cry. Bellatrix just started laughing.

Narcissa stepped down from the alter and without looking for fear of seeing her dead son and husband she bent down and picked up the small alter, dumped the remains of her family onto the floor and dropped the blood stained stone into the cauldron. Bellatrix now allmost fully formed climbed into the cauldron and dipped below the surface of the silver liquid. A few moments later Bellatrix rose from the cauldron stark naked and fully restored.

As Bellatrix got out of the cauldron she noticed something moving on the ground. It was Draco. Narcissa hadn't crushed him completely. Draco stared up at her naked form in terror as she glared down on him with an evil grin. Bellatrix had a very beautiful figure but her face was twisted by madness.

"I knew you didn't have it in you to kill your own son. I will have to finish it myself." said Bellatrix raising her bare foot over the mangled boy. "But you’re back! Theres no need to kill him!" pleaded Narcissa. "Well, lets just see if he has any value, shall we" Bellatrix said. "Draco I am the new Dark Lord or Dark Lady if you will. Show me the proper respect. Kiss my feet!" Draco kissed the sole of his aunt’s foot as it loomed over him. "Well he understands his place. Lets have a look at him" said Bellatrix. She bent down and scooped him up in her hand. She dangled him in the air holding him by the scruff of the neck between her thumb and fore finger. "Are you sure you want to keep him sister? There isn’t much left on him anymore."

Bellatrix then put Draco's legs in her mouth and bit down hard separating them from his body. "He doesn't even taste good" said Bellatrix chewing. "Please stop this torture" begged Narcissa. "If you want his torture to end then end it" said Bellatrix dropping Draco at his mother’s feet. Draco lay there screaming in pain grabbing at the nubs that used to be his legs. Narcissa then placed the heel of her boot over Draco's face and to save her son from further torture at the hands of her sister she ground him into the stone floor underneath it. Narcissa was crying her eyes out now. "How could you be so cruel to your own nephew?" Narcissa asked through tear soaked eyes. "That wasn't cruel. Just wait until I get my hands on Harry Potter. Then you'll see what is cruel" said Bellatrix.

Harry woke up from the most disturbing dream he had since he defeated Voldemort, feeling very hot with the weight of Ginny’s body pressing down on him. Lately, she had gotten into the habit of sleeping on top of him, no mater where she was when they went to sleep in the morning she was inevitably lying with her head on his chest, her body lined up perfectly with his own, her arms hugging him tightly and even her legs seemed to line up so they were on top of his as if the bed would hurt her if she touched it. Harry always seemed to wake up first. He would lay in bed for long periods of time just watching her sleep. She was beautiful, he thought, with her red hair flowing over the pillow and her chest slowly heaving in and out with calm dreamy breaths but every day for the last month he woke up under her, sweaty and uncomfortable. Harry loved Ginny more than anything so he tried not to disturb her sleep. He would try to roll out from under her but she would hug him tighter until he stopped trying and just lay there until she was ready to wake up herself.

For the past month Ginny was having terrible dreams that she refused to talk about with Harry. She shared everthing with him except the dreams, they were more like nightmares. Harry asked her about them but she would just say "You've dealt with enough bad dreams in your life I can handle these." Ginny had taken to talking with her sister-in-law Hermione about the dreams and how to make them stop. Hermione would come to Godric's Hollow to visit them at least four times a week, Harry didn't mind though, it gave him lots of time to hang out with his best friend and now brother-in-law Ron, who always came with, while Ginny and Hermione spent most of their time trying to figure things out.

As Harry lay there under Ginny she seemed to be having yet another nightmare. She hugged Harry so tightly he couldn't breath and started to twitch, then she screemed "He’s mine! I won't let you harm him! I'll hide him somewhere you'll never find him!" Harry had heard enough and decided to wake her. "Ginny wake up your having another nightmare" he said and lightly shaked her. Ginny’s eyes flew open, she looked at Harry, hugged him tighter still and said "Don't worry, I wont let her take you." "Let who take me?" asked Harry. Apparently when Ginny said that she wasn't completely out of the dream yet. For a moment Ginny had a look on her face like she had let slip an important secret. "What’s that Harry? Someone’s taking you somewhere?" said Ginny clearly acting as though she didn't know what he was talking about but Harry didn't press the issue knowing that she wasn't ready to talk to him about it.

Morning turned to afternoon and Ginny was still avoiding eye contact with Harry, he assumed she had said more than she wanted to when she woke up that morning and yet she wouldn't let him out of her sight. Harry went out to his work shed behind the house and Ginny followed him out the back door and went to work in their garden. This was all too strange for Harry because she wasn't dressed for gardening. Usually if Ginny was gardening she would wear old overalls, a worn out button up shirt and those rubber gardening shoes but today she was wearing the type of casual outfit that she would wear if she was going shopping with Hermione, Ginny wore a denim skirt that covered her legs down to the top of her knees, a blue low cut halter top that matched her eyes and brown slip on leather flats. Harry wasn't fooled. He knew Ginny wasn't outside to tend to the garden but to keep an eye on him as she wasn't doing much work but turned to look at him every few moments. He didn't feel like she was waiting for him to do something, more like she was watching over him.

The sound of the front gate opening made both Harry and Ginny look up from what they were doing. "It’s Hermione" Ginny said excitedly and Harry thought he would finally get a few moments away from Ginny's watchful eye but before she went to greet Hermione she ran over to Harry and grabbed his hand dragging him to welcome their guests together with her. Harry was eager to see Ron but when they opened the door, he wasn't there.

Hermione wasn't alone though, she had brought Fleur and Bill Weasley and she had a copy of todays Daily Prophet under her arm. As Ginny hugged their guests, Harry asked where Ron was. "He is working on a special project to help with Ginny's dreams" said Hermione matter-of-factly. Without letting Harry get to many details Ginny hurried everyone inside. Ginny whispered something to Hermione and Fleur and said "Bill, Harry, would you mind giving us girls some priv...." "Yes yes, I know, we'll be out in Harry's work shed" Bill interupted and he grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him outside.

"Do you know what they're up to?" asked Harry. "Fleur hasn't told me a thing and Hermione wouldn't let me see Ron when we picked her up this afternoon. It’s getting really annoying you know" said Bill, rolling his eyes. "Yeah, Ginny hasn't told me anything either" said Harry. "You know, I told George about the way the girls were acting and he gave me a little present" said Bill pulling something out of his pocket. Harry recognised the item, it was an Extendable Ear, one of Weasly's Wizard Wheezes.
"Come on then Harry, lets find out what they’re up to." "I don't know. I don't feel comfortable spying on my wife..." Harry mumbled. Bill laughed and said "You know, if George heard you say that he'd think you'd gone soft. Now come on." A scowl formed on Harry's face as if he had been called a chicken and he pulled out his wand and said "Wingardium Leviosa" pointing it at the Extenable Ear and it floated up to the second story window where the girls were talking.

As the ear reached the window Ginny was saying "...and that was the dream I had last night so I think she’s back."

"I think you might be right. Did you read the Prophet today?" said Hermione.

"No I haven't" said Ginny.

"Well listen to this: ‘The Ministry of Magic was baffled by the disappearance of the entire Malfoy family last night. Lucius Malfoy was being escorted by Aurors to the Department of Mysteries with his wife Narcissa and son Draco to answer for crimes against muggles when the three of them mysteriously disappeared out of the Ministry. All attempts to follow them have come up empty. It is believed that He-who-must-not-be-named's loyal followers may have abducted the Malfoy family to keep them from informing the Ministry about Death Eaters that may still be at large. Signed Rita Skeeter’" read Hermione.

"Well eef your dream iz right we know what ‘appened to them" said Fleur.

Ginny's voice sounded nervous and frightened as she spoke "Well that’s that then. She'll be coming for Harry. What are we going to do?"

"Don't worry. My new spell works perfectly" said Hermione. "Look."

After a few moments of silence, Harry and Bill heard Ginny give a loud sigh and then Hermione spoke "He’s been in there for two days now and he’s doing just fine, and coincidentally he’s quite comfortable."

"I don't know if I could do that to Harry ... does it hurt him?" asked Ginny. "A little but I made it so he gets pleasure as long as it’s me he’s under and he continuously proves his love for me, well with Harry it will be you" Hermione said to Ginny "and as long as he’s like this neither of you can be harmed in any way" Hermione continued.

Harry had heard enough. He was anxious to see what they were up to and he wasn't going to wait another minute.

Harry and Bill came in the house and went up the stairs as quietly as they could so the girls wouldn't stop what they were doing until they were in the room. When they came through the door all three girls were sitting on the floor looking intently into Hermione's shoe. It was a black leather mary jane with a clunky heel. Ginny and Fleur looked up from the shoe at Harry and Bill while Hermione struggled to put it back on as fast as she could.

"Whats going on here? Why were you all looking at Hermione's shoe and where is Ron?" Harry asked in a demanding tone. At this point the girls knew they couldn't keep it from Harry anymore.

