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18-05-2012, 02:44 AM
Is there any good converse stories out there? I love those shoes!!!

21-05-2012, 04:21 AM
Why don't you come up with one? Maybe you have an innate ability to craft stories and you have yet to tap it.

21-05-2012, 10:37 PM
This is my first real post.

It all started back in October of my freshmen year. The weather was still kind of warm down here in the south. Therefore not every girl was wearing uggs yet. Well there was this one girl named Missy and every day she would wear the same pair of converse. Now, I don't just mean she would wear the same pair of shoes for a week but I never saw her without those chucks. I sat next to her in several classes so one day when we had a sub in English and the assignment was to watch a movie, I asked her about her shoes. She told me the reason she never changed them is that they are very comfortable. So as someone who has a foot fetish, I asked if they stank. Of course she responded with a yes. She said"if I were totaled these off, I'd bring you to your knees." I told her to try me. She goes ok but don't say I didn't warn you. So she proceeds to take off her her extremely sweaty chucks to reveal a surprise, her socks, which she wore to gym class, we're the only socks she had that day. On top of that, her converse are her gym and running shoes as well. So as she in laced her high tips, I can already smell the stench of female sweat. Then she pulls out her socked foot and wiggles her toes confined in her week old gym sock. You could almost see the smell. She then told me she had to run two miles in gym today and it was at least 85 degrees plus the humidity. I told her that her shoes didn't smell that bad. So she told me to get On the floor and put my face in there to see if I would change my mind. As I looked in her shoe, I saw the most detailed foot print in my life. That insole almost had holes in the toe and heel areas. As I put my face into her shor, I became aware that it was very wet and sweaty. I sat there like that for almost five minutes before she told me to make myself useful and give her a good foot rub. I of course complied and gave her a fifteen minute foot rubbefore she talked again. She told me that I must have a foot fetish to stand her feet. Then she said she would tell the whole school if I did not lick her feet. But before I could get started, she took my phone and put in her address and number and told me to show u at her house at nine on Saturday if I wanted my secerate to stay a secret…

23-05-2012, 10:29 PM
That is just awesome, plz continue your story

24-05-2012, 03:23 AM
Part 2
Now, it is saturday. As instructed, I ride my bike to Missy's house. I am really scared of what she might do to me but, at the same time excited. As I arrive at her house, I see that it is in a middle class neighborhood and is actually a nice place. I lay down my bike and knock on the front door. Missy opens it. She is dressed in her famous chucks, a blue tanktop and some spandex. "Oh look who's here. You're late," she informed me. "You will have to be punished for that. But for now, come on in." So I followed her instructions and followed her up to her room. She told me that in order to keep my secret, I must obey her every command. Once inside her room, I saw that it was a normal teenage girl's room. Posters on the walls, clothes in the floor that kind of stuff. "let's get down to business," she says, "ok my first order is for you to remove my converse one at a time and since you love them do much, why not take a few whiffs while you're at it." so I pulled off her sneakers and found out she was barefoot inside them. "oh and as a surprise for you, I went in my morning run with out my socks. Thought it might be a treat for you. Well, aren't you gonna sniff my shoe or what?" so I did as I was told and oh my god what a stench. After that I was ordered to smell her bare foot. What an experience. I sniffed all over her sweaty foot and In between all of her wet toes. Then she told me to toungebathe her nice sweaty foot. So I ran my tounge over her heel, arch, ball, and finally through her toes. There was enough sweat on her foot to fill a fish tank. After that, I was to remove her insole and lick it clean. You could clearly see the little black marks her toes left on the insole as well as her heel. So I got started on the task at hand. I started at the heel part licking all the dirt and sweat off, then moved my way up to the toe area. There was a lot smellier and sweatier then the heel was. I had to get off all of her toe prints and sniff the smell until it was gone. That alone took almost an hour. But then I was informed I had to repeat the process on her other foot. I told her my tounge was dry. She got up and went to her hamper. There she pulled put five of her week old soccer socks and jammed them all into my mouth. "suck these and you poor little tounge should be as good as new."
More to come

24-05-2012, 08:03 PM
Hey Ergle, nice way to intimidate the people who actually want to try and write something.

Now that the forum add a topic or two per week in this section, i don't think it'd be wise to squeeze a book out of each attempt. Maybe encouraging them would be a better way; but hey, maybe you're right.

28-05-2012, 08:09 AM
Hey Ergle, nice way to intimidate the people who actually want to try and write something.

Now that the forum add a topic or two per week in this section, i don't think it'd be wise to squeeze a book out of each attempt. Maybe encouraging them would be a better way; but hey, maybe you're right.

