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My and my mother watched as Heidi feet slammed into the face and body of the dummy. We both shudder at the destructive power of her kicking soles; it wasn't so long ago that both me and my mother had been demolished by them.

Heidi stopped bouncing around on the mat, deciding she had finished her workout. She walked over to us, who were waiting on her. At 5"10, the strong blond woman was taller than me, and towered over my mother. The degrading feeling of inferiority had grown very strong since the situation had began, and I pondered over it as I went to get the drink she had just demanded for.

When I got back, I saw my mother, on her knees near Heidi, who was sitting on a stool. My mother, of course, was holding one of Heidi's outstretched legs, and was slowly licking the sweat from her big sole. This had become a regular thing to see, yet it still pained me to see my mouth scrunch her nose from the humiliation and digust of having to worship the stronger woman's feet.

Heidi grabbed the drink out of my hand with her left, and pointed down at her other foot with her right. I promptly joined my mother in the degrading act of licking the 37 year-old woman's feet clean.

It was obvious why my mother had been scrunching her nose before in disgust. As I brought my toungue up the moist sole, the taste and feel of footsweat was very strong. I, at least, had gotten somewhat used to being Heidi's footbitch, but I can't say the same for my mother; the fact that her face hasn't even healed yet proves that.

The whole situation started because I was dating her daughter Lisa. For some reason, she didn't like me. She never liked me. I suspect it may have been a sense of superiority of her family over mine; that I just wasn't good enough for her daughter. Maybe she didn't like her daughter, who was a minor, going out with someone who wasn't, even though I was only 11 months older. Whatever the reason, she forbid her the relationship, and even threatened me to stay away from Lisa.

Well, we didn't stay away from each other, and we got caught.

After me and my mother had licked the sweat from Heidi's soles, she ordered my mother to get the dummy and push it off the mat and into storage until she used it again. She could easily ask me to do it, but Heidi always asks my mother because she's weak; she struggles and grunts as she inches the dummy across the mat. This is just another way Heidi likes to humiliate my mother, and prove her superiority.

I'm didn't watch my mother struggle and humiliate herself that time though, because Heidi decided her feet were sore and she wanted to massage them. Of course, this doesn't mean I massage with my hands, but I let her viciously rub her feet on my face. The strength of Heidi's legs makes this a very painful experience, as the pressure that her soles put on your face is overwhelming. And the smell ain't too great either.

She stops rubbing as she barks at my mom for failing at her tasks, and she kicks me away. Despite her lack of effort, her foot still hit my face with enough force to make my nose dribble blood. Worse, it triggered the memory of when her foot slammed into my face for real, over and over and over...

The order for Lisa to stay the night at her grandparents had been given at the end of Heidi's rant after finding me and Lisa making out in her room (I climbed in through the window). As Lisa left, I began to try and slither out of the house, but Heidi ordered me to stay, and follow her to the basement. I was scarred at the fact that Heidi was so angry at me because I knew she used to be a professional kickboxer. Still, I didn't suspect what happened next.

She turned on the light to reveal her blue training mat, and she told me to walk to the other side. I did as she said, but when I turned around and saw her bouncing on her bare feet with her fists up, I knew I was in trouble.

She pummeled to bloody pulp. She barely used her hands, and she seemed to take joy from slapping my face around with her moist soles. She kept taunting me: telling me to try and fight back, and then laughing at how pathetically weak I was. How said it was that an 18 year old boy was getting pounded senseless by a 37 year old woman. I knew she was a kickboxer, but I was still completely humiliated at being beaten and laughed at like this.

When she started talking about me being not good enough for her daughter, her mood changed. She had started really angry, gradually got a little happier as she humiliatingly footslapped my face, then got really angry again. She kneed me in the stomach, which made my curl over in pain, and then she kneed me again the chin, sending my head rolling back. I brought my head down just to see her foot coming coming towards my face, and WHAP! Her sole slammed into my mouth, loosening a couple teeth and leaving me with the taste of feet.. From there it was a few more strong kicks that busted up my face and body, and that was enough to have me on my hands and knees begging for mercy.

I wiped the blood away from my nose and watched as Heidi laughed at my mother who had fallen to her knees. Heidi was pushing the dummy with one hand, taunting my poor mother about how weak and pathetic she was. That's what I never understood about Heidi; she didn't just beat the living shit out of me and my mother because she was angry, but she got a sadistic joy from beating and humiliating us.

The night of the beating, when I was on my hands and knees crying, begging for her to stop beating me, she didn't end with throwing my demolished self out onto the street. She ordered me to kiss her feet to avoid punishment, laughing and taunting me, and enjoying herself greatly, despite being so angry moments before. And the excitement in her tone was obvious as she explained to me her plan: to lie about what happened to my face, and see her once a week to worship her feet, or else.

The dummy was packed up, and Heidi grabbed her two socks from the side of the mat that she had removed before beginning her session. Because they were from before (the were still well worn though!) her workout, it wasn't COMPLETE torture when she made me and my mom put on in our mouths to suck the footsweat from the fabric. Still, the now-familiar taste of Heidi's feet was definitely present, and my mom's face of misery and disgust was hard to see. Especially when you knew it was your fault.

