View Full Version : Short Story from the Boring Guy

01-06-2012, 12:02 AM
There I was, sitting on the bench. It was barely two in the afternoon when I had decided to go outside on a balmy May day. There were children running in the field behind me and I would turn around and look when there was a loud cry. Not every time, just sometimes, just so I wouldn't look like a grumpy old man. And I'm not. Neither of the two actually. I just get caught up in what I am doing-- particularly on this day I was playing Dig Dug on my cellphone-- that whenever something catches my attention, it gets all of it, immediately.

That's what was going on until I noticed a pair of feet in front of me. Two little white feet, of course they weren't of a little girl's but feet in general are not the biggest things in general. Her toe nails could have fungus on them, but luckily I was ignorant of their state as she had a very nice pedicure, red shade, almost orange, but it could have been hot pink.

She walk past me to sit on the other bench that faces the one I was sitting on. She took a seat and without looking at me she took off her shoes. They weren't that fancy, a pair of old, brown flip flops.

"Oh my," I whispered under my breath.

It was barely a flutter in the wind, and she might as well thought it came from the field behind me. Instead she looked up at me and I held eye contact with her. It wasn't the most comfortable moment. Her hair had shifted as a nice breeze framed the moment. A few strands found their way across her open mouth and quick as a flea she jerked her hand up and wiped at her face until the hair was out of her mouth.

I coughed in disapproval. Whatever. It was just a cough right? She didn't think so.

"Faggot," she said.

I looked back at her. She might as well gone out for a run, she was well dressed for it, except for her brown flip flops. She wore pink top that held her small breast apart. I don't really care for breasts, so I just stare at them as if they came from another planet. I don't know, unless her nipples were hard I wasn't get hard from staring at them.

"Excuse me, I bet you go home and instead of watching porn you probably go on LoGo and watch gay guys making out," I said.

She laughed. It was a simple 'ha ha' cornball of a moment.

"You're right, I do. I'm Stacey," she said.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a deep stream of air. I held it for a moment, lifted my head up, and let a big spool of laughter into the air. She must have gone along with it. We both laughed until we heard the park go silent. We stopped, and kissed goodbye.