"Bellatrix Lestrange is back and according to Professor McGonagall she’s more powerful than Voldemort ever was" Hermione started. "McGonagall also said that if she were to kill you she would be able to add your power to her own and the wizarding world would be plunged into darkness so she gave me the task of finding a way to keep you safe and hidden from her. As for Ron he has been helping me with testing the spell"said Hermione.

"Well where is he?" asked Bill.

"He’s in here." said Hermione looking down shaking her right foot.

"You mean hes in your shoe?" said Harry questioningly.

"Yes, but he’s perfectly safe" answered Hermione.

Harry and Bill just stood there looking dumbfounded until Ginny spoke "I'm sorry I didn't tell you Harry but I knew you would have stormed off to face Bellatrix and gotten yourself killed, that’s why you’re going into my shoe."

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ginny, his wife, the woman he loved, was actually going to shrink him and keep him in her shoe?

"Really Harry, it’s not that bad, look" said Hermione as she took off her shoe and showed it to Harry. In the shoe lying on his back face up was Ron. He wasn't more than three inches tall and to Harry's suprise he looked content, almost happy.

"Ron, how are you?" asked Harry.

"I'm alright" said Ron.

"Doesn't it hurt being walked on? And the smell, it has to be terrible right?" asked Harry.

"It’s weird being in here, it hurts a little but I can feel that Hermione enjoys it and for some reason that makes it fine for me too. As for the smell..." Ron paused and looked at Hermione as if he was waiting for her approval to speak than continued. "Well, nothing about my beautiful wife could be displeasing to my senses." Hermione smiled at Ron, blew him a kiss and put her shoe back on.

"What did he mean he could feel that you enjoy it?" asked Harry.

"We tried it with just shrinking and invulnerability but I just felt awful knowing how Ron was suffering under my foot so I added something to the spell that made it so I would like the way he felt under me and in turn he would happy in my pleasure" answered Hermione.

"But why does he need to be tiny and in your shoe? Why couldn't you just make him invulnerable?" asked Bill.

"Well you can't just make someone immortal. You have to combine two people together to make it work and for that to happen one has to make a sacrifice to the other. Making Harry small covers the sacrifice and keeps him hidden from Bellatrix and a happy side effect is that if he constantly shows his love for Ginny..."

"By kissing my feet" interupted Ginny.

"Yes" Hermione continued "Ginny will be as powerful as she and Harry combined. So you see, it all makes sense and Professor McGonagall thinks it a great plan."

"And it’s just until we find Bellatrix's Horcrux and destroy it" said Ginny.

"So why does my brother still have to be in your shoe?" Bill asked Hermione.

"Bellatrix will surely try to get to Harry through his friends so if I keep Ron like this both Ron and I will be immortal too" answered Hermione.

"Come on Harry, you’re not really thinking about letting Ginny walk on you while you kiss her feet are y..." Fleur cut Bill off in mid sentence and led him out of the room. Harry was still in shock about all this and didn't look like he was going to agree until Hermione said "Forget about the pain of being walked on by a giantess all day or the humiliation of having to kiss Ginny's feet and think about this, as long as you’re in her shoe nothing, not even Bellatrix Lestrange, can hurt her."

"Alright but let me make this clear, as soon as you destroy the Horcrux you change us back!" demanded Harry.

"Reducio Patrono Incantartum" said Ginny and with a wave of her wand Harry shrunk.

The room Harry was in started to grow very fast all around him, or thats what it seemed like to him. The truth was that he was shrinking. In just a few moments Harry was only three inches tall. He took some time to look around and acclimatize himself to his new surroundings. The floor seemed to go on for miles and the gaps between the floor boards were, to him, about a foot wide. He turned around to face the door, it was enormous, there was no way he could even think about reaching the handle not that he couldn't get out, he could easily crawl under the door if he had to.

Outside the door he could hear Fleur and Bill arguing. Harry looked up at the ceiling, no airplain hanger, wearhouse or cathedral could ever be this big. As Harry turned back around he saw Ginny and Hermione looking down at him both with smiles on their faces, Ginny's wider than Hermione's.

"So, what do you think?" asked Hermione.

"It’s actually quite terrifying." said Harry.

"How do I look from down there?" asked Ginny, she seemed more giddy with each passing moment.

"You look just as beautiful as ever" lied Harry, the truth was that he was scared to death of her and was not looking forward to being in her shoe under her foot.

Ginny's expression turned to anger and Harry took a few steps back as if she would have a harder time closing the distance if she wanted to hurt him.

"Did I say something amiss?" asked Harry.

"You shouldn't lie Harry, Ginny can read your mind when you are like this. How else do you think the two of you could communicate while you’re in her shoe" explained Hermione.

Their attention was drawn to the other side of the door, Fleur and Bill were arguing louder now.

"It’s OK Harry. I guess I would be scared too if I was looking up at two giant girls" said Ginny, the smile on her face now wider than ever. Ginny then slipped her foot out of her shoe and tipped it on its side.

"Come on then Harry, you might as well get used to being in there, you’re going to be there for quite a while." As Ginny said this she couldn't help but laugh out loud at the fact that she was telling her husband to get in her shoe so she could walk on him. Ginny's laughter made Harry very uncomfortable and he thought of running away from her but she could read his mind and again the smile went away and the anger returned to her face.

"If you don't get in my shoe right now I will make this as unpleasant as possible for you" said Ginny looking very scornful. Harry walked toward Ginny's shoe jumping over the gaps in the floor boards. Ginny was laughing again. Now even Hermione looked upset with her.

"Ginny, you shouldn't be laughing at him. Can you imagine how this must be for him, phycologicly I mean, not to mention he’s your husband, you love him....... right?"

"Of course I love him but think about it, the man who killed He Who Must Not Be Named, the famous Harry Potter is going to kiss my feet while I walk on him. Harry is one of the most powerful wizards in the world but to me he’s totally powerless" said Ginny matter-of-factly. Harry wasn't scared anymore, now he was angry but there seemed to be nothing he could do about it and the fact that Ginny made him come to her when she could have much more easily came to him made it that much worse. She seemed to be enjoying this way too much.

As Harry got closer to the girls he went to jump over another gap in the floor and he tripped and slid face first into Hermione's shoe. Now both girls were laughing at him. From inside Hermione's shoe he heard Ron. "Alright there Harry?" said Ron in a muffled voice "Not really" Harry replied. He pulled himself up and continued toward Ginny's shoe.

Harry had finally reached Ginny's overturned shoe. The brown leather shoe layed on its side waiting for him and to make the situation feel more imposing Ginny had her bare foot resting on it. The smell was unbelievable. Harry knew that Ginny's feet smelled bad when she wore shoes without socks but at his current size the smell was a hundred times worse.

"Well, what are you waiting for, get in there" Ginny said impatiently. Harry stepped into Ginny's shoe and she used her foot to turn it upright. "Now lay down on your back. I want your face under my heel" she said.

"Under your heel? Is that necessary? It’s going to hurt a lot, thats where all of your weight is going to be when your standing in those flats" said Hermione a bit concerned.

"Yes well if he gets used to that then he can deal with anything else I put him through" said Ginny. Harry layed there waiting for Ginny's foot to come into the shoe and fill his world with darkness. He looked up from the shoe to see Ginny smiling down at him.

"Alright Harry remember to kiss my heel constantly, the better it feels for me the less it will hurt for you and just try to remember how much I love you" Ginny said. Harry's heart sank as Ginny's foot came into the shoe, the sky filled with wrinkled flesh then her toes made contact with his face and slowly made their way down his body, the smell got worse and worse the further her foot went into the shoe and just before her heel entered he could hear a voice yelling from the other side of the door "Reducio Patrono Incantartum" as Fleur used the spell on Bill, then all light disappeared as Ginny's heel slammed into Harry's face very hard.

Harry felt pressure all over his body but it was nothing compared to the pressure on his face. His nose felt like it would break at any moment and he wished it would because if it did he wouldn't be able to smell. It was pitch black but even if there were some light he wouldn't know it because Ginny's heel pressed down on his face so hard that it was completely sealed in the flesh of her foot. Gradually he began to adjust to the situation and muffled sounds became voices.

"Well, we're ‘arry's friends too! Why shouldn't Bill and I be invulnerable as well?" said Fleur.

"She’s got a point Hermione" Ginny assured her.

"Well I guess you're right. Besides it didn't seem like Bill wasn't going to go along with any of this and this will keep him from letting the plan slip to George" rationalized Hermione.

"Ginny, should you just be standing like that?" asked Fleur.

Apparently Ginny was standing only on one foot, the one Harry was under, that would explain the extreme pressure he was enduring.

"Well it just feels sooo good pressing him into my heel. Besides he isn't kissing yet" said Ginny in a pouty tone.

Harry took the hint and started kissing Ginny's heel.

"Oh he’s kissing now! I think he can hear us!" Ginny exclaimed. As Harry kissed Ginny's foot the pain seemed to subside somewhat and so he kissed even harder and even more pain went away until it was almost bearable.

"This feels amazing! Hermione, having Harry kiss my feet is making me ...... well a bit randy" said Ginny blushing slightly. "Can I still have sex with him like this?"

"Of course. The first night Ron was like this we went at it for hours, just instead of his member it’s all of him" said Hermione.

