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28-05-2012, 08:46 AM
True Story:
In her limited amount of fight experiences this is Brooke's most dominant performance yet! Blonde Kickboxing Goddess Brooke is back!! She begins to warm up with a few kicking combinations as she prepares for a match against her opponent Christy. Brooke can't wait to devastate her by slapping Christy's face with her smooth Deadly Feet! She wastes no time keeping the pressure on until Christy has been kicked into unconsciousness!!

http://t.imgbox.com/aalSgH9K.jpg (http://imgbox.com/aalSgH9K)http://t.imgbox.com/aaywboXY.jpg (http://imgbox.com/aaywboXY)

Christy grew up in the same neighborhood with Nicole, Brooke's younger cousin. While hanging out one Friday night the fight between Brooke and Nicole came up and Christy was intrigued and wanted to take Brooke on in a bare foot Kickboxing match. Christy was under the impression that this was going to be a playful cat fight, but Brooke had other ideas. Once again I invited Nicole and her boyfriend Craig to come watch the fight between Brooke and Christy on the following weekend.

The Blonde Kickboxing goddess entered the room wearing a camouflage sports tank top that showed off her toned arms, and camouflage boy shorts which complimented her long sexy legs. Brooke's long blonde hair was pulled back and held in place with a matching camouflage headband. I was completely mesmerized by her pure confidence and beauty as she walked across the black mat. She had the prettiest feet I had ever seen for a Kick-boxer, with each step I got a good look at the tops of her tan feet and creamy white soles. Her opponent Christy entered the room, bowed and removed her shoes at the mat revealing her two beautiful feet and black polished toes. Christy's body appeared to be athletic and in very good shape. She was wearing a tight fitting white T-shirt with royal blue boy shorts.

Brooke continued to warm up: with leg stretches, neck stretches, kicking combinations and with every repetition, she became more and more excited. Brooke was desperately looking forward to this bare foot kickboxing match against Christy. Christy also warmed up against the padded walls in the basement stretching her arms, legs, and back. Brooke stopped her stretching and looked straight at her opponent "Are you ready to take me on Christy?" Christy responded with a slight pulse to her breath. "Oh you better believe I am ready." Both girls moved to the center of the mat, and began to bounce in their fighting stance. They began to circle each other in a lethal yet graceful dance with their bare feet tracing out the steps on the black tatami mat. Christy was the first to attack with a double left jab followed by a low leg kick which caught Brooke off guard she countered with a punching combination jab, right cross, left hook to the body of her opponent. Brooke senses that Christy was hurt by the left hook, she wastes no time and goes on the attack, snapping a front kick right between Christy's guard, her creamy white sole lands flush on the face…Ki Yaaa!! Knocking her backwards. "Wow, your face is really turning red, Christy! I guess you must realize that my kicking skills are better than yours. Maybe it's because my feet are prettier, you think?" giggled Brooke as she wiggled her toes of her outstretched right foot.

Now feeling a bit angry Christy got up a little slowly and got into her fighting stance. The two female kick boxer's resumed their match, Christy quickly leaped forward to attack, Brooke instinctively cocked her knee up to snap a kick to Christy's face…Ki Yaaa!!. As Brooke's deadly bare foot shot through the air with Christy's temple as the target, Christy dropped to the black mat and instantly went for the swept of Brooke's leg. THWAP! went Christy's black-toe nailed foot into Brooke's toned calves, as she too fell to the mat. Both girls scramble to get back up on their feet. Christy has her guard up, but the sexy blonde lands spinning back fist to her head, Brooke then connected with a reverse spin kick across her face…Ki Yaaa!! The kick is so powerful snapping Christy's head to the side, blood dripping from her nose and her face was swollen and bruised from the assault of Brooke's deadly feet. The poor girl was badly dazed and clearly had enough. Before anyone could step in to stop the fight, Brooke finishes her with another devastating front kick, as she let's out lets out a loud Ki-Yaaa!!! The bare right sole of her foot landed flush on the nose and mouth of Christy's face! As her head shot backward and her body goes limp as she falls forward down to the mat.

Brooke walked over to her defeated opponent, writhing in pain on the floor. She looked down at Christy with arrogance… she knew that she was truly better than her…. And proved it here today. Triumphantly, she walked over to her and placed sweaty sole on Christy's face using her full weight. Brooke's creamy white sole was mashing Christy's battered face harder into the mat, leaving a sweaty foot impression on her face, Christy was in too much pain to move and wipe it away. Brooke raised her arms in the air and pretended that she had just won ISKA Kickboxing Championship. She talked about herself in third person, as if she were a TV announcer “ And the winner by way of knockout Brooke! " The Blonde Goddess!!!" She chuckled, holding Christy’s injured face to the mat beneath her sweaty foot sole, as she blew kisses to the fake crowd. Brooke just stood there smiling, as Christy struggled beneath the very moist and sweaty foot of the Blonde Goddess.

29-05-2012, 08:59 AM
WOW!!!!!! What a FANTASTIC story! I so hope this is TRUE! BROOKE is as amazing as she is beautiful. I LOVE how she kicks her opponents in the face. I really LOVE how she steps on her female victims face after the fight! SO HOT, SO SEXY! I would love to know what happened and what was said after the fight? Did Christy comment about BROOKE's kicks, and her foot smell? What did BROOKE say to her, and do after? What did Nicole think, and say? This was UNBELIEVABLY SEXY! THANK YOU!!!!!