I'm with you. Ergle I love the site but you tend to be a rather rude fellow. It's a no wonder you don't have much activity.

31-05-2012, 06:32 AM
Ergle dosnt care about activity, it means more work for him hehe

07-06-2012, 10:25 AM

See! I told you you could write! I loved part 2, seeing how I love bare stinky feet in shoes. Sure, your writing skills could be polished some, but I thought for a first time, you did a GREAT job. Hope you keep adding experiences to DOSF!

08-06-2012, 09:07 PM
Sorry for not posting. Been busy.
Part 3
So after all that, I still had another shoe and foot that needed my attention. And I had to admit they sure were stank. I was still gagged with some of her really stinky, sweaty socks and could only breathe through my nose. Missy came back into the room and asked me if I was ready. Me being tagged couldn't answer and she just laughed at that. She then slipped off her other converse and tied it to my face with the laces.

So there I am with a mouth full of socks and a smelly shoe attached to my face. After about half an hour she took off the shoe and made me smell her socked foot. After she told me to stop, she took her socks out of my mout and commented about how clean I made them. "since you did such a great job on them, I'll give you the privilege of cleaning my fresh running socks. So she took the two fresh off her feet socks and shoved them into my mouth. During this time I was to give her a foot rub.

After another half hour she take her socks out of my mouth and removes one of the insoles of her converse. The canvas insert was literally saturated with sweat. "As you see slave, I don't often get to wash my shoes. In fact I don't think in the four years I've had them I have ever washed them. But now you can and will wash them for me. In fact you will beg me to lick my insoles". So as ordered I begged " oh mighty goddess please let this insignifigent slave have the privilege of licking your royal and never before washed insoles. Even though I am not worthy to with my slave tounge."

"Ok slave, you have convinced me that you really want to lick my insoles but of you do a crappy job, you will be sorry." so I got started on my task. The insole seemed to be covered with a slime and there was a perfect indentation were her foot had been resting. As I licked away, she told me to make sure I wring them out into my mouth to make sure all the sweat was out. So I licked the canvas clean and made sure to do a very good job by the toe area because I noticed that she sometimes doesn't wear socks. After I finished I was to wring them into my mouth and as it turned out, there was 4 ounces of foot sweat in them. Let's just say that would satisfy my thirst.


09-06-2012, 01:36 AM
Good my friend!

The Prisoner
10-06-2012, 01:01 AM
Like it!

Got to LOVE Converse! They always smell stronger when my girlfriend wears them WITHOUT socks.

29-06-2012, 09:37 PM
Promises to have Part 3 soon. but if anyone wants to add any ideas, post please.

03-07-2012, 11:55 AM
Perhaps some sweat encrusted sandals of her mom ^^ or some piss over your face. I would make the smelling or chewing time longer. You cant chew 5 pair of socks together clean in under 1 hour ^^.

03-07-2012, 06:30 PM
Thanks for the tips. I'm not much for the pissing thing myself so I don't think I could write it very well.

04-07-2012, 02:44 PM
Great story!!! I LOVE when girls wear Converse!!! So sexy!!!! :swoon:

14-07-2012, 05:23 AM
Part 3 finally*

After i finished licking her raunchy insoles, she told me she had a surprise for me. "guess what slave? My cousin is coming into town and she'd love to meet a man of you "talents" hahaha. So for the next week I'm going to need you to give her the same respect and worship you gave me". So after I agreed, she told me to go home and make myself presentable for my new goddess.*

The next day she called me and told me to come over and meet Jen. When I got to the house, I found all of her luggage was sitting on the front porch. Missy came out and told me to take it to the spare bedroom. As her slave I did as she told me. As I was doing this Jen came out of the house.*

She was a brunette about 5'6 and tanned skin. She had large brown eyes and a cute southern accent. *She was wearing a pair of smelly looking cowgirl boots, jean sort shorts, and a tank top.*

As her new slave I quickly dropped down to my knees and kissed her boots. "Wow he is very eager to please I see". I mumbled a quick yes goddess between kisses. After about a minute of this I was once again ordered to take her stuff up to the spare room. *

I was then ordered by Jen to unpack all of her clothes and hang them up, and wait for further orders. After completing this, Jen and Missy came up to the spare bedroom and sat down on the bed.*

I immediately dropped to my knees and waited. "take off my sweaty boot slave". As ordered by Jen I did so. The aroma that was emitted still haunts me till this day.*

"Give them a good sniff". I put my nose into the rancid shoe and sniffed with all might. I almost passed out. And that was only the beginning.*