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Kim never told Andrea, Jason's wife, about it because he actually asked her not to when they met, saying that he was over that a long time ago and didn't feel she needed to know about it. Kim respected his wishes and was glad for him, so she never told her. As they talked and joked, Kim couldn't help, but tease Jason about a girl that worked there at the hospital that had a crush on him. The girls name was Natalie, she knew he was married but that didn't seem to stop her from staring. Most everyone knew about her interest in Jason, which she claimed was innocent. Kim razzed Jason saying,"Natalie is after you, haha. She's gonna get you if you're not careful, haha." Jason just smiled,"Well she's just being a nice girl, she realizes I'm a married man." Jason was very passive and didn't like to hurt peoples feelings, so he never totally shut down Natalie's harmless flirts. He thought being nice would be ok, but that only made the situation worse.

Natalie was a smart Caucasian girl but unfortunately not as figured as most girls. She was a little heavy set, probably about 240, 6 foot 1. She had long, dark brown hair, permed wet look, which she usually wore down. Her eyes were a pretty blue with long lashes framed by a pair of black rim glasses. Her breasts were large cause of her weight, her butt was pretty big, and her legs were pretty long and thick, but actually really shapely and attractive for her weight, right down to her rather large feet. She wore a wider shoe, which looked like she had big, but perfectly proportioned feet, maybe size 10 or 11. She always wore these worn canvas-top Keds, with socks or ultra sheer knee highs, sometimes both. She had a real cute face, always smiling, being extra nice to men to compensate for her weight disadvantage and sometimes intimidating height. She knew somebody was out there that would love her, and she would show that person that she could love right back. She was twenty nine years old and anxiously looking for a man. If she ever got one she would make sure he was too happy to ever leave her, and they would be together forever.

Jason was a smart, but more introverted Caucasian, 5 foot 7, maybe 170 pounds. He had been an RN for several years and married the same. He had no kids with Andrea yet, but they were planning to in the future. Jason became the lead RN for his shift a couple years after working and he was ok with it. He was over other nurses, each at a station at the big hospital. Then each had a CNA under them. His was Natalie. They both worked nights, so they talked sometimes amongst each other as they only had each other to talk to. But what made things awkward sometimes was that Natalie had developed feelings for Jason and always attempted flirting with him, apparently not minding that he was married. Jason was kind and always let her down gently, but never played into her game. I guess if she was some hot chick, the ability to resist the come-ons would be much more difficult, but this was not the case. Natalie was a large, amazon looking chick. She was much taller than him and while he was slimmer and fit, she was plumply overweight. As a couple, they would never work. He was not attracted to her, although she had a pretty face, she was noticeably bigger than he was and he could never be seen with her. Shamefully judgmental, but he did have the excuse of being married, so he never had to turn her down on any other grounds.

Anyway, as Natalie approached the break room, she could hear Kim and Jason as they spoke freely. Natalie stopped in curiosity and decided to listen in on a little of the conversation. Kim continued to tease him about her and said,"What would Andrea think of all this? Haha. You're little situation with Natalie?" Jason said,"You better quit Kim haha. You're too much. No but on a serious note...me and Andrea haven't been seeing eye to eye on some things...you know." Natalie was excited to hear Jason talking about her. Maybe there was a chance for them after all! Kim said,"What is it?" "Well...", started Jason- Kim cut him off like she sometimes does, trying to finish peoples sentences and said,"Does she not understand your foot fetish?" As Natalie listened she was shocked. She thought,'A foot fetish? He likes feet? That's weird.' Jason said,"What! No...what made you jump to that?" Kim says,"I don't know, I just thought..." Jason retorted,"I told you that is in the past, I don't really have a thing for...feet anymore. That's not it. Just nevermind." Jason got nervous and uncomfortable wanting to change the subject, he always did when he talked about it...feet. Kim said,"I'm sorry it's just that I've always felt like something like that, that strong, never really leaves you." He said,"Ok, well, between me and you I still glance at the occasional female foot, but that doesn't mean I act on it or anything. I couldn't even if I wanted to, which I don't. We both know how Andrea feels about my past turn-ons. She never was comfortable with that anyways. Its not something I need to fulfill. It doesn't get me like it used to 'cause I've done so long without it." Kim said,"Alright, alright, we don't have to talk about it anymore. I didn't mean to upset you. Let's talk about something else. You know I saw the other day...."

Kim rambled on with Jason as they changed subjects, but he always remembered about when they first dated. It was so hard for Jason to even come clean about his foot problem to her. He was embarrassed cause he didn't feel it was normal but it was also the most consuming part of the female body to him. He went for it anyway 'cause she was so easy going. At first she was taken back, but then after a couple drinks, she was slipping out of her heels asking for a foot rub in curiosity. He even got to kiss her foot one time, but they wound up not working out as a couple, partially because of Jason's odd fetish was not something that Kim wanted to deal with everyday. Ever since then they were still good friends and she never forgot about his deep-seated love for feet. This wasn't the first time his foot fetish had gotten in the way of a promising relationship. Andrea was friends with Kim, so they spoke often.When Andrea met Jason, Kim mentioned his foot fetish to her and Kim was surprised at her not sweating it. She was very 'matter of fact' that it was not what a man should be into and that she could change him. They got together, fell in love, and eventually got married, but the wedge between them always was that she never took his foot fetish seriously. She always thought it was just an odd sexual outlet that he had flirted with, but never actually needed. Therefore, she dismissed his sexual needs and made him be a "normal" guy by denying him anything to do with her feet. Jason had slowly become a miserable actor, denying himself her feet on top of her own denial that he would actually be happy discounting his female foot interests. Andrea was a Caucasian girl, skinny, pretty brunette, with a milky white pair of exquisite, wasted feet. Natalie was stunned as she walked away quickly, thinking on what she had just heard. 'Jason likes girls feet!?' How weird, but what an interesting discovery. I mean, she actually knew his most freakiest secret, his greatest turn on, whatever you want to call it. She walked away, and thought long on what she had heard.
Later on that night Natalie couldn't stop thinking about Jason, her love. She would have him one day, she said to herself. Andrea couldn't make him happy like she could. She just needed some way to get his attention, so he could see what a great person she is and how they are meant for each other. Her curiosity peaked and she had to find out more about Jason's foot fetish. She went online and Googled it. She saw all kinds of websites revolving around feet and instantly her eyes were opened up to the secret world of foot worship, slaves and dommes, foot smothering, and foot teasing. She saw these men laying on the ground, letting the girl do all kinds of things to them with their feet, even begging for it...hehe, getting tied up, walked on, verbally abused, even how men were addicted to looking at and masturbating to certain girls feet that they made video clips out of, spending all their money on them. Natalie couldn't believe girls were making money off of this! She thought 'that's easy! Wave my big feet at the camera and ask for money, haha. I could that easy! lol What was wrong with these men? Do they get off on being controlled by feet? Feeling embarrassed and weak for their obsession is a turn on? Is it just the look of them that does it or is it the stinky feet smell? Well…whatever it was, it was funny. She wondered what Jason liked out of all this? Whatever it was, she decided she would give it to him. If he wanted to massage her feet, she would welcome the foot rub. Or maybe he would want to bathe her sweaty feet with his tongue after a long day...she giggled just thinking about it, she would let him. Even if he desired to lie on the floor and smell her feet...if it would make him hers, then she would let him be her pliable foot stool. She wanted Jason to fall in love with her like she was with him and if she had to use her feet to make him hers, she would gladly give him what he had been deprived of by his foolish wife. She thought since his wife refused to satisfy him that way...she could fill the void and then pull him away. In order for her to really get. Jason's attention she had to figure out what he liked, or did he like it all? Fortunately for Natalie, she found that her feet matched up nicely to some of the more popular pairs of female feet on the clip sites, hers were just bigger, lol.

