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Hey guys, I've been around the den for awhile now, but this is going to be my first post. Please give some honest criticism.

College Slavery Part 1

As I lay there, bound on the floor of this girl i had known for years, sucking on her sour gym socks and sniffing her putrid feet, i couldn't help but wonder how I had ended up in this humiliating situation.
I suppose it started from a simple coincidence. This year was my first year at the University of California. Moving here from Montana to go to school, i hadn't expected to see anyone who i had gone to school with. However, on my very first day in Anthropology 101, i found myself sitting right next to Rylea and Alli. I had gone to school with these girls since the 6th grade, and although you really couldn't call us friends, we were quite familiar with each other.
Rylea was a brunette, with blond highlights and a fantastic body. I noticed that she was wearing some ratty old sneakers that day. She had always been one of the "populars" back in high school, but i guess college was kind of a wake up call to her. Alli was a red head, like me, and was very thin. Not saying she wasn't attractive, she had just always struck me as the slightly anorexic type. She sat next to me and gently waved her foot back and forth. She was wearing a pair of flip-flops and i could see her teal painted toes were very grimy. I guess i wasn't really shocked to see them together, as they had always been best friends and they would've picked the same college.
I leaned over and said "Hey, small world right?" They barely even looked shocked to see me, and Rylea responded without a pause, " So what classes are you taking this year?" I was slightly taken aback by the calmness of her response, but i told them my schedule. " I looks like we finish class at the same time. Why don't you come over to our apartment so we can catch up?" The way she said the last to words made it seem like she was planning something much different, but I accept anyway. Who would turn down an invitation from girls like these? I went through the rest of the day planning for the night to come. After the last class i quickly went back to my dorm and got some condoms (since this was what i had assumed "catching up" had implied), and walked over to their apartment. It was only a few blocks from campus, so i decided not to drive. When i got there Rylea answered the door. "Alli is still in class. She'll be back in about 2 hours" she said. We both smiled deviously. Looking back, i guess they were for completely different reasons.
I had only taken 3 steps in when her foot shot out and took my legs out from under me. I crashed to the floor, banging my head and knocking myself unconscious. When i woke up, i could hear a TV playing somewhere near me. I tried to get up but my hands and legs were tightly tied behind me. I looked up to see Rylea looking down at me from a couch, grinning ear to ear. "What is this?" I shouted at her. "Shhhhh, don't worry. I'm going to take good care of you." With that, she pulled a roll of duct tape out from beside her, ripped off a long strip and pressed it firmly over my mouth, silencing my protests. She then gently pulled off her shoes and held them up to me. "See these? I've had these shoes since middle school. As it turns out, my feet were already size 10 back then and didn't need to grow any more. I wonder how bad they smell....." She then held the rotten shoe over my helpless nose. "Take a good, deep sniff, Eric." I held my breath for as long as i could, but eventually i had to take a breath. "Mmmmmmmmph!!!" I yelled through the tape. They smelled terrible! Like rotten, moldy cheese. I struggles wildly against my bonds, but to no avail. "Smells good, right?" she taunted me. Why was she doing this? I had never done anything to her.
After about 5 minutes she removed the shoe. "Don't get too excited. The fun has only just started!" I looked questioningly up at her. She then presented me with her socked feet. They were plain white socks, but on the bottom there was a yellow-brown outline of her feet. I could smell it from here, and it was already awful. "Here they come!" She said excitedly. She placed her feet on my face, with her socked toes covering my nose and her soles pressing down on my taped mouth. The socks were wet, practically dripping with her rancid foot sweat. How could someone even have feet this sweaty? They smelled like her shoes, only with her toes pressing down right on my nose, the smell was intensified. She soon became bored with this however, and removed her feet.
