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26-04-2012, 06:07 AM
You wake up to the drilling noise of your alarm clock assaulting your ears. Stretching your arms and legs, you look out the window allowing sunlight to flood the room. Such beauty serves as an augur for the day ahead, and you grin to yourself as you think of the saturday to come.

Like most summer weekends, you hop up out of the bed and quickly get ready for the day. After a quick bowl of cereal, you throw on your shoes and set out for the usual bike ride.

As the gentle breeze brushes against your face, countering the heat of the sun against your face, you ride down the street and make a left towards the park, and soon enough you're riding down the bike path of the colossal, nature oriented public park. As expected, you catch sight of countless women lying down atop beach towels, bathing in the rays of sunlight, unknowingly making your day all the better.

As you stare, you're caught off guard by a rock in your path as you're thrown from the bike onto the grass. A fully dressed woman runs over, wearing a t shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

As her shoes come into view, the first thing you think of is why she's wearing sneakers on such a hot day. What a waste.

"Wow, clumsy clumsy! Gotta watch where you're going there."

"Aha... that doesn't usually happen..."

She smiles as she helps you up, grasping your arms in an all too friendly manner.

"Mhmm, whatever you say. Say, since I helped you out, how about you return the favor. I seem to have packed too much food, and I'm not quite sure of how to get rid of most of it, so I was thinking maybe you'd be able to eat some of it with me!"

You stand completely awestruck. This woman wasn't the most attractive you've ever seen, but she was definitely up there, and after witnessing you fall, she suddenly decides to invite you over to eat with her? What the fuck was going on?

"Uh... sure I guess..."

"Awesome! Let's go!"

After locking up your bike, she grabs your hand as if you two had been acquaintances for some while and runs over to her picnic basket before sitting down and pouring two glasses of sparkling water. After thanking her, you begin to drink the water, and as your mind begins to fade away, her grin begins spreading even wider.


You wake some time later, unsure of what had happened or where you were. You're tied atop a pink bed with only your boxers, enclosed in a white walled room and burdened by a throbbing headache.

You attempt to shout, but suddenly you realize your mouth has been taped shut. After a few seconds, your captor returns, dressed completely the same and smiling.

"Hey cutie, how was your sleep?"

She grins even wider.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything crazy. I just needed some money, and, well, you seemed like an easy enough target. So yeah. I'm taking all the money that was in your wallet, and I'm gonna buy some stuff with your credit cards. Don't worry, though, I'm not gonna fuck you over, that IS why I brought you hear anyways, I gotta repay you!"

She takes off her pants and shirt, leaving on only her bra, panties, and shoes. You begin pitching a tent.

Suddenly you notice the camera in hand, and realize that her idea of "repaying" may not be quite what you have in mind.

She begins to undo her shoelaces, and as she takes them off you realize her socks are wool. Without peeling them off, she sits atop your chest, one foot on each side, and begins playing with your face with her wool sock clad feet before speaking.

"Okay, bud, so here's the deal. I'm gonna play with your face with my feet, and I'm gonna take some pictures. You're gonna be kissing my soles, sucking my toes, the works, and afterwards, I'm gonna let you go, and I'm gonna keep the pictures so if you go telling anyone about this, I can send all these pictures to everyone you know. Got it?"

She uses her feet to bob your head up and down in a nodding motion.


She peels off one of the socks slowly and dramatically, and instantly you are hit with the smell. It's as if she hasn't washed her feet in weeks, and those wool socks have been holding all the stench within. You do like feet, and they are pretty attractive, but this was a bit of an overkill.

She rips off the tape painfully, but before you're able to protest, she shoves one of the wool socks into your mouth, causing great discomfort not only due to the rough texture, but because of their soaking, sweaty odor. After quickly peeling off the other, she hovers both feet above your face, inches away from your nose.

A seemingly endless grin stretches from ear to ear, and her toes stretch, allowing the stench between each of her foul bulbous sweaty appendages to surround you. You cough a bit, gagging on the smell. You may have liked feet before, but this is simply insane. Such a thick odor is more than nauseating, and those previously attractive looking feet now have the potential to be instruments of your demise. You wrench your body in an effort to escape, but in response she thrusts her fist directly into your balls. You sink down in defeat, submitting to the imminent torture at hand.

"You ready for your treat?"

Her stinky, sweat coated toes lower atop your face, clinging against your skin as her sticky sweat spreads atop your face. You may have enjoyed feet before, but this is simply torture. The most disturbingly pungent foot odor you could have ever imagined begins infecting your nose, and you gag into the duct take and panties as she giggles, wiggling her toes atop your face and laughing at your predicament.

After a few flashes of some interesting poses-- including her toes clenching your nose shut, pressing against your eyes, and sprawled apart atop your face-- she decides to finally remove your duct tape.

Having had to endure the smell for so long, you begin getting used to it, and the humiliating experience begins to become less horrible. You say nothing when she takes out the wool sock, and this causes her giggle.

"Finally given up, eh? Good. Now, kissy kissy!"

You pucker your lips and press against the flesh of her moist feet. She giggles at the sound, and her foul odor permeates your lips, and now you not only smell her stinky toes, but taste them as well.

After countless pictures of you kissing her damp foot flesh, she decides to take it to the next step. She sits her toes atop your lips, and begins rippling them.

"Open wide! Here comes the train! HAHA"

You crack open your mouth slightly, and her toes creep in. She wiggles her toes in anticipation.

"Now suck. Like a lollipop!"

You begin sucking the sweat and filth off of her foot, and as she takes more and more pictures, you become more and more red with humiliation. The taste of toe jam and dirty feet infects you, and you can do nothing but lay back with the ass of this woman atop your chest and her foot jammed down your throat as she laughs, having taken your money and your dignity. Finally, after a few minutes, she takes her feet off your face.

"Now, for the finishing touch. Kiss my ass!"

She turns around so that you're staring directly at her bum, and, after pulling down her panties, she slaps her ass tauntingly and inches it closer and closer to your face. After a few seconds, her hole is pressed directly against your lips, and you plant a quick kiss atop her disgusting, shit-smelling asshole.

"You call that a kiss? Give it some tongue, Romeo!"

She grasps your balls in hand and squeezes hard, and desperate to relieve yourself from such immense pain, you thrust your tongue inside, tasting her gooey ass and it's disgusting flavor.

"That's better. Swish around a bit. Show it that you really love it!"

You swivel your tongue around her insides, disgusted beyond belief. The taste of shit burns your taste buds, but all you can do is sit back and hope that it's over soon.

Finally, after a few minutes, she gets off and starts to giggle. She begins untying your bonds, but does it in such a way that you're still bound at the arms and legs. After a few minutes, you're free from the bed, but still immobile. She gags you with the other dirty wool sock and covers your mouth with duct tape.

"Thanks for the money. Oh, and the service too! We should do this again some time."

She winks and pats you on the face with her foot before blindfolding you and dragging you outside. You're tossed into the back of a car, and a few minutes later, she pulls you out of the car and lays you atop the grass of the park. She takes off the blindfold, but leaves the sock gag in your mouth and your arms and legs tied.

"See you soon there, footboy."

She drives away, leaving you in only your boxers, bound and gagged in the middle of the park in the middle of the night.

26-04-2012, 06:16 AM
Awesome. This should be regular series where she continues to do this to other guys, and girls.

27-04-2012, 08:27 AM
Great story. I really liked the second person perspective. Not many of those stories around.

02-05-2012, 03:04 PM
Yeah I was going to commend you on the second person, it's unusual to see that. Top work!

03-05-2012, 05:19 PM
Very well written