Meanwhile Fleur was stomping on Bill very hard.

"Fleur what are you doing?" asked Hermione in shock.

"Bill isn't kissing. I want to feel what you are feeling and he won't kiss my feet" said Fleur.

"Well you did this against his will. Harry and Ron both let us do this to them" said Hermione.

"He'll come around, just keep stomping him until he does" said Ginny laughing.

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing, Ginny was actually encouraging Fleur to stomp on her own brother. Harry wished he could tell Bill to just give in because it made the pain bearable.

"Bill, Harry wants you to know that if you kiss Fleur's feet the pain will stop" said Ginny relaying Harry's message.

"Now ‘e’s kissing. Typical, ‘e would only listen to another man even when I'm the one stomping on ‘im" said Fleur.

The girls just stood there for a while enjoying their little husbands at their feet having a laugh at the boys expense until Hermione took the conversation in a serious direction. "Harry, while you’re under Ginny's foot you'll need to pay attention to what’s going on outside. As I told you Ginny can here your thoughts and we will need your input to figure out where Bellatrix is hiding her Horcruxes so whenever you hear us talking about it try to absorb the information and think your ideas back to her. You don't want to be stuck like this forever do you?"

"I wouldn't mind" Ginny laughed much to Harry's horror.

"I suppose we should start looking for clues about what and where the Horcrux might be" said Hermione.

"Don't be too hasty Hermione. Harry only just started to get used being in my shoe and if we need him to concentrate at the right time, he'll need at least a couple of days before he’s ready to start looking for Horcruxes" said Ginny.

Harry thought as hard as he could that he was more than ready now but Ginny ignored him.

"Harry agrees with me" she said.

"Fine, we wait one week and then we'll start looking. I think the best place to start would be Knockturn Alley so we will meet back here in a week, and do try to keep Harry and Bill out of sight" said Hermione.

"Who would see them under our feet?" said Fleur and the three of them burst out laughing.

After Hermione and Fleur left, Ginny spent the next few hours jumping and stomping and rolling Harry around under her foot. At first Harry was very angry with her but as time went by he could feel how much Ginny was enjoying the power she had over him and for some reason his anger began to fade only to be replaced with a feeling of affection for his wife. It didn't make sense to him, he should be mad at her, shouldn't he?

Ginny sensed that Harry's feelings of pain and humiliation were going away and that her happiness was more important to him now so she decided to test just how far she could push him before he got mad at her again. Ginny took her shoe off, pulled Harry out, set him on the floor in front of her and put her shoe back on.

"Harry, I want you to clean my shoes for me. you'll do that for me won't you?" Ginny asked knowing full well that if he said ‘no’ she would make him do it anyway.

"OK Ginny, I'll clean them. Can I have a bit of cloth or something?" asked Harry.

"No. I want you to clean them with your tongue" said Ginny.

Harry was in shock. Just when he started to feel OK with the situation Ginny found a new way to dehumanize him even more.

"You want me to lick your shoes?" asked Harry.

"Yes and you better do a good job or tomorrow you'll spend the day under my shoe instead of in it" said Ginny.

Harry spent the better part of three hours licking Ginny's shoes clean. When he thought he was done, Ginny put her shoed foot on top of him and crossed her other leg over it.

"Don't forget the bottoms" said Ginny musically. For the next thirty minutes Harry struggled to move around under Ginny's shoe making sure he didn't miss a spot, then Ginny switched feet again crossing her other leg over the one Harry was under. An hour later he was finally finished and Ginny inspected his work.

"Good work Harry. I think from now on we will make this an every day thing" said Ginny much to Harry's dismay. "Well its getting late and I'm getting tired so why don't we get off to bed? Not to sleep of course, I can't wait to feel you inside me" said Ginny with a huge smile.

It was very dark, very wet and Harry could feel pressure from everywhere. The smell was a combination of dirty underwear and the breath of someone who had not brushed their teeth in months and it was all around him. Though he was tightly confined he still had a bit of mobility due to the extream moisture. With strenuous effort Harry could move his arms, though his legs were pressed too tightly together to move them, still if he could just reach up he might be able to pull himself out of this hellish prison if he only knew witch way was up, he didn't want to pull himself further into this nightmare. Harry raised his arms above his head but his movement made whatever he was in move and tighten around him.

Suddenly Harry felt sharp pain in the back of his neck as if something was trying to tear his head off. From outside he could hear muffled, frustrated groaning and then without warning he was flying through the air. He hit the ground with a thud and rolled over to try to see where he was and there, staring down at him, was Bellatrix Lestrange.

"You taste terrible Mr. Potter" said Bellatrix. She had been trying to bite Harry's head off and when she couldn't she spat him on the floor. "I don't know why your still alive. Draco's legs came away from his body so easily. We will have to see if I can stomp the life out of you" said Bellatrix raising her bare foot over Harry. He looked up in terror as her foot came crashing down on him. One second he could see the crazed look in her eyes and the next nothing but the sole of her foot. Over and over she stomped on him getting more and more frustrated at him for not dying. Bellatrix aimed well and slammed her heel down right on Harry's face, put all of her weight on it and started grinding it into the ground.

As Harry lay there under Bellatrix's heel he noticed that the pain wasn't nearly as bad as it would be in this type of situation and his surroundings were still dripping wet. Harry now understood that Ginny had fallen asleep with him still inside her and he was dreaming.

Harry opened his eyes and the explanation for all the wetness in his dream was obvious. Now that he knew where he was he tried to pull himself out. He put his arms above his head and squeezed them out of the tight fleshy opening. He could feel fresh air hit his hands and then his face but his movement caused Ginny to react by shoving her finger in on top of him. Again Harry felt the sharp pain in his neck only this time he knew it was Ginny's fingernail pushing his head back into the wet walls of her vagina.

Harry fought against Ginny's finger but he was no match for it and his struggles made her even wetter and her finger was now rubbing his face against her pussy with renewed vigor. Harry tried to think "Ginny, wake up, you have to let me out!"

Ginny spoke aloud in a sleepy voice "No, I'll never let you out... I love you Harry but it feels so good having you like this.... you'll just have to be my little slave forever..." Ginny's words cut Harry like a knife. All he could hope for was that she was just dreaming and had no intentions of actually keeping him like this once the Horcruxes were destroyed. Harry decided it was best to just lay still and wait for Ginny to wake up on her own.

Almost four hours later Ginny finally woke up, she had come to climax so many times in the night that her panties were stuck to her. Harry's hand was the only thing sticking out of Ginny and when she reached down to pull her underwear away from her womanhood she pulled Harry partly out.

Now Harry had his head and one arm free. Ginny sat up on the bed and the pressure on Harry went from mild everywhere to extreme from the sides. She crossed one leg over the other to put on her slipper than did the same for the other, this pushed Harry around inside her and made her wet again. Ginny got up and started walking, sliding Harry around but now he was upside down and with each step she took, he slipped a little further out.

After a couple of minutes bright light rushed into Harry's eye. He heard water running and felt himself falling back to a laying position.
By the time his eyes adjusted to the light he could see that Ginny was now sitting........on the toilet.
Harry was screaming to Ginny both aloud and with his mind. At first he wasn't sure if she heard him but then she giggled and smiled down at him.

"Good morning Harry. Did you sleep well?" said Ginny. For a split second he was angry with her but looking up at her from between her creamy legs he found all he could think about was how beautiful she was, even having just woken up. "I know you want out of there but you look disgusting and I don't want to touch you so you'll have to wait until we're in the shower" she said.

Before Harry had the chance to protest he was hit in the face with a warm yellow stream. The smell was horrible but the worst part was that it was going up his nose, in his eyes and in his mouth. He couldn't believe that Ginny was pissing in his face and to make matters worse she was laughing at him.

By the time Ginny was done Harry had drank what seemed like gallons of her piss. Ginny stood up and went straight into the shower. The warm water felt great to Harry, even though it was only hitting his face and arms it was enough to wash the piss out of his eyes, unfortunately it would take a lot more to get the taste out of his mouth. Harry opened his mouth to let the water in, he realised this was a mistake as a piece of dried cum hit him in the mouth as it was being rinsed away from Ginny's pubic hair.

Ginny pinched Harry's head between her thumb and finger, pulled him out of her vagina and dropped him on the shower floor. The water in the bottom of the shower was knee deep to Harry and he began to splash around in it like a child in a swimming pool. He was finally starting to feel good when he looked in Ginny's direction and saw only one foot.

Harry looked up so see Ginny rubbing a bar of soap on the bottom of her other foot. Then the soap covered foot came down on Harry with a splash. Ginny proceeded to rub her foot all over Harry, she pined his legs under the toes of her left foot and ground the toes and ball of her right into his face arms and chest, then she spun him around and pined his face under the toes of her left foot while she cleaned his legs, then she flipped him over and went through the whole thing again on his back witch was much worse as his face was helled under water.
When Ginny was satisfied that Harry was clean she picked him up with her toes, her feet were wet so this took a few tries, and dropped him on the floor outside the bath.

"Harry, I want you to wait for me in my slipper" ordered Ginny.