The next day was a long day. They all worked at the hospital 12 hour shifts and by the end of the day, if you were busy, you had walked the halls until your feet felt like they were gonna fall off. The female Nurse Assistants would complain of their feet hurting often. Natalie was an NA and had been working there for a year. She was in the nursing program studying to be a Registered Nurse, so she was constantly on the go. That day at work it was Jason as the head nurse and then several nurse assistants scattered about the floor. Natalie usually found a way to work at Jason's nurse station and today's shift was no exception. They worked for a while just getting all their patients checked, getting them to bed, and then they sat at their computers to do the charting of the first rounds on night shift. Natalie had been watching Jason since she got there. She knew this would be the perfect time for her to get his attention. She had always failed before, but she had a little more confidence that this time would be different. She began by complaining about the girl's usual problem, "Oh, my poor feet! They're killing me. Can you believe it? The shift isn't even over yet." Jason didn't even look, just kept charting, looking at the computer, and mumbled, "Yeah that sucks." Natalie looked kind of puzzled. She thought, 'I mentioned my feet and I get no reaction? Huh.' She thought alright, 'I'll show him...' She cleared her throat and said, "I just can't take it anymore! My feet have got to get out!" She hooked a nearby chair with her foot and pulled it into her, so she could rest her feet and legs. At this point Jason's subconscious had perked up at the thought of her taking her shoes off as he muled away at the computer. The girls would often complain about their feet hurting, but never take their shoes off at work. If they did, you never saw. It was usually a stirring of the shoe under the desk, but discreetly or a slight dangle. Nothing enough to catch Jason's attention. They said it all the time and it never came of anything, so when Natalie said it now, it just fell on deaf ears. Plus, Jason had suppressed his foot fetish so much in an attempt to be normal, that he had pretty much achieved it. He wasn't really affected anymore by pretty feet. He firmly believed if you stay away from it long enough, it goes away.

So anyway Natalie was working opposite of Jason in more ways than one. She was kind of sitting across from him and had an opposing desire for his liking of feet. While he wanted this nagging obsession to die, she wanted to see it come alive. While she made grimacing looks for her aching feet, she leaned forward to reach over her propped up legs to grab hold of her Keds. She caught hold of the end of the lace and pulled seeing the bow tie unravel and fall apart in her grasp. She raised that loose shoe and propped it on top of the other shoe and used the toe to release the shoe from her sock covered heel. Pop! "Aaaahhh", she sighed. "That is something else!" As Jason plugged away at his computer, he heard Natalie in the back of his mind, but wasn't really paying much attention to what she was saying or doing for that matter. She looked over at him for some sign that he was interested, but nothing as she watched him type. She said,"I ought to get some new shoes, these old things are on their way out, haha," as she let the shoe dangle loosely from her foot. Then with a fake disdain, she kicked the shoe off with force. It flew off her toes and silted through the air as it finally caught Jason's eye. He followed it almost as if it was in slow motion until it eventually hit the floor by his desk. Natalie watched as Jason sat there staring at her worn shoe. She didn't realize how hard she had flicked it. She never did know her own strength. In a silent moment, Jason observed the insole of her abused, white Ked, on the inside it was a dingy brown that looked like it had been drowned in foot sweat and dirt, laces open, tongue pulled back…Natalie giggled and said,"Hey could I have my shoe back, haha." Jason looked up and said,"Whaahh?? Um, uh, oh yeah." Kind of confused as to why he was staring at her old shoe, he reached down and picked it up. He looked up at Natalie and politely smiled, then he started rolling his chair over to her. With every roll he was inching himself closer to Natalie's propped up legs, baring one covered foot in yet another dirty Ked and the other, her white cotton sock covered foot. The sole was pointed out in his direction so he could see what large feet she had. He couldn't help but take a couple glances at her feet, it was a natural thing for anyone to take one look at. She noticed him steal a few peaks as he approached.

When he got there, his chair clicked up against her chair-converted footstool. Then he just looked at Natalie with a puzzled stare. Crap! He was so befuddled that he had forgotten why he had rolled over there! Natalie smiled not knowing that his brain went blank, but only that he was sitting there by her feet with her shoe in his hand. Just then, unexpectedly, nurse assistant Jessica, Natalie's friend, walked up to the nurse's station and she couldn't believe what she saw. Natalie kicking back with her feet up while the head nurse, Jason, sat silently at her large feet and willingly removed her weathered, work shoes. Jason didn't even know she was there. Natalie snapped Jason out of his silent state by letting his eyes slowly follow her raised socked foot as she pointed her toes to tap them on his frozen hand and said,"Thanks Jason, you're so sweet. You can put my shoe right here." "Wow, you've got him trained!" chimed in Jessica as she laughed. Jason tore his eyes away from Natalie's socked toes and whipped around to look Jess in the face. "So you're giving out foot rubs now? That's awesome of you! If Natalie gets one, then I get one. My feet are sooo achy! Haha." Jason's heart fluttered at what was happening as he look at Natalie who just kind of threw up her arms and raised her brown eyebrows, as if to say,'She's right, you gotta be fair.' He looked down and realized he still had the damn shoe in his hand sitting at her feet. He now knew what Jessica was talking about. The scene, if you had just walked up definitely looked like a foot massage was about to go down. In a panic, he quickly tossed the shoe down on the chair as Jessica walked away having more work to do. Feeling embarrassed, Jason started to wheel his chair away when Natalie said,"Hey wait." Jason stopped. "What about my foot rub?" she said as she hiked her leg up to reach her other shoe. She wrapped her big hands around her shoe and quickly pulled it off, tossing it aside, and plopped down her legs again on the chair, presenting him with both of her large, socked feet. She smiled at him, flashed her blue eyes behind her black rimmed glasses, flipped her freshly permed, long, brown hair, and then her face went serious as she raised her right foot up, so he could see and then ever so slightly wriggled her five digits in their sock trap, and he froze, not able to look away and thought, 'Wow, you know, she really is a pretty girl…and he couldn't help but naturally stare at the wiggling objects in his line of sight' SNAP out of IT man! Seeing the look on his face of confusion, panic, and maybe…desire, she laughed and said,"I'm just kidding," as she put her foot down,"Haha, got you! Thanks for giving me my shoe back." Jason took a breath finally. She assured,"I'll tell Jessica it wasn't what it looked like. She's stupid like that, jumping to conclusions and stuff. Imagine you rubbing my tired, aching feet right here at work, haha. That would feel soooo good, but it would just be crazy!" "Oh yeah," Jason said, somewhat relieved and nervously laughing,"You're right. Uh thanks, I'd….better get back to work, so…" He quietly scooted backwards in his chair rolling back to his computer.