I sighed with relief, but then i saw that she was peeling back her socks. She ripped off the tape and said "Open wide!" Like an idiot, i opened my mouth in order to protest, and was quickly met with the foul, sweaty socks entering my mouth. Before i could even react to the taste, she had already began to wrap the tape over my mouth and around my head. She did this about 4 times, insuring that her sweaty socks would stay trapped in my poor mouth. "MMMMMMmmmph!!" i yelled again, this time muffled even more. "Oh, poor baby" she replied. "Are my socks kinda sweaty? I've only been wearing them for 3 weeks..." At this i began to struggle furiously against my bonds, desperately tried to get away from this situation.
"Now for the best part!" she said as she showed me her bare feet. Her heels and the ball of her foot and a disgusting orange and yellow color, and her toes her painted black. The smell was rancid. She plugged her own nose. "I almost feel bad for you, having to smell these. Almost." She smiled deviously and began to lower her feet slowly towards my face. I struggled and thrashed, but my tight hogtie left me with little to move, and all my efforts only made me breath faster and more heavily.
Seeing this she, quickly shoved feet feet onto my awaiting nose. At my first breath i wanted to die. They smelled like sour, vinegary corn chips, with an subtle smell of rotten cheese. I smelled and smelled, exausted from my struggle. She held up the condoms i had brought with me. "Did you actually think that me and Alli would have sex with a loser like you? Ever since middle school you've been the 'perfect student', always good grades, always liked by the teachers. Nobody is ever going to love you that way Eric! The only thing that you are ever going to get close to is my beautiful, stinky, feet!" I groaned, still forced to smell the horrible toes.
The smell was making me lightheaded, and i had only been smelling them for a few minutes. I guess i wasn't smelling had enough for her, because she began to force me to breath deep. She squeezed my nose between her toes so i couldn't breath through my nose or my mouth, and just held it there. Soon i began to struggle again, trying to get oxygen for my lungs. Just before i thought i was going to pass out, she released my nose. I took the biggest, stinkiest inhale i had ever taken, my entire head filled with this rancid foot stink. She rubbed her slimy, smelly feet all over my face, her toes clutching at my nose. She even made me smell underneath her toenail.
This kept up for almost and hour, by the end of which i was barely even aware of what was going on. Suddenly i felt the tape on my mouth being removed, and i quickly spit out her sweaty socks. "I just want one more thing baby" she said mysteriously. "Lick my feet and I'll let you go..." The thought of licking the nasty feet was terrifying, but the prospect of being let go was more tempting. I stuck my tongue out slowly. "Good boy" she said, and then lowered her foot onto my tongue. It slid slowly down my tongue, heel to toes. It was the worst thing i had ever tasted, and i shuddered at the flavor. She continued to slide her feet over my tongue, until the orange parts of her feet had almost disappeared. I quickly stuck my tongue back in my back. "Uh uh uh" She said. "You haven't cleaned between my toes yet." I stared in dread at the waiting toes, filled with grime and sweat. Finally, i stuck my tongue out between the first and second toes. "Make sure you get all of them" She said. I continued cleaning her toes, and she made me swallow her toe jam. The taste was terrible, but finally i was done.
She inspected her feet closely. "Looks like you did a good job. I guess that's all i'll need you for." Finally i was going to be let go! Then she pulled a pair of grimy looking socks out of her pocket. "You'll just have to wait here until Alli gets home. These are her cheerleading practice socks. They'll keep you company while you wait." I opened my mouth to protest once again, and the socks immediately were shoved i my mouth and taped in. They were sweatier than Rylea's socks! I groaned and struggled, but my bonds held tight. "One more gift. These are Alli's cheer shoes. She has had them since high school. I'm sure she'll be glad to see you with these when she gets here." She shoved a shoe over my nose, then wrapped tape over it and around my head. I was now stuck, sucking on Alli's sweaty socks and sniffing her putrid shoe. "See you later!" Rylea said happily, then she left the apartment and left me there suffering. I laid in my hogtie, sniffing the shoe while the socks dripped their nasty sweat down my throat. After about 30 minutes, i heard the door open. Alli was back.

