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A fresh copy of the underground newspaper, THE FEMDOM WAY lay on the diningroom table. It was open to the "for sale" page with the name Dom circled. The picture showed a young white boy, 18 years old in a solo photograph. Ms. Jane Regis was a teacher in smalbany, a tiny village in NY. She was currently talking on the phone with her supervisor, Ms. Rita capo, the principal of the school. Jane's sister, and the school's only nurse, Ms. Diane listened closely trying to withhold her excitement. Both women had waited patiently for a young slave, now it seemed one had fallen into their laps, or in their case and his, their shoes and feet.

"So he will be brought to school by his mother, you will greet her and give her the money." Asked Jane eyes wide, she turned and gave her sister a thumbs up. Her black panties already filling with her feminine arousal. "Well of course, we do need to get him out of the school unnoticed and undisturbed. And again thankyou." She hung up the phone and drank the last of her cold coffee. "Finally, we can share in the fantasy that is the enslaving of boys." Chimed in Diane. "He fits all the requirements right?" She asked almost anticipating disappointment. "He does, he will be perfect. He is only 17 years old, very weak and thin, short and best of all hates feet. His mother made him sleep in her shoe closet once a week." Both ladies continued to laugh, finished their breakfast and then returned to their bedrooms to change for school.

Jane, the older of the women was 47 years old. Long black hair fell down just to her shoulders. She was 6'0 tall in bare feet, a tiny, sexy belly protuded over her waist. She opened her closet and removed her long black dress. A pair of well worn nude stockings were removed from her dresser drawer. She never washed her nylons. She slipped them on her beautifully pedicured feet, a deep dark red. It reminded her of blood. Then up her gorgeous legs and secured them at the top. She wore the same black panties she slept in. Put on her dress and carefully slid her size 10 foot into her black high heeled shoe. She examined her heel, a squared heel that became thinner and sharper at the end. She smiled sadisticly and knocked on her sister's door. "Let's go sis," she called out walking into the living room.

Diane was a 45 year old hottie, while her sister was gorgeous, Diane was amazing. She was shorter than her sister at just under 5'11, she was what was called a hardbody. She loved dressing up as a nurse at the school. She could have worn regular clothes, but she loved the white blouse, dress and stockings. She loved how moist her feet became in her lace up white sneakers. She would place droplets of perfume on her bare ankles, slip on week old nylons, put on her shoes and place more perfume on her nylon ankles, the idea of getting a boy at her feet made her cum over and over again.

Arriving at the school early, the sisters were able to meet with the principal and "their victim'. He had no idea, he just sat in the loby chair pulling at the torn fabric. All three women walked into the office , where they met his mother.

"Megan, these are the sisters who have bought Dominick." Introduced Ms. Capo. "Very nice to meet you," she responded as the ladies exchanged pleasantries. The money was handed over and Ms. leonard thanked the women and departed, she kissed her son goodbye, smiling and left him there. She smiled as she looked back at him, she was $1500 richer. She was on her way to her second fantasy, raping a man over and over and over again. Her first fantasy had become a reality, Sell her son to two sadistic women that could not wait to dominate him.

It was 8:00, the halls began to fill with students and teachers. The boy was excused with a schedule of classes. The sisters waved goodbye. They would see him again later at 5:00, when he would be theirs.