Natalie eventually put her shoes back on and got up to do more patient care and Jason got back into his charting at the computer, but he couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. He trying to fend off the images of her smile, her hair, her shapely legs, tattered work shoes, her big feet, and her wiggling cotton-covered toes. Wow! That was admittedly a lot to fight. The more he tried not to think about it, the more the images came. It was easier just to let it into his head as an innocent fantasy than to try and and fight it. He hadn't done any foot related stuff in such a long time, what was the harm in fantasizing about an innocent foot rub with his co-worker?
And as Natalie worked the rest of the shift, she hoped that with the effort she put forth in her clumsy shoe dangling and simple sock show, and in a small understanding of how the fetish worked on the mind, that the imagery would stay with Jason, leaving him to think about her more and more. Maybe it would work him over with flooding thoughts of how satisfied he would be if he could get the chance, nay, the privilege to massage her big, soft feet. She had planted the seed in his head, now it can't help but grow. And grow...
That morning Jason went home and slept. He woke in the evening to see his wife Andrea was already home from work. The work schedule for nights had its complications and sometimes strained their relationship, but it was agreed that it was only temporary. That evening they chatted about the usual and had dinner. Jason had maybe an hour after all this before he had to go to work again, so they relaxed on the couch to a little tv. She was wearing pj's and fuzzy socks. She curled up in a ball next to Jason and started dozing. Now Jason was horribly worked up from the night before with the Natalie foot rub thing. He couldn't shake it. It was a fantasy that he had long forgotten with his fetish, that had been stirred up again so easily. Since feeling somewhat consumed by it, he made out to rub on his wife's feet to ease the tension and desire he felt. He knew how she was, so it was best she didn't know. It was a brave move. As she finally fell asleep, he quietly uncurled her and she shifted letting her socked feet kind of fall into his lap. He gently placed his hands on her cotton covered soles as his mouth watered. With a soft squeeze to kick things off, he went for it, rubbing, then kneading, just getting his hands all over them. What an exhilarating feeling! Now Andrea had known of his fetish as he had failed to explain to her with any success and she actually didn't like anyone messing with her feet although her feet were so cute, he could probably cum just staring at her creamy soles for too long. She almost always wore socks anyways just to kill that fantasy for you and for Jason. I guess she was just one of those people. Sooo...just as her desperate husband was relieving his mind, she awoke to her man touching her feet. That was something she I guess found demeaning for him as she said,"What are you doing? Ew, I can't stand it when you touch my feet! Stop!" Not 'Thank you' or 'That feels nice', but rather, a wall placed between him and his desire. She immediately kicked her socked feet out of his hands and curled them away again. "Sorry", she said,"you scared me. I woke up with you all over my feet. You know how I don't like that." He was dumbfounded as he explained,"I was only trying to relax you." She laughed and said,"Aw, you know what would relax me, a back rub. You shouldn't be touching feet anyways. Mine are dirty and you're a grown man, I can't have my guy rubbing feet, you're above that. You can rub your wifey's back anytime time though. Okay?" "Oh, ok. That would be great!" He said that trying to sound cheery and not upset, but really he just rolled his eyes at the offer. 'A back rub!? That's bullshit!' That's not what he wanted at all. Well, time flew and he was off to work as Andrea fell back asleep on the couch.

Jason pulled up and clocked in for his night shift and headed for his station while on the way he saw Jessica in passing. He said hi and she chuckled a humiliating 'Hi' back. He felt like crawling under a rock after that. She thought he was Natalie's personal foot rubber and it wasn't even true. He thought Natalie was going to clear that up, but apparently she hadn't got around to it yet. He got settled in at the nurse's station and then started his rounds. When he was done he came back to see Natalie sitting at the desk. She always had the biggest crush on him and to her, it didn't matter that he was married to. She believed that she deserved him. She even had chances with other guys that truly liked her, but none held a candle to Jason. When she saw him she lit up and said,"Hi!", with a big grin on her face, obvious she was happy to see him. Jason said,"Hi Natalie." As he did so and looked at her face he was unable to not think of what happened last night and how kind she always was to him. He sat down to chart at his computer as her eyes followed him over to his seat. She really was unrelenting in her sometimes subtle, sometimes forward, advances toward Jason, the man of her dreams. He gathered his things up and as he did, Natalie could notice a funky tension or a sad feeling coming from Jason, you know, just from his movements and facial demeanor. He wasn't his usual peppy self. This concerned Natalie because she truly did care for him in her own skewed way. She said to Jason,"Are you alright? You seem kind of down." He looked up at her and was surprised she noticed, Jason wasn't the type to share his personal business or even show something was going on, but Natalie knew anyways. He said,"No, I'm fine. Just a little tense, I didn't get a good sleep." Natalie looked at him with a concerned look on her face and did that pout with her lips like she'd done last night when she asked for a foot rub and Jason just stared at those lips... Natalie saw this as an opportunity to help their relationship grow AND get a little closer to Jason.

If she could somehow get her feet involved, she could better reach him in his vulnerable state. She said,"Oh I'm sorry, is there anything I can do to help?" He said,"Oh no, that's ok, thanks for offering. I'll be ok, just gotta get through this shift, you know?" "Yeah, I know what you mean. By the end of a shift here my back is aching and my big ol' feet have had all they can take! Haha." He looked down at her worn Keds and thought 'big ol' feet'? She did have big feet, but they were very shapely from what he could remember. He struggled with the desire he had, to see them again, which he knew was just stupid. He looked back up at her getting lost in her caring blue eyes and without thinking said,"I don't think you're feet are too big." Then he thought,'Crap! Why did I comment on her feet!? Don't be so damn obvious!' Natalie laughed and said,"Awww, that's sweet of you to say, but you can't be serious. My feet are mammoth size, haha. I've been told so before." She extended her leg towards him and showed him the bottom of her dirty shoe, which is taboo in some cultures. "Here, get a look at my shoe. You'll see why I'm right, haha. See how big it really is?" Jason looked back down at her shoe and his eyes got big. "It's a size 11, haha!" She rotated her foot at the ankle giving him every viewing angle to prove her point. Jason kept looking at her shoe while she noticed his unaverted eyes. She loved having Jason's attention, especially averted to her feet. As she presented her shoe sole to him saying in a serious voice,"See the width of it? I have to get them in 11W, because my feet are so wide! It's crazy huh?" She lifted her leg a little higher and aimed her toe-pointed shoe right at his face and said,"Plus, my toes are extra long, I've got to have some wiggle room." As she said that she wiggled her toes in her shoe and Jason could see the loose fabric from the toe top of the Ked going up and down taking on the form of her toe knuckles as she demonstrated a toe-dance in her hard-working shoes."Haha, sorry, I'm kind of a toe wiggler, but I hope you're becoming convinced that my feet are abnormally big, haha." In a daze, Jason mumbled, "Yeeeaaaahhh..." Natalie looked at him funny and calculated his dopey reply, seeing he was still looking at her shoes. 'Wtf?!', she thought,'My Jason looks so out of it right now.'

