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10-06-2012, 10:34 PM
Ok guys so here is a story ive been working on

"One,two and three! thats one two and three" the coach watched as his cheerleading squad began to form their pyramid. "No thats awful I want you all to skip lunch today and get that goddamn triangle right got it!?" "yes coach" the girls all said in a monotone voice. They had been practicing for hours and britney the head of the squad had grown to hate their coach after long hours repeating the same stupid routine which was now at the point of perfection but for some reason coach just wasnt happy with them. that night britney and her close fellow cheerleader Alice went to the local park. "All he does is bloody shout its like he thinks we dont even exist" said britney matter of factly. "i know right I just wish we could make him pay for how he treats us" replied Alice "yeh i know but what can we do hes our coach" "wait a minute" interupted alice " maybe I could sort something out" "what do you mean?" asked Britney "Never mind ill see you tommorow at practice" with that alice ran of and britney was left sat by herself wondering what had made alice so excited.

--Next day--

"AGAIN!!" screamed the coach as he watched the girls once again assemble their triangle. "NO NO NO thats all wrong we will work on it tommorow practice is over!"
Today was tough the girls had been practicing for hours and they had all agreed the coach had to go "so what happened to you last night?" asked britney
"look at this" Alice pulled out a small brown bottle with a smudged marker label saying sleeping powder
"ha you cant be serious so your plan is to sprinkle some dust on the coach?"
"no my plan is to Put coach to sleep and take a few piccys
"ok well i cant take another practice so i guess we have no choice but i have to go now and take a shower my feet must stink i didnt wear socks so i need to wash of my sweat"
"no wait keep your feet sweaty and tell the girls to do the same tommorow we take the coach"
"ummm ok if you say so"

--Next day --

"ok so were all here whats the plan" asked britney
"look" said alice she opened the boot of her car and in there lay a passed out coach
"Oh my god!" said britney
"I know right ive already tied him up just help me carry him to the stands"

The coach awoke slowly he tryed to sit up but felt a weight on his chest he opened his eyes to see his head cheerleader britney sat overhim
"What the hell is this let me go screamed the coach let me go"
"but we cant let yuo go unless you do us all a favour" smiled britney
The coach looked around to see the rest of his squad were sat around him also
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ME TO DO" asked the coach
"well" chirped britney " its probably easier if we just show you" she smirked. with that she began to remove her shoe and revealed a large size 10 sweat drenched foot and positioned it a few inches above his face
" what the hell do you want me to do with that!!" asked the coach
"ummm lets start with a nice big lick from heel to toe"
"Why the hell would i do that"
because unless you want these pictures given to the police i suggest you shut up and lick my feet like a good little bitch. she showed hi various pictures they had taken while he was asleep of his hand on her breasts and her looking as if she was crying
"what that wasnt me"
"ah but it was you were just asleep"
The coach began to panick he had no way out of this and they had photos of him supposedly abusing them he had no choice
"well?" asked britney
he stared up into her big moist sole and watched as she looked down at him and said
"thats what i thought now like i said heel to toe"
with that she lowered her foot sweat visibly dropping onto his face
he stuck out his tounge and tasted the most foul and ungodly taste on this earth it tasted of rotten cheese and salt
"Good boy perhaps now you know your place"
He did he was a grown man that had just licked the foot of one of his students he was truely pathetic
with that they released him and britney handed him her cheerleading plimsoles
"I expect the soles licked clean of dirt and whatever the thing i stepped in is and if not i guess these piccys go walkys to the police"
with that the girls all left him he tried to think happy thoughts as he lay in his bed licking a filthy old shoe that tasted of seat and cheap rubber but he could not and he knew that tommorow was going to be a long day indeed...

--to be continued--

11-06-2012, 03:34 PM
A nice start indeed.

11-06-2012, 05:27 PM
yes very nice, what humiliation!!!

12-06-2012, 06:55 AM
Good story. Good capture of dialogue.