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Hey Remember this story started by Herslave? Anyone have any idea how this might continue?

Hello All this is a story that I have been continuing on another site. The beginning was written by someone else who has not been active online at all for the past 6 months or so
Part 1

Hi all, i just wanted to tell my story. My name is Shawna and i am a 20 year old African American girl. I first met Miss Amber at a volenteer event put on through area high schools at age 18. Miss Amber is the same age has the most beautiful blue eyes and long dark hair. Ive never been into girls before but there was something about her.
She was our group leader and was very take charge in her role and I submitted to her every order, everyone else thought she was stuck up. I didnt leave her side except to follow orders for the whole day. She took to me in a weird way, she appreciated my willingness to take orders and at days end she told me i should come watch her at soccer practice and talk more about the volenteer work we did. Needless to say i jumped at the chance.
After her practice we met up along with one of her other friends. Miss Amber said i should carry her back back because she was tired from practice. As the three of us went to her house, neither of them really talked to me, i just walked behind Miss Amber most of the way.
We sat on her front porch, they were both in chairs and i was leaning against the railling. Miss Amber told me to sit down, but there were no other chairs, i took a spot at her feet. Her attention then turned to me. "I lliked the way you were willing to listen to me. Are you laways that submissive?" I didnt know what to say, at first i was just happy she noticed anything at all about me. My reply finally came, "No, but you seemed to have the best ideas." "Good. Why dont you pull my shoes off and give me a foot massage." I sat there at her feet looking up at her not knowing what to say, but i didnt want to dissapoint her either. I could of got up and walked away, instead i undid her laces and pulled off her trainers. Having never given a foot massage before she let me know right away i was doing it to hard. "Take your time, GENTLY pull on my toes and rub." Her socks were so sweaty and i could smell her feet, i loved it. Her friend made a comment but i didnt hear it, i could not have cared less about anything, the only thing i wanted was to please my new "friend". She must have approved of my job as she went back talking to her friend. 45 min later she said "take my socks off, take my trainers and socks inside and ask my mother where to put them. Then ask where i keep my flip flops, get them and bring them out to me." I wondered why she just didnt tell me herself then i realized she just wanted to let her mother know she had someone fetching things for her, made me feel even better, like she was showing me off! I couldnt help it once i got to her room, i had to smell her socks. I didnt want to dissapoint her so got her flip flops and ran back down to the porch. She kept talking to her friend and just held her foot out, i knew what i was to do. i dropped to my knees and put her shoe on, then i sat there and waited for her to lift up her other foot and did the same. What happened to me why do i feel the need to serve her?She got my number told me to go home and she will call me. then her and her friend left for a walk as i stood there.

Part 2

A week went by and my new friend had not called. I wondered if she was just laughing about the way I let her treat me, I must have looked like a fool to her friend and mother. I didnt care really, i kept those socks instead of putting them in her dirty clothes basket. I slept with them under my pillow, I layed them on the floor, bowed down and kissed them wishing she was standing over me and practiced massaging them. Another girls DIRTY SOCKS!!

My mother called "Shawna, Amber on the phone for you"! I dont think I ever ran so fast down the stairs! She told me to meet her at the mall in 2 hours if I wanted to hang out, and bring the socks I took, clean. Ughhh she knew! What else could I do? I took a few more deep sniffs, then washed them, as she told me to do.

I met her at the designated spot, her friend was there again. They had already been shopping a bit as there were a few bags near them. Miss Amber smiled, said hi and asked if I was ready to get shopping. Hell yea! "Carry the bags" she ordered. She jumped right into her role and again I couldnt help but feel proud to carry out her order.

She talked about a family get together she must attend and she needed to find a pair of new sandals, so off to the shoe store we went. She pointed to where she wanted their bags placed and I put them down as told while they browsed the shoes. When I got back to them she had picked out three pairs she liked. She handed them to me and told me to ask the sales rep if they have them in a 6.5. When the rep came back with the boxes i took them over to Miss Amber who was already seated. "Cool, lets see how they look" she said bouncing her foot and smilling. I dropped to my knees and asked which ones she wanted to try first. "You pick" she said. I pulled her ankle boots off then her socks. I was going to put her socks in her boots untill she said "Wait! I have a better place". With that she layed one over each of my shoulders and laughed. If I wasnt in a humiliating position enough, she upped the ante. I slipped the first pair on her and carefully did the straps. While I stayed on the floor Miss Amber walked around in them a bit and this carried on till she tried them all. She asked her friend which ones she liked best and she immediately replied the silver ones. Then she stood above me and asked my opinion. I looked up at her and asked what color dress she planned on wearing. Blue was her reply. Then I asked what color her nails would be. Blue again was her reply. I told her I thought the blue strappy heels would look great. She smiled down at me and said she thought so as well. She looked so pleased with me i couldnt help but keep smilling while I undid the straps and put her socks and boots back on.

I once again gathered the bags together and set out behind them. She then stopped and asked if I would like to do her nails for her. "Yeah, Id love to!" was my reply. "Lets go to the bookstore and find a book on pedicures so you can do it properly" was her next idea and I thought it was a great one! Once in the bookstore she found a clerk and pointed to me saying, "she has a question for you". "Ahh, do you have a book that teaches you how to give pedicures?" I asked and Miss Amber added, "A beginners book, nothing too complicated, yet". The clerk just looked at us and told us to follow her. When she showed us the books available, she asked if their would be anything else. I looked at Miss Amber then the clerk and asked, "anything on giving foot massages?" Miss Amber looked truly pleased at my request! "OK, Shawna pick your books out" was Miss Ambers next order. I found "Pedicures for Dummies" and Miss Amber and her friend laughed. Then I found one on a massage book focussing on the foot. She bought them both for me as gifts if I promised to study them. No problem there I thought!!

Next we went to the eatery and we were going to share a basket of fries. When they arrived, Miss Amber said "OK Shawna, if you really like me bossing you around here is the big test, you can say no and leave or follow my order". "OK" I said softly, but I was to far gone. "When you put my boots back on you smudged them. I think instead of eating with us you should lick them clean and maybe next time you will be more mindful of what you are doing" she said in a really dissapointed tone. I just sat there, looked around at all the people, back at her and then her friend. If it was just her and I, Id be under the table no questions, but this was a test. I got up looked her in those beautiful eyes and said "Im sorry I smudged your boots Amber" and crawled under the table onto the dirty floor and began licking her boots clean. People pointed and laughed, her friend said "oh god". Nothing else mattered anymore, only to please Miss Amber. "Done with that one?" she asked. "Yes" I replied. Then she recrossed her legs so I could clean her other boot. When I was done, her friend asked "what about mine?" Would you like to clean Kelly's shoes also Shawna, it would make me happy and her and I can continue our conversation. "Yes Amber" is all I could say and started to lick Kelly's shoes as well. Though pleasing Kelly meant nothing to me, pleasing Miss Amber meant everything so I did my best on Kelly's flats while they talked and laughed.

People were still pointing when we left, me carrying the bags while they walked ahead a bit. When we got to Miss Amber's car she said for me to wait untill she calls again but she has another gift besides the books she bought me. "Got my clean socks Shawna?" she asked. I pulled them out of my pocket. "Take my boots and socks off, put the clean socks and my boots back on and you can take my sweaty ones. And DO NOT smudge my boots again!" After i loaded the bags in the car i did as she said. "Smell them for me" she ordered. I did as she said and they both laughed, I on the other hand loved it, her sweaty socks right off her beautiful feet and right out of her boots. Remember wait for MY call, dont hang out with your other friends, stay close to home for MY call. BYE!!!!! and they drove off.

Part 3

I waited for her call, just as she laid it out for me. I saw none of my own friends, i studied the books she bought for me and i worshiped her socks pretending she was relaxing above me. My mom kept asking why i wasnt taking any of my friends calls or going out with them, i just told her i was studying, i just didnt tell her what! Miss Amber has me wrapped around her little finger and she knows it.

Three weeks went by and she finaly called! She reminded me of the family event she has to attend. "Do you think you are ready to give me a pedicure?" she asked. "I really think i am Amber, i.." and she cut me off. "Tomorrow, come over after school, if I am not home when you get here, my mother will let you in. Ask her if she has anything for you to do, if she does not, sit on the floor in the living room next to the couch and wait for me." were her instructions. "I will be there Amber" i said. "Good, see you tomorrow Shawna." and she hung up.

I was so happy but also scared, what if she didnt like the pedicure, what would her mom have me do? That night i slept with my head on her socks waiting for tomorrow.

The day could never have gone quick enough! I arrived at her house, she wasnt there so her mom let me in. "Hi Shawna, Amber isnt home yet." she greeted me. "Miss Kingsley, do you have anything for me to do till she gets here?" i asked. She gave me a puzzled look and replied "No, why?" she inquired. "Amber told me to ask if i could help with anything." i replied. She still seemed puzzled, but i just made my way to living room and took a spot on the floor next to the couch. "Shawna, you can sit on the couch, for heavens sakes" she told me. "Im fine here, thanks." i let her know.

I heard the door open and my heart sank, it was Amber. She said hi to her mom and came into the living room. "Good, glad you arent late. Ready to get started?" she asked. "Yes Amber" i quickly replied. Seems as though all my converstions with her just end in me saying "Yes Amber" with me looking up at her. "Go up to my bedroom, get the nail polish and cotton balls on my desk and bring them down. Oh take this up with you" she instructed and i took her backpack up and retrieved the items as instructed.

When i got back down, she was seated on the couch and had the tv on. "Cool, come sit" and she patted a spot on the floor w/ her foot. "I expect a good job now Shawna, you dont have to worry about anything except painting them well, my nails are already bare" she let me know. She uncrossed her legs and i undid her laces. She had on blue low cut socks, and i took them off as well and put them into her trainers. "Where do they go Shawna?" she asked. I pulled them back out and laid them across my shoulders. "If you finish in time you can give me a massage after" she let me know. She so knows she has me, i wonder what she thinks of me. She threw down a pillow to put her feet on but i still had to lay there to paint her nails. I spread each toe and inserted a cotton ball and began with her big toe. After i finished painting that one i started on the next. "Blow on each one after finishing, then go to the next" she instructed. I slid up so i was right over her foot, and started to blow on just her big toe. I dont know why but her sweaty feet just take me to another place, then i look up at her and i fall deeper and deeper into this thing i got myself into. As i was blowing her nail dry, she lifted and rested her othe foot on my back. Just then her mother walked in. "Amber you could have done that yourself!" her mother cried. "Shawna wanted to do my nails for me. She really likes to follow my orders and I like giving them" she laughed. I was so ashamed, but kept at my task. Her mother sat down on the chair and said, "Shawna, dont let her boss you around". Amber tapped the top of my head w/ her foot and i replied "i like to follow Ambers orders Miss Kingsley". "Shes like my personal servant mom, right shawna?" Amber said tapping my head again. "Yes Amber" i said. Her mother just shook her head as i went back to work. It took me about 45 min or so to complete my task, i thought her toes looked great! After Amber's inspection, she said "shawna, you can do my nails from now on!" "Thank you Amber!" i said and i couldnt help it, i planted kisses on her feet right in front of her mother. "Looks like you have found the friend you have always wanted Amber!" her mother laughed. "Amber, can i get your new heels to see how theyll look?" i asked. She looked so pleased. "Take my sneaks, socks and other stuff back up w/ you and bring them down and my pink flip flops." she ordered.

Once i got up to her room, i smelled and kissed her still sweaty blue socks. I go from proud to ashamed, but mostly proud to serve her and be so completely under her controll. i got her heels and flip flops and sat at her feet to put her heels on. She looked so amazing as she walked around and modeled them for us. "You really did a good job shawna, im surprised. what do you think mom?" Amber asked. "Yes, she did, could i borrow your "servant" Amber, i could use mine done before Saturday as well!" her mother replied. They talked about me as if i werent even there, and to tell you the truth, i looked at Amber for what should have been my own reply! "I can have her do that, shawna, lets try my flip flops now" she ordered and i crawled over to where she was standing in front of her mother. As i undid her heels, her and her mother talked about what color she should use, once her straps were undone she lifted her foot out and i had her flip flop ready to slip into. They looked great too! She made her way back to the couch, i followed like a puppy taking her flip flops off when she held each foot out. "You have time to give me a massage shawna" she let me know. I slid back down in position so i could massage her foot and rest her other on me as she watched tv and talked to her mother.