She pounced on the opportunity as no one was around and scooted in closer, rolling to him in her chair. His chair pinned against the wall by his computer. "I'm curious. They're probably bigger than your hands! Haha. Wanna see?" She let out a grin followed by a giggle of excitement, watching Jason intently who seemed very interested in the discussion as he said, "Uh...sure." He wasn't really thinking at this point, what she was doing, where this was going. He was acting on pure curiosity & excitement now. "Alright, here. Let me take my dirty shoe off though." Raising her leg, she stepped onto Jason's armrest and leaned forward to untie her laces, then she used one foot to release the other foot from it's shoe and let her Ked dangle. She propped her knee under that leg feeling very confident now as Jason did not protest and their chairs were practically touching. Before Jason knew what was good for him, she had swung her crossed leg over to dangle her shoe right in his face. Jason was at a loss for words as she bounced her shoe off her toes as girls do in a buoyant dangle, not letting the shoe fall. He just stared, a little embarrassed that she would stick her filthy, work shoes in his face, but he wasn't able to stop her either, watching as the shoe bopped up and down offering glimpses of her large heel, covered in sock. She joked and said, "Ok, take off my shoe and behold my huge foot, hahaha." Without a thought, he reached up and took the weathered shoe from it's owner. Natalie took this opportunity to really give him the tour of her sock clad foot. "Oh that's better! My feet need to breathe cooped up in those shoes. Phew!" She said this as she flexed her foot, easily manipulating the stretchable cotton fabric to its limits with her long toes. She looked at Jason curiously above the hem of her sock, seeing his vision was engulfed with her wide ped and that he was staring at her toes.

As Natalie lovingly fed his eyes with what she figured he wanted and needed, Jason was being drawn in. He tried not to look at her foot, but it was undeniably desirable as this heavy-set girl flashed her over-sized foot in his face. He was speechless so Natalie spoke,"So are they bigger than your hands? Haha, I bet they are!" Jason tore his eyes away from her socked beauty to look down at his hands. Both were in his lap, one holding her shoe. "Put your hand up to my foot," she said with a giggle. Jason thought this was a great reason to get to touch her foot, an idea he had struggled with since the day he first saw her take her shoes off. Besides, she didn't know what she was doing and he could sneak an innocent feel of her big, fascinating foot without her thinking anything weird about it. He hadn't ever really had an experience like this and for years had pretty much buried his foot fetish away, but this was harmless he thought. He hastily said,"Ok, uh, here I go." He lifted his hand up to her upturned sock sole, then stuck it out with his fingers stretched to give him maximum length. As he closed in, it was getting more and more clear that his hand size was no match for her massive size 11. Just as he was about to touch her foot bottom, Kim was rounding the corner. She was in a hurry collecting paperwork for a meeting tomorrow, but as she came around the corner she saw Jason and Natalie sitting very close to each other and what looked like Natalie's foot pointed at Jason's face. Kim stopped and waited at the corner to figure out what the hell was going on without interrupting.

The scene as it stood was crazy. Here is a young girl sticking her foot in her superior's face and apparently getting away with it while he holds her shoe for her. Jason's hand began to shake a little as his hand was nearing the landing zone of Natalie's sole. He blew out his breath he had been holding and pressed his bottom of his palm to the edge of her heel, then cupping his hand over her large heel, he stretched his trembling fingers as far he could to the widely, dominant ball of her sole, his fingertips coming just short of where her toes started, about the mid-point of the ball of her foot. She pressed back against his hand and cooed softly. He felt tingles go up and down his back and as his eyes travelled up to see her size 11 foot overshadowing his inadequate hand. He felt wonderful touching her foot and his eyes locked on her sock covered toes, standing tall and proud over his fingers. She saw his glossy eyes and gave him a toe wiggle and spread to hopefully imprison his attention. Wiggle, wiggle. She laughed and said playfully, "Hahaha, you don't stand a chance! Stare at the big foot that beat you!" He was stunned and shocked at her amazing toes that he didn't even move his hand as she pushed her foot into his hand, madly waving her five toes at him. Jason's mouth fell open with a,"Wow..." that managed to escape his lips. "See? My feet win every time, hahaha!" She spread her toes wide and then slowly crinkled up her foot folding her long socked toes over Jason's fingers, locking his hand to her sole. When she did this Jason felt like he just wanted to rub her foot all over, but he couldn't do that, not here at work, right? Natalie's said,"See how long my toes are? I told you, but you didn't believe me. Now you can see...first hand, haha. Wow, it really feels good, you know, you touching my feet. I never thought a guy would want to, cause you know..." she released her toe hold and his hand fell in his lap as she continued her sentence keeping her sole where he could stare at it,"...you know cause they are so big. Thanks, you gave me a lot of confidence."

Kim was still hiding around the corner undetected, but saw the whole thing. She thought,'What the hell is Natalie doing to him. How did she get him to take her shoe off and practically massage her feet!? She had him almost drooling over her feet. And she's fat, Jason doesn't go for girls like that anyway. He didn't seem to mind as she danced her meaty foot in his face!' She turned to leave as she heard a call light ringing and knew Natalie would be up in a second to get it. She took off and was worried about Jason and what Andrea would think of all this. Natalie heard the call light and said,"Oh I guess I better get that," as she withdrew her foot from Jason's vision and placed it on the armrest. "Can you put my shoe back on?"she said, tapping her foot on the armrest. Jason looked uncomfortable, but he decided he would just do it, I mean, the shoe was already in his hand, why not? He looked down at the shoe and said,"Sure. Give me your foot." Natalie smiled and watched as she got the royal treatment. He held her foot up gently at the ankle and wrestled the old work shoe onto to her foot. Once he got it on, she rested her foot on his leg and said,"Tie the laces." He felt kind of foolish, but after touching her foot he felt like doing anything for her. He humbly tied her shoe for her and she smiled, feeling like princess as no man had ever put her shoes on for her. She was seeing how helpful he was and she enjoyed it thinking about her plan to gradually get him in her arms because they were meant to be together. She didn't realize it was just the shear sight of her big, enchanting feet that had made him so pliable, she thought he was just being nice and eventually he would want her. But he was already like a starving animal looking for a meal, finding a tasty morsel, not thinking its a trap, so hungry, the more he looks, the more he's willing to justify the risk. In going for the bait, the trap soon snaps. She said 'thanks' for putting on her shoe and she was off to her first patient care rounds.

