View Full Version : Cumming in my wife's best childhood freind's smelly sandals (NF-100% True)

26-05-2012, 11:58 PM
This just happened 3 hours ago! My wife's best friend since they were kids just moved back to town. Her name is Lisa. She stopped over for a visit today. She is not very attractive (40, short and dumpy brunette with a big nose) but she has the most perfect feet I have ever seen! I haven't seen her tootsies in about 15 years. When she came over she immediately kicked off her sandals and there they were, those pristine feet hadn't changed a bit. She's a size 7 with perfectly shaped toes and trimmed natural toenails. Her soles are smooth and like porcelain. I started getting a woody as soon as I saw them. Anyway, we ate lunch then my wife and Lisa went out to the patio to bullshit. Lisa put her sexy feet up on a chair and started flexing her smooth soles. I then realized that her feet would be visible from my basement window and she wouldn't have a view of me down there. I quickly excused myself and went inside. I grabbed her sandals and headed downstairs. I took a big whiff of one sandal on the way down. OMG!!!! A deep, intense corn chip smell almost knocked me off the stairs! I got an instant boner and knew I'd be jacking off to those smelly sandals even if I didn't get to see her feet.

I went to the basement window and sure enough there were her gorgeous flexing soles not 5 feet from me. I pulled my rock hard cock out of my shorts and and started wanking. I gazed at her soles as I deeply inhaled the cheese from one sandal. I stuck my cock through the toe straps of the other sandal and started jacking off with it. It was still warm and moist from her stinky soles. I jerk off furiously with her sandal and watched her feet through the window. She put on an amazing foot show! Toes wiggling, soles flexing, ankles rolling. I was in heaven and getting closer to busting a nut with every wiggle of her toes. Just then she crossed her ankles anb flexed her soles way back into the most erotic foot pose I'd ever seen and she held them there. That's all I needed! I took a huge deep sniff of her right sandal, arched my back and shot a mammoth load of hot cum all over the insole of her left sandal. It was dripping with my cum. I continued to unload as she flexed her toes back and forth. I was finally drained and shaking from my orgasm. Suddenly, they both got up and started heading for the house. I rushed upstairs and dropped her sandals back by the door without having a chance to clean them. My wife came in and said that Lisa got a call and had to run out. Lisa apologized and gave me a big hug. She said "Oh, you're all hot and flushed!". I blamed my allergies and she said I know what that's like. She slipped her feet into her sandals and I could see my cum start to drip out the side. She made a strange face and took her foot out of her sandal. She lifted her foot and there it was: my warm cum all over her sole. She wiggled her foot and asked "What the heck is on my sandal?" I panicked and did what any foot fetish crazed guy would do: I blamed the dog. I said "Snuffy must have been licking your sandals". My wife said "That's exactly what that is. He does that to my shoes all of the time. I'm sorry Lisa". Lisa said "That's what I thought I was. My dog does the same thing. I'm used to it." I was safe! Holy shit that was close. I was scared shitless but at the same time extremely aroused by the sight of my cum all over Lisa's sole.

We walked her out and talked a little more as she got into her car. Just then the phone rang and my wife said she'd get it. She said bye to Lisa, made quick plans for lunch next week and ran into the house. Lisa said goodbye to me and then started the car. She then motioned me over to the car window. I got close and she asked "Did you have fun?" I said "What do you mean?". She said "I know why you were all flushed inside". She then slipped her foot out of her sandal, ran her finger along her sole still wet with my cum. She held her finger up to my face and said "This isn't dog drool. I know cum when I see it." I was speechless and the blood must have drained from my face. She sat in her car staring straight ahead for what seemed like an eternity. Then she smirked, looked me in the eye and whispered "Next time when we're alone I want you to cum on my feet instead of in my shoe". She then licked my cum right off her finger!! With that she licked her lips, winked at me and drove off. I stood in the driveway stunned. This small, dumpy woman with the hottest feet in the world is suddenly the sexiest chick ever in my mind. What now? Will she tell my wife? Will it be our secret? I don't know but I'm sure looking forward to her stopping over when my wife is at work!

29-05-2012, 02:50 AM
Very nice. I hope she wouldnt wash her feet so they get more smelly for you ... with your dried cum on them ^^.

29-05-2012, 07:57 PM
It's been a strange couple of days. I know I crossed a line and got caught but the thought of it makes me so horny! My wife has talked to her on the phone since this weekend and I know Lisa didn't say anything to her. My wife has no idea. I'm not sure what happens next. There will be a point that Lisa and I are alone and I know her feet will be involved. How far do I go? A FJ?