The day crept along with classes for Ms. Jane and the occasional patient for Ms. Deborah. 3:15 came and the bell rang signalling the end of school. Dominick was to return to the principal's office so Ms. Capo could instruct him on what bus would take him home. She found him sitting in the same lobby chair as he was earlier that morning, pulling on the same torn fabric.
"Come into my office," she invited sweetly "my computer is now rebooting," she added. He walked into her office, she closed the large wooden door and locked it. Ms. Capo, a former teacher herself, wore a low cut white blouse exposing glorius cleavage, and she had a black skirt. Her bare legs exposed, her barefoot encased in laced black high heels. Her long red hair tied back in a tight pony tail. On her desk were a pair of handcuffs, her black leather belt and lipstick. Upon seeing this, Dominick became scared, she slapped him in the face once then again, startled he staggered back, she threw him to the floor. Reached for her handcuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back, she cut his shirt up the back and covered his head with it, stepping on his shoulder with her left foot she beat his back with her belt. He screamed in a pain, thrashing on the floor, her shoe found his lips and she forced the toe of her shoe deep into his mouth. "Suck and lick my dirty shoe." She yelled continuing to beat him. When her arm became tired after 50 strokes she turned him over on his back, tears dripping from his eyes, she straddled his tiny body, applied lipstick to her lips, kissed his cheeks, leaving behind lipstick lips. she wrote out "slave' on his forehead, then kissed him full on the lips. "I am not done with you yet," she hissed, getting up she ripped off his shoes, socks and pants. His underwear went flying off with his pants. "PPPPlease stop, stop...." he begged staring up at her, her red hair falling out of it's pony tail and strands dangling on either side. She kicked him hard in the testicles, he gasped for air, there was none. "Stop what? This? This is only the beginning." She said screaming then continued to kick his penis and testicles. A knock at the door brought him back, someone had heard him screaming, "in here, please help," Dom shouted out. He did not realize Ms. Capo was already opening the door. Ms. Regis and Ms. Regis walked into the office and sat down in the two leather chairs right in front of their new slave. Ms. Capo kissed both ladies on the lips, ignoring the destoyed slave until she stepped on him to arrive at her desk where she leaned her behind up against it. Ms. capo dug her shoed foot under his shoulder and pushed him on his back, his hands restrained under him. "You really carved him up, and I love the lipstick humiliation." Cheered Diane glancing down at him. She rested her white shoes directly on his penis and testicles. "you better watch it, you might get his blood on your shoes," offered Jane removing her heels from his chest, crossing her legs left over right, and allowing the dangled foot to escape it's shoe exposing a beautiful arch and heel. "That's okay, sis, my shoes need to be cleaned anyway, he will just have to lick his blood off my shoes, along with everything else that is on them." They all laughed at him. Jane began to swing her leg, more of her foot dangled out of her shoe, "Your mother sold you, she sold you to these two ladies, and if you think I was hard on you, just wait, you will see. "That's right, slave. You will call us MISTRESS and we call you slave, you will be under us, at our feet forever. "No, no please, please just release me, please...."Dom pleaded and begged. The ladies got up and escorted the naked slave through the empty school, and out the back door. He was stuffed into the trunk of a ford station wagon.

Diane kissed Ms. Capo again, this time full on the lips and briefly slipped in her tongue. Ms. Capo loved these ladies, she loved the idea of a boy in bondage at their hands, and she loved the fact that she had set it up. She could not wait to get home and begin mastaurbating to images of Dominick pleading for mercy.

See you monday, sweetheart Mistress Jane called out climbing into the front seat of her car. "Goodnight babe," Mistress Diane said letting go of Ms. Capo's hand. She got into the car and they sped away.

Arriving at the house, it looked like any other. They pulled into the garage. Popped the trunk and admired their slave, his voice was harsh, his throat hurt from screaming for help. Mistress Jane grabbed his handcuffed hands with her left hand and reached under him, grabbed a handful of his testicles and began to lift him out of her trunk, Mistress Diane said, "Allow me to help you," she grabbed a handful of his hair and lifted his head so he could see her. Once out of the trunk, the ladies just dropped him on the concrete. His body landing with a dull thud at their feet. His body was aching, a bloody thin line from where he lay onto the concrete and up the car bumper led to a quarter size bloodstain left on the trunk rug.