She did her rounds really working hard, turning patients and walking around a lot. Her feet were really starting to perspire. Her socks helpfully soaking up the moisture from her feet. All poor Jason could think about was Natalie's feet, Natalie's soles, Natalie's toes, picturing how she waived her long toes at him. He had to see them again. As his weak mind ran wild, unlocking forbidden, but familiar places of foot love in his brain, he realized he had started throbbing in his uniform pants. Those thoughts of Natalie and her dazzling feet had made him get a huge boner. He hadn't felt this way in such a long time. He almost just wanted to go into the bathroom and release as his arousal made him dizzy with lust. He came to and tried to shake the feeling of what he wanted to do to those feet and started charting to take his mind off of Natalie's sock feet and pretty smile. As he charted, Natalie finished up her rounds and was pretty tired. She came back to the nurse's station to see Jason typing at the computer. The rest of their side of the hospital wing was empty as was normal for night shift while the patients slept. Natalie sat down and said,"All done." Jason acknowledged her this time giving a nod. While working he couldn't forget how his wife Andrea had denied him earlier and was still feeling hopeless about the whole situation. He wasn't able to fulfill his needs, his foot needs with her in any way and wished he could. But she shut him down. He pondered this while Natalie looked over at him as she does regularly and said,"Something on your mind, sweetie?" Jason more obliged to answer her than he had in the past saying,"Ah, just home life stuff." She said,"Yeah, it must be, cause you look so tense. You just need to relax. Try not to think about it." Jason smiled saying,"Well, its not that easy, but yeah, you're right. Thinking about it won't help it." Natalie said in her caring way,"Is there anything I can do?" Jason laughed and said,"Uh, no, I don't think so? This cannot be fixed by relaxation and forgetting. But thank you." Natalie smiled and said,"Oh, sure it can. I bet you I can get you to take your mind off of it!" Puzzled, Jason looked up at her from his computer not knowing exactly what she meant. Every time he looked at her now, he had wondering thoughts of her feet. He knew she wasn't talking about that cause she didn't have a clue what her feet could do to him. Matter of fact, I don't think he had a clue what her feet could do to him. He said,"No, its fine. I'll be alright." Natalie said,"Alright, its just that I want you to know that I wouldn't mind helping you."

Natalie truly did want to help. She saw Jason as hers and she felt it necessary to show him she cared for him and that her love was a force he needed to come in contact with. She got up and took a piece of paper over to the copy machine behind Jason as he touched away at his phone. Natalie finished her copy and turned to Jason. As she was now standing behind him, she rose up in bravery, despite her insecurities of her big body, knowing she had to get to Jason somehow and said,"You mind if I show you something? I promise you'll like it. It'll cheer you right up!" Jason startled not having realized that she was behind him so close, went to turn around in his chair, but Natalie grabbed the back of it to stop the turn, keeping his back to her, saying,"Don't turn around. I'm gonna relax you, okay hun?" Jason kind of panicked, saying,"Woah, no, its really ok..." not liking his chair being stopped from turning. He went to get up to get away from Natalie, but she reached out and placed her hands on his shoulders, which sent chills up his back, feeling her thick, long fingers take hold as she lightly sat him back down. "Relax Jason,* gawsh, are you alright? You seem sooo tense..." she said as she squeezed his tight shoulders. Mmmm..."See? I just wanna help you relax and forget. I don't mind helping you, just sit back and let my big 'ol hands rub all your troubles away," she chuckled, informing him,"I'm really good at this." As Jason fell back in confusion, he couldn't get up. He decided to see what pleasure would come next before trying to get away again...good choice, 'cause it felt to wonderful to stop. Natalie expertly worked on him saying,"Relax honey. Let me take all your stress, all your worries." Jason couldn't help but do as she said as he slumped into his chair even more as she kneaded his back like it was a blob of dough. Natalie took her pretty fingers and walked them up and down his back, then grabbed his neck, pressing in with her warm palms saying,"Does that feel good?" Jason just felt his mind go blank as she squeezed his neck, completely at her mercy, and never answered the question.

Natalie continued to massage him silly as she waited for an answer, not minding if she got a little recognition for her work, but realized she had softened Jason up so much, he couldn't even make words,"Hahaha, awwww...poor baby. I told you I could relax you. You looked like you needed it. That's why you shouldn't fight it, sometimes you just have to give up and let someone help. That's why I didn't stop, you know? Because I knew that you needed my big...soft...hands." Natalie was amazing, Jason thought. As chills ran up and down his back from her soothing touch, he never realized just how big her hands were and how useful! He could feel her large fingers stretching out widely over his whole back, covering huge amounts of distance as she rubbed up and down, gliding her knuckles over his spine, back and forth. He felt so weak and didn't want her to stop. He had never felt it so good before. Natalie's soft hands had him melting under their control in minutes and he was loving it. Natalie laughed,"If I don't quit soon, you'll be useless, hahaha! Look at you...you can't even move! Does it feel that good? Man!" Jason was in another world as she took every liberty to feel up Jason's back, letting her big hands caress him all over, making it so hard to not want more. She had always wanted to touch him in this way and since he wasn't protesting, she used this to her advantage, to show him what she was capable of. She didn't want him to resist her love, but give in to it. This was the first step towards her goal to get into his heart. It was so sensual and inescapable as he surrendered to her big-lovin' touch. Natalie smiled wide as she worked him out.

Natalie saw that he was responding favorably to her touch, her caring words, unable to resist her soft hands, so as her confidence grew, she decided to push Jason a little further. "You know Jason, I am so tired. I'm gonna go ahead and stop. I've gotta sit down cause my feet are killing me! When I do...I was wondering if you could...rub my feet?" Jason slouched in silence, so weak. He couldn't focus on anything, only her touch, his mind so blank, his body so weak. Natalie pushed him forward to have him lean over his desk and gently clawed his back with her nails, starting at the bottom and slithering them all the way up to the top as he let out a groan of pleasure. She chuckled and said again,"So, can you rub my feet? Since I rubbed your back...it seems fair." Continuing her acrylic assault, she tickled his tingling back until he was shuddering under her soft fingertips and ruby red nails. "Oh yeah, you're gonna rub my feet aren't ya?" Poor Jason crumbled at her touch as this big girl sweetly fondled his back until he couldn't resist a word she said. As she asked him repeatedly to rub her feet, Jason thought of his wife and how she forbade him to touch her feet and here he was with big, beautiful Natalie offering her feet to him and rubbing his back! She made him feel important, treated him like a king, like how a woman should treat her man. If only Andrea was so accommodating and so giving of her love, but she wasn't that way. Natalie was showing him a new kind of love, one he very much liked. She smiled down on her man, moving her nails up his back to his neck and shoulders, running them all around until he turned to mush completely in her supple hands as she pouted,"Pleeeeaaase? Rub my tired feet!" Jason was completely disarmed now and feeling so thankful to her, said,"Okay, okay...I'll do it. I'll rub them Natalie. Thank you for...everything. You...give one amazing back rub." That was exactly what she wanted to hear as she laughed and said,"Really? Aww, it was nothing. It would be 'amazing' if you'd rub on my feet! I am so tired and I could use a thorough massage." She let go of the hold she had on his back and sat in her chair, not wasting anytime in rolling over to Jason. He sat frozen, so relaxed and weak. "I'm glad you liked the back rub. I just knew you would enjoy it! My hands are so big, its easy for me to dig into you. So you like my big hands?"she said as she playfully stuck her hands out in Jason's face to show him her wide, rosy palms and spread her big, pink fingers feeling much more confident now as she made him talk to the hand. She felt that Jason appreciated her hand size and flaunted them openly, flirtatiously saying,"Haha! My hands could just swallow you up! Hehe." Jason looked at her hands, so close he could almost kiss them. He was taking in every inch of them. Just then he was now fully enlightened to the truth...Natalie's hands were magnificent! So soft and big and controlling. She was showing off her assets to him and even though she had a belly and a rounded face, that didn't seem to matter much now, because all Jason could see was her beautiful back-soothing hands.