The guilt still haunts me. I was supposed to keep my foot sessions with Heidi a secret for obvious reasons, my eventually my mother found out. Most like she picked up the fact that my face smelled like sweaty feet every Tuesday, and that shouldn't be the case after the supposed chess tournaments I was going to. It wasn't long before she was questioning whether I was actually mugged or not, and I spilled out the whole story.

I was genuinly frightened for the safety of both herself and I as she forced me to go with her to confront this "blond bitch". My mother was so angry and irrational that it wasn't difficult for Heidi to lure my mom into the basement ring. And from there, what else could have happened? 5'10, pro kickboxer Heidi, or my 5"4, out-of-shape mother? It was as one-sided as it could get.

I could remember specific blows Heidi dished out as I look at the bruises and cuts on my mom's face. The black left eye from Heidi slamming the ball of her foot into my mom's face. The puffy lips and mashed nose from Heidi's vicious bare heel. The swelling on my mom's cheeks from those humiliating, moist sole slaps.

My and my mom were finally allowed to spit out the socks, leaving the definitive taste of Heidi's feet in our mouths. She sat on the couch and ordered us to lie on backs, so she could rest her feet on our faces. This pose is particularly degrading as it really makes you feel as "below" her. At least after a good toungue cleaning they were relatively clean, as opposed to having her workout feet rubbed on your face, where her footsweat leaks down your face and burns your eyes.

After one episode she got tired of using our faces as doormats, and decided some nice, good-ol fashioned footkissing would finish her day. She put her feet on the the leather footrest, and me and my mother got on our knees, put our hands behind our backs, and peaned our lips forwards. Heidi laughed at the feeling of our lips pressing into her soles.


I think this story has a lot more scenarios that can be thrown into it, so if anyone likes it, I may add more.

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what humiliation!!
great foot session

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I would gladly read more, thank you nnnnn and please go on!!

Good job!

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Wonderful story...hope there is lots more... :):)

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wow, absolutely amazing story. I really hope you write more chapters.

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good stuff man

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Note: This is from the perspective of a boy who witnessed his mom get dominated by Heidi during her pro-kickboxing days, as described above.

Most people look up to their mother, and view her as a symbol of authority who demands respect. I used to view my mom in that sense, hell I respected her even more than most as she was a tough kickboxer. She was filled with pride.

This all changed when I was eight, when she got in the ring with a tall, blond kickboxer. Basically, mom once proud mother got beaten, dominated, and humiliated.

I don't remember the entire fight, but I do remember trying to convince myself it wasn't as bad as it looked. But it just got worse and worse. My mom was usually the one beating on the other, but I remember her being forced to shield her face in her arms as the other woman beat her; pounded her down with her fists. I kept hoping my mom would turn it around and beat her. I was sure of it at the time; I couldn't even comprehend my mom losing.

But like I said, it became more and more obvious. I do remember seeing the woman's boxing glove smash into my mom's face, and her fall to the ground right in front of me (I was in the front row). She looked utterly beaten, I had never seen my mom like that before. But I got excited when she stood up, although slowly, to keep fighting.

But if got even worse. I remember my mom charging and getting kicked in the face by a side kick. My mom backed up and this woman kept smashing her face with her bare sole. My mom ended up against the ropes right in front of me, utterly beaten. At the time her face wasn't pointed towards me, so I couldn't see it's abysmal condition. Then the woman launched a hard front kick right into my mom's face.

The instant of her sole hitting my mom's face was the moment I remember most. That notion I had that my mom couldn't lose? This was where it changed. Maybe it was just the inevitable (and obvious) realization that my mom was geting the stuffing beaten out of her. Maybe it was the ferocity of the kick, my mom's head snapping back with such a force, and the loud sound of my mom's facial features being crushed by the footsole. Or maybe it was the realization that it WAS a stinky, sweaty foot that was smacking into my mom's face.

Either way, my mom fell to the canvas, and I immediately cried when I saw my mom's face. Blood was smeered all over it, mostly coming from her busted nose. She was conscience, but she looked scared, humiliated, the polar opposite of what I had come to know.

Than she raised her foot above my mom's face. I looked at the bottom of foot, moist with sweat and specs of dust, and she lowered it. Any notion of my mom being a symbol of pride was wiped away as the woman wiped her sweaty foot all over my mom's face.

She was quickly pushed away from my mom by the ref, but not before she left my mom's face a smeared mess of tears, blood, and footsweat. My mom had to go the hospital, but even after she got out, things were never the same. How could they be? How could I view my mom with the same respect after seeing her humiliated like that? How could she be a symbol of pride when I saw her reduced to a whimpering foot bitch of a clearly superior woman?

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This is amazing. More please.

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love this story

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This is a story that took place when Lisa was a little girl, and Heidi took her to the beach. While Lisa was playing, she accidently kicked sand in the face of a middle-aged woman named Janice. Janice scolded Lisa, which resulted in her running crying to find her mother, only in her late 20s at this point. Heidi, of course, wasn't going to stand for some bitch talking to her daughter like that, so she let her lead her to the woman.

