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Ah, Las Vegas: “The City of Sin”. A hedonistic destination notorious for the taboos it houses, such as gambling, promiscuous women, tempestuous parties and all around debauchery. When one wishes to indulge in such activity, Vegas is where they usually go. That said, it is NOT where you want to go when you are just 19 years old, with your family, in the middle of the summer!

That was exactly what happened to me last year. The summer of ’11 had not been very kind to me, aside from my Mavericks winning the Championship!!! I had just finished my first year of college, and had to take four classes over my three-month break if I wished to get my Associate’s earlier than planned. Granted, an Associate’s isn’t a big deal to most people, but for those who wish to graduate from a community college quickly and transfer to a major university early, getting that degree ASAP is a top priority. I had already completed 2 classes in the first summer semester, but had to take 2 more for the next one. In other words, while most of my friends were out partying and having a good time, I was busy getting my nerd on. Although I did envy my friends somewhat, it wasn’t as if I would’ve been having as much fun with them as I would have had a few years earlier.

You see, not long ago, I was a straight up party animal. I snuck out of home often, drank, partied all the time, and indulged in more sexual activity (occasionally involving my foot fetish) than anyone I knew. My friends, everyone at school, even my parents knew about most of my reckless lifestyle. However, once my grades began to slip and the recklessness began to take its toll, I freed myself from all the temptations that once plagued my life. No longer did I party, or drink, or engage in any hedonistic activity. Though only 17, I severed old ties, gave up on concepts like love and ecstasy, and became more aware of the darkness and gloom that surrounds humanity. No, I did not become “emo”, I just lowered my life’s excitement level down a few notches, aside from enjoying my fetish.

Once I graduated high school and enrolled into the local community college, I let myself loosen up a bit. I was far from the reckless player I had once been, but I did establish new friendships, have some fun and live a little. Once summer arrived, I sincerely hoped that when my family (mom, dad, 2 younger sisters) decided on where they wanted to go for vacation, they would leave me alone and let me stay home. For the past 3 summers, I had told my parents I wanted to stay home but they wouldn’t let me. This year I had a legit excuse, so my dad said I could stay. Once he said that, I began making plans for parties I might attend while having the house to myself. Unfortunately, a week later, those plans came to a screeching halt. My father realized that my mother’s “monumental” birthday was coming up, and as a surprise gift, he bought 5 plane tickets for Vegas. Since I deeply care for her, there was no way I could refuse to go. In two weeks, I rushed through my assignments for my 2nd semester courses, and prepared for a vacation I hoped would end soon.

Having been to Las Vegas many times with my family, I was rather familiar with the city. However, I had only been there once before as a teenager, and the trip was utterly deplorable. Everything a wild 15-year old wishes to do was shrouded throughout the city, but I was 6 years too young to do anything! Now, I was only a year and a half too young, so as I saw it, the trip would be even more miserable. Little did I know, over the course of a week, I would have more foot fun than I had enjoyed in years!

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Interested, please continue!

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I've been working on it, as well as some other experiences. I'll probably finish part one later today, and will post it right after that.

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Part 1 Continued

The fun began on the day we arrived. After freshening up in our hotel room around 7:00 that night, my parents, two younger sisters and I went the buffet at the most kid-friendly casino of them all, Circus Circus. Known for its arcade, magic shows, carnival games and amusement park, it is considered the one place in Vegas where kids can enjoy themselves. Of course, a nineteen-year old can’t be considered a kid anymore. Hoping to find some way to get through the night, I told my parents to go to the casino, and that I’d take care of my sisters. For about an hour, we just went around playing some games. That is, until I spotted the girl that would help make my whole trip worthwhile.

She was working at a booth where you had to knock three bottles, all stacked up together, down in order to get some stupid stuffed animal. Since it was only $1 for three tries, I decided to press my luck. I gave my sisters some money to go play some games, and went up to her. The young Hispanic woman had shiny black hair in a pony tail, wore a black shirt and slacks, and repped the cheesy green uniform vest that all the workers had. What really caught my attention were her dingy, black lace-up Vans, and the gleam in her glistening brown eyes as I approached her.

I’m not sure what I said to initiate the conversation, but within a minute, she began flirting back. She told me that she wasn’t allowed to converse freely with anyone unless they played the game at her booth, so I gave it a shot. I told her that I knew games like these were crap and fixed, and that I’d win any way. She gave me a daring look, so I gave her three bucks and said that if I knock the bottles down three times, I get a kiss. Somewhat surprisingly, she said okay. Her demeanor mad it seem like she was confident I’d lose, but I could tell she wanted me to win.