Natalie proceeded to let Jason ogle her meaty palms, well proportioned fingers, & long manicured fingernails, as he felt so grateful and weak at the same time for what she did to him. As she flittered her pretty hands in his face like a big princess, he approvingly said,"I think your hands are....beauuuutiful." Natalie stopped, kind of shocked at what he just said and brought her own hands into view, looking at them and wondering what he saw? Curious, she scooted closer to him and said,"Really? You think they're beautiful? Haha. Well, if you like em'...." She looked so serious with the tip of her tongue pressed just out of her lips in focus and determination as she extended her hand out to touch Jason's awe-struck face. It looked like she was going to pat his cheek or something, but she said,"They're probably bigger than you're head! What do ya think?" Jason sat still while Natalie leaned in to press her big hand into his face. She didn't even hesitate. She just mashed her hand onto his face and, seeing he didn't pull back, she went in further. She stretched her pretty painted fingers out, gripping his head like a basketball, while her moist palm cupped his mouth, letting his nose slip between her middle and ring finger as Jason felt waves of weakness come over his whole body. She laughed and said,"Yup, they're bigger than you're head!" He didn't even stop her as he breathed into her big, soft palm in utter bliss, arms limp on his armrests. She got a good grip an violently shook his head around laughing,"Do my hands smell like lotion?" Jason's lips mumbled against her slick palm like he was kissing it and his dick began to throb as she innocently hand smothered him. "Oh Jason, you're so silly," she said as she released him from her devastating suction cup hold. She pushed his head back as it bobbled. He was dizzy and faint from her playful hold and his cock was hard now. What the hell was she doing to him? He couldn't stop her if he tried. He put his hand over his dick to hide being turned on by her. The more she messed with him, the more he was increasingly becoming attracted to her. Her face, her smothering hands, her big, socked feet. He hadn't really tried too hard to shake her, but it was because she had a subtle way of easing him into the moment and once she started it felt so good that he would sit there and let her do these things to him. He was married, but unhappy and this heavy girl that he never found interesting before was suddenly dancing seductively in his head, pushing aside his judgement for the chance to quiver under her loving touch again.

She laughed inside thinking of how easy she grabbed his cute face. She liked doing it to him and he didn't seem to mind either. She was excited to see her recent advances really paying off as Jason was starting to pay more attention to her now and hoping he would see that no one could make him happy like she could. She wasn't going to stop now. She wanted to explore his foot fetish to the max and they were starting to connect and touch, so now was the perfect time. "Alright my sweet, I am ready for my foot rub!" she said as she beamed with joy. "Where do you want my feet?" Jason stuttered as he realized she wasn't playing, suddenly scared that despite his obvious attraction to the relentless Natalie he said,"Uh...I don't know. Hey, should we really be doing this...you know? At work?" Natalie said,"What do you mean? Doing what?" She looked confused and Jason knew she didn't know what she was doing, just being playful and flirtatious, but nothing disastrous to, say...his relationship, his marriage. It was just feet to her. Natalie played the innocent card well, because she still had small doubts that he would reject her and her feet and she did not want her plan exposed, but she was also stunned that Jason was starting to back out and think to much about it. She didn't want that, so she changed the subject back to her well-deserved foot rub. "Do you want to take my shoes off or should I?" she said ignoring what he was trying to get to. She couldn't wait and flopped her left leg up and rested her big work shoe on his arm rest as if it was nothing, then pried it off and let it fall to the floor. Jason looked at her foot and felt funny, he said,"Natalie, maybe this is a little much for co-workers, I don't know. What do you think?" Natalie frowned saying,"Well, I 'think' you just got an amazing back rub and you want to return the favor to my feet. You can't back out now! Lol, come on. What's the big deal anyway? Its just a foot massage. I'm sure your wife wouldn't even mind and actually I think she would think it was sweet of you to help out womankind with a nice foot massage. Most woman would give anything to have a man devotedly massaging their feet, pampering them." Jason blurted out,"Yeah, most women..." Natalie now had both feet up, waving her size elevens around slowly on the armrests, then stopped, saying,"What, your wife doesn't enjoy her man rubbing on her tootsies?" Jason stumbled out,"Yeah, she apparently can't stand to have her feet touched. Uh, but…not that I mind though," he nervously laughed,"less work for me." Natalie said,"Hmm," as she dissected what he just said.

Jason figured he played it off well, but couldn't understand why he was telling Natalie this. Was it just the subject? Or was he confiding in her because she was nice and so caring of him. She looked at Jason with concern and it was all confirmed now from what she overheard Kim say the other day about his foot fetish and that his wife refused to provide him her feet to have. She saw his vulnerability and spoke a wicked seed out to plant in his heart that would tug on his mind until it hopefully changed the way he thought completely. "Oh Jason, well I'm sorry she doesn't understand. Some men don't understand either, that they should be a servant to their wives as one of their manly duties," she said as she folded her toes forward, catching Jason's eye. "It takes a woman to realize that she is beautiful and to use that beauty to gracefully ease her man into service," she said as she reached forward to adjust her dingy sock, forcing the hem to line up over the top of her long, scrunched toes. "To use the feminine assets he prefers to arouse him so strenuously that he begins to voluntarily please her every need in order to get more. You understand? Its a mutual arrangement." She playfully waved her wrinkled sock soles side to side as she finished indoctrinating him with her belief system,"I think if this is done with love, the man will embrace his servanthood and gladly fall for all she chooses to give him." Jason soaked up her words as if he was sitting under the tutelage of a wise counselor. She was saying everything he ever wanted a woman to say and to him it was the greatest truth he had ever heard. He felt from her wise words about relationships that she understood how he felt. 'I mean, she was right', he thought. Most 'normal' women would love to have a man take care of their feet. After work, rub them, love them, soothe them, with lotion, with pedicures, with willing worship. To kiss them, bathe them, to surrender to their commanding smell...Yes, he was almost certain Natalie understood that and might even welcome it. But unfortunately, he knew that could never happen. Not unless he wanted to lose his wife and his home and everything they had worked towards. He tried to shake thoughts, but they would just come back and question if his marriage was anything like the glimpse of happiness he felt now, whenever he neared Natalie. And she knew that the more she convinced Jason that Andrea would change, he would only come to realize that she would not. He would begin to compare the hopeless, rejecting encounters from his wife with how easygoing Natalie was with her feet and was happy to let him serve her. Hopefully soon, Andrea would not be able to hold a candle to Natalie and her big, friendly feet.