An hour later, Amber said she has to study. She told me to collect her shoes and follow her up to her beedroom. Of course i did as instructed. "I dont know why you like being my little slave, but i really have come to enjoy it. I was a little uneasy at first but now we both seem to know our places, dont we?" she asked "Yes Amber" i replied happy, it was the first time she ever called me slave and for some reason sealed the deal even more. "I want you here everyday afterschool, and ill let you know about any other special tasks i have for you. I forgot to tell you to bring my other socks over with you." she said. i pulled them out of my pocket and she started to laugh then asked "are they clean?" "Yes Amber" i replied! "Would you like the blue ones" she asked sweetly. "Please Amber, ill clean them and bring them back tomorrow!" i told her. "Crawl over and get them out my sneaks, w/ your mouth" she ordered. I fetched them like a well trained dog and crawled back to my owner. "Good girl" she giggled as she took them out of my mouth and laid them on my shoulders. "Keep them there the WHOLE way home!" she ordered. "Ok i have to study ill see you tomorrow and be sure to say good by to my mom. you can do her nails tomorrow while waiting for me to get home, kiss my feet good bye!" she said. Though she didnt tell me to, after each kiss i said Thank You Amber!

I left the home of my owner, her still damp socks on my shoulders, grinning from ear to ear. i cant wait untill tomorrow!

Part 4

I wish Miss Amber and i went to the same school! i sat in class all day anticipating our next meeting, knowing that i would be doing her mothers nails before i would get to see her. It didnt matter, if Miss Amber wanted me to serve her mother, her friends, a stranger she points out i would do it for her. For one i never thought i would have this feeling towards anyone. Two, never another girl! At last, the bell rang to go home, my new home.

My head was spinning the whole bus ride. As i walked to the door, i took many deep breaths trying to make sense of all this. i have done this, she never asked me to do any of this, i was so ready to submit and do ANYTHING she asks. For some reason this made me happy, she accepted me and took the exact role i wanted to be in the first time i saw her and heard her voice. She makes all the rules and i gladly accept them all. i cant but help laugh at myself!

Before i had a chance to knock, Mrs Kingsley was there looking through the screendoor. "Hi shawna, come in" she greeted me. "Yes Miss Kingsley" i whispered. "Go upstairs and get Ambers nail polish tray, bring it down to the living room" she told me. Miss Amber kept all her polish, files, and cotton balls on a silver tray. i saw her flip flops by her bed, i had to kiss the toe prints and inhale her. Clearing my head i took the tray down to the living room where i saw Mrs Kingsley on her recliner. "Trouble finding it shawna" she asked me. "No Ma'am" i replied as i knelt down in front of her. She still had her sandals on and i asked if i could take them off for her. "That might help" she laughed. Wow, i see where Miss Amber gets it! She clicked on the tv while i undid her straps and pulled each off, she rested her left foot on my lap and placed her right on my shoulder, then she leaned back in the chair. "i want the treatment you give my daughter shawna" she said. "i have to get on my belly Miss Kingsley, you can still rest your foot on me, Amber is comfortable like that" i let her know. i got down on my belly, she wanted her left foot done first, and she put her right foot on my back. i paid no attention to the book i studied, i did each of her toes one by one just as Miss Amber had taught me. Her mothers feet were sore i could tell, the straps left red marks across her foot from being worn all day. The scent was not like Miss Ambers, but it made me want to serve her just the same. Miss Ambers smell is so amazing, her sweat and her shoes, her mothers was just different. "Done with that one" she asked. "Yes Ma'am" i replied. She just put her foot on my head smashing me into the carpet while she inspected my work. i could feel her rotating her heel looking at it from different angles. "Good job" she said. i was so proud she was happy. i continued with her left foot. Miss Kingsley used the same method to inspect that foot as well, this time i was ready though, i made sure my head was easy to put her foot on. "May i get the shoes you will wear at the party Ma'am" i asked her. "No shawna, im not sure which pair will look best. Bring down all my open toe shoes" was her order. i ran up the stairs and found my way into the master bedroom and the huge walk-in closet. With heavy breath i piled them in my arms and made my way back down. i knelt befor her and asked which ones she wanted first. She didnt even speak, just pointed to a pair of brown strappy flats, the front strap very thick. i got the matching one from the pile and started to put them on her when she smacked the back of my head! "Lick them clean first! I dont want all that dust to get on my feet" she yelled! "Amber and I will teach you how to serve properly shawna, i didnt mean to yell" she said as she patted my head. While she leaned back on her recliner i returned to my belly while both her feet rested on my shoulders. i started to lick where ever my tounge could go, when i was done with the top, i asked her if i should do the sole as well. "Put them on first" she said. After the staps were done, she crossed her legs and said "do this one first". It was an awkward position, but i licked and used my teeth to get all the dirt and sand from the soles of her shoes. This was reapeated untill she tried them all, about 15 pairs!! She settled on a blue pair of open toe heels, just like Miss Amber. "Take them all back up, leave the blue pair near the door" she ordered. i put them all neatly back, my tounge still full of the taste of her sweat and dirt.

When i got back down i layed at her feet thinking she may like a footrest. "Get up on you knees shawna" she said very sweetly. "I have never used someone like that before shawna, really i havent. I liked it very much and after watching you submit to my daughter, i thought why not. She told me how you just followed her like a little puppy. i will use you when its ok with her but, She deserves this, She will go onto University and a great career, I would be happy to know She has a willing servent. I want you to follow her every order and give youself completely to her. After you massage my feet, you will go up to Ambers room and clean all her shoes as I had you clean mine and clean her room. Got it? Or you can go home" she said. "May i call my mother to let her know i wont be home tonight" i asked. "Of course you can, ill even tell her its ok" she smiled. As i was getting the phone she let me know Miss Amber was at a friends sleeping over and wouldnt be home.

After the phone call, Miss Kingsley put her recliner back and i sat at her feet, massaging them. As i was doing this i thought of Miss Amber and i leaned in and kissed her mothers foot. When she was ready for bed, i went to Miss Ambers room and started on all of her shoes... sneakers, sandals, flip flops, heels and flats. Then i cleaned her room wearing a silly grin, soooooo happy to be there! About 5 AM i was done hoping my work may please Miss Amber. I laid at the foot of her bed, naked using her favorite pair of sneakers as a pillow.

i cant wait untill i see her next...

Part 5

The next morning Mrs Kingsley woke me w/ a light tap on my cheek w/ the toe of her slipper. "Get up Shawna, time to go to school" was the rude reminder. i leaned out to kiss her slipper, that seemed to please her and she said thanks. "Remember what I told you last night, if you are willing to submit to my daughter, be here after school and tell her" she reminded me. How could i forget!! i just replied a humble "yes ma'am" obviously holding back a smile.

Though we are not in the same school district, i am in someways in the same place as Miss Amber. Upper middle class, good school and i am an honor roll student who could easily get into any university of my choice. All that changed when i met her, now our paths are the same... in her control. That of course all depends if she accepts me and my complete submission to her.

I couldnt wait to get to her house! i decided to walk instead of take the bus, what is a few miles, gave me time to think about it all a bit more, if i really wanted this... ok i didnt think that long about it!

Up the porch stairs and ring the bell. "come on in shawna, Amber is upstairs" Mrs Kingsley let me know. Up the stairs i ran and knocked on her door and a very friendy "come in" was her reply. She was sitting at her desk working at her computer. She didnt turn around to greet me, instead she raised her hand as if to say just stay put and be quiet. I did, then i noticed she was wearing her superstars and stripey socks. She had her legs crossed w/ the toe of her right shoe pressed against the desk leg allowing her heel to pop out just a bit. She had her hair tied back, i hope somday she may let me brush it out for her. While i was in a complete state of admiration, she snapped me out of my daze as she spun around in her seat and placed both feet down in front of her. "Come kneel down in front of me shawna" she asked very sweetly. I did, and i couldnt help it... i put my head down to her feet and kissed the tops of her shoes. "im sorry" i said since she didnt tell me to do that. "Its ok" she laughed. Then in a serious tone she asked me why have i thrown myself at her. "Amber, i truly dont know why, it just feels right. The things that feel right with you i would have kicked someones ass just for asking, like how bossy you were the first time we met" i tried to explain. i looked up and our eyes met and i looked away almost as fast. "I like it, and if you promise to always belong to me, obey me and think of my needs first, I will take you on as my servent first. At the end of our highschool days, if you proove yourself worthy of all I expect, I will decide if I'll take you on from there, as my slave. Of course the same thing applies too you as well, if you dont truly want this, I'll let you go. I have alot of homework to do, you didnt have a chance to clean these shoes last night because I was away, knowing that, your next actions will seal the deal" was her somewhat ambiguous response... except to me!

She spun around in her chair and went back to work, she crossed her ankles under the chair and in doing so both heels popped out. Both soles of her shoes were at a place i could get to them. It was an awkward position but i started licking the soles of her shoes. With her heels popped out i could smell her sweaty feet, my Mistress's sweaty feet, that felt good. She moved her feet a bit when it made her more comfortable, i adjusted my position each time. At times she slipped her feet out of her shoes and rested them on the rear brace of her desk. As much as i wanted to get to her feet i kept at the task at hand. I was nearly finshed licking one of the stripes when her feet rested on my head! "Hope this doesnt hinder your work little shawna" she laughed. I took the task at hand w/ more pride now. She rubbed the soles of her socked feet on my head as licked her shoes clean, in a way giving herself a foot massage... using my head! Her mom opened the door at one point and laughed "I guess she accepted!" i kept licking her shoes as she stroked my head w/ her socked feet and she replied "I knew she would, like you said i needed a full time slave" and they both laughed. "anyways, i got to go, you treat her nice Amb" and w/ that her mother closed the door and left. "Turn over and massage my feet w/ kisses little shawna" was her order. She pressed her still damp warm socks deeply into my lips and i kissed and sucked all the while trying to get a breath!

After about an hour of this she got up and told me to stay. i could see her walk over to her bed and she sat down at the foot of it. "Crawl over here little shawna, and keep eye contact" she ordered. i started to crawl , keeping my eyes locked on hers, fuck this was so weird, but i loved it. About three feet from her she told me to stop. "Strip, when we are alone you should be naked" was her order. i started to get up and she yelled "stay on your knees, and keep eye contact!" Though awkward i did it and soon the next order came "crawl on your belly 'till your nose touches my toes". When i got there i kissed the tip of her left big toe as low as i could get my lips. "open your mouth, take my socks off w/ it" was her order, and i got them both off. Then she had me in a kneeling postion to undress her completely. "I know this will be an honor for you shawna, i know youll need practice and YOU will learn!" she said. What the fuck, i didnt see this coming but i let her hands guide me as i did my best, her feet resting on my back all the while. Her moans let me know i must have been doing ok! She had an explosive orgasim and i cleaned every bit up. She petted my head and said "good girl". i fetched her robe and put it on her then i got dressed at order.

i got back on my knees in front of her. "Take my laundry home w/ you tonight and you will spend the night Saturday and bring it back clean" was her order. "I hope you wont mind these new chores i have given you" she laughed. i just started kissing her feet and sucking her toes in while she sat on her bed saying good girl! "Miss Amber, may i take your socks from tonight and place them on my shoulder for my ride home?" i asked in between kissing her toes. "Soooo glad you remembered little shawna" was her way of saying ok. i love her new nickname for me!

With that she headed for the shower and i headed home. my new life sealed...

Part 6

i spent the whole night doing Amber's laundry. All of her socks and underwear were done by hand as she instructed it should be. Of course i took ALOT of breaks w/ her socks! i love her sweaty feet soooo much. Tomorrow i will meet her at another volunteer event, planting trees for the community. The only problem is... my friend will be there as well and we havent talked in a while since i hane been "busy"!

"Shawna, phone" my mom yelled. i ran up from the laundry room and answered. It was Carrie, my friend who will be volunteering w/ me tommorow. She wants to pick me up and take me! i agreed not thinking about the laundry basket i will have w/ me! Oh well, im proud Miss Amber chose me (or did i choose her lol). i went back to work and could not wait to see Miss Amber again!

Carrie picked me up the next morning, me w/ a laundry basket w/ folded clothes not belonging to me. "Hey Shawna, what the hell is that" she questioned. "Ummm, a friend needed help, you will meet her today" was my clumsy response. "OO.K,you know I have some laundry that needs done" she joked. If she only knew! "Where the hell have you been" she questioned yet again. "Busy, ive had alot of homework i guess" i answered. I want to tell her but i know she wouldnt understand and since it really wasnt a lie, i didnt feel bad. Now Carrie isnt that bad looking of a girl, shes one of my friends from school. Shes also a white girl and very preppy. i always felt wierd because of the race thing w/ Miss Amber but i never felt that way w/ anyone, only her. Looking at Carrie now i feel nothing for her, except i would love to see her submit to Miss Amber as well lol. Just then an idea popped into my head! A gift for my Miss Amber, now if i can only work out the details... "Shawna, lets plant some trees and get dirty" was her way of letting me know we had arrived. i have to admit, i was in lala land trying to come up with a plan.