Luckily, I knew a guy who’s brother once worked at a carnival that had games like these, so he knew how to beat them. He told me how to win at these things, and I hoped that would work to my advantage. She gave me the beanbags, and each time I took a shot, I knocked the bottles down. No one was around her booth at the time, so there was no screaming or congratulating aimed at me. At first she looked shocked at my success, but then she gave me a sly smile, pulled me in, and gave me a wet one. Stunned beyond belief, I somehow managed to stay on my feet once she let go. I told her I’d be back in a second and stumbled away.

About ten feet away, I spotted my sisters. I told the elder one, 17, that it was only 9:00, and the games section would be closing soon, but the parents wouldn’t be ready to go for a while. Our hotel, which had it’s own movie theatre, was right next to Circus Circus. I gave her a spare room key and $30, and told her to take my other sister to a movie. Tired of playing and hoping to find something to do, she happily agreed, grabbed my sister, and took her to the theatre. Voila! I was free! Getting a flashback of the Hispanic chick’s shoes, I stormed right back to her booth, hoping she was still there.

Luckily, she was right in the same spot, closing up her booth. I asked her what was going on, and she told me it was time to close up. Her manager had told her it was time to go, and that she was ready to take her “tired ass back to her room.” Damn, she sounded so hot with her slightly noticeable Spanish accent. And she looked great, too. All of a sudden, I got back to my senses. She wasn’t that hot, nor were her shoes that ratty. Holy shit! The reason why she appealed so much to me was the fact that she was just like my first high school crush! Same hair, same eyes, same race, even the same name!

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Back in my freshman year of high school, I met a girl named Paloma. She had black hair, brown eyes, and always dressed casual. Every time I saw her, she was wearing a sexy yet casual top, nice jeans and sneakers or flip flops. My goodness she was such a turn-on! We hung out often, and her down to earth nature had me going wild. She was a senior at the time, and I wasn’t the most attractive guy around, so I never had the balls to ask her out. After the school year had ended, she got accepted into a university in the East, over a thousand miles away. I never got to tell her how I felt, nor did I get to tell her about my fetish. Knowing her, she’d probably let me indulge in it, and would’ve probably enjoyed it herself! The fact that I never made a move was something I thought I’d regret for the rest of my life. That is, until now.

“Hello! You okay?” asked the girl at the booth, snapping me back to reality. I told her I was fine and just got caught up in the past. For the next few minutes, she told me about her life: the fact that her grandparents arrived in Los Angeles 50 years ago, how her parents were college sweethearts, and the fact that she was just working after classes to lessen financial burdens. Eventually, she got to talking about how since she had no classes that day, she had been working for the past 12 hours! I asked her how tired it was, and she emphasized just how exhausted she was, and how her feet were just killing her! Bingo. That was exactly what I had been hoping to hear, and I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

Being the gracious gentleman that I am (cough, cough), I asked her if I could offer her a foot rub. I was ready to hear her refuse, and come up with weak excuses to show reluctance, but she accepted. :) All the booths around her had closed up, and the workers had left, so she lifted up the side door and let me into the booth with nobody noticing. She sat down sideways against the barrier inside the booth, and told me to sit facing her. The barrier was 4 feet high, and there was a cover over it, so most people wouldn’t be able to see us even if they were right at the booth. Anyways, she extended her legs out to my knee, all set and ready to go. As if I needed any more motivation, she seductively said “ I hope they’re not too stinky enough for you to handle.”, driving me insane.

With my pulse racing and mind buzzing, I began to unlace her left shoe. As she looked at me with anticipation, I told her there is another way I could massage her feet that would be even better than a normal foot rub. When she asked me what I was talking about, I pulled off her sneaker, as a blast of hot, fragrant air rushed right into my face. I think she said sorry, but I was too mesmerized to understand just what she said. I put the opening of her black shoe right on my nose, as I took long, excruciating breaths of her canvas shoe. A harsh, aged, dry, powerful parmesan-scented odor scourged its way through my nostrils, pounding my senses and sending me into nirvana. About 15 invigorating sniffs later, I looked up and noticed her wide-eyed stare, revealing how truly shell-shocked she was by what she had just seen.

