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Natural Chloroform Redux
(For those that are new or don’t remember, May is a variation of one of my best friends now living in Ft Worth, TX. She is roughly 5’8, pale skin, short dark brown/blackish hair, dresses in the Ska fashion, very pretty)

May woke up in her brand new apartment. She had a feeling of satisfaction after she moved in; she had worked at a crummy job for nearly 2 years, building up her savings, taking courses, and finally earning that big paying job. “It’s all done!” she thought to herself. She almost rolled out of bed to take a shower when she thought to treat herself to some self-foot sniffing. Besides, it was still only about 5 am and it was a Saturday. What possibly could have her needing to be up that early anyway? She had worked all day moving everything into her place in the extreme heat of Ft. Worth, “What better way to celebrate?!” She threw off her covers and gently pulled her right foot onto her left knee. May admired the way her black sock looked like it hadn’t been washed in nearly week when it was closer to three. She could already smell the odor of her foot, “Mmm… I wonder how long I can resist to keep myself awake…” she playfully whispered. And with that, she yanked her sock off.

She placed her sock next to her pillow so she knew where it would be. She propped up her knee to give her foot a better position for placing it on her face. May looked over her foot before placing it on her face; she loved how soft it was, and especially how stinky it could become. “I need to invite some old friends over, I wonder if they miss my natural chloroform” she said aloud. She had really embraced the name, Natural Chloroform. To her, it just sounded so… sensual, so sexy. If she ever found a boyfriend who was into feet, he would be in for a hell of a ride. “Oh well, no sense in thinking about that stuff now. I’ve got some smelling to do!” And with that, she slowly placed her foot onto her face.

The smell was intense. She plastered her mouth right over the ball of her foot and her nose right into her toes to enhance her activity. She took a gigantic sniff

After that one smell, she nearly was out right then and there. “WOW! They are strong this morning! I love it!” she thought. Her eyes already started to flutter a bit, but she didn’t mind. She loved this, smothering herself with her smelly foot. It was something she loved and would never give it up. She took more deep breaths of her intense smell.


With every inhale, she became weaker and weaker. She could tell already that it was soon time to be knocked out by her stinky foot. She decided she would try to fight it, see how long she could last. It didn’t last long however, as the more she took in of her smell the more she couldn’t resist.

SNNNNIIIFFFFF. SNNNNIIIFIFFFFF. SNNNNIFFFFF… Her heart was racing to stay away, her eyes were fluttering faster than a Lamborghini on the Autobahn. “Mmmm… SNNNIIIIFFFFF Mmmmm… SNNIIFFFF” She moaned after every breath. The feeling of sleep was just around the corner. May soon was going to be asleep and she didn’t care at all.

“Mmmmm… stinky, stinky feet” she whispered to herself as she took one final sniff…
SNNNNIIIIFFFFFF… and with that, she was unconscious. However, the way she had herself positioned she didn’t fall back onto her bed. She simply passed out with her face still locked onto her foot. So there she was, asleep with her right foot on her face like a gas mask, only keeping the fresh air out and her intense foot smell in. “Mmmmm…” she moaned in her sleep.

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AWESOME start my friend!!! Please continue soon!!!!!!!!!!

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and plz post pics

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Can't tell you how excited I am that this story is coming back in some form

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Thanks for the responses folks! I really loved the series and was sad to see that I lost it all when the Den was hacked (bastards). Anyway, I wanted to start over yet not start over so I decided to go again but this time in the very near future of it all. Part 2 is now up here and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! (Also, I'm having trouble moving it all from Word to the Den here so bear with me if parts seem to be missing and I'll fix it as soon as I can)

