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It was almost three in the morning, which meant quitting time for Barbara was finally near. It had been a long sweltering evening at the bar which she managed, and she could think of nothing more divine than finally getting off her aching feet and into a cold shower. The weekend was particularly busy, and she had recently made it custom for the establishment's dishwasher to stay with her until closing time. He was allowed the extra hours partially because she needed the help, and partially because she always found Alex to be nice scenery.

Alex was nearing the punch-clock, exhausted as he always was after his shift. He stood about three inches taller than Barb, with a thin athletic frame. His hair was long and brown, pulled back into a loose ponytail. Barb had always found that long hair gorgeous, especially because he seemed to take such good care of it. She was about five foot six, with a curvaceous yet light frame that secretly made Alex nervous when he was alone with her. Her blonde hair and light blue eyes seemed to read his every thought whenever they happened to meet eyes, and his interest in her was left to little more than late night fantasies, and the occasional dream.

"Did you bring up all the prep work for tomorrow's shift, Alex?" Barb spoke tiredly as she came around the corner, stopping him abruptly before he got to the clock.

"Yeah I did Ms. Kent, everything's set." He tried not to sound alarmed or scared, but her gaze bore into him.

"It's been a long night, I can't wait to get these boots off! My poor feet are killing me." She gave him a soft smile as he punched out.

"Yeah that's too bad Ms. Kent, I doubt tomorrow will be any less busy." He offered her a forced smile, his voice held a hint of anxiety.

"I'm sure it will be." She crossed her arms as he turned to leave, biting her bottom lip as if second guessing her coming attempt at breaking the ice with the young man.

"Say Alex..." She spoke, keeping a professional demeanor.
"What's up?" He froze in place, slowly turning around as if expecting to be disciplined for something he could not remember. Barbara was a tough boss, but she paid well. He'd so far avoided getting on her bad side and a knot in his stomach formed as he only assumed the worse.

"How'd you like to stick around and rub my feet for me before I go home? I'm sure you wouldn't mind being a gentleman, would you?" She said, keeping her voice in perfect check and offering him a soft smile. Her toes wiggled in her leather boots. They were warm, damp and aching in their confines. She knew her feet sweat terribly in those things, but she could never give up her sense of style because of a tiny bit of discomfort.

"I uh... Well... I suppose..." He nearly fainted with nervousness, wanting to stay on her good side and far too afraid to turn her down rather than deal with the discomfort of going through such an unprofessional ordeal.

"Oh, Good. I always knew you were one of the nice ones." She held back a devilish smirk as she felt the young man moving further into her clutches.

She led him through the backroom to her office, and motioned for him to have a seat in one of the two leather chairs she used. Without hesitation she pulled the other chair up beside him and dropped her two booted feet into his lap. She gave him an approving smile.

"I uh..." Alex stammered a moment, feeling completely out of his element. He was nineteen and was about to give a foot massage to his rather demanding boss, whom had easily nine years on him at least. She cut him off before he could finish whatever he was going to say.

"Go ahead and take them off. Don't worry. We won't have to make this part of workplace gossip." She offered her most disarming smile.

He fumbled with the laces on her boots and slowly undid each of them. Alex always had a thing for women's feet, but he never had occasion to interact with them on such a personal level. He was quiet, and preferred the easy world of video games and friends than the conquests of womankind. Avoiding gossip was the last thing from his mind as he pulled off each of her boots in turn.

She gave a sigh of relief as she wriggled her toes in his lap. He socks were mid-calf and drenched in sweat. The fabric on the bottom of her soles was sticking uncomfortably to her sweating feet. A strong air of sweat, rank feet, and leather immediately assailed his senses. Alex's nose twitched as he attempted to ignore the smell as best he could-- his stomach churning into a tight knot as he struggled to grip the middle of her left foot in both hands and begin a careful foot massage.

Barbara smiled internally as her face became thoughtful towards Alex. She watched him work on her sore feet and she had an idea as to why his nose crinkled up in the adorable way it did. She could smell her own stink from where she was, and though she didn't mind it personally, the idea of forcing him to endure it under these circumstances made a soft tingle shoot up her spine. She loved feeling in control.

Alex continued to rub her foot carefully, his hands now moist in her sweat. Though struggling to stay in control, his manhood began to slowly stiffen beneath her odorous feet. He tended to get hard when nervous and the situation was about as nerve-wracking as he had ever experienced. Barbara interrupted his thoughts with a gentle clearing of her throat as she noticed the hardness building beneath her right foot. Her pussy practically hummed with heat, her hand reaching down to casually stroke her inner thigh as she relished the feeling of control over this handsome young man.

"I'm sorry if they're a bit sweaty sweetheart... Do they smell bad?" Alex's ears went hot in response to her question. His cock was now nearly throbbing under her foot, and he fought for control. His senses were not all there as he was assaulted by the stink of her sweating feet combined with her referring to him as "sweetheart" for the first time ever.