Harry made his way across the bathroom floor as Ginny pulled the shower curtain closed, her slippers were only a few feet away to a normal person but to Harry it was like two city blocks. The slippers were soft fuzzy white fleece with an enclosed toe and an exposed heel. Harry had seen Ginny wear these almost every day for the past year and found himself worrying about the smell but then though it couldn't be worse than where he just came from.

As he reached the slipper he noticed that the smell wasn't bad at all, at least it didn't bother him, it still smelled like Ginny's feet but it was pleasant to his senses. The soft sole of the slipper came up to Harry's thigh, a good thing as it meant that there was a lot of cussion between him and the floor. Harry climbed into Ginny's footwear and layed there waiting for her. He layed with his head in the imprint made by the ball of her foot with his legs stretched out toward the heel, they fell just short of where her heel had made its imprint. To Harry's suprise he wasn't dreading being under Ginny's foot, in fact he was looking forward to it. Have I gone completely mental, Harry thought.

Harry looked up out of the slipper as Ginny came out of the shower, naked and glistening from the water, he thought about how beautiful she was. Ginny grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself then looked at Harry laying there with his arms behind his head.

"Well you look comfortable don't you" said Ginny with a smile.

"Well they are quite sof...." Harry was interupted in mid sentence as Ginny walked over and shoved her foot into the slipper as if he wasn't even there. Because of how he was laying his face was pressed into the ball of her foot and the rest of him was under her arch.

If it wasn't for the fact that his head was being crushed he would be comfortable, he made a mental note to try to be under her arch more often. Harry felt Ginny take a few steps then all of her weight seemed to rest right on his face, he imagined that she was brushing her hair, he watched her do it a thousand times and she always stood the same way, all of her weight on her right foot while the toes of her left barely touched the ground, from now on given the choice he would chose the left slipper.

When Ginny was finished in the bathroom she went into the bedroom and opened her closet to decide what to wear for today. Again she was standing with all her weight on Harry and unlike most women who would be moving around shuffling through clothes Ginny just had her wand out so she was standing still letting magic do the work. Harry started to feel pain as Ginny's crushing weight rested on him for more than ten minutes and it was consuming his thoughts, then the weight lifted off of him and there was relief but only for a second as it came back twice as hard, then again relief followed by Ginny's full weight crashing down on him.

"Kiss kiss my love" sang Ginny reminding Harry that he had to kiss her feet to keep the pain at bay.

"Thank you Ginny" Harry thought and Ginny went back to just standing on him.
Wait, did I just thank her for stomping on me, Harry thought.
He was going mad for sure.

Ginny had decided what to wear, a pair of blue denim Capri pants, a white tank top, white ankle socks and an old pair of white leather keds.
She walked over to the bed, sat down and removed her foot from her slippers. Cool refreshing air hit Harry and he could easily breath but in the couple of minutes it took Ginny to get dressed he found himself longing to be back under her foot.

Ginny finished dressing by putting her shoes on without Harry in them.

"What about me?" Harry asked, sounding rather whiny.

"Don't worry Harry, you'll be able to kiss my feet all day but first you have to clean my shoes" said Ginny.

Harry went to work, eager to get back under Ginny's beautiful foot. Unlike the night before it only took him just over an hour to lick all the dirt from her shoes, even the bottoms. Once he was done she took off her right shoe and sock, picked Harry up and dropped him in, then pulled the sock on to her foot as tight as she could and positioned him so his face was back under the ball of her foot, then she put her foot into the shoe and tied it tight leaving Harry in total darkness yet again.

Harry spent the rest of the day kissing Ginny's foot while she walked on him never paying him any attention except to stomp him to remind him never to stop kissing.

The next six days went pretty much the same with his days spent under her feet and his nights spent in her vagina. The week went by way too fast for Ginny, she was really enjoying Harry's situation.

On the seventh day at around noon Hermione was at the door.

"Ginny, I think we have a problem. Ron doesn't want me to change him back" said Hermione.

"I'm sure it’s just the spell, once he’s normal again things will go back to the way they were, you'll see" said Ginny.

"How is Harry doing?" asked Hermione.

"The same as Ron I'm afraid" answered Ginny with a false tone of concern.

"I was afraid of that and the more time Ron spends under my foot the more I want him to stay there. What if we find the Horcruxes and then decide not to change them back?" asked Hermione now sounding very concerned. "Well, then I guess Harry and Ron will have to be our little footslaves forever" said Ginny nonchalantly.

Just then an owl came in through the window, landed on the table and dropped a letter.

"It’s from Fleur" said Ginny.

Hermione took the letter and opened it.

"Dear friends, Bill and I have decided to look into Horcruxes at the library at Beauxbatons so we will be in France for a while. If you find new information please send an owl right away. With love Fleur" she read.

"Well, looks like it’s just us going to Knockturn Alley" said Ginny.

"I'll bet Fleur and Bill aren't doing research at all. Fleur probably just wants to keep Bill like that and thinks if they are in France we won't be able to talk her out of it" said Hermione. "And you Ginny. How could you think of making our husbands our footslaves? Don't you want Harry to kiss you and hold you in his arms again? To think that you could really...."

"Wait a tic Hermione, Harry is trying to tell me something" Ginny interupted her. "He says we should stop bickering and start looking for Horcruxes."

"Well I guess Harry doesn't want to be under your feet forever" said Hermione in a condisending tone.

The truth was Harry couldn't resist the urge to defend Ginny, even though she was talking about keeping him as her footslave forever he couldn't deny the fact that her happiness was now the most important thing in the world to him and if she wanted him to be her footslave forever than that’s what he would be, still the threat of Bellatrix destroying the wizarding world loomed over them and even if he were to stay like this they still had to find and destroy her Horcruxes.

Ginny and Hermione went to a cafe across the street from the Leaky Cauldron and waited for someone they recognised from Slytherin to use the secret entrance to Diagon Alley. Hermione had brewed a draft of Polyjuice Potion in the hopes that she and Ginny would be able to take on the appearance of dark wizards so they wouldn't be bothered walking around in Knockturn Alley.

After two and a half hours Millicent Bulstrode gave them what they were looking for as she was taking her younger sister shopping for school suplies. Cercie, Millicent's sister was in her sixth year at Hogwarts. Millicent was a tall thin blond and Cercie looked just like her sister only younger.

Hermione and Ginny followed the sisters into Diagon Alley and just through the entrance Hermione used a levitation spell to hover a brick over each of their heads and then let them go, knocking the two girls unconscious. Then they each plucked a single hair from their heads, Hermione from Cercie and Ginny from Millicent, dropped the hair into the potion and gulped it down. Once the transformation was complete Ginny and Hermione took Millicent and Cercie's robes and headed for Knockturn Alley.

For Ron the change was pleasant as Cercie was smaller than Hermione her shoes became loose and fresh air made its way into the shoe from the sides, Harry's experience however was the opposite. Millicent was much taller than Ginny and her feet were bigger witch made the confines of her shoe very tight for Harry.

Also, Ginny seemed to inherit Millicent's smell. Harry had grown to like the smell of Ginny's feet but Millicent's feet were awful. Harry couldn't help but gag as the putrid sweat dripped into his mouth. Ginny then started to stomp on Harry.

"What are you doing?" asked Hermione.

"He’s not kissing my foot and this is how I remind him not to stop" said Ginny.

Harry had no choice but to kiss the rank smelling foot that pressed him into a shoe two sizes too small.

Hermione and Ginny went into a store, everything in it was covered in dust. Ginny walked over to the counter that had a skeletal hand on it.
When she got close to inspect it, it grabbed her by the wrist.

"It won't let go" Ginny shouted.

Harry now knew where they were, he had been in the very same store just before his second year at Hogwarts. Hermione had just punched the hand to let go of Ginny when the shop keeper came into the room.

"Millicent, Cercie, what a pleasure, do your parents know you’re here?"

There was a quiet pause then Harry realised neither Ginny or Hermione knew the man’s name.

"His name is Mr. Borgin" thought Harry.

"Actually Mr. Borgin, our parents sent us here" said Ginny.

"Yes, that’s right" said Hermione "we were asking about Horcruxes and they said that you were the right man to talk to."

"Horcruxes, eh? Well they were right, I know more about Horcruxes than anyone but I'm not likely to tell you am I? The Ministry of Magic would close down my shop if they found out I was telling young witches about Horcruxes wouldn't they? Strange that you two came here asking though. I haven't had anyone asking about Horcruxes for, oh more than five years and that was a day I'll not soon forget, it was Bellatrix Lestrange you see and she didn't really give me the choice of not telling her" said Mr. Borgin.

"Really, Bellatrix Lestsrange" asked Ginny trying to sound surprised.

"Yes, she came in and bullied some information out of me then took several items without paying for them" said Mr. Borgin.

"What did she take?" asked Hermione.

"She took a cursed bracelet, an old mirror and a pair of pointy toed boots if I recall correctly" said Mr. Borgin.

"Do you think she made those items into Horcruxes?" asked Hermione.

"I fear I've said too much already... I think it’s time you girls get out and move on your way" said Mr. Borgin now sounding a little impatient.