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Content wise, a great story! Nice introduction of the characters and good dialogue throughout. Loved the bondage and of course the helpless, humiliating foot play. Just a couple punctuation problems that could easily be caught with a final read through but otherwise your writing skills show through. My one minor complaint is double-space between the paragraphs. Nothing wrong with long paragraphs and the break is evident, but with a space between it is easier to read and less a strain on these tired old eyes.

Looking forward to Alli's time with the new foot slave. Keep up the good work.

14-06-2012, 12:02 PM
GREAT so far! Please continue!

03-07-2012, 06:44 PM
Wow great story love it !!

04-07-2012, 03:30 AM
Yeah I couldn't quite figure out the spacing. Part two will be coming out sometime soon.

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Hey guys, it's been quite a while and i thought it's about to time post part 2.

College Slavery Part 2

I listened in dread as Alli's steps drew closer and closer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a pair of ratty old sneaker coming closer to me, one step at a time. They were so old it seemed that they were almost decomposing on the sides. The left shoe had a small hole in the front and I could see a bright teal toenail just inside the shoe. Time seemed to slow to almost a stop as she got closer to my helpless, bound body. Alli's putrid sneaker was still obscuring my vision, but I could see that Alli had came to a stop, looming over me.

"Well, you fell for it after all. I had been having my doubts that you would come."

I mmmmmmpppphhhhed as loudly as I could through the sweaty socks in my mouth. They were still one of the most unpleasant tastes I had ever experienced in my life.

"Oh, poor little Eric. You thought that you might have finally gotten your chance to get laid. With two of the prettiest girls in your class too. But look at you now, all nice and tied up on the floor, sniffing the stinky shoe of a girl. You're pathetic."

I hardly thought the verbal abuse was necessary, since i was already about as degraded as I could get. Alli then leaned down and began to unwrap the tape that connected the putrid shoe to my poor, abused nose. It was very refreshing, finally being able to smell the clean air again. Or as clean as it could be, given that the smell of Alli's old cheer shoe was burned into my sense of smell, and everything smelled foul. That, and the fact that Alli had already popped off her rotten sneakers and the smell was already filling up the room.

"I'm sure you've been dying to smell my feet. People have always told me that they were some of the worst they've ever smelled, and they were standing a few feet away! I can only imagine how great this is going to be for you! I've been walking around barefoot in these old sneakers since we right after we first saw you this morning. I even managed to squeeze in an extra run in heat between my classes. Its been so hot lately, I'm sure that my feet are so smelly right now!"

I groaned at this, but I was out of energy to struggle, after being tied up and subjected the Rylea's stinky feet before this. I knew that my bonds were too strong by now. I still absolutely did not want to smell this girl's nasty feet, but I knew that my struggles would only make things worse for me. She lowered her bare feet towards my face slowly, dramatically, savoring the fear in my eyes. I could see the sweat glistening on her soles and toes, still "fresh".

"Here they come, ready or not!"

Her long toes found their way onto my nose, wrapping above and around it, encasing it in a tomb of stinky and sweat. The slimy sensation of her toes playing gently with my nose was almost as disgusting as the smell itself, which was so cheesy and sour, I don't think I can compare it to anything else in the world. They say there is a flower in the rainforest that smells strongly of corpse, but I don't think it has anything on this girls feet. I was renewed with energy and began to twist and struggle in my bonds, trying to do anything I could to get my nose away from her feet. Just like before, my struggling only made things worse. I sucked air like a mad-man through my nose, getting a pure dose of her potent foot stench. I swear, I even inhaled a drop of her foot sweat! Of course this grossed me out even more, causing me to struggle even more, and so the cycle repeated. I could see her face through her toes, smirking down at me so contented. I could honestly see that she believed this was my rightful place in the world, to be tied up, gagged with a sweaty sock, and forced to smell girls disgusting feet. She flexed her toes up and down on my nose, like she was trying to wave the smell into my nostrils. Then she placed her toes right up against my nose, forcing me to sniff under her dirty toenails. They smelled not sour like the fest, but had a sickening scent that I can only describe as rotted.