Chapter 2

After being knocked out for roughly two hours, May finally woke up. Only reason for this was that she slipped back onto her pillow, taking her foot off her face. “Mmmm… man that was great!” May gleefully shouted aloud as she stretched her arms and legs. She took a moment to examine her room and think about what she needed to do that day, “Let’s see… I need to go for a run, get some food for later, play some Dance Central 2, and then perhaps find a victim to be under my stinky feet!” She ran a list of names in her head of who she could get. There was Kyla who was visiting Ft Worth for a work related event. Kyla was 5’9, stunning gorgeous blonde with dark green eyes, fair skin, slender-to-average build with soft feet; Kyla had been under her pair of knockout feet before, but never remembered due to this being in the middle of the night. She thought it was all a dream. Then there was Moose, he’s about 5”11, average build, dark brownish hair with green eyes. He had a major foot fetish and always had a thing for her feet, However, May knew about it when Moose thought she didn’t, “I could absolutely tease him and then strike without warning… maybe even give him a little extra down below the waist…” she shivered in delight at the thought. She and him had been best friends for awhile, maybe she could repay him for all his help through the years. However, he had an 8-5 job and usually was too busy to venture to see her. “I think I’ll wait with Moose, he may take longer to put to sleep” May laughed almost evil like, but in a playful way. With that, she picked up her phone and looked for Kyla’s number. After a long conversation, Kyla agreed to hang out later at May’s new place since she hadn’t seen it yet. “Perfect!” she thought, “Kyla is going to be chloroformed again with my feet and she won’t be any the wiser.”

After about 8-9 hours, May had taken care of everything she set out to do. The hot, humid air of Ft. Worth made her feet sweat extremely bad. With every step, she could feel them get sweatier and smellier; Kyla’s night was going to be interesting. She got everything set up for her visit when she heard the doorbell. “She’s early!” May thought. She ran to the door and looked out the peep hole. Sure enough, it was Kyla still in her business attire. She opened the door for Kyla to come in, “Hey Kyla! Glad you could make it! Did you come straight from work?” Kyla walked in and headed straight for her sofa that was on the left side of the living area, “Thanks for the invite May, and yes I did. The air conditioner was broke in our meeting place today and so the heat was rampant. Wearing black pumps was not the smartest thing to do, especially not with this heat wave going on!” May’s heart started beating incredibly fast. She glimpsed down to see Kyla’s legs in a black nylon hose, “Oshi-“ she thought, “Those… those could be so deadly.” She wanted to smell them but Kyla needed to come first, afterwards she would treat herself! May walked over and sat down next to Kyla, “So tell me about your meeting!” Kyla looked around her person, “Did I put my phone behind you? It’s not on me.” May leaned behind herself to look, “No, I don’t see it. Did you- MMPPHHFF!” As she turned around, Kyla had smashed her nylon feet into May’s face! Kyla quickly scooted up, sat on May’s legs and grabbed her wrists, “I know why you invited me over today May…” she said with an evil grin that almost scared May, “but two can play at this game!” With that, she plastered her nylon feet over May’s face while she struggled to free herself.


Smelling was all May could do, she was trapped under her friends extremely stinky feet. “*Cough Cough* Kyla your feet… *Cough* they’re so strong!” May mumbled. Kyla just grinned and placed her toes right into May’s nose as she struggled more.


The more May inhaled, the more she became weaker and weaker! “This is insane! I’m the one who is supposed to have the stinky, chloroforming feet! And yet… I can’t resist this…” she thought to herself. Every breathe that came into her nostrils just made her more compliant with just smelling.


Her sniffs became less long and frantic to shorter and controlled. She was going to be out soon. Kyla looked at her, “That’s right May, just sit back and smell my feet *SNIIFF* That’s good… another *SNIIIFFF* Mmmm… very good. Keep breathing *SNNNNIFFFFF* *SNNNIIIIFFFF* Ah very good… I see your eyes are fluttering now… *SNNIIFF* SNNIIFF* Just keep breathing dear… let yourself drift off into the night. *SNIFF* You’re so adorable with your eyes fighting to stay open like that… Breathe deeply this time… *SNNNNNNIIIIIIFFFFFFFF* Mmmmmm, yes! Perfect! Take another deep one! *SNNNNNIIIIIFFFFFFF*” With that, May couldn’t stay away any longer. She nodded off after being exposed to her friends incredibly stinky and powerful feet. Kyla continued to keep her feet covering her face, never seeing the huge smile on May’s face as she passed out.

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Awesome, dude. I loved the tables being turned aspect. Keep it coming.

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Looking forward to Chapter 3 my friend!!! Please keep it coming!!

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YES!!!!!! One of my all time favourites!!

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Chapter 3 (Sorry I took so long, I was at A-kon 23 this past weekend and didn't get a chance to write anything. Hope y'all enjoy part 3!)