"You are nothing anymore, only a footslave to be walked on," Mistress Jane said doing just that, she stepped up and began walking on Dominick's tiny back. One high heeled shoe nearly touched shoulder to shoulder. "Can't breathe little boy, too bad for me," Mistress Diane said crouching down, again grabbing a fist full of hair, she lifted his head and tilted back forcing his back to arch, Mistress Jane, was now just standing on his back enjoying her sister's sweet voice verbally torture a little boy. "You see, if you can't breathe, you can't smell how excited I am right now. You can't smell my perfumed laced ankles, they smell so good, and then these white nursing shoes and white stockings, but don't worry, you will be smellingthem, and sucking on them and cleaning them. Sweaty, hot, slimey nylons trapped in old nursing shoes awaiting a tongue to lick them clean. And you will, you have no choice." Finished Mistress Diane. Mistress Jane finally stepped off of Dominick, leaving behind heel marks dented into his body, blood vessels had begun to pop turning his back black and blue. His clothes were put in a black bag, he was completely naked, they each grabbed an arm and led him into the house.

"Please, please release me, let me go." He begged. He began to cry. "I I don't want to be a footslave, I don't want to....." Dominick begged through tears. "It doesn't matter what you want." Mistress Jane said turning on the cellar door light and unlocking the cellar door.

The heavy wooden door creaked open exposing a dozen steps leading into a dungeon. "Maybe we should just toss him down these stairs, he won't need to be restrained with a broken arm or leg." Mistress Jane said sadisticly. "Shut up, slave we don't care what happens to you, you are here for our pleasure." Screamed Mistress Jane as Dominick had begun to whimper and cry. "No lets drag him down, he could die if he hits his head. If you want his arms broken, I can do it, but for now my feet need to be washed." Decided Diane. Each woman grabbed a wrist and escorted the slave down the stairs. There was a cage and a large bed, there was a freezer, whips hung on the wall, pictures of foot fetish, men raped with dildoes, women beating women, and lots of articles and pictures of little boys with women standing on them, licking shoes, licking toes and stockings. These boys were crying, screaming, gagged or half dead, the woman or women always smiling. Various methods used by dominant women were written out on the wall. "Welcome to hell, slave welcome home." Mistress Jane said kicking his knees out from under him. His knees hit the concrete floor hard. Mistress Diane returned carrying a chastity belt, she placed it tightly on his testicles then up and over his penis. A dog collar was wrapped around his neck with a metal circle hanging for a leash, which Dom could see hanging on the wall. They dragged his body over to a small cage, it was in front of a beautiful throne elevated above the cage, the slave's wrists were freed from the cuffs and he was forced to back his ass into the metal prison, once inside a metal door was swung closed. The door had been built with room for only the head to be out. As the door closed his body was imprisoned, except his head. Mistress Diane sat on the throne as her sister, Mistess Jane locked the door with a lock and key. Mistress Jane placed the key on the throne floor. "Have you ever licked feet before?" Mistress Diane asked sexily. "Have you ever been locked away before?" She asked knowing the answer. "My mother used to handcuff me and lock me in her shoe closet. I did not like it." He said sadly. "Is it any wonder your mother sold you to two sadistic foot queens? Now lick my shoes," She demanded resting her leg on a leather cushioned foot rest. His tongue went to work licking away dirt and blood. Mistress would turn her foot so he had to lick the sides and bottom and top of her white nursing shoes. Mistress Jane walked around the cage, her heels clicking as she hit her left hand softly with a cane. "You should enjoy this shoed foot in front of your little face. There is no pain, for now." Mistress Jane was talking to her slave as she walked back to her sister. "Mistress Diane is sweet and kind, if you obey her, This is her cage, not mine. Her throne not mine, right now she is running the show, later tonight or tomorrow, it is my turn." Continued Mistress Jane, "other shoe slave", Mistress Diane instructed inspecting her newly polished shoe. Dom began licking her other shoe. Mistress Jane sat down next to her sister on the throne crossed her legs and began to dangle her high heel shoe off her nylon feet, stare at my beautiful feet while I talk to you slave, she continued, "When you lick my heels you will be restrained on your belly, your entire back is open to us, while you lick and suck on my sweaty and slimey toes, I will have Mistress Diane rape you, whip you and trample you. It will be painful, it wil be delicious for us to watch and terrifying for you to endure.
Mistress Diane removed her white shoe and exposed a gorgeous pedicured foot painted dark red. She held her shoe in her hand then gently placed it on the throne floor. She stretched out her nylon foot and wiped her sweaty feet on his face. "Smell my white nylon foot, slave now lick it clean." She demanded. The entire dungeon filled with Mistress Diane's foot scent, and it was only one foot. Dominick tried to pull back, escape her foul foot sweat, there was no place to go. Both women began to laugh.