"Oh... Uh..." He stammered, continuing to rub for all he was worth. "They smell just fine Ms. Kent." She smiled at him and his gaze froze as their eyes locked for a moment. He instantly regretted looking up from his task and into those glacial blue eyes that seemed to command the attention of his very soul.

"Perhaps they are not close enough for you to tell how sweaty and smelly they are... Here..." Barb slid her free foot up his chest and pressed the ball of her foot into his lips, splaying her toes wide against his twitching nostrils. "Take a deep whiff..." Alex still fixed on her eyes only obeyed, dragging in the questionable scent of her hot sweaty feet and allowed the smell of her attention-demanding toes to wash over him to his core. His cock throbbed painfully against the zipper of his jeans as his skin tightened to gooseflesh. He gave a hard shudder as he exhaled, unable to say a word as the edges of his vision were crushed with intruding blackness. His mind reeled with the sensation of moist sweat on his face, but he could not bring himself to pull away. He was submitting to her desires.

"Good boy... Let the smell wash over you." Barbara smiled devilishly, her pussy now moistening the inside of her panties with abandon. She drank in the sight of Alex forced to endure her stench, forced to submit to her wanton desires. Before he had finished his second breath of the underside of the stocking clad toes, she reached over to push away his long since motionless hand from the foot he had been tending, and deftly dragged down the zipper of his jeans and slid his erection from its confines.

"Ms. K--" She cut him off with a hushing sound as her hand grasped the throbbing length of his cock, gently stroking it in her grip. "Just keep sniffing sweetheart. You like the smell, don't you?" He gave a clumsy nod as she pressed her toes firmly against his nose, rubbing her sweat and stink into him gently.

"Take my sock off like a good boy..." He obliged with shaky hands, her own musings on his throbbing cock never stopping as she demanded his full attention in more ways than one. He removed her sock from her sweaty foot, peeling the stocking fabric from her soles and releasing her glistening, soft pink feet to the open air. She sighed with relief before replacing her foot where it had been before--Grinding her toes into his nose.

Alex took a deep breath as excitement bore down on him, even more of her stinking feet than before climbing into his senses like he never imagined they could. The smell of rank sweat, long unwashed and sweating feet mixed with a tinge of leather caused his stomach to tighten. For Alex, the attention to his cock made the smell strangely attractive, but not so much that he didn't continue to twitch as he obeyed the wishes of his sultry boss.

She began to speed up the stroking of her hand as she felt his cock twitch and the skin around his balls begin to tighten. She wanted so badly to see that young man come, completely in her control. She needed to feel his cock jumping and squirting in her hand more than anything.

"Take another deep breath Alex... They're especially stinky for you today and you should breathe deeply and savor it." She grinned as she felt his cock begin to twitch in earnest.

Alex was miles away from all sense, and he could only obey. He took the deepest breath he could through his nose, sucking in the stink of her sweating toes greedily as she spread them even wider, letting his nostrils lay aligned with the crevices between. He savored the smell as she asked, like it was the most precious thing in the whole world. His cock gave one final twitch as he came, shooting hot white come all over her hand and forearm. She continued on through his orgasm, coaxing him on with cooing words.

"Take a deep whiff... that's it... smell my stinking sweaty toes and come for me. Come for me because I asked you to Alex... come for my stinky toes right against your nose..." She gave an evil grin and she continued to pump his oversensitive cock for awhile past his orgasm, his body convulsing and twitching, his head thrashing and attempting to pull away as the stink of her feet became repulsive-- But she would not let up. She kept her toes glued to his nose for a good time before she slowed her stroking, and withdrew her foot with hesitation.

Though Barbara's loins dripped with desire she knew today was not the day she'd get to pierce herself on that gorgeous cock. Today she had to establish who was in control. She withdrew her feet and busied herself with replacing her sock and shoes slowly as he lay in the chair nearly unconscious from the excitement. She learned forward as his eyes fluttered open and planted a vicious kiss on his lips, her tongue probing his mouth hungrily as she gripped the sides of his face. She could still feel moistness from her sweating feet on his upper lip and nose. She broke the kiss slowly.

"Take tomorrow off sweetie. I'll have Jimmy cover your shift. But you better be here next weekend." She stared him down, his body again stiffening at her gaze.

"Yes... Ms. Kent." He slowly rose from his chair and tidied himself up-- limping away in a daze as he left the bar.

Barbara's cunt ached for release but she only watched him go with her hands on her hips. Today was not quite the day yet, she thought.

But soon enough, she'd have Alex back where she wanted him. Much, much sooner than he thought.

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Wow, that was great man. Can't wait for the continuance. Good job!

25-05-2012, 08:58 PM
This is a great story! The descriptions of this woman's feet and how she so awesomely used them to control and humiliate this guy were perfect. I actually think this is one of the best stories produced here in quite some time and am happy you were able to save it. Are you the original author? If so, you have talent and should think about writing some more like this.

26-05-2012, 03:43 PM
Great description........great story!!!

27-05-2012, 12:19 PM
This one was one of the better ones I'd seen in a long time. Thanks for re-posting it.