When Heidi reached the woman, she saw her lying on her back with her eyes closed, tanning. Heidi drew back her strong leg and drove her bare foot in the sand, sending a large quantity of sand onto the woman's face. She immediately started choking on it, managing to say curses in between her coughs. When she managed to get a hold of herself, she stood up to see who was responsible.

She was standing face to face with the blond woman, who had at least 5 inches on her. Heidi was still in her prime as a kickboxer, and sported an impressive, athletic body through her bikini. The opposite could be said about Janice. Yet, Janice took no thought to what Heidi looked like, and looked into her eyes and scolded her just the same.

"What the hell's wrong with you, you stupid bimbo. First I get pesky kids kicking sand on me, and now idiots like you."

"That 'pesky kid' was my daughter, you fucking bitch." With that, Heidi took a step towards Janice so that their bodies were basically touching. Janice immediate tried to push Heidi away from her, but Heidi stood her ground, letting only one foot fall back to put her in a stronger stance.

It's hard to say the fight that took place next ended quickly because it's difficult to even classify it as a fight. The amount of time it took for Heidi to establish complete domination over the weaker woman, to completely break her down to a whimpering footbitch, was extremely small.

In a second after Janice pushed Heidi, the smaller woman found herself grabbed by the hair, pulled towards Heidi's body, and OOMPH! She felt Heidi's knee in her flabby belly. She felt completely winded, but had little time to ponder it as a left cross caught her in the cheek. POW! The impact of Heidi's fist was easily powerful enough to knock her to the ground, but the impact of a right cross managed to balance her out on her feet in a woozy yet in-agony state.

From that state, Janice only caught a glimpse of what happened next. One moment Heidi was picking up her leg. Then she saw a pinkish blur: Heidi's sideways sole coming towards her face. There was a brief moment when she felt the warm, moist flesh of Heidi's sole on her lips and nose. Then, she was on her back, staring into the sky, with the vague smell of barefeet in her nose, and little bits of sand from the bottom of Heidi's foot sprinkled on her lips and face. A little warm footsweat as well.

After a second of shock, Janice noticed her lips and nose were in great pain, as was still her stomach, and her eyes were dripping tears. She had been beaten up, yet the true humiliation was just about to begin. She blinked, and when she opened her eyes, she could see the figure of the woman who had dominated her, blurred by her watery vision, standing over her.

"Here, you want some more sand in your face bitch. Have it."

Janice saw Heidi lift her foot, and stared at the pinkish sole that had just smacked her face hard. She noticed the grains of sand that were scattered of the moist flesh, and she realized what Heidi meant. She lowered her sole onto the smaller woman's beaten face, and rubbed it in hard, smearing bits of sand and footsweat all over her face. Janice had no choice but to endure the humiliating torture. Heidi put a lot of weight on her foot, but the pain caused to Janice's bruised face didn't compare to the damage being done to her sense of pride.

The foot smelled terrible, and knowing she had no choice but to inhale this superior woman's foot was incredible degrading. The feeling of footsweat mixing with her tears, of being suffocated under the flesh of a footsole, of sand being sprinkled over her face, in her mouth, was unbearable.

Heidi decided to shove her foot into Janice's mouth, and ordered her to lick the sand from between her toes. Janice began to do it, licking the disgusting, sweat-covered sand. Luckily, this torment didn't last long, has Heidi was pulled away from her by two lifeguards, who had only noticed something was going on because of the crowd that formed. Of course, Janice hadn't noticed that a crowd had formed because her face was being completely smothered by a sweaty footsole, but now able to breath non-feet-smelling air and look around, she realized many people had seen her get completely humiliated by this tall, blond woman.

Heidi had pushed away the lifeguards, who let her go as their priority was the teary-eyed woman who was lying on her back, dazed and hurt, gasping for clean air. One of them probably called the police, but by that time Heidi and Lisa were already driving away. Lisa asked her mother why she had done that to another woman. Now Heidi had already developed her large ego, sense of superiority, and her sadistic nature, so Heidi did not mind Lisa seeing her mother in a position like that. In fact, she was happy about it.

"Lisa, your my daughter, and I want to protect you from anything. So when I see some silly little woman has made you upset, you can damn well expect me to make her pay for harming you. And I could have easily of beaten her further, smashing her face in with kicks, whatever. But I wanted to destroy her pride, Lisa. For a woman to not only defeat another, but to shove her feet in her face, humiliate her, shows complete superiority over the other. We, our family, is better than most of the scum you see, and don't want you to ever forget it. If someone ever makes you doubt that, tell me, and I'll happily repeat what happened today."

Lisa of course, didn't understand what her mother was really saying, but the twisted smile that was on her mother's face scared her. She decided not to ask questions, and would just keep in mind she could always tell her mother if something was bothering her.

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Came in late on this one, but had a good time reading it. I also think it was a clever move to go back n forth in time to build the characters.
Would love to hear more about the mother of the "i" characters abuse. Love how she not yet used to worshiping Helens feet!


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some pics to go with this awesome story?

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Heidi: http://www.footsniffing.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4963&d=1316897984