"Now...I believe you owe me an 'amazing' footrub." She smiled as she held her foot up to show him the bottom of her big work sock and they both laughed, feeling more comfortable. Jason looked at how large her feet were and started to realize what he had gotten himself into. She kicked her feet up, flashing him her huge socked foot bottoms and said,"Where do you want me to put my feet? In your lap?" The size of her feet was so stunning and wonderful that he didn't even answer her as his smile faded to a lost look, slipping into a momentary foot-daze. She looked at his face waiting for an answer. Getting impatient she crossed her legs and let her right foot dangle and rest on his seat cushion, inches from his crotch. Jason, who was semi-hard, tried to scoot back to get his swelling member away from Natalie's long toes. As he scooted back, running into the wall, Natalie's foot fell off the chair hitting the ground. "Ouch! What is wrong with you!? Why are you so jumpy?" Natalie raised her voice. Jason said,"Whahaah! I'm sorry...I didn't...mean to hurt your foot. I just..." Natalie interrupted taking advantage of his timidness, while she brimmed with confidence from his willingness so far,"This isn't working, but I've got an idea though. Here," she scooted up to him again, now pressing him to the wall. She pressed her big body forward and began to take charge. As Jason sat there, she poked her foot around under his chair until she found the hydraulic lever, she grabbed it hard with her dexterous toes, and then slowly worked all the tension out of the lever until the chair released its air and Jason deflated about half a foot. Then she grabbed the arm rests and made them go as high as they could. Finally, she grabbed her chair's hydraulic lever and raised herself up a half a foot. Jason, who was much lower now, looking up at her. She looked like a giant from where he was now! She got up and grabbed a nearby wooden slide-board and a pillow and placed the wooden slate over the heightened armrests, then the pillow on top. She rolled her chair back up, took a seat and then locked it. "Now, my feet are ready for you, aaahh." She threw her feet up onto the pillow and that's when Jason began to appreciate all her prep work. He looked over her makeshift foot stool, consisting of a work chair, a slide-board, and a pillow and then he saw...her feet. He was extremely close at eye level.

It was like he was in a dream as he remembered just that night that he had wanted to see Natalie's feet again and here he was. She giggled,"Oh yeah. This is the life!" Jason stared as she luxuriously stretched out, shaking her permed brown hair out of her ponytail, and squinting her pretty blue eyes behind her glasses as her chubby face contorted for a sweet yawn. As she extended from every limb, her feet pushed forward just a little more giving Jason an extreme point-of-view look at her wide socked soles. Then she did a toe stretch and Oh My God! So wide, so big, as she innocently waved her toes in his face. Jason was immediately dazed by her big feet. Natalie finished her stretch and looked at Jason, who was having a hard time resisting staring at her soles in admiration. Natalie smiled and said, "Told you they're big, haha. Now rub..."she prompted as she raised one foot up and pointed her toes at his eyes. Jason was trapped right where she wanted him. As he had no choice but to fulfill his promise. He swallowed, then reached up with both hands and grabbed hold of her socked foot and as he did, he eased her leg and foot gently down onto the pillow. She sighed as he gave her size 11 it's first squeeze. A soft knead into the middle of her sole as her foot scrunched in response. He noticed immediately that her socks were slightly damp with her sweat and it sent light chills up and down his back. He pretended as if they weren't as to not embarrass her as he continued. He had a hold of her foot with both hands, and it took both hands to do the job. Her soles were wide and long and demanded nothing less than two strong hands to satisfy them. His eyes focused on her ample foot bottom, expertly walking his thumbs up to the ball of her foot. He dug into her meaty foot pad and watched her toes loosely spread the sweaty sock. He couldn't take his eyes off now. Even though they were a little soggy, he loved how warm and soft they were. Natalie giggled and said,"That feels so good. You're really good at this!" Jason looks up at her and appreciates the comment with,"Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it."

Well, Natalie wasn't the only one enjoying it, because as his hands rubbed all over her moist, sock-covered sole, a strange feeling began to come over him. A feeling he hadn't felt in a long time. A feeling of obedience, gratefulness, and surrender. He worked his way up to her toes and when he grabbed them, he could feel their strength as they pushed back against his fingers and palms, letting him know they were a force and to handle them with the utmost respect. He was immediately bewitched by her long sock toes. Trying to get a grip on them, they gave him a hard time, as he became lured into solving their wiggling mystery. He caught her big toe and she said, "Hold on...my toes are ticklish. I don't know if I can handle that." She flicked her toe out his hold again. She laughed uncontrollably scrunching her feet up. He didn't know why, but as he watched her rub her sweaty socks on the pillow, trying to get the tickle feeling out of her toes, and seeing the look of concern on her face, he thought she looked so cute. At that moment he grew a little fonder of her as they both laughed and he had the strong need to get those toes in his hands once again. She said,"No more of that, no rubbing my toes. I'm just not used to it. Maybe some other time," hearing that made his heart sink and he started to figure out ways in his head to get the chance to massage her toes. "They're just so ticklish..." He interrupted her nervously and said,"Oh come, it can't be that bad." He didn't want to sound desperate, like he wanted it or anything. "Alright, alright I promise I'll go easy on you. Okay?" She reluctantly stretched her legs out again and presented him again with her sweaty socked feet. He didn't care that they were sweaty, he was enthralled by the gracefulness and sensitivity of her feet. How they responded to his touch. He felt like he could rub them all day and take care of them. She said,"Okay, but NO toe tickling! I am trusting you with my feet and if you betray that trust, I will...stomp your face! lol" She really was ticklish and she couldn't take it, no telling what she would do to snuff out the tickle threat.

Of course, Jason had her toes on his mind and didn't think much of it, appeasing her, saying,"Okay I get it." "Alright then, onto the next foot", she smiled and waved it at him as if he forgot which foot. He eagerly dove into her next achy foot and gave even more tender, passionate squeezes to it. He was massaging his fingers and thumbs into her big, soft socks until he was completely captivated by their slow, sensual movement. Her pretty feet danced in his hands as he serenaded them to the beat of his heart. Her legs were heavy as he found out, lifting her foot to massage her heel. He pressed into her heel all over as he heard her groan in agreement. As he toiled at her amazon size feet and having her foot pillow pressed to his chest under his chin, he couldn't deny an all to familiar scent that used to drive him wild and satisfy him to his core. The distinct smell of a hard working female's feet did it for him. It was like nothing he had ever experienced and nothing could ever top it since. Whenever he got a whiff of a woman's foot odor, he would melt and obey her every command. He had always tried to deny himself the memories of his childhood that moulded him into who he was today, but it was impossible. When he was a boy, his mom would domineeringly talk him into rubbing her big, sweaty, tan nyloned feet after work. She particularly enjoyed overwhelming all his evenings with her smell, making him mom's devoted foot rubber all through his school years.

Few knew of his embarrassing weakness, and it had been suppressed so long, but something like that never dies, it lies dormant. Sure, he could function without it, because he was forced to by his wife and with old relationships, sniffing your date's feet is not the most conventional thing to do when you go out. H always had trouble revealing his sexual need for big, stinky feet to his girlfriends, so often he did without. But when he did get it, which was rare, it was all he wanted in life at that moment. All these thoughts and old feelings began to rush into him as he began to rub up and down her soft foot more passionately now, not taking his eyes off of her feet. He was working the smell out onto his hands now, along with the pillow, and the room. With every scrunch of her socks, he was letting go of his will to fight his feelings and releasing her sock scent. He knew if he stayed here with her pretty feet in his face, he was eventually going to give in to his desire. As he watched her thick toes wiggle in hands, it was soon all he ever wanted.* 'Just one sniff,' he thought,'...its been so long.' It was all too much and as his clear boundaries of right and wrong began to blur and compromise as he set her heel down slowly on the pillow as if she was a queen. Then he really got into it and rubbed up and down her sole, releasing Natalie's womanly foot odor. He didn't know what he was getting into, but he had to get a sniff of her musty socked feet. Natalie rolled her head back in relaxation and softly spread her socked toes out. He closed his mouth and leaned forward a little, not wanting to give himself away, and took a deep, deep, silent sniff.