"Cool, i have to find Mis, um, my friend Amber, see you in there" as i pretty much ran out of the car w/ Miss Amber's clean laundry, i couldnt wait to see her. i spotted her talking w/ some of her friends, only Kelly have i seen before. i walked over and knelt down at Miss Amber's side. That got some laughs! "Hey Amb, looks like your laundry girl is here" laughed Kelly. The others girls laughed as well, i just looked up at Miss Amber. She smiled then made a coughing noise, then i leaned in and kissed her sneakers, i could already smell her through the mesh part of her trainers. That got them laughing, i just outlined her toes w/ my kisses. i could tell she was pleased though, and that is all that matters. She laughed and told me to get up, then said good bye to her friends, "come on little shawna, lets put that stuff in my car" she ordered. i followed like an eager puppy.

"Miss Amber" i said meekly. "Yes shawna" she asked as i trailedher into the parking lot. "An old friend of mine is here today, she drove me. i was thinking" i stumbled over the words. "Carrie is her name, i would like to try and make her submit to you as a gift" i blurted out. She laughed as we got to her car and she popped the trunk. i put her laundry in and closed the lid, then got on my knees looking up at her. "shawna, i dont need another slave, i have you. But maybe Kelly could use one, she is my best friend and i thought about sharing you" she said. SHARING ME!!! i couldnt believe i just heard that! At the same time i loved it though then she interupted my thoughts... "Shawna, kiss my feet while im talking to to you, yea, if you could convince her to be Kelly's slave that would be a cool gift to me" she said as i kissed the tops of her shoes. "Kelly would get a kick out of that" she said hooking the toe of her sneaker under my chin to force me to look up at her. "Im so proud of you shawna, thinking of ways to amuse me, makes believe you really are into this" she said. " Get up , lets go and we will make this happen" she said pulling on my hair.

The next few hours i spent at Miss Amber's side, a true sidekick lol. As always she was the group leader. At days end all the groups met at the same place, a picnick area. i knelt at Miss Ambers feet while the rest sat at the picnick tables. "shawna"and a quick kick to my head was all i needed. i undid her laces and let her feet rest in my lap and started to massage them. Carrie walked by and saw me. "Shawna! wha what are you doing" she asked kinda freaked out. Miss Amber pressed her right foot's toes to my lips and i knew to remain silent as i massged her tired left foot and kissed her toes. "You must be Carrie, im Amber... sooo nice to meet you" she said in a mocking voice. Kelly sat at the other end of the bench and laughed, though she had no idea of our plan. Like i said, Carrie is a preppy and pretty girl, though a bit nerdy. "shawna why are y" and Miss Amber cut in. "Carrie, i needed a foot rub real bad, little shawna gives the best" she said w/ her toes still pressed at my mouth. "oh i didnt kno" Carrie tried to say but was cut off again by Miss Amber "she needs a ride to my house, you can come too" was Ambers order. "i guess i cou" and carrie was cut off again. "Good. Shawna, put my shoes back on and go with your little friend here, be at my house about 6:30" was her order. i quickly put her shoes back on and kissed each one, then stood up to join Carrie. She looked so lost lol!

As we walked to her car she asked "why do you let her order you around?" Carrie, we have to talk...

Part 7

i had no idea how to go about this, making Carrie submit to Kelly that is. With Amber it was easy, i wanted to submit to her soo bad, i wasnt sure how to "make" someone feel submissive but since i raised the subject, i have to try now.

"Shawna, what the hell was going on back there? Is that why you havent been around lately? Why would you let that girl treat you like that? She had her foot pressed againgst your mouth, you kissed her toes instead of moving away. WHY?" was her barrage of questions. "Carrie, shes cool, and i... i like to do that for her, whatever makes her happy" was my weak response, fuck ive always been so head strong untill now. "What, are you some freak lezbo now? I mean, why do you like it?" she asked w/ a hint of curiosity in her voice. "i just do, she has a hold on me i cant describe, it feels good to me to please her. i know it may not make sense, just go along with it please and dont think of it as a bad thing, ok" was all i could get out. This wasnt going well and i knew it, what will Miss Amber think. "Shawna, we have been friends a long time, i dont want to judge but it is a bit difficult" she responded. My heart was racing as we got closer to Miss Amber's home. "I just dont understand what happened to you Shawna" she sighed. i could see Miss Ambers house now.

As we pulled into the driveway, i saw Miss Amber and Kelly sitting on the porch, on the only two chairs there. "Shawna, dont be to wierd ok" she said before we got out of her car. "Carrie, relax" i reassured her.

"Hey, right on time" was Miss Ambers way of saying hello. "Yep" was Carries response. i stayed silent but made sure Carrie walked up to the porch first, that way she would be in front of Kelly and as i sat down at Miss Amber's feet, Carrie might do the same in front of Kelly. Another strike, she leaned against the railing i noticed as i leaned in to kiss Miss Amber's trainers. "Now thats a greeting" laughed Kelly. Miss Amber then rested her feet on my shoulders. "So Carrie, you are little Shawnas friend huh" asked Miss Amber. "Yes, Shawna is my friend, why" snapped Carrie. Miss Amber then put her feet in my lap and said "Shawna, shoes". i undid her laces and pulled off both for her. "May i massage them Miss Amber" i asked that being the first time i ever said that out loud. "Please do, i really need one" she said while throwing her head back playfully. As i got to work on her sweaty socked feet (her feet get so sweaty lol) she turned to Carrie and asked "Has she ever given you a foot massage?" "Absolutely not" snapped Carrie. "I would nev" she tried to say but Miss Amber cut her off "I taught her really well, didnt I" she said tapping my forehead. "Yes Miss Amber" i weakly said as i looked up at her. "I could REALLY use a foot massage" Kelly finaly chimed in. "Carrie, why dont you try giving Kelly a foot massage" Miss Amber suggested. "No way" snapped Carrie. "Its ok, I will help you Carrie, i understand if its your first time" added Kelly. "Thats not the point. Its just that.." Carrie half replied. "What is it then" asked Miss Amber. i looked up at Miss Amber then Carrie and added "just try Carrie, please". "Pull my sneaks off and watch how Shawna does it" Kelly said in a really sweet tone holding out her left foot. All eyes were now on Carrie and as she looked back at each of us she finally said "ok, but this is fucking wierd". Like i said before, i have known Carrie for some time and she rarely curses.

i watched as Carrie slipped down and sat indian style at Kelly's feet, just like me in front of Miss Amber. Kelly put her feet in Carrie's lap and Carrie squirmed a little though her hands went right for Kelly's laces. Once the laces were undone, she looked up at Kelly almost for reassurence. Just then Miss Amber tapped my lips w/ her foot and when i looked up at her, she was smiling. After i kissed Miss Amber's foot, i looked back at Carrie to see her pulling off Kelly's second sneaker. Kelly put her hand out and said "let me see that one". She then held it about three inches from Carries nose, and Carrie moved in! "Tell me, it doesnt smell that bad does it" Kelly asked. As Carrie put her nose into Kelly's sneaker, Kelly used her hand to hold Carrie's head there. Carrie then pulled her head back and Kelly let go. Carrie's response, "no not bad". "Now massage this one first" Kelly said presenting her right foot to Carrie. "Shawna, help her" Miss Amber ordered.

She actually seemed really interested lol! For half an hour or so, i instructed Carrie on how Miss Amber likes her feet massaged. Every so often she would look up at Kelly and ask "is that ok?" Kelly would give some advice here and there. Miss Amber then hooked her toes under my chin making me look up at her. "Go get Kelly and me some iced tea" was her order. When i returned, Carrie had started on Kelly's other foot. After i served Miss Amber and Kelly their drinks, Miss Amber said "lets go into the living room". Carrie started to get up but i grabbed her knee and said "let them go first, then we can get thier shoes and drinks."

We then followed them into the living room. After they sat down on the sofa, we handed them thier drinks. i then motioned for Carrie to follow my lead and sit at Kelly's feet as i did in front of Miss Amber. Carrie is falling right in! "My shoes got really dirty today, how about yours Kell" Miss Amber asked flipping on the tv w/ the remote. "Yea, Shawna why dont you show Carrie how you clean Ambers shoes" giggled Kelly. i got on all fours while Miss Amber swung her feet up on my back, then i pulled her shoes in so i can bow my head down and lick them clean. Carrie was a bit hesitant but slowly followed suit. As they watched tv and talked i instructed Carrie as quiet as i could. "Miss Amber likes the soles done first" i whispered as i showed her how to get the little pebbles out and generally give them a good cleaning. "Carrie, you are moving to much" Kelly yelled. Her and Miss Amber laughed as Carrie apoligized! What a sight we must have been, head to head licking dirty smelly sneakers w/ these other girl's feet resting on our backs! "Done yet Carrie? I need you to give me a ride home" barked Kelly. "i need to finish the top of your left shoe" Carrie said in between licks. "Hurry up please" she said in a sweet voice, then laughed. i had finished and was fishing out sock lint from around the heel area when Miss Amber ordered me up to her room. "Say good bye to your little friend" she said. Bye Carrie. Bye Shawna. As i was heading up to Miss Amber's room i could hear Kelly tell Carrie to put her shoes back on.

When i got up to Miss Ambers room, i layed on the floor at the foot of her bed and continued to get all the sock lint out of her sneakers. "That was a really good idea Shawna, im soooo proud of you" she burst into the room praising me. "i think she wanted it Miss Amber, maybe not as much as me but i think she liked it" i said looking up at her. she paid no attention to what i said and sat down over me. "Flip" was her order. i flipped onto my back and she put her feet on my face and i kissed every bit of her still moist socked feet i could strain my neck to get to. "You can keep teaching her, she is one friend of yours I will allow you to keep" she said as she layed back bouncing one foot then the other on my lips for kisses. "Kelly made her drive her home to pick up her laundry" Miss Amber said laughing. "She works faster than me" she mused as i kept kissing each bouncing foot on my lips.

"Get a bath ready for me Shawna" she ordered. As i set about the task at hand she kept relaying the past few hours and laughing, just hardly audible. i undressed her putting her socks on my shoulders as i love doing for her (i can always smell her sweaty feet that way), i put her favorite White Stripes CD in and leaned into clean her. She slipped back into the tub and relaxed. "Shawna, call Carrie tomorrow and see where she really stands, then get back to me" was the only time she spoke during her bath. Yea, i cant wait to hear that as well...

Part 8

As i walked back home w/ the now ever present pair of sweaty socks on my shoulders, i couldnt wait to talk to Carrie and see where she stands on todays events. First appearences would suggest she enjoyed it; although on the other hand, she may never talk to me again. i was walking with my head down only glancing up every once in a while to make sure my path was clear, while i was lost in thought. Now that my driveway was clearly in sight, i saw Carries car parked there, her leaning against the car.

"Shawna, what the hell was that" she demanded and laughed at the same time. i noticed she had Kell's socks tied around her neck. "My new life Carrie, one that i chose. Nice necklace" i laughed. She laughed as well, i hope that was a good sign. " I, I have no words to describe how i felt while there with her" she managed to stutter out. "And now" i asked. " And now, I feel wierd, but i liked it and she was such a bitch, i didnt want to like it" she explained. "Lets go inside, Carrie" as i took her hand and we both made our way into my house.

Mom was there and looked at us "Why do you girls both have socks... there" she said pointing at us. We laughed and ran upstairs to my room. We sat on the floor face to face. "Did you feel that way Shawna" she asked. "Carrie, you have no idea, let me try something" i said as i undid her "necklace" lol. i took Kells sock as i held the back of her head and let Carrie move into smell it. As i had hoped, she leaned right in, i pressed the back of her head gently into it even more. i watched as she closed her eyes and begin to shift around. i pulled it away "try this one" i said as i took one of Miss Ambers off my shoulder and presented it to Carrie. She pulled away. "I like Kelly's better" she said while making a face and looking at the floor then at me. "So you like Kelly then" i asked. Then she suprised me and put Kells sock up to her nose again. "She gave me her laundry and said you may help me do it" she said looking at me. As i put Miss ambers sock back on my shoulder (i know they are to stay there!) i told her "ill give you hints, thats all, i should call Miss Amber to see what she wants me to do".

Looking at Carrie, i knew she was as submissive as me and as confused as i was. i walked over to the phone and started to dial when i was interupted. "Shawna, i do like this. It isnt a joke is it" Carrie asked with so much sincerity. i put the phone down and said "On my part no, i dont know Kelly that well but Miss Amber would tell me, i think". i picked the phone back up and dialed Miss Ambers number. "Little Shawna" she answered. "um, Carrie is here Miss Amber, may i ask you a qusetion" i asked her. "kneel down and look at he floor when you are talking to me" was her order. Of course i dropped to my knees, she so has me. "Yes Miss Amber" i replied. "Ask away" she said. i proceeded to tell her about the situation and ask if it was okay to help Carrie. "I told you before, you can keep her as a friend as long as she obeys Kelly" she snapped at me. "I already talked to Kell, she is pleased so far, but doesnt want so much hesitation from your little friend. If she really wants to be Kell's slave, tell her to let go a bit more, like you are w/ me" Miss Amber let me know. "Show her how I trained you to do my laundry, you do remember dont you" she asked in that beautiful voice of hers. "Yes Miss Amber" i replied. "Get to work, and make her have fun with it, and by the way, good call, I am pleased, good night... slave" she said and the phone went dead. She was happy! As i was walking away from the phone, it rang. It was Miss Amber. "Tell Carrie to give you your message" -click- and Miss Amber left it at that.