Hermione and Ginny left Diagon Alley and went back to Harry and Ginny's house in Godric's Hollow. After a while the Polyjuice Potion wore off and they changed back into themselves. Harry was thrilled to be back under Ginny's real feet and they had come up with promising information about what Bellatrix's Horcruxes might be.

Days turned into weeks and it seemed to Harry that Ginny was putting forth little if any effort into finding the Horcruxes. All she did was think of new ways to use her shrunken husband for her pleasure. Hermione on the other hand sent owls regularly with news of her progress or apparent lack there of although Harry suspected that it was due to her undieing need to be right rather than her desire to change Ron back to his former self.

With each passing day Ginny seemed more cold to Harry's suffering. She took to stomping on him even while he was already kissing her feet and she wore socks less and less as her feet would sweat more in her shoes that way. Ginny even stopped showering before bed so that while Harry was spending the night in her panties the smell would be stronger. Harry wondered how much worse Ginny would make things for him before they found even one Horcrux.

Still Harry couldn't deny that he loved Ginny more than ever despite of her cruel treatment of him, that part of Hermione's spell was working perfectly.

It was a Friday that started much the same as every other day over the last few weeks. Ginny woke up with Harry stuck to her womanhood, went to the bathroom without pulling him off spraying his face with urine, let the water of the shower run on her until he fell to the floor of the tub, scrubbed him clean with the soles of her feet, kept him in her slipper all morning stomping on him whenever the urge hit her, making him clean her shoes with his tongue and then wearing him in them as she went about her day.

Today Ginny wore knee high boots with a four inch heel with no socks and rather than kissing her feet Harry was told to lick the sweat from them. Unfortunately for Harry only kissing Ginny's feet helped to ease the pain of being walked on and to make matters worse she positioned him completely under the ball of her right foot, the one she always seemed to lean on as Harry well knew. The pain Harry was in was the worst he had felt since this whole thing started as he wasn't allowed to kiss her feet. Ginny made a point of being on her feet as much as possible and almost never sat down and whenever she stood still she would stand only on her right foot, and when she walked she would slam her foot down a lot harder than necessary.

Around two PM Hermione knocked at the door.

"Hello Hermione" said Ginny with a cheery tone.

"Where is Harry?" asked Hermione already knowing the answer.

Ginny just smiled and shook her right boot.

"What is that smell? Are you not wearing socks?" asked Hermione.

"Harry likes it better this way. He loves the smell of my feet" said Ginny.

"I'm not wearing socks either" said Hermione and the two girls burst into laughter.

Harry was surprised to find Hermione so careless about Ron's predicament.

"I think I've located the mirror" said Hermione.

"Oh. Well, that’s great" said Ginny unconvincingly.

"It seems that Bellatrix hid it in plane sight. It’s hanging on the wall in the editors office at the Daley Profit" said Hermione.

"Luna Lovegood is the editor now isn't she?" asked Ginny.

"Yes she is, so Luna being our friend should be more than eager to let us destroy it" replied Hermione.

"Should we get going then?" asked Ginny.

Finallay some progress, Harry thought but much to his dismay Hermione seemingly was in no hurry to get Ron out from under her foot.

"Well, we know where it is now and it’s in the possession of a friend so I don't see why we should rush in there demanding to destroy things. We will send an owl to Luna and wait for a reply. When Luna is ready we'll go" said Hermione.

"What do you want to do in the mean time?" asked Ginny.

Hermione then reached into her pocket and pulled out a tiny chess board, set it on the floor and smiled at Ginny saying "Why don't we play a little game?"

Hermione pulled off her left shoe, it was black leather with a strap across the top and a chunky two inch heel.
She then tipped it over spilling Ron out onto the floor in front of the chess board.

"Well?" said Hermione looking with a raised eyebrow from Ginny to her boots and back.

"Oh" said Ginny now fully understanding.

Ginny pulled off her right boot and instantly the room filled with the horrible smell of her feet. Hermione pinched her nose and grabbed the boot from Ginny, tipped it over and shook it.

"Where is he?" asked Hermione.

Ginny smiling lifted her foot to reveal that Harry was stuck to the bottom. The two girls laughed hysterically until Hermione took a better look.

"He’s not kissing your foot. What is he doing? And why aren't you stomping on him?"

"He’s licking the sweat from my foot like a good little slave because that’s what I told him to do" said Ginny.

"Well you'll need to get him off if we're going to play" said Hermione.

"I'm not going to touch him. I'm sure he smells terrible" said Ginny.

"Ron, help your brother-in-law off your sister’s foot would you?" said Hermione.

Ron started to walk over to Ginny's foot.

"What are you doing?"Hermione snapped at Ron. "You know you’re not allowed to walk in my presence. Now crawl over there and peel Harry off Ginny's foot!" she demanded.

Hermione and Ginny laughed as Ron crawled across the floor. This new Hermione scared Harry to his core. The last time he saw Hermione she was trying to talk Ginny out of the idea of keeping Harry this way forever and now it seemed she herself had no intentions of ever returning Ron to normal and Ron was no longer allowed to walk in Hermione's presence.

Ron made his way across the floor to the sounds of taunts from both Ginny and Hermione.
"Look at him crawl" and "How pathetic" were only a couple of them.

When Ron reached Ginny's foot he grabbed a hold of Harry's ankle, it was the only part of Harry he could reach. Ginny was sitting on the ground with her foot propped up on its heel. The girls were highly amused watching Ron jump up to try to get a good grip while Harry was still licking Ginny's foot.

Ron hung by Harry's ankle until they finally fell to the floor together.

"It’s about time" said Hermione. "Now please put your boot back on Ginny, so we don't have to smell your feet anymore."

"Would you like something to drink?" Ginny asked Hermione as she pulled her boot back on.

"Yes thank you" was Hermione's reply.

Harry and Ron looked up as Ginny stood towering over them. She raised her booted foot high above them and with a persition stomp she caught both of them under her boot, Ron under the sole and Harry's head under the heel. Ginny then stood there for a minute or two just grinding them into the floor while she and Hermione laughed.

Ginny returned with drinks for her and Hermione. Ginny noticed Harry goggling at the glasses as though he were very thirsty.

"You can't still be thirsty after licking the sweat from my foot all morning. Well, don't worry I'll let you lick some more later."

Hermione and Ginny sat on the floor surrounding the tiny boys with their legs.

"I think we should discuss the stakes" said Hermione.

"How about the loser's slave has to lick the winner's shoes clean" suggested Ginny.

"And the winner gets to keep the loser's slave under her shoe while we go shopping" added Hermione.

"And we both get to stomp the losing slave under our shoes and boots for one hour" added Ginny.

"Agreed." said Hermione.

Harry was terrified. Not only did he know that Ron was a much better Wizard's Chess player then he was but in the whole exchange between Hermione and Ginny neither Harry nor Ron's names were used, they were referred to only as slaves.

The game went as Harry expected and he lost.

Hermione cheered for Ron, pulled off her shoe and unceremoniously dropped Ron in and put it back on her foot then turned her attention to Harry. Hermione propped her shooed feet up right in front of Harry saying "I believe some slave has some shoes to lick clean."

Harry started to walk over to Hermione's shoes when Ginny spoke.

"You know, I like the idea of not allowing our slaves to walk in our presence."

There it was again, not Harry but slave.

"Crawl to Hermione's shoes to lick them clean, slave."

As if he couldn't feel any more lower, Harry now had to crawl to someone that wasn't Ginny and lick their shoes clean.

"You can start with the bottoms slave" said Hermione.

Ginny and Hermione sat and talked while Harry licked Hermione's shoes clean. Unlike Ginny's, which Harry had to lick every day, Hermione's shoes were quite dirty and Harry realised that shoes cleaning was not part of Ron's every day routine although it probably would be now as Hermione seemed to enjoy it.

When Harry was done with Hermione's shoes he moved on to Ginny's boots, a much more difficult task as he could not reach the top around her knees. In the morning she would sit on her bed while he licked witch allowed him to climb the sheets to get the job done but now she was sitting on a chair and the seat was well out of his reach. The legs of the chair were smooth so he couldn't climb it so he tried to climb her boot instead but the leather of her boot didn't give him anything to grab hold of either. Just as Harry reached the top Ginny stood up and shook him off.

"That’s enough of that then. Let’s start the stomping" said Ginny.

Harry looked up in terror at Ginny and Hermione who looked down on him with wide smiles. Hermione raised her shoe over Harry and stomped down hard. He was under her heel and she didn't lift her foot off of him right away, instead she put all of her weight on the foot he was under and proceeded to grind him into the floor under her heel.

This went on for ten minutes before Harry saw anything but the bottom of Hermione's shoe and then all he saw was Hermione and Ginny laughing hysterically at him for less then a second before the shoe came crashing back down on him. Hermione stomped him mercilessly until she got tired then Ginny took over. Ginny went back and forth between grinding his face into the floor under her high heels to smearing him under her sole as if he were a cigarette that she was done with.

Then Hermione decided she wanted another go and it was back under her punishing shoe he went. For more than three hours the girls stomped on Harry laughing and saying degrading things to him the whole time. Harry had never seen Ginny this cruel. It was as if seeing Hermione acting cruel gave her permission to be as cruel as she wanted.