Now, under normal circumstances, I may have apologized profusely for doing something like that, and probably would’ve waked away after pleading for her to tell no one about what had happened. However, in this case, as I was living a fantasy I had thought about for years, I took a completely different route. I told her that I was sorry about getting carried away, and that I was ready to give her the foot massage. Apparently she wasn’t weirded out by me going berserk on her shoe, or she was curious to see what would happen next.

I lifted her foot, lightly massaged her heel, and blew cold air at her sweaty toes. Obviously I was bullshitting, but it apparently had a positive impact on her! She sighed, then groaned slightly, and soon alternated sighs and groans as I kept doing this. I don’t know if this is a normal reaction or her feet were just very sensitive, but it was obvious that she was absolutely loving it! I kept doing the same thing a little while longer, and then she said, “You really loved that smell, didn’t you?” I asked her what she was talking about and she said, “My shoe, you loved smelling that ratty thing, didn’t you? You were craving that shit like it was a bouquet of roses.”

I told her that I was, and told her that I had a foot fetish. In order to make sure that she wouldn’t get upset and think that the only reason I ever came up to her in the first place was to get at her feet, I explained to her that when I first saw her an hour earlier I thought she was attractive. I explained to her that I was just flirting at first, but that I could tell that there was a definite connection between us. I even decided to tell her about how she reminded me of the Paloma I met years ago, and all the regrets I had about what didn’t happen between us. She gave one of those sympathetic “Aww”s that girls often give to offer comfort, but that slowly turned an guttural moan as I begin to vigorously rub her sole.

I could tell that she was holding back, doing her best to keep her fingers away from her pants, trying not to get too indulged in the ‘massage’. I told her to loosen up, and that it was okay for her to do what she wanted to. She was still trying to hold back, so I plunged my nose deep into her parmesan-scented toes, taking deep breaths of their fetid aroma, while nibbling on the ball of her foot. At this point, she was desperately trying to maintain her composure, as her body fought against her. Deciding to go for the kill, I took my head back and plunged her big toe into my mouth, sucking it for all it was worth.

At this point, she gave in. She unzipped her pants and plunged her fingers deep in her cunt. I couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of my eyes! This once demure yet sly looking girl was now fingering herself frenziedly and becoming an animal, ready to explode. Sensing that a big orgasm was about to rush through the floodgates, she hysterically looked for something to put in her mouth to avoid bloodcurdlingly screaming. She reached out, grabbed one of the bottles, and bit vigorously as she came all over her panties. Minutes flew by, but she kept on going. It was as if the Energizer bunny was beating her clit and wouldn’t quit!

Completely drained, she heaved heavily as she begged me to stop sucking her toe, about five minutes after she began cumming. It had been over an hour and a half since I gave my sisters money for the movies, so I knew they’d be back in the room within half an hour. I told Paloma that I didn’t have much time, and that I’d have to leave soon. She didn’t think it was fair to let me go without repaying me, so she asked me something I had never been asked before.

“Have you ever gotten a footjob?”, she asked curiously. Now, I had been aware of my fetish for quite some time, but I had never gotten a footjob before. To be honest, I never wanted one either. As I said earlier in this story, I no longer believed in love. There are a lot of reasons why that was the case, but one of them was because I had been around quite some fucked up women before. I knew of some that cheated, some that were abusive, heck, I knew of one who wound up in jail because she castrated her ex-boyfriend! I know it sounds funny, but I became very protective of my penis after hearing of that woman. I had refused handjobs, and almost refused getting a blowjob once, simply because I was afraid the women would get carried away and afflict pain on me!

I decided not to tell Paloma that, and just said that I never had one. As a result, she extended her right foot, and told me to do whatever I wanted with it. Knowing that her bare feet had been baking in her black shoes for over 13 hours, my dick grew instantly. I ripped her shoe off and shoved it over my nose, breathing in her dank scent. As I did that, she pulled my hard dick out of my shorts and briefs, and stroked it lightly with her smooth hands. Once I got as hard as I possibly could, she demanded “Smell in between my toes” in the sexiest way possible and wrapped the toes of her left foot around my shaft.

Getting ever so close to the edge, I spread her soft, sweat-drenched toes and shoved my nose in between each sharp-scented crevice. She kept talking dirty, and stroked me with her toes like her life depended on it. Knowing what was coming, I stuffed my nose between her second and third toe, took the deepest breath I had ever taken, and exploded with pleasure more intense than sex had ever given me. I came longer than I ever had before, and her toes took it all. As if all that hadn’t been enough, once I was done, she shoved her toes into her mouth and sucked all the jizz from them!