"Did she say it was okay" asked Carrie. "Yes, and that you have a message for me" i said. Carrie just laughed. "What" i said stomping my foot. "Will your mom let you spend the night at my house" she asked. "Yea, im sure she will" i answered. "Lets go. Could you fasten my necklace" she said laughing. Carrie gave Kells big toe area one last kiss and i retied the socks around her neck.

"Mom, im staying at Carries tonight" i yelled towards the family room. "Okay honey" was her reply. i was still curious to what the message was.

When i got into Carries car, i saw the basket of laundry in the back seat and next to the laundry, a box of shoes. i reconized the pair of flats on top. "Its going to be a long night" smiled Carrie. "oh, Kelly and Amber will be spending the night also" she said w/ a wink.

Part 9

"Really, what the fuck Carrie" i said w/ excitement! "It was all Kell... mmm Miss Kelly's idea. She wanted to keep it in the moment" Carrie explained w/ a hint of excitement. "Then you are cool w/ all of this" i asked, my voice trailing off a bit. "I dont know, I love to hear her praise me, it feels... right" she said as she pulled Kellys sock "necklace" up to her nose. "Let yourself go, do what feels right" i encouraged her. "If its to much, let her know, i know this will stay between the four of us unless... you really like it, then..." i added. "Then what" she asked stopping at an intersection, giving her time to look at me. "you saw me at volunteer day, in public and all" i stammered while returning the look.

We were silent after that, only changing the radio station from time to time. As her house came into view we exchanged glances and smiled at eachother in the passing street lights. i grabbed the box of shoes and Carrie brought the laundry. "Did you give them good directions Carrie" i asked. "Kell... oops, Miss Kelly knows the area" Carrie giggled.

Carries mother met us at the door. "Shawna, Kelly dropped off your video recorder and left a message to call... Amb" she said. "Friends from school" she asked and looked at us both, eyeing our unusual luggage. "Yes, its about... ummm... a homework project" i made up the story as fast as i could. i dont own a video camera lol. "These are for the project also mom, like a play" Carrie tried to smooth over the laundry and box of shoes. "ok girls, have fun and be quiet" she said, finally letting us through the door. i threw the recorder in the laundry basket.

We both had a "what the fuck" look on our faces when we got down to the basement family room. "Use my cell" Carrie said forcing the phone into my hands. i called Miss Amber. "Hello" she answered. "HI MISS AMBER, i got your message" i tried to sound excited. "Kell and I have a party to go to, your objective is to make Kell and I a movie. You play the bossy one at first, to help train Carrie for Kelly" she explained. "After you train her how I have trained you, you play her slave, we want it ALL recorded" she ordered. "Tommorow, you will help her w/ the laundry and shoes... and tape that for us as well" she laughed. "Whats going on" Carrie demanded. i just put my hand out and told her to be quiet. "Yes Miss Amber, have fun" i said weakly. "I want a good video little shawna, make ME happy"she said as i heard the hang up.

"Well" Carrie asked. "Slight change of plans" i tried to break the news gently. Carrie and i have never played like this, but we have to make it for our (at least my) new owners...

Part 10

I wasnt sure how this might go. i will just do my best to make something entertaing for Miss Amber and Kelly. i just hope Carrie is willing to play as well!

Carrie was still standing, holding the laundry basket looking rather dissapointed. "Carrie, put that in the laundry room" i pointed. She listened and didnt protest, i set the camera on a shelf pointed towards the sofa and pressed record. Carrie was still in the laundry room as i took a seat on the sofa.

"Carrie, get in here... Now" i yelled as i crossed my legs. Damn, i really could use a foot massage, and now is my chance! "Dont let this go to you head Shawna" Carrie said then winked. "From now on, its Miss, just Miss to make it simple for you" and i winked back. i stopped her about 10 feet in front of me and ordered "Get on your knees and crawl to me". With a giggle she did as i directed. "Yes Miss" she let out as she crawled to me. When she was about a foot in front of me, i held out my left foot w/ the sole towards her face. "Clean the soles of shoes first" i directed her. "Remember how i taught you w/ your Miss Kelly" i added. "Yes Miss" she said looking up at me. i then rested my right foot on her shoulder all the while i could feel her licking the bottoms of my other shoe. The gentle pulls she made w/ her teeth to get the bits caught in my treads, i couldnt help watching her. "Good and clean, like new" i heard come out of my mouth. "Yes Miss" she mumbled. I let my head rest on the back of the sofa, I was REALLY enjoying this! When i felt her at the heel of my shoe, i looked down only to find her busy cleaning the filthy sole of my sneaker! "Do the top now" I barked and put my foot on the ground. She had to reposition to do the job properly, which made my right foot and leg uncomortable. "Slide over so i can rest my other foot" i yelled! "Yes Miss" she whispered. I just relaxed while she licked my shoes spotless.

"You need to do this faster" i let her know. "My feet are fucking killing me, take my shoes off" i burst out. "Yess Miss" she whispered again. As she was reaching for my laces, i pulled that foot away. "Use your teeth" i laughed, putting my hands behind my head and relaxing. I could feel her pulling at my laces w/ her teeth. "Make it real-l-l-l loose" i instructed. When i could feel my shoe loose, i popped my heel out. "Stick your nose in and hold as steady as you can". I ordered. I felt her nose slide in between my shoe and heel, i rubbed the bottom of my foot on the bridge of her nose a bit then pulled and let my shoe drop to the side of her head. With no hesitation, i ordered her to kiss my sweaty foot. "Yes Miss" she moaned. It felt sooo good! "Dont stop till i tell you" i ordered. She went right on kissing my toes, down the center then my heel. "The other shoe" I commanded. She repeated just as i taught her the first time. The little pulls at my laces of her pulling my sneaks off, i loved it! This time I played w/ her nose a bit more while sliding my sneaker off! When I let it hit the floor, I pressed the toe of my socked foot to her lips. "Pull just a little... slave" I instructed. She was right onto my thinking, pulling the toe part of my Hanes socks off just a little with her teeth. "Suck" I ordered! She started sucking on my sweaty sock!

"Massage my feet w/ kisses, real deep and remember to take deep breaths, cool my feet... slave" I ordered. As much as I loved this, I cant wait to try this w/ Miss Amber, i know she would love this! I decided to lay out on the couch, my feet swinging off the other end. Carrie followed my feet, to please me! She is sooo submissive, just like me (except tonight!). "Socks" was all I had to say and she pulled my socks off. On all fours, she looked up at me w/ my sock still between her teeth. "Drop it, suck my toes" I ordered. Mmmmm that does feel good I thought as heard a beeping in the background.

An hour or so later, when I realized the beeping stopped, I thought I should check the camera. Wait, why the hell would I get up? "Go check the camera" I ordered. "Miss, its shut off, the battery is dead" she let me know. "Ok, want to continue" i asked. I watched as my best friend dropped to her knees and crawled towards me. I was supposed to have a turn at being the slave to her, oh well, Im going to enjoy this while I have it.

Part 11

While I was kicking back enjoying Carrie's tounge wrapping around each of my toes, one by one... her cell phone rang.

"Carrie, get that" I ordered. "Yes Miss" she replied.

"Hello, oh fun, yes Miss Kelly, come to the back door. Bye Miss Kelly" was the broken conversation I heard.

"Carrie, what was that about" i asked. "Miss Kelly and Amber are leaving the party now and will be here in a half hour or so" she replied. I was so happy to hear that! Miss Amber after dancing and hanging out, she will be in such a great mood and in need of a foot massage. Carrie and I cleaned up a bit to have things ready for them.

We went out back to have a smoke when THEY walked around the corner. They are both so beautiful, i flicked my cig away and knelt down to kiss Miss Ambers boots. Carrie followed my lead, kissing Kelly's converse. "What a welcome" Kelly said as they both laughed. "I hope you two made a funny video for us" Miss Amber said laughing while i kissed the toe of her boot. i could tell they had been drinking and very happy! "Come on slaves, crawl behind us" Miss Amber said openining the door as if it were her home lol. We crawled behind them as instructed, i watched every step my Mistress took, how she lifted each foot as she walked. i couldnt help but think how lucky i am, SHE is my Mistress, my OWNER.

They found the sofa and seated themselves, obviously tired. We were there like two little puppies, waiting for our next command. "Come on, plug the video in" Miss Kelly commanded. "The battery is dead" i said w/ my eyes on Miss Amber's boots. "Just plug it into the dvd, it will play dummy" Miss Amber let me know. Carrie and i both hurried towards the recorder on our hand and knees. "Let my little bitch get it" laughed Kelly. I returned to lay at Miss Ambers feet, looking up at her. "No need to clean them little shawna, just get them off and MASSAGE my feet" she ordered. i slid the zipper of her boots down with my teeth and i could smell her feet more and more as i progressed. When both zippers were down, ipulled her boots off her tired feet only to reveal my favorite pair of her socks... striped! i dived right into those filthy sweaty socks kissing and pressing my nose as hard as i could, breathing in every bit i could. "Lick them clean, i was dancing without my boots for awhile, i know they are dirty" she said laughing. "Good girl" Miss Amber said as both Her and Kelly laughed. "Hurry up Carrie" Kelly ordered. Carrie is a little slow lol even i noticed.

While i licked all the "stuff" off Miss Ambers sweaty socks i could see Carrie doing the same for Kelly. Miss Amber and Kelly were laughing at the video and praising me for using Carrie."Fuck, little shawna, you are quite the bitch" laughed Miss Amber. i hardly heard it though as i licked all kinds of stuff off Miss Amber socks, all the while loving the smell of her sweaty feet. "ok, Amb lets switch for awhile... your bitch for mine" Kelly laughed. "OK slaves, switch" Miss Amber ordered. i didnt want to, but i wanted to please Miss Amber. While i love the smell of Miss Ambers feet, Kellys are not as good. Miss Ambers feet sweat ALOT, and i love that. i could tell Carrie doesnt use her tounge well enough, so i really got to suck and lick Kelly's socks clean. Her white socks were almost black from dancing in just her socks. i did my best, and i cant wait to finish Miss Ambers as well, i know Carrie will screw them up as well. "OK slaves, follow us outside for a smoke" was Miss Ambers order.

When we got to the door, They stopped and i got up to open the door for them. "Ummm, we need something to stand on out there" giggled Miss Amber. "Door mats" Kelly burst out laughing. Carrie and i both crawled outside and laid down face up. Kelly stepped on my belly to get over to her "doormat", while Miss Amber stepped out onto me. "Amb, this is fucking awesome" Kelly said as i saw her put her socked toes over Carries mouth. Miss Amber did the same thing and i kissed and sniffed in her beautiful scent looking up at her. "Lets see, its 11 pm, we have alot of time to use our slaves, Amb can I have little shawna the rest of the night" Kelly asked my Owner. "Only for tonight, we have to get Carrie up to speed" Miss Amber said. With that Carrie and i were nipping at the socked heels of our Owners, anticipating our next orders of the night.

Part 12

i let Miss Kelly get comfortable on the sofa again before i went back to work on her dirty white socks. Carrie sat at Miss Ambers feet waiting for her orders.

"Shawna, make me proud, do a good job on Kell's socks" Miss Amber laughed. "Yes Miss" i replied in between licking and sucking. "Carrie, you are really worthless. Sit by the tv and be our remote" yelled Miss Amber. To my amazement, Carrie began apologizing and looking at me to back her up, but, i was busy. "Shawna, take one of Kell's socks off" Miss Amber instructed. Miss Kelly sat quiet while i pulled one of her socks off. Miss Amber then had me stuff it in Carries mouth! "Get over to the tv" Miss Amber yelled. Carrie crawled on all fours to the tv and went through endless channels for our owners. I laid at thier feet licking Miss Kelly's one sock clean and massaging Miss Ambers w/ my hands.

"My boots wont clean themselves" Miss Amber said out of nowhere. "Shawna can quit with me Amb" Kelly said softly. "Not what I had in mind" replied Miss Amber. "Kelly, Shawna can show you how I like my feet masaged, Carrie can practice licking my boots clean, that way you wont have to train her" Miss Amber said rather matter of factly. "What about me" asked Miss Kelly. "Get off the sofa and on the floor w/ little Shawna Kell, you were my first little bitch" Miss Amber replied. "Not like that" Kelly protested. "Kelly, you always follow me like a little puppy, since we were kids" Miss Amber said looking right into Kelly's eyes. "Carrie bring me the real remote, Kelly... NOW" my Owner said. I should have felt jealous but i could only look up at Miss Amber in awe, i may be her chosen slave but she owned us all and i loved how she took control.