Mistress Diane forced her nylon foot into his mouth. "Taste good?" she taunted. These stockings have been worn with these shoes for 2 full weeks and now you will wash them clean with your tongue." She demanded, "now let me see that cute little tongue." Wiping the soles on his tongue she lifted her other shoed foot and unlaced it, this time she sniffed the inside of her shoe. "I love how my feet smell, slaveboy, don't worry you will have your turn with my shoes." She removed the foot from his face and replaced it with the foot fresh out of shoes. He licked her sole, the tops and the toes, ingesting foot sweat and foot slime. He became overwhelmed by her scent and pulled away. Angered by his disobedience, Mistress Jane left the two alone for a moment. "Now you've done it, all you had to do was lick my feet, suck my toes and be a footslave, now my sister is pissed.' laughed Mistress Diane. Mistress Jane returned holding a roll of duct tape. "You will be punished for this behavior." Said Mistress Jane, sis, remove your stockings, Dom will suck them clean." Smiling and shaking her head side to side, "you should have listened to me," teased Mistress Diane, handing Mistress Jane one of her stockings. Mistress Jane bent down and grabbed his mouth and shoved the filthy nylons into his mouth. She brought the tape to her mouth and ripped off a long piece, she placed the tape over his mouth. "suck it clean, boy, eat a woman's sweat through her smelly nylons." Mistress Jane kissed the duct tape covering his lips. "The other nylon Diane," she said standing up. She opened the top of the stocking and forced his entire head into the nylon. Mistress Diane lifted her left foot and spread her bare toes on his nose. "Now what do you smell?" she taunted all over again. She removed her foot and slipped her sexy foot back into the nursing shoes. "You will just have to smell these shoes some other time, they will of course smell worse because of my bare feet." Remarked Mistress Diane.
Mistress Jane picked up the key off the throne and unlocked the cage, Mistress Diane attached a leash to his dog collar, with a mistress on each side, Dom was forced to crawl to his next torture. His body felt cramped, it was sore from being in a small cage. "The marks on his body have faded and he looks healthy again." Mistress Jane said inspecting his body, ignoring the black and blue bruises and the bloody cuts all over his body. Mistress Diane knew what she wanted to do, and she could not wait to see her do it. They arrived at the opposite side of the cellar dungeon, "on your belly slave,' Mistress Jane yelled kicking him in the ass, and forcing him on his belly. She straddled his back like a cop would do subduing a criminal, his arms were stretched out, and handcuffed to metal half moons cemented into the concrete, the process was repeated around his tiny ankles. His head was lifted above his forearms and his head was tilted to the right. On a leather couch was Mistress Diane, she had one hand inside her panties touching herself. The other hand held a cane, she handed it to her sister, as she became more comfortable on the couch. She lifted her right leg onto the couch, exposing white panties soaked with her excitement. "Whip him, whip him brutally, Mistress Jane, he deserves it, whip him," Mistress Diane panted through sadistic sensations. Mistress Jane walked around the young trembling slave, her heels clicking as she walked. She teased the back of his thighs with the tip. Then without warning she unleashed the cane on his back. Muffled screams could be heard through the swooshing of the whip. He spuirmed and turned and tried to get away. "You can't go anywhere boy, you.... ." Mistress Diane attempted to finish her sentence but it was too much for her to overcum, her orgasm swept through her as she watched their victim whimper on the floor, sucking on her filthy nylons, his head encased in nylons. Another orgasm crept up and completely took over her body. Mistress Jane, satisfied with her work, placed the bloody cane in front of him, "2 orgasms to his 60 strokes, that's one per thirty," Joked Mistress Jane. Mistress Diane smiled, said nothing and stepped on his back and then stepped off. "More blood on my shoes for you to lick off" She declared. He heard the sadistic sisters begin up the stairs, he heard the door close, he heard the door lock, not once, but twice. His back stung, his mouth was dry and bitter, all he could smell was feet and vagina. He was lost to all. And tomorrow, he had to lick the feet of Mistress Jane, sadistic Mistress Jane..............

