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30-04-2012, 02:20 AM
She was everything I always dreamed of, cute, smart, witty with a great bod. I wondered if I'd ever have a chance and the fact that she showed an interest in me was unreal. I decided up front I wasn't about to blow this chance and let my love of the aroma of women's feet get in the way. I knew this girl would turn me on in every which way possible and I wasn't about to expose some deep seated fetish that she might just choose to judge me by.

Our first couple dates went well, but they were cautious on both end. However, the third was a break through to say the least. The date got off to a great start, good food, good talk and staring at her beauty and body. After a cocktail and a bottle of red and some quality flirting, I couldn't believe my luck when she invited me back to her place. The cab ride was short but the surprise kiss seemed to last forever. I felt lightheaded as I exited the cab....and it wasn't the wine.

She walked the stairs to my place in front of me and, for the first time, I noticed them. Her feet. Small, perfectly crafted in a one inch red pump, albeit, a well-worn looking pump. I opened the door and after a quick tour she plopped on the couch and complained that she'd been up since 5am and her feet and legs were killing her. I couldn't resist and quickly offered her my "famous" foot rub. She accepted with a smile and a confident, almost knowing, nod. I took her pump covered foot in hand and began to pull it off her foot. I remembered my promise not to expose my foot aroma fetish and assumed it wouldn't be a problem as this goddess was unlikely to have smelly feet. I slowly, tenderly took off her pump and it took no longer than 2 seconds for the aroma to hit me. This girl had the most erotic smelling feel I had ever encountered - and it seemed she knew it and was okay with it - almost as if she knew of my fetish. I found my face involuntarily being drawn to her foot and toes and longing to inhale her deeply. I had to stop or she'd know for sure. Once I went there, there was no turning back. I backed away and began my massage with shaky hands. Her feet were hot - physically and figuratively. I rubbed her and she moaned, looking as if she was getting turned on by the massage, the wine and this guy who was enthralled with her feet. Then it happened. With my hardening cock straining against my jeans and leaking pre-cum like a siv, I suddenly lost it. I leaned in, took a little inhale and then some more. By the third inhale I was gone. In another world, in which I totally lost control. Time had no meaning. I was freely and uncontrollably breathing in her beautiful scent and rubbing my steel hard 7 inch cock against her other thigh when she took her other foot and started rubbing my bulging member. I'm not talking mild aroma here, you could smell these across the room, and I loved them. I let out a little moan, one so small you might call it a whimper. She whispered, "get naked". Well, to say I jumped to it would be an understatement. I ripped off my clothes as she pulled her sun dress over her head revealing a tiny sports bra and her soaking wet panties. This girl was in heat...and so was I.

I dove back in and started kissing and smelling her feet and then she reached out and began to massage my cock and lightly feel my balls and the sensitive area behind them. This girl was getting turned on by me getting turn on at her feet. This was too good to be true. Suddenly, she grabbed my hard cock at put it to her pussy and whispered, "fuck me, now". I plowed into her with her gorgeous aroma laced feet still clinging to my face. This girl was screaming in orgasm within seconds and working towards a second. For me, the buildup was like nothing I had ever felt. I was pumping her hard, my glistening cock appearing and disappearing inside her pussy at a blistering rate. My balls slapping her clit with a steady constant pulse. This wasn't fucking. This was lovemaking. This was just fucking bliss.
I was trying to hold off my orgasm but she reach under and grabbed my balls and started rubbing me hard. There was no going back. I was headed toward the biggest most explosive orgasm of my life, smelling the most gorgeous erotic feet I have ever smelled. I kept pumping and she kept rubbing and then it happened. Time stopped. No sound. Nothing. My sense were so flooded with pleasure it all just froze. And then it happened. This was no explosion. This was an atomic orgasm of the century. It came from my toes and her dancing fingers on my balls found that male g-spot that put me into orbit. I came for what seemed like days. Long, and so incredibly hard before collapsing on this goddless of lust. I breathed hard for 10 mins before I could regain realty. Then it hit me and I was sad. Because I knew that if I never saw this girl again, the best orgasm of my life, the best sex I would ever have.....was behind me forever.

28-09-2012, 04:50 AM
For God's sake man, marry the girl!

30-09-2012, 11:23 PM
For God's sake man, marry the girl!

do it! This girl is for you!