Kelly aquiesed and slid off the sofa to her knees, Carrie crawled over with the tv remote and Miss Amber took Kelly's sock out of Carrie's mouth and through it over to Kelly's shoes. Miss Amber then laid on her belly w/ her feet crossed at the ankles. "Carrie, lick my boots spotless, little Shawna take my socks off and show Kelly how to massage my feet properly" Miss Amber said taking complete control. It was an awkward position for Kelly and i to suck Miss Ambers toes and kiss the rest of her foot, the proper way to massage Her feet. Kelly followed and seemed to get into it as much as me. Carrie laid in the corner of her own house, licking another girls boots clean, soles and all.

"Kell, no hard feelings" Miss Amber said in a kind voice. "I, I like it Amb, ever since i saw Shawna doing it I wanted to try" Kelly said still kneading Miss Amber's foot. "I know, but Shawna belongs to ME and is my slave, you have Carrie and when I want, you all submit to me" Miss Amber said while flipping channels. "Deal" was all Kelly could get out. "Im going to sleep" Miss Amber let us know. Kelly and i spoke at the same time but i let her say what we were both thinking. "Can we keep massaging your feet" she asked looking down. "little shawna knows the answer" she said with her eyes closed. With that i took her big toe into my mouth while kneading her tired foot and looked into Kelly's eyes. She smiled and did the same as Carrie laid in the corner working on Miss Ambers boots. "Carrie, neck and shoulder massage" snapped Miss Amber. Carrie crawled over and began working on Miss Amber's neck and shoulders. All is right in the world... my Owner happy~!

Part 13

That night ended and i have to admitt, it was a lot of fun. i woke up first and kicked carrie softly in the cheek with my toes. "Lets make them breakfast" i suggested. We made a full breakfast for our owners. I guess it was the smell of coffee that brought carrie's parents down. "Carrie, you made us breakfast" her mother asked. "Sorry mom, this is for Miss Kell and Miss Amber" carrie replied. i was shocked at her answer but even more with what came next. "Mom, we serve them" carrie went even further. "You SERVE them" she snarled. Her father remained silent. "We lost a bet" i piped up. "Ohhhh" was her mothers sarcastic reply. i took that as an opportunity to wake up my Mistress.

i got to the bottom of the steps and felt i should drop to my knees and crawl to the couch she was sleeping on. Miss Kell was still sleeping on the floor. i got to the couch and lifted Miss ambers blanket to suck her big toe into my mouth, using my hands to knead her other foot. Miss Amber jerked a little then let out a sigh. "Always a good girl... My little shawna" she said with a yawn and then smiled down at me. "Miss Amber, carrie and i made you and Miss Kell breakfast" i said and went back to her toe. "Good girls, knowing your places, but i bet it was your idea" she said. "Yes Miss Amber" i replied. "Put my socks on and wake Kell" she ordered. "Wake her up like you woke me up" she giggled. i of course carried out her instructions. Miss Kelly was alittle more surprised though and kicked me! "Kelly!" Miss Amber yelled and they both laughed. "Our slaves made us breakfast" Miss Amber let Miss Kell know. "shawna, get my sneakers" Miss Kell ordered. i put them on for her and began to tie them untill she stopped me. "No, loosen up the laces" she ordered. Miss Amber came out of the bathroom and the both started for the stairs. i crawled behind them till we got to the stairs and i watched Miss Amber and Miss Kell walk up, Miss ambers socked feet and Miss Kell's heels popping out of her chucks with each step.

"Lets see what they made for us" Miss Kell said with a big streatch and they both sat at the table. carrie and i both hurried to serve them. carrie then surprised me when she just knelt at Miss Kell's feet without being told. Miss kell laughed and patted her head. i was just going to kneel at my owners feet when she ordered "rub my neck and shoulders". "carrie, when my heel pops out of my shoe, you should blow into it to keep my foot cool" Miss Kell explained to carrie as if she were a teacher talking to a bad student. While i was rubbing Miss Ambers shoulders and neck, i watched carrie on all fours under the table waiting for Miss Kell to dangle her sneaker a little so she could follow her orders. At one point i was laughing while Miss Kell was slapping carries nose between her sneaker and her heel! Then carrie's parents walked in. We just all continued on with our natural (to us) places.

"That must have been one hell of a bet" carries mom kind of laughed. "carrie! dishes and more coffee" Miss Kell ordered. carrie snapped right to it and i noticed Miss Amber was taking her last bite as well. "Miss Amber may i get you anything else or take your plates away" i asked. "Just the plates, then a foot massage" she said softly. cariie and i both returned to our assigned duties as our owners looked at one another. "Bet? Your daughter and her friend are our slaves" Miss Kell said sitting back while carrie blew into the little opening between her heel and sneaker. "What do yo" and carries mother was cut off by Miss Amber. "They know their place. carrie, shawna, go get our stuff" Miss Amber said as carrie and i hurried off to get their stuff. carries father finally said "what do you mean slaves". i didnt hear her reply but when we got back up stairs they had both left.

carrie put Miss Kells socks and shoes back on and i put Miss Amber's boots back on. "Morning shoe shine shawna, get all that dust off from overnight" she laughed and i was right on it. Miss Kell had the same done to her chucks. We then carried all their stuff out to the car and kissed their feet as they got into the car. Miss Amber then cleared her throat and put one of her boots outside the car. i knelt back down to undo her boot all the while thanking and kissing her boot. "You know you get to walk home wearing at least one of my dirty socks on shoulder" she said smiling then something i didnt expect... "you are welcome". i slid her boot zipper back up proud to have her sock on my shoulder kissing her boot the whole time and thanking her. "Tommorow i have soccer practice, stop by my house to pick up my flip flops then meet at the field" she ordered and took her boot away.
"Yes Miss Amber" i smiled up at her.

i said good bye to carrie and started walking home. i know she will have some explaining to do and i may as well if her parents called my mine....

Part 14

As i walked home i really started to feel closer to Miss Amber, it scared and excited me at the same time. i could fuck up my whole life if this was just a game on her part. On the other hand, if she is as serious as i am, i think i would really be happy. i decided to just shrug it off and see where it goes... i want this and in a funny way that gives me the upper hand, even if i am the one in submission.

i got the usual stares on my walk home, having socks on your shoulders draws stares for some reason lol. When i walked through the door my mother was there to greet me. "shawna, carries mom called... why is there a sock on your shoulder" she said finally asked. "Mom, dont... please" i said putting Miss Ambers sock in my pocket. "She said something about you and carrie licking these other girls shoes" she said with her hands at her hips. Since dad is mostly gone on business, mom is the discipline force in the house as well as mom. "Mom, i CHOOSE to do what i am doing... i, i, i like serving Amber... Miss Amber and her Mom sometimes" i cried out. "Her Mother? What is going on, what is their last name" she questioned. "Kingsley" i yelled. "Get in the car" she screamed.

i was so scared as my mother forced the directions out of me to Miss Ambers house. i might never see Miss Amber again, or even worse lay at her feet smilling while she looks down at me. "Im going to give them a piece of mind" mom screamed. She was so angry. Oh no, i can see the driveway and in a way my life changing.

She pulled me by the arm up to the door. Miss Amber answered and always so self assured said "oh you came by for my flip flops early". i was amazed at how matter of factly she thought i was there for her, i love her! As my mother yelled at Miss Amber, Miss Amber just stood there, arms crossed looking right into my mother's eyes tapping her foot. "Are you done" Miss Amber then cooly asked. "Whats going on" Miss Kingsley said coming around the corner. My mother started yelling again and Miss Kingsley said "Lets stop yelling and go into the living room and talk". Mom still had a tight grip on my arm, i couldnt tell if it was a protective move or what. They all took seats, as soon as my mom let go of my arm i went to sit at Miss Ambers feet. While she patted and petted my head, my mother yelled "shawna get the hell off the floor and sit over here"! i looked up at Miss Amber then her mother and turned back to my mom and said simply "No". "What have you done to my daughter" my mom screamed. "Ma'am I didnt do anything, little shawna here is free to go at any time as i told her from the get go. We have our roles and she has chosen hers and I have chosen mine. It works for us. I love your daughter very much and would never harm her or force her into anything she didnt want." Miss Amber said sounding like the perfect mediator. "Mrs Wilson is it" Miss Kingley asked my mother. "Yes it is" my mother replied. While Miss Amber kept petting and patting my head, i started to massage her foot. "Miss Wilson, your daughter comes here and hangs out with my daughter because she wants to" Miss Kingsley added. "shawna, stop that and get off the floor, please" my mother said in a pleaful voice. "No mom, please just let me be, im happy here" i said still massaging Miss Ambers foot. That made her furious and she stormed out slamming the front door and taking off.

The three of us jumped up and watched her drive away. i looked at Miss Amber and she at me. i got down on my knees between them both keeping my eyes locked with Miss Ambers. "Maybe you should drive her home Amb" Miss Kingsley said. With her eyes still locked on mine Miss Amber asked "shawna, what do you want"? Looking at her then Miss Kingsley i pleaded with them while alternating kisses on thier feet "Please, please, let me stay tonight and i will talk w/ her tomorrow". "You are committed to my daughter shawna" she said half question and half observation. "Yes Miss Kingsley" putting my lips on her daughter's big toe for a kiss. "Mom, let her stay the night" argued my Owner.

Of course her mother agreed and i spent the night at Miss Ambers feet while they read, watched tv and talked. She seemed to keep me close, as if to protect me. When her mother asked if she might get a massage, Miss Amber kept me busy with her.

When it was time for bed, i kissed Miss Kingsley's feet and followed my Mistress. Upon entering her room i stripped and got on all fours, remembering her past whims. She was pleased i remembered! "I guess this is it little shawna" Miss Amber said as i slid my tounge between her toes and the carpet. "If you stay, you will always be busy with my demands and at times my mothers" she explained. "I want you to stay" she said as she laid back on her bed. "Yes Miss Amber, so do i" i said in between licks. "My soccer cleats are in my bag over there, get them clean for tomorrow while i take a bath" she ordered. i ran her bath then undressed her and started work on her cleats. i gulped down every clump of grass and dirt cought in them, thinking about tomorrow...

Part 15

That night i finished Miss Amber's cleats and asked if i could clean her flip flops as well. When i finished both pairs i just made myself comfortable at the foot of her bed while she slept. With my mind racing thinking about Mom and what i might say tomorrow, i dont think i slept more than an hour.

i heard Miss Amber starting to move around so i crawled over to the side of her bed and waited on my knees for her to get up. "little shawna, I forgot you were here" Miss Amber said yawning and laughing at the same time. "Get dressed and make me some breakfast... enough for my mother as well" she ordered as she rolled back over. i obeyed and ran downstairs excited to carry out her orders. She had on her school uniform and her mother was in a nightgown when they entered the kitchen. "shawna you are ALWAYS welcome here" Miss Kingsley said as i crawled over to kiss their feet. After i said good morning i got their coffee and breakfast. While they ate, i did all the dishes filling their cups as needed or ordered. "shawna get my back pack and a fresh shine on my school shoes" Miss Amber ordered. i cant believe i forgot about her low cut docs she wears w/ her uniform, i feel so bad i didnt already have them clean for her. i fetched them for her and she motioned for me to kneel at her side. Of course i did and she held her hand out nodding to one of her shoes. She sat there with her legs crossed and cupped her shoe in both hands as i handed it to her. "Lick it nice and clean" she said her eyes locked on mine.

While she held her shoe for me and moveed it where she wanted it cleaned, Miss Kingsley sat and watched. "Good girl" Miss Amber would praise me from time to time. "Im going to take my shower, when she is done Amb, could you have her do my heels... a nice shine because i have a meeting today" Miss Kingsley asked her daughter. "I will mom, see you later this evening" Miss Amber said as i started on her other shoe. "My good girl is gonna lick my Mothers shoes for me too... is'nt she" Miss Amber said as if she were talking to a baby. "Yes Miss Amber" was my response. "You should tell your mother to fuck off and come live with us... get that gum of my sole" she said holding my head closer into the soles of her docs. i said "yess Miss Amber" though she couldnt hear me because my tounge was so busy. i finished to her liking and slid her shoes on her black knee high socked feet and did her laces up. "Kiss my shoes little shawna and do not be late w/ my flip flops" ordered Miss Amber as she walked out the door. "Dont forget about mom's shoes" she added.

i watched as she walked off, when she was out of sight i ran up the stairs to Miss Kingsleys shoes. She was still in the shower so i got started on her heels. Images of my mother and father would come into my mind as i lay on the floor licking Miss Amber's mother's shoes clean. What the hell was i doing? What would i say to Mom later. As i licked and thought away, my concentration was broken... "My daughter's slave" Miss Kingsley said coming into the room...