Saturday morning arrived with Dom still tied down to the cold concrete floor. He had fallen asleep some time with his mouth stuffed with nylons, and his face encased in them. His arms and legs were extremely sore and his back still stung. The cock cage he was forced to wear was digging into his mid section and it felt like it might tear right into him. Lifting his head he looked around, it was a cold dark basement with concrete walls. The only lights were the flourescent kind that hung from the ceiling. More FEMDOM pictures on the wall, he could now see that the freezer ran the length of the wall. There was one door but the actual freezer had three windows. All of which were fogged up. they were large windows. He stared at the pictures of little boys, he tried to focus his eyes through the nylons, on the looks on their faces. The smiles from the FEMALE DOMINATORS. All the boys had FEMDOM tattooed on their bodies. They were all naked and well beaten. Tired of holding his head up, he layed his head down on the cold floor and fell asleep, at least he tried to fall back to sleep.
The cellar door was unlocked, the sound of the two locks clicking back sounded like to small gun shots. It immediately awoke Dom from his half sleep and half trance. He could hear their footsteps on the wooden staircase instantly putting the fear of the devil in him. "Sleep well my sweet?" Asked Mistress Diane. She squated down and began to release his ankle restraints. Mistress Jane walked past her and to Dom's rightside, staring down at him admiring her cane work. "I bet you are in some serious pain right now," Mistress Jane observed releasing his wrists from the restraints. His wrists and ankles were now numb, indentations from the restraints caused skinny lines to run around the areas leaving red marks and a tingly feeling. He was released for a moment, flipped on his back and then tied down, again with his arms and legs stretched. Mistresses stood up, Mistress Diane, stood with her legs spread apart above his knees and Mistress Jane, with her legs spread slightly above his head. Both Mistresses wore the same black dress. Just over their shoulders and down their knees. Diane had replaced her nursing shoes for black leather slip on heels. Her sister Jane wore the same black high heels she had worn along with the same nude stockings. Mistress Diane again squatted down, "All these pictures that surround you, they have given us some great ideas. We are just a piece to the puzzle, a puzzle that when put together, leads to the enslavement of man, the torture of boys and complete FEMALE DOMINATION. She climbed on his body, Dom could see she was holding something in her right hand, something black and heavy. She removed her stocking from his head and pulled out her stocking gag. "That's it slave wet that mouth, you will need it to clean my horribly smelly feet encased in nylons." Mistress Jane said sadisticly. Slave Dom could already smell her feet that stood at the sides of his face. "How much longer?" Asked Mistress Jane. "2 minutes and it is ready." Mistress Diane responded.
"You were placed in this area for a reaon slave, you had a full view of the freezer, that is where you will spend tonight. Locked in the cold, dark freezer." laughed Mistress Jane. Mistress Diane lifted the lid off of the black metal object revealing a branding marker with the word, FEMDOM. "Almost ready," The smell of cast iron wafted through the air, "The other reason, you were put here is so we can brand you a slave forever. Dominick's heart raced, he foolishly attempted to escape his bondage. The women stood above him smiling, it turned them on to see him in agony. "It is ready, where do you want it, Jane?" Mistress Diane asked, "On his little chest, right across the middle of his chest." She said getting down on her knees, her black panties touching his forehead, he could feel and smell her warm excitement. The branding tool was removed exposing the once black letters now in red. With a nod, Mistress Jane grabbed the back of his head, hair clenched in her hand and she removed her black high heel from her sweaty stockinged foot and plastered it on Dom's face, his face swaying side to side to avoid the shoe. The smell of sweat escaping into his mouth, onto his tongue and into his body, he could taste her smelly foot in the shoe, he attempted to hold his breath in protest, suddenly without warning, Mistress Diane came crashing down on his chest with the branding. Slave Dom screamed and screamed pulling at his restraints, he could not breathe, Mistress Diane branded him for 15 seconds then released the cast iron weight. Dom finally took a breathe, a long breathe directly from her shoe. "breathe it in, go on slave breathe that foot sweat." Mistress Diane taunted. Mistress Jane releasing his hair, but keeping the shoe in place, grabbed the nylon gag and tied her shoe to his face. His entire face was swallowed into her hot, steamy shoe. "Lick it clean slave, lick it clean." Instructed Mistress Jane. She then turned with her back to her sister and mounted the shoe, she slid her black panties to one side and took the black heel in. She began to move up and down on the heel, she removed her other shoe, smelled it, she smiled as the sensation increased, still holding her shoe, she peeked back at his chest. "I love how red it is, it is already blistered.." she panted as the orgasm hit her violently. Blood began to leak out from Dom's face, the shoe was cutting his skin.
Mistress Diane removed the chastity device from the slave's penis and began to lick it, she sucked him erect in her mouth, he began to moan, he was still a virgin, never even been with a female before. She stroked his small erect penis with her hands, she could feel him getting closer and closer. Then she stopped. Mistress Jane was now having her second orgasm. Her juices falling onto the heel and onto the slave's neck. Mistress Diane removed her shoe and placed it on his belly, she bent his penis back and layed it on the sole of her mule, she then slid her foot onto his penis and into her shoe with him beneath her. "Crush that cock, crush it hard, make him cum in your shoe." Mistress Jane shouted amidst a third orgasm. Grabbing her sister's shoulders, Mistress Diane stepped up on their slave with his penis trapped between soles, she trampled his stomach while she crushed his shaft. Mistress Jane removed herself from the heel, she untied the shoe from Dom's face, stood up and put her nyloned foot on his face, "lick the soles." She ordered, he did so obediently. She spread her nylon toes over his nose, "Smell and lick my feet." Dom winced in pain as Mistress Diane stepped off of him. She slipped the shoe off again, kneeling down she began to stroke him again, again he moaned out and Mistress Jane shoved her toes into his mouth. "They are all hot and sweaty." she offered smiling. He sucked her toes and ran his tongue along the tops and bottoms. They tasted horrible, he hated it, but he had no choice.