With my watch reading 10:45, I knew my sisters would be back in the room soon. Luckily, the 17-year old told me what movie they went to, and it wouldn’t end until about 11, so I knew I didn’t have to rush back. I took Paloma’s right, still fresh foot, and gave it a regular rub while thanking her for making my trip worthwhile. She thanked me back, and told me she was going to leave for Los Angeles the next day so that she could be at her grandparent’s home for the next week. Apparently, had I not gotten back to her booth when I did, this whole thing would’ve never happened!

Damn, did I feel lucky! Less than ten hour earlier, I felt miserable about going to Vegas as a nineteen-year old with the family. Now, I felt like the luckiest guy in the world! She wiped her foot on my face a few times, allowing be to take in its heavenly essence in the process, and told me it was the most thrilling thing she had done in a long while. She then placed the opening of each shoe over my nose, and told me to breathe deeply five times for each one. Afterwards, we hugged, exchanged numbers, and she told me that whenever I came back, we could hang out. Knowing that a janitor would be coming by soon, we cleaned up the best we could, good enough to hide any notable evidence of what had occurred over the past few hours.

After we went our separate ways, and my mind kept spinning from the sheer amazement of all that had taken place the past few hours. Fortunately, when I got back to my hotel, it wasn’t 11:00 yet. No one was in the same elevator with me as I went up the floors, so this whole thing was going to stay anonymous. As I slowly put the key into the door, and I pushed the door in, I was glad to know that the room was dark and no one had returned yet. Deep in thought as I undressed, my cellphone rang, nearly forcing my heart to jump out of my chest. My sister called to let me know that the movie had ended and they were on the way back. She clamored about how great it was, and how I missed out. She then asked me about how my night had gone. A crooked grin formed on my face, as I told her, “Oh, it was alright. Nothing special. I’m glad at least someone had fun tonight!” As she laughed and hung up, I stepped into the shower, fully unaware of the fact that this wasn’t the only foot fun I’d have in this glorious, exuberant city.

End of Part 1

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nice very nice

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I'm working on the 2nd & 3rd parts. It's a trilogy, and all of it is 100% true. I know some of the details may be hard to believe, but everything in them is true. Anyway, I'll have the other two parts posted on here within the next few days.

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I'm looking forward to them. Your way with the words is incredible.

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Thank you very much Anime. I am a broadcast journalism major, so good writing is basically a requirement. Heck, if I had money, I'd probably have chosen to go to a big writing school like Northwestern or Purdue and not have gone to a community college in the first place! That said, aside from one semester, I absolutely LOVED community college, as it helped me enjoy my fetish and life a whole lot more than if I would've gone to a big school. It also saved me from being cash strapped for years to come!

Oh, and I hope you post some stories as well. The more quality stories there are on DOSF, the better!

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You're welcome Shanp,

Being a writer is something I desire to be as well. Too bad English isn't my native language, as I love it more than 'anything' else in the world. With this I mean any not living thing. Hehe.

You sound like someone I'd like to get to know in real life. I'm still in highschool, but our schoolsystem is almost uncomparable to the American one. Oh and I'd love to share some stories myself. Too bad there's nothing to share.
Once more I'd like to compliment you on your writing style. Would love to read some more work of you (even non-feet related things).


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Thanks again man. And it's okay if you don't have any real experiences to share. You can always come up with a story. I'm sure you have the capability to conjure up some great fantasies from the depths of your mind, and it would be awesome to see what you, or anyone else on here, can come up with.

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I fully agree. I made a pretty good story and I was shocked that I got so much positive feedback from it. You'd be surprised at how well you may be able to write.

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Mwah, I prefer not to induldge too much into my fetish at this stage of my life. But I wouldn't mind sharing any real experiences if one decides to cross my path.

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Sorry for replying so late. Been busy, and explained it all on another thread. Anyways, I'm glad people liked this, but part 2 is better, imo. I finished that, as well as the final part a while back, but I am going to post them up today, since I finally have the chance to do so.

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Awesome story!

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Thanks man. If you can, please take the time to read parts 2 and 3. I posted them about a week ago, and if you liked this part, you will probably enjoy them, too.