Part 16

Miss Kingsley said i could stay and clean the house untill i had to take Miss Amber's flip flops to her after her soccer practice. Of course i started w/ Miss Amber's room. i dusted, vacumed and did the bathrooms. While i worked around the house i thought about how to play this; how would this ever work i must be fucking crazy. How could i be sure this would always feel right? Then i saw some framed photos of Miss Amber as a child up to the present time and it seemed to erase all doubts.

i got to the soccer field a bit early and watched the girls practice, mostly Miss Amber though. i walked over and found where her bag was and kneeled next to it waiting for her to finish. The girls walked over when they were through and i got Miss Ambers flip flops out. i swithced my position and faced the bench so i could take her cleats and socks off. After she sat down she only patted my head while she talked to her team mates and placed her feet on my lap. As i started to untie her laces one of her friends said "Damn that must be nice Amb to have a little bitch". Miss Amber stared at her while i slipped her first cleat off and told her "never call her a bitch again Jen, she's my friend". She then patted me on the head again while pulled her other cleat off. Her poor feet were so hot and sweaty, i kissed the top of her left foot while i pulled off the sock of her right. i ran my hand down her sole to get all the sock lint off her foot. Normally i would beg her to let me lick it off, but not here and she seemed cool with that. i repeated it on her other foot and put her sweaty soccer socks on my shoulders and could smell them just a little, i cant wait to we get home! Then i massaged her feet while she continued to talk to her friends. Miss Amber could just sit back and relax while all the other girls had to take care of everything themselves, Miss Amber had me for her menial tasks and she knew it. She pulled her foot away and i knew it was time to put her flip flops on and go. i waited untill she stood up and i grabbed her bags and trailed behind her till her friends were gone. She patted her thigh and knew it was ok to walk next to her.

"Are you going to live w/ me and be my little slave shawna" she asked point blank. "Yes Miss Amber i really want to but how can i be sure that one day you might change your mind" i asked her. "Are you kidding me, to have someone always jumping at the snap of my fingers. Look, ive always had an attitude and you are the only one that understands how things should be" she said w/ a laugh. We looked at eachother and just nodded. When we got onto her street, we saw my mothers car in the driveway.

"Dont worry shawna, it will be ok" Miss Amber said. i ran up the steps to get the door for Miss Amber. Miss Kingsley and my mother were in the living room talking. When Miss Amber sat down i kneeled down to take off her flip flops and ran up the stairs to put her bags down. i took her socks off my shoulder and took a deep breath then kissed where her toes would be. Then i knew i had to go back down. i sat down at Miss Amber's feet and she ordered "down". i layed on my belly and she placed one foot on my back and the other in front of my face for me to massage. i looked up and said "hi mom". "Shawna I dont know what the hell is wrong with you, you are throwing your life away" she said with a sad tone, not angry. i started to reply and Miss Amber told her "She is happy and enjoys being here, right shawna". With that i thought the best reply would be to kiss her foot. "Mrs Wilson" Miss Kingsley said trying to get my mothers attention. My mother just watched me kissing and massaging Miss Ambers feet while laying on my belly. "MRS WILSON" Miss Kingsley yelled and snapped her fingers. Amber giggled a little. "Yes" my mother replied. With that Miss Kingsley got up and motioned my mother to follow her. "Let me show you something Mrs. Wilson" and my mother followed her. i looked up at Miss Amber and she just shrugged her shoulders. Miss Amber just clicked through the TV channels while i continued with my task.

About an hour later Miss Kingsley came back in, without my mother. "where is my mother" i asked. Miss Kingsley sat down and snapped her fingers...

Part 17

With the snap of Miss Kingsley's fingers my mother appeared. She was dressed as an old time maid, frilly dress and to top it off, an old school maids cap. i couldnt believe the sight as she went to Miss Kingsley's chair and dropped to her knees. Miss Amber laughed while i layed on my belly, as her foot rest and kissing/massaging her feet. Miss Amber and i both yelled at the same time "MOM"! "Kristen, tell them" Miss Kingsley ordered my mother. "Shawna, if this is what you want, I want to keep an eye on you... till you turn 18" my mother explained. "She will be here a few days out of the week. She has agreed to be my ummm, slave untill then, right, Mrs Wilson" Miss Kingsley shared. "Yes Ma'am, I want to make sure your not abused Shawna and this is Miss Kingsley's solution" my mother said while on her knees unzipping Miss Kingsley's boots. i looked up at Miss Amber, she was all smiles, i bent my head to kiss her foot and she pulled away, resting both on my back. "So let me get this staight, my slaves mother has submitted to my mother" Miss Amber asked, laughing. "Yes Miss Amber, i belong to you as well" my mother said pulling Miss Kingsley's boot off. Miss Amber just smiled as i looked up at her and when she looked down on me, she put her head back and enjoyed her new position.

That night was the most insane so far. i watched my mother kneel and pull off Miss Kingsley's boots, then readjust Miss Kingsley's nylon socks. i didnt have the best view as i had my own job, but i looked over my shoulder every once in a while and saw her following Miss Kingsley's finger. My mother was kissing and massaging this woman's feet, at the direction of Miss Kingsley's finger... no words, just pointing. i could tell how sweaty her feet were, i licked her shoes clean this morning and at some point she changed into her boots. i know how much her feet sweat, not sure if i envied my mother or felt bad, lol. "Kristen, the balls of my feet, quit spending so much time on my toes" Miss Kingsley ordered my mother. "Yes Ma'am" my mother replied as i watched her strain to kiss her toes and massage the balls of her nylon socked soles. Miss Amber then kicked the side of my head to alert me i wasnt paying attention to her sore feet.

Two hours went by and i have never been more nervous. To my relief my mother got up and said she had to go. She kissed the feet of Miss Amber's mother and then she kissed Miss Amber's feet, while i massaged them. She went to dress in her clothes and Miss Kingsley sighed with her feet still up "shawna, your mom is perfect for me". My mother came back w/ Miss Kingsley's slippers and slipped them on for her. "Shawna, ill see you in a couple of days" she said patting my head. Miss Amber cleared her throat and mom dropped to her knees to kiss Miss Ambers feet again. i looked up in my owner's eyes and i knew it was time for bed. "shawna, your my good girl, I have another task for you" Miss Amber said...

Part 18

i followed Miss Amber up the stairs to her bedroom. Once we got to her door, i shut it behind us and began to strip just the way she told me i should weeks ago, though it feels like years. She sat at the edge of her bed and i crawled to her feet kissing each toe while looking up at her. She was unusually quiet. After i kissed her last toe i got up to undress her, then she grabbed me by the hair and put my face between her legs. Though she was very quiet, she was also more aggresive than usual. She used my hair to control me, like a dog's leash. i loved every second of it. After she had her orgasim, i got up to run her bath and she told me to kneel down instead. "Yes Miss Amber" i said loving her taste still in my mouth. "I know you masturbate thinking of me while smelling my sweaty dirty socks or doing my laundry" she said locked dead into my eyes. Of course she was right. "Now that you will be living w/ me i will tell you when you can get off, and it will most always be in front of me" she explained. "If I have to be away, you will wait for my call and beg me... understand" she stated very seriously. Never breaking eye contact w/ her i said "Yes Miss Amber".

She leaned back and rested on the palms of her hands and crossed her legs at her ankles. "Do it" she ordered. i started to lower myself to her feet when she yelled "NO!! Just look at me, look at your owner". i was so fucking uncomfortable, she wanted me to masturbate right in front of her, on my knees just looking up at her. i started. Looking up into her eyes, sneaking a peak at her feet it wasnt so hard. Then she would ask me "who owns you shawna" in her sweetest voice. "You uhh doo Missss Amber" i would groan out. "Who licks the dirt off my feet... shawna" she would throw into her mix. "i always will, omg, Miss Amber" i was at a whisper now. Then i let loose w/ the best release i ever had and collapsed at her feet. Tapping my head w/ her foot she ordered "Now you can get my bath ready".

i was so uneasy about that but it also made me happy i was so responsive just by looking at her and answering her demeaning questions. After her bath, i got her bed ready and made sure she was comfortable. She threw down a pillow for me but i asked "Miss Amber, may i please sleep on your soccer socks and cleats"? Thankfully she said yes and i was happy that her socks were still a little moist with her sweat.

i was about to fall asleep when i remembered my mother was also involved now. Damn, i have brought my mother and my best friend into this. Weeks ago i had a plan to go to college and live my life for me. Now my plan is to serve Miss Amber anyway i can no questions asked. i thought about carrie and my mother and how this may all end, then i fell into sleep

The next morning i got up and made Miss Amber breakfast. Miss Kingsley had to be somwhere very early and could'nt stick around. Once i served Miss Amber her breakfast i got under the table so she could rest her feet on me. She is always more comfortable that way. "shawna, Kelly and carrie will pick us up in a couple of hours and we have some shopping to do" she let me know while bouncing her big toe on and off my lips. "After that we will all go to the new dog park... what do you think" she asked. Did i really have a choice??? "Yes Miss Amber" was my response. i dont remember Miss Kell having a dog...

Part 19

Whil we waited for Miss Kelly and carrie, i kept Miss Amber's coffee fresh, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. The remainder of the time i spent on all fours as Miss Amber's foot stool. i had her shoes and socks for the day ready, her superstars and a pair of low cut black socks w/ hearts all over them. i kept them clenched between my teeth, her socks stuffed down towards the toe area, my chin rested where her heel goes in one and my nose where her other heel goes. She found a show she liked on tv and made herself comfortable while i did my best to keep still and be her footrest. She hates it when i sqirm around.

A knock on the door resulted in Miss Amber raising her feet and me laying her sneakers at her feet so i could rush to her door and answer it. "shawna, great to see you" Miss Kelly greeted me. "carrie... floor" Miss Kelly ordered carrie. carrie dropped to the floor, head down on the hardwood foyer between Miss Kelly's feet. Miss Kelly had her old converse w/ yellow socks on i noticed. carrie didnt say a word to me nor i to her, thats just the way it is now. i ran back into the living room, picked up Miss Amber's shoes between my teeth and let her rest her feet on my back again. Miss Kelly slapped her hands together and said "lets go shopping"! "shawna... shoes" Miss Amber ordered. While Miss Amber and Miss Kelly talked i slipped the socks and sneakers onto Miss Amber's feet. i of course kissed her socked toes before slipping her sneakers on. We walked out, Miss Kelly kicked carrie in the head (rather hard) and simply shouted "UP"!

As carrie drove us to the mall, Miss Amber and Miss Kelly talked while i sat on the back seat on my knees looking out the rear window, massaging Miss Amber's shoulders. It was such an awkward fucking position. When we pulled up to the mall, Miss Kelly had carrie park in front of the pet store. carrie and i simply trailed behind our owners, i loved watching Miss Ambers heels pop out of her loose sneaks as she walked.

Once we got inside, they took us to the collar and leash section. "Ok girls, pick out which collars you want to buy" Miss Amber announced. carrie looked so disgusted. i on the other hand picked a brown leather one and dropped to my knees in front of Miss Amber and pleaded "Miss Amber, i dont have any money, will you please buy me this one"? "My slave wants more gifts" Miss Amber said laughing, she knows i gave what was in my savings to her. "I'll buy this one only if you promise to go along with what i have planned for the whole day" She said with her arms crossed and tapping her foot. "Thank you, thank you Miss Amber" i said kissing the shell toed tips of her sneakers. "But i get to choose the leash and the frisbee" Miss Amber let me know. carrie looked so pissed. "carrie pick one out or i will" Miss Keelly ordered. carrie just ran out of the store, jumped in her car and took off. Miss Amber and i watched from the door while Miss Kelly ran out but it was no use. She came back in and started yelling at me, calling her fucked up and that i should have said something. Miss Amber stopped her and said i had nothing to do with it, we can take the bus to the dog park and to let it go, for now. While Miss Amber was trying to calm her down, i knelt down beside Miss Amber and looked up at her. When she finally calmed down Miss Kelly, we were headed back to the collar and leash section. She picked up a very bright rainbow colored one and started laughing "I think this is the one"!
"What do you think shawna" she asked me. "Yes Miss Amber" i answered. Miss Kelly still looked upset.

After she picked out my leash, we headed for the toys section, pet toys. Miss Amber picked out a red frisbee. After that, we headed for the custom pet tag line. "shawna, i want you to make your very own dog tag" Miss Amber said patting my head. "Yes Miss Amber" was my response. While Miss Amber and Miss Kelly talked about carrie, i dropped to my knees beside miss Amber and tried to think of what to put on my tag. While in line, Miss Amber would pop her heels out of her sneaks and i would lean into kiss the underside of her now sweaty socks. People in line said "gross" or just couldnt believe what i was doing. Miss Amber and Miss Kelly just kept talking becouse it has become NORMAL to them.

