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http://www.footsniffing.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=9831&d=1324662229 - Jamie

5'10, 18 year old brunette Jamie was a tomboy. She loved sports, and was very good at it. As a result, she developed a strong, athletic body. Yet, because she wasn't into regular girl stuff, she still got picked on by other girls, particularly a smaller blond named Sarah.

One might think it would be Jamie who would end up with an inferiority complex from the taunting, but she was a tough girl, and managed to just ignore it. Mostly. It was popular cheerleader Sarah who actually developed the complex. Nobody knew of it, of course. Sarah was certainly talked about more for her good looks, and had far more friends, and was liked far more than Jamie. Yet, she couldn't help notice that Jamie was naturally superior in every way that counted. Really, she was more naturally beautiful; she had the tall, strong body that Sarah desired; and every other important factor, like intelligence, she was also inferior. So, she picked on her to make her forget about her inferiority complex. It may sound silly that something like this actually works, but because Sarah had all her friends to agree with her claims of superioty of Jamie, Sarah's inferioity complex dimished.

This was until Jamie finally decided she had enough of the smaller girl's bullshit, and told her she'd fight her after school. This challenge was layed after Sarah had yelled out to everyone in the hall after Jamie dropped her books by accident, so everyone turned to her and laughed. Angry about being humiliated in front of the entire school for the last time, Jamie decided it was time for revenge, and layed out the challenge.

One would think it was obvious who would win the fight. Jamie was taller, stronger, and more athletic. But all the seniors at the highschool were deluded into the idea that the more popular girl would win fights. It's an irrational beleif, yet everyone seemed to hold it. Everyone except Sarah, who realized how horrible the situation was. Before she could even come up with an excuse of why she can't fight, her friend Jane piped in and said IT's ON. There was no backing out, and the entire school (really her fault for getting their attention) were witnesses.

The fight was arranged to be on the training mats in the old gym (it was replaced with a newer one, and the old one was down an unused hallway, so there wasn't a fear of teachers). Sarah was miserable throught her last period, knowing she was going to get humiliated. She did feel a little better when her friends laughed about how she was going to kick the shit out oh that loser Jamie, and how funny it would be. Sarah almost believed it.

The time arrived, and Jamie and Sarah met in the gym. The crowd was smaller than it was in the hallway, but large enough to cause horrible humiliation to the losing girl. Sarah just kicked off her flip-flops and stepped on the matt, but Jamie had just come from gym, so she took of her
and socks, and stepped onto the mat in her blue tanktop and athletic shorts.

The notion that Sarah would win the fight quickly got destroyed as Jamie began dominating in the first few seconds. She had knocked away Sarah's attempt to grab her hair and punched her in the eye. She was about to hit her again but Sarah was already on the ground, eyes watering. She wanted to stay down, but she heard the whispers from the crowd commenting on her being smacked down, so she got back up and put up her fists, trying to hide her tears.

Fists flew, yet none connected. Soon the two girls were grappling each other. Jamie was so much stronger than Sarah that she managed to spin her around and get her in a headlock. Sarah squirmed and clawed at Jamie's face, but she kept squeezing. Sarah couldn't control the tears, and they were pouring down her face. Sarah managed to scratch Jamie's cheek, which made her angry, and she threw Sarah down to the mad. Getting tossed like a ragdoll was very humiliating, and the crowd had realized that Sarah was weak in comparison.But the throw was painful as well. Jamie ripped her down hard by the neck, which resulted in her entire neck to be in pain. She sat up and saw her tormenter standing over her. Then, she saw her moist sole coming towards her face.

WHAP! Jamie's bare foot slammed into Sarah's face, and she was lying on the mat crying into her hands. The kick hurt her a lot, and the disgusting smell of the foot was in her nose. Actually, her entire face felt dirty after being pressed against the sweaty, smelly sole.

"You done you little bitch?" She asked Sarah. When she didn't respond, Jamie kicked her in the side of the head so she'd roll over onto her back. The pain in the side of her head from Jamie's bare heel wasn't pleasant, but she forgot about it when Jamie plopped down on her chest, straddling her body.

"Get your hands out of your face!" Sarah didn't, so Jamie punched at her hands and head until she did. Then, Jamie grabbed her arms, threw them to the side, and inched forward so her knees were crushing Sarah's arms, and they were unable to defend herself. She could barely breath with Jamie's big, athletic body on her.

Jamie grabbed Sarah's hair with one hand to tilt her face a little, and raised her other fist. "You think you can bully people because of that little, pretty face of yours?" Let's see how people like you if I smash it in!"