"You know it really is kind of funny how this shit works out. I was a married man, happy, had everything I wanted. Somehow things got fucked up."
"Every weekend my Dominant Wife and I would take a ride to a wooded area, she would drive and I would sit there and listen to the radio. Arriving at the area, her fantasy of kidnapping a male would come true, we did this so many times, she would dress in boots, jeans and a hunting jacket, capture me, restrain me and have her way with me. It was all for her, I did not like the S&M scene. But, it was once a week, our sex life without it was great, her blowjobs rocked my world, so I dealt with it, usually I would find the nearest tree stump, sit down, smoke some cigarettes and wait for her."
The leaves would crunch under her boots, I would act oblivious, like I didn't hear her, but this time, this time things went sideways. I sensed her presence behind me, suddenly feeling a rough material wrapping around my neck, I was being strangled. I reached for the material but, could not grip it. I was dragged to an old tree, the choking material was tied around the tree my hands tied behind it as well. I was stretched tight and in some serious pain. A tall woman I never met before, came around the tree, she punched me in the face again and again and again, this woman stood 5 inches taller than me landed brutal blow after blow, my head hitting the tree two or three times."
"I awoke to find myself locked in a closet, ball gagged, blindfolded and bleeding. My entire head is encased in disgusting, smelly nylons. I have been here for a time I do not know, my wrists are painfully tied behind my back and my ankles are behind me tied to a metal half moon cemented into the ground. On my knees the entire time, they are numb and red. I am hungry and thirsty. I keep hearing females laugh, I have drifted off to sleep to escape this place. I fear my wife may be dead.