To be continued…

13-04-2012, 04:22 AM
What an amazing story! Can't wait for part 2!

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thank you sir!

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I rarely comment but...

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bump. its a story like this that make me think there should be a short fetish-film competition. ∞

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One of the best stories I have ever read. Thank you. I can't wait to read more. :)

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Cool ! looking forward to part 2 soon!
Damn , great scene!

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I loved it too .. maybe a focus on female / female and dirty socks?

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Woah, I appreciate the amazing comments. It makes feel good that I could put together a story that is enjoyed by my fellow people of the Den. I have read for years on this site, but never contributed. I'm glad I have this forum to share with. Part 2 is being worked on, its gonna be crazy:). No F/F for this one, but I have a story like that coming up as well.
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Great start, I'm really looking forward to part two

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Excellent Story. Looking forward to the Second Part

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I just now read part one, having somehow overlooked this gem. I am so appreciative of the time and care you showed in constructing part 1, here. You have an excellent talent for conveying the inner turmoil of this guy, as well as capturing the awesome power of this woman's feet. I don't know where you plan to take it, but I'm hoping she absolutely crushed his will and resistance, and consumes him entirely beneath her pungent, "giantess" socked covered soles. If the stink becomes too much and he resists, I think this woman can handle him physically, too. Great job!

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thanks bob :)

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Jay, thank for the kind words and yes, you and I are on the same page with where it is heading. Some areas will have to be forced and yeah maybe some facesitting with her big soft butt if he doesn't go with the flow, lol. Its gonna get hot. Thanks for inspiring me. A gem? You fuckin made my day with that comment dude.

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Excellent Story. Looking forward to the Second Part

Thanks Ali, its coming along. I wrote a big chunk today :)

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Clay, this is simply brilliant. I can't heap enough praise on you in regards to this story. The innocence that the protagonist insists on attributing to Natalie's actions make them all the more erotic. The detail you've gone into to establish the characters really shows dedication and makes the difference. Part of the magic of this is exactly how easy it is to empathize with the main characters moral and sexual dilemmas. I love it. I can honestly say that I've never anticipated a sequential part to a story as much as I'm looking forward to your next installment. I'm usually a strictly barefoot fan...I usually only like socks to build up sweat and stink and then to be taken off...for this story to so encapsulate me is nothing short of amazing. The anticipation of finally seeing Natalie's bare feet is killing me!

02-06-2012, 02:39 PM
I have to agree, a truly fantastic story, Clay. I spend so much time in the 'Incest' section here at the DEN that I sometimes miss some true gems over here and this is certainly one of those.

I enjoy your writing style, and it flows nicely throughout the entire story, keeping the reader interested and leading them into the next scene. The dialogue is spot on and believable, seeming natural between the two players and those around them as well who just pass through the scene. And as someone above mentioned, you really have a talent for showing poor Jason's inner turmoil and getting into his head. And with Natalie as well, taking her unrequited 'love' and turning it into a naturally progressive scheme to get the man she desires. And while in that progression she seems to be leaning towards a blossoming dominant side as she learns just how easily she can manipulate Jason with her feet while still caring enough to sense something wrong with him. A very nice touch that I hope is not lost as she takes control.

All in all a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. And though I usually don't make requests or suggestions as to what I would like to see (it IS your story), it being a hospital, I hope we get to see Natalie in some nice, smelly leather clogs at some point. But please, NO Crocs, the ugliest shoe ever created, LOL.

Looking forward to the next part.

04-06-2012, 04:17 AM
Do you write other things? This is really good.

07-06-2012, 12:53 AM
Hawthorn, I want to privately bet, publicly, that he is some sort of writer. Maybe a screenwriter?

(One white bow tie).

12-06-2012, 11:25 PM
Azryel, thank you for the comments of praise for the story. I am glad you are enjoying it and that you have taken a liking to her socks. The next part is being worked on. It is a lot of writing to complete, but also extremely gratifying for me to bring a story like this to the Den. DOSF is the best forum for foot fetish on the net.
Thanks again bro.

12-06-2012, 11:44 PM
Carnaj, I thank you for your appreciation of the story, the flow, the characters, and Natalie's big feet. You and many others, taking the time out to comment really means a lot. It is fans of the story and the comments that actually fuel the plot to go even further. Yes, I agree, Crocs suck. I thank you for your tact in requesting a part you would like to see. It IS my story, but I wish to share it in a very real way with readers. Requests are always welcome. Not everything written will please everybody. It takes different strokes for different folks. As far as your request goes, it is officially approved! I'd love to add a part that was suggested. When you read it, you'll know you had a part in the story, which should be exciting for all. Maybe someone can pick out her next toenail Polish color? Any requests for Natalie?
Thanks man,

13-06-2012, 12:33 AM
Hawthorn, you're an original dude! I'm honored that you wrote a couple comments. Other stories? I have several plots written in rough that are due to be written in full when I can get the time to give my full attention to them. Other than that, I do have another story, Roommate Sole Snare in 3 parts and continuing. However, I will warn you, it is a m/m story. It may not be your thing, which is fine. To each his own. To finish answering your question, it is the only other story I have on here..for now.
Led Astray Part 2 coming soon...

13-06-2012, 12:57 AM
Thanks man, a short fetish film huh? Good idea! That would be bad ass actually. We've gotta cast it! :D Anyway, me? A screenwriter? Nah man, I'm a musician lol. I just like seeing my thoughts on the screen. I've always had a storytelling ability, but I'm no pro. You seem to be film oriented with your use of terms that's cool. I'm elate, that many are reading this story and relating to it. Some have said that this is their favorite story ever. That makes me.feel really good. Thanks again for the cool comments and I've got other stories coming up so keep a look out.

Writing with a white bow tie... ;)

25-07-2012, 06:20 AM
Hey Clay,

Was really hoping you would continue this story... It's fantastic!

23-08-2012, 02:47 PM
Bumping for justice.

Any progress so far? I ask because I may pull a faustus.

Kidding, of course.

29-12-2012, 07:32 PM
Is anyone in contact with the author? This story was amazing!Would be a shame to let it end here.

11-01-2013, 02:15 PM
There needs to be part 2.

12-02-2013, 09:09 AM
I'm in shock. The Den is back. Too cool

12-02-2013, 07:04 PM
I thought we would never hear from you again. How is part 2 coming along?

14-02-2013, 04:22 AM
Man my life has been crazy busy and I got sidetracked. But I'm back now and I'm glad the den is back too. Part 2 is on its way :)

14-02-2013, 04:37 AM
What about that roomate story in the male feet section?

15-02-2013, 04:33 PM
Part 2 please :) it was a good one. just wondered how her shoes will look.

19-02-2013, 05:32 AM
Still finishing the Led Astray new part...almost done. Roommate story will also be posted soon. :)

22-02-2013, 05:55 AM
Led Astray Part 2 posted on a new thread. Pt. 3 Pool Party coming up!