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30-03-2012, 06:35 AM
Moving down from her mouth, Jack suddenly uncuffed the ankes, only to tie them spread apart to the bed posts. Her wet, moist vagina spread open and waiting. She was completely vulnerable in this position, her feminine aroma spread through the room like a burning candle, her musky, sweat turned on and on and on wetness dripping white fluid. She could not help but long for the thick flesh of Jack's manhood. She just wanted to feel it, surrender to it. She knew she had no choice. The door opened as Jack began to caress her inner thighs once again. Vanessa watched as Mistress Deborah walked into the white room, she searched her mind for the face of this woman, who was she, she was the bar bitch she came to realize. Mistress dragged her own slave behind her, he trembled and shook with fear. His nose twitched to the pungent smell of sexual juices in the air. The slave was brought over to Vanessa's right high heel, his wrists tied tightly behind his back, his collar was attached to Vanessa's roped ankle securing him in place. Mistress Deborah nodded to Jack who climbed on top of and straddled the body of Vanessa, his erect cock teased her clitoris, as he wet his rough tip, she moaned again in pleasure, he slowly entered her, rocking back and forth gently at first, then he began to ram her violently, he mashed his penis into her, his testicles slapping her ass. He grabbed hold of her breasts as if he were holding on for his life. Vanessa's vagina became wetter and wetter, she was sliding up and down on the sheets, he was hurting her, she wanted it to stop. He kept ramming her, she felt soft skin on her high heeled foot, the sex was getting better suddenly, it felt good the physical abuse was pleasant, she felt her shoe removed from her foot. She felt embarrassed, her feet must smell awful, the thrusting, slamming of her vagina by a massive cock detoured her thoughts until she felt a tickle between her toes, and then a tongue up and down her sweaty feet, the sound of spanking and whimpering echoed through the room, "Please Mistress no more....." The slave boy could say no more with Mistress Deborah's left hand she forced his face onto the toes of Vanessa's foot, forcing him to suck her red polished toes clean, her right hand spanked his bare ass with her black mule, the ones she always wore in the bar. The beating on his ass continued throughout the sex, Vanessa feeling the constant pounding of penis and testicles against her feminine area mixed with the feeling of having her toes sucked by a spanked slave was too much, she orgasmed long and hard, creamy white dripped out of her, Jack then added his own sexual cream to hers, she pulled at the restraints, she bucked, she pulled, she orgasmed again feeling his penis machine gun inside her. Slaveboy continued to suck and lick the feet of Vanessa, his beating continued as Jack arched his back, enjoying the sensation of the last drop of semen falling from his shaft into Vanessa's abused vagina.