"Well, I'm ready to go shopping now" said Hermione.

Hermione pulled out her wand in one hand and picked Harry up with the other. Then she crossed her leg so her ankle rested on her knee, then she pressed Harry against the bottom of her chunky heel and said "Adhiesivo" and Harry found himself stuck to the bottom of Hermione's heel.

Harry couldn't move anything but his head. The rest of his body remained pressed into the heel of her shoe and even though she wasn't standing yet he could feel pressure as though she was.

"What do you think? I came up with it last week and I've been looking for a reason to try it out but Ron has just been such an obedient slave I've just had no reason to punish him" said Hermione showing Ginny how her tiny husband stayed in place.

"That’s great" said Ginny "but I don't think I'll need a reason to do it to Harry on a regular basis."

The girls laughed at Harry's plight but Harry found a moment of comfort. Ginny had used his name.

Hermione stood up with Harry under her shoe and Ron in it.

"See Harry, it’s not so bad right" she said "You get to spend some time with your best friend. Not that you'll be able to have a conversation as your tongue will be to busy licking the bottom of my heel and Ron will be busy kissing my foot."

"And you'd better not stop licking for even a second or we'll know" Ginny added.

The girls went shopping for six hours. The whole time Harry was in hell. Not only was he enduring this new form of torture under Hermione's heel but there was no way for him to kiss Ginny's feet to ease the pain. Every torturous step Hermione took made him wish for death until he thought about how his death would cause Ginny's as well and in spite of how she was treating him he still loved her.

Hermione was having the time of her life. The rush of power she felt having two tiny slaves under her feet was exilerating. She actually thought about keeping Harry for herself but knew she couldn't because it would ruin Ginny. Maybe another man would be a suitable replacement though.

Ginny on the other hand was was really missing her little insole husband and it showed. She was starting to get really cranky about everything. Hermione tried on a pair of shoes while they were shopping and Ginny took it as an insult.

"I don't believe this. I let you keep my slave under your heel and you take your shoes off."

Hermione could plainly see how Harry's absence was affecting Ginny and wanted to give him back to her but her spell wouldn't ware off for another two hours.

"Your shoes are only one size bigger than mine right?" Hermione asked Ginny.

"Yes. So what now, you’re going to make fun of my big feet?" said Ginny now very hostile.

"No, I just thought you might like to have Harry back under your feet but the spell thats keeping him stuck to my shoe won’t were off for two more hours so I thought you might want to trade my shoes for your boots" Hermione said.

"Okay! I would like that" said Ginny in a much more cheerful voice.

She knew now that not having Harry under her feet for too long hurt her almost as bad as it hurt him and decided right then and there that she would never change him back to normal.

Hermione and Ginny went their separate ways before the spell wore off so when it did, Ginny was still wearing Hermione's shoes. She pulled off the right one and shoved Harry inside then put her foot back in.

It was a tight fit when her foot was the shoes only inhabitant but now with Harry in it it was really tight. For Harry this was bad because he was being squeezed really hard and the shoe was filled not just with Ginny's foot oder but Hermione's as well. For Ginny it was very pleasant. It was tight to be sure but that just meant that Harry was being pressed into her foot that much harder.

"You've been such a good slave today that I'm going to allow you to kiss my foot until I let you out. How does that sound?" said Ginny.

Harry was thrilled. Finally he could kiss Ginny's feet and relieve some of the pain.

When Ginny got home she left Harry to fester in the stinking shoe for another hour before she finally let him out and then it was straight into her panties for Harry but unlike every other night before she didn't put him in the front.

Instead she wedged him between her firm butt cheeks.

"Slave I want you to lick my ass while I sleep tonight. I'm just not in the mood for sex" Ginny told harry.

Ginny had been walking around all day and her ass smelled worse than her feet ever did but Harry knew he had better do as he was told because it didn't take much to make Ginny mad lately. The truth was she wasn't mad at Harry at all but having him under another woman all afternoon made her realise that she had a lot to think about and if she let Harry give her orgasms she wouldn't be able to concentrate.

She had to think of just the right way to tell Harry that she was never going to let him go. Harry tried to hear what Ginny was thinking but apparently though he couldn't hide his thoughts from her it didn't work both ways.

Ginny didn't sleep well that night. She had grown accustomed to the sexual pleasures Harry gave her both before and after bed so this morning she just got up and went to the kitchen, leaving Harry in her ass. Ginny made some coffee and sat down at the table. She took a sip and started talking.

"Harry" she said to get his attention.

Harry was happy to hear his name though he didn't know it would be the last time for a long time.

"I need to tell you something and you’re not going to like it but I can't bring myself to care about your feelings enough not say it. Yesterday while Hermione was walking on you I realised that not having you with me hurts me. Not just emotionally but it physically hurts me and I've decided that you have to stay like this forever"

Ginny paused for a moment to let the words sink in and absorb Harry's feelings about it.

Harry was shocked and afraid and this brought a smile to Ginny's face.

"And since you’re to stay like this I can't really think of you as my husband anymore" Ginny continued reveling in Harry's emotional anguish.
"It’s not that I don't still love you, I do, I really do, but I don't think I can live without you under me ever again. And since you won’t be my husband anymore that means you will be my slave so from now on I won’t be using your name I will just refer to you as slave and in turn you will refer to me as Goddess."

Harry was crying now and it made Ginny very happy. In spite of his terror he still loved her and she could feel it. She knew that he would rather die than make her unhappy.

"Wait a minute, you've stopped licking and I didn't say you could stop" Ginny scolded and Harry went back to work licking her ass as she sat on him now grinding her butt back and forth driving his face deeper into her asshole.

"That’s better. As I was saying, you’re not even a person anymore, you’re just something I own to do with as I please. If it’s any consolation, I don't think Hermione has any intentions of letting Ron go either."

"What about Bellatrix? She is still a threat to the wizarding world!" Harry thought to Ginny while he was furiously licking her brown foul smelling sphincter.

"Don't worry, Hermione and I have every intention of destroying all the Horcruxes but even when that’s done you'll still be my slave" said Ginny.

"When will you destroy the mirror Goddess?" asked Harry, burying his tongue completely into her anus.

Ginny shivered and trembled slightly from the contact and said "Right, truth to be told, I had forgotten about that, we haven't even sent an owl to Luna yet but now that we know you won’t be changed back, there really isn't any reason for more delay."

She then got up and went to get a quill and ink then wrote the letter to Luna and sent an owl straight away. Harry sighed in relief and kissed his Goddess’ butt, thanking her.

Over a month had passed before Luna sent a reply to Ginny's owl. Luna was prone to daydreaming so when she got Ginny's owl and read the letter she was eager to help but as she crossed her office to get a quill and ink from her desk the mirror on her wall told her that the radishes she was wearing as earrings were quite lovely and she forgot all about Ginny's letter.

The long wait for Luna's reply was hell for Harry. Ginny took great pleasure in tormenting him and he was rarely allowed to kiss her feet which meant that there was no relief whatsoever from the pain she so enjoyed putting him through.

Ginny had stopped caring about Harry's feelings altogether so she no longer checked in on his mind to see how much he loved her, in fact the only time she bothered to listen to his thoughts at all was to hear his mind scream out in pain when she stomped him under the hard soles of her shoes so she had no idea that the almost constant pain Harry was in was overpowering the magical love he was supposed to be feeling for her.

By this time Harry started to hate his wife and in each of the short moments of his existence that weren't filled with agony he would think of ways to escape from the evil woman he used to love.

Luna's owl arrived on a Tuesday afternoon. Ginny was usually happy to get mail as it usually meant that Fleur or Hermione were writing to tell her of some new way they had found to torture Bill or Ron and she would have something new to do to Harry but when she saw that the letter was from Luna she sighed grumpily, knowing that it meant she would have to do something other then torment Harry.

Luna's letter read

Dear Ginny

It’s so wonderful to hear from you.
Aside from Dean, who I correspond with regularly, I rarely ever hear from anyone from the DA which is sad because our DA meetings were so much fun.

Regarding the mirror in my office, I have been trying to break it ever since I got your owl but it’s very well made, the glass just won’t brake or even crack although I must admit I haven't been trying all that hard, after all it’s hard to want to destroy something when its telling you how nice you look. It’s hard to believe that such a polite thing could be so evil but then again it was brought in when You-Know-Who was still in power.

I do hope you will have more luck destroying it than I have, after all your husband has had a lot more experience with these things than I have.

I will be in my office on Friday at five o'clock. You can use the floo network to enter. I'll have tea waiting.

Hoping your well, Luna Lovegood.

After reading Luna's letter Ginny stomped her right foot hard on the floor, she had used the "Adhiesivo" spell to stick Harry to the sole of her right shoe, and said angrily "Good news slave, we'll be using the floo network to go to the Daily Prophet and destroy the damn mirror on Friday. We'll be one step closer to changing your under my feet situation from necessity to just plain fun, well for me anyway."

As Ginny wrote to Hermione about their mission on Friday, Harry had an idea and began to devise a plan to escape from his cruel wife.

.................................................. ...

