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Two girls had decided to fight over me. My 5'2 Asian girlfriend, Chanise, challenged the 5'10 Scandanavian girl, Holly, who was flirting with me. Despite the appearnce of superior physical ability, my girlfriend was confident she could overcome her bigger opponent because she of her Karate skills. I certainly didn't doubt that; I knew she had a black belt, and I had seen both bigger boys and girls pummelled by her kicking feet in the ring.

When we met in Chanise's basement ring (well, basically just a big blue mat), me and Chanise found out that Holly also had previous martial arts experience: in kickboxing. She only did it for a couple years though, versus Chanise's several years. Still, when Holly put on her tanktop and kickboxing shorts, her tall legs looked so toned and strong. I thought that Chanise better have superior tecnnique to take on such an athletic opponent.

Chanise was wearing the standard white gi with her black belt and bare feet, and she stepped into the ring with Holly. They didn't bow to each other, they just put up their fists and started bouncing on their strong toes. Chanise hated Holly, and she attacked first. Her side kick actually connected with Holly's stomach, who certainly seemed a little rusty. Chanise tried to punch her face, but Holly managed to block that as she backed up, and sucked up the pain.

Chanise decided that she was faster than Holly, so she went on the attack. Holly was just fast enough to stop Chanise from pounding in her face, but she was still on the defense, with Chanise dominating the fight. Then, out of nowhere, Holly swung her arm across and knowcked Chanises arms away and out of defense, then launched a hard side kick into Chanises's chest. She flew backwards and stumbled onto her back, breasts exploding in pain. She rolled on the floor holding her chest, scrunching her face from the pain.

Holly looked at her downed foe, then at me, and giggled in a way that suggested my current relationship was over. Chanise saw her flirting, and she sucked up the pain and got up, now with an even greater desire to humiliate this blond bitch.

Sadly for Janice though, she was the one who ended up humiliated at the feet of Holly. Angrily, Chanise had taken to offense again, but she had less focus, and was more sloppy. The only reason she did well before was her superior skill and speed, but when sacraficing that, she left it to who hard greater reach, and who could kick/punch harder. Because of this, Holly dominated the living shit out of my now-ex girlfriend.

It started with Holly landing some jabs to Chanise's face. The were minor, but humiliating for Chanise as it made it look Holly was toying with her. Then, Holly strong leg propelled her foot through Chanise's defenses, and nailed her in the stomach. Quickly, she spun around and slapped Chanise across the side of the face with her bare sole.

Chanise didn't go down, but nearly did as she spun around. She was winded, but the stinging pain of a foot to the face angered her beyond just the pain. She so desired for Holly to have to feel the pain and humiliation of having her own face smacked by her feet. But again, that never came.

What did come was Chanise nearly getting her lights knocked out. Holly started throwing viscous side kicks at Chanise, who could barely block kicks from such a strong and athletic girl. Eventually, Chanise's own fists hit her in the nose as they attempted to block a side kick. This stunned her temporarily, which was long enough for Holly to send a hard kick to the ribs. Chanise felt something crack as she stumbled back wards, and Holly took a few steps forward and jumped, launching out her foot.

The face I'd come to know got flattened by the sole of the superior blond. The kick was hard, and certainly looked like it to me. The second I saw her facial features crunched by the foot, or the smacking sound of face meeting sole, It was obvious Chanise was defeated. She fell to the ground on her back, with light not completely out, but certainly dim.

Holly walked and stood over her, with her feet on either side of Chanise's neck. She was facing with, and giggled. Then, she raised her leg and showed me the bottom of her foot, so I could see what had just devestated my girlfriend, and what was going to torment her further.

Holly's sole was without and callouses or dead skin. It was nicely taken care of. But, after an intense fight, I could see it shine with footsweat, and had little specs of dust mat on it. She lowered it onto Chanise's face.

Chanises squeeled under the smelly, dominating foot. She tried to grab at at, but Holly just applied more pressure, causing pain to Chanise's already damaged face and forcing the smell of her feet deep into Chanise's nose. Holly was giggling as she did it, and then turned to me and asked "See, would you rather have pretty ol me, or some pathetic asian bitch who's under my foot?"

I signalled I'd rather have Holly. I felt bad, but I couldn't deny the superior female here. Holly was a tall, athletic blond, who was dominating a smaller, asian opponent. And my girlfriend may have once of pride, but seeing her squirm like a worm under a moist sole just made her look pathetic.

Rubbing her feet on Charise's face wasn't enough though: Holly really wanted to humiliate her so there was no confusion to me over who was better. She grabbed Charise's broken body and started to perform painful wrestling holds, that not only physically hurt her, but humiliated her as well. The poses would usually end up with Charises face pressed deep into the smelly flesh of Holly's sole.

One hold had Holly on her knees with Chanise's head between her legs. Basically, Holly's ass was on the back of her head, which smushed her face into her moist soles. Holly then grabbed Chanise's legs, and stretched them under her arms. She forced Chanise to beg to lick her soles. She screamed in pain the humiliating begging for such a degrading task. Holly lifted her bum of Chanise's head a few inches so she could lick Holly's feet like a dog. Again, it may sound bad, but I found it hard to respect a girl who's had to beg to slurp down footsweat.

Eventually Holly stopped with the restling, and just grabbed Chanisse by the air and brought her face into her sole, moving her heard around to cover it with footsweat. Then, she made Chanise lick the sweat from between her toes, and up her sole incase she missed any footsweat or dust.

Then, as the final act of humiliation, to prove to Chanise that she had completely dominated her, she walked over to me, sat on my lap, and we started making out. With the gorgeous blond on my lap, I wasn't complaining. She didn't just make Chanise watch as she stole her boyfriend; she ramped it up.

"Oh, you want something to kiss with those fat swollen lips of yours? Well crawl over here and kiss these, bitch". She put up her feet on the chair, and Chanise submissively crawled over, and while her boyfriend made out with the hot woman who just smacked the shit out of her, she kissed the woman's feet. The same feet that destroyed her.

Holly told me she had fun and we should go, so we got up to leave. Holly went over and slapped Chanise across the face with her sole. "By you inferior Asian worm. You'll never see me or your now ex-boyfriend again. But I want you to remember this day, so I'll leave you with a present.

Holly put her foot back on Chanise's face (where it now seemed like it belonged) and pinched her nose with her toes. The smell immediately made Chanise open her mouth to breath air that didn't reak of feet, which Holly took advanage of to shove in her sock.

Chanise was lying on the mat as she heard her boyfriend leaving her, being taken away by another woman. And here she was, beaten, dominated, humiliated, and with the same girl's disgusting, sweaty, sock. The taste made her almost gag, and trying to push it out with her toungue only intesnsifed the taste of feet. Eventually though, she did manage to spit out the sock that was soaked with Holly's foot juices. She was still a broken down, crying mess, with the taste of feet in her mouth.

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FANTASTIC STORY! I loved the action, the descriptions, and all the amazing details. Very nicely written. This is exactly what I come to this board for. I HOPE to see more like this, and I would really LOVE IT if it was a TRUE story! THANKS!!!

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Thanks, I have written a bunch of other stories like this here.

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nnnn I absolutely love all of your stories