Mistress Jane continued to stroke Dom's penis faster and faster her sister, Mistress Jane now had her feet completely covering slave Dom's face. He begin to buck and squirm, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm beneath the feet and hands of dominant women. "How do my feet taste and smell?" Taunted Mistress Jane. Only a faint mumble could be heard creating vibrations on her feet that made her shake with excitement. "That's enough stroking for you," Mistress Diane said stopping the handjob. "This is where we leave you wanting more and more. Maybe if you are good next time you can cum, until now," she said grabbing her favorite toy, "you will be locked back in this chastity belt." Mistress Jane removed her feet from his face, put her shoes back on her feet and the two sisters left the dungeon. It was 10:00 on a saturday night.
Mistress Jane stopped at the stairs, turned her head and stared at the closet where there was another slave. He was to the left of Dom, held captive in a hidden utility closet. "Let's have fun with James." But first, Mistress Jane walked back to Dom, stepped on his chest, removed her shoe and rolled down her stocking, it was forced into his mouth, the other stocking removed was placed over his head. Mistress Jane slipped her gorgeous feet back into her heels. She got down and removed Dom from his chains. "Jane remove James from his closet." "On your hands and knees boy" instructed Mistress Diane as her sister went to get the 28 year old married slave. The blindfolded nylon covered slave came crawling into view and was positioned face to face with Dom, about 3 feet apart. His hands still tied behind his back, ankles still restrained. Mistress Diane sat on Dom's back and dangled her black high heels, she removed her key from her necklace and unlocked his chastity belt. "Mistress Diane, have your way with this disgusting slave, he is of no value to us, his own wife sold him to us." Slave, you were captured by me, I was the one who bashed your skull against the tree. Your wife sold you to us for a 18 year old boy. She wants to fuck him, and I do not mean just his penis in her, I am talking of her raping him with a dildo, his tongue in her and her milking him as she wishes. All she has to do is call us, he is hers. But he will never leave here."
Mistress Diane removed the nylon mask and the gag from slave James face and head. She placed an old blanket in front of him, "put yourself on this blanket," instructed Mistress Diane. Once he was on the blanket, in the middle of the blanket, Mistress Diane disappeared. She returned behind him and with a push from her shoed foot she forced him to the ground. "Please whatever you want, I will give you money, please..." Mistress Diane only smiled, with a foot now on his lower back she lifted her right hand and displayed a knife. "Slave Dom stare at my dangling shoe as I stroke you to an orgasm," his penis already beginning to stiffen as she spoke. As Dom lifted his head to follow the wishes of his Mistress, he saw through the dangling heel Mistress Diane on her knees, she had slave james by his testicles, he began to scream through the agony, blood began to soak into the blanket around the slave. "My sister is castrating the useless slave, little boy." Instructed Mistress Jane as she stroked him harder and harder. Mistress Jane's beautiful black heels, although filthy from the dungeon floor hung off her sexy foot, toe cleavage and the amazing arch was too much for him, through screams of torture and pain, slave Dom unleashed a fierce orgasm at the hands of a sadistic woman, he moaned out loud as Mistress Diane stoked every last drop out of him. He suddenly Felt extreme guilt for his pleasure and another man's torture. James testicles were placed in front of him. "Leave him here, he will eventually die." Mistress Jane said getting off of her slave. Mistress Diane offered, "How was that orgasm, slave?" she taunted through bloody hands. Slave Dom was then forced to the floor, a leash connected to his collar. "It's time for the freezer, slave." Mistress Diane led her sister to the 24 foot length and 5 foot wide cold hell, the locks were opened and the stockings removed from his head. The leash was clasped to a hook well above where he could ever reach, he was too scared to beg and too cold to speak. The door was closed, the locks were locked. "Goodnight lover boy." Mistress Diane whispered. Mistress Jane blew him a kiss. Before the windows completely fogged up, Dom had one last look at James laying on the red blanket. The coldness engulfing him, his skin began to tighten. His tears began to freeze.