Sarah begged and cried to not get beaten. Sarah couldn't bear the idea of her face getting pummeled to a bloody pulp by the girl she admired and hated.

Jamie changed her raised fist to an open hand. "You know what, you little slut. I won't punch your face in. Instead, I want to humiliate you so badly you won't even be able to show your face at school again. I'm gonna make you my bitch!"

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK The crowd couldn't believe they were seeing beloved Sarah get slapped and dominated like this. Each slap to the face stung immensly, and was extremely humiliating for Sarah. She was bawling her eyes out.

When Jamie had her fill of smacking the shit out of Sarah's now reddened face, she inched her way off of Sarah so her body was now infront of Sarah's head. She made sure to drag her crotch and ass over Sarah's face as she did so. With Jamie on her knees, she grabbed Sarah be the hair, twisted her around in a very painful way, and placed her face into her sweaty soles. Then, she sat back with her ass on Sarah's head. Jamie let all her wait fall back onto Sarah's head, so her face was pushed hard into the soft wrinkles of her soles.

Sarah was so degraded and humiliated she wanted to die. The sweaty feet from gym glass smelled horrible. The feeling of the sweaty feet plasted to her face was disgusting as well, and she could feel her face becoming a mix of tears and footsweat. Her face was pushed so firmly into the soles that she also began to suffocate. Her body naturally struggled frantically to get air, yet given how humiliated she was, dying didn't sound so bad.

Before Sarah passed out, Jamie lifted her ass off her head and stood up. Sarah gasped for air, breathing it in strongly to make up for the lack her nose and mouth experienced in the soles. She felt humiliated again that she had to gasp for air, as it showed how big of a bitch she was; being suffocated by sweaty feet!

Jame grabbed Sarah by the air and pulled her up to her knees, than made inch over to kiss the tops of her feet. She took the humiliation further by forcing Sarah to admit her inferiority, and how she was a loser, slut, bitch etc. What made it so much worse was that Sarah KNEW it was true, and her inferiority complex was growing rapidly.

Jamie threw Sarah onto her back, and put her foot one inch above her face. LICK IT! LICK IT CLEAN! OR I WILL POUND YOUR FACE IN! Sarah had no choice, and the crowd watch her unable to defend herself, and forced to submitt to the degrading act. She slowly stuck out her tongue, and Jamie wiped her sweaty soles up and down. Heel to toes. Jamie was using her as a foodwipe, and Sarah was experiencing the grossest taste she had have had in her mouth. The moist soles and bits of mat dust made her sick. And the sweat between her toes? Aweful.

Jamie realized her feet were now clean, but concluded she couldn't put clean feet back into dirty socks and shoes, so she ran over and grabbed them. Jamie shoved both socks, which were soaked with footsweat from gym class, into Sarah's mouth, and ordered her to suck the sweat from the fabric. There was no way to really clean the shoes, but Jamie thought it would be fun to place it over Sarah's nose and make her smell.

Sarah couldn't tell which was worse. The taste of the socks burned her mouth and made her want to vomit. She tried to keep her tongue away from it, but the sock ended up wiping against it, and she completely tasted the footsweat. The shoe was just disgusting. The sides were a little damp, but the insole where her nose was touching was drenched with footsweat. It was almost as if Jamie had worn them without socks. The smell of footsweat and fabric was overwhelming.

Jamie took her shoe off Sarah's face, but left her with to deal with the sweaty socks in her mouth. Jamie decided that her socks and shoes were still not clean, so she decided to take Sarah's flip flops. After Sarah managed to spit out the sock, Jamie wiped the insoles of the flipflops in Sarah's face, making her smell her own feet. They were a little small for Jamie's bigger feet, but she managed, and did one last victory pose, with Sarah's face squished under her own flipflop, on the foot of the superior girl who dominated her.

Sarah was left with a twisted neck, a headache, bruises on her face, and a face smelling strongly of Jamie's feet. She was completely crushed; beyond humiliated. Her friends didn't even come to comfort her. What respect could they have for her now? It's not a common trait of a popular girl to be another girl's complete bitch and have to worship her stinky feet. Sarah's reputation was finished, but that wasn't even the worse part. It was the feelings she had herself, the feeling of inferiority, shame, disgust, self-hatred.

She wouldn't bully Jamie again.

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Nice work.

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That was really lovely :)

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I LOVE your fem/fem stories. So well written, such great dominant action, just fantastic! THANK YOU!!!!