"How does that smell? My doctor told me that I should start cleaning underneath my toenails or fungus might start to grow. I didn't really think anything of it".

I moaned wildly in disgust.

"I don't think toe fungus has ever had such a good use as to torture a stupid nerd like you."

After what seemed like ages, she began to unravel the tape around my mouth. I tried to spit out the sweaty socks, but they were jammed in my mouth. Alli slid her toes down my face, forcing me to take one more forced breath of her potent foot stench, before she gripped the socks in her toes and pulled them out.

"I'm sure you've dying to get those sock out of your mouth. See, I'm not all bad."

I already knew the only reason why she would remove the gag.

"All I want from you now is to suck on my toes a bit. They're in desperate need of some attention. I promise, we'll let you go after you do this for me."

"Please, I can't do this any more," I said, depleted of all my will to fight.

"You will suck my toes, because if you don't, we can just keep you here until the end of the year. Nobody would miss you, and nobody would believe you if you told them about this. So start sucking bitch!"

I was utterly defeated. She was right. I didn't have a roommate and few friends. They could keep me here for as long as they liked. I hesitantly opened my mouth. She smiled and suck her nasty toes into my mouth, petting my tongue a few times before commanding me,


I sucked slowly at her toes, and I could feel the all the sweat and toes jam pouring into my mouth. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. All I could think about was how terrible her toes tasted, and how I was being forced to swallow this girl's toes jam and sweat. After about 10 minutes she switched her feet, giving me a fresh new foot to clean and suck on. I don't think I have ever felt so degraded.

"Well that seems good. For now." She got up and started walking towards her room.

"Wait!" I cried out. "Come back! Let me go!"

"Don't worry, im just grabbing something," she called back.

I actually a bit relieved at that moment, believing that I was finally going to get out of the nightmare. She came back a moment later, holding a a pair of panties in her hand.

"I wore these during cheer for a whole week. I'm sure they'll keep you nice and happy for the rest of the night."

"What? I thoummmpppphhh!!!!" I was cut off in mid yell as she shoved the rank underwear in my mouth. There was sweat dripping in my mouth, until I was even forced to swallow it. Alli shoved her heal in my mouth while she grabbed the tape, forcing me once again to sniff her smelly arche. She wrapped the tape around my head and over my mouth several times, securing the sweaty panties. I was moaning and struggling wildly. I want my freedom! But I wasn't going to get it anytime soon. She dragged me across the floor, into her room, and finally throwing me at the foot of her bed.

"This is your where you sleep now. You'll switch between me and Rylea's bed each night."

She carefully undid my hogtied, so that my hands were bound behind me, then she taped them to my back. My legs were still securely tied. Then she tied rope around my neck and to the foot of her bed, keeping my head tightly bound to her bed. She crawled into bed, throwing her bare feet up in front of my face.

"I'm sure your'e going to love it here. I know I will."

With that, she pressed her feet onto my face, toes covering my nose. Then she reached over and wrapped tape around her feet and my head, tightly securing my head to her nasty feet.

"Goodnight, slave." She said, as she left me in the embrace of her smelly, sweaty feet.

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This was a pretty good story man! Im generally not to into the m/f stories, but your lack of cock-focus made me enjoy this one,lol
I like how the girls describe the situations, socks feet etc.. and i think you handled the bondage thing quite clever for an continuation.
Keep doing your thing man!


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Thanks man. I've always liked m/f stories more, just because i feel like i can place myself into the situation more easily, but focusing on cocks really throws me off. dunno if ill be writing anything again soon. I dont really have any inspiration at the moment.

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Great story emu!

24-02-2014, 05:24 AM
Thanks! I'm hoping in the future to write with a bit more originality though. This one just feels way to similar to so many other stories.