On Friday Hermione arrived at the house in Godric's Hollow early in the afternoon. She and Ginny took seats on the patio and were enjoying tea when Hermione suggested "We have some time before we have to go, why don't we make our slaves give us pedicures and clean our shoes?"

"That sounds fun but I have already used the "Adhiesivo" spell on Harry and it won't wear off for hours" said Ginny.

"Well too bad, I guess poor Ronnie will have his work cut out for him then" said Hermione and she and Ginny burst into laughter.

Filing and painting his wife's toe nails and licking her shoes clean was bad enough but having to do the same for his own sister made Ron sick to his stomach. When Ron got to the soles of Ginny's shoes she tipped her feet up on her heels and said "Just lick around Harry. I'll have him finish up later."

Ginny and Hermione were talking and laughing high above so they were too distracted to pay any attention to the tiny men at their feet and Harry took the opportunity to talk to Ron. He had to be careful because if Ron was still infatuated with Hermione and still desired to be under her feet he would surely tell their wives of his plan and all would be lost.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Hermione had been just as cruel to Ron as Ginny had been to Harry, so Ron was just as eager to escape.

"Ron" Harry whispered. "How are you feeling about your wi.... Goddess?"

"I can't even express how much I hate her" Ron whispered back.

"Good, because I have a plan. Do you remember when we were in our second year at Hogwarts and your family took us to Diagon Ally?"


"I mispronounced Diagon Ally and wound up in Knockturn Ally."

"How does that help us?" asked Ron.

"Our wiv.... Goddesses are taking us to the Daily Proffit by floo powder."

"And you think if we time it right and say the wrong location we'll be pulled away from them and go somewhere else?"

"Exactly, but we'll have to say the same wrong thing or we'll wind up in different places and I don't know about you but I don't want to be out in the world at this size by myself."

"Right. So what should we say when Hermione and Ginny take us through the floo network?"

"Well, I think it’s important to destroy that mirror and since Ginny and Hermione don't seem to be in any hurry to get the job done we should try to get close enough to make sure they did it or destroy it ourselves if they don't. I think if we mispronounce the words just slightly we'll wind up just an office or two over from Luna's."

"OK so let’s both say "Luma's office" and see where that puts us."


When Ron was finished with licking Ginny's shoes, his sister kicked him back over to Hermione. Harry could hardly believe how his wife could so carelessly dehumanize her own brother and hearing Ginny and Hermione laugh as Ron flew through the air and landed at Hermione's feet with a thud erased the tiny bit of love he may have still felt for his wife.

Hermione and Ginny took turns casually stomping on Ron and kicking him back and forth while they chatted and drank tea until it was time to go. Hermione slid her foot out of her shoe, dropped Ron in and put it back on her feet as if he wasn't even there then the two women headed for the fireplace.

Ginny stepped in first. As she threw the floo powder and said "Luna's office" Harry said "Luma's office".

There was a flash of green light and a moment later Harry found that he was no longer stuck to the sole of Ginny's shoe.

Harry found himself in a huge office. The walls were covered in framed news articles, half of which were about him. He noticed that all of the articles were written by Rita Skeeter and knowing about Rita's ego he could only assume that he was in her office. A moment later another flash of green light appeared in the fireplace and Ron's tiny form emerged.

"Where are we Harry?" asked Ron.

"I think we're in Rita Skeeter's office" said Harry.

"It’s a good thing she’s not here" said Ron shuddering.

This was the first time in weeks that they were completely out of range of their dominating wives and on their own.

Harry and Ron made their way across the giant room to the door hoping to crawl through the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor but when they got there they found that there was some kind of invisible force field that they couldn't get through.

"Well that’s fitting" said Ron.

"What’s fitting?" asked Harry

"It’s fitting that someone who spends all of their time invading other people's privacy would be so protective of their own that they would cast a no-intruder-spell on the door to their office" said Ron.

Just then the door flew open. Ron was quick enough to duck under it but Harry got knocked onto his back half way across the room. Harry was dazed but he could hear the loud click clack of high heeled shoes coming toward him. His vision cleared just in time for him to see Rita Skeeter's gigantic open toed high heeled pump come crashing down on top of him. Rita's shoe rolled over Harry like a steam roller and when he felt the pressure on his legs letting up he was relieved but then as Rita's foot left the ground Harry was pulled along for the ride.

Rita walked to her desk crushing Harry under each step she took until she sat down. She crossed her legs as she riffled through her memos leaving Harry to dangle from the sole of her shoe. Harry tried to pry himself free but it was no use. Harry was relieved to see Ron crawling under Rita's desk. Ron jumped up and grabbed Harry's legs and tried to pull him off of her shoe but it was as if he was glued in place.

Apparently Ginny's "Adhiesivo" spell hadn't yet run its course and was just waiting for another shoe to stick him to.

"It’s no use Ron. I'll just have to be stuck here until the spell wears off" said Harry.

"I can't just leave you here" said Ron.

"Don't worry about me. Ginny cast the spell early this morning so it should wear off soon. Just go wait by the door so you can get out when she leaves. Otherwise you'll be stuck in this office until she comes back."

As Harry lay stuck to the sole of Rita's shoe he could hear her talking to herself.

"What on earth is she talking about? ‘Not enough proof to print the story. This newspaper doesn't print gossip.’ Who does she think she is? I told them not to give the editor position to Loony Lovegood. Who cares if she ran the Quibbler? That rag was full of nonsense. I'm just going to have to give that insane woman a piece of my mind."

Rita stood up and stormed out of her office and stomped her way down the hall not knowing that she was crushing Harry under every step she took.

Rita, being the nosey person she was, stopped at the door of Luna's office, when she heard that her editor was in the middle of a conversation, and pressed her ear to the door. When she did this she lifted the foot Harry was under slightly off of the ground inadvertently allowing him to hear as well.

"Have you lost something Hermione?" asked Luna.

"I'm not sure" said Hermione stomping her foot.

Ginny knew right away what the problem was and turned her shoe up to look at her sole. Ginny and Hermione looked at each other and gasped when they realized that both of their tiny husbands were missing.

"Whats wrong?" asked Luna.

"Oh nothing" said Hermione.

"We just forgot something at home is all. I'm sorry Luna but we have to go" said Ginny.

"But what about the mirror?" asked Luna.

"I'm really sorry Luna but we'll have to come back and deal with that later" said Hermione and before she was even done speaking Ginny was already gone in a flash of green light.

Rita continued to listen by the door until she heard Luna start humming merrily then she stormed into her office. Harry spent the next twenty minutes listening to Rita yelling at Luna and Luna telling her in her dreamy voice that if she didn't like the way she ran the paper she would be more than happy to write her a nice letter of recommendation for her to go and write for some other paper while Rita stomped him mercilessly.

Harry was dazed from the pounding Rita inflicted on him with all of her stomping so it took a few moments for him to realise that it had stopped. He was overcome with relief to find that the "Adhiesivo" spell had finally worn off and he was laying on the floor of Luna's office. He looked up to see Luna escorting Rita out of her office then as his eyes drifted left he saw the mirror hanging well out of his reach.

Harry was just standing there, staring at the mirror trying to think of a way to destroy it when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He nearly jumped out of his skin and was about to scold Ron for sneaking up on him but he was just too happy about not being alone to be mad.

"Are you completely mental? Just standing about in the middle of Luna's office in a trance. What if I was Luna? You'd be in trouble then. She would give you right back to my sister" scolded Ron.

"I don't think Ginny and Hermione told Luna about us at least not based on what I heard. I think if Luna found us she would help us. How did you get here?" asked Harry.

"I followed Rita Skeeter down the hall and by the time I caught up to her she was barging into Luna's office. I thought it best for me to wait outside until she left in case you were still stuck to her shoe so I could keep following her but when she came out I saw that you were done imitating a piece of chewed gum so I crawled under the door" said Ron.

"Very funny" said Harry.

"Anyway, it’s a good thing Luna isn't as paranoid as Rita or I would have been stuck out in the hall" said Ron.

Harry pointed out the mirror to Ron and the two of them started brainstorming about how to brake it.

"What about Fiendfyre?" said Ron.

"How are we supposed to cast Fiendfyre? We don't have our wands and our wives have all of our powers. We're basically just tiny indestructible muggles" said Harry.

"I guess we could just wait for Luna to come back and tell her how to do it."

"Are you sure we can trust Luna to help us? Even if you’re right and she doesn't just hand us back to Hermione and my sister how do you know she won’t do things to us herself? After all the time we've spent being tortured by giant women are you really willing to take that risk?" asked Ron.

"Your right. Lets just leave her a note" said Harry.

Harry and Ron made their way to the base of Luna's desk and Harry started to climb up one of the legs. He was about half way up when Luna came into the room. Ron hid behind the leg of the desk and Harry did his best to hang on and keep still. Harry watched as she walked toward him but she stopped in front of the mirror.

As she looked at the mirror Harry could see Luna's face in it and he hoped she couldn't see him in the reflection but then the face in the mirror spoke on its own in Luna's voice.

"Your hair looks lovely today" said the mirror.

"Thank you" said Luna and then she walked behind her desk, sat down and crossed her legs.