May woke up on her bed, mostly groggy after being exposed to her friend's intensely smelling feet. It was night time, the lights were off and the only source of light were the headlights of the cars driving past her window. Her apartments were located next to the highway, so it was easy to get on the road. She tried to rub her eyes buy noticed that her arms were bound, one to each post of her bed! She was a little shocked at first, "What... what's going on?" she managed to utter. She noticed her legs were free and able to move them about; however she could not see her friend Kyla around. Where did she go? Did she simply tie up May and leave? "Oh good you're awake!" Kyla whispered. May could barely hear it, but she knew it was coming from the foot of her bed. She saw Kyla rise up, still in her business attire, and saunter to sit right next to her feet. "Im really glad you invited me over May, I was hoping that my efforts to make my feet extra stinky were going to go to waste." May watched her as Kyla slowly removed May's socks. "Truth is, I'm glad you came over!" May sputtered "I'm not gonna lie, I was going to smother you with my stinky feet and have you passed out on my bed." She couldn't believe she just admitted that to her friend, but all secrecy went out the window when she was taken by surprised and smothered out first. "I'm not going to lie either, when you were passed out and under my feet I let them stay there for awhile. It was so cute watching you deeply inhale my stinky feet while unconcious. Just seeing your little nose being wrapped by my toes, caught under them being able to do nothing but breathe my knock-out stink..." Kyla shuddered "MAN it felt good!". May noticed that Kyla removed both of her socks, "What do you plan on doing now?" Kyla started to position herself right in front of May now, she put her legs underneath May, essentially having May sit on her lap. "Well I think its my turn to be chloroformed don't you think?" Before May could even respond, Kyla thrust May's feet upon her pretty face and began to inhale deeply.

SNNNIIIFFFFF. SNNNIIIIFFFF. SNNNIIIFFFFF. That was all May could hear. Her friend had just tied her up and was now putting herself to sleep by her feet! Kyla was completely taken by her friends feet. "Oh May... SNNNIIIFFFFFF I love the smell SNNNNIIIIFFFFF of your stinky feet... SNNNNNIIIIIFFFFF. I just... SNNNNIIIFFFF want SNNNNIIIIIIFFFFF to be out SNNNIIFFFFFF"
May was almost feeling aroused, but then realized that this was a friend of hers. But still, she loved the spot she was in and decided to take advantage. "Well then Kyla, why don't you just breathe deep?" Almost on command, Kyla took a massive inhale of her friends smell. SNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFF SNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFF With every breath, Kyla felt herself getting weaker. She started by sniffing and smelling wildly and was now slowing down. May watched her friend with every headlight that went by, seeing her pretty dark green eyes while the rest of her face was smothered by her feet. She couldn't help but noticed how Kyla never took her eyes off the feet on her face. With every inhale, Kyla just watched the feet. May spread her toes for her friend, releasing more stinky to further her natural chloroform experience. But then May had an idea, "Kyla... I want you to stop breathing!" May then latched her toes and pressed the ball of her foot to suffocate her friend! Kyla instantly convulsed when she heard her say that and tried to breathe. All May could hear was her friend moaning for air, thrashing her head back and forth trying to breathe. "Not yet Kyla... not yet" she said in a soothing, almost cute voice. Kyla shook her head wanting air, she wanted to smell her friends stinky foot and badly. "Breathe..." she released her grip and Kyla took one gigantic sniff.


And with those breathes, Kyla's eyes fluttered continuously like she was fighting to stay awake. But it didn't work; Kyla rolled her eyes back, took one last weak deep breathe and passed out. However, while Kyla was being suffocated May did not noticed that Kyla had actually moved her left foot from under May and had rested it just on May's stomach...

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I'm loving this story and look forward to the next installment!!! This was extremely hot!!! You should have Kyla keep May as a hostage and continually torture her with her smelly feet. May could fight it but eventually give in and pass out from the stench. May could also build a tolerance to the stench and refuse to pass out and turn the tables on Kyla. Does this sound like a good idea to you?

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good story, thanks for writing!

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Wow this is a great story I'm new hear and this Caught my eye. Have you ever wrote more to it or plan to write more I should love to read it.

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some pics sound like a good idea to go with this awesome story:rolleyes:

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This story is amazing
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