When it was my turn in line i got off my knees and went up to the clerk and handed her my new collar. i chose a heart shaped tag and told her it should read "SLAVE SHAWNA Property of Miss Amber, if lost please contact 867-5309". "OOOOKK" was her response. i just smiled and asked Miss Amber if that was ok. She liked it and we took our number and found the waiting benches. i got down on all fours so they could put their feet up and rest. Miss Kelly was still pissed about carrie running out. Miss Amber put one foot in front of face and i used my nose to pry that sneaker off her foot. Then i did the other one. Her left sneaker fell just below my head, the other out of my sight. i stayed there on my hands and knees, in a busy pet store while they rested their feet on my back, while the other shoppers just ponted and laughed or made rude comments. oh well.

When our number was called i hurried up to get my new tag. It was pink. The clerk was nice enough to put it on my new collar and we walked to the check out. Once Miss Amber paid we went outside. "shawna, kneel" Miss Amber ordered. i followed her order. She fastened the collar around my neck and then the leash. "Carry the leash in your mouth like a good girl" she commanded. i picked the leash up off the ground with my teeth and followed behind her on all fours as we walked to the bus stop.

"How far to the dog park" Miss Kelly asked Miss Amber...

Part 20

It was a long trip to the dog park and Miss Amber was really annoyed that she had to take public transportation. This was a far cry from the comfortable ride she had to the mall with Carrie driving and little Shawna rubbing her back. And quite frankly she was tired of hearing Kelly complain about Carrie running off.

Once they got to the dog park though the fun would begin. Miss Amber and Kelly walked over to a bench and sat down, Shawna following on her hands and knees crawling with her leach in her mouth. There was only an old man in the fenced in area when they arrived, and when he saw what was going on he seemed to quickly head out with his dog. So it was only Miss Amber, Kelly and Shawna left on their own. Miss Amber then said "Come her puppy so I can take off your leash and we can play." At that moment Shawna crawled to Miss Amber's feet and she removed her leash. Miss Amber then pulled out a tennis ball and said "Ok puppy wuppy wanna get the ball? Good Girl" She then threw the ball. After throwing the ball a few times Miss Amber snapped her fingers and said "Kell, I know todays been kind of rough, but you know I'm use to living at a high comfort level now that I have little Shawna, and since I'm playing fetch with her right now.... Would you mind massaging my back?" Kelly replied "Yeah sure" and got up and did as Miss Amber said. This went on for about an hour until Amber got tired of playing and wanted to go home. But there was no way that she was taking that stupid bus back to the house. So Amber picked up her cell phone and called the house Kristen Shawna's mother answered "Kingsley residence" Amber replied "Hello slave is Miss Amber, we are at the dog park just outside of town get over her right now and pick us up." Kirsten replied "Yes right away Miss Amber, i'll be there as soon as I can." To which Amber replied "Good girl see you soon." Then she hung up. They only had to wait seven minutes before Kristen arrived, Kelly sat up front and Miss Amber sat in the back. Shawna got in the back with Miss Amber and once she was seated Amber stretch out and put her feet in Shawna's lap. She then put a pillow behind her head and closed her eyes. She then said "Massage my feet slave." Then dozed off. The ride was a quiet one back to the house.

When they walked through the door there kneeling on the ground in front of them was Carrie. Miss Amber then asked Kristen "Was she here before you left to pick us up?" Kristen humbly replied "No Miss Amber." Amber then ordered Kristen to get back to the house work and walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Kelly walked in and sat next to her, followed by Shawna and then Carrie. Kelly then broke the silence "Where the hell did you go?" Carrie explained that she was very sorry that she just ran off the way she did, but that her parents decided that the best thing to do after the other morning was to move out of the neighborhood. She explained that she had to get home to get her stuff and that all she had now was her car and clothing, no where to live and no food to eat. She then got on her knees and kissed Miss Kelly's feet, and begged her to let her move in with her. Of course Kelly said yes.

Now Miss Amber and Miss Kelly had slaves living with them and serving them 24/7. What would come next for the four girls?

Part 21

A week had now passed since Carrie moved in with Kelly, and Amber noticed that Carrie kept showing up to her house with bumps and bruises. Miss Amber and Miss Kelly had hung out just about every day. They had shopping days, where they would go to the store and spend as much as they wanted. Shawna and Carrie would follow them around, carry their bags and help their mistresses when they wanted to try something on in the changing room. They also had spa days, where Miss Kelly and Carrie would go over to Miss Amber's house. One these days Miss Amber and Miss Kelly would enjoy getting treatments such as facials, manicures, pedicures and any other massage you can think of.

It was on one of these spa days that Miss Amber decided that something needed to change. She liked Kelly as a friend but if she was going to mistreat Carrie then she needed to be taught a lesson. Amber thought to herself that slaves were there to serve them but that she would never ever hurt Shawna. Shawna was devoted to her already and she had been trained well so there was really no call for any negative treatment. Why were things different for Kelly she wondered? Maybe she was compensating Amber thought. Then it dawned on her that she had read some where that people who seem to be naturally dominant but feel that they need to use physical force to get what they wanted often made way better sub. Once Amber realized this Amber decided that a role reversal needed to happened. While Amber was thinking about all of this she was sitting on her couch next to Kelly enjoying a very nice morning foot massage from Shawna, Kelly doing the same with Carrie. However Carrie did not seem to be enjoying it as much as Shawna was. Amber then said "I want a manicure, pedicure and a back massage now, so Kell your going to be serving me today." Amber then ordered Carrie to get to work on her manicure and Shawna to start on her pedicure. This felt really nice, but would also get Kelly's live as a slave started. About fifteen minutes into Miss Amber's treatment she asked Kelly "Do you like serving me Kelly?" Kelly replied "Yes Amber, you know I do from the night when I massaged your feet for the first time." Amber then went on "Good, I think I would like you to call me Miss Amber from now on." Kelly replied "Yes Miss Amber." Carrie was the first to finish and Miss Amber ordered Carrie to sit next to her on the couch while Shawna finished her pedicure and Kelly continued her back massage. Amber then looked at Carrie and realized for the first time that Carrie did not look half bad, and thought that with a few weeks of pampering from a slave she could be looking pretty hot. Amber then asked "Carrie where did you get those bruises on your arms and legs? Answer me honestly or else you will be punished!" Carrie humbly replied "Miss Amber, Miss Kelly gave me these bruises for really no reason, I've tried my best to serve her but she is never happy, always yelling at me about how worthless I am." To this Miss Amber said "Thank you for being honest with me Carrie, I think I have an idea which will make you feel very happy!" Amber then asked Kelly if what Carrie was saying was true and she confirmed that what she said was true. Miss Amber then snapped her perfectly manicured fingers and said "Form now on Carrie is now Miss Carrie and Kelly you are now Carrie's slave. You should never mistreat someone like the way you have treated Carrie even if you do think she was born to serve you." Kelly tried to object but in the end could not disobey Miss Amber. Amber then ordered Kelly to stop massaging her back and to get down on her knees before Miss Carrie. It took Carrie a little while to get use to being in charge, but she seemed to get more comfortable as the day progressed. Carrie enjoyed having a pedicure and foot massage from Kelly for the first time in a long time. But in the end of the day was still feeling a little bit weird about bringing Kelly home and treating her like her slave in front of her parents. Then Miss Amber had a fantastic idea, she said "Carrie how about you take Shawna home with you tonight and enjoy her service and I will keep Kelly here and train her. She will be ready for you tomorrow." Carrie agreed, and took Shawna home that night. Shawna would have felt weird that she was now going to serve her former best friend, but at this point now she was now extremely submissive and now believed that her place in life was to serve so she was actually honored to serve Carrie.

After Carrie and Shawna left Kelly thought that things would be different between her and Amber, but that was not the case. That night Miss Amber worked Kelly's butt off. Kelly had to cook, clean and do laundry along with serving Miss Amber in a more personal way. That night Miss Amber did not call Kelly by her name once, she just referred to her as slave. Kelly had not done any of these jobs since Carrie came into her life so she was a little rusty. Miss Amber really enjoyed watching Kelly run around serving her, and because of what she did to Carrie figured she enjoyed it. By the time Miss Amber was ready to go to bed Kelly had now been working constantly for about 4 hours. She was tired and this made her more obedient. Miss Amber then announced "I'm going to bed slave, you can lick my feet all night." Kelly replied "Yes Miss Amber." And Miss Amber and Kelly's night was over.

Mean while Carrie was enjoying being spoiled by Shawna. Carrie decided that she could now take over Kelly's bed room and make it hers. So she was relaxing on her bed while Shawna was massaging her feet. Carrie then said "Shawna do you really like being a slave? To tell you the truth the only reason I put up with Kelly was because I'm your friend." Shawna not forgetting her place replied "Miss Carrie I was born to serve, and thank you so much for sacrificing for me I'm honored! How fitting that now I get to kiss your feet." Carrie went on to enjoy the rest of her night in peace.

What will tomorrow bring? How will Kelly react to being Carrie's slave in her own home?

Part 22

Miss Amber woke up at 8:30am to Kelly tiredly lapping away at her feet. When Amber saw that Kelly had been up all night she realized that Kelly really was very submissive. She tapped Kelly on the face with her feet a sign that meant stop. Then Amber sarcastically asked Kelly "So how did you sleep last night?" To Amber's surprise Kelly replied "Miss Amber I did not sleep last night you commanded me to lick your feet all night so I did. While I was doing this I realized a lot about myself that I had not noticed in the past. I am truly very submissive Miss Amber, and I feel very badly about the way I treated Miss Carrie. I must serve her for the rest of my life to repay her for the abuse I put her through. Thank you so much for helping me realize my true place in life Miss Amber." At that she kissed Amber's feet. Miss Amber simply replied "Your welcome, now go make my breakfast. Carrie and Shawna are coming at 11am." Kelly followed Miss Amber's command right away and with in fifteen minutes Kelly was back upstair with a wonderfully prepared meal for Miss Amber. After Amber finished eating, Kelly ran down stair to wash the dishes and then quickly returned to Miss Amber's room. Amber and Kelly were home alone, Amber's mom was away on a two week business trip which meant that Kristen Shawna's mom did not have to come to work for them over that time. After Kelly drew a bath for Miss Amber, cleaned her, got her dress, did her makeup and touched up her nail polish it was just about 11am.

The door bell soon rang and Amber ordered Kelly to get the door. As soon as Carrie was inside Kelly dropped to her knees and began kissing her feet. Miss Amber walked downstairs and saw the sight and could only admire it for a moment. It was really a beautiful sight the formerly pampered rich girl was now worshipping the feet of the former slave. The role reversal had taken full effect. As soon as Shawna noticed that Miss Amber had come downstairs she almost dove at her feet and also began kissing her feet. Amber was happy to have Shawna back, she had missed her and truthfully did not enjoy having to train Kelly however it had to be done. Miss Amber made her way out to the back yard, it was a beautiful day outside and so decided it would be a great idea to get some tanning in. Carrie followed and then the two slaves crawled behind them. Miss Amber got comfortable on her lounge chair and ordered Kelly to pull her mothers lounge chair over for Miss Carrie to use. Once Miss Amber got comfortable she ordered Shawna to massage her feet and then asked Shawna how last night went. Shawna replied "I am very glad to be able to help Miss Carrie get comfortable being dominant, she has been a great friend so it was an honor to serve her." Miss Amber was very pleased, she then said "Kelly don't you have something to say to Miss Carrie?" Kelly responded "Miss Carrie I am very sorry about the way I treated you, now that I have realized my true place in life I have decided that my only place in life is at your feet as your slave. If you will have me I would like to serve you for the rest of my life." Miss Carrie replied looking more beautiful then ever after an evening of pampering "Its about time slave that you realized that I'm so much better than me. Yes you will be my slave for the rest of your life and I am going to enjoy bossing you around." For the rest of the day Miss Amber and Miss Carrie enjoyed the usual pampering. However they had a great time getting to know each other on a more equal level then before. By the end of the day Miss Amber and Miss Carrie were very close, and they were both looking forward to spending much more time together, however they both knew that Miss Carrie had some business to take care of back at Kelly's parents house. So Miss Carrie and Kelly left Miss Amber's house at 6pm after dinner.