Luna was wearing those pink leather high top high heeled converse allstars with the pointy toes and with her legs crossed the right one was dangling right below where Harry was hanging on for dear life.

As Luna sat at her desk reading and humming to herself she was bobbing her foot up and down and wagging it left and right and every so often it would bump into the leg of her desk that Harry was clinging to and it was getting harder and harder for him to hold on. Inevitably he fell and on his way down he bounced off of Luna's shoe before landing on the floor next to Ron.

Harry and Ron looked up in terror as Luna bent down and looked right at them and said "Nargles!" with a low angry tone.

Harry and Ron tried to shout to her that they weren't nargles, whatever nargles were, but Luna couldn't hear them.

"Don't you think for a minute that taking the shape of my friends will spare you from my wrath. You’re after my shoes again aren't you? And while I'm still wearing them no less. That’s bold even for nargles. Well since you like my shoes so much I'll just let you live in them from now on. It will be nice to have a pair of soft little nargles under my feet cushioning my footsteps. I hear you little things are quite comfortable to walk on" said Luna.

Luna snatched up Harry and Ron and one by one unlaced her shoes, dropped them in and put them back on lacing them up extra tight. All they could do was lay under her hot sweaty sock clad feet and hope that later they would get the chance to convince her that they weren't nargles.

Harry could hardly breath inside Luna's shoe with the crushing weight of her sock clad foot bearring down on him. With each step she took the pain got worse. He understood how Hermione's spell worked and he knew that is wasn't Ginny, the one who cast it on him, that was stepping on him but he had to try something so he pressed his lips to Luna's sole.

The pain didn't subside in the slightest and from outside of his shoe prison he could hear Luna's muffled voice.

"Oh that feels nice."

Then the pressure on him became constant and he heard three loud bangs before Luna spoke again.

"If one nargle wants to kiss my feet then you both have to!"

Harry made a mental note that he owed Ron an apology.

After a few more minutes of being walked on, Harry felt weightless. He remembered that Luna had said that she didn't trust the floo network and assumed that she was flying home on a broom. At first the lack of crushing weight was pleasant but unfortunately it allowed him to breath easy. He opened his mouth to take a deep breath, a big mistake as it was immediately filled with Luna's foot sweat. He tried to breath through his nose but the smell was so bad that he passed out from asphyxiation.

The next thing Harry knew he was in a dark alleyway. He looked up to the end where it met the street and he could see the sign that told him he was just outside of the Daily Prophet building. A screechy evil sounding woman's voice made him turn on his heels.

There stood Bellatrix Lestsrange and Narcissa Malfoy facing off against Ginny and Hermione.

"Look sister, a mudblood and a blood traitor. You’re here for the mirror aren't you? It will be hard to destroy when you’re dead. Where is your husband, Weasley? I want him to watch me kill you" said Bellatrix.

"I don't know where he is at the moment. You'll just have to work without an audience" said Ginny.

In an instant Bellatrix aimed her wand and shouted "Avada Kedavra" and Ginny dove out of the way in the nick of time but the green blast hit Hermione square in the chest. It knocked her off of her feet but to Bellatrix's horror Hermione just stood up and smiled at Ginny.

"How is this possible?" screamed Bellatrix incredulously.

She just stood there for a moment staring at her wand until Narsissa yanked her out of the way of a blast of red energy from Ginny's wand that nearly hit her head.

"We must leave sister!" hissed Narsissa.

"I will find a way to kill you blood traitor!" shouted Bellatrix before she and her sister disapparated in a puff of black smoke.

"You know what this means?" said Hermione.

"Yes, our husbands are still alive and when I find Harry I'll make him suffer for escaping" said Ginny.

Harry awoke to Ron shaking him. He looked around and by the light creeping in under the giant door he could see that he was in a closet.

"Harry wake up!" shouted Ron.

"I'm up I'm up" said Harry groggily. "Whats going on? Where is Luna?" he asked.

"She’s asleep. She said we have to clean all of her shoes by morning or she would punish us" said Ron.

Harry's heart sunk as he turned around and saw a mountain of shoes.

"How could she possibly expect us to clean all of these at our size by morning?" whined Harry.

"I don't think she does. I think she just wants a reason to punish us" said Ron.

"Well it’s impossible. What’s the point of even trying?" said Harry.

"We have at least to try, mate. I don't know about you but I don't want to see what kind of inventive cruelty a mind like Luna's can come up with. You start over there and I'll start here and we'll meet in the middle" said Ron.

Harry begrudgingly agreed and headed for his side of the pile.

Hours had passed and to Harry's suprise they were making good progress. Near the bottom of the pile Harry found a pair of shoes that must have been there for years as they were covered in a thick layer of dust and he had an idea.

Rather then lick them clean he used his hand to write a message to Luna in the dust. It said "Luna, we are NOT nargles. We really are Harry and Ron. Please help us." He then pushed the shoe to the front of the closet and went back to work.

When they were done Harry and Ron met in front of the pile and congratulated each other on a job well done. It wasn't long before the giant door swung open to reveal a giant Luna standing over them in her night gown.

"Well, let’s see how you did my little pets" said Luna bending down to pick up a shoe for inspection.

Harry was thrilled to see that the very first shoe she grabbed was the one he had written the message on but Luna just nodded and said "Not bad."

Ron saw the confused look on Harry's face and asked "What is it?"

"I don't understand. That shoe was all dusty" said Harry.

"I know. I assumed you missed it so I took care of it" said Ron proudly.

"You idiot! I left a message for Luna in that dust" scolded Harry.

"Oops" was all Ron could say.

"Well at least we got them all cleaned. She won't have any reason to punish us" said Harry.

Luna looked over a few more shoes and said "I'm impressed but...... what about these up here on the shelf?"

Harry and Ron craned their necks to look up to see Luna reaching up to a shelf that was over her head to pull down another pair of shoes.

"Since the simple task of cleaning my shoes seems to be too much for you I guess I'll just have to let you be my shoes instead" said Luna bending down to pick up her nargles.

Luna walked over to her bed and sat on the edge. She placed Harry and Ron on the floor and set one foot down on top of each of them. Harry turned his head to face the foot Ron was under and from beneath Luna's sole he watched as she aimed her wand at Ron.

Harry watched in terror as Ron's head and body flattened out and stretched until it took the shape of a flip flop, then his legs were stretched around her heel and bound together, then his arms stretched over her foot and clasped together at his fingers and then the worst part came, Ron's tongue stretched out and snaked it's way around her second toe. Luna stomped on Ron to make sure he was comfortable under her foot and then aimed the wand at Harry.

The first thing Luna did felt familiar to Harry. In his second year at Hogwarts Professor Lockheart had inadvertently removed the bones from Harry's arm. This time Luna had removed all the bones in his entire body.

Next, Harry felt his muscles stretch and his tendons rip as his body took on the shape of Luna's sole. The pain Harry felt in his groin was agonizing as his legs were stretched around Luna's heel and his genitals were smashed beneath it. The pressure that the ball of her foot was putting on his chest became more evident as his arms were stretched over the top of her foot. Then Harry could taste foot sweat and toe jam like never before as his tongue worked it's way around her toe. All in all it was the worst experience of Harry's life.

Luna went about her day as if Harry and Ron weren't even there. She went shopping, had lunch, visited friends and since her new shoes were so comfortable she even walked to work.

When Luna arrived at her office she found that the mirror on her wall was melted and there was a note on her desk.


Ginny and I came back last night and destroyed the mirror. We tried to dispose of it but the Fiendfire left it melted to your wall. Sorry about the mess.

With love Hermione.

PS. If you happen to find anything small and unusual please contact us right away.

Luna looked at the mirror and shrugged but after rereading the PS she stopped in her tracks and looked at her feet. She went to her chair and sat down then removed Harry from her foot.

Holding Harry in her hand she pulled out her wand and changed him back to normal and held him up to her face to get a better look at him.

Harry started waving his arms and yelling and being this close, Luna heard him.

"Wait a tic, nargles can’t talk. Is that really you Harry?" asked Luna.

"Yes it’s me Luna, and that’s Ron under your foot" shouted Harry.

"How did this happen to you?" asked Luna.

"Ginny and Hermione did this to us" said Harry.

"I guess I should get you two back to your wives then" said Luna.

"NO! Please don't give us back to them. They’ve been torturing us. We just want to get back to normal. Please help us" begged Harry.

"Alright I'll help you. I have to go to Hogwarts tonight for a Ravenclaw reunion. I'll bet Professor Flitwick will be able to fix you in a snap" Luna said.

She then started to lower Harry back down to her foot.

"What are you doing?" asked Harry in a panic.

"Well I don't keep extra shoes in my office and I swore after I left Hogwarts that I would never walk barefoot again so you’re just going to have to spend the rest of the day as my shoe and when I get home I'll change you and Ron back" said Luna matter-of-factly.

Before Harry could finish his protest Luna had changed him back into her shoe and had him back on her foot.
Luna felt exilerated.
Somehow knowing that it really was Harry and Ron under her feet made it more exciting.

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thanks man, the last two stories were really nice!!
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