Kelly drove back to her family's house while Miss Carrie sat in the back seat reflecting on the happenings of the day. She finally broke the silence by saying very matter of factly "Kelly when we get home you will announce to your mother and father what your new role in life is. Its about time that your family know what kind of person you really are." Kelly simply replied "Yes Miss Carrie." Carrie was really getting the hang of being in charge and after hearing what had happened to Shawna's mom she wanted to try and get Kelly's parents to submit also. Kelly's dad much like Shawna's father worked a lot and was not home when Miss Carrie and Kelly got home. Carrie got comfortable on the sofa in the living room while Kelly went to get her mother who was upstairs. When they got downstairs Kelly's mom Tiffany sat in the chair across from the sofa where Miss Carrie was sitting and Kelly kneeled at Carrie's feet. Shocked at the sight Tiffany of course wanted to know what was going on right away. Carrie simply tapped Kelly's face with her foot, which Kelly knew was a signal to answer the question. Kelly then answered her mother "mom I've just recently discovered that I am an extremely submissive person, and that it is my lot in life is to serve a superior women, Carrie. As you know Carrie use to be my slave but I soon realized that things would work out a lot better if things were the other way around. I hope that you are ok with this decision, but if your not I don't care. I am very happy being Miss Carrie's slave. And in fact I would be thrilled if you decided that you would like to join in the fun. I really mistreated Miss Carrie when we were in our old relationship and have vowed to make her life as easy as possible, and two slaves is always better then one. Look I know you would do anything to make me happy and this is the last thing I will ever ask you to do, I promise!" Carrie could not believe the transformation that Kelly had made in two short days. She was now asking her mother to join her in slavery. Miss Carrie had no objections, why the heck would she turn down another slave. Little did Carrie know what she was in store for. Tiffany sat there and thought for a few minutes, while Kelly sat massaging Miss Carrie's feet. Then Tiffany broke the silence by asking kelly "This is really what you want for the rest of you life?" Carrie patted the side of her face with her foot allowing her to answer and Kelly simply said "Yes." Tiffany continued "Then this is what I want also." She then got up from the chair that she was sitting in and got on her knees. She then kissed Miss Carrie's free foot and said "Miss Carrie I would like to be your slave as well if you will have me? I beg you to move into the master bed room and tomorrow we will have to take you shopping for a whole new wardrobe of designer cloths. Kelly and I can get maids uniforms if you like." What a crazy night Carrie thought then she answered Tiffany "Tiffany you may be my slave and I love your idea of taking me shopping tomorrow. I love innovative slaves. But now that you have submitted to me life will not be easy for you. I'm going to bed, come sleep on the floor at my feet and wake me at 8:30am by licking my feet. We will begin your training tomorrow Tiffany."

The slaves obeyed their owner and another wild and crazy night had come to an end.

Part 23

Months had passed now and the four girls were now done with high school. Since Kelly had become a slave she had become very submissive and she was now as much a slave as Shawna was. They had both gone through weeks of serving their mistresses 24/7 at home and at school and had grown use to the embarrassment and humiliation that came with it. Mean while Amber and Carrie were enjoying the good life. They never did any school work, thats what slaves were for and they had both graduated with 4.0 GPAs. Amber and Carrie had also both been accepted into the same school, which was the local state school about a two hour drive from their homes. Of course they would be bringing their slaves with them who would not be attending school. Tiffany Kelly's mother would be paying for an off campus apartment and all other living expenses. Amber's mother would be paying the girl's college tuition, because she was the only one of the adults who made any sort of money.

Once the girls had arrived at their new very large and expensive apartment they kept to themselves for the most part for the weekend before college started. Amber had been doing a lot of thinking about what college would bring. Amber thought it would be fun to join a sorority, however if you wanted to join a sorority it usually meant that you would have to become a pledge for a period of time. She thought there was no way that she would be doing that. During the first week of school Amber looked around at the sorority options and decided that Alpha-Phi-Beta was the one to go for. That was the one that all the seemingly high class rich girls were attracted to. Amber went up to the sign-up table and sitting there was the president of the sorority. Her name was Becky a tall dark haired very confident looking girl. Amber asked about joining. Becky the president rather rudely responded "Well you have to have an interview first." Then handed her schedule to Amber. Amber did not like her tone of voice and said "Ok, next monday works for me" and then handed Becky a piece of paper with her address on it, then said "You can stop by anytime in the afternoon." Becky surprisingly said "Ok sounds good, I like you." At that the conversation was over and Amber left to go back to her apartment.

Monday afternoon came soon enough and Becky showed up to Amber's apartment at around 2pm Carrie and Kelly were out on a shopping trip so she would have the whole apartment free for a few hours. Becky rang the door bell and when Amber heard it ordered Shawna to answer the door and then to show Becky to the living room. Shawna obeyed. Amber let Becky wait about five minutes and then made her way into the living room. She then snapped her fingers and said "Shawna, feet." at that Shawna kneeled at Amber's feet and began massaging them. Becky a little shocked tried to begin the interview, however Amber seemingly ignoring Becky speaking said "Yeah I'm interested in this sorority because it will look good on my resume, but I am not at all interested in being one of those pledge things. As you can see I am use to being served not serving others. Surly you can understand this your the president." Becky answered "Yes, but..." Amber then interrupted "You were a pledge once right?" Becky responded "Well yes, I guess" with a quizzical look on her face. Amber then continued "Well it would be an honor for you if I jointed this sorority so why don't you pledge yourself to me?" Becky totally confused took a while to understand, it was definitely to long for Amber who then said "I would love someone to rub my other foot, get down and do it." Of course Becky tried to object, but in the end Amber won as she always won. After Becky had been rubbing Amber's feet for about ten minutes Amber said "Becky I like our new relationship, from now on you call me Miss Amber and I want you and the rest of your sorority over here every day doing what I say." Becky replied "Yes Miss Amber." Amber loved this, Becky was a quick learned. It was only 2:45pm plenty of time to get all of Becky's sorority over. She had Becky text all of her friends and by 3pm they had all arrived at Amber's apartment. Amber then had Becky explain that Miss Amber was now in charge and that everyone was to do as she said. It was fantastic. Amber sat down on the couch ordered one girl to be her footstool, Shawna and Becky to give her a pedicure, another two girls to give her a manicure, another girl to rub her back, another girl to hold a magazine for her to read, another two girls to fan her and finally another girl to stand by with a diet coke in case she got thirsty. There were about ten girls left after that and Amber ordered them to get to work cleaning the apartment. Amber truly felt like a Queen being spoiled and pampered more than she had in her whole life.

At around 4pm Carrie and Kelly got home and saw all that was going on. Carrie found Amber and asked "What the heck is going on." Amber replied "I took over a sorority its pretty awesome having all these slaves to do what I say." Carrie replied "Cool, can I use them too?" Amber then snapped her fingers and said "Slaves, this is Miss Carrie, you are to follow her commands as you follow mine." They all responded "Yes Miss Amber." And then they went back to work.

This was one of the best nights of both Amber and Carrie's lives. They had only been at school for a week. What would the rest of school have in store for them?

Part 24

A week had past since Miss Amber had taken over Becky and her sorority. Now Amber did not have to have anything to do with going to school and she still got straight A's. Her days consisted of staying home and being pampered by her many slaves or going out shopping and spending as much money as she wanted, Miss Amber's bank account was almost unlimited now that she had money coming into it from so many different places. Carrie was also enjoying herself and she did not care what slaves she used. Kelly had just become another slave, and only Miss Amber made sure that little Shawna was serving her all the time. Kelly truly felt worthless.

It was now Tuesday 11am and Miss Amber was enjoying her morning pampering. Miss Amber looked hotter then ever, she was very beautiful and this spoiled life style only made her more beautiful. Miss Amber's usual morning pampering consisted of using a slave as her footstool, two slaves kneeling massaging and pedicuring her feet. Two slaves massaging her hands and manicuring them, a slave rubbing her back. A slave feeding her breakfast, and a slave holding a fashion magazine for her to read. Miss Amber had truly become royalty, and she knew it. On this particular day it turns out that Becky was acting as Miss Amber's footstool and Kelly and Shawna were perfectly pedicuring Miss Amber's feet. Usually Miss Amber did not notice or care who her slaves were, after all they were nothing more then tools that she used to make life easier. However today while she was reading her fashion magazine she took a glance down and saw Shawna and Kelly giving her a pedicure and it got her thinking. Shawna had willingly become her slave much like all of the other slaves from college, however Kelly was kind of forced into it because of the way she had treated Carrie. Amber further thought for once about if this was really the life Kelly really wanted to be living. After all up until recently Kelly was her best friend.

After she had had enough pampering it was now 1pm and decided now was as good a time as any to have a chat with Kelly. At this Miss Amber snapped her fingers and said "Shawna and Kelly up to my room now." They both responded "Yes Miss Amber" and crawled behind their mistress up the stairs to her room. Once they got into Miss Amber's room Amber sat down at her desk chair and ordered Shawna to be her footstool. Of course Shawna obeyed, she was just short of a zombie at this point, the only thing she knew how to do was obey Miss Amber. Kelly then remained in front of Miss Amber as a slave should awaiting Miss Amber's next command. The next thing that came out of Miss Amber's mouth was a shock to Kelly. Miss Amber said "So Kell, for a few minutes lets pretend that we are best friends again. I would like you to speak to me as my friend right now and not as my slave, answer my questions honestly. So how do you like being a slave?" Kelly a little surprised answered "Miss Amber do you remember when I first massaged your feet at Miss Carrie's house? That was the first moment in my life that I felt like I was doing something that I liked to do. I realized that much like Shawna here I was born to serve, and that when I acted dominant over Carrie it was just because I was afraid of who I truly was. But now I've come to grips with it and realize that my purpose in life is to do as you command Miss Amber." Amber not really surprised by Kelly's response was pleased, she just had to make sure because of what her and Kelly once were. Amber then asked "So you would do anything I told you to do with out question." Kelly replied "Absolutely Miss Amber." Amber very pleased with her response realized that Kelly was the perfect candidate for her first slave experiment.

Part 25

It had been weeks since Miss Amber and Miss Carrie had even seen each other, and even longer since they had spent any time together. This kind of bothered Miss Amber considering that it had been her who had literally given Carrie this life, and its about time something changed around here.

This is what Miss Amber was thinking as she was being driven back to her place from a nice relaxing afternoon of shopping. Miss Amber arrived at home and entered her house, there waiting on their hands and knees for her were her two now favorite slaves Shawna and Kelly. When they saw Miss Amber walk in they immediately leap into kissing her feet. Miss Amber then asked "little Shawna is Carrie home?" Shawna replied "Yes Miss Amber, she in lounging by the pool." Shawna went right back to kissing Miss Amber's beautifully pedicured feet. After enjoying a few more seconds of the slaves kissing her tired feet Miss Amber made her way back to the pool where Shawna had said Carrie was. When she arrived Miss Amber did not like what she saw at all, there sitting by the pool was Carrie and another girl that she did not know using her slaves. Miss Amber walked over and said "Carrie what the hell is going on here?" Carrie replied "Hey Amber long time no see, this is my friend Kate. I just invited her over to hang out and have some fun, you know." While Carrie was saying this Miss Amber was thinking that this was the last straw, not only had Carrie not spent any time with her, but she had replaced her with some girl named Kate. After thinking for awhile longer Miss Amber replied "You know Carrie I don't get it, after all I've done for you this is how you repay me? If your going to be making and spending time with new friends well than maybe its time that you found some where else to live?" Carrie replied "You can't be serious Amber, I'm just branching out." Miss Amber then said "Actually I am very serious, I have not seen you in forever and when was the last time we hung out?" All Carrie could say in reply was "but, Amb..." Miss Amber continued "BUT WHAT" Then she got a devilish grin on her face and said "The way I see it is that you have two choices. One you can move out and live on your own for the rest of you life or two you could stay here and earn your keep. Also Kate you are now involved so whatever decision Carrie makes impacts you too." Kate sat there with a dumb look on her face wondering what was going on Kate finally broke the silence when she said "Carrie what could be so bad about working here?" Kate really did have no idea what was going on. Miss Amber then said "You have one minute to make your decision Carrie." At that Carrie looked up with a very defeated look on her face and said "Alright we will stay." Miss Amber then replied "what was that?" Carrie replied "Miss Amber may Kate and I have permission to stay at your place and earn our keep?" Miss Amber then said "Yes you may my new slaves, its been a while since I got new slaves. Kate just follow Carrie's lead she will teach you all you need to know, but here is the basic gist. You are now my slave, you will do as I say and always call me Miss Amber. As long as you do that things will go very smoothly. Now I'm tired of standing here, get up and get on your knees before me." They both silently followed her order, and surprisingly Kate offered no resistance. Miss Amber then made them give her a manicure and pedicure, then made them lick her feet for hours. What a very productive day Miss Amber thought.

Now Carrie was back to square one, she was now a slave again. After Miss Amber enjoyed her dinner she decided it was time to bring back some old memories, but she wanted to include Kate too. Miss Amber sat on her couch and snapped her fingers she then ordered Kelly and Shawna to kiss her feet and suck her toes, Kate to be her foot rest and Carrie to massage her back. This was just like that night when they were are still in high school plus Kate of course.

(to be continued)